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    Minelab to include a shirt with all Equinox orders!
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    I wonder if we added all the time Steve has spent actually posting, and time spent double checking detector settings/ behavior trying to give us all (accurate) info, what would the figure be? Huge Folks should really think about this. This info sure didn't jump on this forum automatically. And with such well written style either. I'll take my chances here !!! How does this sound?
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    Hi Steve, First off, The whole reason you created YOUR site is so that YOU can say and post what YOU are excited about. We are free to read it or not. If people don't like what they find on YOUR site they can go elsewhere and bellyache bellyache over there. I for one like the early information. I really really really like the thoroughness of your posts. So chin up there friend! HH Mike
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    Complaining with a sense of humor beats raw anger in my book. At least when discussing toys instead of life support equipment! The more I think about it, even with me having an Equinox, I am still going to deserve one of those t-shirts before this is all over.
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    I have tried to stay out of the timing and delivery threads across this and other forums... it is drama I don't need in my life. I just love this hobby and I'm REALLY looking forward to strapping the Equinox on my arm. I pre-ordered the E800 within the first few days of the announcement... and my dealer didn't want payment until he saw the whites of the detectors eyes... but I did send my payment to solidify my place in the preorder line a few weeks ago at my dealer's request. That may push my delivery back until after those that prepaid in September receive their units. Is that a little disappointing... sure... just like everyone, I wanted it last fall and everyday since. Is it a shot below my waterline and ruined my life... no. If I have to wait for my number to be called until April... so be it. I will be just as excited to see my fedex guy then, as I would be today. I am choosing to practice perspective. And I am actually thrilled that OTHER members will be getting the machine next week, because that means it is just a matter of time before mine arrives. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, a few months.... that is out of my control. I know that Minelab will deliver to my dealer when they can, and my dealer to me will deliver when they can... It isn't a personal attack on me or the metal detecting community... it just is what it is... Sure, a little more proactive communication from Minelab would have helped smooth things over, but the end answer wouldn't change. As MY unit is available, it will be sent to ME. :) I can picture it in the production line now.. it has my name on it ;)
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    The very first thing I would not do is go to the very worst place you can think of for the maiden voyage. Do a little bench testing with coins or whatever to get familiar with target id numbers and controls, then go detecting. The presets are actually very good, needing little more than adjusting the sensitivity. My first outings I like sand boxes or beaches - easy digging - to get familiar with machines and targets by digging everything. It is a new machine and I hope people give it the time it deserves but I know how it goes. There are many things about a detector I either like or do not like, and so for some people Equinox will fit like a glove. For others it may be a jarring experience if the machine is far different than what they have used or are comfortable with. Those are the people who I hope will give it a fair go. All I can say is I hope you enjoy the machine as much as I do Mitchel! It’s going to be an interesting couple weeks, and I am as curious if not more so than people to hear the reactions.
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    Probably just gonna enjoy that new detector smell for a few minutes. Charge it test garden put my socks back on after it blows them off brag to the wife about money well spent
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    I won’t be able to control myself.. I’ll probably be out in my test garden within the first ten minutes... Bryan
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    Minelab equinox first shipment
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    After it charges up, I'll be off to the beach with a nail, a pull tab, a bottle cap, some gold/silver jewelry and some coins in my pocket.
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    I guess I have a ritual when it comes to a new detector, right or wrong it’s just what I typically do. Prior to receiving a new machine I usually study, not just read the manual. Sometimes it might be a couple times before I have a fairly clear understanding as to what each function/setting does. When it arrives, of course I assemble and install new batteries if it’s not a rechargeable unit, else plug in and charge according to recommendations. Next will be the test bench where I’ll check several different coins and jewelry items, just to see what each sounds like along with their TID. Then off to the test garden, which is very exciting for me because of the age factor on the buried items. 10+ years has revealed a lot of important information from the many detectors used in this area. Some have done well and others just outright failed to perform even close. I might add, even the most expensive machines were not the top performers which was quite shocking at times. Please note: the test garden, even though it’s been undisturbed for 10+ years, it’s not a full proof way of testing, but it will give a good indication of what might be expected on an actual site.
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    Good question Mitchel. I will charge her up. And while charging get my test targets in order. I will likely do several 360 degree meticulous looks at detector rotating many different ways. I will likely do a mix of testing and actually sweeping in a few sites. Sites actually I may not find a thing in. Loaded with iron though. I need to hear the detector's response on the different shapes/sizes of iron. So I need a baseline. Freshly buried coin testing too, to see what gives. As well as coins buried a while, and will sweep this one place with more modern coinage, won't dig these, but will be watching how Equinox reacts. Will also try to booby trap a dime and nickel to see how detector reacts/ responds to super duper imo challenged scenario. To give me something to go on when in the wild detecting. I actually don't expect to find much at all my first week with Equinox. But do expect to gather some great Intel on detector performance. My nighttime hours when not detecting, likely run Equinox on pack indoors and play with menu settings to get the navigation nailed down. I will be very busy with detector. The mighty Deus will be brought out for some comparisons too. I will share my experiences, my concerns, give the detector what it truly deserves- a fair and honest report.
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    actually I'm from the North, lol I simply want Minelab to tell us what they're doing to deal with the shortage of units... transparency, and if they did so I'd shut up, lol
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    It is impossible to deliver every presold detector to everyone immediately. Small numbers are being allocated around the entire world so a few get out to all regions. More machines will follow very soon. Not everyone can be first. In general, those that put money down early are getting the first machines. Those that waited to do so will be later in line. That’s just the reality of the supply chain ramping up.
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    I am just burned out I suppose. That and I take comments personally that were not intended that way. I am sure Mike was not taking a swipe at me. The idea was good. Get well known trusted names involved in stuff to get information out early. The problem is that if you are one of those people, simply taking on the role means you are no longer trusted? It becomes a Catch 22 situation. I like working with the engineers on future projects because the truth is I can help make better products happen, and that’s not just good for everyone - it’s good for me. However, I can do that and have it all remain confidential. The other part of things is where companies send a detector for the sole purpose of getting some early reports out. Much like we are seeing with Makro at the moment. Unlike working with engineering there is a presumption of public reporting in return for a working machine. I will continue to work with engineers when I can, but I will no longer accept machines from manufacturers who want to send me one merely to have me write up a public report on it. If I see something I am interested in, I will buy one like anyone else, and get around to discussing it at some point. That means I won’t be part of the early reporting crowd any longer, but it will hopefully remove the cloud of suspicion that seems to go along with being an early reporter.
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    Good chance that is wood. Should be quite heavy and like Steve said, cut a chunk off. If then it is all solid black, you don't see the grain of wood, soak it in Clorox for a week or however long it takes. Sometimes soaking does nothing but usually it will work. Here is an example that was all black. There are small crystals also
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    I love the t-shirt - every Equinox shipped to people with a preorder should get one!
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    I was told yesterday by my preferred dealer he isn't expecting any for 2 weeks yet. I've decided not to preorder one and to let the frenzy settle and will be considering getting one once they've hit the ground around the world and there is more real world results on how well they perform in different environments. I'm in no rush ANYMORE. To be honest, I'm a little annoyed at Minelab's communication, it's not a way I would run a business and in fact, it's disgusting they're treating their customers this way. All everyone wants is a simple explanation of what's going on and when they expect it will be resolved. I know quite well how the shipping industry works, even if there are delays in areas of shipping, they will know exactly when it's expected to arrive somewhere, if there are delays with ships, a new timetable is made, saying what ports it will be at and where, and delays are often just days due to weather, not weeks or possibly months. If they have found a bug or problem, that's all fine, it's not going to make people cancel their pre-orders en mass, but the poor treatment they're doing now to their customers is causing more damage than an informed delay ever could.
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    "The Consequence of Equinox". A term to be used to describe how something new devalues and virtually obsoletes anything that does not have the latest technology and performance. What I am seeing is an ALMOST complete halt to metal detector sales in the 650.00 on up range. Used machines even high end detectors have dropped in value and sit on forums and for sale sights with hardly any interest. The testers that have had their hands on the Equinox and dumped their machines were lucky, they had the "insider trading" advantage. Minelab makes fantastic machines and whomever does their marketing is an absolute genius. Not only have they come up with a new and supposedly show stopper machine, they have dealt a crushing blow to other manufactures that have machines with less features in that price range and above. How about a Deus for 1500.00 with less features? A V3i heavy and not waterproof? A CTX heavy and more than twice the cost. An MX Sport single frequency at the same price. AT Pro, nah single frequency. I know that I would have loved to have sold off a a couple machines and not took a beating. But hey the old machines are like junk in the closet now to be taken out for nostalgic reasons. Hey remember the radio shack machine you found that 1/4-20 washer with? I can't sell that! LOL. Well folks hopefully we are into a new era of latest and greatest. I really don't know how many detectorists are out there that will spend the money to support companies that can afford to have the brain trust to develop cutting edge technology. Well that's my rant and my personal opinion on this. Now to check on my E800 order. I still have a fondness for my deus though and will keep the batteries charged. Dig we must!
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    Metal detectors are too small a volume of sales to support dedicated logistics and shipping infrastructure akin to a company like Apple. Apple has sold 77 million iphones in the first quarter of FY2018 alone (Oct - Dec 2017) and has a total revenue in the quarter of $88B. Compare that to the parent company of Minelab which in all of 2015 generated $21.5M in revenue (1/16000 of Apple) and only half of that was related to metal detector sales. You can literally do the math and see what you envision is not happening anytime soon in metal detecting land, unfortunately. Apple = SpaceX, Minelab = slow boat from Malaysia. Minelab transparency would be great, but it isn't going to make the detectors get here any sooner, unfortunately. Not sure most of the targets are going anywhere either, so sit back, relax, detect with what you have if you can or help us point out things in the manual we don't understand or complain about something really important like: what's up with no Equinox accessory pricing or availability information.
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    People talk about testers being afraid they might piss off a manufacturer because they won’t get another “free” detector. Interestingly enough, I appear to be valuable because I speak my mind. The trick is to not be rude or stupid, and I see neither in what I posted. Just good solid advice should someone choose to pay attention to it. If that was enough to get me “canned” then I would not care. As far as I know nothing has changed since Minelab’s last statement regarding detectors shipping. One thing to keep in mind when reading Minelab notices. It appears to me that “shipping to customers” is the same to them as “shipping to dealers”. The key thing is units are on the move on the way to end user hands. I am “pretty darn sure” it really is a shipping and logistics thing, but if you want to then ignore that and go with whatever rumors you like best.
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    When I started the GPZ 7000 thread at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1230-minelab-gpz-7000-the-controversy-ends/ it was for owners of the detectors who have had time on it to air their opinions. It became apparent lots of other people wanted to weigh in with their opinions. I am therefore starting this thread for everyone else who owns anything else or not to voice whatever opinions they have on the detectors or companies themselves. Say anything you want, no holds barred really, but it would be nice if it was kept constructive. I prefer myself to keep things upbeat and positive. It is just who I am and I have tried to keep the forum as a whole along those lines. But I do not want people to feel like certain opinions or viewpoints are not welcome and so this is the place for whatever opinions you may have about any detector manufacturer or their products. I am not going to get involved as long as people do not get personal. This in no way is my relenting on my overall expectations for the forum as a whole. There is a time and a place for everything however and going forward this is the thread on which to air suggestions, complaints, issues, or just plain gripes. Again, all I ask is keep it civil. Thank you. Just to get you going here are some new metal detector bumper stickers for you.... First Texas - Even we don't know how many we make or what they're for! Garrett - We already made a flagship detector so quit asking for one. Minelab - The most hated name in detecting! Tesoro - Search for the past with detectors from the past. White's - Anything happen while we were sleeping?
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    Rumors have been circulating for years that First Texas was to release new flagships, but year after year, nothing has surfaced and many began to lose faith that these new machines would come to market. Machines were only continually rebranded, slightly altered, often highly discounted, and employees were let go. Rumors began running in the forums that First Texas might be on its way out. This was far from the truth however. What was really happening behind the scenes is this company was busy hiring new talent and moving into a new state of the art facility with every intention of competing at the highest level. And now it looks like we may soon start to see it bear fruit. These interesting exchanges occurred on Facebook Sounds like we've got a lot to look forward to from the crew at First Texas, and I'm rooting for them to give Minelab a run for their money. If anyone is poised to do so, it's First Texas.
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    If you are not reading all the threads then you would have missed this: I did get confirmation this afternoon of shipping to me...yippie. Gerry said that. Mitchel
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    Steve please send your EQ to RR, PM me the date & time he`ll receive it.
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    I received notice that my Equinox is on the move too! Our drop ship plan didn’t work out so It might take a few days longer then anticipated.. It’s getting sent to his place and then on to me. I’m just happy to know it exists and is actually moving. Update: Turns out my Equinox actually DID get drop shipped!! Just got my Tracking # Bryan
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    Just got a text from my dealer, my Nox's are enroute, tracking numbers this evening when he gets home... Pretty jacked!
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    I couldn't disagree with you more on your distrust of testers like Steve. I don't know if I would trust everything that comes out of people that actually work for the company, but people like Steve on this forum I trust 100% to give an honest educated opinion. I can't speak for every tester but I have seen enough of Steve's posts about various detectors to know he's not in it just to get a "free detector" or be the first to have one or any such rubbish. He has a genuine love for metal detecting and a very unbiased source of information and that's what keeps me coming back. Where I do agree with you unfortunately is the poor customer service, especially relating to Minelab and the release of the Equinox and the lack of information and delays around that. I do like however they have involved 3rd party testers with a lot of metal detecting experience to evaluate the product and give feedback, in my opinion it's going to make for a much better product. I guess what you have to do is work out who you trust and follow their advice. I have bought two metal detectors based on Steve's advice, I knew what to expect before buying them because of all the information Steve and others on this forum had posted. There were no surprises, I knew the good and the bad before pulling the trigger and I really like that, much prefer that option than go by the manufacturers marketing. I sometimes wish there was a source of information like this on every major purchase I do. I've been stuck in limbo trying to work out if I should buy an Equinox 800 or not and if It will be worthwhile for me to buy, I need to justify the expense by how much better it will be than what I've already got, Steve and others early information on it has been great, much better than just watching the marketing videos and reading the marketing information by Minelab. I wanted to be an early adopter so I can run it over the ground before everyone else gets one and does the same but I think I'm going to hold off for awhile now and let the hype blow over and see how they're received when they're the new mainstream detector everyone is swinging. My reasoning for this, Steve informed me it won't be that much better, if at all better than what I'm already using for the task I'm doing. That's hardly him being a part of the marketing machine for Minelab.
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    Most of the sour grapes thing is just jealousy. Mfgr send units out to people who can write well enough to be understood. My start as a prototype field tester for 1st Texas came about from a post I made on the old Bounty Hunter forum about DD coils. This was pre-T2. Dave Johnson told me he printed my post and used it to bolster his pitch to Tom Walsh about the need to build a good DD coil - and it was that post that brought me into the metal detector engineering prototyping world and allowed me to participate in the T2 project, then the F75 project and many others since then. However I only have to write for the engineering team. I don't have to write up reports for public consumption. I give mucho kudos to the public consumption literary group. Much tougher crowd. If you want to field test all you need to do is up your writing game and show you have some knowledge on the subject. HH Mike
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    My wife supports any purchasing decisions I make, whether it's a new motorcycle, or a new detector. We both work hard, we live and enjoy life. The funny thing is, she would say: "you should get that geiger". Shes calls metal detecting "geigering" and usually laughs when she says it. The reason I like the 800 is because of it's all around capabilities. The ultimate detector to me is one that can do it all. Do it all well, and break down into a size that's easily carried in a backpack. I want a detector I can take on a Sunday ride and not have to worry where I end up, or the conditions I might face. Freedom is what I'm looking for in a "geiger", and that's what the Equinox 800 offers.
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    I highly recommend this book by Clive Clynick. http://www.clivesgoldpage.com/ “DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the White’s DFX “E” Series TM Metal Detector” While he writes to the DFX, the information is valuable for the inland jewelry hunter no matter what machine you use. There is also this one, which is very good but I like the DFX one better... Gold and Silver: Understanding Beach, Shore and Inland Metal Detecting Sites” This is better than just telling you where to look as it puts you in the right mentality for gold hunting. HH Mike Shoot.....almost forget this one...... The Gold Jewelry Hunter’s Handbook: Finding Lost Gold at Beach, Park and Shoreline Metal Detecting Sites
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    He had the machine for several months and was in phone and Email contact routinely suggesting changes that the engineers listened to. It wasnt just one version he had a hand in..... takes time to test and rewrite..... then get it back out to him and the testers. This was a very good move for ML and will in fact give us an even better machine.
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    Thats a shame Simon, as there were no clowns. There was a comedian guy who was sort of a clown but all he had related to a clown was a red cherry on his nose. It was a class act. Mrs JW had never been to a circus before. I couldn't believe that, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. I did too. Was a fun evening out. What is it about people being scared of clowns?? Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Might as well add a bit of fuel to the fire, wouldn't want it to die out So happens that Tom Dankowski (aka NASA-TOM) was also a field tested for the Equinox, and he recently posted that he was the cause of a 6-week delay,. An inquiry as to when that delay timer kicked of was met with deafening silence: NASA-Tom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- ((Although I'm to blame for the 6-week delay.)) Tom when you say you're responsible for a six week delay, can you share when this delay incurred? Is that six weeks from when you made your post? Six weeks from January 1? Just what are we looking at here? Another month or two to wait for the equinox? No idea how that factors into the unicorn we're calling the Equinox.....I will say that with Tom D. being a long time, avid (die hard) methodical and scientifically minded detectorists, whatever it was that he impressed upon Minelab to delay the Equinox, must've been a fairly big code rewrite as many of these tweaks and whatnot can be done in a matter of days, not months. It'll be interesting to see what else he shares, as so far he's been exceedingly tight lipped about all things Equinox.
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    Strick, She'll thank you too. Let me know when you are ready. My 1st shipment was sent to me today. They are already spoken for. Now I know when you do get an EQ-800, you'll also have to get that lovely lady something special too.
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    I should make some up for my customers with a twist. "My dealer and I Survived the Equinox of 2018", but honestly not sure if I will survive? I did get confirmation this afternoon of shipping to me...yippie.
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    Gerry I'm buying a new Equinox so you can buy your wife more shoes and diamond earrings strick
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    This thread is a couple years old but maybe timely to bump to top. Everyone except Nok/Mak still sucks at customer communications and if there is one thing nearly every one of them could improve at still, that’s it.
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    Chase, please send me a pint of your favorite over-the-counter sedative. Wise words - thanks
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    This video has English subtitle so make sure to activate that under options if you do not see them. From the Makro Kruzer Owner’s Manual Page 23: EXTRA UNDERGROUND DEPTH (E.U.D.) The target IDs of certain metals (such as gold) in high mineralization and under hot rocks or at fringe depths may be reflected differently on the device than what they really are. Based on the DISC. setting, you may experience a depth loss for such metals or the device may not detect these metals at all. The E.U.D feature of the Kruzer enables you to detect such metals deeper utilizing a different tone than the other tones of the device. When using the E.U.D, the device does not discriminate metals and it provides the same tone for all targets. You can use the E.U.D feature of the device 2 ways: Instantly or continuously. To use the feature instantly, you must keep the SELECT button pushed down, and to use it continuously you must double click the SELECT button. In both cases, the frame around the selected search mode will keep on blinking. E.U.D will not work in the GEN and BEACH modes. If you are using the E.U.D constantly, unless you turn it off, the feature will be active even if you change the search mode. NOTE: Because this feature enables the device to detect some targets that are normally masked by ground conditions and thus are undetectable, it is possible to dig more ferrous targets when using this feature.
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    Is this the ultimate consequence of the Equinox?
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    Why Equinox? I like the feeling of hopelessness, pain, and despair.
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    My version of the manual. Print a copy, punch binder holes, attach reinforcement labels over all holes and install in a nice 3 ring binder. Took a little effort, but I now have a nice study manual. Of course I also have a hard copy in the truck, copy on my phone and PC.
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    Poor, Steve, when he was a kid, I bet he never dreamed he would finish out his work career as a Babysitter! Ya all need to sit back, relax, crack open a cold one, and count yer blessings. The Eq will come.
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    The answer you are looking for is both simple and complex. I will try to explain the simple part. First, whether a target is a high or a low conductor is determined by the GB control and just where it is set. If the GB is set so the ground signal is nulled, then any detected object that generates a low tone has a longer time constant than the ground signal. This results in the GB signal channel being greater than the metal response channel. Thus, the summed signals results in a negative response, and this results in a low tone. In the case of gold nuggets this means the nugget has to be pure enough, the right size and density and often the right shape or right surface characteristics. Over the years, much of the gold I found came from Rich Hill AZ. Fortunately, this gold is quite pure (92% or so). As such, gold larger than a quarter OZ was large enough to generate a low tone. All gold smaller would create a high tone,. Early US gold coins follow this pattern, meaning a $5 US gold coin would or could fall in the GB hole and be almost not detected. All lower valued gold coins would be a high tone or a low conductor. As the purity of gold is reduced, the conductivity of the gold diminishes, thus, much if not most is detected as low conductors. A good example is the gold we found about 5 miles from Rich Hill where all the gold found registered as low conductors even up to the 1 oz nugget found. At this site almost a pound of gold was found with many of the nuggets greater than 1/4 oz and all tested with the TDI registered as low conductors. Reg
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    Better states for detecting IMO--if you are going there and are detecting as a side venture then that's different. I would pick other states such as CA, AZ, NV if Montana isn't proprietary. It is a beautiful state tho--i used to have a home in Ennis---south of Bozeman near Alder... But I was addicted to ETOH back then instead of AU
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    Not good. My dealer called me today and apologized for having no status whatsoever for me. I told him that it was clearly not his fault and not to worry about updating me till he is ready for me to pay the balance and him to ship it. i do worry a bit however that this is not just a logistics problem. The EQ is probably the most complex and ambitious detector ML (or even anybody else) has ever designed. The ugly thing about software is that fixing a bug often leads to a lot of other code no longer working. Troubles can mount quickly when you try to change a line here and a line there. Apple, with hundreds of engineers probably involved, is shipping their HomePod speaker today - without a key component of it’s software - AirPlay2 included - just not read for shipment yet.
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    Spent half a day last Saturday detecting at Quartzsite and found a couple little beauties.
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    Hi Simon. Like the two good fellows above have said. I too have & have used JP's B&Z dual external booster/speaker combo for quite a few years now & would not be without one.. Prior to the B&Z when I had my GP 3000 I used a DeTacc signal booster & always through the headphones. I took a while to be comfortable using external speakers as I loved being locked in to my own world with the headphones. The headphones blocked out external sounds & it was just me & what the detector was telling me about the ground & of course the target signals. I tried external speakers but just didn't gell with them, but a few operators out there, that I "look" up to, insisted on there use over headphones. So one weekend I deliberately left my headphones at home & was forced to detect the whole weekend with the external speakers. I don't really know what it was but something just clicked with me & I have never used headphones since. With the Zed & its wireless audio & no headphone or battery cable.....bliss. The SDC had a too short a cable on the headphones, even though it was a curly cable it was a damn pain. The headphone jack point was the small one, just like the Gold Monster, & so not compatible with the 1/4 inch plug that most boosters come with. It then required an adaptor to make it work. But due to our insanely mild ground the 2300 hasn't been a big fan of mine. With a booster through headphones you just need to be very careful of blasting your ears with a sudden LOUD close to surface signal. ie .22 or lead bullet. More so with a silent threshold detector like the GM 1000. With the PI machines you were always trying to maintain a very smooth even threshold background sound, & any interruption to that needed investigating. Especially those very very faint soft mellow whispers. They are the ones that give you a hard on, excuse the termanology , & get you excited. They are also the ones where the signal booster comes into its own. So yes, a signal booster, in my book, is a must have item. Congrats too on your just over one gram of finds in the weekend. You are obviously getting it sussed. Well done. Cheers. Good luck out there JW