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  2. TNsharpshooter If you look at cost of the XP Deus and the V3i it should out do the MX Sport. If I was to buy the GPZ 7000 I would hope it could be lots more than the 5000. The 5000 should be more than the Gold Monster 1000 that i have on order as we speak. What ever detector I have I take it as is and the main reason I paid less than others cost. I'm happy with what I have and I think that's the way it should be. The Best to all Chuck
  3. Well, To make one unit emulate another,,,why?? Even if it can be done,,some performance sacrifice is likely. I have owned and used both. Audio on V3i much more pure sounding. Mx Sport more washed out sounding, no good flow. Have yet to see any head to head videos on the 2 detectors. Would be interesting to see. Recovery speed of MX Sport,,I don't think it can keep up with Deus or Rutus alter 71 units. Never owned an MXT unit period,,but from the videos I've seen its audio more close to V3i unit vs Mx Sport. MX Sport does seem to handle higher mineral soil though. You turn on modulation using V3i and MX Sport,,the 2 detectors are night and day different- advantage big time to V3i. If MX Sports audio would flow better, and the ergonomics felt better,,would be a top dog machine for price. Only reporting my true feeling here based on actual use of the 2 units in question.
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  5. You'll need to map your Gain and Sensitivity settings to get a grasp on whats what. Here is mine... Its a work in progress. I believe this is with the 9.5 concentric Mike
  6. Hey GB Thanks for posting. Even when I'm not out finding gold it's nice to see others finding it. Guys think it's a lot of money for GPZ 7000 but look at the cost of a big operation we see on TV. Chuck
  7. Shelton That is harsh words for the MX Sport. The question I have for you have you ever had a MX Sport ? Even when I don't like a detector I just say it's not for me. I am glad you like the V3i and at a higher cost it should do a lot more. In fact it's so great go whole it down under water for about 5 minutes and this will say how great it was. You can see I used the past tenths and that's where you will find it. I have a MX Sport from day one and yes I went to hell in back getting the bugs out. I still have my MX Sport and I'm not saying perfect but I'm not either. Sometimes it's best to put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. Chuck
  8. For YOU it is not a good machine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions! A simple YouTube search will show what others think of the MX Sport, and their incredible finds. Sometimes you just don't connect with a machine, that doesn't make it bad. For example - the XP "Deuce" is a fine detector... I just can't stand how it sounds! My opinion but hardly gospel. Also, try setting the Reject Volume at 40 for your alloy military buttons, or opening up your Disc mask to about -40. It should help a great deal. But still, it just might be too much raw horsepower for some. Try lowering the Recovery Delay down to about 30 (might have to play with this) and go into the Expert Menu to adjust the tones how you like them. You can assign any VDI to a tone. For a four tone mode emulation on the MX Sport you can put VDI's in certain buckets on your V3i. Bonus is YOU decide which ones. Takes time but can really help if your ears are setup like mine. I don't think the V3i will ever feel as fast as the MX Sport. The V is a beast of a machine, but the Sport just has a zip that most other detectors don't have. The AT Pro comes close and the "Deuce" is right up there too. But the V3i has strengths in other areas - saltwater, iron ID, and pure flexibility to setup however a user wants.
  9. While portability holds a certain attraction for remote applications and ease of set up for those of us who are "getting up there" in age, I would like to hear opinions regarding the age old subject of reduced fine gold recovery that has been inherent in subsurface dredge applications in the past. How's that for a long sentence? Steve and Bob, were you satisfied with fine gold recovery on these subsurface dredges, or were you able to notice a difference between these and standard dredges?
  10. That was a while back, we've been trying to encourage our dealers to be active online for the past several years. Just to be clear, this wasn't meant to be a "help White's sell more detectors" thread, that's on me, not you guys (though I appreciate the good intentions)! It was a more high-level view of the hobby and it's slow decline in the US. There are other countries where hobby detecting is growing at a fast rate (China, Peru, Mexico, etc) and then of course gold booms and busts all over the world. Here's our channel right now, which I would say is indicative of the metal detecting hobby overall based on my travels and interactions with hobbyists across the US. Like golf, it's an older, whiter guy's hobby. Our field team is all over the map, from 26 to 50something, so we have a good spread to cover these bases.
  11. V3i is my favourite machine, but has slow recovery speed. I'm working in mixed mode only. I love it. MX Sport is not good machine. A lot of software errors. This unit is unfinished.
  12. With the versatility of the V3i I was wondering what settings I would have to make to set it up to emulate the MX Sport.... There are settings for the V3i to emulate the MXT, I have used them out of curiosity and found they work pretty well but my mode of choice is still stereo mixed mode.
  13. Scott- send one to who ever is in charge of marketing Minelab's miscellaneous parts....because it seems this is all they are doing.. strick
  14. Tom B., is this the show you auditioned for last year?
  15. :)) C'mon man! I just told their updated plan. PS. I love you location!
  16. Hi JW The area I work is mineralised ground, I can get away with High Yield/ Normal that's usually my go to when I start. I auto ground balance with the ferrite, but I should check the ferrite balance more often. I try to keep a clean smooth sweep action, I didn't use the swing arm at first but i did last time i went out and it does make detecting easier. I have tried steves insanely hot settings, bit odd at first to be "in the dark" i wouldn't detect like that all the time but maybe on mullock heaps? Your a champion JW thanks heaps for the help, i cant wait to get out this weekend and get on the hunt
  17. WOW, nice chunks of gold Bob! That is really encouraging for me, I'm a bit down from Mills and so far got a lot of fine gold and a few nuggets about a penny weight each. So yeah thanks for the motivation.
  18. Also, I agree with Mike Hillis' idea about some kind of app driven marketing plan. This was something I mentioned myself, before the GPZ was released and I was speculating on it's (then unknown) potential to be digitally updated and how it would naturally lend to an app type marketplace similar to phones. It's a proven marketing technique that turns breakeven hardware into an ongoing source of income. Which again leads me back to the same theory: Make things cheap. Increase your customer base. A large customer base makes it possible to do something like that where the app only costs $5 or $10. With a small customer base, it's hardly worth it.
  19. Here is the demographic breakdown of the subscribers to my channel sorted by age. You would think 65+ would be the largest demographic for a gold prospecting/metal detecting related detecting channel, but in fact, it's not even close. This is based on 3500 subscribers and about 1500 unique viewers per day, which is pretty minor in the wider scope of Youtube, small even for a prospecting channel. But it's large enough to see a general trend. I'm sure older creators get an older demographic, but still, the numbers are more than one might think and it shows there is interest. It's easy to underestimate the number of younger people with interest in prospecting and metal detecting because a lot of older people simply don't use the same social media as they do, which makes sense. No one expects their kids to hang out where they do, at least not until they get older. Facebook is dead to most people under 25, too many older people use it for them. It's all about Snapchat and Instagram, etc for them now. I can even see my Youtube numbers slowly going down for that age group as more older people start to use Youtube, just like what happened with Facebook. So, based on the interest I see and the almost complete lack of field presence by those age groups, from a marketing perspective it seems pretty clear to me that the largest untapped demographic, and thus the largest potential growth segment, are the ~25-44 year olds. My general generation(s). And none of us have money, few have the jobs they should have with their degrees, and few think anything is looking better in the future either. So, my theory is lower the prices (drastically) and bring newer models out, and I bet you'll see growth in what has to be a low or even zero growth industry right now. I would suggest this more to Minelab than White's, unless of course White's has something slated to compete with the GPZ/GPX (and I guess ML doesn't care because they have Africa right now). White's could probably benefit more directly by a model that outperforms the AT Pro instead for a significantly lesser price, and getting a number of the bigger people with a lot of viewers to start using it instead of the ATP. If you make a detector like that for $300 or under, which happens to be the most common price people ask me what they can buy something "good" for, then you'll be taking a lot of market share from Garrett. And send me a free detector for data sharing/consulting while you are at it.
  20. Hi again madhatter, What is your ground like.....mild, mineralized or heavily mineralized? I hear the Golden Triangle has some nasty ground. My ground is insanely mild & I know no different & so i am of no use to you for higher mineralized ground settings from personal experience. But if you ground is mild & you can use High Yield gold mode & Normal ground type then if you are able to run with Audio smoothing off as well then that is probably your hottest setting giving you the best sensitivity & punch in to the ground. I am always able to run with audio smoothing off. I also run in manual ground balance (habit) but check my ground balance with the ferrite ring quite often. Most important is obtaining & maintaining a good ferrite balance. Meaning that you should get no signal from waving your coil over the ferrite ring. Another very important factor is to maintain a very steady & even (parallel) to the ground coil sweep & motion. Keeping the coil as close to the ground as you can & also maintaining that same height as much as you can. You may even be able to slightly scuff or rub the ground. The Zed doesn't like to have the coil raised & lowered or thrown about as that will end up in moaning & groaning ( the Zed warble) & false signals. I also always use the swing arm to get that absolute control. If in a known gold area then keep a slow to very slow sweep speed. It is amazing how the Zed will lift on a signal, especially on small gold but also bigger gold at depth if you sweep slowly. Too quick & you just wont get that hit if the signal is on the fringe. I tend to be conservative with my sensitivity & target volume settings as I like to maintain a very steady & smooth threshold. On the other hand Steve H has his "insanely hot " settings which you may like to check out. But I can do without the brain hemorrhage. Good luck out there JW
  21. Social media is less about information and more being seen. Hey, look what I had for lunch! Picture of my dog! Found this metal detecting! Forums get that also but for me at least I scout forums for hard core technical information and other things that can help me be successful. I am not convinced that is a young person versus older person thing. Personally I see the social media channels more as entertainment but unless I am missing it I just don't seem to find any real meat that satisfies me on social media. It's like a lake a mile wide and an inch deep. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  22. It wasn't too long ago that white's put a lot of restrictions on the dealers and their online presence if I remember correctly............. I might be wrong but I seem to remember hearing that.
  23. How high can you get the RX gain before you start getting instability? Chances are those coils will still work just fine and the likelyhood that you would be running at 15 is slim.... Running that hot will usually cause all kinds of instability in mineralized ground. The V3i does not require you to max all the settings to get best performance...... Remember........ Mo hotter is NOT always mo better. You may also find this helpful....
  24. Mark I bought a new V3i back in 2011. i opted to buy a 10x12 sef coil for it. Mine was the black one. My detector would with the sef coin installed,,not overload at max Rx gain,,even with tx boost on as well. But the 22.5khz,, using it targets ID skewed to the high side somewhat. The noise factor also when running mult freq,,or single freq (22.5khz) the noise factor would rise pretty high,,though still according to some within acceptable limits. I sold mine detector later.
  25. Glad you got it sorted out Mark though not great that the coils are not spot on. It always makes me wonder how many people are running detectors with substandard coils and don't know it. How many internet arguments over which detector is best are rooted in the same issue?
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