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  2. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Wes, I looked at the site in Australia that had those inserts and they were priced at $77.00. I have about $5.00 in materials and about 30 minutes on the lathe turning down the plastic and the brass inserts. These batteries work really nice.
  3. Ur30's Refurbished - Success

    Call them. They have good phone support. Mitchel
  4. Equinox Goes On Sale In Europe Dec. 17th

    I don’t know what to tell you. I am just a kid at heart that loves detecting. I made it a permanent part of my life 45 years ago. I am incredibly fortunate now to be involved neck deep in my passion in life. I am sharing a part of that here. I know the blokes at Minelab are pouring heart and soul 24/7 into trying to make this the best metal detector they can make it to be. No holds barred. That’s the bald truth of the matter at this time.
  5. Equinox Goes On Sale In Europe Dec. 17th

    Folks should relax. We sure don't like to see detector models with bugs do we? Logistics. This is big here. Some thing to watch with Equinox when released to public. That is, are all accessories available? So it is just not the basic detector Minelab has to worry about here. This I think is a very, very big operation being done here by Minelab. Loads of info being worked and people working their hearts out. I know they want to get things right. And hopefully they will.
  6. First Texas has reinstated their F75 upgrade programhttp://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm I have an older LTD model, any reason not to upgrade? Tim
  7. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    As usual excellent and very informative post....your pictures and story enjoyable to read. Pretty country you have...thanks for sharing it with us.
  8. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    Always feels good to help someone out, and find a lost treasure. 👌 Good job, Chris
  9. New Members

    @goldrat Thank you for the warm welcome. I absolutely consider myself a coin shooter 1st....relic hunter 2nd...gold prospector 3rd. Gold prospecting is by far the most difficult aspect of this hobby in my humble opinion - 2.2oz being our best year ever in Colorado. All flour gold with a sluice and a private claim owned by a friend of a friend of a friend. I signed a NDA for the new stuff...so sorry I can't speak about it. @Steve Herschbach Thank you for the warm welcome as well. You run a great forum here. I make no bones (or apologies) about it - I am a First Texas guy at heart. Glad you enjoyed the video!
  10. Equinox Goes On Sale In Europe Dec. 17th

    Hello Steve, As Cabo Chris stated above....and....as I have stated before on a previous post, ML has done a spectacular job with marketing the Equinox. However, here is IMO i where I think we stand today on the Equinox release: 1) I will start by saying I am very excited about the upcoming release....am I impatient....no... just excited. However, I also think we are getting to the point where some folks are starting getting very impatient. As you indicted, until I see the info on your site or see it directly on the ML site, I am not going to feed on the speculation/rumors of a pending release date. But, my dealer included, gave this magic release date of "before Christmas". With only a couple weeks left, I am afraid the detecting sites might start to get ugly. Hey....I am starting to see some of this already., 2) As I stated above the Marketing Department at ML has knocked it out of the park. But....I also think that we are getting to the point of "diminishing returns". I don't want to get all "college puke" on everyone, but I do remember a little about marketing strategy. It goes like this....think about your favorite food that you may have not had in 6 month. That first bite is awesome....so is the second....and third bite. However, there comes a time after the 40th bite you are done....and....it is just not good any more. I think that is where we are heading with the pending Equinox release. Lots of great info since the announcement to include specs, accessories and even a few field tests. But, we are coming up on a quarter of a year since the announcement....just maybe we are getting to that point of "diminishing returns: Oh by the way....did I say I am excited and not impatient....: - )
  11. Equinox Saltwater Clues

    As always, very thought out essay on detecting machines. Ever since Minelab announced the Equinox, top players have really been offering specials on combos to draw attention from Minelab to them. Frankly it's not working very well. And the other day I heard 1st Texas is in the process of major layoffs. Not good for them or the ones loosing their jobs. That being said, I've lost all confidence in 1st Texas releasing anything new for 2018, especially the VLF flavor. I believe they started running specials in hopes of keeping their loyal users but I don't think it worked.
  12. Gold Spear

    Last time I looked at the mfgr website, this thing was over $3500.I believe the website is in Sweden. I had a used one many years ago but it was about useless and too hard to figger out.
  13. Well, I will answer the question directly without side tangents on other machines since my guide is my stock answer on these type of questions. If you need waterproof get the AT Gold. Otherwise my vote is the MXT with two extra coils and 22 months remaining warranty.
  14. Gold Bug 2 Speaker Not Working

    Just thought of something that has happened several times over the years. A little information first: The headphone port is designed to cut off the internal speaker when the headphone is plug in. I've had several times where the speaker suddenly quit. The problem was a small speck of dirt in the port causing the detector to cut off the speaker output. My solution: Shoot short burst of compressed air into the port hole, then insert the plug in and out. Repeat and see if the problem is corrected. Still no sound, then take apart and inspect the connection and the port . Amazing what we forget.
  15. looks like it is up and running - I changed your listing here to For Sale eBay. Good luck!
  16. Makro Racer Scores 1420 Gold!

    When I was in the U.L. it seemed everyone wanted to find Celtic gold but I would much rather find a hammered gold coin. Some real works of art in my opinion. http://www.hammeredcoin.co.uk/page.php?page_id=25
  17. Equinox Goes On Sale In Europe Dec. 17th

    ML is doing a great job keeping the Equinox Top Secret for sure. I've tried all my dealer sources and friends in the business and they know nothing! This may go down as the Greatest Detector Release ever? Perhaps my business might learn something from this marketing style... Equinox is on my mind nearly all the time! For those of you who want to use the waterproof headphones, ML was not sure of the availability, or would not tell me on the yellow Koss phones. I've asked several dealers about the availability of the water phones and so far none know anything. ML did tell me to let my dealer know to order the waterproof headphones now. He finally ordered them! Thought I would pass that on in case there's a waterproof headphone delay. Then again there might not be.
  18. got the sched scruffed up....be there soon
  19. Equinox Saltwater Clues

    Hey, Steve, I will buy your gas to San Diego...and fix you chili.... Not the Caribbean but the weather is pretty dang nice right now! I know you won't come down as you are very busy-however, I would love to see the Equinox in action, in person. guess I will have to wait like the rest of us mere mortals. thanks for All The Info fred
  20. Yesterday
  21. Detech Coil For Makro Racers

    I bet the Ultimate coil would be killer on the Racer2
  22. Makro Racer Scores 1420 Gold!

    One sweet piece of old gold alright! One of these days I'm going to detect on the other side of the pond
  23. Gold Bug 2 Speaker Not Working

    I've fixed many issues just like the one you mentioned. You can do it.
  24. Equinox Saltwater Clues

    Thanks Chris and I get exactly where you are coming from. Like I said in my post, there are many places where a VLF is preferred over a PI. My post was to highlight just how differently people's needs and desires are and what suits one person does not suit another. The thing is, I can only vouch for what suits me. I am not trying to sell anyone on Equinox and so I refuse to go out on a limb with anything but the most conservative of statements. I would much rather have you try an Equinox and think it was better than I let on. I would hate it if you got an Equinox and then were disappointed because I lead you to believe it was something it is not. I have never paid attention to anything people say about detectors except in a cursory fashion. My needs are my needs and the only way I know to sort out what works for me is to get them and try them. For anyone serious about this I see no other way. However, if anyone wants to buy me a ticket to the Caribbean I will pack Equinox up and go and test it against an Excalibur and post my thoughts. I bet if I did that it still would be questioned however. Some things a person just has to find out for themselves.
  25. Of these two detectors which one would you choose for detector prospecting ? I know the AT GOLD has a higher 19 KHz than the MXT I believe at 14 KHz which is quite a difference. I see a lot of people like them both and read Steves article on gold detectors. I have a chance to get a 2 month old MXT all Pro with 2 extra coils one being the 4x6 Sharpshooter for about the same price as the Garrett AT GOLD new. Another thing is I would like the detector to do all metal for coins etc but that is not a must but would sometimes be useful to have. Feedback appreciated or other suggestions in the same price range I also thought about the Minelab X-terra 705 gold. Thanks Bill
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