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    Hi team, Three weekends ago Mrs JW & I went to Dunedin City to see Stevie Nicks in concert. The last time I saw her was when I was 18 when Fleetwood Mac came to NZ. That was 40 years ago Also saw Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders. The next day on our way home we went via Macraes flat to check out Oceana Golds Macrae mine & the Fraser open pit. You may recall a post I did a month or so ago that showed the Waihi Martha Mine open pit & the large pit wall collapse. Oceana Gold bought & took over the Martha mine from Newmont last year. They have been mining at Macraes since 1982 & have discovered a large & long fault zone. The Fraser open pit is the largest of about four open pits along the fault zone with continued drilling & exploration along this zone. They are under ground mining from the bottom of the fraser open pit which you will see the portal entrance in a couple of the vidoes. This modern day mine is in the area of old late 1800's under ground workings. Map of the under ground workings below the open pit The old Stamper Battery The weekend after that I went out for a detect on the sunday. I headed to a gully of old timer diggings that I have been down with the Zed but not in the hot settings. The ground has dried out quickly. From this To this I got a faint little hit amongst the old timers turned over piles in the above pics. A few scrapes into the crushed & decomposed schist that the old timers would have thrown out from the bottom of one of their holes. Now on the top of the pile. One they threw out for me. Right kind of them. Cheers boys. I then got a deeper signal on the edge of a throw out pile & it was living on down. This was getting exciting. Then....Bingo, it was out Along the same throw out pile another faint little hit. Another small bit Things then dried up for a while. I came across the remains of an old timers rock hut shelter that had collapsed badly. The dried mud was still holding these stones together I then got a very faint signal that had me digging quite deep. The signal was booming but I needed to get the GB2 or the GM 1000 to pin point & tell me if it was iron or not. . I was getting quite hot & was in need of a coffee break & a breather. So I headed up to my wagon. The door I opened had the GB2 handy so I grabbed it. Had my coffee & breather & headed back to my dig. Pin pointed with the GB2 & it also told me it was not iron. Here is why. That was it from these workings so I moved on to another small gully. I lucked out there with the Zed but there was a small area where I had snagged quite a few small bits with the GP 3000 & little coiltek 10 x 5 joey mono. I hit it with the GM 1000. Ended up with 4 tiny bits for the monster And one for the GB2 That was it for the day. I called it quits & headed off to see the farmer. On seeing him he asked if I could do him a favor. Sure I said. What is it? He replied. "About a month ago I was helping the neighbor tail some lambs. A girl working there was bringing in the lambs & while she was holding one it kicked out & knocked off one of her ear rings that went flying off into the long grass. It was a pair of $2000.00 gold & diamond ear rings so she had lost a $1000.00 ear ring". What was she doing wearing those tailing. I said. The farmer & his wife laughed say. That is exactly what we said. Any way....he asked if I would mind trying to detect it. No worries I said. So he phoned up the farmer & it was arranged for me to meet them & they would take me to the spot. The so called "neighbor" was bloody miles away, but it was on my way home so no real drama. Long story short. I found it with in 5 minutes. She was stoked, & so was I. Reason I was Stoked. Gold workings on their property . So my days result was 9 bits for 2.95 grams.....and a $1000 earing Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
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    I don’t know what to tell you. I am just a kid at heart that loves detecting. I made it a permanent part of my life 45 years ago. I am incredibly fortunate now to be involved neck deep in my passion in life. I am sharing a part of that here. I know the blokes at Minelab are pouring heart and soul 24/7 into trying to make this the best metal detector they can make it to be. No holds barred. That’s the bald truth of the matter at this time.
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    Hey, Steve, I will buy your gas to San Diego...and fix you chili.... Not the Caribbean but the weather is pretty dang nice right now! I know you won't come down as you are very busy-however, I would love to see the Equinox in action, in person. guess I will have to wait like the rest of us mere mortals. thanks for All The Info fred
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    My detector needs are different than those of others and I view choosing a detector as selecting the right tool for the job. My group of treasure hunters makes several Caribbean trips a year and our fearless leader has been doing this since the Eighties. Sorry to repeat myself... we have tried just about every water machine and custom jobs made and for us the Minelab Excalibur finds the most gold in the least time- by far! When new treasure hunters join us we strongly advise using an Excalibur and when they don't, they find the least gold or none at all, including seasoned PI users. Why? Because BBS lets one cherry-pick on short vacations. (I'll be the first to say despite this the Excalibur is poor in heavy black sand) Not bragging, only want to support my claims- on some good vacations I've scooped more than 200 pieces of gold jewelry using an Excalibur in 10 days! So have others in my group and why we use BBS. I have suggested to ML many times to build a simpler and smaller Excalibur for finding mainly gold and platinum jewelry in the sea. Something lighter and easier to travel with, so one can travel with a back-up. I made several suggestions such as eliminating pinpoint and discrimination. ( We hunt by ear/tone response and never use discrimination) I also suggested this to Whites Electronics thinking perhaps BBS patents were expired? Whites told me they were working on a new water machine and one that combined VLF and PI technologies! Wow, where is it? I remember when the AT Pro came out and thought... now this is what I have in mind for travel. Garrett flat out told me it worked well in saltwater, so I bought 2 to test with dreams of traveling with 2 AT Pros. Here in Washington State... total AT Pro failure in our saltwater- nothing would quiet it down. Garrett gave me some advice and on my next Caribbean trip packed an AT Pro. Wow, I got it to work in the Caribbean salt but had to lower sensitivity to the point it would barely detect a gold test ring 2 inches in sand- Total failure for my needs, despite the AT Pro being a good detector. I love this hobby and could write on and on... and why I will mention believe it or not the newer 8 inch DetectorPro Underwater is a fantastic travel machine! It packs small, has 50 hour built in rechargeable battery, works at most Caribbean beaches and is remarkably sensitive to small gold! On one trip side by side to an Infinium and Excalibur, the Underwater hit on a small gold earring the other 2 machines could not see! I can see traveling with just 2 Underwaters for general water hunting Fresh/salt. My reservation is while using an Underwater one has to recover more surf targets than with an Excalibur which permits better cherry picking of targets more likely to be gold in less time. When the Equinox was announced.... Finally, a small waterproof affordable multi frequency machine! I have visions of the Equinox replacing my Excaliburs. A new lightweight, small, screened and easy to pack water machine! In my mind the Equinox was my new Excalibur and should accept that might not be the case. Clearly the Equinox will be a great detector. At first I read right over ML saying Multi-IQ handles salt almost as good as BBS/FBS and did not want to see that Cooling sentence. I kind of expected the Equinox to be as good as BBS in the salt. OK, almost as good is not bad and at least 75% as good, or perhaps 95% as good... which would be great and what I still want to expect! Make it So! Even if the Equinox is not as good in saltwater as BBS/FBS, perhaps its other technologies such as fast recovery speed will make up any differences? My concern is when dunking an Equinox in saltwater how will sensitivity need to be adjusted? I still have high Equinox expectations for my needs and obviously the only way to find out is to put the Equinox up against an Excalibur in The Caribbean Sea! I'm crossing my fingers for sure. Again Minelab, thank you for bring out such wonderful and new technologies!
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    My personal opinion is that VLF detectors are second tier devices for the underwater mineralized environments where I would normally hunt. Specifically Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Both these locations have highly magnetic ground components; in the case of Hawaii the main culprit is volcanic basalt and at Tahoe high magnetite content soil and rocks derived from the surrounding granitic mountain materials. Hawaii in particular I hunt regularly, and I have tried a variety of machines there over the years. My history regarding beach detecting has been loosely published on my website and documents my experimenting over the years. If you truly wish to know my personal perspective as regards beach detecting here are some direct personal reports: Gold in Hawaii Winter 1999 Garrett Infinium in Hawaii February 18, 2003 White's Surf PI Pro & Platinum in Hawaii December 18, 2004 Beach Detecting with Minelab GP 3500 Fall 2005 White's M6 & Surf PI Pro in Hawaii December 20, 2005 Minelab X-Terra 50 at Cabo San Lucas Spring 2006 Gold and Silver with the Garrett ATX November 2013 Garrett ATX Review - Beach Detecting In Hawaii February 4, 2014 Garrett ATX Return to Hawaii April 10, 2015 A later summary of my thoughts can be gleaned from this article I wrote in January 2014, the Prospector's Guide To Beach Detecting. In that article I state: "I am a PI guy myself however. I have used the Garrett Infinium extensively trying to deal with salt water and volcanic sand and hot rock conditions in Hawaii. I have had success with the model but it is difficult to deal with, suffering from an inability to ground balance into the salt range and susceptibility to EMI interference. Huge numbers of posts exist on how to try and get an Infinium to behave in salt water. The new ATX has taken steps to address these issues but the jury is out there yet. I will be giving the ATX a good go in Hawaii soon. My latest water detector is a White's Surf PI Dual Field to back up the ATX. I have had good luck in the past with the White's Surf PI models and recommend them for people interested in a waterproof beach PI. Again, a simple unit that gets the job done, and at a bargain price." There is nothing about the Equinox that changes my thoughts on pulse induction versus VLF in a highly mineralized beach hunting scenario. The Garrett ATX is at this time my preferred device for these scenarios (I guess I need to update that last link a little). Minelab currently does not make an underwater pulse induction detector that appeals to me. The SDC 2300 is very expensive and is genuinely more of a prospecting device, my main issue being the very high price, which makes me leery of subjecting it to continuous use in saltwater. It also floats like a cork. What I would really like to see from Minelab would be a stripped down GPX 5000 circuit stuffed into a CTX 3030 housing and that weighs no more than a CTX 3030. It would need a new range of waterproof coils to match. I think this would be a great beach machine proven mostly by the large number of people already using GPX detectors to hunt on beaches. Those people would prefer a waterproof machine with the same performance and I have no doubt relic hunters and more would sign up for such a device. If I could get that machine out of Minelab, it would replace my Garrett ATX. For now however the Garrett ATX will continue to be my preferred water hunting detector. Oh yeah, back to how less powerful VLF detectors play into my thinking. I am willing to settle for them when my desire for discrimination outweighs my desire for sheer power. That being the case a secondary bonus would be that such a device will likely be lighter than my 7 lb ATX. The Minelab Equinox at a compact 2.9 lbs really floats my boat as such a second tier type device. It can easily without taking up almost any room or weight act as a backup to the ATX. Or, in cases where I am in a more casual mood, or perhaps traveling to a low mineral location like Florida, it would actually move into being my primary beach detector. I may be going to Florida this winter, and if so I would prefer to take the Equinox with a 15" x 12" coil instead of the ATX. In general pulse induction offers less benefit in clean white sand type scenarios, and so if I were to visit a Bahama type location like Grand Cayman or anywhere else where the beaches are white as snow the Equinox would move ahead of the ATX as my preferred beach detector. I have had a couple Excaliburs and a couple CTX detectors. I just sold my last CTX and I do not intend to get another of either of those detectors again. The Equinox 800 will far better serve for me as a complementary VLF water hunting device to my preferred PI water hunting device. That will likely continue to be the ATX unless Minelab comes out with a good, solid waterproof PI detector. And truth be told, I am keeping an eye on the new Mantis project at Fisher. Once upon a time I would still have been looking to White's for an underwater TDI Pro, but I have given up hope on that one. I think what I like most about the Equinox 800 as a beach detector is that it offers me the capability to hunt effectively in saltwater while also giving me the ability to run hotter up on dry sand while hunting micro jewelry. This is another part of my beach detecting story over time and is best revealed in my links above regarding the Minelab X-Terra 50 and White's M6. The Gold Mode and the 40 khz option while in the Park or Field modes has massive potential for hunting micro jewelry.
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    Hi all Ive been running this setup for a while now and I dont know if it enhanced anything as far as being more stable or sensitive but with the new battery system I do get double the run time compared to the stock battery setup which is a plus for me Mike C...
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    Folks should relax. We sure don't like to see detector models with bugs do we? Logistics. This is big here. Some thing to watch with Equinox when released to public. That is, are all accessories available? So it is just not the basic detector Minelab has to worry about here. This I think is a very, very big operation being done here by Minelab. Loads of info being worked and people working their hearts out. I know they want to get things right. And hopefully they will.
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    As usual excellent and very informative post....your pictures and story enjoyable to read. Pretty country you have...thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Always feels good to help someone out, and find a lost treasure. 👌 Good job, Chris
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    @goldrat Thank you for the warm welcome. I absolutely consider myself a coin shooter 1st....relic hunter 2nd...gold prospector 3rd. Gold prospecting is by far the most difficult aspect of this hobby in my humble opinion - 2.2oz being our best year ever in Colorado. All flour gold with a sluice and a private claim owned by a friend of a friend of a friend. I signed a NDA for the new stuff...so sorry I can't speak about it. @Steve Herschbach Thank you for the warm welcome as well. You run a great forum here. I make no bones (or apologies) about it - I am a First Texas guy at heart. Glad you enjoyed the video!
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    Hello Steve, As Cabo Chris stated above....and....as I have stated before on a previous post, ML has done a spectacular job with marketing the Equinox. However, here is IMO i where I think we stand today on the Equinox release: 1) I will start by saying I am very excited about the upcoming release....am I impatient....no... just excited. However, I also think we are getting to the point where some folks are starting getting very impatient. As you indicted, until I see the info on your site or see it directly on the ML site, I am not going to feed on the speculation/rumors of a pending release date. But, my dealer included, gave this magic release date of "before Christmas". With only a couple weeks left, I am afraid the detecting sites might start to get ugly. Hey....I am starting to see some of this already., 2) As I stated above the Marketing Department at ML has knocked it out of the park. But....I also think that we are getting to the point of "diminishing returns". I don't want to get all "college puke" on everyone, but I do remember a little about marketing strategy. It goes like this....think about your favorite food that you may have not had in 6 month. That first bite is awesome....so is the second....and third bite. However, there comes a time after the 40th bite you are done....and....it is just not good any more. I think that is where we are heading with the pending Equinox release. Lots of great info since the announcement to include specs, accessories and even a few field tests. But, we are coming up on a quarter of a year since the announcement....just maybe we are getting to that point of "diminishing returns: Oh by the way....did I say I am excited and not impatient....: - )
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    Last time I looked at the mfgr website, this thing was over $3500.I believe the website is in Sweden. I had a used one many years ago but it was about useless and too hard to figger out.
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    Just thought of something that has happened several times over the years. A little information first: The headphone port is designed to cut off the internal speaker when the headphone is plug in. I've had several times where the speaker suddenly quit. The problem was a small speck of dirt in the port causing the detector to cut off the speaker output. My solution: Shoot short burst of compressed air into the port hole, then insert the plug in and out. Repeat and see if the problem is corrected. Still no sound, then take apart and inspect the connection and the port . Amazing what we forget.
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    I bet the Ultimate coil would be killer on the Racer2
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    I've fixed many issues just like the one you mentioned. You can do it.
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    Thanks Chris and I get exactly where you are coming from. Like I said in my post, there are many places where a VLF is preferred over a PI. My post was to highlight just how differently people's needs and desires are and what suits one person does not suit another. The thing is, I can only vouch for what suits me. I am not trying to sell anyone on Equinox and so I refuse to go out on a limb with anything but the most conservative of statements. I would much rather have you try an Equinox and think it was better than I let on. I would hate it if you got an Equinox and then were disappointed because I lead you to believe it was something it is not. I have never paid attention to anything people say about detectors except in a cursory fashion. My needs are my needs and the only way I know to sort out what works for me is to get them and try them. For anyone serious about this I see no other way. However, if anyone wants to buy me a ticket to the Caribbean I will pack Equinox up and go and test it against an Excalibur and post my thoughts. I bet if I did that it still would be questioned however. Some things a person just has to find out for themselves.
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    WTG JW great photos and some good gold.
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    No worries Chuck - we are buddies! But it really is simple - if it is not from Minelab, ignore it. If I post that I know, and I can't reference a news release on Minelab's website, just jump right in and call me a liar. Minelab is the only source you can believe in this matter. Maybe somebody else will call it earlier, and call it right, but it means nothing unless Minelab publicly backs the statement. And even then until they are on dealer shelves....... I may delete this later but for now your post is serving the good purpose of trying to triple and quadruple get this into people's heads. I really am trying to help you avoid getting jerked around by this stuff.
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    That false rumor was just debunked this morning. Being on sale has nothing to do with machines being delivered.They are already on sale here in the U.S. A note to everyone. Any new posts about delivery that do not originate with Minelab will be deleted in the future. All it is doing is jerking people's chains. That would seem to be the intent behind whoever is originating this stuff (not you Chuck ). If it is not in an official Minelab statement, ignore it! I quite literally will not believe it myself until I see the news release posted on Minelab's website.
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    If this holds true for Europe they will have a Merry Christmas and here in the USA it will be Trick R Treat. Chuck
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    Last few years I have been working a nice stretch of land with many small creeks and tribs feeding them. The primary large ones apparently are the ones that the early miners worked and the ones I have focused on. I would work the banks, tailing piles and pretty much clear any targets out of the way. Over the years I have cleared sections of trash and gold that stretch up to a half a mile long along the creeks. I have basically cleaned it up pretty good. I still have miles of creeks to clean up downstream of these creeks that are littered with tailing piles. But before i do that I wanted to purchase a larger coil to hit some spots that I cleaned up. Thanks to Luke I am now a proud owner of the 18" Elite that I am taking out his morning to hit some of those areas I cleaned up. Hopefully there are some deep ones lurking ... Friday Morning : Today was the day....was working a bench way above the present creek and after an hour in a spot I been with other coils multiple times , the 18" elite groaned with a nice sharp deep tone...digging down about 15 inches out came this nice little 4.27 gram placer nugget. Outside of it being a bit heavy...the coil is extremely stable in medium ground, I was running it hot 14 gain, stab 8, enhanced mode, the 4500 purrred like a kitty. I've dug some deep targets ...the key with these large coils is to go very, very slow and use a bungee support system...found I could swing this 5 hours without to much discomfort. Overall I am very happy with the Elite! Thanks again Luke!
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    Your on Fire and dirty :) Brian.
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    wow, your sluice looks exactly like my keene sluice, I can't believe you made it, well done. I like the bucket with the holes, I will have to do that. I like your dredge, that would save a lot of manual labour, I get quite the sore back at the end of the day from digging gravel :) fredmason - its a great community isn't it, I ask a question and get replies with everything I could need plus more.
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    Oh.....And I made sluice boxes too with flares Highbankers Classifier sieve buckets
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    What did you like the operation of the Equinox in Saltwater compared CTX and Excalibur Your personal opinion
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    Thanks Chuck for your response , I have been a member for 18 months and a lurker before that . Love this forum and the members are very caring and the best . I own a SDC and a CTX ( never used it , 1 lesson and too complicated for me ) ( just put it on market in AUS ) I have recently bought a Desert Fox goldwheel and a Gold Cube / Trommel hoping to get my Grandsons interested . They are not ready for detecting at this stage . Did the Grandpa trick last week and let them put a bucket of classified through it salted with a couple of pickers and nugglets ( found with the SDC ) You should have seen their eyes as they wormed up the wheel . I hope two more cases of gold fever coming up . To your question I used to relic and coin hunt regularly 30 years ago in South Australia , then we retired 3 years ago and moved to the Golden Triangle in Victoria ( this is prospecting heaven ) Have found over 250 nuggets with the SDC . Sounds a lot but very small ranging from .005grams to .760 grams with most averaging between .01g to .17 g . I love prospecting and just enjoy being in the bush , it's the thrill of the chase . Google Dunolly Victoria / Australia and with a bit of searching you'll get to see our main street , still 80% as it was in the early days after they removed the tents and shanty's . Thanks for your interest and hope to catch up with you again down the track . Cheers goldrat ( Peter )
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    As always, very thought out essay on detecting machines. Ever since Minelab announced the Equinox, top players have really been offering specials on combos to draw attention from Minelab to them. Frankly it's not working very well. And the other day I heard 1st Texas is in the process of major layoffs. Not good for them or the ones loosing their jobs. That being said, I've lost all confidence in 1st Texas releasing anything new for 2018, especially the VLF flavor. I believe they started running specials in hopes of keeping their loyal users but I don't think it worked.