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  2. Fisher Goldstrike

    I'm thinking of buying a gold strike what do you think Fletch I live in PHX AZ and I am going to start looking for nuggets on Bradshaw
  3. My First Gold Ring With The 800!

    Always nice to see gold show up in the scoop. Congrats.
  4. Equinox 800 And Ctx3030... Case Closed!!

    You spoil your detectors. Mine are lucky to have an old canvas backpack to ride around in.
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  6. I got all that as well, they even said my item has shipped, The hen late yesterday I get another email from them that said it was back ordered until March 31 - what a joke!
  7. From my totally unofficial and unscientific poll on a FB group, it appears exactly half of the people who tried to order from Cabelas have actually gotten a machine or at least a tracking number from them (5/10). There have been 7 units delivered from another dealer vs. 5 delivered from Cabela's. Of the 68 people who said they have ordered an Equinox, 12 have actually gotten them or they are being shipped. It's a small group of US Equinox users or wannabe users (576). Probably not enough responses to tell much from it yet. I'm going to let it run another day or so, and I'll post the results if anyone is interested.
  8. Thanks For The Tip On Clr!

    Cool find
  9. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    It's a good thing when a miner runs a mining dept. ..... We are glad to see Brian back !!!!!
  10. Thanks for posting that Steve, when I saw that yesterday I thought to myself Gerry was right and felt like posting it but did not. I'm in no hurry to get one at this point and I'll just wait till he gets them in stock. After all it's just a metal detector....it's not like my ctx and deus arnt going to find anything anymore now that the horse is out of the corral. Funny thing I was one of the first to get the 7000 and I dont remember having to wait very long for that one strick
  11. Dd Depths

  12. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    They struggled to find their footing in mining and metal detecting after I left but Brian was my old Mining Manager and the company was very fortunate to get him back on board this year. He is world class on gold mining. Metal detectors he fell behind on the technology so he is still catching up there. But he will take care of you, no question about that.
  13. Equinox 800 Vs. Safari

    I would like some input from those of you that have used the Equinox and have experience with the Safari/Etrac I have recently came across a gently used Safari with plenty of warranty left on it. Intrigued by FBS and all the talk of deep silver finds, real hard to not just pull the trigger on this one. BUT, looks like my wait for the Equinox 800 may be coming to an end. Would purchasing the Safari be redundant with the Eq 800 coming? Will FBS technology provide something multi-IQ doesn't?
  14. Gentlemen; I have a early 1980's 6000D Series 2, which still works fine. I need new headphones. What would you recommend?
  15. Mike i love your show, i listen everyday catching up on all the previous shows, i go to work pop my ear buds in and listen all day long. Thanks for doing this its great for guys like me that really dont have any clubs close to me so to get info on everything metal detecting is great.
  16. The show is also available on Itunes
  17. If you use an android phone theres a free podcast app called beyond pod alot of the androids come with it already installed, its a free app. Here are my favorite podcasts All metal mode show American digger relic roundup Beyond sight and sound Relics radio show Great shows with guys that everyone will know from the world of metal detecting
  18. Tesoro diggers is one of my favorite FB groups because Raymond comes up with and posts all the different Mods. Worth checking out if you're thinking of modifying your Tesoro
  19. Target ID For US Coins??

    I have to admit I struggle a bit when people who have no idea what I know or do not know tell me I don’t know anything. I don’t post about subjects I am ignorant about and if I was ignorant I would say so. I wish more people on Tom’s forum lived by that rule. I am like the happiest guy in the world to help people but questioning my credibity makes me wonder why I would be believed in one thing and not another so why bother. I’m surprised you have any interest at all in my opinion after your comeback on my post trying to defend Tom. Sorry, just being honest because if you knew me I am honest to a fault. I’m certainly willing to put it behind us but after all the negative commentary (not necessarily referring to you personally) on Tom’s forum I would not mind hearing your true thoughts at the moment. Hell, I got ripped into over there just for a friendly New Years post about my silver finds. It’s my way of sending signals while working under an NDA, and as someone who has now been involved in the SDC 2300, GPZ 7000 , Gold Monster, and now Equinox I have a lot better idea than you or most anyone about how the system works. I labor under the restrictions myself but have been diligent in trying to release as much information as possible about a product that despite what the close-minded people on that forum think is a product that I truly think offers real benefits at an incredible price. I get more rope perhaps because I know quite clearly where the lines are and Minelab has come to trust me in these matters. I have never since I started posting in 1998 got this hard behind anything and it sure is not it’s because just another rehash of the same old same old. To answer your question - Equinox is remarkable in its ability to retain target id at depth. It’s not magic, but there are times using it when it seems like the next best thing. This guy knows more than I on the question at this point... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/5512-my-800s-maiden-voyage/
  20. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    Park 1 mode for me, in my "old standby" park (the only place I've hunted it so far) -- around 17... Steve
  21. you don't need to be present. You simply call in before the show or I call you. Every Monday night at 8 p.m. EST I do a live show but for those who that might not fit their schedule or for whatever reason, we can do a prerecorded show
  22. Sign Of Problem?

    Some of those things I do have to wonder about detector versus intermittent EMI issues. The craziest stuff is out there in that regard these days. I ran into a weird intermittent EMI issue with my GPZ that had me thinking the detector was flaking out, but a week of intensive cross-checking against another GPZ followed up by a service center checkup never could find or replicate the problem. I know something as simple as a jet flying over has been know to cause brief issues with the GPX series. I am not making excuses and if there is a bug a pattern will develop, but this kind of stuff can be a bit maddening to track down and isolate. Every day we have some new EMI emitter to add to the list. I really feel for the engineers.
  23. Equinox 800 And Ctx3030... Case Closed!!

    IMPRESSIVE!!! VERY nice. LOL@Norm S!! Steve
  24. Equinox 600's In Stock (6) Here

    I bought gold pans etc while in Alaska from AKMining. One of the employees there knew metal detectors well and talked me out of getting a detector they in in stock and told me I would be better off with one they didn't have in stock and I actually bought it from them and shipped it to my home in IL at the time
  25. Equinox 800 And Ctx3030... Case Closed!!

    Looks to me like the case is still open.
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