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  2. Fun In The Sun

    Thank you Lunk. Believe it or not I got skunked. Nothing, Nil, Zero, Zilch. It wasn't from want of trying. I even cranked the sensitivity up to 20. It just wasn't meant to be. I actually think that is the first time I have been skunked swinging the mighty Zed in well over a year of using it. Had to be a first time. Shame it had to be that particular day. Sorry Jayden. RIP Bro. JW
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  4. Hello I need to gat news Ger dertctor "easy way plus 3d" I need more information if someone are used that detected or have experience with thanks
  5. Why Only 50 Points Of Vdi?

    You want to talk target ID? I love my V3i......
  6. My First Gold Ring With The 800!

    Very nice, done struck gold Thanks for sharing.
  7. Why Only 50 Points Of Vdi?

    Just the opposite for me unless I am digging it all. Target id is the cats meow for coin detecting in parks. Jewelry detecting is different but I can up my odds by focusing on low conductive targets. And I am learning new nugget hunting tricks with target id.
  8. I got a chance to go out to the beach this morning. We have kind of a middle/ebb tide going on now and then one really low tide so I went to the wet sand where it peaked last night. There was very little there and deeper than I suspected. I tried my normal spots and then worked my way toward another stretch of beach. I noticed that the sounds were 'small' in Beach 1 so I decided to go All Metal. Shortly after I heard a small sound and started digging. It came in at 4-5 and was louder it seemed because I now had the iron turned on too. I got down about 10 inches and it was out of the hole. It then gave the Geiger Counter type of sound(quick little bursts) and I could see it. It only weighs 1.8g but it is a ring. The other objects didn't really seem that large either. The circuit board (which I dig many) didn't give a size of mass. The sunglasses were the deepest thing I've dug with the 800 at about 14-15 inches so I'm impressed by this but surprised by the small initial target sounds on most everything. The tiny little chain 'sounded' and I think I might have cut it up with my scoop. Mitchel
  9. Equinox Future Firmware Updates

    Basically I cannot discuss the making of the sausage, but I don’t think I will get slapped on the wrist over this one. The development process in the old days was a major pain because revisions could only be done by mailing units back and forth. Now, as a machine like an Equinox is refined once the hardware is finalized you are basically debugging or improving software. This process is greatly aided by being able to download and update the software. Equinox is designed for this and it does mean the detector has a proven capability to be updated to fix any bugs that arise over time without having to send the detector in. I do not expect this to be used to make significant changes to features. The screen is not like the screen on your phone - it is a custom LCD so basically cannot be changed without a new LCD screen. The update feature is something that offers early buyers a degree of confidence that bugs will get fixed with minimal fuss and no cost. There should be no expectation from anyone of the machine magically morphing into something else via updates.
  10. Do I have to be in studio? Or if I was present, is it live or can it be recorded for a later date? In other words, how does it work? We had our own radio show in Alaska so I have been on radio many times and TV a few so am very comfortable with that kind of stuff.
  11. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    My old company - I can vouch for Brian. My partner and I sold the company to the employees. https://www.akmining.com/aboutus
  12. Hi, I have only been out 3 times with the 800 but I am struggling a little with pinpointing. On all my machines with a DD coil on, I have only ever used the "wiggle back"" method In Multi Freq. I am finding this is not so accurate anymore - the drop off point is less defined I think. I have been slowly learning to use the pinpoint button but I dont think it is super accurate either. Sometimes I switch back to a single freq. to pinpoint and the wiggle back seems to work better for me. Has anyone else had issues or is it just me ? Happy hunting
  13. since the end of September. It's worked flawless to this point.
  14. Another very nice looking set are the brand new EOZ AIR bluetooth 5.0 Apt-X LL ....but they are taking Pre Orders as they are not quite on the market again and I am not sure I want to go there so soon after waiting for the Nox
  15. So how long have you had your MI-6?
  16. Claims to have 6 Equinox 600's in stock i cannot verify so I would get confirmation of stock status before paying free shipping Notice 3 hours ago no replies yet https://shop.akmining.com/Minelab-Equinox-600-detail.htm?productId=-6913106&shopby=-12990&catalogid=-3636 i am tempted but have my 800 preorder #7 at my dealer.
  17. Pinpoint Audio Observation

    Doing well Dan, I'll let you know if I notice that muting audio start to the pinpoint mode. Oh, that might not be for a while yet, and you've guessed it why. And how bout that tnsharpshooter getting 50 hours in on his EQX already. Amazing.
  18. I looked at those too and would have bought them, but the reviews said that it has a very heavy bass boost "feature" that can't be adjusted or turned off. If anything, I need a "treble" boost to compensate for some hearing loss I have and to better respond to the typical frequencies in detector audio. Too much bass and you could get hum, pop, and loud low iron tones. I agree the Avantrees aren't super rugged. Very light and comfortable, though. Is it possible to turn off the bass boost? The reviews said no, but maybe you found out differently, because these otherwise look like great headphones.
  19. I got out to the zoo in town for an hour or so today, they tore down an exhibit and dug up the concrete and I was allowed to get in, I had to hunt quickly because I had to work and they were closing soon. I was in Park 1, 2 tones, recovery at 6, iron bias at 0, sens set at 20. I had my tone break set at 18, so from -9 to 18 I set the tone as low as it would go and turned the volume to half. My goal was to cover as much ground as possible as fast as possible. I only focused on clear, loud repeatable tones today. I'll go back when I have more than enough time to go a little slower and chase after the iffy signals. The spot is polluted with metal from the demo, but, I still managed to hit the dime at 5", loud and clear and VDI 26-26. I've been able to score silver the last 2 times out, nothing great, but, silver is always good.
  20. Thanks to those who keyed me in to using CLR for removong rust from rocks/specimens. This rock wasn't found with my detector. Got it quite a few years ago from the Mactung tungstein exploration camp on the Yukon/North West Territories border near the portal. It's heft made me interested and thankfully the chief geo at site let me keep it. Years it sat in my collection, but once I got my GM1000 I tested the more interesting rocks in my collection. This rock detected constantly in the non ferrous and strong. It sure cleaned up well, and the blue dotted pic is the Scheelite fluoresceing under short wave UV light (Calcium Tungstate, CaWO4) Cheers! Bryce
  21. My First Direct Notice From Minelab

    I am registered with Minelab but not signed up for the newsletter.
  22. I am with Just Go Detcting have been to several divs tho. I will let ya know how it does in April when we are up there.
  23. I ran field 1 and 2 mostly field 2. I think the gold mode where the audio is set to tone while over a target like pinpoint it is not geared for alot of targets. We have moderate soil not like Culpeper but hot enough that ctx and at pro, t2 all of which I used often struggle or id is off much past 6 or 8 inches or IDs as iron. In field 2 normal sensitivity only thing I did was change 2 5 tone it handle the site and soil perfectly.
  24. Maybe some of you already know about this and have the phone to support it. I have one of the flip phones that nobody wants to steal, so it really amazes me. On his phone he dials up google earth map and it instantly it brings up the boundaries, acreage and name & address of the owner. It would be fantastic to have the same ap for claims, showing owner and boundaries, no more accidental trespassing.
  25. Sign Of Problem?

    Hey Steve, about halfway through the guy has video of the equinox going haywire.... I think it's one of those rare things but I thought I'd bring it to your attention.
  26. Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

    Who knows how many Cabelas received, but it doesn't sound like it was a lot and they probably don't do pre-orders like the specialty dealers. They received their allotment and listed them for sale on the website. The other dealers has pre-paid orders to fill.
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