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    Well, I must say today was very interesting in more ways than one. I went back to the old high school again today expecting to dig more nickles. That didn't happen, but, I was able, after digging quite a few beaver tails, to call then before digging them. They rang up in my soil at 11-12 solid hits. Yesterday the nickles read a solid 13, I did get fooled a couple times by ring tabs. I was able to dig my first silver today, a 41 Merc at 4-5" read 24-26, it was a screamer. I was running 5 tones, recovery at 5, 0 iron bias, sens at 20, park mode1 manual GB. After a couple of hours of digging a dozen or so small items that read from 8-19, I decided to cherry pick. I went into Park 2, 2-tones, recovery speed at 4, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23. I was only able to hit a wheat sitting on top of the ground where a pipe had been put in and then a copper bracket about an 1" long at 9". This is where it gets interesting. I got the hit on the bracket , very intermittent high tone, very iffy hit. I knew before digging how deep it was by using my Periscope Probe, I hit it at a solid 9" I decided to run thru each mode to test how each one would sound, each mode hit the target, but, not very clean. This was the eye opener, when I came back to Park 1, the signal cleaned up considerably. The tone was cleaner and more consistent, then I remembered reading in the quick start guide that Park 1 was for general hunting and coins, while Park 2 was for fine jewelry. I'm only guessing, but, Park 2 must use a different set of frequencies than Park 1. I quickly did a master reset and modified Park 1 to 2-tones, recovery speed at 5, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23 I worked my way back to my car getting ready to leave. On my final pass I get a repeatable high tone and a bouncing 23 every other pass. When I pinpointed the number stayed at 23. Again, using my Periscope, I made contact with the target at 9" cut the plug, dug out the dirt down to the 9" mark. I located the target again with my probe, took my finger and pulled the dirt off the coin exposing a shiny looking coin You can see in the photo the dirt I pulled off the coin. I measured the depth and sure enough, a little over 9" That's exactly what I was hoping to see, deep silver , proper ID on top of that. I scanned the hole again and got another hit off to the side about 6", repeatable, ID at 24-25 down 7". I'm thinking double silver baby!!! Well, it turned out to be a jack :) I left there thinking it may be time to sell my new CTX, I don't think I'll be using it any time soon, why would I??? I had a Deus, Etrac and now the CTX in the last 3 years, I may get beat up for this, but, I see no need for having any other machine after seeing what I've witnessed in just 9 hours of hunting. I've been hunting on and off for almost 30 years, I'm very excited about this machine and the potential once someone puts in the time necessary to master it. I've gone from being a believer to being a knower after what I've seen in just 2 days!!! BTW....In 2-tones, Iron Bias is not adjustable, the option isn't avaialble. Also, I've decided I'll need to video a few of the deeper hits before digging so that I don't get called out for exaggerating my digs.
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    I discovered a week or so ago that the American one dime is 7½% smaller than the Australian five cents I normally use, so I bought one on ebay. I think a couple of bucks is a small price to pay to get bigger gold. Here is some pieces I got on my last outings. They`re way bigger now.
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    I purchased an Equinox 800 hoping to put a little more fun into gold prospecting and try my hand a coin/relic detecting. I've put about 5 hrs detecting time in, first in a really trashy shallow bedrock wash then in running through old drywash tailings. 5 hrs is not enough to really get to know the machine and I was not able to get that coil over undug gold, but some initial observations can be shared. In the shallow bedrock, littered with bits of ancient decomposing food cans from an old mine camp, Nox is awesome. I ran it in the standard Gold I setting, with no discrimination. The rotting can trash was unmistakable in the -3 to -5 VDI reading. Modern steel items like machine fittings etc, sometimes ran up to +2, but lead and my test nuggets consistently gave VDI of 8 to 10. A 1 gram test nugget consistently hits 9 to 10. Hot rocks show up in the -7, -8 range. In the drywash tailings, I was looking for depth and the ground was a little hotter. I ran in Gold II with the sensitivity between 19 and 21 where conditions allowed. Again, ferrous trash was unmistakable with good logical VDI numbers. I ran into a lot of hot rocks in the -8 VDI. Given that I could not get the coil over undug gold, I opted to do a little testing with test nuggets. First, a .2 gram nugget sounded off perfectly to about 3 inches, VDI at depth is iffy. I think more depth is possible on that size with a little more tweaking. Then, a 1 gram nugget down 6 inches in the fine drywash tailings. Tone was unmistakable, but the VDI was all over the place. I went down 8 inches and the tone was clear, but now the VDI starting hitting at -8, the same place as a hundred hot rocks I had been over and had quit digging. I'm still not sure how to interpret that bit. More practice and more testing. Ideally, an undug target is the place for that, I just need to get over one. My one gripe is that the coil is very bump sensitive. That spoke design catches on brush and the tops of rocks causing a hard chirp from machine. A few times I was trying to work that 11 inch coil down between rocks and every bump gave me a chirp or 2. It really breaks the concentration when you're trying to find those whisper signals. At this point I would not opt for the 800 as my exclusive gold prospecting machine. Good thing I have the workhorse GPZ for that.
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    Very well done - this should help people a lot...
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    Thanks to Steve's forum and all the Equinox users, and yes even the folks who haven't gotten their units. Some good questions are being asked. I am really impressed with what I have seen on this forum. Totally professional and loads of mutual respect shown. Some new members here too. This is great. All I can say to the new(er) members - don't be bashful. Hop in and share your thoughts, ask questions, etc. Warmer weather and more Equinox units in the field- even more fog will lift.
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    Definitely a valid approach. I tested it the other day. Was trying to dig a few sub-nickel readings, to maybe get lucky on a gold ring -- but really more just learning the machine and how it responds to what targets. I hit a target in the 11-12 range, which turned out to be a rusty bottlecap. First one I dug. So, a few sweeps later, another similar target. This time, I didn't dig, but switched into 5 kHz...and as expected -- it became a HIGH tone, and high ID. Coin-like ID. Went to 10 kHz, a little lower on the ID, but still high. Went to 15, a little lower still. And so on, up through 40. But, even 20 and 40 kHz weren't as low of an ID number as what I was getting in multi. So, back to multi, back to 11-12 VDI. Dug it -- and as expected, it was another rusted steel cap. So, I decided I'd look for more of those 11-12 VDIs, and run through the test (switch to 5 kHz and see if the ID went way up), and "not dig" any of them, UNTIL I got an 11-12 whose ID value DIDN'T go "way up" when I switched to 5 kHz. Before long, I got one, that stayed in the low teens (a bit higher ID than in Multi, but still low) when I switched to 5 kHz. Sure enough, it was a non-ferrous target (small piece of can slaw). So, aside from what seem to be some other hints -- tonal "nuances" that suggest rusted bottle cap vs. non-ferrous, the "switch out of multi to 5 kHz and look for a major VDI jump" trick seems in limited testing to work quite well, just as is noted with the Deus, and just as TN suggested at the start of this thread. Steve
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    Thanks Simon. No pressure. Here you go then. Steve is correct in saying to you that you are moving pretty fast & there is no rush. You have a very reasonable detector in the GM 1000, for the price. At an operating frequency of 45 khz it is getting up there with the high frequency VLF detectors & the high frequency units excel at small/tiny gold. The smaller the gold is the closer it needs to be to the coil & the smaller the coil the more sensitive it is going to be to tiny gold. It just needs to be very close to the coil. Bigger coil will go deeper on bigger gold but miss the tiny stuff....even close to the coil. The are always trade offs with frequency & coil sizes & depth & gold size. At 45 khz on the Monster it is good on small tiny gold. The two coils gives you two options. The 5" for bedrock sniping & vacuuming the ground for tiny bits & slightly bigger bits a little bit deeper. The 10" will go deeper again on the slightly bigger bits & give you better ground coverage per sweep. But you are locked into that one 45 khz frequency. The EQ 800 has the 20 khz frequency & the 40 khz frequency to choose from. The 20 will get deeper gold than the 40 but the gold will need to be bigger. The 40 may not get that bigger deeper gold. Where as the 20 will get the smaller shallower gold that the 40 may miss. But the EQ 800 can also run both those frequencies together at the same time. The 11" coil on the EQ 800 being of an open web design is not ideal for gold prospecting....as Steve has pointed out, & sort of why I am sitting on the fence with it at the moment. I too would like a smaller elliptical coil. I am spoilt having the Zed. It is a weapon, just wish it had a smaller coil. Not so much for more sensitivity but for getting in to tighter places. The beauty of the PI detectors is that you can get heaps of different size & configurations of coils to wack on. I have from 25" round down to 6" round & all different size ellipticals. Each coil is/can be a game changer in both depth, sensitivity, & size of gold. As much as I love the Zed I just wish there was a smaller coil for it. Not so much for more sensitivity but just for being able to poke it into place I just can't get that 14" coil. I know I have already said that...but I just wish...& wish & I know I am not alone there. I have a LOT of places I can do that. The monsters 10" coil just doesn't get the depth I would get with a smaller coil on the Zed or my 4500. And the Zed gets some pretty small gold at amazing depths with the 14" coil. Still blows me away after more than a year of swinging it. If I only had the choice of one detector it would not be a VLF. And as much as I love the Zed, only having that one 14" coil (Oh ok....I do have the 19" coil too but have never even used it yet) it is really only able to be swung in open spaces & like I said I know of many many tight spots that I have done very well with my PI's. Because I can use a number of different size coils. Again the bonus of the PI's is the multitude of coils you can use. For open ground & tight spots. Deeper ground & bigger gold, small gold in shallower ground. The PI's also have a heap of settings the operator can choose from. That is a bit daunting at first & a BIG learning curve. But those settings are there for as reason & not just factory pre set but gives the operator many choices to run with what they want to get the best out of the machine for the ground conditions they are detecting in & depth & size of gold. That is what the PI's are all about. CHOICES. There are so many choices. So if I could only have one detector then it would be the 4500. It is so versatile. But because I have the choice I still have my 4500, Zed & a handfull of high frequency VLF's. Do I need the EQ 800? Probably not & as gold detecting is my interest & not coin & relics I would never use that side of the EQ. Time will tell but not right now. If I did get one right now it would just be my curiosity to put it up against the GM 1000 & the GB2. But as my main gold detecting isn't for tiny fly speck gold close to surface & millions of shotgun pellets I will wait & see how it does & what feedback comes in from the public with a bit of time under its belt. I still do believe it is an awesome bang for the buck detector for all the features it has & if I was into a bit of coin & relic, beach & park detecting. It would be a no brainer. The absolute reality, to me anyway, is that no one detector is going to do it all. I am talking just gold detecting here & not coin & relic as well. And that is that for the more serious of us gold detectorists, we will have more than one gold detector. At the very least, a Pulse induction machine &/or the mighty Zed & a high frequency VLF. They will pretty much cover all bases, on gold. Not all PI's are equal either. Minelab are the best by a country mile, for gold. IMHO & I have detected along side a few other makes. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    I didn't know where to post this but here seemed as good a spot as any. Ad blocking I have an Ad Blocker on my Google Chrome, the reason is to stop being bombarded with junk advertising and spyware and so on, however, there is a downside to this, genuine sites like this one which only has minor advertising and it's very unobtrusive helps pay for the site to exist in the first place. Once I noticed I rapidly disabled my ad blocker on this site, Steve deserves every penny that advertising brings in to keep the site up and running and as good as it is, so it would be absolutely fantastic if people using ad blocking can all disable it on this site, on my ublock origin it's simple to do, I click one little button and it will work on every other site but disable its ad blocking for this site. Most people like me probably haven't given it a thought, ad blocking is always on as a form of protection on most peoples Browser but I am sure you all agree the last thing we want to do is take revenue off Steve which would contribute to keeping the site running. Please Steve if I've put this in the wrong place move it to where it will be seen, I am sure everyone would happily follow my advice if they knew about it. It's the least we can do. Thanks everyone! Simon
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    I think they should stop shipping truckloads of them to Cabela's until they fill all those back orders. JMHO.
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    I was already paying full price plus shipping at Kco. Cabelas added the tax but my mental health is worth a few extra bucks. 4-7 days!
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    Equinox is a terrific machine in nearly all ways but I agree it will not truly come into its own as a nugget detector until nugget specific coils are made for it. I will be persevering with mine looking for gold because of what I have seen so far. Once this crazy late winter arctic freeze is over here in Reno I will get back at it and will post more results myself. Nearly all the nuggets I have found with Equinox so far registered a solid 1 - 3 reading and one a little higher at 6 if I recall correctly. But that is all really small stuff like a grain or less. Thanks Steve for that great Yuma report!
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    I dug a 9" silver dime and a 9" wheat with manual GB at 0 in my soil in NM. I think it works just fine
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    Default GB 0 does in fact give good depth. In my test garden it can detect my 8" nickel and 7" rivet. Now I must admit the audio is not as loud as when ground balancing is done, but to me it is sufficient when I can't get a solid GB. Hope this helps. I did try something new this evening using the park 1 choice. I did a manual GB then I switched to tracking. I made a note of the GB # and a few minutes later I checked the ground balance and it had in fact changed a couple numbers, so the function seems to be working correctly. Tip: After ground balancing and invoking auto track, just push the settings button and that will show you the actual BG # being tracked at that moment. Real neat how that works.
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    I'm using one right now and I will say I am very impressed. I haven't got as much time on it lately as I would like but just had a baby 2 weeks ago so pretty busy around here
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    Glad they arrived and that you like them.
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    So this is what I gather from the posts above and some of the others. (and forgive me for over simplifying my understanding due to not having a unit in hand). Park 1 or Field 1 may not hit 'harder' than Park 2 or Field 2... but they will be a lot more stable where other targets, including smaller targets exist. Park 2 or Field 2 give you the ability of cranking the Equinox into "6th gear" where there aren't as many competing targets, which allows the machine to be more sensitive to smaller and potentially deeper targets. I think of it a little like using my PI machine... I won't miss anything with the PI. It can pick up a flake of iron at 8 inches. But that isn't a positive when I'm hunting a location that is littered with flakes of iron and everything larger... The Equinox P1 and F1 are tuned to perform in these environments better than P2 or F2.. saving a lot of chasing bb sized targets (or smaller). Mike, to your comment, I haven't seen a lot of video footage on that assumption (which may be totally off base), but that is what I can gleen from what I have seen. Hopefully there will be some more comparison videos to help us understand those differences a little better. I can think of a few locations where I have spent a significant amount of time "clearing" the path for a hot machine... and other locations that I will thank the heavens for the tuning of P1 and F1 to work around the 'noise' in the ground. I am also very interested to see the difference between "1" and "2" in my mineralized ground... and honestly no video will tell me how it will perform out my back door. I need to have the machine in my hands for that. Tim.
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    Park 2 and Field 2 are “hotter” on small items and low conductors. This can be good or bad depending on what you are doing. A person hunting silver coins may not want extreme sensitivity to can slaw or coke. Put another way many people used to other detectors will think Park 1 and Field 1 are already hotter than what they are used to. Park 2 and Field 2 are so hot they can double as gold prospecting modes. I can hit a gold nugget weighing a half grain (that’s grain, not gram 480 grains per Troy ounce) in Park 2 or Field 2. Note that because the Equinox is a “hot” detector that many modes default to blocking target id 1 and 2 by default, as this helps a lot with can slaw, foil, and coke. However, this is also where tiny gold items and thin cut coins, thin chains, etc may appear. Personally I think Minelab did a terrific job with the Instruction Manual and the pages starting at 22 are worth reading several times until it really sinks in. Click the images below for larger versions.
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    Thank you Johndoe, first for making me work on a way to get a photo on the laptop (I used the microscope cam that I take shots of coins with, but I had to back the camera with the laptop almost 15 feet from the subject, good foto though), and second, (I must have missed reading the suggestion the first read over unless theres a way to edit a previous comment) your youTube suggestion, but I'm glad I came here first, I was sure it would be educational and/or informative. And it is. Thank you Steve, I've got a name or brand to work with. I'll take a look at te clip right now. Just noticed the edit button, using it to see how it goes, edit my previous finger slips, and comment after watching the clip that this is what I've got. I have a feeling it won't be good for fine gold. Previous to asking, I did look at the forum, hoping for a lead. I'll google and see if setup, operating, or manual are available for the Desert Fox. Then youTube.
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    Woke up this morning check Cabelas they're in stock I ordered mine
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    And here's a quick link to get you there fast to both the EQ 800 + 600 http://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=734095080&CQ_search=minelab+equinox&CQ_zstype=SAYT
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    Or does it seem like everyone else on planet earth already has their Equinox and is out having fun with it EXCEPT ME? You go on Facebook and there's another 5000 unboxing videos. Youtube? Forget it, all the good stuff is already dug up, waved around, and disappeared into some yay-hoo's digging bag. And all I can do is sit here and watch because I pulled a muscle in my leg a few days ago digging up a stupid pull-tab (thanks, DFX).
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    When I post a picture, I use screen capture. Then you should be able to right click the picture and check the properties are gone.
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    Crikey, desperate people do desperate things
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    Your learning curve time in some aspects will be cut. You'll be more ready to hit the ground sweeping.
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    I hope his warranty didn't date from September!
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    Regarding how "hot" the modes are relative to each other (a general indication of higher frequency bias and ability to hit harder on mid-conductors and small targets as well as sensitivity to hot rocks and salinity variations in salt water and wet sand), I always liked Steve's quick and dirty summary posted here: Of course gold mode is the hottest, followed by Park and Field 2, Park and Field 1 and finally the Beach modes.
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    A guy on one of the Facebook groups got his from KellyCo today. He said his invoice said September 21st. I ordered mine September 20th from them and haven’t heard a word... arrrgh!
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    I never count clad so I have no idea in change how much we found but after I believe almost 200 hours metal detecting, one woman's 14k heart-shaped Ruby with a diamond chip was it! I believe my best luck is to stay in the Keys for Spanish treasure I have a hookah dive system and I want to do more diving around all the small Islands and the sand bars where everybody hangs out and parties... After Hurricane Irma the beaches down here got the sand peeled right off of them! Sandbars moved hundreds of feet! But I was stuck up in Tarpon Springs working on some sailboats and didn't get back down here till 2 months ago!
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    Yes, MontAmmie. I was way more patient when nobody had one. Now it feels like I am one of the few that is still waiting. I put my name on the list on 9/22 and still have no idea when I might get one. Beach is starting to get resanded already and the hot weather is coming fast. I have the opposite prime detecting season of most of the country. Hoping to get mine before its too hot to detect the parks.
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    I'll be honest. My experience hunting in sand really is very limited. All I can say I used beach 1 today, Equinox busting deep pull tabs. I'll try field mode next time and see what happens. May even do some head to heads comparing modes.
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    I bet the defaults for GB are well thought out and we will find out by trial and error in our own soil types if something works better than the default. I always ran GB tracking on my xterra 705. I suspect I'll do the same much of the time when I get my nox
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    I used to live in Key west while in the Navy. Regretfully well not so regretfully I was into fishing and not into detecting at the time.
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    Tim, I think you have it. EXACTLY correct, and I can't wait to try it.
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    Been watching Great Basin Man for a couple o' years now, here's his latest! Awesome Spot never quits producing! The gold coin vid is from 2017. Cheers Ig
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    Believe me you're not alone! Look at this beach the only thing missing is me and my Equinox! I've even been having dreams of all the good finds in my pouch! I guess Cabelas website is going to be like a fish laying on the shore with a bunch of us Buzzard's flying above waiting to strike
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    Awesome, I believe you’ve found the mother load. As far as left overs go. Me, I’d take those piles down layer by later. You said you found speckled ore. Crush it all. It adds up. Sounds like the tellurides in Colorado. After you get that all cleaned up. I’d work every direction for at least five hundred feet. Especially down hill of the mine for material that got away. Look for their trails, could’ve dropped high grade on their way out. Dropped a bag or two, busted open. Who knows. I would most certainly at least work parallel to existing mine. You may find an unseen stringer or vein just below the ground. Seriously, if your the first to be there since the miners left. I’d work the poop outta it. Good Luck. And enjoy!!! Terry
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    I love the target ID numbers on the Equinox, there is also a horsepower rawness to the 800 when in Gold Mode that I prefer over the simplicity of the Gold Monster. My son who has had no real experience with VLF type detectors preferred the Gold Monster thanks to the less complex feedback "switch on and go" detect type approach. If the ground becomes too variable both units will start to struggle requiring the operator to back off on the sensitivity, in hot variable ground that is the only way to deal with mineralisation on this type of detector. Reducing sensitivity reduces depth in a rapidly sliding scale, in those situations the rapidly sliding scale goes the other way for MPS, ZVT style detectors, so just like in real estate, Location, Location, Location. JP
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    A trusted friend who tests detectors found not much depth difference between the two models. The Multi Kruzer has enough features to keep him happy.
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    Part of this problem is that a lot of different things get called "tailings" by prospectors and some are worth detecting and others not. True tailings from a cyanide plant are crushed to be like fine beach sand, usually tan colored and will have no gold that can be found with a detector. Mine "tailings" such as broken rock that is the waste from the workings of an underground hard rock mine (normally dumped out near portals and shafts) are not crushed, they will have all sizes of rock from small sand to boulders. These can be very worthwhile, I've found some nice gold in them, it just depends on the mine and the type of gold they found. Some mines only produce very fine dust sized gold, while others can produce coarser, chunkier gold that is easily detected. Placer "tailings" are the materials that have been run through the sluice of a gravel mine. They may or may not have some nice gold depending on the type of sluice they ran and how much gold-quartz was in the gravel. I made my first trip to Montana this last fall.......
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    Thanks Wes, the adaptors turned up today by post from the USA to Aus which was in my book pretty quick I reckon. Wes has done a very good job on these and I just need a bit of time to get out and try them, I'm sure they will be great. Thanks again Wes. cheers dave
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    I thought it would be cool to encourage folks to share their finds big or small. It seems most only post their finds when it’s a gold ring or old silver but most days for me look like this. Today I got out to my ranch permission and after 2 hours I came away with these keepers on the Deus. The war nickel is a 43, 10 yen coin, a 1950 cinco centavo, a Pisces medallion, an old ring of unknown origin and 4 wheats.
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    Several old lantern parts... 5-6 bullets, 6-7 22 casings, insides to an old watch. Cool looking key of sorts...1 Lincoln memorial, one crusty zink, two vintage bottle caps. several pieces of copper wire, and lots of other junk....was hunting an old hotel site...that has been beat to hell by me and others but it was nice to get out and swing for a couple hours. strick
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    Yesterday i finished work early in the evening and i got home and had some sleep till 1am this morning . I got the Explorer 11 and drove to the beach for a 2am start . I went straight to the normally best beaches and saw that the beaches had some cuts , though not very good ones . So i started and immediately i found coins and mostly it just stayed that way . Except for a few quiet and built up places . At around 6.30am i saw someone else detecting and we chatted for a while then went our own way . At 8am i finished and went home . The finds for this morning were a 1905 Edward V11 Silver Threepence , a very worn Young head Victoria Penny and a 1942 Irish Penny , 2 x 50 Euro Cents and a 10 Euro Cent and another foreign coin and £80.67p in stendable coinage . There were no gems about today which i was surprised at . My next search will be on Wednesday morning , i might be a bit knackered from work though . I finish work 12.30am that morning and need to get the Bus at 4.30am , tide is out sometime after 8am .
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    Looking for the club token today and this barber dime showed up. It was pretty deep but no problem. I continue to be impressed with the Equinox!
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    There are several problems with releasing early information on projects. One is that it gives competitors a heads-up and allows them to react quicker, maybe even preempt our efforts. Second, it can bring sales to a dead stop if people decide to wait for the Next Big Thing. Yes, it can freeze competitor sales as well, which might outweigh the negatives. Third, sometimes things just don't work out the way we planned, and those early sneak peeks come back to bite us hard. If, ferinstance, you're still waiting on a CZX or a Mosca, well, my point exactly. FTP has a lot of stuff going on. I think it will be really good stuff and may even get us out in front for a change. But things don't move at a lightning pace at FTP, nor are things highly predictable. I thought the new PI machine would be getting released this Spring, which is partly why information on it got leaked. Not Spring. And since I can't predict exactly when it will be ready, I won't even try. The "5 new machines over the next 4 years" should rightfully elicit a chorus of yawns from everyone here. I don't even know why Marketing says stuff like that. The reality is, if all we can muster is 5 new machines over the next 4 years, then I probably should be fired. Expect more, and demand more. But don't expect a 5-year roadmap.
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    Just imagine how much faster you would be getting older, not getting out ??? I'm in the same boat !!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!