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    Had a good day out with the GPZ 7000. First target of the day was a hot rock 8 inches deep in cemented gravels. Next target was over a foot into the cemented gravels, but this time it was the kind of hot rock I like...the heavy, yellow kind. A half ounce day in the Arizona desert can be hard to come by these days, but it’s still out there.
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    I have been using an Equinox for some time now, and a few of my early posts on the subject were received with skepticism because of my over the top enthusiasm. More time has passed, and with Equinox now getting ready to find its way into the hands of the general public I decided it’s time to reflect and recap. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect detector. As someone who has been detecting for over 45 years now I certainly know what I want in a perfect detector. I like to partake in any type of detecting that exists, and so I want one detector that truly is as versatile as possible, with the least compromise possible. This is a complex and difficult task, because historically certain detecting tasks have been at odds with each other. In particular there has been a gap between detectors that are good at handling saltwater, yet which can also find tiny gold. In the past that meant I needed one detector to work in saltwater, and a different one for hunting micro jewelry on the dry beach or tiny gold nuggets in the goldfields. The Minelab Equinox is, for me, the best all around metal detector I have ever used. It is not any one thing in particular, though if I had to name one thing it would be Multi-IQ. It is the real magic of Equinox, and is the reason that when I use an Equinox I know I am holding onto one of the most powerful VLF detectors ever made. I think Minelab has created something that has surprised even them as to how good it is. In my case, despite what may seem over the top enthusiasm, the truth is I have been holding back. The Minelab Equinox is an extremely powerful VLF type detector, and I can’t think of anything I can’t do well with it. I would happily use a Equinox versus any other VLF machine and user anywhere in the world doing any type of detecting, and not worry I am being outgunned. Just the opposite in fact. That’s not to say the Equinox is perfect - nothing is. Yet for this jaded detectorist it is as close as I have ever seen for my purposes, and why I have pretty much abandoned using anything else at this point. Because for me, the Minelab Equinox is the best all around do everything detector I have ever used. I am honored to have been chosen to take part in this project and I want to thank Minelab both for that and for finally putting the detector in my hands that has only existed in my mind the last twenty years. 2018 really is poised to be the Year of the Equinox. Steve Herschbach DetectorProspector.com
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    The reason Equinox is special really is simple. It is because it is truly different. Any detector is a set of parameters. At the most basic it boils down to combinations of frequencies and coils. VLF or PI. Whatever. Take any detector to a spot, and detect until you can find nothing more of interest. Now, by simply changing the coil, you can make more finds missed previously. You have to change the parameters. Hunt a spot to death with detector A. For example a Garrett AT Pro running at 15 kHz. Now switch to a different detector, perhaps Whites MXT running at 14 kHz. Slightly different machine with slightly different coil and frequency. A missed find or two commonly appears because what one machine misses another may hit. Jumping to something like an E-TRAC is an even more radical change, and again new finds may be made. Short of firing up a PI and digging every item out of the ground, most experienced detectorists know that no one detector gets it all. For that reason I am a contrarian. If everyone else is using detector A someplace you can bet I am going to give detector B a go. I have found that being different often pays off for me. The are limits to sheer physical depth. The fact is more depth is not the secret to new finds in many cases. We need different processing methods that can find items missed by what went before. Unfortunately in recent years it has got to where “new” detectors are just old detectors with a fresh coat of paint. I think now people are starting to realize what Minelab has been saying all along. From http://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detecting/minelab-multi-iq-technology-details-explained.htm ”Multi-IQ is Minelab’s next major innovation and can be considered as combining the performance advantages of both FBS and VFLEX in a new fusion of technologies. It isn’t just a rework of single frequency VLF, nor is it merely another name for an iteration of BBS/FBS. By developing a new technology, as well as a new detector ‘from scratch’, we will be providing both multi-frequency and selectable single frequencies in a lightweight platform, at a low cost, with a significantly faster recovery speed that is comparable to or better than competing products.” and “Within the Multi-IQ engine, the receiver is both phase-locked and amplitude-normalized to the transmitted magnetic field – rather than the electrical voltage driving the transmitted field. This field can be altered by the mineralization in the soil (in both phase and amplitude), so if the receiver was only phased-locked to the driving voltage, this would result in inaccurate target IDs and a higher audible noise level. Locking the receiver to the actual transmitted field, across all frequencies simultaneously (by measuring the current through the coil) solves these issues, creating a very sensitive AND stable detector” and finally “For each frequency the detector transmits and receives there are two signals which can be extracted which we refer to as I and Q. The Q signal is most sensitive to targets, while the I signal is most sensitive to iron content. Traditional single-frequency metal detectors use the Q signal to detect targets, and then use the ratio of the I and Q signals to assess the characteristics of the target and assign a target ID. The problem with this approach is that the I signal is sensitive to the iron content of the soil. The target ID is always perturbed by the response from the soil, and as the signal from the target gets weaker, this perturbation becomes substantial. With some simplification here for brevity, if a detector transmits and receives on more than one frequency, it can ignore the soil sensitive I signals, and instead look at the multiple Q signals it receives in order to determine a target ID. That way, even for weak targets or highly mineralized soils, the target ID is far less perturbed by the response from the soil. This leads to very precise target IDs, both in mineralized soils and for targets at depth.” Got all that? Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t because while I get the gist of it I admit this stuff is over my head. More to the point for me personally it does not matter enough to me to make the effort to get my head fully around all that. There are going to be those that think it’s all hogwash. Whatever. Having used Equinox myself I figured out real fast the basic truth here - Equinox truly is different than anything else to date. That is the Equinox Edge. The secret is in the difference itself, not the details of the technology. We have a rare opportunity to put a detector over the ground that is not an old model with a fresh coat of paint. From an in use operational perspective there are no true experts with this machine. I got a head start, granted, but I have a lot to learn about Equinox because for most of my use so far I was trying to learn a moving target. It’s only now I can actually learn the machine. Again “It isn’t just a rework of single frequency VLF, nor is it merely another name for an iteration of BBS/FBS.” Anyone who takes off the cynic hat and actually believes that statement should really know all they need to know. Fresh slate, we all start from scratch. It is the fact that Equinox is different that makes all the difference in the world. It can’t put finds back in the ground, but if you are going to have a decent shot at making new finds in old ground you have to try something different. And that my friends is why Equinox is special.
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    Tim messaged me today and said "your Equinox is here" I'll give it a go asap here in Sw mo. She's charging right now but had to play in the yard a bit. 😁
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    I haven't been out detecting in over a year and probably twice in the past three years. Last time out was with a new to me SDC2300 with my 9 year old. He thought it was too heavy so I got him a Gold Monster. Now he is 10 years old and we finally got out today for a couple hours between soccer and basketball games. Being an avid prospector and mainly an electronic prospector for many many years, I dropped all prospecting to spend time with my kids. It almost feels like I don't remember how to do it anymore? But like riding a bike, it all came back as soon as we arrived at our hunting grounds. What settings to use? Having only read Steve H's thread on the Gold Monster I figured we were good to go. I was right. Six targets and four of them yellow in a two hour hunt. Nothing big, but that doesn't matter. We had a great time. First target with the new detector was gold! Nice way to break it in. We hunted in discrimination mode and figured out this machine pretty quick. Targets that repeat back and forth were the answer. The size of the target versus the signal response are amazing. I trained Slater for the first two targets on how to recover targets and now I feel we can go out and he can do this on his own. Digging all targets is always the way to go, but to go out and use a machine that only sounds off on non-ferrous targets was great for a 10 year old. What a great, easy detector! And it finds tiny gold! We took a bunch of pictures but I am only going to post the picture of the little gold nuggets on the coil when we got home. No smiling face, but I can assure you he had a BIG smile! I think my smile was bigger though...
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    Spent half a day last Saturday detecting at Quartzsite and found a couple little beauties.
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    Well, tomorrow is the last day of January, the countdown begins in earnest, and things will probably change dramatically here soon. My goal in this early period was to do what I could to present information on Equinox for those with interest. It has been a bit of a blowout thing for me because in the future if I work with any detector companies on true product development I will probably do it on a purely confidential basis. It was fun the last twenty years but the nature of the internet has changed and it is time for me to shift gears also. I will continue to keep the ball rolling for the short period of time that remains before the first people start receiving their Equinox detectors. At that point I will fade into the background as the overall forum moderator. I won't let questions go unanswered but there will now be a pause before I respond going forward as I am hoping other people will be taking the lead. Let's see if the internet can still support a forum where people simply help each other without all the other nonsense intruding. Anyway, with only a few stumbles it is all off to a pretty good start. I appreciate everyone's (well most everyone's) patience and for those who participate on the forums in the spirit for which they were intended, I thank you very much.
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    I don't do a lot of coin shooting, its not because I'm not interested, its because I literally live on a gold field so its actually easier for me to go find a nugget than it is to go find coins. Clermont the town I live in has a colourful past with gold being discovered here in the 1860's, so some of the coins to be had are quite old by Australian standards. Clermont also suffered from a massive flood in 1916 that killed over 60 people whilst they slept, this happened because the town had been built on the flats beside Hoods Lagoon an ancient river channel that is now a water hole, Hoods lagoon is away from the main present day water courses that flow past Clermont (the confluence of Sandy and Wolfang creeks). When both creeks get major flooding upstream (in the case of the 1916 flood it was due to a cyclone crossing the coast 300 kilometers away) the water backs up and flows out over the flats, in 1916 it backed up so far the water ended up inundating the town completely (some say 10 to 15 feet). The tragedy was further compounded because it not only happened in the middle of the night when people were in their beds asleep but also flash flooded at tremendous speed. For those interested I've included a couple of links to recent newspaper articles marking the centenary. ABC news article ABC news article 2 I have a good friend Paul who is mad on coin detecting, especially wading in the surf. He has an advantage in the surf because he looks like he's about 10 feet tall (obviously an exaggeration) so can wade deeper than most with some amazing finds for his efforts. He and I often go gold detecting together and on occasion we go on a coin shoot, the fact I had the Equinox 800 to play with was a good incentive on a 40 degree Celsius day, so out we went while it was still coolish targeting an area he had scoped out on previous occasions. The area he selected was near the banks of Hoods lagoon and was selected because the old town was once there but also more importantly the size of the gum trees told him they were old enough to have been there providing shade for people trying to escape the heat of summer. People like to lay down in the shade, they also place articles of value at the base of trees when they go for a swim, so the immediate areas around the bases of old gum trees are prime locations for coins. Paul having a play with the Equinox I have not even tried the EQ in the coin modes (other than having a bit of fun with Field mode when I was out prospecting, but that's another story) so you can consider me to be an absolute new chum, all I did was set the threshold tone to my liking and put the Tones on 50 using the Park mode. I wondered off from were Paul was digging up a 1 cent piece (he rubbed in the fact he had the first coin for the session, so it was game on). Now to be fair to Paul he did kind of "lead me" to the path of silverness and I was making him use an Xterra 705 as his CTX was back on the coast on lone to a friend. Sure enough in no time I had a sweet signal that screamed "dig me", it's funny how metal detecting for non-ferrous has a universal language even coming from my "Gold Prospecting" background. To me the signal sounded very sweet and mellow with the target ID complimenting what I was hearing, even though the dirt in Clermont is highly mineralised (it is a Gold Field after all) the Equinox 800 just purred along. My first Silver with the Equinox 800, a 1931 Shilling This coin would have been lost long after the 1916 floods but was still a decent find in my books, especially considering I'd only just turned the detector on. By this stage poor old Paul was a little distracted, I don't know who was more pumped him or me, he sure covered some territory with those stomping long legs of his as he hot footed it over when I screamed I had a silver coin. We shot the breeze for a bit, probably one of the highlights of this type of detecting with a good friend and definately more sociable than gold detecting where you have to keep miles away from each to avoid interference. Getting back to it I then pinged onto another "good" sounding target only inches away (the EQ really does makes a stand out signal on silver that's for sure), this time my second coin for the morning popped out of the ground. 1920 Six Pence I've really enjoyed being involved with the Equinox, its well outside my normal scope of detecting which I found challenging, being away from my comfort zone has helped me to grow in ways I had not expected as a long term gold specific metal detectorist. Tapping back into my roots chasing high frequency gold has also been extremely rewarding, I'm really looking forward to the coming months as others start to talk about their experiences with this brilliant detector. JP
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    Well i am headed back north to Wyoming this Tuesday so my time in the desert is done for this year ,did not find any thing big but had a great time down here detecting with my brother and all the rest of our friends here you know who you are,Thanks for the memories and good times. Here are our desert finds
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    Wow Tim, thank you very much - very kind of you and others. I am just a big kid from Alaska. I want to play, have fun, go detecting, find stuff, yack about it, and have a good time. To me that is what detecting is all about. Most of my sharing the last couple decades was for me just payback to those who helped me when I got started, and the joy of sharing a passion with people of similar mind. I am however an intense introvert and so at a basic level people do puzzle me sometimes. I truly do not understand all the negativity that has come to envelop what is merely a hobby for most people. I have never done anything quite like the post that starts this thread, but it is nothing but the truth. I really love running the Equinox because it just clicks for me personally on many levels. The trolls of course will think I am declaring Equinox the best detector ever, and make it their goal to prove otherwise. They can't win that with me because I don't care what other machines do as regards Equinox, and if somebody shows a video of brand x beating Equinox at some particular task, I just don't care. I can only use one detector at a time, I really, really like this one, and it's the one I am going to use. I know I can make it perform the way I want and that is all that matters. Any minor issues that crop up and create some future forum firestorm - whatever. My focus will be strictly on how to get the best out of the machine, not dwelling on whatever it is that it can't do. I set this forum up early with the idea of trying to round up a bunch of really good people to hang out with and learn as we go about Equinox. You folks really are terrific, and have made this all a pleasure, so thank you. As alluded to before I have other business to attend to starting this weekend and so will be a rarer feature of the forum after that. I always will be here daily to help with what I can and to eject any trolls that sneak in, but I really am counting on machines getting into other people's hands and posts from them taking up the slack going forward. I certainly have more to say about Equinox and so I am not going away, but if people are looking for responses from me after this weekend the responses may be slower in coming. Thanks again for being such a great bunch of fun people!
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    Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's my own personal record that I broke. Not sure what it weighs, I didn't even try.
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    I purchased an Equinox 800 hoping to put a little more fun into gold prospecting and try my hand a coin/relic detecting. I've put about 5 hrs detecting time in, first in a really trashy shallow bedrock wash then in running through old drywash tailings. 5 hrs is not enough to really get to know the machine and I was not able to get that coil over undug gold, but some initial observations can be shared. In the shallow bedrock, littered with bits of ancient decomposing food cans from an old mine camp, Nox is awesome. I ran it in the standard Gold I setting, with no discrimination. The rotting can trash was unmistakable in the -3 to -5 VDI reading. Modern steel items like machine fittings etc, sometimes ran up to +2, but lead and my test nuggets consistently gave VDI of 8 to 10. A 1 gram test nugget consistently hits 9 to 10. Hot rocks show up in the -7, -8 range. In the drywash tailings, I was looking for depth and the ground was a little hotter. I ran in Gold II with the sensitivity between 19 and 21 where conditions allowed. Again, ferrous trash was unmistakable with good logical VDI numbers. I ran into a lot of hot rocks in the -8 VDI. Given that I could not get the coil over undug gold, I opted to do a little testing with test nuggets. First, a .2 gram nugget sounded off perfectly to about 3 inches, VDI at depth is iffy. I think more depth is possible on that size with a little more tweaking. Then, a 1 gram nugget down 6 inches in the fine drywash tailings. Tone was unmistakable, but the VDI was all over the place. I went down 8 inches and the tone was clear, but now the VDI starting hitting at -8, the same place as a hundred hot rocks I had been over and had quit digging. I'm still not sure how to interpret that bit. More practice and more testing. Ideally, an undug target is the place for that, I just need to get over one. My one gripe is that the coil is very bump sensitive. That spoke design catches on brush and the tops of rocks causing a hard chirp from machine. A few times I was trying to work that 11 inch coil down between rocks and every bump gave me a chirp or 2. It really breaks the concentration when you're trying to find those whisper signals. At this point I would not opt for the 800 as my exclusive gold prospecting machine. Good thing I have the workhorse GPZ for that.
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    You guys are too kind but absolutely not! I am a person of very simple needs and I want for very little in life. The only thing anyone can ever do to help me at all is to simply answer a question somebody has if you do have an answer that can help them. Just help each other, that’s all I could wish for and ask of anyone on this forum - and in life in general.
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    Out yesterday and found this nice little Yuma gold specimen ,not a big find but a nice one just a bit over 2 grams
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    Hi guys, I finally got out for a detect this Saturday just gone. I thought it had been over one month since I had been up in the hills. Sure seemed like it but on checking my little gold finds diary my last entry was on the 13th of January. It has just been too damn hot to get out there so I have been going out in my jet boat instead & playing in the rivers that way. Last Tuesday Mrs JW & I went to Dunedin town to see Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, in concert. It was the end of his 2017-2018 Us And Them world tour. Mrs JW & I are huge fans of his & Pink Floyd & David Gilmour too for that matter. We last saw Roger up in Auckland before moving down to Queenstown. He is now 74 years old & is likely to be his last tour. It was an absolutely brilliant show. All three hours of it. He is such a legend. Any way....The next day on leaving Dunedin to head back to Queenstown it was 36 degrees Celsius in Dunedin. That is unheard of.....but that is what it was & 32 in Queenstown. The next day we had rain for more than a whole day. I cant recall the last time we had continuous rain like that for more than a whole day. There was a southerly wind change Thursday night (off Antartica) & woke on Friday morning to snow half way down the mountains & a temperature high of just 15 Celsius. With those cooler temps I was off for a detect come Saturday. On getting there & speaking to the property owner he told me he had never seen rain like it & water was just pouring off the hills & down the "dry" gullies like he had never seen before. It was of course gone by Saturday but I was rapt as I hold high hopes for wet ground being not only easier to dig but more conductive & better depth on signals. So I hit a few spots that I have been over with the Zed & also in the insanely high settings when I did get deeper bits of gold. I was hoping the wet ground would give me another window of opportunity. It sort of did but not like I was hoping. I got a lot more junk that I hadn't got before, but you have to dig them. My first spot I hit I just manged one little piece of gold. Nothing bigger at greater depths than what I got first time here with the hot settings. But the little bit I got blew me away with the depth it was at. The pics dont really show the depth, I should have stuck the scoop in the hole. But I was down into the rotten basement schist peeling it out. I just knew it was going to be gold. It was such a good signal I was sure it was going to be bigger than what it turned out to be. I even scanned the hole again as I couldn't believe it. But no....that was it. The Zed is very good at making you think a signal target is going to be better than what it turns out to be. I then moved on to another area after getting no more here. Had a coffee before getting back into it & got a nice mellow signal within a few minutes. The ground was just so easy to dig with the moisture still in it compared to the dry rock hard digs prior to the rain. I was rewarded with a .4 gram slug. Could have been bigger .... Again this was the only piece I could find in this area. This surprised me. Oh well.....time to move on. You may recall in one of my last posts where I detected some old timer turned over gully workings beside some power lines. I continued on up the same run of workings where they deviated away from the power lines. I had never found any gold in this part of these workings.....ever. Only an old gin trap. I was surprised to see quite a few of the old timers prospect pits holding water. Had never seen this before. This is from standing beside my wagon looking up these workings. One thing you will notice is how dry & barren the ground is looking. I guess after the rain it may shoot away with a bit of grass growth. So it is a good time to be detecting before that happens. I noticed how at this lower end of the workings the granular schist & quartz gravels were quite small compared to the top end. I got no gold signals here but felt I had a better chance when I got further up & saw how the gravels got a lot more chunky. I got a nice hit on the top of a throw out pile. This next pic is looking back down to my wagon. If you look to the right of my wagon at the top of the pic you can make out one of the power line poles which is where I got a few bits of gold in my last post. Again I was blown away with the depth this small piece was at. But yet again this was my only piece from these workings. So on to some more. Got a good signal tight up beside a thyme bush & dug & dug & dug. Ended up having to grab the GB2 to try & pin point it & to see if it was ferrous or not. I wasn't sure if I may have passed the target in the side wall. WHAT....no signal at all with the GB2. Must be deeper still. I wasn't holding much hope of it being gold now as the signal was booming on the Zed. I went back to my wagon to get a little hand shovel as it was getting difficult to keep on going with the pick without making the hole wider. A few shovels of gravel out & still no signal with the GB2. Maybe it is out. Scanned the piles....nothing. Zed back in the hole & she was screaming. Few more shovels of material out & the Zed went silent. Its out. Scanned the pile & bingo. A signal. GB2 on to it & it was saying non ferrous. Probably a .22 bullet shell of lead bullet head. Now how deep do you reckon that hole is? The pick handle is 700 mm & it is over half way in the hole. Lets say about 350 mm or just over 14" Gold it was at just .34 of a gram....at that depth....unbelievable Again I re scanned every where as I could not believe that was it...but it was...again. Carrying on I got a double blip signal that usually is a shot gun pellet very shallow or sitting on the surface. But it sounded a little bit mellow. So I scraped at it with the pick & it had moved. GB2 in the dry grass. To the left of the GB2 & to the left of that dug out ditch you will see the scrape on the right shoulder of that throw out pile. Notice too in the foreground of that dug out ditch the water (dampness) it is holding. Got it in the scoop & on to the coil of the Zed & bugger me. That was my last bit though for the day despite going until dark. End result was just 5 bits for 1.2 grams I really thought the wet ground would produce better results for me. But I was amazed at the depths I was getting that small gold at. The Zed never fails to amaze me. Just wish there were bigger bits down there as well. Cheers Good luck out there JW
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    I got my 800 from Bill on Thursday. It could have been Tuesday but that is another story. I charged it up and went out to my favorite beaches late in the afternoon. I put on my gear and headed for the wet area I normally hunt. I was using the WM8 with a wire to the supplied headphones. So ... where was the 'bang?' Where was the 'blow my socks off' sort of performance? It was muffled, hard to hear ... disappointing. What was I missing. I was already starting to write the new threads about the lack of 'wow power' I had seen and read about. I found a few coins and pieces but I was underwhelmed by this new detector. I called a friend and told him I'd bite my tongue a bit because it had to be me. I was doing something wrong. I made a couple of tentative posts until I could get out to my testing area with better knowledge. I did and WOW! I laid out some coins, a ring, some gold nuggets, keys and other stuff. This time I started without headphones and it was amazing. The sounds were loud and clear and the entire detector resonates when you get over a target. What had I done on my first trip? (I'll tell you later.) The recovery was fast and adjustments easy (although there are more) and switching between modes was good for the targets can sound different. One of my first tasks was to take my nugget chips I use for my 7000 and Gold Bug Pro and test in all the modes for them. No problem on these which got me excited. I could see these little nuggets in all the modes with all of the tone choices. Gold, single tone could be swung over little nuggets quickly and still sound off! This was just a surface test but it was strong, much stronger than Gold Bug Pro. I'll have to try with the 3030 and its coils. I placed a ring near a .1g nugget. It separates the signal in multi and single frequency. Oh my. My appraisal just went up higher. When I added the headphones then I was blown away. I had to turn the volume way down from my first day at the beach. Why? Well, in that session I had used the WM8 as I used the 10 and 12 before. Plug in the headphones and detect. I've added the JP booster recently and that helps (I didn't use it with the 800 as not necessary) but I forgot a KEY step. I'm embarrassed to say I used the headphones the first session without turning them on. Oh my goodness. No excuses, just plain stupidity. Now you know why I am blown away by what I can hear now. This is certainly a different type of detector for me and I'm looking forward to all of the different ways I can see the ground I'm working. Targets will be hard to hide. Steve's 'faith based' detector will blow some socks off I'm sure. It already has. I'm wondering where to go as we speak which is what a good, performing detector should cause us to think. When you get yours I think you will understand.
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    Unless it is wrong I suppose. The numbers shifted downward slightly since my Jan 1 silver coin post, already making that article a source of misleading information. Not much chance of change at this point but I always have to throw in a disclaimer and so I did. Sorry, no gold coin! Equinox Number Of Notches / Target ID Range
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    I discovered a week or so ago that the American one dime is 7½% smaller than the Australian five cents I normally use, so I bought one on ebay. I think a couple of bucks is a small price to pay to get bigger gold. Here is some pieces I got on my last outings. They`re way bigger now.
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    Hey all, received my 600 today and had just a few minutes to play with it before having other things to attend to. Searched my yard where I have pounded with my older Whites detectors and got a solid 21-22 signal in Park 1 mode. Out popped this button! Got it ID'd as a Golden Age Button dating from 1834-1843. Needless to say for my very first and only hole for the day I was very happy. Will hopefully get a chance to get out tomorrow and mess around some more and see what else I missed!
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    If the dealer ordered 27 and the product of the square of the cosine is no more than two thirds of a secret undisclosed “divisor” then a roll of the dice determines how many detectors a dealer gets subject to misinterpretation of words and phrases by third parties.
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    Official word from Minelab, “Our goal is to fulfill all backorders by end of March”. This is not to say everyone will be waiting that long. Batches will be going out periodically with the second batch shipping shortly.
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    Great day out yesterday with my mate Bazza , sun was shinning bull ants where biting and them march flies where the size of small planes lol. Hit a new spot just out of Cressy and worked an area no bigger that 15 meters x 15 meters and came up with 14 little bits and some nice little bits in quartz. GPZ SDC combo with a lot of raking shoulders a little sore this morning. Still having trouble running in normal, seem to be digging a lot of ghost targets around them trees but i just can't walk away. (any advice would be great) Hope everybody is getting yellow. Regards Rockett.
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    When you get one of your detectors you need to exit the house with it and loudly announce that you are going hunting. Then drive straight to the nearest pawn shop and buy the most reasonably priced, yet gaudy, diamond ring they have. Bring it back with you a couple of hours later and say you "found it", then present it to her. No need to say you "found it" in a pawn shop, that's just TMI. Some dirt or sand between the stones would be a nice touch. Oh, and be sure and get rid of any "evidence" like a pawn shop receipt. Problem solved, and she'll be pushing you out the door as long as you bring back some bling occasionally. YW, and that'll be $30. Cheaper than a therapist or a divorce lawyer.
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    I charged my batteries over night ready for an early start Saturday morning to get up in to the hills on a bit of a mission walk in to an area. Saturday morning arrived & for some reason my mind set wasn't really into it. I think it was daunting task of the long up hill battle to walk in there. So that location wasn't going to happen. I ended up just doing a mid afternoon until dark, to escape the hottest time of the day, in a local area. In all honesty I still wasn't really mentally ground balanced for it but it was due to rain the next day, which is today Sunday & it is raining, so glad I went in the end. It took a while to get an imagined signal. You know the ones. Is it or isn't it. If it was it was ever so faint & not always there. I had my doubts but I scraped at the ground with my boot to clear the area a tad. It was in a bit of a gutter between to parallel runs of up on edge schist bed rock. I still wasn't convinced & was about to walk away & carry on but thought I would give it a scrape with the pick to make sure. That improved things some what & I heard the unmistakable sound of soft signal. A few more scrapes & I was scraping the up on edge schist. Always the most perfect trap for gold. I was now hacking into & breaking out the schist. Getting down a wee bit now & the signal had really improved. I was now getting down into a schist crevice & still chasing the signal down. It was proving to be an epic battle & I was having trouble exactly pin pointing it. It was too far to go back to my wagon for either the GB2 or the GM 1000 as I hadn't taken either one with me. Sort of wish I had now. The crevice just got deeper & the schist tougher to break out. Pinching in all the time. I racked my fingers through the crevice bottom to get out the material. Risking cutting my fingers on the edges of the sharp schist running in the same direction. I had thoughts of back filling it & coming back at a later time but no.....I couldn't do that. I was getting over it though. I was going to go for a walk to see if I could find a bit of wire to make a crevice scraper. I used a bit of the broken out schist to save my fingers & finally the signal had moved. Note the rare earth magnet in the base of the pick handle & bits of iron sand sticking to it. What a mission that was. I was glad it was over. Was it worth it? It was gold. All .18 of a gram of it It was a loooong time between that & the next "promising" signal. I was up on the top edge of a tailings race cut through the schist bedrock. It was an area where I had got a few bits back in my GP 3000 days & also on a revisit with the 4500. The promising signal, which came from that bottom dig there, was an iron stone hot rock. But there was a 2nd faint little hit above it. Another bit of a mission dig to smash out the schist, again up on edge, & locate the target. Gold it was. Another .18 of a gram bit I did get another very faint signal & after a bit of a dig I was confident that it was gold. Once it had moved I just could not get it again. Not having the GB2 or the GM 1000 with me I had to walk away from it. But I know where it is. So grand total of two bits for .36 of a gram. No catch & release. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Well, I must say today was very interesting in more ways than one. I went back to the old high school again today expecting to dig more nickles. That didn't happen, but, I was able, after digging quite a few beaver tails, to call then before digging them. They rang up in my soil at 11-12 solid hits. Yesterday the nickles read a solid 13, I did get fooled a couple times by ring tabs. I was able to dig my first silver today, a 41 Merc at 4-5" read 24-26, it was a screamer. I was running 5 tones, recovery at 5, 0 iron bias, sens at 20, park mode1 manual GB. After a couple of hours of digging a dozen or so small items that read from 8-19, I decided to cherry pick. I went into Park 2, 2-tones, recovery speed at 4, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23. I was only able to hit a wheat sitting on top of the ground where a pipe had been put in and then a copper bracket about an 1" long at 9". This is where it gets interesting. I got the hit on the bracket , very intermittent high tone, very iffy hit. I knew before digging how deep it was by using my Periscope Probe, I hit it at a solid 9" I decided to run thru each mode to test how each one would sound, each mode hit the target, but, not very clean. This was the eye opener, when I came back to Park 1, the signal cleaned up considerably. The tone was cleaner and more consistent, then I remembered reading in the quick start guide that Park 1 was for general hunting and coins, while Park 2 was for fine jewelry. I'm only guessing, but, Park 2 must use a different set of frequencies than Park 1. I quickly did a master reset and modified Park 1 to 2-tones, recovery speed at 5, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23 I worked my way back to my car getting ready to leave. On my final pass I get a repeatable high tone and a bouncing 23 every other pass. When I pinpointed the number stayed at 23. Again, using my Periscope, I made contact with the target at 9" cut the plug, dug out the dirt down to the 9" mark. I located the target again with my probe, took my finger and pulled the dirt off the coin exposing a shiny looking coin You can see in the photo the dirt I pulled off the coin. I measured the depth and sure enough, a little over 9" That's exactly what I was hoping to see, deep silver , proper ID on top of that. I scanned the hole again and got another hit off to the side about 6", repeatable, ID at 24-25 down 7". I'm thinking double silver baby!!! Well, it turned out to be a jack :) I left there thinking it may be time to sell my new CTX, I don't think I'll be using it any time soon, why would I??? I had a Deus, Etrac and now the CTX in the last 3 years, I may get beat up for this, but, I see no need for having any other machine after seeing what I've witnessed in just 9 hours of hunting. I've been hunting on and off for almost 30 years, I'm very excited about this machine and the potential once someone puts in the time necessary to master it. I've gone from being a believer to being a knower after what I've seen in just 2 days!!! BTW....In 2-tones, Iron Bias is not adjustable, the option isn't avaialble. Also, I've decided I'll need to video a few of the deeper hits before digging so that I don't get called out for exaggerating my digs.
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    I took my EQ to an old high school that I've been hunting for the last few years to see what the Nox could do. I started off in park 1 and the very first target was a solid 13 within 3 minutes, turned out to be a 1912 V-nickle at close to 5", I did my happy dance and knew this was going to be a fun machine. First impressions, of course, light, very fast and the responses left no doubt when you hit a good target. I'm not 100% sold on the sound of the wireless head phones, I think I'll end up using my Killer B's when I find the adapter for the WM08 I'll say this, nickles lock on 13 solid. I ended up with a double nickle trifecta, first time for me. 2 V-nickles, 2 buffs and 2 Jefferson's came out within the first hour. I found that customizing is very easy on fly if you can remember what the advanced settings do. I love that I can adjust the tones and the breaks much like my CTX and it's very easy to do so. Overall, I feel like it was worth all the waiting and can't wait to get a better grasp of what this machine can really do after a few more outings. I did dig a 9" wheat, the numbers bounced, but, I did get a repeatable high tone, very impressive!! I'm somewhat handicapped when it comes to relating what I'm thinking and being able to articulate it. If you have a question, fire away.
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    I'm surprised the prospectors in Southern California haven't picked up on this. The Obama administration went on a public land closure spree just after Christmas 2016. The most disturbing of those withdrawals was the withdrawal of the last scattered bits of public land not already under withdrawals for wilderness, military, National parks, wild and scenic sewers, or study areas in the Southern California Conservation Area. This particular December 28, 2016 withdrawal was literally the last gasp for public lands open to location in the desert conservation area. 1,337,904 (1.3 million) acres were closed in dozens of small areas. These little bits of land were withdrawn from mining only "to protect nationally significant landscapes with outstanding cultural, biological, and scientific values". Literally some of these areas were parking lots (scientific values?). Virtually all of the area was desert scrub land (biological?) with the usual 4WD tracks (nationally significant landscape?) and trashy drinking spots (outstanding cultural value?). Only mining was restricted. This withdrawal was the most disheartening and downright spiteful of all the withdrawals made just before the end of Obama's presidency. The withdrawal is now being cancelled. The 1,337,904 acres will be open to location again at 10 a.m. on March 9, 2018. It's still out there and now you can get u sum!
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    Hi guys, Had intentions to head off for a full days mission that required a bit of a drive to get where I wanted to go. The weather put a stop to that. Woke to heavy rain & a few phone calls to people in the area I was heading said it was just drizzling & not looking to settle in. An hour later they phoned back to say, no it is bucketing down. So that was that. Did a few chores around home & just after midday the rain was over & the sun was out. Too late in the day to head where I wanted to so I just did a local area close to home for the afternoon. The usual old timer worked ground where they had exposed a lot of schist bedrock that is up on edge like pages of a book. The ideal gold trap if gold has passed over it. Which it obviously had & the old boys didn't get all of it but it is getting very hard to ping gold here now as I have thrashed it over the years. With the Zed & the hot settings......well....I have learned that anything on any given day is possible. I needed to go for a walk, & what better place to do it. So with the B&Z twin speaker set up purring away, The Zed on high yield/normal. Soil smoothings off, sensitivity on 19, I was into it. My very first signal, or was it, was very iffy to say the least. Another of those, was it imagined or was there something there. Not one of those hits that really pulls you up. But I was swinging very slowly & lightly scrapping the schist bedrock. Only one way to be sure. Scrape a bit of the schist out. Well...that improved the "imagined" signal. And it wasn't a shot gun pellet. .05 of a gram but off to a good start. First signal....first bit of gold. Hope that continues. It didn't but the odds turned out to be not to bad all up. The bonus of having been over this ground so many times over the years is that there isn't much rubbish left, nor gold too to be honest, but also I know where the "hot" spots are so focus on those. My next signal was another faint whisper from a crevice in the schist bedrock. Two crevices & it took a little bit of scrapping to work out which one had the signal. But we got there. Another small one at .10 of a gram. Twice as big as the first piece. You will notice a pattern developing with the schist bedrock, the angle of the schist & the up on edge like pages of a book nature of the schist, & the gold all being in the same location deep within those folds of the schist. Next signal was a better hit & had me smacking out a fair bit of soft schist to get down to it. It started out like the crevice above it & the signal was still in there. Ye Ha. Finally it was out .52 of a gram. WOW...over half a gram. 5 times the size of the 2nd piece. Things are looking up. Next signal was exactly the same type of scenario. Again, deep into the folds of the schist. But not as deep & not as "big" but I will take it. I called it quits after that one. So four for not even one gram but it was a fun afternoon & only half a dozen shot gun pellets. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
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    I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the extremely difficult position that dealers have been put in with the announcement and subsequent staged and allocated release of the Equinox. Having been a dealer and manufacturer's rep in a past life (though not in the metal detector field), I very much understand the unenviable position Minelab dealers have been in. Who would have thought in September, dealers included, that when the Equinox was announced there needed to be a strategy on WHICH preorder list get on. Maybe it was my naiveté that helped me assume that any preorder list would ensure I received my E800 when it was released, along with everyone else on the various lists across the country. The reality is, I should have researched and called around and found a small dealer with the Minelab rep status, with the shortest preorder list possible.... as it turned out, I jumped on the preorder list with my "go to" dealer (and many other's "go to" dealer) the day after the Equinox was announced, and I was #11. My dealer's first shipment was 2 units. Through therapy and self medication, I am learning to live with that decision ;) Here is where I offer my shout out. My dealer, and I am sure all dealers, have been fielding questions for the past 5 months about what they know, when the units would be released, and why haven't the customers received theirs yet. I am certain that dealers are dealing with hundreds, and potentially thousands of emails and phone calls. I can't speak for all the dealers... but giving the difficult position of middle man between Minelabs allocated distribution waves, and hungry detectorists... my dealer has been nothing but professional and quick to answer any reasonable question I posed. Being in customer service, especially when there are delays in delivering the product, is one of the toughest and most underappreciated jobs in the world. So..... Dealers... I appreciate you. :) Tim (Future Equinox E800 owner - date TBD)
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    Last Thursday February 8, 2018 got into the field. I'm calling the first one a "nerdle" because when I detected it I really did not know what I had until I got it home and cleaned it up. It set off the Zed, but I had a hard time seeing any gold. The only thing I knew when I left the field for the day was that it was something natural as opposed to man-made, and it was not ferrous. After getting it home and putting it in an acid bath, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ZED was much smarter than I, and unbelievably sensitive. About an hour later and a whole lot of walking I came upon this little tributary running off of a ridge, the dirt was very red, lots of decomposed quartz and granite, and I snagged this little piece. Any detector should have been able to find this one. It was only about 4 inches down, right in the middle of the gully on the downhill side of a bush. Doc, Doc's Detecting Supply Authorized Minelab Dealer Minelab Certified Gold Machine Trainer
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    Well seriously, nobody believes them anyway, right? What this has done however is keep a certain air of mystery going, and for all intents and purposes the only videos you are going to see the next couple weeks are from people who got in line and purchased an Equinox. It leaves the field wide open for genuine reactions unsullied by what could have been a video blitz the last month on Minelab’s part. Part of the fun of metal detecting is discovering hidden treasure, and I think this aspect of the Equinox release right now is largely intact. I am currently occupied with other business and so I am every bit as anxious as anyone to see detectors get into peoples hands and the reports to roll in. There will be a few YouTube channels getting massive interest soon, no doubt about that!
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    Folks, I have read some of the posts on here and am disappointed about what some of you think you know or what some of you might have been told by a dealer. No I’m not even going to other forums, as I heard they want to hang each other blaming the manufacture Minelab, their dealers and or non Minelab users causing their usual ruckus. I will not call out anyone in particular except Minelab, as I feel they did leave us in the dark recently with lack of communication. Here is what I want you to try and understand please. This new and exciting detector technology was introduced in the UK at one of the larger detecting events in the world. I personally had customers there who were pretty excited about it and why would you not be? After all, Minelab of old and their high dollar prices, for the most part…I think is behind us now. 1st Go-Finds (which I personally don't care for), is an introductory detector to get in a new kids hands for under $199 (and it sells well, better than I had imagined). Until the last few years the cheapest thing Minelab had was minimum of $500. Then the Gold Monster 1000 package with 2 coils and accessories priced at $799. It has really hit the US market hard and I can barely sell any of my other VLF gold detector brands. The GM-1000 is the hottest selling VLF gold machine out there and actually fun to use too. They already had the high end Gold Detector market share. So what is left to go and gobble up and try to put their product brand in to your hands. The Equinox with 2 different models and price points of course. Minelab decided to go with a detector the majority of you can afford and most importantly, you want one. Their advertising & intro outside of the US was genius. The price point along with this detectors technology is stunning. The majority of detectorists WORLDWIDE are intrigued and wanting it. Yes we were told to expect a small batch around Christmas…but that was before the upgrades. With the new upgrades, even more people decided to jump on board and I applaud you. The new year is here and most major detector manufactures have not introduced much that was totally new and exciting in the last 3 months. Tax returns are coming, the Spring is around the corner and until this week most of your retirement accounts were fat and happy. The market was riding the wave and the Equinox Pre-Sales is as well.. In fact, the last 30 days of sales of this product have been more than the previous 3 months (for me anyway). Minelab History. I have been a Multi Line Dealer of detectors for 20+ years. Minelab (which I feel makes some of the most innovative detector technologies) allows me (a detectorist of 45 years) the edge in my style of detecting most of the time. I’ve witnessed this company grow from a single weed to a bush in a matter of 3 years in the US in the early 90’s. I have seen their gold detector sales spread across the US from a bush to a garden in the early 2000’s. Then Minelab started making well know detectors we enjoyed for Coin/Relic/Jewelry hunting using BBS, FBS and VFLEX technologies, all the time while growing and the garden getting bigger. My sales of a variety of Minelab detectors just kept getting bigger and before I knew it the garden in the back yard became a City Park of many acres. Minelab has methodically kept on growing, getting bigger with each new model and improvement. The 2nd Gold Rush in Africa (about 8 years ago) was a Grand Slam for Minelab and they re-invested some of their profits by hiring more young and bright minded Engineers and yes even physicists. Now we are at present with this new Multi IQ technology and the Equinox. The biggest change I see? Minelab is now so much greater worldwide and the detector is in demand more than even the best of us could have imagined. Folks, the walk in the park along the river is no more, it has grown into a full blown Timber Forest. The Equinox with its new Multi IQ technology, the perfect timing release at a major detector event, the updated info and even the delay to get more features and performance into the detector… has the demand across the different lands and languages of this planet is totally awe inspiring to us old timers that have been around for a long time. To date - 1st shipment arrived and has been allocated. Boy was I pissed off at 1st as well as most all other dealers. Then I realized what they just went through and also realized the same thing happened with the other machines in times past and most recently the Pro Find 35 Pointer. Minelab felt it best to get at least a few machines sent out and that is exactly what came into the US? Lucky for us as some countries were allocated even less. My guess only… I expect another shipment (in the next 2 to 3 weeks) and it too will probably be small and then a 3rd shipment 2 to 3 weeks later and so forth. I feel things will open up some around the mid/late March and most customers will be happily using their new detector. All the chatter (good and bad) is literally creating a wave and it just keeps getting bigger and more curious people are watching, wondering and wanting…to get in on the game. Now I love new customers and have spent most of my adult life promoting this hobby and the many adventures it provides. But some people seems to think Minelab is taking advantage? What I ask of everyone who reads this. Please be respectful of your dealer who is trying to get the product, but we can only hand you what we get. Some dealers have not been as up front with their customers and a wise customer will shop with someone different next time. Please understand Minelab USA and their distributors are doing all they can to get them and I know for a FACT they are moving them to the dealers. Thank Minelab Corporate, the ones who make up the new technologies we so desire. After all, they could have kept their promise (machines were done) and sent them across the lands. Then a month later we are all up in arms with new info and possible downloads. Heck people, they make a wise decision and are offering us even more machine at the same price we already paid. Why be upset with that? So please don’t call and threaten your dealer for taking your money. Please don’t call and harass their distributors and or even Minelab USA. After all, if you don’t want the product let us know, we have plenty of people in line to take your spot. Now for Minelab USA or Corporate. I feel they did not do a good enough job of updating the consumers of their products. We are inquisitive people who want to know (hence the new EQ) and many of us have put money in your hands, some for a few months now. We (most of us anyway) are ok with the delay and updates. But after saying “end of Jan” and that not happening, it allowed the forums to run rampant with rumors…which causes more stories and then sometimes mistrust. A simple post to FB or on the main Minelab Site explaining the product was delayed an additional 2 weeks for any reason would have been enough for most. After all we all know BAD news is better than No news. I would kindly ask of those who want to chime in with opinions on why this or who that and Dealer A not doing something right. Please refrain. I’d like to see positive comments and feed backs only. Once the detectors are in your hands, then there will be discussions started to engage. Bottom line is this. Not a person on any forum is going to make the detectors show up any sooner. It is what it is and we just need to be a little more patient. Americans being patient? I don’t think so.. we are spoiled, self serving and sometimes non practical. Guess what. We still be waiting. Thanks for allowing me to help clear up some of the delays and ways of Minelab. I’ve had plenty of hair pulling events myself in my years with Minelab and it will all work out in the end, I promise. Oh and have you downloaded the newest version Equinox manual, I don’t understand why some come in White, Who wants a white one? https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2018/Chevrolet/Equinox/2018-chevrolet-equinox-owners-manual.pdf
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    Congratulations! Now as my wife would say - go find a penny!
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    I am seriously blushing now. I'm not going away! Like I said, just going to be more of a backseat driver after people start getting their own units. Still, all the response and kind words is overwhelming. If you all do really like this forum, its overall concept and the way it is going, the best thing you can do is simply participate and encourage others to do the same. My basic theory is we should just help each other. People pose a question, I try to help them with it. However, I have been hogging that to the point I think some others may figure "why bother"? The thing is this was never intended to be the "Steve Forum" and so I am hopeful some of you that are knowledgeable and who don't mind helping others will stake out a forum or forums and help people if you can. And telling others about the forums never hurts! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, one and all!
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    Sorry I have not been in the loop the last week, as I was down South. Thanks for the invite from my clients and friends. We had a fabulous time down there in Yuma and digging up the gold. No monster stories to tell, at least not about the gold nuggets, but I was able to dust off my GPZ-7000 and find my 1st piece of 2018. What a great way to kick start my year. Just a little one at .4 gram...but sometimes the hunt and the folks in the hunt are even better. I hope I get the invite again and looking forward to seeing all my clients and friends who winter down there or anywhere if you invite me. I might even do a little training for you too.
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    Just covering my posterior, and mainly because the Equinox lacks a solid bottom 6 x 10 coil. I actually think the Equinox is more powerful, and probably punches deeper on big nuggets. I think I can hit gold just as small with the Equinox as with the Gold Monster. It's just that the 11" round open web DD is a little unwieldy for hunting small nuggets (it will be great for the larger nuggets) and the 6" round coil is slow going for covering ground. If I could get the Gold Monster coil for the Equinox then my Gold Monster can go away. It might anyway. I will have more to say on this soon.
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    OK, after seeing how nickels rang up at 13 I did an experiment. I notched out every single number on the Equinox except 12 - 13 - 14 and dug every target that rang in that range. Here were the results. The nickels were all 13 as were most of the square tabs. One crown cap read 13. Everything else was 12 or 14 or 12/13 and 13/14 readings. If I did it again and just went for the 13, I figure the trash would be a third less, but same number of nickels.
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    Original GOLDEN EAGLE NUGGET dug by Gerry McMullen with a Minelab GP series metal detector in Northern Nevada. No, it is not slag. It is a genuine nugget dug up in the desert. How much would an NFL Football player from Philadelphia Eagles pay for this solid gold piece to hang around their neck?
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    I posted about 6 weeks ago that my GPZ 7000 lost its threshold I sent it in and they replace the control box and that didn't fix it so I sent it back in and they replace the whole thing now. In the meantime I thought why don't I use the SDC 2300 and I found some gold with the backup
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    Strapped in and ready for the ride home.
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    Just saw this over on Rob’s forum: http://forums.robsdetectors.com/topic/12451-the-best-day-ever-minelab-gpz-7000/ Congrats Rob!
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    Minelab to include a shirt with all Equinox orders!
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    Hey, I can be a backseat driver! NDAs don't quite work like that. They never expire, and basically anything that went on during development is off limits. But yes, I will be much more free to get into all the details now, but that comes as much from the software finally being locked down as anything. There is a lot I could get into but it is best we all just wait and see what happens in the next few days. I think you all will be pa The thing is I am not trying to make Equinox into anything. It just is what it is, but there is much to learn about it. I have my pieces of the puzzle to offer but we need people all around the world to chime in with what they like and what they don't like. It is a metal detector, not a magic wand, and you can't please everyone. That's just fine. I just know its what I am using now and so as I learn I will post, and I hope you all do the same. I actually am tired of the detector of the week game myself, and am ready to just settle into this one machine and learn it to the fullest extent possible. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for me at least this is the best do-it-all detector I have ever used.
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    I’m by no means the biggest multi line dealer or the oldest and in fact not even Top 10. Certainly not one of the smartest…as I sometimes ruffle a few feathers. But I do know detectors and know many of them very well. In the 20+ years I have been selling all the top brands of detectors, I have never witnessed this kind of buzz for a new model. What caused the Equinox Blow Up is COMPETITION, so I’m not giving Minelab all the kudos just yet. Lets give credit where credit earned. Hats off to White’s for 1st digital Smart Detectors, and then colored LCD screens. My Ball Cap is tipped to Tesoro for making a fine series of Micro Max (smaller than your fist) detectors that find many small items many other units miss. I just wish they would have done something more in the last 15+ years. I heard they are working on it though. Hats off to Fisher for their fabulous 2 frequency detectors… 15+ years ago. At least they dropped the prices of some very popular F series…They have to be competitive. 2 Hats off to Garrett #1 for offering us a completely waterproof detector with digital processor and priced easily under $1000. #2 Garrett for grabbing 2 of my crazy (and now very popular) friends from MT and putting them on TV using the AT series detectors. Even though you may not like some of their tree humping antics… you have to admit…Just brilliant marketing. In person, those two guys are stand up citizens and ambassadors for our hobby. My big Cowboy hat goes off to XP Deus for making a compact wireless detector with extreme speed. They really came out of nowhere and have done us detectorists fantastic finds in trashy sites. They’ve become a serious player…I’ll admit it. Now we have the NOX and this can only be accomplished with my Giant 5 Gallon Sombrero Hat to Minelab. Today and for the next few months anyways, Minelab earns the honors. Not only do we get Waterproof, Compact & Lt wt. Wireless/Digital, True Multi Purpose, Lighting Fast Processor and new Multi IQ Technology all for under $1000. And even with one of them being $650. Is Minelab out of their minds or is this just another genius chess move? So now we see the direction and future. At least I do and many other sets of inquisitive eyeballs are peaking in. Equinox Multi IQ is soon going to be the norm for Minelab. The up and coming Hurricane series should be even more exciting. Isn’t Hurricane season just a few months away? After current model inventory is moved and cleared out..the new models could be: Go Find equivalent with Multi IQ will be the - Hurricane Force 1 X-Terra equivalent will be Hurricane Force 2 Safari equivalent will be the Hurricane Force 3 E-Trac’s equivalent will be the Hurricane Force 4 CTX 3030 equivalent is called the Hurricane Force 5. Will these new up and coming models cause the firestorm the Equinox did? I don’t think so as I expect the prices to be more at that time. Why do I think the tag will be higher, at least with the Force 3 – 5? By then the majority of NOX users will have seen the benefits of Multi IQ and once that fuzzy feeling gets in your veins, its hard to not want the next best thing. Now with the other manufactures? It’s not over by any means. They are watching, working and strategizing. Deus, White’s, Garrett, Tesoro & Fisher all have their Engineers working behind the scene. Their teaser ads and leaks will start to appear in the next 18 to 24 months. Only if you folks knew… As a user, boy I sure love Competition. BTW. The big hat. Yes that's me. I'm a big Boise State football fan. Yes we're the little guys who play at home on the blue. I was at the BCS Fiesta Bowl when little Boise State took down Oklahoma, it was a David vs Goliath moment in my life. Actually one of the best college football games I have ever witnessed. Thanks Gerry Gerry's Detectors www.gerrysdetectors.com Gold Nugget Field Training & Genuine Metal Detecting Experts
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    I hit a super trashy, saltwater bay beach yesterday after work for a quick hunt. Not my first choice for locations or style of hunting but it is close to my home and I was itching to swing the Equinox. Pulled a few silver coins and very little trash. I prefer eroded ocean beaches with moderate trash. The brass ring had me for a minute...it rang in the 20's, was tarnished but it rubbed off just enough to see a glint of yellow. So far so good! Beach 1 and 2 GB - Auto 0 Sensitivity 18 (mostly) went to 21 briefly 2 tone (reject 20 and under) for cherry picking high conductors in heavy trash Recovery 3 Iron Bias 0 and 1 https://youtu.be/Sq8KV79OtIU
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    Hey Gerry, I like that picture and Thank You very much. It was interesting how it was found. I have to Thank the Great Lord above, as I really think it was found at a perfect time with a great friend with me. Yes, beating a 1 Pound solid nugget will be hard in the US, as I have been searching for over 20 years for this piece. I would love to beat it, as anyone would, but my goal is really accomplished. I know you have found some great whoppers also and you deserve it. I think there is a reason why some find them and others don't. I believe it has to do with a lot of hard work, research, boots on the ground and even a bit of Karma could help! I'm a firm believer, if you go around helping others to the best of your ability, things always seem to come back your way at some point, maybe not so much in material things. Thanks for all the comments. Continue to search, its out there! P.S. Lunk - We need to get another trip scheduled at some point. It was fun the last time we hunted together with the SDC's. Steve - Thanks for the comments!
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    Electrically, gold, silver, & copper are all "good conductors." But, while good, gold is a lower conductor. In detector-land, "conductance" has become a bit of a misnomer to describe the phase (or decay) response of different targets. The size, shape, and thickness of the target often dominates the response, although the alloy also plays a role. In PI detectors, the decay time is measured instead of phase. Gold has a faster decay because, as a lower "conductor," it has more electrical resistance which acts to kill off the eddy currents quicker. Silver has less resistance, and the eddy currents last longer resulting in a longer response time. This is an over-simplified explanation that really requires a book, or at least a chapter in a book.