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  2. Loose Rods, Wobbly Rods, Rod Flex

    I have used my 800 for 10 - 11 hrs and have noticed that if i have the coil on the ground , and reach to change frequencies on the side of the panel , there is play in the shafts/camlocks. i re-tightened them at the time . but the issue is still present, so i may try the felt remedy .
  3. First Eq Silver!

    Very nice...........
  4. Any bluetooth headphones will connect to 800 without wmo8? If so I'll sell my wm08 never used for 199;)
  5. Today
  6. 1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    Congratulations oneguy. That`s a terrific first nugget
  7. 1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    That is a nice one! What's the weight? Yes, bigger gold with using the muscle power in your head. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  8. Equinox Coil Drag - Opinions/consensus?

    I'll let you know this week. Going to shallow water hunt Eglin AFB's restricted access beach on the North side of Destin. I'll start in the water and work up to the tide line. Not many MD'ers able to hunt that beach, and lots of weekenders use it from the base.
  9. 1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    congrats ; more are sure to follow.
  10. Yesterday
  11. First Eq Silver!

    Yeah kinda crazy, tiny yard and I pulled this ring and about $1.50 in clad. Guessing it was the old clothes line. House is not that old, built in the 50's
  12. no longer a nugget virgin.....!!!! Pretty nice one too for my first imo....... VERY happy and it sure beats sluicing & digging!!!!!
  13. A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    I doubt that there’s any other way - fully welded (plastic) housing. great for watertight integrity- lousy for repair ability. if you have one, take a look.
  14. The coil is fine, fairly light. It collects a lot of sand though
  15. Here's an example of the screen spot on a bare screen , no protector
  16. Equanox 800 Fault

    My apologies if I misquoted you, phrunt. Thought I highlighted it right off your post. I know it was a tongue in cheek statement but was using it more as a seque to highlight the listed temp specs. It appears we are in complete agreement that if it was a thermal issue it was due to a faulty component (failure or manufacturing issue) vs. a design issue, though it seems exposure to the higher than average ambient temps did appear to exacerbate the issue. Def not a design flaw or out of spec ops issue, but indicative of an isolated component failure. Thanks for the detailed info regarding modern printed circuit board fabrication techniques.
  17. I got one when they was first released and no way will I let it go.
  18. The Perfect Swing

    I try hard not to watch others because I think the same way. I have been hitting silver coins at 14" in one spot on a certain beach. Almost 100 silvers in a 20' x 120' span. I watch this older couple do an area I see as very sanded in and I have written off that area as boring and unproductive. As they grid back and forth in a frenzy, I did silver How dumb are they? Not very dumb at all, as that area that I wrote off actually has been producing silver and gold for them for months....all shallow. Apparently the tides rip this section apart and expose these coins and then lightly sand it in so it looks like a deep sanded-in area. I had to hit it the other day since I wanted to look for chains with the Equinox and that should be a clean area, just micro jewelry and chains since the clean out all the junk for me. I couldn't believe the Mercury dimes at 3" that I found, along with 4 gold items.........Yep they were the smart ones. Time to eat crow for a while
  19. Lot of room in for sand.... especially with the way those cross overs are made.
  20. A Peek Inside Nox Control Head - Video

    I don't think that's how Minelab takes it apart!
  21. GPX 5000 Lcd Screen

    ahh yes, that better pic shows it, looks like it would be normal to me. that's certainly not burn-in
  22. Surprised By The Amount Of Sand In The Coil Cover!

    I am a commercial caulker by trade and have silicone that I may use to seal it up although it wouldn't be permanent but it wouldn't come off on it's own either and would add no noticeable wieght
  23. First Eq Silver!

    In your back yard? Congrats!
  24. OK I admit that I am a coil control snob. I have always concentrated on maintaining a perfect 1 inch above the ground elevation and with the coil perfectly parallel to the surface. Having spent many years hunting on ocean beaches with very gradual slopes and close to tidal flat characteristics, I strove for perfection. I developed a gait where if my right foot was forward the coil was 90 degrees to the left. As the left foot came forward and even with the right foot the coil would be straight in front, and as the left foot moved forward the coil 90 degrees to the right. I was very efficient and could cover a lane about 7ft wide over wet/flat sand. So being the snob that I was. I observed other detector users with golf swings or scythe mode murder the weeds methods, and I was constantly saying tsk..tsk..tsk. If only they could achieve my higher plane of enlightenment and skill they would be much more successful. Pride doth cometh before the fall! When beach hunting I always arrived at the crack of dawn and most of the time there was a fog or mist still in place leaving a light coating of moisture on the dry sand. As I always had single and multi-freq detectors this never concerned me much as I could adapt to the conditions. Usually very early in the morning you see the runners and dog walkers out, and only occasionally another detector user. But there was one old codger that I saw quite often working the dry sand for recent drops, and he moved along the beach at warp speed stopping briefly to retrieve a target. I had observed him a couple of times from a distance and could tell he knew very little about metal detecting or how to swing a coil. His big mistake was that he was holding the coil at a 45 degree angle with the left side about an inch above the sand and the right side up about 8 inches high. He looked to be sporting a Tesoro Compadre from the shape of the control box and the coil design. He was whipping that coil back and forth and flying down the beach as if he was making a run for the porta-potty. About the third time that I saw him light shown through my snob fog. The dry sand had a thin layer of moisture on it in the morning and if he held the coil parallel to the surface it would chatter and false. So he had adapted to the situation with the equipment he had on hand. By only exposing the outer edge to the sand no false-ing. But only shallow targets(recent drops) would be found and he was only covering about a 3 inch wide swath side to side. That explained the rapid swing and foot speed to cover ground. Also iron was easily rejected because the signal was on the edge of the coil. And he wasn’t carrying a digger or sifter with him, he would just kick the sand to find the target. He was probably looking at me and thinking that I was sporting enough gear to make a moon landing. The arrogant Master had become the Grasshopper.
  25. 3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Thanks, I'll be trying again Tuesday I think. Small beach with a lot of interference, so we shall see how it goes. If I get gold the 4th straight beach hunt, I will be totally amazed at the Equinox!
  26. 3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    I don't cross check any settings since I have no way to keep both machines on the beach at the same time. It's just not practical. Plus being tied to the GPX would make it very awkward to use a second machine. People think I'm nuts enough as it is, swinging the back-pack GPX
  27. 3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Any old beach will do. The coins are deep, that's for sure.
  28. 3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    I used the stock beach program for most of the hunt, but I did play around a bit with the sensitivity, iron bias, and recovery speed. But ended up back at the preset settings.
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