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  2. Hi Jen & Mike I heared that you may have been on here, so I thought I'll look in and see. Liked what I was so I joined. Jen and Mike you were great people on the other forum and both very good moderators as well as personal friends. I was sorry to see you both go from there, but that was your choice. You both will be sadly missed from there by a lot of good members. You both made a big impacted on that site. (I needed to get that of my chest.) I would also like to wish you Jen a "Happy Birthday" for a couple of days ago, and I can see from your comments that you got a great gift from your Mike, a big hug. I hope the day went well for you. Anyway this topic is about Young Mikes fantastic find. Next time you see him give him a big pat on the back for me. Well done mate. He always has that knack of finding those big ones. Until we meet again Mike and Jen look after your selves and say "Hi to your Mike for me please. wombat
  3. Thanx for Posting Your Experience's Steve! Epic! Hardcore! Awesome! Ig
  4. I notice the coil lead attaches to the back of detector display. I`ve still got 4 different size coils from the Ground Tracker, Eureka Ace Duel days, including a 12x6. I wonder if they might work on this detector.
  5. Believe it or not it has always been that way on this forum but I suddenly realized most people may not know it because there is nothing to indicate it is the case. A few posts now and then I will mention "Click photo for larger image" but the software itself gives no hints. Now you can go back to all those old posts and click to see the "big picture"! The Photo Gallery is the same way; the images shown are usually much smaller than what can be optionally displayed. Most of my photos these days I aim for 1600 x 1200 pixel dimensions as that scales nicely yet is not ridiculously massive. Anybody who needs a very simple photo resizer should check out Simple Resize: Simple Resize for Apple Simple Resize for Android My favorite PC based app is IrfanView Portable which is so fast and compact it can run from a memory stick. More than a resize app, I do all the photo editing for my website on IrfanView and MS Paint.
  6. The old XT/Eureka Gold are good performers but the Eureka Gold sales were no doubt suffering from the machine being so much heavier and more expensive than the competition. I have to admit I did a double take when I saw it came out in 1998, almost twenty years ago. It really does seem like yesterday but the reality is the machine was growing to be one of the older models still on the market. I actually believe that Minelab themselves are surprised at how well some of their detectors end up selling. The machines almost always tend to be underestimated on release yet recognized as winners as time goes by. I am still surprised at how quickly the GPZ spread among users here in the U.S. but our conditions seem to favor the machine perhaps more so than has been the case in Oz. The GM1000 although targeted at Africa I think will be a run-away sales success in the U.S. That would be good because if it is a hot seller it will be easier to get a 14" elliptical out of Minelab for the machine.
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  8. With the money Minelab throw at R & D I`m thinking this detector could be a real winner. One of my mates has ordered one, delivery date unknown, price unknown and hopefully I`ll get a chance to have a play with it a day or so after it comes out.
  9. I'm with JW... that is a cool feature, thanks Steve fred
  10. Congrats Chris..! Do try for quality time during the first 18, because before you know it you'll be finding yourself periodically sending a double-sawbuck or three to a college dorm address somewhere under the guise of "late-night-studying snack change" and lobbying for the promise of "don't tell mom & dad Grandpa is mailing you extra $$s," all the while wondering where two decades went..? Swamp
  11. I saw the Monster 1000 at the Pleasanton Gold Show a couple weeks back, they didn't appear to be demo'ing it, the gal in the booth had no technical information on it either, said it was too new. I did like the looks of it, nice combo of coils too. For me to get interested it would have to equal my GB2 in detection ability, Would be handy to have a grab and go tiny gold detector which requires very little adjustment as you hunt. I get tired of thumbing the GB control in the alkali soils every couple ft.
  12. You are very clever Steve in the "building" of & the improvements you keep adding to your site. A credit to you. This little fish (me) is totally in the dark when it comes to such things. I have trouble rigging up & tuning my TV..... Good luck out there JW
  13. Again, I would not expect the alternatives to match a hot VLF in absolute terms. And it is shades of gray, not black and white, since every specimen is unique. The basic question being presented here is what alternative to a hot VLF has the best chance of finding at least some of the types of specimens we are talking about. A redesigned TDI might do it or the QED by all accounts. But sticking with current mainstream devices in my experience the SDC 2300 is about as good as it it gets at the moment. I actually think based on what I know about the technology that the GPZ 7000 is superior, but it needs a smaller coil to really exceed what the SDC 2300 can do. The SDC is a very fact PI but it is still a PI. Pulse induction by definition has a delay between the transmit and receive modes designed to eliminate the responses from bad ground and hot rocks. The type of gold we are talking about falls into that short delay area. It is ironic but it is the ability to react to bad ground and hot rocks that gives a high frequency detector its ability to find porous and wire gold. The GPZ is not a PI, but a hybrid that employs constant current electronics with time domain processing. The GPZ truly is more a super VLF than a PI detector. That is why it struggles with salt ground and hot rocks the SDC and other PI detectors can ignore. That is also why it is inherently more capable of detecting the type of gold we are talking about. It is why I am anxious to get a small coil for the GPZ. What is needed is a very fine degree of tuning to ride the fine line between reducing ground and hot rock signals while still retaining as many gold signals as possible. The two overlap. Part of the problem I am seeing is detectors like the SDC and GPZ having a few preset tuning positions. What is needed is more like an infinite potentiometer that would allow the operator to achieve very tiny adjustments in order to get the degree of differentiation needed when dealing with the ferrous/salt/gold overlap area. In theory the pulse delay on a PI can be shortened to the point where the responses are indistinguishable from a VLF. The delay gets so short that for all practical purposes there is no delay. The ability to make that adjustment is one way to do things. In the GPZ it is done more through post detection processing of the signal. The technology is there, we just need finer control over it. At the end of the day however, just like for every gold jewelry item there is a aluminum item that reads the same, there will be gold that perfectly overlaps with certain ground and salt responses. Eliminating the undesired item eliminates the desired item with it.
  14. We tried the SDC 2300 and had the same results. We tried the TDI with a small 7.5 Dual Field coils and still cannot detect that type of gold, but we haven't had the opportunity to try the GPZ 7000. The other thing I failed to mention is the area has a abundance of nails which makes using a PI a little less attractive, but finding a nice gold specimen that a VLF would miss would be a trade off I could deal with.
  15. If it was me personally I would contact the dealer and request a receipt be mailed or emailed to me. That's just basic business 101 for any dealer. Having been in the business by myself for decades I am dismayed by the stories I hear these days. Seems a lot of dealer are guys behind keyboards drop shipping product. If that is all it takes to be a dealer these days the manufacturers may as well go factory direct.
  16. Actually, the new MX Sport does have a factory reset, so there you go. The V3i did allow you from day one to reset each program separately, but with so many programs that was tedious. Frankly, this information was only secret from people who did not look for it. I reset the used V3i that I purchased in 2014 with information I found on Friendly Forum. I agree with you David that any remotely complicated detector sold these days should have a factory reset feature. White's MX Sport Restore to Factory Settings: Press Option, use the up and down arrows to select RESET. Press and hold Pinpoint button. All options return to factory settings.
  17. Have you tried your gold on either the SDC 2300 or GPZ 7000? They will not match a hot VLF but are the best of the alternatives.
  18. Works like a charm, thanks for the tip Steve.
  19. We are using the White's GMT. The area we hunt is mostly mild ground with hot rocks that will give a overload signal on the detector. I believe the Gold Bug 2 would do as well or maybe even better because of it's high operating frequency. Some of this type of crystalline gold specimens we find becomes invisible when using a PI detector. It would be great if a PI detector or some new technology would be able to detect this type of gold as it would open up the area we are hunting in because of the increase in depth and manage the hot rocks better.
  20. I realize this is water under the bridge now. But it seems to me,,,folks should have publicly had access to the master reset option from the get go. Why was even the calibration option here even allowed to be seen by folks on the same page,,,for folks to even have access to. Just food for thought Tom,,,on White's future models,,if applicable.
  21. Just to second what Steve says, DO NOT TOUCH CALIBRATION MODE. You will only gain your detector a trip to the factory! There are other secret menus on the V3i, but this one is the most useful for people who have gone off in the weeds with their parameter tweaking.
  22. Many people unfamiliar with this forum software may not know that most photos are reduced in size to fit the forum layout. Clicking on most photos on the forum will enlarge them. Click once, they will be shown larger in a display box. You can rotate through multiple photos in one post while in the display box. Also, while in the display box, look in lower left, and clicking there give you the full size photo in a new screen. Depending on the device you are using you may be able to zoom in on that version of the photo. Almost all the photos I post on the forum can be enlarged, some quite dramatically. Try this one...
  23. A very rare gold specimen from Crow Creek. Crow Creek is also the only place I have experienced where the white rock seen in some nuggets is often calcite instead of quartz. Not sure if you know it but clicking on most photos on the forum will enlarge them. Click once, much larger, and in that version, look in lower left, and clicking there give you full size. You can then see the specimen better. Almost all the photos I post on the forum can be enlarged, some quite dramatically.
  24. Thought I'd hit a beach on the delta after the big winds this past weekend. Got there at low tide...problem was the water was almost to the parking lot at low tide! Turned around and went turf hunting instead. strick
  25. Sweet gold!!! The effort in the rain paid off big time, congrats on the job well done. That J piece is a keeper.....
  26. Have you seen this one? Lightweight and very portable. A friend of mine has one ordered, be interesting to hear what he has to say about it after he has used it for a while. I'll let you all know once I hear from him. The Whippet Dry Washer.
  27. My Deus was drop shipped to me from the east coast even though the dealer was west of the Missouri river. No receipt in the box. Paid with CC, so I guess there is my receipt.
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