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  2. rMadhatter; I generally run my volume at 8,9 or 10; my sensitivity 6-8 vol 7-10 I use Jonathan's enhancer and dual speakers most of the time and turn the enhancer voulume up if it gets windy... don't just listen for clear signals, listen for repeatable won't hear the subtle changes unless you go low and slow and overlap your coil swings.... fred
  3. Finders Keepers in Kalgoorie keeps them in stock. Matt, the owner, will ship to the USA.
  4. 1. A signal graphic similar to the DFX but based on audio response with variable update speed, tie the baseline to threshold. 2. A reading on current GB so I can see when it begins to struggle instead of guessing with my audio 3. The ability to suspend coil operation temporarily while digging, taking a break or just going over to see what my mates found and compare signals. Tired of having to turn things on or off and chucking the detector away so I can dig in peace. 4. As said before, on screen clock without having to open the GPS Both 1 and 2 could be put together but would require a better screen.... 3 would mean a bit of circuitry or maybe programming... 4 should have been a no brainier for the engineers.
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  6. Recently bought a used V3i from a hunting buddy. He bought the V3 new and later updated to the V3i version. The machine is fairly clean and the 10" D2 appears to never been used. He bought two SEF 10 x 12" coils, one white and one black. I was very concerned about the lack of air test distances, but with a few reductions in settings the coils will be sufficient for while as long as I don't run multi-frequency and keep the tx boost off. Did the simple test to see if they were V rated and all failed and one will not ground balance while in multi-frequency. All this makes sense since he originally bought a V3 detector. Now I understand why he bought the SEF coils (he thought they would add depth). I originally bought the machine for only gold/jewelry hunting with the 22.5 frequency which will require a V coil if I run with high sensitivity settings.
  7. If advice/wisdom of metal detecting had to summed up in one sentence, this is probably that sentence. I should frame it and put it on my wall, then read it every day. Those three phrases sounds simple, yet you could write an entire book on each (and I guess some have tried) and still not cover them sufficiently. It sounds and looks so simple, kind of like swinging a weed-eater. How hard can it be? Go over a valuable, get a good signal, and dig it up. Soon you'll be supplementing your income with a weekend hobby! Likely this is why detectors get bought after the intoxicating advertising, and then put on the shelf or sold after a couple outings. How long does it take to get good at shooting a basketball? Hitting a stationary golf ball? Playing a musical instrument? Looks pretty easy watching a pro do it effortlessly. Well, come back in a lifetime and tell me the answer then.
  8. Thanks Wes, I will search around a bit more. Thanks JW Sweet link, I have read some of phasetech's posts but I hadn't checked his site through properly. Very helpful mate!!! Cheers
  9. Hi there Madhatter, Here is some youtube footage from Nenad on the GPZ 7000. Pretty sure he detects in the Golden Triangle. Or it may be the Adelaide Hills. Good luck out there JW
  10. Hi all.... when I purchased my GPZ 7000 I figured that the GPZ 19 coil was going to weigh a lot more than it does so I ordered a fancy wiz bang over the shoulder boulder holder weight distribution harness for it. After using the GPZ 19 coil for a while and then adding a Hip Stick to my system, I find that this item is excessive to my needs to I might as well sell it instead of having it collect dust. It works great and I didn't notice any interference with the coil in normal swinging. A perfect gift for the wife, works on a GPX5000 as well, lots of pics and video on their web site and Facebook page. Below is the price break down in Australian dollars and then converted to US funds... I'll sell it all, used only once, brand new condition, for $250.00 shipping included. Harness: $365.00 Shipping to USA: $80.00 --------- Total in Aus$: $445.00 Total in American$: $332.62 Selling for $250.00 shipped or can be picked up in Las Vegas or Gold Basin (I'm there every weekend). The Prospector Harness!/The-Prospector-Harness-Camo-with-Pockets/p/76992631/category=14860389
  11. Using the GPX with wired headphones is a pain in the neck for me. So I was looking for a wireless option. When I saw the Pro Sonic system I went ahead and ordered it. What a relief, so much more freedome without the cable. Especially the heavy GPX with all it's cables and the harness makes it so much more pleasant not to have another cable. I can place the detector away from the target area while digging and don't have to take my headphones off. No more cable getting snagged at the handle, no more dangeling wire. Another benefit, on a hot day, I just clip the receiver to the shoulder strap of the Pro Swing 45 and use the speaker instead of headphones. About a possible delay in audio responds, so far I have not noticed any delay. Audio is spot on as the coil passes over the target. Another nice to have feature especially on a GPX is the volume adjustment on the receiver module. So in conclusion, I can say, I am very pleased with the Pro Sonic. I paid $269 for the system. Is it worth the money when you compare it to the Garrett or Deteknix systems? Maybe not. I think the only benefit is the built in speaker of the ML system. Other than that, if you are on a budget or you only use headphones, go ahead and buy the Garrett or Deteknix and safe more than half. I think ML needs to come down with the price to make it more attractive. So why did I buy it? Ohh well I guess I am a ML fan boy 😆 FschJg
  12. I have a Brand New, never used Miner John 5"x9" folded mono coil with cover for $100 shipped. That is $50 less than from the dealer. Also a like new Whites 12" dual field coil and cover for $90 shipped. These sell new for $250. It is the unmounted 5"x9" and 12" in the pic.
  13. I would be the first person in the world to say that a good $500 - $700 VLF is all anyone really actually needs. I will never look down on anyone making that choice. I personally don't go that route however. I can tell myself all day long that the F70 is a far more sensible better but for the buck, but in the end I want the F75 with bells and whistles. We all have different perceptions of what represents a best value. I am of the opinion that picking good locations, knowing whatever machine you have well, and putting in the hours is what really matters. Ultimately though my time is more valuable than anything else so spending a little more to have those top end units works for me.
  14. Pretty sure he is in Mexico...been following his youtube channel for a while now. He does speak english and makes trips north of the border frequently to hunt beaches with some gringo friends that also have youtube channels. I'm not very good with speaking Spanish..bout all I can say is open the gate and close the gate and don't feed the horse lol strick
  15. Thanks Hawkeye..... I just ordered it.. strick
  16. Id set your volume limit to something like 6, 7 or 8, unless you like getting your ears blown out on overload signals. Then adjust your main volume so you can hear your threshold well. 10-15 works for me
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  18. Yep, got that, and thanks again. That was quite a long thread (like some here ) with a lot of good info. I've always been the 'doubting Thomas' type, which explains my choice of careers. I've also occasionally been burned accepting things at face value, but I'm sure that's true of everyone whose lived more than a few years. I want to accept that the F70 is every bit as good as the F75 Ltd because that means I can save lots of $, whether buying new or used. But I guess my skeptical eye also spills over to second guessing. E.g. I buy the F70/Patriot and when I'm not finding as much as I wish, I wonder if the Boost Process would have been the solution. This is what the marketers want, of course, and thus the several hundred dollar additional cost. (As you know and have stated here, there are a few other differences, such as manual ground balance on all 75's, so it's not just the Boost and Cache Processes that differentiate.) The flipside is that I spend the extra money for the F75 Ltd (or T2 black), never see any advantage in using those additional functions, and say "why didn't I just get the F70?" As life's challenges go, this is pretty insignificant.
  19. Well I have posted on this forum quite a bit about the F70 with notes as to how it relates to the F75 and will let those past posts speak for themselves. As far as the TNet thread goes my sole purpose in posting the link to it was to illustrate how messed up the whole issue of past versions can get. And therefore my advice when buying a used F75 and less so but also the T2.
  20. Thanks all. I really appreciate everyone's input here!! I am confident now that i know what to do in field regarding adjusting and setting up my machine I usually run in "normal" "high Yield" when starting in a new area, maybe your right I haven't walked over smaller pieces yet but i honestly doubt that. I think its more to do with me and getting my "ears in tune" to faint signals. I will put all this into practise this weekend!!! And yes Fred, I am in Australia my hunting grounds are in Victoria's World Famous, "Golden Triangle" Just one more thing..... When you are setting the volume, should the target volume be higher than the volume limit? Eg, target volume: 12 volume: 8 or have i got that backwards?
  21. Tom, You do know we don't really want to increase the competition, umm... I mean grow the hobby. Some ideas: Think virtual Pokemon. Sell a $1 metal detector phone app with $99 in hardware. First company that gets a metal detector app on a cell phone will win this game. Think $100 Dues. Promote regular treasure hunts like you did with the Easter hunt. Once they get the bug an upgrade in equipment is a given like any other hobby. If I was a metal detector dealer I'd already be doing this. I have an acquaintance that is really big time into solar observing. He creates solar viewing events. No he doesn't make the sun do anything special. He just goes around and makes it possible for people to have a chance to look at the sun. Sets up lots of scopes at different events and lets people look. Metal detector dealers could be doing the same thing at fairs, special school events, boys/girls clubs, scout clubs, etc. Anywhere there is an event where poeple are gathering to have fun, there should be a corn box with some trinkets where you can hand a kid a detector and let him find and keep a trinket. Think bubble gum ring or something. Kid has fun, parents get an idea for gifts or something. Another words in sight, in mind, out of sight, out of mind. Too bad you don't have dealers/distributors selling anymore . HH Mike
  22. Shame that I can't speak the language but showed many of the things that I wanted to see. Thanks for putting it up Strick.
  23. He received his detector from a company to test it. But something i noticed is the box in which he received wasnt other people recieving a Sdc2300 box. The company he received it from seems to sell them . Is in the description box.
  24. That is an interesting thread at treasurenet that you linked to, Steve. But (as we all know), anything posted on the internet needs to be looked over with a skeptical eye. Did you see this one? (emphasis mine): "Just a few minuets ago I heard the door alarm go off, it was Fed-X delivering my upgraded F75 LTD Upgraded. Total time including shipping over tehe weekend was 1 week. Great service. It came in a new box saying Fisher 75 years edition edition but with a sticker that said DST,FA, 4 levels of FE tone, Adjustable audio Pitch. Nowhere does it say LTD or limited Edition. I did notice that it has a different serial number and had a Kellyco sticker on it than the one I sent in. Now as soon as the weather warms up I can test it out. I talked to Fisher today and they said that they change the S/N and clean it and send the same detector back." So if I'm reading correctly, he sent his detector to Fisher and a week later got the same detector back, but with a Kellyco sticker and a different serial number sticker. First Texas is in El Paso, TX, and Kellyco is somewhere in Florida (I think). FT doesn't do their own repairs (and Kellyco is lightening-fast reparing/upgrading FT products)? And who is this 'they' who said 'they' did the work? Here's another (not complete, I cut and pasted) which is tantalizing, but how true is it? "I got the DST." (cut out a lot of details on his experiences hunting in the Southeast US and in Kansas) "You don't need boost, you don't need DST, you don't need to turn that F75 to extremely high levels to get deep and find great things in this state, you just need to understand how things work here, a new language and some special target behavior and use a tool that is capable of teaching you that language...and you have one. Learn to understand it and the sky is the me, I know." So he has an F70 but we're supposed to trust him that boost process and DST (on an F75) aren't needed. Hmmm. Maybe, but I'd rather hear it from someone with lots of experience with both detectors.
  25. Well, aside from a pic of my pretty face...I click on one of my articles and I get an article by Rod F....that could really confuse me...thanks Steve...that is a problem. fred
  26. A lot of the dealers do not keep their online stores updated so it is best to ask them directly.
  27. Thanks, Steve. Yes, I knew from lots of web browsing over the last year that this was a complicated issue, and it sounds even more complicated than I realized. It also has me wondering how much different all these models and sub-models (including F70 and Patriot) really are. When Dave says "'ll never be left wondering..." if you buy an F70, it makes me wonder! Is he just saying all that extra cost, details in their advertising, etc. isn't worth the price difference? Heck, he was the lead engineer (I think) and he still works for First Texas. Another thing I'm confused about is the Digital Shielding Technology (DST). I thought with the new models (the ones with that feature) that it could be turned off. But from what lots of people are saying maybe that isn't the case. Also I would have thought you could get an upgrade if you paid for it (as opposed to some "limited offer to upgrade" for free), but that sure doesn't appear to be true, either. I'm still not ready to make the leap, but as Mike Wolfe of History Channel's American Pickers says: "The time to buy is when you see it." He's talking about 'rare' antique finds, but IMO that applies to used items which you find under-priced. I understand the risks (like no warranty and possibly getting something that isn't as advertised), but I get sort of a thrill out of a 'used find' like all of us get a thrill out of treasure finds. Having said that, the more educated one is about the product you're buying, the less likely to screw up and pay for something you didn't want. I've learned that the hard way (more than once...) and it's always a risk. Often I'm just willing to take that risk, but I appreciate the warnings from all here on this site.
  28. Lucky, nice finds and great tips. Thanks
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