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  2. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Just ordered mine. Thanks Thegoldenone!
  3. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Just ordered mine!!! I've been checking almost hourly the last week or so. I ran across a couple 600's on Amazon and Cabelas but really wanted the 800. "freeship" without quotes coupon code got me free shipping. Subtotal $899.00 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Tax (92111) $69.67 Total $968.67
  4. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Steve you said "Park 2 and Field 2 are “hotter” on small items and low conductors. " so if I get this right are P2 and F2 multi biased toward higher frequency thus being more sensitive to mid conductors and P1 and F1 biased toward lower frequency thus being more sensitive to high conductor targets?
  5. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    I think they should stop shipping truckloads of them to Cabela's until they fill all those back orders. JMHO.
  6. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Ditto, 4-7 days to arrival. I think Cabellas ought to give Thegoldenone a rebate for all the sales he's generating. My confirmation e-mail says: This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
  7. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    I was already paying full price plus shipping at Kco. Cabelas added the tax but my mental health is worth a few extra bucks. 4-7 days!
  8. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Me too. Pulled the trigger a couple minutes ago.
  9. Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    Ohhhh... I see. Phrunt is just a F-R-O-N-T. Is he one of those Oz blokes from Flight of the Conchords that always tease Murray, because Oz has more mining resources than NZ??? Is he secretly trying to steal NZ gold resources for OZ!?!?!?!? Well, we're all on to him now!! I'll bet he can't even say seven correctly, and his eighteens are all messed up!!!
  10. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    I wonder if Cabela's does the military discount? Probably not. Oh well, I've waited this long..... I just talked to them via the chat window. She said they don't do the 15% Minelab discount, but Cabela's does offer a 5% military discount.
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  12. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Excellent! That's the video and results that I've been wanting to see. As a ghost town/ old home site hunter that gets me excited. I'm more concerned with separation and unmasking than depth. Great video! Dean
  13. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    It would be so easy to wait for the second Machine versus waiting as long as we have for the first
  14. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Equinox 800 = 987.88
  15. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Awesome! I feel so much better after waiting 5 months plus without a word! I just feel for the real dealers not the kellyco's of the world! And after shipping confirmation tracking number I'll have to call my dealer to cancel my order.....
  16. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    I was going to get a 600 to accompany the 800 I have ordered through a dealer. Cabelas came up for $60 tax and $19 shipping!! Making an Equinox 600 cost $730 or there abouts for me. I said thanks but no thanks. Hopefully the dealer will get one on its way to me soon.
  17. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    Just ordered one.
  18. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock

    And here's a quick link to get you there fast to both the EQ 800 + 600 http://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=734095080&CQ_search=minelab+equinox&CQ_zstype=SAYT
  19. Is It Just Me.....?

  20. V3 , V3i , VX3

    I got rid of my VX3 , got a Whites MX SPORT.....much easier to use and a lot led learning curve.
  21. Woke up this morning check Cabelas they're in stock I ordered mine
  22. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    When in doubt use the stock settings. That is what they are for. Will it be perfect? Well, no... but oh well. I guess you could dig all the targets out of a two foot square then ground balance. People that have a Deus do just fine with the factory preset ground balance and many never fuss with it. Lots of lower end detectors are preset with no adjustment at all. We all obsess over getting absolute best performance, but for most coin size targets in parks if you can’t find clean ground to balance over you probably have more problems than ground balance. Like masking. Equinox of course will help you there also. That is the simple answer to why CTX owners are going to find that depth is not everything.
  23. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    Very good Dan, nice to hear others seeing similar results.
  24. Forum Rules, Help, Tips, Contact Info

    A nice thought Simon - thank you. The Google ads do pay for the forum hosting costs which run about $1200 a year. Any given click on a Google ad might pay one to three cents. There is a little left over that pays the heating bill and gives me an excuse with my wife when she questions the number of hours I spend on the forum! I surely don’t worry about the fine details nor expect anyone to turn off ad blockers but like I say - a nice thought
  25. Equinox Gold Prospecting Yuma Az

    Equinox is a terrific machine in nearly all ways but I agree it will not truly come into its own as a nugget detector until nugget specific coils are made for it. I will be persevering with mine looking for gold because of what I have seen so far. Once this crazy late winter arctic freeze is over here in Reno I will get back at it and will post more results myself. Nearly all the nuggets I have found with Equinox so far registered a solid 1 - 3 reading and one a little higher at 6 if I recall correctly. But that is all really small stuff like a grain or less. Thanks Steve for that great Yuma report!
  26. Diggin' Gold

    Rickyou'll haveto ask Dusty on the video thru YT.Cheers from -1f Idaho tonite, Ig
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