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  2. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I expect to get a complete tutorial from Paul in Yuma this winter if he comes down.
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  4. Alaska Gold Forum Down?

    As of 6:31am Eastern Daylight time, I have succesfully just logged into the Alaska Gold Forum and the new 49'ers forum with no issues. Looks like they are back up!!! Beav
  5. The Loss Of My Forums

    As of 6:31am Eastern Daylight time, I have succesfully just logged into the Alaska Gold Forum and the new 49'ers forum with no issues. Looks like they are back up!!! Beav
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi Mitchel, I carn't assume what Paul will or will not do, but what I can fathom from talk in the camp at night he is keen to apply what he as absorbed with his short time with us back home. I wish him all the best in implying some of that back in the USA.. Cheers Dave.
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I've evaluated the situation. We have seen nearly the last of Nurse Paul. He won't be hunting much up this way any more. It won't be worth his TIME or energy. Nothing will provide him with the excitement. He'll start saving for next year to go back to his nuggie busters. Mitchel
  8. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I could barely understand him before he went to OZ re-education gold internment school. Him being a east coast Tennessean, me a west coast mountain miscreant. He might have to draw me pictures now.
  9. Nurse Paul In Oz

    I suspect when he gets back over the pond you`ll find him a bigger pain, like sending kids to their grand parents they come back spoilt rotten. Now with the GHs edumacating him NQ style, we`ll maybe even be able to understand him.
  10. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    When I first got my GM 1000 i tried both coils and experienced the knock issues with the small coil an a little with the larger coil i took zip ties and zip tied the cable to the lower shaft approximately the first 4 inches of the cable just above the coil where the cable comes out to where the cable is real tight and can not move at all and I have had no issues since it is a pain in the butt to have to do this every time you switch coils and i just carry a supply of zip ties with me when I detect as I usually zip tie the cable all the way up the first two shafts
  11. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Absolutely, as of yet the perfect detector has not been invented, How ever there are many that will put a smile on an old face. Most people would benefit more by going over the machine they have with a fine toothed comb and learning every thing about it including exploiting every coil made for it, Coils are not just for sifting through the junk, they do much more than that and they effect settings due to ground condition and target response and target location and much much more, 90% of users expect an out of the box all seeing eye when what they really need is to learn the machines they have to extremes and only then will they know if they need another machine or not, A VLF and an LF and a PI and maybe a water machine will cover 99.9% of peoples needs some might feel the need for the ZED, But on the whole that is all that is required, I have got to the point in my detecting where I almost know the machines I have, but new locations and swapping coils can mess that up and it's time to learn all over again, There are too many variables in detecting to create the perfect machine, tighter discrimination and better ground rejection is the way ahead, We can add the extra depth just by swapping coils but it would be nice if we saw some lighter larger coils because many of the newer machines tend to be noes heavy once a larger coil is fitted. John.
  12. The Loss Of My Forums

    Thanks guys, but actually it is you who have made my forums what they were. Without what members have contributed they would have been useless. I'll try to have something up again soon, I was kinda waiting to see if the forums might come back. Whatever I decide of for a forum host will be quite different from the old format you are used to, but we'll make them work.
  13. Some Gold Basin Love

    Wow, great finds for just a few hours! Congrats!
  14. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    The Gold Monster has its flaws also. I don't think I ever acted more aggressively to downplay expectations in a new detector but people really do read into things what they want to hear. Those wanting it to be the best thing since sliced bread overlook the comments about weaknesses, and those determined to dislike it find evidence to support that opinion also. All without ever laying hands on one! Those who get overly excited get disappointed, and those who say something is worthless get proven wrong. Over and over it goes with every new machine that hits the market. My very first posts on the Gold Monster mention the non-adjustable rod, the fact the lower rod can loosen up and spin, lack of 12V cigarette style charger plug, coil sensitivity, 1/8" headphone jack, lack of threshold, and the fact that both higher and lower frequency machines might outperform it, to name a few. Yet nobody remembers any of that if they are looking to like the machine. There are good points also, but those looking to not like the machine ignore those. The wonderful world of confirmation bias!
  15. The Loss Of My Forums

    Wow Jim, I'm sure sorry about your and our loss of these forums. I've been a user/contributor for many years. I hope all turns out well. Thanks for all your efforts Jim, Mike
  16. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    AMEN to that, theres nothing wrong with any of the machines, and it only has to please one person, Approval is nice but it won't make it work any better, The detecting world of VLF's is in limbo at present and has been for a few years, hitting it's peak in the early 2000's and all we have seen is variants thereof, too close to call but the hardest part is picking one over the other, I am in no rush to buy another VLF until they break new ground, The GM is impressive because they removed all the junk and served up prime rump without the bones. all in all it is a serious VLF/LF. J.
  17. Garrett AT Max Owners Manual Download

    Reminds me of my old HP calculator back in the day. Every key had a "shift" double function. Same as my ATX.
  18. That Safety Wire That Holds The GM1000 Battery Door In Place

    Well, to be honest, in addition to clamps there is some baling wire, duct tape, and in one carefully hidden location, a wad of gum, all involved in this
  19. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    And to quote myself "I will finish up again by pointing out I am not trying to prove anything to anybody". My posting my thoughts about detectors is not an attack on other people or their choice of detectors. Why would I, a person who has a Gold Monster, care what anyone else thinks about it? I have one and can make my own decisions about whether it serves my own purposes or not. I am certain the same holds true for you and if the Impact is the machine for you and what you do, I would never think to argue with you about your choice in that matter. I could use a harness with the Impact, but in all honesty it's not that heavy. Yet why would I choose to use a heavier machine with a harness when a lighter machine will serve my purposes just as well? The ground I hunt varies, and there is some ground here in California every bit as bad or worse than anything I saw in my month around Meekatharra. When I run into bad ground I do not use a Gold Monster, or a Gold Racer, or the Impact. I use my GPZ 7000 or in rare circumstances my Garrett ATX. Most ground here is much milder however and some so much so it can almost be called non-mineralized, and VLF detectors work well in that sort of ground. Ironically I get called out from some quarters as being a shill for Nokta/Makro (they are the same company) and now I am getting called out for saying something just mildly critical about one of their products. The whole point of the post is that I should sort out what is best for me and you should sort out what is best for you. There is no reason at all why we should have to agree on our respective choices. I post and walk through my rationale for my decisions in case my thoughts may prove helpful to somebody. That's all it is, nothing more. In no way should my choices in detectors be taken as a criticism of any other person's choice in a detector. The Impact is an excellent detector and quite capable of getting the job done for you. Nokta Impact Threads On This Forum
  20. Some Gold Basin Love

    Nice Gold Cris.... congrats ... I have a feeling much more is in the future ... Dave
  21. My fault Steve.... I haven't opened many of the ML1000 threads and didn't see that. Thanks
  22. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    I don't think anyone in their right mind would use a VLF/LF machine in hot ground like in the GT, and if they did they would have to reduce the Gain, ML already made machines to deal with that kind of dirt, even people who have never been there have heard about the GT. Why people are asking or start complaining about the GM 1000 working in the GT is beyond me, 99% of people already know the answer, that's like entering a Dump Truck in the Indy 500. J.
  23. Some Gold Basin Love

    you done good , congrats
  24. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Thanks for showing that old post Steve !!!!!!!! Will copy photo , frame it and give it to my wife . I may mention to her never complain again at my prospecting purchases . I hope I'm in for some trouble free shopping . Cheers goldrat
  25. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Well I saw shocking reports on youtube the GM 1000 is unusable in VIC,s Golden Triangle. Maybe you could use your Impact with a harness if it is so heavy.Also if you prefer the Gold Racer to the Impact then I must conclude your Nevada sites are not heavily mineralised. I have been using the Impact at full volume but thanks to your info I will now set it at 90% full volume. I read a old comment of yours about nails and gold, how in high mineralisation VLF,s can give a ferrous ID and tone in a discriminating mode for gold. So many detectorists may have passed over gold nuggets without digging them up. I am using the GEN mode or all metal mode with disc. setting on 01 on the Impact,so I don't think I have passed over a nugget that gave a low tone as I am not in a discriminator mode.I have been told I don't know how to use the Impact properly or don't even own one for saying I only follow the tones in assessing a target and disregard the ID numbers as they jump all over the place in the highly mineralised ground where I detect.It is great when I can get backup and confirmation from you about these important issues.Thankfully this was on another US forum not yours.I think your forum is unique as it concentrates partly in gold prospecting and I find I am constantly drawn to your forum.Keep up the fantastic work and your heavy work rate as administrator; I know it must be very demanding.
  26. Garrett AT Max Owners Manual Download

    Very interesting machine
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  28. Nurse Paul In Oz

    He IS a real pain here in the states. But that is said with lot's of love.
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