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  2. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    The 71 kHz Gold Bug 2 and the various 19 kHz Gold Bugs are totally different beasts. The modern 19 kHz Gold Bugs are general purpose detectors with full discrimination and target id options. If you want versatility then look at the 19 kHz Gold Bug versions described here. I am going to assume you really meant Gold Bug 2. The 71 kHz Gold Bug 2 and 45 kHz Gold Monster are more along the lines of “dedicated nugget detectors”. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 has been on the market for over twenty years and is as well proven as a detector can be. It is very much a manual tuning detector requiring some operator expertise. The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 has been on the market for less than a year. It is the opposite of the Gold Bug 2 by trying as much as possible to automate things for ease of operation. I own both of these detectors and I have to admit your question is a tough one. I believe that I can find gold about as well with one as the other though I give the Gold Bug 2 the nod for the tiniest gold due to the 71 kHz frequency and manual ground balance plus the magic of the little 4” x 6” concentric elliptical coil. The Gold Bug 2 control box can be chest or hip mounted which means featherweight on the arm and good for working in and around water. Yet if I was going to grab one right now to go prospecting I would probably grab the Gold Monster. In general I just like the grab and go design and ease of operation. The control box unlike the Gold Bug 2 is sealed against water and dirt and the rubberized controls are easy to clean. The knobs and switches on the Gold Bug 2 really like to gather and hold dirt and so I find the Gold Monster to be a relatively robust design that I can toss around and roll in the mud and even use in the rain with no worries. Operationally I like the automatic ground tracking and I definitely prefer the metered visual discrimination system versus the constant “switch to iron disc mode” required on the Gold Bug 2. Both the Gold Bug 2 and Gold Monster are more powerful in all metal mode. Going into the iron disc mode on either cuts depth quite a bit, like 10% or more. With the Gold Monster If you get a target in all metal, the meter will slam hard left of ferrous targets. Anything much less than that hard left slam you should probably dig. Now, if the nugget is deeper than the discrimination can reach, the meter will simply do nothing. That again is your clue to dig. The Gold Bug 2 iron disc mode identifies ferrous by simply not beeping on it. You get the target in all metal, then switch to iron disc, and if it still beeps, you dig it. No beep, it’s ferrous, so no reason to dig, right? True, but the catch is a nugget that is deeper than the disc mode will reach will also not beep when you flip to iron disc mode. So was the target ferrous, or just too deep? Savvy Gold Bug 2 operators know that on very weak targets switching to iron disc mode basically does not work. You need decently strong signals in all metal in order to be sure the machine is even seeing the target when you switch to iron disc mode. Otherwise you can be passing on gold simply because the signal is too weak to trigger the iron disc circuit. This can’t happen using the Gold Monster in all metal and relying on the meter, because the meter can only register if there is enough signal to play with. No meter action means “too deep, don’t know, dig it”. So I prefer the GM1000 when it comes to efficiently working with ferrous trash. As Lunk notes, the Gold Monster also costs less and comes with two coils and a rechargeable battery system. So why am I hanging on to the Gold Bug 2? There are two situations where I still might break out the Gold Bug 2. I prefer the Gold Monster for covering ground due to the automatic ground tracking. The Gold Bug 2 requires you really be on top of the ground balance in difficult ground. But if I were trying to sanitize a 10 ft x 10 ft area by finding every tiny bit of gold possible, I would prefer the Gold Bug 2 with 6” epoxy filled coil due to its efficiency at “scrape and detect” operations. At full gain the Gold Bug small coil resists knocks and bumps better than the Gold Monster small coil, and this means I can operate more efficiently not having to baby the coil to avoid false signals. The other situation is when in small nasty hot rocks. In all metal these are both very hot units, and you will find ground where the hot rocks just won’t shut up. The solution with either is to go to the iron disc mode. This treats most hot rocks as ferrous targets and they simply go away. So far at least it seems to me the Gold Bug 2 runs cleaner in iron disc mode. The Gold Monster offers up these little spurious “ghost signals” that have me hesitating although they are obviously a false signal of sorts. These last two situations are oddball uses and so the truth is I have not spent enough time yet with both the Gold Monster and Gold Bug 2 comparatively under those two exact situations to really sort it out. I believe the Gold Bug 2 has the “scrape and detect” edge but in a year, just how much more gold will that edge out in my bottle. We are talking the tiniest of tiny gold here. Like 1/10th grain flakes. There are 154 grains in a gram. So if the Gold Bug 2 can find 1540 of these that the Gold Monster misses I will be a gram ahead. One does have to consider diminishing returns and at what point does a gold pan or drywasher make more sense. And then the dealing with hot rocks and trash, running in iron disc mode versus iron disc mode? Very much a question due to a location I visited recently. Nasty ground, hot rocks, ferrous trash galore. I started in with the Gold Monster but decided I really needed to come back with both the Gold Bug 2 and Gold Monster to run them both on the location as a learning experience. Long story short you will not find many who will praise the Gold Bug 2 more than I, and I am still convinced it holds an edge in some situations. Yet right this moment if forced to keep just one it would be the Gold Monster. It just seems better suited overall for what I am up to these days. I am hanging onto the Gold Bug 2 as much for nostalgia as anything. I swore when I got my latest shiny new model I would keep it forever “just because” but the reality is I am not one for keeping things around if they are not serving a real need. Your question as you can see is one I am personally invested in and I really just can’t come right out and say one of these detectors is markedly superior to the other. For me it is almost sure to be a style thing and how well anyone person meshes with a particular detector. Old timers comfortable with the Gold Bug 2 will no doubt continue to be comfortable with it. But for a person totally new to both detectors? That is an extremely interesting question. Part of the problem here is I am so, so very familiar with the Gold Bug 2. What I consider an easy machine to run most novices would find to be just the opposite with the totally manual operation. When I was a dealer you would be amazed at how many people struggle just to learn how to ground balance a detector. I can see how a person totally new to both machines might take to the Gold Monster far more rapidly. That was one of the main design goals - get novices up and running quickly. Anyway, that was a tough question. Right now my answer for myself is “have both” but in 2018 it is very likely my Gold Monster will get a lot of use while my Gold Bug 2 may get little or none. It may even find a new home. The question in my mind keeps coming back to whether or not I should sell the Gold Bug 2, while there is no such question in my mind regarding the GM1000. It stays for sure. And that’s as close an answer as I can offer right now. Rest assured, if mastered, they both can deliver the goods.
  3. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    I have a Gold Bug ,digital only 4 months old and I have a GM1000....my Gold Bug is for sale. The GM is more sensitive in my opinion.
  4. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    The Gold Bug which costs more than the GM1000 is the Gold Bug 2. There is also the Fisher Gold Bug pro which is a completely different detector. The Teknetics version log the same detector is the G2. Right now Teknetics direct is having a sale on the G2+ (the + is the Tek version of the Fisher F19 - a sort of upgraded Gold Bug Pro). The F19 is reviewed on Steve’s Equipment Review page http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-equipment/fisher-f19-metal-detector.htm The good news is that these are available on the Tek direct website at low prices: https://www.tekneticsdirect.com/. The G2+ is the only one on the site - call Teknetics to order the others. MAP Sale Price G2+ $699 $449 G2+LTD $699 $449 F19+LTD-P $699 $449 You need a discount code you can get from any Tek dealer of PM me for mine.
  5. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    I can't speak for you folks out west, but where I live (Midwest / Great Lakes) you need to be VERY selective when you choose a local dealer if you're expecting to get any kind of training. Around here you can hang up a shingle a become a 'dealer' pretty easily without knowing much at all. One more suggestion: go with a multi-line dealer. That's another issue I have with some dealers I've met -- they steer you towards one brand, and unfortunately this can and does happen even with multi-line dealers. Of course you're asking here for advice so hopefully you get quite a varied response, especially recommendations of knowledgeable dealers you can trust.
  6. Today
  7. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    That happens at the beach Paul!
  8. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    Where do you live? If you buy local you may have to pay the sales tax but you get training. If you can travel you can buy from a dealer and then drive to their state for training if $ savings makes a difference to you. Training is MORE IMPORTANT than sales tax free. Mitchel
  9. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    They are both excellent nugget detectors, however the Gold Monster has the edge in mineralized ground, is very user friendly with it’s fully automatic operation, comes with two coils and costs less.
  10. Was thinking of picking up a more dedicated nugget detector. I am debating a Minelab Gold Monster vs one of the many Gold Bug versions? Anybody have experience with the GM 1000 to compare?
  11. GB2 Gold

    great pic and nice gold too
  12. GB2 Gold

    I recognize that spot and I don't even live there.. The little bit of river gave it away.. You pulled a deep-crevice edge-dweller earlier in the year.. Neat little spot to have close to home.. Nice bits..! Swamp
  13. The New Coils For The 2300

    The GPX does not require you to disassemble a detector not meant to be disassembled to use another coil. It is not the use of another coil, but the disassembly and modification of the detector that is likely to void the warranty. I don’t know this to be a fact however and it is simply a question to be asked when and if an accessory coil is ever available for the SDC 2300.
  14. GB2 Gold

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun. For me this was a great testimony of the GB2 ability to find extremely small gold. Thanks for posting the story and especially the pics.
  15. GB2 Gold

    Looks like the "poor lonely neglected Mr. Gold Bug 2" still came through for you. Congrats!! That's a good evening hunt. Wish I had longer days here. . . it's dark when I leave for work and dark I come home.
  16. GB2 Gold

    Fun stuff! Wow, you have to be careful near the edge of that bedrock....looks a long way down! I should get my remaining GB2 out before winter, it's extra lonely now that I recently sold my other one! :-) Can't wait to hear of your big coil adventures!
  17. Rod, I don't know where in PA you live, but it can't be too far from some New England beaches? The stuff they are finding up there in the rocks after the sand is washed away by autumn storms is amazing.
  18. The New Coils For The 2300

    If aftermarket coils would void warranty we probably wouldn't use them on our GPX's so I doubt its an issue.Ismael was experimenting with an adapter plug for our standard mono coils but I suspect that the new coils for the SDC need to be specifically matched inductance wise for the 2300 hence the prototype.If I see Paul around I'll ask him about the video.
  19. GB2 Gold

    G'day you lot, Now that we are well & truly into daylight saving, which gives us an extra hour of daylight after work in the evenings, & with the evening daylight increasing as we head into our summer it gives plenty of time do do evening detects localy around the Queenstown area. So one night after work this week I decided to take poor lonely neglected Mr Gold Bug 2 out for an evening stroll to some old exposed bedrock workings where I just knew there had to some small tiny gold hanging out in the schist cracks & crevices. Full max sensitivity, Low mineralization & Boost. Ground balanced with a slight rise on the downward pump. So running flat out & hot. I wasn't long into it when I had my first sweet little Zip Zip. Flick into discrimination & still zip zip. A few scrapes & it was out It was the right colour Not long after another sweet zip zip. Opened up a bit of a hole. Ended up with 3 bits out of that dig of which I didn't get a pic. Dont know why. From the 2nd pic above, with the river way down below, I moved along that flat bit beyond the scoop to where those three raised bits of bedrock schist are. I got a zip zip from the rubble in the middle one. A sassy bit of gold. Got two more signals from that same dig that both turned into lead fragments. Carrying on slowly over the bedrock I got a signal that lived on down a bit into a schist crevice. A tiny bit of gold This just carried on happening. I ended up with 11 small bits for just over half a gram before I decided to call it quits & head home. I did get my share of shot gun pellets & rubbish. A lot of it I chucked over into the river but some ended up in my pocket. It was a fun couple of hours. I do have a bit more to tell about a bit of a wake up call that I was greeted with at this spot. But that can wait for another time. Will tomorrow be my christening of my 19" coil?? Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  20. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Hasn't happened to me enough, but I love it when you find a good target ---then when put you detector down to dig you hit another one right where you laid it down!!!
  21. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Geee....& I thought those red things were the sails of land yachts. That land looks pretty parched. Not much for the cattle to nibble on. Cheers. JW
  22. The New Coils For The 2300

    A 10x5 coil was a long time favorite for me on my GP 3000 & 4500 because of the tight places I could poke & prod it. The 2300 is pretty deadly on small gold as it is. A 10x5 on the 2300 will be even more deadly, but again for me it is the places I can get into with it & the reason I would love a smaller coil for the Zed. We were spoilt with the minelab SD, GP & GPX range of PI's & the multitude of coils both from Minelab & the other after market coils that became available for them. They all gave those range of detectors almost unlimited options on ground conditions, gold depth & size of gold. Each coil being a game changer. I just wonder if we will ever see the likes of again. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  23. The New Coils For The 2300

    I doubt it mate. The 2300 came out over 3 years ago and I think it`s dropped in price 500 bucks since I bought mine.
  24. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    I'm a bit rushed this weekend, but here's something to be going on with - "12 oz just east of Tarnagulla" For KiwiJW: A patch of tiny bits found with the 7000 near Maldon. Each flag is a tiny piece: Over 150 bits to the oz. Nothing to laugh about, even with a few ozs in the kitty, eh Reg? C'mon, try harder! That's the spirit!
  25. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Aha! I found you! Have a few for me! From Jannines facebook page
  26. The New Coils For The 2300

    wonder if coils options will increase the cost of an sdc...it will increase their 'value'
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