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    My prospecting partner from San Diego and I made a quick trip down to Baja for some prospecting. The area is an old placer site about 190 miles south of the border. He's been detecting the area for over 20 years, from Gold Bug through Minelab 2200 and now with the GPZ. All the patches have been hit pretty hard but we managed to scrape up a few nice pieces. We had 3 good days of detecting, I spent one day on the old patches and the rest of the time exploring for new spots. My nugget total was half of his since he opted to stay on the old patches. We drove as far as we could up an old wash then traveled another 2 to 3 miles by motorbike, then hiked another mile or so up some steep canyons. He uses a Yamaha Big Wheel trail bike, I used my newest prospecting steed the Rokon 2 wheel drive mototractor. The Rokon is a terrain traveling son of a gun, if you can hang on. I managed to dump it a couple times, invariably in bowling ball sized rocks or on steep boulder strewn hills. I'm still nursing a bruised ankle after that 200 lb machine came down on top of me pinning my leg and ankle underneath. It's definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are 2 wheel vehicle balance challenged (like me). All my falls occurred from momentary indecision and hesitation. The solution seems to be pick a line, then hit the gas or stay at home. My nuggets all came from a single wash where recent rains had blown out some of the overburden leaving bedrock within detector depth. My partner pulled almost an oz swinging low and slow over the old hillside placer diggings. This was really our tune up trip, preparing for an extended trip another 300 miles south after Christmas.
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    Hi team, Three weekends ago Mrs JW & I went to Dunedin City to see Stevie Nicks in concert. The last time I saw her was when I was 18 when Fleetwood Mac came to NZ. That was 40 years ago Also saw Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders. The next day on our way home we went via Macraes flat to check out Oceana Golds Macrae mine & the Fraser open pit. You may recall a post I did a month or so ago that showed the Waihi Martha Mine open pit & the large pit wall collapse. Oceana Gold bought & took over the Martha mine from Newmont last year. They have been mining at Macraes since 1982 & have discovered a large & long fault zone. The Fraser open pit is the largest of about four open pits along the fault zone with continued drilling & exploration along this zone. They are under ground mining from the bottom of the fraser open pit which you will see the portal entrance in a couple of the vidoes. This modern day mine is in the area of old late 1800's under ground workings. Map of the under ground workings below the open pit The old Stamper Battery The weekend after that I went out for a detect on the sunday. I headed to a gully of old timer diggings that I have been down with the Zed but not in the hot settings. The ground has dried out quickly. From this To this I got a faint little hit amongst the old timers turned over piles in the above pics. A few scrapes into the crushed & decomposed schist that the old timers would have thrown out from the bottom of one of their holes. Now on the top of the pile. One they threw out for me. Right kind of them. Cheers boys. I then got a deeper signal on the edge of a throw out pile & it was living on down. This was getting exciting. Then....Bingo, it was out Along the same throw out pile another faint little hit. Another small bit Things then dried up for a while. I came across the remains of an old timers rock hut shelter that had collapsed badly. The dried mud was still holding these stones together I then got a very faint signal that had me digging quite deep. The signal was booming but I needed to get the GB2 or the GM 1000 to pin point & tell me if it was iron or not. . I was getting quite hot & was in need of a coffee break & a breather. So I headed up to my wagon. The door I opened had the GB2 handy so I grabbed it. Had my coffee & breather & headed back to my dig. Pin pointed with the GB2 & it also told me it was not iron. Here is why. That was it from these workings so I moved on to another small gully. I lucked out there with the Zed but there was a small area where I had snagged quite a few small bits with the GP 3000 & little coiltek 10 x 5 joey mono. I hit it with the GM 1000. Ended up with 4 tiny bits for the monster And one for the GB2 That was it for the day. I called it quits & headed off to see the farmer. On seeing him he asked if I could do him a favor. Sure I said. What is it? He replied. "About a month ago I was helping the neighbor tail some lambs. A girl working there was bringing in the lambs & while she was holding one it kicked out & knocked off one of her ear rings that went flying off into the long grass. It was a pair of $2000.00 gold & diamond ear rings so she had lost a $1000.00 ear ring". What was she doing wearing those tailing. I said. The farmer & his wife laughed say. That is exactly what we said. Any way....he asked if I would mind trying to detect it. No worries I said. So he phoned up the farmer & it was arranged for me to meet them & they would take me to the spot. The so called "neighbor" was bloody miles away, but it was on my way home so no real drama. Long story short. I found it with in 5 minutes. She was stoked, & so was I. Reason I was Stoked. Gold workings on their property . So my days result was 9 bits for 2.95 grams.....and a $1000 earing Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
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    A mate who lives nearby plowed one of his paddocks last week - first time since he was a kid. He knew that somewhere on that paddock had been an old house site and sure enough a few bits of porcelain plate, etc, poked its head up. He asked if I would swing the detector over and I obliged for about an hour this morning - thought we might get some coins or something. Took the Gold Monster as I thought I would just have it in non ferrous mode - digging every bit of iron crap didn’t enthuse me much. Found the general bits of lead, bits of metal, a blade off an old butter knife, a spoon handle, etc. Then something special popped up. Thought it was just junk jewelry at first but it had 2 rivets on the back and remnants of leather. Off a saddle?? I went to work, mate took it home to clean and sent me this pic. Turns out it is an English Cavalry Military Breast Plate. Similar to this one but a different pattern. My first genuine, WOW factor relic.
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    I happened upon this toad today. Just under 2 Oz. 59.8 grams!
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    I know we had a recent thread on this but I wanted to say I had two broken pairs of UR 30s and because of that other thread, I sent them in to Koss for repair. I got them back about two weeks later. I am very happy with the repaired and refurbished headphones, they are just like new. Some may think other types of headphones are better, but its very good to have spares as they do break sometimes. Broken headphones are not good for much, but these refurbished ones will make sure I always have a spare pair or two for a long time to come.
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    Most of us Prospectors are avid outdoorsman! You can find us with the same smile on our faces be it fishing or hunting. This Deer Season my old Buddy NuggetSlayer (Jeff), headed up to the hills to hunt some Deer. Well early into the hunt on opening day, he took carful aim at a 2x2 Blacktail Buck. One well placed shot, Jeff let the Deer run over the top of the ridge to bleed out as he hike to find the blood trail to track it down. It ran a little further than he expected, but the woods opened up and was easy hiking following the Deers trail. Called his hunting partner on the radio for some help, he had it field dressed ready for the hump back to the truck, when he arrived. With all the excitement of the hunt, he was dreading dodging all the pine trees and brush on the other side of the hill and down to the truck. Then it hit him, he was smack in the middle of and old Hydraulic Pit. He quickly changed from his hunting hat (even though it’s the same dirty one) to his prospecting hat! Deer hanging at camp and rested up he hiked back to the Hydro Pit and scouted it, he sent me pictures of both Deer and Hydro Pit. I told him it looks like a no-brainer, just a matter of getting it under the coil and dig it! We waited well after hunting season to finally get there with our GPZ’s. Chilly start with the trucks temperature gauge saying 25 degrees. But the little hike over the ridge made it feel a few degrees warmer, lol. As any Hydro Pit, plenty of trash...Relics to some, but the wrong color for today’s hunt. I finally, found a dink and called Jeff on the radio. Didn’t take him long to find one several yards from me. Jeff, made a big circle and came back to his spot and heard another possible target at the edge of his dig hole...yep another nugget! Well to make a long story short, he found a little spot that didn’t get washed away back in the day. We messed around making his hole bigger and 14 of them 15 nuggets came out of that pay material. Well this spot is to far for a day trip and it’s way to chilly, until after next Springs snow melt to finish this spot off and to explore the entire Hydraulic Pit. Now, Jeff can afford some Potato Salad with his Deer Steaks! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
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    This nugget is said to be the world's largest crystalline nugget. http://www.calaverasenterprise.com/sierra_lodestar/article_ca273814-da1c-11e7-b866-b37713f31b00.html
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    Frankly, I don't advocate anyone taking the kinds risks I take, whether riding a Rokon in rough ground or prospecting in Baja. Certainly there are enough assholes on both sides of the border to make prospecting a dangerous hobby. Several years ago two hunters from here in Yuma were killed in N. AZ by a fellow they befriended on their hunt. Is it more likely in Baja, possibly. Paul and I had our GPZ's stolen from my driveway in Yuma. Would you flash your Rolex after dark in Detroit? Did the Argonauts of all the various gold rushes stay home because there were wild animals, dangerous serpents, bandits or wild Injuns? It is all a personal choice and everyone gets to decide how much risk is acceptable. When I start encountering shoeclerks from Payless in Baja, then I'll know it's time to move on. I've been traveling in Baja for over 50 years, with very few problems. That may all change tomorrow, but until it does I'll take my adventures where I find them.
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    Hi Guys, I am Derek McLennan one of the Equinox development testers based in the UK, Scotland to be precise and as I have an old X-Terra 305 and the Equinox, I thought I would let you know the answer to your question. The short answer is that the X-Terra bottom stem will fit as it is around 1mm smaller in diameter than the corresponding female end socket of the Equinox stem. This obviously leads to a bit of movement in the bottom stem, but this can be taken up with the tightening mechanism on the Equinox stem, but I am unsure how strong or stable this would be longer term or within some specific detecting environments (e.g. stubble, rough plough, rocky ground, surf, underwater, etc). There is another issue though and you will find that the ball bearing locking pin does not fit into the Equinox locking hole on the middle stem - the X-Terra ball bearing is obviously slightly larger in diameter than that on the Equinox. So, this may in turn lead to even more loss of joint stability and the X-Terra stem rotating during operation while attached to the Equinox. I have attached some images for you and hope this helps.
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    Couple more............... :)
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    Tom(CA) and I have been working a site that we researched that's produced several 1850's - 1860's seated coins, and some rogue early 1900's coins, as well as a variety of period relics. We tried to get one more trip in before Old Man Winter completely shut us down, and it did in fact shut us down, but not before I finally, got something I've been looking for for a long time, and after watching others find them over the years (I saw Tom dig three!!!), I was starting to think it would never happen. Well it finally happened, and it turned out to be a good one, an 1865 San Francisco minted Liberty Half Eagle!! Here she is out of the hole: Here she is rinsed off: Here's a video of the hunt: Less than 100 known, Mintage: 27,612 Although the mintage of the 1865-S is quite a bit higher than the mintages of the S Mint Half Eagles from 1858 to 1864, it compares in overall rarity to the 1858-S, 1860-S and 1863-S and is only slightly less rare than the others. Almost all known examples of this date are well worn with VF and lower being all one can expect to find. The 1865-S ranks second in the entire $5 series according to average grade and I do not know of a specimen that would grade better than EF. The very few specimens that I have seen were rather softly struck and the mintmark was always quite weak. Thanks for looking, hopefully the next one comes easier
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    Here's the 1858S.... quick pics with phone so not very good. Yours is a much better looking coin.
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    My detector needs are different than those of others and I view choosing a detector as selecting the right tool for the job. My group of treasure hunters makes several Caribbean trips a year and our fearless leader has been doing this since the Eighties. Sorry to repeat myself... we have tried just about every water machine and custom jobs made and for us the Minelab Excalibur finds the most gold in the least time- by far! When new treasure hunters join us we strongly advise using an Excalibur and when they don't, they find the least gold or none at all, including seasoned PI users. Why? Because BBS lets one cherry-pick on short vacations. (I'll be the first to say despite this the Excalibur is poor in heavy black sand) Not bragging, only want to support my claims- on some good vacations I've scooped more than 200 pieces of gold jewelry using an Excalibur in 10 days! So have others in my group and why we use BBS. I have suggested to ML many times to build a simpler and smaller Excalibur for finding mainly gold and platinum jewelry in the sea. Something lighter and easier to travel with, so one can travel with a back-up. I made several suggestions such as eliminating pinpoint and discrimination. ( We hunt by ear/tone response and never use discrimination) I also suggested this to Whites Electronics thinking perhaps BBS patents were expired? Whites told me they were working on a new water machine and one that combined VLF and PI technologies! Wow, where is it? I remember when the AT Pro came out and thought... now this is what I have in mind for travel. Garrett flat out told me it worked well in saltwater, so I bought 2 to test with dreams of traveling with 2 AT Pros. Here in Washington State... total AT Pro failure in our saltwater- nothing would quiet it down. Garrett gave me some advice and on my next Caribbean trip packed an AT Pro. Wow, I got it to work in the Caribbean salt but had to lower sensitivity to the point it would barely detect a gold test ring 2 inches in sand- Total failure for my needs, despite the AT Pro being a good detector. I love this hobby and could write on and on... and why I will mention believe it or not the newer 8 inch DetectorPro Underwater is a fantastic travel machine! It packs small, has 50 hour built in rechargeable battery, works at most Caribbean beaches and is remarkably sensitive to small gold! On one trip side by side to an Infinium and Excalibur, the Underwater hit on a small gold earring the other 2 machines could not see! I can see traveling with just 2 Underwaters for general water hunting Fresh/salt. My reservation is while using an Underwater one has to recover more surf targets than with an Excalibur which permits better cherry picking of targets more likely to be gold in less time. When the Equinox was announced.... Finally, a small waterproof affordable multi frequency machine! I have visions of the Equinox replacing my Excaliburs. A new lightweight, small, screened and easy to pack water machine! In my mind the Equinox was my new Excalibur and should accept that might not be the case. Clearly the Equinox will be a great detector. At first I read right over ML saying Multi-IQ handles salt almost as good as BBS/FBS and did not want to see that Cooling sentence. I kind of expected the Equinox to be as good as BBS in the salt. OK, almost as good is not bad and at least 75% as good, or perhaps 95% as good... which would be great and what I still want to expect! Make it So! Even if the Equinox is not as good in saltwater as BBS/FBS, perhaps its other technologies such as fast recovery speed will make up any differences? My concern is when dunking an Equinox in saltwater how will sensitivity need to be adjusted? I still have high Equinox expectations for my needs and obviously the only way to find out is to put the Equinox up against an Excalibur in The Caribbean Sea! I'm crossing my fingers for sure. Again Minelab, thank you for bring out such wonderful and new technologies!
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    HI Guys, as far as I know, the final reactivity / target recovery speed equivalent response speeds between the two models (600 & 800) will be as follows: 600 800 1 2 2 4 3 6 So, the 800 will have one level lower and two levels higher recovery speed settings than the 600. It will also have the intermediate target recovery speed settings of '3' and '5' and thus can be fine tuned a little more than the 600 model. I usually run the 800 prototype at 3, 4, 5, or 6 for 'normal' detecting (environment dependant) and occasionally at 7 & 8 depending on how trashy the detecting environment is. You will of course lose some depth with the higher recovery speeds, but as they are really designed for trashy areas, your depth would be limited by the proliferation of trash anyway and these recovery speeds are designed to hunt out the small targets in between it all. I hope this helps.
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    Hello, I am new here. I think this is a great forum filled with some very intelligent people. The latest change to only allow 6 thread views has me a registered member now instead of an anonymous guest. I dabble in gold prospecting from time to time with my wife. We both are dedicated First Texas users (they sponsor my YouTube channel) but have used many other detectors for many hours (XP - Garrett - Nokta/Makro - Minelab). Anyways...don't want to bore anybody with a huge introduction...so hello and thanks for having me.
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    Steve, are you sayin' that everything I read on the internet ISN"T TRUE? ?? Rich (Utah)
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    Them's some fine looking chunks of gold pardner Those Rokons are something else - was a dealer back when they had just reopened the business, but unfortunately the parts backup was non-existent at the time so we had to drop them after a couple years. Here I am back in 1993 on the floodplain of Knik Glacier outside on Anchorage on a ride with my wife. She handled it fine on easy terrain but it is something else trying to handle them in the really rough stuff since there is no suspension beyond tire pressure. The big advantage as you know is following goat trails on steep slopes that would tip an ATV over sideways in a heartbeat and navigating in dense trees and such where a regular ATV cannot pass.
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    Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish. Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys. Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too. Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change. Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with. A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin. And one nice little specie 👍🏻 Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it. Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )
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    If your ever in the area of Murphy's , California its worth a trip to the Ironstone Winery. They have some incredible specimens on display including many for sale in the huge gift shop. Pretty good wine too..lots to see.
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    Sorry everyone, I have been super busy. I have been detecting Rich Hill area. I was running in extra deep with the Zed. It was a solid inverted signal. I was surprised it didn't have the warble. Probably about 20 inches deep.
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    I would say that if a person truly wants to learn to use their new Equinox when it's released this will be the forum to do it on. I recognize many of the user names here from the other forums and they're many of the more learned folks in my opinion. I get the impression that many people on other sites are hoping that the Equinox will be a failure just so they can lord it over others. My EQ is paid for and i'm #9 on my dealers list when they come out. I won't be selling my Deus, or my excal II as having a good backup detector is as important to me as anything else. I'd rather take what Steve says than the guy who's using detecting to become the next youtube sensation.
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    Jin, I bought a 5000 in 2010 and used it on the beach for nearly two years. It found everything ... well ... not really ... I've got a story about a diamond on a very thin chain I found by accident. I heard another target and found the chain! Don't use a big coil. It will just see too many targets. You have enough timings on the 4500 to find a place for it to be quiet. If you have a beach with a substantial tide then hunt the wet sand on the low tide. There is no real reason to get the coil or the unit wet. One thing you can do to protect it is to put it in a plastic bag. You can still adjust it. You just have to get your headphone cord out of it. I think you will have fun digging everything. It is a good way to learn a beach. You want to know what trash to look for that holds the rings and jewelry. You'll learn the coin sounds. Dig, dig, dig ... it will go deeper than anyone else on the beach. You'll find some good things. Mitchel
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    I door knock occasionally when I go on a silver dry streak and I can muster the courage to do it.. It goes against my personality in every way. I don’t like people bugging me and I don’t want to bug people... It is surprising how many people give permission and do so happily though... old home yards are easy pickings for the most part although quite a few have been hit. You can usually tell within the first 5 or 10 minuets.. I look for the limiddle to lower class neighborhoods.. Most of the higher end neighborhoods with fancy looking homes usually have been re- landscaped or hit before. Yards are fun because you find lots more interesting things like old toys, tokens and other odd ball relics compared to parks that have been pretty much cleaned out.. Got my first silver dime trifecta working a very small front yard of an early 1900s home for less then an hour a couple years ago... Bryan
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    I don’t know what to tell you. I am just a kid at heart that loves detecting. I made it a permanent part of my life 45 years ago. I am incredibly fortunate now to be involved neck deep in my passion in life. I am sharing a part of that here. I know the blokes at Minelab are pouring heart and soul 24/7 into trying to make this the best metal detector they can make it to be. No holds barred. That’s the bald truth of the matter at this time.
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    No worries Chuck - we are buddies! But it really is simple - if it is not from Minelab, ignore it. If I post that I know, and I can't reference a news release on Minelab's website, just jump right in and call me a liar. Minelab is the only source you can believe in this matter. Maybe somebody else will call it earlier, and call it right, but it means nothing unless Minelab publicly backs the statement. And even then until they are on dealer shelves....... I may delete this later but for now your post is serving the good purpose of trying to triple and quadruple get this into people's heads. I really am trying to help you avoid getting jerked around by this stuff.
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    My personal opinion is that VLF detectors are second tier devices for the underwater mineralized environments where I would normally hunt. Specifically Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Both these locations have highly magnetic ground components; in the case of Hawaii the main culprit is volcanic basalt and at Tahoe high magnetite content soil and rocks derived from the surrounding granitic mountain materials. Hawaii in particular I hunt regularly, and I have tried a variety of machines there over the years. My history regarding beach detecting has been loosely published on my website and documents my experimenting over the years. If you truly wish to know my personal perspective as regards beach detecting here are some direct personal reports: Gold in Hawaii Winter 1999 Garrett Infinium in Hawaii February 18, 2003 White's Surf PI Pro & Platinum in Hawaii December 18, 2004 Beach Detecting with Minelab GP 3500 Fall 2005 White's M6 & Surf PI Pro in Hawaii December 20, 2005 Minelab X-Terra 50 at Cabo San Lucas Spring 2006 Gold and Silver with the Garrett ATX November 2013 Garrett ATX Review - Beach Detecting In Hawaii February 4, 2014 Garrett ATX Return to Hawaii April 10, 2015 A later summary of my thoughts can be gleaned from this article I wrote in January 2014, the Prospector's Guide To Beach Detecting. In that article I state: "I am a PI guy myself however. I have used the Garrett Infinium extensively trying to deal with salt water and volcanic sand and hot rock conditions in Hawaii. I have had success with the model but it is difficult to deal with, suffering from an inability to ground balance into the salt range and susceptibility to EMI interference. Huge numbers of posts exist on how to try and get an Infinium to behave in salt water. The new ATX has taken steps to address these issues but the jury is out there yet. I will be giving the ATX a good go in Hawaii soon. My latest water detector is a White's Surf PI Dual Field to back up the ATX. I have had good luck in the past with the White's Surf PI models and recommend them for people interested in a waterproof beach PI. Again, a simple unit that gets the job done, and at a bargain price." There is nothing about the Equinox that changes my thoughts on pulse induction versus VLF in a highly mineralized beach hunting scenario. The Garrett ATX is at this time my preferred device for these scenarios (I guess I need to update that last link a little). Minelab currently does not make an underwater pulse induction detector that appeals to me. The SDC 2300 is very expensive and is genuinely more of a prospecting device, my main issue being the very high price, which makes me leery of subjecting it to continuous use in saltwater. It also floats like a cork. What I would really like to see from Minelab would be a stripped down GPX 5000 circuit stuffed into a CTX 3030 housing and that weighs no more than a CTX 3030. It would need a new range of waterproof coils to match. I think this would be a great beach machine proven mostly by the large number of people already using GPX detectors to hunt on beaches. Those people would prefer a waterproof machine with the same performance and I have no doubt relic hunters and more would sign up for such a device. If I could get that machine out of Minelab, it would replace my Garrett ATX. For now however the Garrett ATX will continue to be my preferred water hunting detector. Oh yeah, back to how less powerful VLF detectors play into my thinking. I am willing to settle for them when my desire for discrimination outweighs my desire for sheer power. That being the case a secondary bonus would be that such a device will likely be lighter than my 7 lb ATX. The Minelab Equinox at a compact 2.9 lbs really floats my boat as such a second tier type device. It can easily without taking up almost any room or weight act as a backup to the ATX. Or, in cases where I am in a more casual mood, or perhaps traveling to a low mineral location like Florida, it would actually move into being my primary beach detector. I may be going to Florida this winter, and if so I would prefer to take the Equinox with a 15" x 12" coil instead of the ATX. In general pulse induction offers less benefit in clean white sand type scenarios, and so if I were to visit a Bahama type location like Grand Cayman or anywhere else where the beaches are white as snow the Equinox would move ahead of the ATX as my preferred beach detector. I have had a couple Excaliburs and a couple CTX detectors. I just sold my last CTX and I do not intend to get another of either of those detectors again. The Equinox 800 will far better serve for me as a complementary VLF water hunting device to my preferred PI water hunting device. That will likely continue to be the ATX unless Minelab comes out with a good, solid waterproof PI detector. And truth be told, I am keeping an eye on the new Mantis project at Fisher. Once upon a time I would still have been looking to White's for an underwater TDI Pro, but I have given up hope on that one. I think what I like most about the Equinox 800 as a beach detector is that it offers me the capability to hunt effectively in saltwater while also giving me the ability to run hotter up on dry sand while hunting micro jewelry. This is another part of my beach detecting story over time and is best revealed in my links above regarding the Minelab X-Terra 50 and White's M6. The Gold Mode and the 40 khz option while in the Park or Field modes has massive potential for hunting micro jewelry.
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    How high is high? I opined on that back in September... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4208-minelab-equinox-unveiled/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-45568 I will be frank. This is all going to be hair splitting stuff in saltwater due to the limitations imposed by a saltwater environment. Sand composition and even salinity are at minimum two factors that vary in all locations. Anybody desiring crystal clear answers will have to wait until Equinox is in the hands of at least dozens of well known third party water hunters at various locations around the country if not the world. That is where the final sorting and final consensus answers will develop. You have to remember that from Minelab's perspective, it does not matter in the end if some people decide they still prefer the Excalibur, others the CTX, and many the Equinox. They are highly focused on competing with the competition, not themselves. I have had Equinox on both highly mineralized salt water beaches and freshwater beaches. I have been pleased and impressed with what I saw. But I was not dragging a CTX and Excalibur around with me and trying to decide which was better. People still argue about which is better in the surf, an Excalibur or a CTX, and they have had years to sort it out. There is no way that discussion will be resolved at this point as regards Equinox, especially since the firmware has still not reached a final resting place. The Equinox for me personally is a detector that exists as a totality of its features and performance. It comes closer to superb across the board performance under a wider range of situations than any VLF detector I have ever used. But that does not mean it is absolutely perfect at everything. When this all shakes out there will be areas of unquestioned superiority and areas of "only" top notch performance. And then no doubt some areas that are just "good enough". Where those areas lie will vary by location and individual. I am one of those people that thrive on nuance and so I avoid the easy stock answers because I think that they are misleading and precisely the hype that people say they hate - and yet crave. A lot of that comes from me being realistic and knowing that I don't have all the answers and can't possibly address how Equinox will perform everywhere under all conditions. I don't think anyone can if they are being honest. At the end of the day being an early adopter involves a certain amount of risk, and no amount of testing by handfuls of people can eliminate that. If you look at all that Equinox offers as a whole and still have doubts - just wait it out. Your current detectors will continue to work and life will go on. And when enough people around the world weigh in you will be on firmer ground. If however you want ironclad assurances of exact performance differences it is unfortunately not something I can in good faith give you without at least another year of use myself in more varied locations and circumstances. The basic reason is I have never had and do not have a final, completed machine to even report on. Nobody does.
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    The tire options are even better now. Great radial tires out there really help the side hilling goat trail riding. I'll be out to SawTooth this summer exploring the "ghost roads" up in those hills.
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    Hi Tom, Had to get this cleared just for you. The following is 99% certain at this time (MF = Multifrequency): Equinox 600: Park Mode – MF, 5, 10, & 15 kHz Field Mode – MF, 5, 10, & 15 kHz Beach Mode – MF only Equinox 800: Park – MF, 5 ,10, 15, 20, & 40 kHz Field – MF, 5 ,10, 15, 20, & 40 kHz Beach – MF only Gold – 20 & 40 kHz single frequency modes only So yes, Equinox 800 has both 20 khz and 40 kHz disc modes via the Park and Field modes. Ask, and sometimes you receive!
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    Haal the 705 is actually a very easy detector to learn. Like DSmith said play with it and see what happens each time you try it. A couple things to remember that are very important. If you run the 705 in the preprogrammed coin mode you will rarely find the good old coins because those TID's are blocked out to be rejected. Read Randy Horner's ebook and set one of your preprogrammed modes to open up the tide for those old coins and watch your best and oldest coin finds stacking up. The other thing play with the other tones that are on there. Don't just stick with the 99 tone as minelab calls it. It is actually one tone for each tid notch. Try the 4 tone and two tone. Never ever pass by a target for example 10 12 and with it -6 -8 if those 4 tids keep coming up it will be a nickel with a nail or other piece of iron.
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    I was cruising through the Minelab website looking for any new bits on the Equinox and came across this marketing video that compares the detectors in the "Treasure Detector" range. I think it's interesting, though not surprising, that the marketing hype is toned-down when the Equinox is compared to the rest of the Minelab range.
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    Interesting scenario,i am assuming its a hidden hoard of gold coins and as you have mentioned that they 'could' be in a glass container then it would be a sub 200 year old hoard,of course could be wrong but you dont have any further details. In a situation like that here in the UK if i was too come across a scattered hoard ie the plough has taken the top off the container and spread the hoard in a reasonably tight radius,then i would try and locate the stray coins then try and locate the container,usually ours are located in earthenware pot that type of thing and usually down at the 18-26'' depth range,which is the type of range that you have mentioned.The detectors that i have and use for these types of detecting hunts are either the Whites TDI Pro(pulse) with a range of coils from 12'' upto 20'' that certainly will give you the depth especially on the bulk or container of the hoard/stash or what ever you are detecting for.A couple of other detectors that i use are the Nexus SE (dual 9'' coil) or the Nexus MP with the 14x13'' coil,both of these machines are VLF but will certainly hit the bulk hoard container at the depth that you are after. One other and last resort and the deepest option that i use is a Fisher TW-5 twin box,basically no good on single coins but will have no problems locating a container of coins in the area size that you have mention,how deep will a twin box go on a hoard size container with coins in,well i will stick my neck out here and say that will nail the container at even greater depth,it all depends on the size of the target,the larger it is the deeper a twin box setup will go,but remember no good on single coins. This may or may not help you,but this is the method that i have use with some success here in the UK,surprisingly enough if you are on a tight budget and non of this information you have provided,you can buy a much cheaper setup say like a older version MXT and buy the Whites 15'' coil Concentric coil for a very reasonable price,this then allows you to use the stock coil for locating the stray or single coins or what ever you are after,then the larger 15'' coil for locating the actual container.This option does basically exactly the same as a high end Pulse machine or specialist dedicated machine at a fraction of the cost. Of course this is just my opinion and thoughts on how i would tackle such a detecting scenario and it has been successful i may add.
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    I have been using the X Terra 705 since 08 or 09 but for me what I have found while using the 705 on hot ground or mild ground that less gain equals more with the 705 and maybe that is why I have gotten along with the GM1000 so well when i am running the X TERRA 705 if I get into an area that has lots of hot rocks or it becomes unstable from the ground I start lowering my sensitivity and it usually quiets down,I run in prospecting mode almost exclusively with tracking activated the thing with the 705 you have to learn to trust that the GB tracking is working which I do trust I have seen GB numbers as high as the mid to high 40s and as low as single digit numbers within a 10 to 20 foot area, with the X Terra 705 the lower the GB numbers the hotter or more mineralized the ground is but even though I run with the GB tracking activated I still will occasionally stop and re ground balance and check the GB numbers just to see what the GB numbers are. I found the best find for me back in 09 with the 705 while I was living in Ohio the house I owned was built in 1889 and its pretty much what got me into detecting the only info that I could ever find out about the house in my research of it was there was two bank robbers had been arrested in it , it was on about 3/4 of an acre and for the first 3-6 months I did nothing except detect the front and back yards found several mercs some of which were down to 10 or 11 inches deep and other silvers and good things but the best find I ever found and still to this day have not beat for me was under the house which had a basement with an attached crawl space the crawl space had a dirt floor and was big enough that once you were inside of it you could stand up and swing a detector while detecting the crawl space in the furthest back corner I got a hit with numbers that were jumping all over the place I dug up a box that someone had buried it contained all kinds of coins in the box lots of silvers and other coins but the best coins in it was 12- 2.5 dollar gold pieces I don't know at this point what would ever top that find for me maybe that 2 pound gold nugget but for me i will always remember that find I have always felt the the X TERRA 705 was and still is one of the most under rated detectors on the market,still to this day even though I have been using the 705 for as long as I have been I still learn new things about it that amazes me if you have one and do not like it you haven't given it enough of a chance and learned all of its great features the X TERRA 705 is the one detector that will always be with me until either I or it dies thats how much I love the 705 I have used other detectors but none of the others I took to like I did the 705 me and them just did not click so I ended up getting rid of them but the 705 still lives with me for those thinking about getting the 705 download Randy Horton's E Book on the Minelab site and read it several times its a great free book with lots of great info
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    You're right about that Fred. I've done some upgrades, to that little Honda 160cc engine. They need to breath a little more so I added bored out racing carb, exhaust header, high flow air filter then jiggered the governor to squeeze out every bit of rpms. So much torque it will jump out from under you, and now more top end speed than I will ever need. I also added the aftermarket new front fork with shock absorber. A sweet machine and will no doubt result in another Dr. visit or two.
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    I have the same shyness issue in Midwest gold hunting as most land is private. I keep running into little old ladies who own hundreds of acres of land with potential gold creeks. Seems most of these older women are widows and they do NOT want outsiders from their family on the land even if they are unable to get out and enjoy the land due to old age issues. Older men are more apt to let you on the property I have found. It helps if you can find somebody who knows the landowner and have them call ahead for you. I tried the real estate agent approach this last time. Found a listing for land with a creek in an area I want to prospect in and the female real estate agent told me she had listed and shown an old Victorian house I had mentioned. She told me she would run down to that county and make some in person land owner inquiries for me to get into their creeks. Still waiting to hear back. Heck, maybe she can help me get to do some yard detecting too. -Tom
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    Maybe we are all going to have to order the EQ from European dealers! With all my luck the menu would be in Russian! AAArgh!!!
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    Nice coin! I'm sure there are more there. You will find them next season! Not to take away from your great find but I did dig one of those 1858S half eagles that you referenced. I know how you felt when that came out..... Congrats again on your great find! do we all do this or what??
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    Jin, I've posted elsewhere about beaches and energy. When there is no energy the valuable objects are not moved into the tidal areas on my beaches here in Southern California. When we had the El Nino a couple of years ago there were many areas with lots of rings and valuables that were washed up because of the short interval waves for many weeks. What if you had a lake or ocean level for a few hundred thousand years doing the same thing with natural gold and then that sea dropped away. You could have both deep gold that stopped at the shoreline and you could have other gold pay streaks that were brought back up by the energy in the waves at the time. We have been told that one area where we hunt in Rye Patch, Nevada had an ancient lake and that shoreline held enough gold for us to target it as a pattern. It has been hunted extensively below the source gold at the ancient lake level at that elevation and I think the pattern produced. Mitchel
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    I`m with TK, mark each find using GPS, it will help you see a trend, whether it is altitude or on a particular side of slopes, usually a relationship to a particular feature is revealed by this. Particularly when you can view and compare finds on topo and geo maps and now days Google earth as well, but remember this is only an indicator and there may be those patches that are "rogues", that send you back to the drawing board. Maybe with more saves you`ll realize you just missed a relationship with a feature, maybe you never will. I am very fortunate that I started doing such religiously when the hand-held GPS first become available. That databank of find waypoints down the track is invaluable, thus I recommend to all young fellows getting started in this game, always save those waypoints, pondering over maps with a lot of waypoints can help you avoid cabin fever at the least but in time lead you to more of that magic yellow.
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    Not only old sea levels but also old lake levels & ancient now long gone river channels & levels. Quite a few places I detect that are now high hills & mountains are up lifted penny planes & old lake bed material lifted way up. Very fine gold being on the fringes of where the lake edge lapped the shore line & at junctions where river systems came down from the hills as the land was pushed up & flowed into the lake. Also some very rich deposits found along the fault zone of the up lift & old lake "edge". These being from deep lake sediments dragged up as the fault lifted & the lake waters lapping at the edge acted like when you back pan fines concentrating the fine gold. Then of course there are glacial deposits thrown in as well along with the usual reef erosion deposits gravitating down hill...... Throw all of the above combinations in together &.........you have to really scratch your head to try to make any sense of the deposits today. I have all but given up trying to work out where the sources may have been or where the gold came from, but just wonder over the hills swinging my detector. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Got a website address? Not that I need yet another screen but I kinda do to fit into a 2 gallon white bucket. I can't handle 5 gallon buckets anymore, too darn heavy when full. http://www.pyrodirect.com/Item/027-2004, and this place is here in USA in Pennsylvania. Yes, they are 12 bucks each, thanks for the money saving info. -Tom
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    Much has to do with location.. And by that I mean older established communities that remain quite the way they were 60 years ago as opposed to geographical locations.. Towns like that are just, well, friendlier -- even in the deep south.. However, regardless of location, the #1 and most important thing that gets you on to other people's lawns / property is initial impression.. You have anywhere from zero to maybeee 10 seconds after 'they' open their door to present yourself as: friendly, non-threatening, not selling anything, not wanting money either as a donation or for a service to be performed, 'fitting-in' both appearance-wise and language-wise, etc. and so forth.. Ezy-pzy, right..? Uh, no.. Welll, if it isn't an easy matter being able to affect an easy manner, what's the best way to begin the process of getting the pendulem of access success swinging in your favor..? Research.. There is simply no easy way around not knowing.. Not knowing what..? Not knowing why you're knocking on that person's door.. Knowledge of why you're knocking on this door, beyond the general catch-all of requesting permission to metal detect a person's property, is the best way to meet the initial impression requirements.. And guess what..? It's contageous.. In a good way.. If you're excited about wanting to detect a particular location because of what might await based on historical references, this excitement transfers to him-from-whom-you-seek-permission.. Disarming, isn't it..? Knowledge trumps BS every time.. So, if you want to come off as disarmingly charming every time, all you need to do is know what you're talking about.. This alone will get you through and beyond those all-important first ten seconds.. How things go from there is up to you.. Usually a fair percentage offer and a promise of leaving the property in at least the same if not better shape than initially found will result in access.. GL & HH.. Swamp
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    That false rumor was just debunked this morning. Being on sale has nothing to do with machines being delivered.They are already on sale here in the U.S. A note to everyone. Any new posts about delivery that do not originate with Minelab will be deleted in the future. All it is doing is jerking people's chains. That would seem to be the intent behind whoever is originating this stuff (not you Chuck ). If it is not in an official Minelab statement, ignore it! I quite literally will not believe it myself until I see the news release posted on Minelab's website.
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    Believe absolutely nothing from anyone EXCEPT MINELAB regarding delivery dates and availability. If you do anything else you will make yourself crazy chasing rumors.
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    It's great to have a mechanic in the family. I did put the pick inside my pack and it punctured my camelback bladder. I had to cut that day short after running out of water. So I went back to camp and drank beer.
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    Hi everyone , I am new to this sport and forum. Have been lookin around here for awhile, some great info here. Just thought I would let you all know that some of the UK sites are showing that the Equinox is expected to show up on there shelves sometime in December. I hope that helps alleviate some of the depression that is showing up due to lack of a firm release date. I to have the 800 on pre order but the ground up here will be frozen until sometime in late March early April. I'm hoping to have mine well before then. Cheers
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    The higher single freq. capabilities of the 800 will be of little practical use in salt water - there, the multifreq capabilities will be the ticket. They are probably at least the equal of the Excalibur Sadly, like all the multifreq VLF detectors, they will be likely "deaf" to small gold, whereas - away from salt, the single freq 20 and 40 kHz capabilities will probably be very effective for small low conductors such s small nuggets and tiny gold jewelry - and, of course, every bit of aluminum trash. Physics is a harsh mistress! I have an 800 on order - I am keen to see what it does.
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    I own a V3i, an MXT Pro and an F75. Although I've never used any of them in AZ, I can give you an honest opinion (and this is only my opinion)... I really like the F75, it's light, balanced and has great sensitivity. Unfortunately, it does not have a ground tracking system (only ground grab) and is not my choice in mineralized soil. The V3i does have decent ground tracking and does better with mineralization... The color screen is great and provides excellent visual discrimination capabilities. However, the MXT has one of the finest ground tracking systems ever devised. It was developed by Dave Johnson and is the same as the tracking system used in the GMT... It's lightening fast in adapting to ground mineralization changes. Therefore, if the ground you hunt in AZ is highly mineralized, I would suggest taking a look at a new MXT Pro.
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    So its puzzled me why panning classifiers are solely made for gold prospecting.Surely the manufacturers must be going out of business to make these items solely for the prospecting industry.Well this is not the case.I did some in depth investigation and spoke to a friend of mine in the plastics industry in China and showed him a pic of a classifier.What he came back to me with was quite interesting. Classifiers are actually made for the pyrotechnic/firework industry hence there manufacture origin in China.Kaboom and off it goes.They are used for milling black powder and other pyro ingredients.So if you want a set of classifiers and don't want to pay $24 a piece, then check out a pyro supplies store on the internet and you will be pretty surprised when the exact same classifiers /screens we purchase for prospecting cost around $12 a piece or cheaper.
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    Well done!!! Was a bit scared to open the thread based on the header but glad I did