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  2. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    Steve don't tell Tom, but he's my gold coin hero too - lol I've been with him when 3 of those 15 gold coins were found, and a lot of it is location. I believe that one of these days, my coil will get over one too, maybe it'll be the Equinox 800 :) We actually have a new (for us) site that's been producing mid 1800's silver, and oddly various early 1900's coins (with a 1870's - 1900 gap, odd eh?). We feel that this site will (eventually) produce one, or more gold coins as we continue to pick away at it. It has, like many desert sites, intense alkali soils, which not only tend to destroy most silver coins (although not gold), but it also handicaps my VLF detectors. The Impact was a game changer when running at 20kHz, but even then, Tom's Explorer 2 had no challenges. I believe the Equinox will solve this challenge. With Tom and I both getting the Equinox 800, it'll be really interesting to see how things play out when we're detecting the same sites. Perhaps his 40 years of experience will trump my 11 or so, perhaps the Equinox will equalize things. HH, Brian
  3. My apologies if this has been covered. I did some searches and did not find answers to the question. I have a GPZ with headphones (Sun Ray Pros) and would like to use these on my new Gold Monster 1000. I have tried the typical stereo conversion cable and it still did not work. By not work, I mean the sound stays on speaker. It did not work for Sun Rays or Black Widows headphones. But of course, the original GM1000 headphones *do* work. But we all know how cheesy those are. So far, the only solution I have heard involves opening up the headphones and making permanent modifications. Has anyone else been successful at this? (see my attempted conversion cable below..)
  4. Ground Balancing The 7000

    The ground balance is always averaging (unless you have it set to manual GB mode). If I set it next to my pick for a while or on one patch of hotter ground, it will add this data into the averaging. Remember, if you run the GPZ for 2 hrs, it is not going to keep all of that data. It will record a certain time period or algorithm and scrap the rest. Your goal is to ensure it has the best data in that loop. That is why I put my detector in manual mode when I set it off to the side. But if your ground mineralization does not vary much, you will likely not notice a difference by setting it off to the side and keeping it in automatic GB mode. You can read a lot about the ground balance procedure by doing some searches on here. There is much to read. Some of the information was moved to another link, however. I only use the button when I am in areas with different mineralization (for example if the new area has more black sand or red rock ..etc.) Hope that helps. There are many who will have explained this far better than me in past threads.
  5. There is a Gold Map here: https://finfeed.com/juniors/eym/elysium-resources-announces-gold-discovery/20171122/ Another Gold Map here: https://www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/2320-asx/mau/38532-magnetic-resources-outlines-anomalous-gold-trend-across-1-000-metres-at-mertondale-project.html
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  7. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Scored some nice ones form this spot over the 2 years I'v been hunting the area...So far I have hit it with coils sized 14" to the sadie...lots of cleared ground. Looking forward to my new 18" Elite Thanks Luke ! coil that is arriving on Friday to go over the area and see whats deeper. I had a nice deep signal today also, after digging down to about 16 inches....heart pounding and anticipating a large nugget I dug an eagle belt buckle piece. Once a blue moon I find a piece to a buckle. The sweet thing about this eagle is a about a year ago I found the tongue holder part of the two piece belt buckle just 15 yards away. Don't think its military as its very light in weight..but still a cool find!
  8. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    Anton, if you need advice, you just have to ask me mate. Scott
  9. Ground Balancing The 7000

    I thought you only lost data when you pulled the ground balance button in?
  10. Hello!

    Welcome I lived in UK from 2001-2003 while serving in USAF. I didn't detect then unfortunately. Some real old history in your country. I look forward to your pics.
  11. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Very nice piece mate, well done.
  12. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Nuggets like that are perfect! I honestly would rather have 10 ounces of those than a 10 ounce nugget - great find!
  13. Ground Balancing The 7000

    I've never done that. If I am going to set it down, I do a quick flip over to manual. I do not want it to keep averaging and removing old data.
  14. Hi all does anybody ground balance there machine as per instructions then leave the machine on the ground with ferrite under the plate ? I did this while i was getting the rest of my gear ready and it really made it quieter , in very hot ground. The machine was sitting there for about 5 to 8 min approximately.
  15. A Few For The Zed, GB2 & GM1000

    JW, The thrill of the hunt has been rewarded. We are also rewarded with your story. Thank you. Mitchel
  16. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Good picture of hard working hands holding a nice nugget. I'd let a few of the chores wait unless it is cutting firewood and go get more gold. At least you got one after 2 hours but I hope you didn't stop then! We should always say something like I looked for an hour and found one and then I searched for an hour more! Mitchel
  17. Gold Monster Training At Nuggetshooter Outing

    What is the release date for the Equinox?
  18. A friend of mine 'worked' Zuma a few days ago and he found 11 cents! That was one dime and one penny in about 1.5 hours. A couple of summers ago he would have had a ring or two and over $5 in the same amount of time.
  19. Highly Mineralized Ground

    Steve, you can probably disregard the pm I just sent now that I read this thread..lol. great info!! Thank you.
  20. Highly Mineralized Ground

    I have been dealing with my own "wall" at about 6" due the the heavy magnetite content of the ground here. Nothing except a PI seemed to get me past it. I do know exactly what you are talking aboutSince I got the EQX800 I am for the first time in ages finding silver on almost every outing, sometimes multiples. (Show and tell down the road one of these days). That has not happened to me in a long time. So yes, I do feel there is an edge but it is not strictly due to outright depth but the combination of a new multifrequency method and high speed. The problem, and people are going to hear this a lot, is that the world is a big place and I only have access to a tiny bit of it. I can't and will not make any blanket statements or promises regarding how the Equinox everywhere because I just do not know. The last thing I want you doing is getting one because I said it will give you that extra inch in Alabama only to find out it does not. In my own way I am out on a limb because more than most people I realize the vast disparity of hunting conditions we all face and I am not so arrogant as to think I can know better than the people actually on site. This is all complicated by the fact that Multi-IQ really is new, and so I can't project anything I have learned from other detectors over the years onto it. It really is a new ballgame. It is a bit frustrating however as I do currently have what appears to be a secret weapon as regards local "hunted out" parks, but I am facing imminent winter and a week long trip to Alaska soon that puts a hole in what tiny amount of time I have left, unless I get real lucky and the weather stays mild. Even that won't stop me but the drives will get longer. Long story short I would like to put this thing over every bit of dirt within 100 miles before anyone else gets one but right now I am fighting just to get a few hours here and a few hours there. The best way to do these things is treat me as a single data point. You can trust what I say but at the same time everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. The other testers should get more active soon, and you can add their data points. Sooner or later regular folks will start adding their own information. Right now you have a fuzzy picture but it will just keep getting sharper. All the machines you all have are still working and this is not an emergency. It is just a matter of following along until you are comfortable about pulling the trigger - or not
  21. Mitchel , Have you hunted the beaches north of Santa Monica Pier? I used to hunt Zuma and Westward Beach in Malibu and did okay. Another hot spot I liked is Leo Carrillo beach...a few scuba shops take their beginner scuba students for a beach dive at Leo Carrillo. That's where I learned also years ago and I remembered that a few students lost some nice gear on their entry and exits thru the surf. They would lose weight belts, cameras and such. Of course its not jewelry but their is a potential for that too.
  22. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    well, I'd be hitting that stretch slow and hard. nice
  23. Did my choirs all morning and by noon time thought I'd go out for a quick hunt. The days have been nice and cool, ground soft after a few days rain so I went to the usual spots I have been clearing up of iron trash and nuggets. After about 2 hours of wandering, paying attention to my swing speed and listening very carefully I got this sweet mellow tone...along the bank of a small creek, digging down about 7 inches I found this sweet little nugget 1.47 grams.
  24. Highly Mineralized Ground

    Steve, I have highly mineralized soil here in central Alabama. I have an E-trac, Ctx3030, F75, and Cz3d and have owned several other detectors over the years. I've never dug a silver dime here at greater than 7 inches. There are parks in Birmingham that I have hunted all day and not dig anything beyond 4 inches. So, do you think the Nox will get me an extra inch on silver or low conductors here? Thanks
  25. If the Equinox lower shaft is a bit larger than the X-Terra, that should be OK for using an X-Terra lower shaft in an Equinox upper shaft. The other way around (Equinox lower in X-Terra upper) could be a problem, though.
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