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  2. Hey Lanny, I suppose there was some hard work involved but looking back I've enjoyed every minute of it....Maybe not the staked tyres, flies, midgies and mozzies but those memories fade. Haven't ventured out this year but big things planned for the cooler months. cheers
  3. Hi Northeast, I use one of the re-released GPX4500's coupled to a 14 inch Coiltek Elite for patch hunting, a great combination. If I do happen to find a few bits I give the area a good going over with the Zed. Still leave some behind though, old patches and known areas revisited always give up a little more.
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  5. Good on you Mike and welcome. Yes we all have our own very interesting stories to tell, how we started in this great hobby of ours. And each one is unique. wombat
  6. That post is going straight up in the royal mail mate ......... the real west aussie locals will sort you out .... Come in for supplies in the dark from now on. We are watching you...... BB
  7. nice photo Mike .Well done you guys. Hope this season is even better. GoldEN
  8. G'day JW (bro), yes I joined the other day, there's some good reading over here and some great people as well. Thanks for the welcome to bro. Cheers. Mike.
  9. Hi Geof_junk What can i say.. about those false teeth... cool what a find.. i have heard of people finding them while panning in the creeks.. hey GB and Gullyhunter.. nice nuggets, geez it almost looks like you too were going to dig to china great finds everyone.. thanks for starting a great thread Mitchel
  10. Get your teeth in to these, all found with a detector. This was panned/Dished One of my keepers I hope I don't get banned for this dirty photo
  11. This a prime example of the 'imposter Australians ' that you need to be aware of over here. They try to trick others that there slap and tickle game is real Australian football, when everyone knows a true blokes game is Rugby League. They often congragate in the southern areas of Australia ( Victoria) and are usually referred to as Mexicans by true Aussies. Please everyone be careful of these tricky buggers. This has been a public service safety announcement for our friends across the pond. Trent King President of the We love XXXX association
  12. Hey Dave you might have to teach these nice lads the difference between our Codes of Football (Aussie Rules being supreme off course) And the difference between our beers and that sump oil called XXXX . 'lol' Good to see you onboard Cheers.
  13. Hi Dave, Nice to see you posting here. Even though you have been a member here for a while & since it is your first post....Welcome. Good luck out there JW
  14. Just a few finds of mine and some combined finds of Glen's and mine to wet the appetite.
  15. G'day Mike (Bro), Welcome aboard. Very nice to see you here. We have both you & Jen here now. Awesome. Make yourself at home. Good luck out there JW
  16. Hi there Steve.....You have planted the seed...... So when can we expect your book?? I will be first in line. Cheers JW
  17. Would you say there is any mineral sector you see as underexploited right now as gold was back then? I keep eyeballing REE's because it sure seems like global energy/auto/electronics industry is headed that direction now and for the future too, plus there are no active mines left in the US (unless that one in CA reopened?) and they are mostly in China (or were until recently anyways). Not easy to prospect for though like gold. But some of the associated minerals/elements are easier to prospect for such as thorium. What do you think about that sector?
  18. G'day All, thanks Mitchel for this great thread. I thought I would share this pic of my very first gold pour, a nice 1oz ingot.
  19. Hi Flakmagnet One thing with the sovereigns is a lack of sensitivity to gold.My favourite from the PI's was the 2100 on the beach with an older 16DD white fiberglass nugget finder that was quite light with great depth.The standard 11DD also found me quite a bit of gold.
  20. The GMT of course has the Variable SAT control. On the Gold Bug 2 you have three SAT settings controlled via the Mineralization switch. Low mineral is the slowest SAT setting and High mineral the fastest. Normal is in between. Low mineral also engages a secondary boost to the Gain circuitry in addition to the main Sensitivity control. The addition of the iSAT control during Gold Racer prototyping was a major improvement in the machine. Sorry, my Gold Racer is not leaving my sight!
  21. The 3030 drives me crazy on the standard setting. I HAVE to use SMOOTH or LONG or I would sell it. Mitchel
  22. Mine was awesome at sniffing out gold, it loves tiny stuff. it was great till I lost it to my partner(wife). she was a gb2 user and now she wont give it back. she loves the isat adjustment. maybe steve will rent me his.
  23. Nice finds, that creature looks like a cross between a porcupine and a hedgehog, does it bite. lol
  24. Looks great, nice finds, good luck next time out
  25. As I mentioned in the original post, the market now is poor for selling and also poor for finding new ones. You have to go counter to the market. around 2004 and for a few years before that there were a number of good properties you cold have picked up for the time and effort of staking and filing. Gold was considered a dead holdover from the past, it had wafted down and further down for years. No one was interested in gold mining. But 5 years later when the fed started pumping money into the system, the price and market for gold boomed for a few years in selling properties - there were buyers. Now darn near everything is staked but no one can raise money to explore, few are letting property go, but just holding on in case things get better. Most of the stuff being let go is the dregs of the dregs, and no one is interested.
  26. Steve, The old Surfmaster PI or a dual field? What is the difference? Mitchel
  27. Nugget hunters dig massive amounts of trash, nails and bullets being the worst offenders. I dig so many bullets and shell casings I keep them for recycling dollars. And the nails OMG! Here is a big nail found with a GPX 5000. The Gold Bug Pro was being used as a pinpointer as I got down in deep. It did eventually start calling it ferrous but I had so much time invested in the hole I just had to finish it off, plus I have seen detectors lie too many times. This pile gave me over an ounce of gold so I had to clean it out of anything that went beep. And yes, this started as just a faint surface signal. Click for larger image.
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