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    Well i am headed back north to Wyoming this Tuesday so my time in the desert is done for this year ,did not find any thing big but had a great time down here detecting with my brother and all the rest of our friends here you know who you are,Thanks for the memories and good times. Here are our desert finds
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    Out yesterday and found this nice little Yuma gold specimen ,not a big find but a nice one just a bit over 2 grams
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    Hey all, received my 600 today and had just a few minutes to play with it before having other things to attend to. Searched my yard where I have pounded with my older Whites detectors and got a solid 21-22 signal in Park 1 mode. Out popped this button! Got it ID'd as a Golden Age Button dating from 1834-1843. Needless to say for my very first and only hole for the day I was very happy. Will hopefully get a chance to get out tomorrow and mess around some more and see what else I missed!
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    Official word from Minelab, “Our goal is to fulfill all backorders by end of March”. This is not to say everyone will be waiting that long. Batches will be going out periodically with the second batch shipping shortly.
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    Great day out yesterday with my mate Bazza , sun was shinning bull ants where biting and them march flies where the size of small planes lol. Hit a new spot just out of Cressy and worked an area no bigger that 15 meters x 15 meters and came up with 14 little bits and some nice little bits in quartz. GPZ SDC combo with a lot of raking shoulders a little sore this morning. Still having trouble running in normal, seem to be digging a lot of ghost targets around them trees but i just can't walk away. (any advice would be great) Hope everybody is getting yellow. Regards Rockett.
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    Well, I must say today was very interesting in more ways than one. I went back to the old high school again today expecting to dig more nickles. That didn't happen, but, I was able, after digging quite a few beaver tails, to call then before digging them. They rang up in my soil at 11-12 solid hits. Yesterday the nickles read a solid 13, I did get fooled a couple times by ring tabs. I was able to dig my first silver today, a 41 Merc at 4-5" read 24-26, it was a screamer. I was running 5 tones, recovery at 5, 0 iron bias, sens at 20, park mode1 manual GB. After a couple of hours of digging a dozen or so small items that read from 8-19, I decided to cherry pick. I went into Park 2, 2-tones, recovery speed at 4, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23. I was only able to hit a wheat sitting on top of the ground where a pipe had been put in and then a copper bracket about an 1" long at 9". This is where it gets interesting. I got the hit on the bracket , very intermittent high tone, very iffy hit. I knew before digging how deep it was by using my Periscope Probe, I hit it at a solid 9" I decided to run thru each mode to test how each one would sound, each mode hit the target, but, not very clean. This was the eye opener, when I came back to Park 1, the signal cleaned up considerably. The tone was cleaner and more consistent, then I remembered reading in the quick start guide that Park 1 was for general hunting and coins, while Park 2 was for fine jewelry. I'm only guessing, but, Park 2 must use a different set of frequencies than Park 1. I quickly did a master reset and modified Park 1 to 2-tones, recovery speed at 5, tone break set to -9 -20 with the volume turned all the way down, lowest tone pitch possible, manual GB, sens 23 I worked my way back to my car getting ready to leave. On my final pass I get a repeatable high tone and a bouncing 23 every other pass. When I pinpointed the number stayed at 23. Again, using my Periscope, I made contact with the target at 9" cut the plug, dug out the dirt down to the 9" mark. I located the target again with my probe, took my finger and pulled the dirt off the coin exposing a shiny looking coin You can see in the photo the dirt I pulled off the coin. I measured the depth and sure enough, a little over 9" That's exactly what I was hoping to see, deep silver , proper ID on top of that. I scanned the hole again and got another hit off to the side about 6", repeatable, ID at 24-25 down 7". I'm thinking double silver baby!!! Well, it turned out to be a jack :) I left there thinking it may be time to sell my new CTX, I don't think I'll be using it any time soon, why would I??? I had a Deus, Etrac and now the CTX in the last 3 years, I may get beat up for this, but, I see no need for having any other machine after seeing what I've witnessed in just 9 hours of hunting. I've been hunting on and off for almost 30 years, I'm very excited about this machine and the potential once someone puts in the time necessary to master it. I've gone from being a believer to being a knower after what I've seen in just 2 days!!! BTW....In 2-tones, Iron Bias is not adjustable, the option isn't avaialble. Also, I've decided I'll need to video a few of the deeper hits before digging so that I don't get called out for exaggerating my digs.
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    I took my EQ to an old high school that I've been hunting for the last few years to see what the Nox could do. I started off in park 1 and the very first target was a solid 13 within 3 minutes, turned out to be a 1912 V-nickle at close to 5", I did my happy dance and knew this was going to be a fun machine. First impressions, of course, light, very fast and the responses left no doubt when you hit a good target. I'm not 100% sold on the sound of the wireless head phones, I think I'll end up using my Killer B's when I find the adapter for the WM08 I'll say this, nickles lock on 13 solid. I ended up with a double nickle trifecta, first time for me. 2 V-nickles, 2 buffs and 2 Jefferson's came out within the first hour. I found that customizing is very easy on fly if you can remember what the advanced settings do. I love that I can adjust the tones and the breaks much like my CTX and it's very easy to do so. Overall, I feel like it was worth all the waiting and can't wait to get a better grasp of what this machine can really do after a few more outings. I did dig a 9" wheat, the numbers bounced, but, I did get a repeatable high tone, very impressive!! I'm somewhat handicapped when it comes to relating what I'm thinking and being able to articulate it. If you have a question, fire away.
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    I got my 800 from Bill on Thursday. It could have been Tuesday but that is another story. I charged it up and went out to my favorite beaches late in the afternoon. I put on my gear and headed for the wet area I normally hunt. I was using the WM8 with a wire to the supplied headphones. So ... where was the 'bang?' Where was the 'blow my socks off' sort of performance? It was muffled, hard to hear ... disappointing. What was I missing. I was already starting to write the new threads about the lack of 'wow power' I had seen and read about. I found a few coins and pieces but I was underwhelmed by this new detector. I called a friend and told him I'd bite my tongue a bit because it had to be me. I was doing something wrong. I made a couple of tentative posts until I could get out to my testing area with better knowledge. I did and WOW! I laid out some coins, a ring, some gold nuggets, keys and other stuff. This time I started without headphones and it was amazing. The sounds were loud and clear and the entire detector resonates when you get over a target. What had I done on my first trip? (I'll tell you later.) The recovery was fast and adjustments easy (although there are more) and switching between modes was good for the targets can sound different. One of my first tasks was to take my nugget chips I use for my 7000 and Gold Bug Pro and test in all the modes for them. No problem on these which got me excited. I could see these little nuggets in all the modes with all of the tone choices. Gold, single tone could be swung over little nuggets quickly and still sound off! This was just a surface test but it was strong, much stronger than Gold Bug Pro. I'll have to try with the 3030 and its coils. I placed a ring near a .1g nugget. It separates the signal in multi and single frequency. Oh my. My appraisal just went up higher. When I added the headphones then I was blown away. I had to turn the volume way down from my first day at the beach. Why? Well, in that session I had used the WM8 as I used the 10 and 12 before. Plug in the headphones and detect. I've added the JP booster recently and that helps (I didn't use it with the 800 as not necessary) but I forgot a KEY step. I'm embarrassed to say I used the headphones the first session without turning them on. Oh my goodness. No excuses, just plain stupidity. Now you know why I am blown away by what I can hear now. This is certainly a different type of detector for me and I'm looking forward to all of the different ways I can see the ground I'm working. Targets will be hard to hide. Steve's 'faith based' detector will blow some socks off I'm sure. It already has. I'm wondering where to go as we speak which is what a good, performing detector should cause us to think. When you get yours I think you will understand.
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    Hi guys, Had intentions to head off for a full days mission that required a bit of a drive to get where I wanted to go. The weather put a stop to that. Woke to heavy rain & a few phone calls to people in the area I was heading said it was just drizzling & not looking to settle in. An hour later they phoned back to say, no it is bucketing down. So that was that. Did a few chores around home & just after midday the rain was over & the sun was out. Too late in the day to head where I wanted to so I just did a local area close to home for the afternoon. The usual old timer worked ground where they had exposed a lot of schist bedrock that is up on edge like pages of a book. The ideal gold trap if gold has passed over it. Which it obviously had & the old boys didn't get all of it but it is getting very hard to ping gold here now as I have thrashed it over the years. With the Zed & the hot settings......well....I have learned that anything on any given day is possible. I needed to go for a walk, & what better place to do it. So with the B&Z twin speaker set up purring away, The Zed on high yield/normal. Soil smoothings off, sensitivity on 19, I was into it. My very first signal, or was it, was very iffy to say the least. Another of those, was it imagined or was there something there. Not one of those hits that really pulls you up. But I was swinging very slowly & lightly scrapping the schist bedrock. Only one way to be sure. Scrape a bit of the schist out. Well...that improved the "imagined" signal. And it wasn't a shot gun pellet. .05 of a gram but off to a good start. First signal....first bit of gold. Hope that continues. It didn't but the odds turned out to be not to bad all up. The bonus of having been over this ground so many times over the years is that there isn't much rubbish left, nor gold too to be honest, but also I know where the "hot" spots are so focus on those. My next signal was another faint whisper from a crevice in the schist bedrock. Two crevices & it took a little bit of scrapping to work out which one had the signal. But we got there. Another small one at .10 of a gram. Twice as big as the first piece. You will notice a pattern developing with the schist bedrock, the angle of the schist & the up on edge like pages of a book nature of the schist, & the gold all being in the same location deep within those folds of the schist. Next signal was a better hit & had me smacking out a fair bit of soft schist to get down to it. It started out like the crevice above it & the signal was still in there. Ye Ha. Finally it was out .52 of a gram. WOW...over half a gram. 5 times the size of the 2nd piece. Things are looking up. Next signal was exactly the same type of scenario. Again, deep into the folds of the schist. But not as deep & not as "big" but I will take it. I called it quits after that one. So four for not even one gram but it was a fun afternoon & only half a dozen shot gun pellets. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
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    I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the extremely difficult position that dealers have been put in with the announcement and subsequent staged and allocated release of the Equinox. Having been a dealer and manufacturer's rep in a past life (though not in the metal detector field), I very much understand the unenviable position Minelab dealers have been in. Who would have thought in September, dealers included, that when the Equinox was announced there needed to be a strategy on WHICH preorder list get on. Maybe it was my naiveté that helped me assume that any preorder list would ensure I received my E800 when it was released, along with everyone else on the various lists across the country. The reality is, I should have researched and called around and found a small dealer with the Minelab rep status, with the shortest preorder list possible.... as it turned out, I jumped on the preorder list with my "go to" dealer (and many other's "go to" dealer) the day after the Equinox was announced, and I was #11. My dealer's first shipment was 2 units. Through therapy and self medication, I am learning to live with that decision ;) Here is where I offer my shout out. My dealer, and I am sure all dealers, have been fielding questions for the past 5 months about what they know, when the units would be released, and why haven't the customers received theirs yet. I am certain that dealers are dealing with hundreds, and potentially thousands of emails and phone calls. I can't speak for all the dealers... but giving the difficult position of middle man between Minelabs allocated distribution waves, and hungry detectorists... my dealer has been nothing but professional and quick to answer any reasonable question I posed. Being in customer service, especially when there are delays in delivering the product, is one of the toughest and most underappreciated jobs in the world. So..... Dealers... I appreciate you. :) Tim (Future Equinox E800 owner - date TBD)
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    I purchased an Equinox 800 hoping to put a little more fun into gold prospecting and try my hand a coin/relic detecting. I've put about 5 hrs detecting time in, first in a really trashy shallow bedrock wash then in running through old drywash tailings. 5 hrs is not enough to really get to know the machine and I was not able to get that coil over undug gold, but some initial observations can be shared. In the shallow bedrock, littered with bits of ancient decomposing food cans from an old mine camp, Nox is awesome. I ran it in the standard Gold I setting, with no discrimination. The rotting can trash was unmistakable in the -3 to -5 VDI reading. Modern steel items like machine fittings etc, sometimes ran up to +2, but lead and my test nuggets consistently gave VDI of 8 to 10. A 1 gram test nugget consistently hits 9 to 10. Hot rocks show up in the -7, -8 range. In the drywash tailings, I was looking for depth and the ground was a little hotter. I ran in Gold II with the sensitivity between 19 and 21 where conditions allowed. Again, ferrous trash was unmistakable with good logical VDI numbers. I ran into a lot of hot rocks in the -8 VDI. Given that I could not get the coil over undug gold, I opted to do a little testing with test nuggets. First, a .2 gram nugget sounded off perfectly to about 3 inches, VDI at depth is iffy. I think more depth is possible on that size with a little more tweaking. Then, a 1 gram nugget down 6 inches in the fine drywash tailings. Tone was unmistakable, but the VDI was all over the place. I went down 8 inches and the tone was clear, but now the VDI starting hitting at -8, the same place as a hundred hot rocks I had been over and had quit digging. I'm still not sure how to interpret that bit. More practice and more testing. Ideally, an undug target is the place for that, I just need to get over one. My one gripe is that the coil is very bump sensitive. That spoke design catches on brush and the tops of rocks causing a hard chirp from machine. A few times I was trying to work that 11 inch coil down between rocks and every bump gave me a chirp or 2. It really breaks the concentration when you're trying to find those whisper signals. At this point I would not opt for the 800 as my exclusive gold prospecting machine. Good thing I have the workhorse GPZ for that.
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    I posted about 6 weeks ago that my GPZ 7000 lost its threshold I sent it in and they replace the control box and that didn't fix it so I sent it back in and they replace the whole thing now. In the meantime I thought why don't I use the SDC 2300 and I found some gold with the backup
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    I discovered a week or so ago that the American one dime is 7½% smaller than the Australian five cents I normally use, so I bought one on ebay. I think a couple of bucks is a small price to pay to get bigger gold. Here is some pieces I got on my last outings. They`re way bigger now.
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    Australia had the first batch of Equinox 600 & 800's delivered yesterday. I was very lucky, I use a small local retailer and his list was not too long plus he had a couple of people not quite ready for their equinox. Totally unexpected but I got his call late yesterday. I was at the store just after he opened this morning (Saturday here) I only put my name down late December but happily scored one of the 10x 800's delivered to him from Minelab. Charging up as I type. Lets hope a good number got rolled out to fellow Aussies as we cannot have the Americans having all the fun.. Great summer weather here so no snow or ice to contend with. (just sunburn and the heat) cheers and happy swinging To all those patiently waiting, I hope time goes quick and delivery to you comes early.
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    Land Matters is going through growing pains. The Land Matters website volume has been doubling every two weeks. A month ago there were usually 35 - 50 people making maps at any given time day or night. Now there are around 200 - 250 people creating maps at the same time. That's a much bigger load on our servers and resulted in some stress on the mapping system. That's led to some glitches. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We are actively "tuning" our servers to deliver more maps for more people. The system is running much smoother now but with continued tuning there will be occasional slowdowns, it's unavoidable but we will try to keep any disruptions to a minimum. We like it that more people are discovering Land Matters every day. We are setting up the Land Matters servers to handle a lot more traffic now so we won't be having problems in the future. Please bear with us over the next week or two as we build a faster more responsive website for you.
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    I was able to obtain an exclusive photo of round 2 of the Equinox 800's shipping out.
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    Default setting park 1 mode, but it appears the ID didnt change through the different frequencies or modes like the Deus does here are the items i used for the results http://i65.tinypic.com/sec9cy.jpg http://i67.tinypic.com/n5fqrp.jpg http://i64.tinypic.com/qyvo8p.jpg ]http://i63.tinypic.com/2afaj6g.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/35d5aut.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/5mkpk.jpg
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    Took delivery today of what I think might be the first production Equinox in the state. Got an email from my dealer, Gerry, who said his first batch had arrived earlier today and I was free to come down whenever to pick it up. Naturally, I immediately high-tailed down there on my lunch break. It's a beautiful day and my backyard test garden awaits, which is making it awfully hard to get anything done at the office this afternoon! The floodgates indeed are open as all the reports start coming in from around the country. I'm going to put this machine through the paces and compare notes with all the other new Equinox owners and see what kind of performance we can wring out of this nifty new Minelab. Thank you Gerry, you're the best. You really know how to take care of your customers. And greetings from beautiful Boise Idaho!
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    Or does it seem like everyone else on planet earth already has their Equinox and is out having fun with it EXCEPT ME? You go on Facebook and there's another 5000 unboxing videos. Youtube? Forget it, all the good stuff is already dug up, waved around, and disappeared into some yay-hoo's digging bag. And all I can do is sit here and watch because I pulled a muscle in my leg a few days ago digging up a stupid pull-tab (thanks, DFX).
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    I sure don't like digging them do you? So what can a user do, that's easy to expose a lot of them, so you don't waste your time digging. This procedure here seems to work for me although I haven't swept all known steel bottlecaps. An Equinox 800 user will have it a tad easier doing. Using multi frequency can expose some bottle caps with lower target ID, even scratchy tone, but why stand over one trying to decipher when there is I think a better way to be more conclusive. Try the following at home on a few. Sweep using multi frequency - Noting ID in the meter. Then toggle to 5khz and sweep and note meter reading. Notice anything? You should see rather high ID- a lot higher than you witnessed using multi frequency. Try doing the above using piece of gold jewelry, a nickel, any low or mid conductor (nonferrous). And see if they when compared using multi frequency and 5khz, ID as the steel bottlecaps do. Now a model 600 user has 2 options to get to 5khz to check- Either cycle over to 5khz using freq button, or have a detect mode set up with 5khz then scroll to the mode you selected to install 5khz. Equinox 800 model users can do the above, but easier to have a program saved using your user profile button. Then all you have to do is hit this button to check a suspect target, and when done hit the user profile button again and you are back to your detect program you were using initially. Give this a try. Btw, what happens if you hit a gold ring say, that reads low like 12 using Mulit freq, and cycle and check using 5 kHz, Well it may read very similar to what it read using Mulit freq or lower or not at all (usually deeper ). If this happens this would likely show what's under your coil is not a steel bottlecap. Don't confuse aluminum twist caps for steel bottlecaps. Unfortunately aluminum twist caps there are no "not even" close ways to discern them from a possible good nonferrous target. They will ID like some coins can, even some worthy jewelry, etc. Most bottlecaps will read ID wise lower than the copper and silver coins, but high quality caps like off Corona beer bottles can read more near even in the coin range, you hit these with 5khz they should read real high comparing to ID attained using multi frequency,. Now some folks might not dig the signals that report typically in the 10-17 range, but passing on such ID targets could infact make you miss a nice nonferrous find. The procedure above I think will help put some odds in your favor for distinguish bottle caps.
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    My new F-Pulse was delivered today and I got and chance to do a brief field test... I'm very impressed! It feels solid and fits perfectly in hand. No falsing when you shake or bend it. It's quite stable at full sensitivity and DEEP... So deep I'm able to use it like a 1" coil and perform an ultra-precise pinpoint on coins. That enables a surgical extraction on manicured lawns. Carl you did a great job on this project, thanks! Now get back to work on some new detectors 😄
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    Looks to be a VMI Cadet. More cleaning will follow. Vest size , two piece.
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    Got mine yesterday . Started charging it and massive storm so turned it off (didn't want an electrical spike ) so this morning ready . Went and did some playing in an awkward area . After this I will have to book in for an operation to seperate me and the Nox from each other .But wait for this big result . Hubby ( Mr Critic ) loves loves loves it . Bugger .......as it looks like we will be getting 2 and I will have to dig my own holes 😡 When we went to pick up our Nox our son had already paid for it . So when we eventually get another does that count as getting two for the price of one 😂😂😂 . Big Nox night coming up on the beach tonight
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    Well, as several others have been posted, having been fortunate to be receiving an Equinox this week, I got a totally surprise, unexpected text from my dealer today with a tracking number attached! I spoke with him a few days ago, and was under the impression that he had "missed out" on the first batch of machines, being the small dealer that he is. Guess not! I was #2 on his list, and he got two! I was expecting it would be several more weeks, before I might see mine! I guess it's time for me to find a way to shift gears, shift the schedule around, load-shed a few things, and get ready to do some Equinox testing!!! LOL! Steve
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    If you have ferrous rejected you can get high tone false signals from ferrous. Accepting ferrous so that you can hear the ferrous low tone component of the signal will eliminate the vast majority of ferrous because you will then discern the target is throwing off 95% low tones with a few high tone squeaks. Equinox is super powerful, and you will find many targets can be detected well away from the perimeter of the coil. Back the coil off center of the target, and a bottle cap that squeaks high when you are dead over it will go massively ferrous if approached from the perimeter. That said, I highly recommend continuing to dig in excess while incorporating these types of “tricks” to gain confidence in your ability to separate ferrous from non-ferrous. No detector situation is 100% predictable due to ground conditions. Mixed trash in the ground with a good item can also give mixed signals i.e. something like a dime in a hole with three nails. What I have found is I can pass on nearly all ferrous when I want to, but when I get aggressive looking for that dime in the same hole as nails my ferrous take will jump way up. There is a balance there you have to reach because digging too much trash wastes time that could be better used going after better targets. In areas pounded for decades however only the most aggressive techniques will get results. We have to decide for ourselves as individuals where that line is drawn. You just did what I would do with any new detector. Dig darn near everything while paying attention to responses and experiment with settings like iron bias. So far I have run mine at zero since it was a late addition to the feature set and I was too busy to mess with it at all. I don’t mind digging a little junk and in fact worry if I don’t!
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    I JUST GOT THE CALL !!!!! Im in the first round I'm shaking with excitement 💋 I couldn't drive there I'd have an accident . 😍
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    Cal: I spent 21 years at Analog Devices & Maxim doing chip design. Our road maps were highly confidential, shared only with key customers under NDA. Most competitive new product development is done that way, whether chips or cars or metal detectors. As you point out, Minelab gave no hint of what they were working on until a few months prior to release, except to key people. When I was at White's I used to be a bit more liberal with development information, partly because there was no Marketing Dept to keep me in check, but also because it was some pretty exciting stuff. None of that exciting stuff ever made it to market, and it wasn't because it didn't work, but rather other factors. Maybe it will some day. At FTP I tend to keep a lot quieter about what we're doing, not because I'm not just as excited -- I am -- but because I don't want to make grandiose claims that may not live up to the hype. (Plus, Marketing has a big club, and it hurts.) Hell, I'm even pretty quiet within the company, not even telling the boss (and especially not Marketing!) what I'm working on. My preference is to get it working first, then I can make promises I know I can deliver. Steve: 25 years ago Minelab was dismissed as a nobody. 10 years ago XP was dismissed as a nobody. Today, I hear the same kind of talk about other New Kids, and I wag my finger at the naysayers. Never dismiss anyone, it's arrogant. But you're right, my job is simple: get a new product out. To that end, I have largely locked myself in the lab, and I'm finally making good progress. The pinpointer was unfortunate diversion that's now (mostly) over, and I still have other diversions and commitments, but the Main Event is high priority and making progress. Beyond that, I got nothin' to say until I got something to show. --Carl
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    Park 2 and Field 2 are “hotter” on small items and low conductors. This can be good or bad depending on what you are doing. A person hunting silver coins may not want extreme sensitivity to can slaw or coke. Put another way many people used to other detectors will think Park 1 and Field 1 are already hotter than what they are used to. Park 2 and Field 2 are so hot they can double as gold prospecting modes. I can hit a gold nugget weighing a half grain (that’s grain, not gram 480 grains per Troy ounce) in Park 2 or Field 2. Note that because the Equinox is a “hot” detector that many modes default to blocking target id 1 and 2 by default, as this helps a lot with can slaw, foil, and coke. However, this is also where tiny gold items and thin cut coins, thin chains, etc may appear. Personally I think Minelab did a terrific job with the Instruction Manual and the pages starting at 22 are worth reading several times until it really sinks in. Click the images below for larger versions.
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    24 f here rt.now. I like warm country...Enjoy the ride! Ig
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    I know I'm not the first, but maybe there are a few items in here that are not on other charts... Steve
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    Well I was able to search my yard for a few hours today and really give it a good go today to see what my older machines were missing. I was VERY impressed with how the 600 performed in a yard that I have pounded many times. I started off with a very small flat button about 8 inches deep. Was a great signal and registered 14-15. I ended up getting 4 wheats in places I KNOW I have been over numerous times with my other detectors, some were deep and some were right next to trash but the recovery speed directly helped me get one of these between two pieces of iron. I was pulling out some very deep signals. And was very impressed. I was in Park 1 mode in 5 tone in multi. I'm finding out my yard is either much more trashy than I originally thought or the equinox is a little noisy. I'm assuming it's the trash. I had to turn the sensitivity down to about 17 to keep it somewhat stable. It still rang loud and clear for those great signals though! Need to try and mess with the settings some. It honestly feels like I'm searching a brand new yard with all the signals that opened up. I'll have a lot more exploring to do and hopefully I can squeak out some silver soon! So far so good though! Thanks guys!
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    went for a short hunt this evening and realized most targets i dug were deeper than i normally dug with my deus or ctx... i was averaging 8- 9 inches in the tot lot sand a few times i wondered if I pinpointed them right but after digging a bit more my carrot finally picked up targets... very impressed so far, just scares me I may have to dig that deep in the rock hard AZ dirt lol
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    This one is interesting because if any of you are familiar with Terry, he may be the worlds number one Tesoro Fan. I mean seriously so. And with that said.... http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/equinox/569005-first-beach-hunt-equinox-600-a.html
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    I'm a dealer and at no stage have Minelab told me I would have stock in January. As frustrating as it is fielding constant questions about Equinox I look at each and every inquiry as a contact point with my regular customer base but also an opportunity to make contact with potential new customers. It is better to have the phones and emails running hot than be sitting in a quiet shop during the off season (obviously things would be different the other side of the equator except for those dealers further north who are snow bound). I'm not trying to defend Minelab just state the facts, at no stage have Minelab told me I would have stock before this past week. I too am seeing people across the globe un-boxing and enjoying their new toys while my customers are asking "when's mine arriving", knowing that I will only have a limited supply from the first batch when they finally do arrive. At the end of the day it is what it is and all I can do is be patient, to my mind how I deal with customer inquiries at this stage is just good investment in any future dealings I have with them. BTW We are still waiting on stock. JP
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    “Now that EQUINOX pre-orders are starting to get to their owners, here are a few beach and water hunting tips to help you hit the sand running! The basics are covered by the Getting Started Guide and the online Instruction Manual, so I’ll just cut to the chase by sharing a few of my experiences using the EQUINOX 800 on the beach and in the water. I will start by saying this detector has a little of everything that I like about my favorite Minelab metal detectors. It’s waterproof, lightweight, easy-to-use, and most importantly, the Beach Mode and Multi-IQ technology works exceptionally well at salt-water beaches.“ Read the full story at Treasure Talk... https://www.minelab.com/anz/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/equinox-for-beach-and-water-hunting
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    Glad to see one of my Customers ALL SMILES. Yes Wayfarer, get out there and use it. Jackpine, You got me thinking..I actually have some of Boise's Finest as my customers. 3 of the Police Search Team were in the shop last week getting their new Crime Scene Detectors. I'll be training them in the next few weeks.
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    A little battery FYI..... It seems that the battery run time has been on a few forums as to needing a power bank. I think, seeing what I saw today, the only time one might need a power bank is, if your out in the wild and can't charge your battery for a day or two. Or, you forgot to charge your batteries the night before. I think the latter situation will more of a problem that the first for most hunters, I could be wrong. I ran my EQ today for 5 1/2 hrs straight, using the wireless head phones and used 1 bar. After seeing that, I'm holding off on getting a power bank. I never ran into the situation on my CTX where I needed to use the AA battery pack, even though I always had one on hand. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to keeping my battery charged, my habit after every hunt is to pull my battery and start charging. I don't I'll ever use a full charge in a days hunt at my age, there was a day ,but, that day is gone.
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    Yesterday i finished work early in the evening and i got home and had some sleep till 1am this morning . I got the Explorer 11 and drove to the beach for a 2am start . I went straight to the normally best beaches and saw that the beaches had some cuts , though not very good ones . So i started and immediately i found coins and mostly it just stayed that way . Except for a few quiet and built up places . At around 6.30am i saw someone else detecting and we chatted for a while then went our own way . At 8am i finished and went home . The finds for this morning were a 1905 Edward V11 Silver Threepence , a very worn Young head Victoria Penny and a 1942 Irish Penny , 2 x 50 Euro Cents and a 10 Euro Cent and another foreign coin and £80.67p in stendable coinage . There were no gems about today which i was surprised at . My next search will be on Wednesday morning , i might be a bit knackered from work though . I finish work 12.30am that morning and need to get the Bus at 4.30am , tide is out sometime after 8am .
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    UPDATE: I am happy to say that after a factory reset and running it or about 2 hours this morning, no more shutdowns. Now I just need to get on some good ground to search. All I am finding around the house are modern bullets, old plow blades, and shotgun brass. I did find one old shotgun brass that from what others have posted online could make it 100 years old.
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    Let's save our finds for six months using the Equinox and do a show and tell
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    I picked up my Eq from my local dealer on Wed. Nice valentines gift , I must add!. I charged everything last nite, loaded everything in my truck this am, and drove 70 miles to my favorite beach area. 75 degrees today. Perfect day for forgetting about work. i hunted for 5.5 hrs. I used the 2 park settings only . I auto ground cancelled, noise cancelled, ran the sensitivity 20-22. turned up the volume a few notches in the detector, and maxed the headphones. Man I sure love cordless headphones. I also turned up the threshold so I could barely hear it. Thats about all te settings I messed with today. The beach here in the Ozarks consists of rocks, rocks, rocks, with some areas have dark red clay in between, and some areas have a bit of sand. Its tough ground. My se pro I had found its share of hot rocks here, but I did pretty well with it here. Numerous other detectors I have used were very chatty, I had to turn down the sensitivity to make them run stable, but then they had no depth. Running the EQ , the threshold sounded like machine gun fire as I went. And yet the detecor ran smooth. I think the IQ part was cancelling out the bad ground. 22 was a bit high on sensitivity, so I dropped to 20, that took out the falsing I was getting on the sweeps. Running in Park 1 reminded me of the se pro I had. Rather quiet, but barked well on coins. That program is geared more for coins, or biased more towards lower frequencies. Park 2 , and man, the ground came alive. Its set up more for jewelry, and higher freqs. BUT, I also dug alot more of everything in this mode, including trash! lots of iron, bottlecaps were a real pain, as they read all over the place. Also Alum pulltabs were all over as well, but there are also a great variety of shapes and thicknesses here, as some get tumbled in the waves for years , and become very thin. I did not disc anything out, as I was hoping for that elusive gold ring, but no luck. I have not found one here in over 7 years. I have found a few dozen silver rings . Not many rich folk use this beach. The EQ handles the bad dirt/ rocks real well. Good depth, and accurate target ID at depth. 7" was the deepest today. One target read 20-22, which is a cent. I dug down and hit a nickel at 7". That ID is off! in the same hole, I found a 5" dime, then a cent, and 2 large rusty steel fish hooks.! Machine is comfy to swing all day. I'm 59 , and my arm held up real well. Unit also seperates targets real well. I finished the day with 7 nickels, 8 dimes, 8 quarters, and 25 pennies.1 silver ring. No recent drops. I also found a $20 bill laying there . Thank You very much! I was a bit surprised how much Iron I found. But then again I pretty much dug everything to get a feel for the machine. But alot of it read near the coin zones. Screws read out at 19-20 then a 1 would pop up. Steel bottle caps also showed up too often in my opinion. Maybe it has something to do with the nasty soil, or my sensitivity could have been too high, or there are settings for that I just am not familiar with? I have alot to learn yet, 5 hrs is only a start! Overall a fun machine, and I did not miss work one bit!!! HH, Redneck.
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    They already just designed and have a nice new mold they can use....
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    There are several problems with releasing early information on projects. One is that it gives competitors a heads-up and allows them to react quicker, maybe even preempt our efforts. Second, it can bring sales to a dead stop if people decide to wait for the Next Big Thing. Yes, it can freeze competitor sales as well, which might outweigh the negatives. Third, sometimes things just don't work out the way we planned, and those early sneak peeks come back to bite us hard. If, ferinstance, you're still waiting on a CZX or a Mosca, well, my point exactly. FTP has a lot of stuff going on. I think it will be really good stuff and may even get us out in front for a change. But things don't move at a lightning pace at FTP, nor are things highly predictable. I thought the new PI machine would be getting released this Spring, which is partly why information on it got leaked. Not Spring. And since I can't predict exactly when it will be ready, I won't even try. The "5 new machines over the next 4 years" should rightfully elicit a chorus of yawns from everyone here. I don't even know why Marketing says stuff like that. The reality is, if all we can muster is 5 new machines over the next 4 years, then I probably should be fired. Expect more, and demand more. But don't expect a 5-year roadmap.