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  2. Nuke em

    Recharge System From Sam’s Club

    I bought a Ravpower 26800 mah a while ago . Has 3 charge points . That would last a long time on digs and can run a laptop off it .
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  4. mn90403

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Paul, I know you have plans but here are some ideas for the Western Trip! (It turns out to be a good read for the rest of us also.) https://thewest.com.au/opinion/inside-cover/five-days-following-the-footsteps-of-paddy-hannan-through-was-goldfields-ng-b88847047z Mitchel
  5. kiwijw

    Small Target Comparison Test

    Hi Rod, I have to agree with what Steve said but you do need both detectors. A good quality PI & a high frequency VLF. Having said that though I don't believe you can compare a Whites TDI with a Minelab 4500 in the PI model of detectors. Of course you can compare them but the 4500 with Sadie coil is far better IMHO. Good luck out there JW
  6. kiwijw

    Some 2300 Littlies

    Nice Dave. 👍 As you will probably know I am not a great fan of the 2300 in our insanely mild ground. But I am continually amazed at how smaller gold the Zed finds for me & the Nox 800 & Gold monster even smaller. The Nox 800 with its 11" coil has been a real surprise. The 2300 obviously is doing it for you on that tiny stuff. Congrats. Good luck out there JW
  7. For the first time in many months I fired up the 2300. The first spot I went to was birdshot alley and I only lasted there about 30 mins. I then went to a spot where I knew there wasn`t a heap of birdshot and I got these 15 from digging about 30 targets. The smallest 5 here weigh 0.14g and the whole lot goes 0.85g. This lot took me 6 or 7 hours over two days. It stll amazes me what the 2300 is capable of finding. Dave
  8. Norm S , My nephew just got permission in Brisbane to detect at an historical acreage but he sent them an e-mail and got his reply back so he has proof . So guess who he has asked to come up and help 😉
  9. Stephen newell

    Makro Gold Racer 7.5x4 Coil

    Does that happen often?
  10. Hi Sinclair, I like that the holster is stiff, I just wish the Velcro straps were stiffer too. I love how sensitive that pointer is.
  11. Ridge Runner

    Recharge System From Sam’s Club

    Gary Little over 30 after I paid tax. I sure like it with the twin pack and like said works great. Chuck
  12. This may not have much to do with the guy that ripped Judy but it does have a bit to do with shovels and the inferior Equinox I had an interesting day and started to detect in my honey hole this morning at a public facility I had permission to hunt at. I had a security guard come and tell me I had to leave. He said it was private property and I had to leave. I told him no problem but I had permission and I had dug over 300 targets in that area and never left a trace of where I had been. He said that's the problem digging in the grassy area and leaving clumps of dirt. I showed him where I had been the day before and asked if he could see where I had been and he said not interested. He said there was a guy out here with a shovel and it was probably you. I told him I don't use a shovel and he said the guy used a small T handled shovel and he left before I could talk to him. He said sorry but you have to leave and I said ok no problem, To those if you that use Sampson shovels in parks please don't use them. I know they come as a package deal from some dealers and they work well in fields but when any official sees them being used in a park they freak out. So I next went to the beach and hit a couple of places with beach chairs and loungers etc. I was walking back to my truck when some dude collecting cans from the trash approached me. He said my son found a million dollars with a detector and I said I doubt that because I am on to many metal detecting sites and I would have heard about it. He said he found it in Europe while stationed there. I said metal detecting is very popular in Europe as well and it's highly unlikely anyone found that much without others knowing about it. He said well his detector cost $1000 and he hunted in 40' of water in the lakes and seashore. I said ok that's my problem this detector is only $899 and is only waterproof in up to 10' of water. I said what kind of detector does your son use he said he bought it in Europe and you can't buy them in the US. I said if you know if he found that much in the water in europe I am surprised you don't have detector here in the US especially since we have 26 miles of beaches. He said my interest is collecting cans and helping keep the beaches clean. I had enough of his nonsense by then and as I opened my truck door I said I am wondering why your looking in trash cans when there is plenty of trash and cans on the beach.. I said I am on my way home to find a $1000 detector I can use in 40' of water. I chalk it up to the adventures of metal detecting.
  13. GaryC/Oregon Coast

    Recharge System From Sam’s Club

    Pretty neat! What was your cost? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  14. NSC

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    Awesome IMHO 5.1g gold corresponds better with the 8" and 15" depths of an 800 and 7000 5g gold is a good score, congrats Mitchel 😊
  15. Stephen newell


    I will be taking the Nox to my claim which has been picked over a lot. If I find something in a certain area it will close the book on the Nox question.
  16. phrunt

    Blast To The Past With White’s

    Fantastic, I'd love to see a video of it in action or even good photos of it. It's great seeing how things started off. It sure is crazy we now complain about the smallest things on our detectors when you look back at what they used to be.
  17. Steve Herschbach

    Vaquero Is One Deep Machine

    Target id, tones, etc are just tools. Personally I would rather have tools I can choose not to use, then not have the tools at all. The Vaquero you set the disc control where you want it. Anything above the setting goes beep, anything under the setting is ignored. The problem is if the detector is wrong, no beep at all, walk past target. A detector with dual tones, for instance, will beep on everything, but high tone on everything above the disc setting and low tone on everything below the disc setting. By knowing about the rejected targets, you might investigate them more, get a better centered swing, and find its a good target instead. Tones can actually help keep good items from getting rejected. That's not to say there is anything wrong with "beep, dig" detecting. Different strokes for different folks!
  18. Loads of people in the U.S. using the 5000 and other Minelab PI detectors for relic and beach detecting.
  19. Dan B

    Vaquero Is One Deep Machine

    Wouldn’t multiple tones have the potential to make you miss good targets, just like VDI? For example, if a silver coin is sitting next to a nail, wouldn’t the high tone for silver be averaged down because of the nail, and then you may not dig it? I think there is some wisdom behind sticking with a single expressive analog signal. I don’t think I’ve ever used a machine that can let you hear round like a Tesoro does.
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  21. Ridge Runner

    Small Target Comparison Test

    Rod What you have is the early model of the Sadie coil. I had one I let go with a 4500 but done some testing on my SPP before it went. It had more sensitivity than the smallest folded eight that I’m thinking about selling. I have yet had the opportunity to use in the field. Chuck
  22. Steve Herschbach

    Blast To The Past With White’s

    Simon, if you look at the Coinmaster 4 in the ad, you will see it had a standard rod and coil setup. The Gold Probe was a small 4" "coil on a stick" that substituted for the rod and coil. You were supposed to rig a sling or something for the detector. All this complaining about ergonomics these days - people got no clue! The Gold Probe was just a 4" coil, nothing special, but it's small size was supposed to help with finding gold. Problem was the detectors had no horsepower and no ground balancing. I still have a 1970s era White's Alaskan which is just a Goldmaster in a chest mount box which also has that Gold Probe plus another larger coil on a stick. Here is the 1976 ad copy but mine is a little older. I will post photos of mine one of these days - maybe take it for a spin!
  23. Oh good I was feeling lonely in "The Stupid Club " I think it's the female thing too with him
  24. Rod K

    Small Target Comparison Test

    Thanks Steve. Yea, i knew the Monster was hot on the small stuff but i really thought the TDI SL would at least hit on the 7.4 gr. piece. Ohh well, it will be fine for larger deeper stuff that the Monster don't hit on.
  25. Rod That coil is the same size as the Sadie coil and I know it’s a hot coil on small gold. This coil has to be right up there with it on sensitivity. Well if you don’t sell it soon I’ll put my name in for it. Chuck PS Great price!!
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