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  2. Two From The One Hole

    Well done Dave.. next hole you dig, it should be a trio
  3. I just thought that due to where the coil ears are located (clear to the back) that it might be hard to keep the coil level when swinging it (from coil weight to the front/excessive pivot)----Guess not.-----Thanks Steve
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  5. Any of you Deus owners tried it out on wet salt sand? I need something lightweight for trashy beaches (yeah, I'm a wimp-ette). I love my Infinium for the water and wet sand, but the bottle caps drive me nuts on the upper beach. I've done tests and bottle caps and gold rings sound identical (of course they do, it's a PI machine!). If the bottle caps drive me crazy at the ocean beach, I have a feeling the Infinium is going to be almost useless when we go to fresh water beaches next summer. My old DFX is great on the dry and will tell me instantly if it's a bottle cap. But at 5 lbs, it wears me out quick. And it really doesn't get much depth once I start wandering toward the surf line. I need a light VLF that will do a good job on any beach. Maybe the new AT Max? CTX 3030 (it's kinda heavy too)? PS. The Infinium has already paid for itself!
  6. XP Deus 74 KHz Elliptical Coil - I'm Impressed!

    In my opinion the Deus has been proven more than durable enough - as proven by huge numbers of users around the world. I was just trying to describe how I like a more traditionally configured detector better. I knew I was going to regret posting about getting rid of that coil.... Make me really regret it by finding some great stuff!!
  7. Why Was It There?

    I had the same question when I found that peace dollar in the park a couple months ago. The logical answer is someone dropped them there a long time ago... and you were the first to get your coil over them. Simple as that strick
  8. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    Thanks guys for the comments & kind words. It has been a long time coming & long time over due getting that Zed over some multi gram pieces. Be it only the two. Admittedly I am still going back over old ground & I am thinking just how well my 3000 & 4500 did on the deeper bigger bits I got with them. While the Zed has been dynamite on the same size smaller bits but at better depth than the 3000 & 4500 the bigger deeper ones haven't been leaping out at me. Like I said in my post, I just had a very good feeling about the conditions & the depth of the moisture in to the ground & it possibly giving me that bit more depth & sensitivity. I still have many just like spots that I just need those "better" conditions to prevail to give me an edge on bigger deeper bits if they are there. I am a sucker for going back over these areas time & time again, just hoping that conditions are better for me on the day as I always feel there is deeper gold there. I also think the cooler weather helps too & the overcast cloudy rainy day that it was. No direct sun or heat to cause solar influence. I noticed solar influence with my PI's & more so when the sun was at its highest in the sky. Night time has always been a good time to detect. The detectors always run much quieter & smoother & you can up the sensitivity. Made some nice finds during the dark hours & no fly's. Norvic: I have been trying very hard to talk myself out of getting a 19" coil & I have been doing a good job of it....up until you chimed in....you bugger. Maybe your 19" coil is in need of a vacation & a change of scenery. Hint hint....I will look after it.... Cheers again guys. Best of luck out there JW
  9. Hi madtuna Steve, Here is a link to the operation of the MD 20 Falcon gold probe to help you get the best out of it. There are tell tail signs between metal & mineralization. Rather than me try to go through it the link explains it all. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/682706/Falcon-Md20.html Good luck mate. JW
  10. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Staring through a loupe till I go blind Dave. Can see fine gold in some and nothing in other stuff.
  11. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Hi Ash, Loved the small crusher, I trialled it but haven't bought one yet. It may not be big enough for the amount of material I might have (hopefully) but I'll probably get one anyway. I did crush a stack in it's bigger brother but was not happy with the screen size on that one (1.5mil) I want to get it as close to powder as possible. I do have a Keene crusher but it's off getting a new motor on it at the moment and not sure when I'll have it back. Yep the Falcon worked well and it was probably my lack of experience with it. It was loaned to me so I didn't get to play with it for too long.
  12. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    What a great result JW. Well done mate
  13. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Nice going Steve, gotta be happy with that, have you looked at the rocks that make no sound on a detector with a jewelers loop, you maybe able to see some specks of gold that way. cheers dave
  14. Two From The One Hole

    Thanks Andyy, yep the 2fer dance around the hole in ever increasing circles while swinging the detector looking for it's mates. cheers dave
  15. Two From The One Hole

    Thanks AuWanderer, yes that how they were straight out of the hole, I'll get to cleaning them up later on. cheers dave
  16. Two From The One Hole

    Thanks beatup, 2fers are always good. cheers dave
  17. I just returned from a trip to Oregon to watch the Solar Eclipse. I took my CTX 3030 just in case. Well, we arrived in Central Oregon a couple of days early and stayed in a U.S.F.S. Campground on the route. I checked out the empty spaces and found a few clad coins. Judging by the layout and size of the camp spaces and the lack of any old roads near by I was guessing it to be built in the 70s or 80s. After checking all of the obvious places, I moved out between the trees where someone could have set up a tent. After a few minutes, I got a nice signal and found a 27 Lincoln in pretty nice shape. My wife was waving to me to come back to camp. She was talking to an older woman( I can say that, she is six months older than me) and she asked me if I had found any treasures and I replied that I had. I shared the 27 penny with her. She told me that her father had started her collecting pennies at a young age and she didn't have a 27 s mint. I gave her that penny, and it made us both feel good. All night long, I kept wondering why was that penny there? The next day, I had to go back and see if there were any more old coins there. I did find one more coin in that general area. A very nice Merc. I still don't know why those coins were there.
  18. XP Deus 74 KHz Elliptical Coil - I'm Impressed!

    Hi Steve, I have to say I never have shared your opinion of how durable the Deus is. I have never babied mine. I think it's one of the best built detectors I have owned. After waiting forever it seems, I recently received an elliptical Deus coil. Just my luck the blasted thing won't accept a charge! Tried loading version 4 multiple times. Tried two different charging clips, one brand new, both of which work on my 9". Moe at Detector Electronics is treating me great by sending another coil right away, but I had to forward it to one of those Quincy pirates as I am heading that way. I hate to venture what may happen to my precious coil at the hands of that scoundrel. I did run the elliptical for about 1/2 hour. I think I am really going to like version 4 and the elliptical. I look forward to exploring the new capabilities further when I finally get my hands on my new coil. I ran the XY screen on the HOT program in a bed of iron and was initially impressed for a short test. Iron that wraps, seemingly is easily identified with the XY screen where as before with version 3.2, many times I would use a program switch to 4khz to identify these confusing targets. Although the technique/screen is different with the XY screen the end result is easier iron ID reminiscent of the CTX target trace.
  19. Two From The One Hole

    2fers are the bomb, Dave. Bet ya did a 2fer dance around that hole. I know it gets me all excited when I get a freebee. Nice pieces.
  20. Win A Coiltek Coil Contest

    Got a email asking to enter the contest. I don't have a Coiltek coil,but thought I would pass on the info. http://www.coiltek.com.au/more/latest-discoveries-competition/
  21. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    G'day Madtuna, My very limited experience with the falcon was pretty much like yours so I reckon it's a matter of getting the hang of it, Hopefully some experienced operators of the falcon probe chine in with some advice. Great to hear the reef hasn't run out yet for you. What do you think of the small crusher your using ? ( You were talking about purchasing a small crusher some time back ) Cheers Ashley
  22. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Hi JW. Ran a Falcon probe through the hole plus through a tub of about 60kg of rock and got a fair few bits out that signalled plus stand alone tiny nuggets. The probe was great but too finicky and hard to know if it was signalling on gold or mineralization. I haven't had a great deal of experience with the Falcon and it was a loan job. Have no access to a GB or Monster. For now I'll just chase the reef and what's directly against it and whack the whole lot through the crusher testing along the way.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Thats awesome mad fish. You may need to try a Falcon MD 20 if you are getting no signals on the stone from detectors. The Falcon is in its element on that kind of stuff. Cant have you throwing away stone like that due to no signals....Did you try the Gold Monster or a Gold Bug 2 on the stone? Good luck out there JW
  25. T2 Depth On Coins

    Thanks for the answers, confirms what I have read and thought. My detecting experience is limited to my Gold Bug and a TrackerIV before that. The soil in my urban area has A LOT of alkali so I know that has a negative effect on coin hunting. I ordered a T2 today so I am hoping I will find the silver coins that have been just out of reach with the Bug......I'll find out soon enough.
  26. Two From The One Hole

    Thanks Dave. A new pick hey.....that will explain it. Good luck out there in WA JW
  27. T2 Depth On Coins

    Depth is relative to ground mineralization. Pure white Florida sand and nice, loamy farm soil (low magnetic mineral content) has people reporting 10 - 11 inches on coins. I get about half that here in the west and getting 6 - 8 inches is the best I usually hope for on coins but in real mineralized ground it may be less. Are you using the 5" round coil or something larger? If the 5" then a different coil may be the answer. I have used the Gold Bug Pro and F75 (brother to T2) extensively. The GBP at 19 kHz has a reputation for not getting as much depth on copper and silver coins as the 13 kHz F75 and T2 but the difference is not much from what I saw. I would bet on the T2 and F75 squeaking a bit extra but at a guess only like an inch or less. On low conductors like a U.S. nickel the GBP will meet and usually exceed what the T2 and F75 can deliver.
  28. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    Magic stuff JW, looking at that ground, gold size and the apparent depth I`d say the 19" coil will ferret out more. Of course is hard to tell from just a photo but it looks good to me, especially as you`ve had success before with large coils on the PIs. The Z 19" coil advantage over the Z 14" is much the same as with the PIs. Except of course the Z has more depth then the PIs to start with as you are clearly illustrating. I`d send you mine but tis busy
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