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    Latest expedition - pocket gold hunting in Oregon. Rough gold found with White's Metal Detectors. Can't be more specific than that. Total weight for the day around 1/2 oz.
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    After being tied up last weekend, I was finally able to get out into the hills with the Equinox today, and decided to spend some time fine-tuning the settings on the Gold Search Mode. I also decided to give max sensitivity a go on the mildly mineralized areas and, while it made the Nox quite sparky, I had no problem sorting out the various noises and homing in on the gold. While gridding a small area that has been hit hard with various VLFs, the Equinox hit a solid, repeatable target that read 1-2 on the display - right in the small nugget range. Upon recovering the target, I found that it was indeed a small nugglet. 🤘 I checked the dig hole before backfilling it and still heard a nice, crisp 1-2; a little more digging and BOOYAH: another golden goodie! This process went on 3 more times, for a total of 5 pieces of gold out of the one hole...I like it when that happens! And just inches away, the EQX snagged 2 more nugglets. Needless to say, I’m astounded by the performance of this machine at locating some pretty tiny gold. Total weight 0.38 of a gram:
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    Thursday I went out to a Southern California gold location with a couple of friends. The intention was to prospect hard all day but things didn't work out quite that way. We did get a chance to hunt on an old patch that had raked hills and then another area where a quartz stringer had been chipped at many years ago. My friends attacked the raked hills which they thought had been detected with GB2s. They had 7000s. (I had my 7000 with me but I wanted to swing something different!) I started out on some of the same little hills but quickly tired of nothing good and I headed for some areas that had not been raked. We spent about an hour at this location and we were about to leave when I got a signal on my 800. It was a 1. I did a bit of a foot scrape and pick scrape and it was still there. This time it was not foil. I scrapped a bit more and was encouraged by its depth of 4 inches. I came upon a piece of quartz and got it out of the way and the signal was gone. I swung and the signal was in the quartz but the rock was dirty. I put it in my pouch with the other trash. It weighs about a pound and a half. We left. About 2 hours later we stopped at another place to explore and I had time to pour some bottled tea on the quartz. I looked and tested and my friend had a loop and he said it is definitely gold. I looked and sure enough it is. I haven't been able to do a specific gravity test on it yet but I don't think there is much gold. Upon further testing the 7000 can see it from about 15 inches above on an air test and the 800 can see it about 8 inches. There are a couple of more dense masses in it somewhere but I'm just glad the 800 could see it. I was in Gold 1. Mitchel
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    Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”. Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them. Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”.
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    Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites. At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!! The canslaw was punishing!! Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!! As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓 Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left! This poor eagle button: Felt good to get out!! I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites HH, Cal
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    Ferrite balancing is a "Calibration", the detector could care less where it gets its "X" excitation from but IMO using the supplied Ferrite is more accurate than having a random potentially inaccurate reading from the ground. The Ferrite "Calibration" will remain constant if the localised detecting conditions remain the same relative to ambient temperature and the temperature of the electronics, it has nothing to do with the ground except for aquiring an X balance either through having no Ferrite or if the X signal in the ground is different to the Calibration setting potentially causing spurious signals. If there is no X signal in the ground your working then the calibration of the detector is not so important, however there can be a lot of X signal in ground with minimal mineralsation so it is hard to tell by eye when it is present or not. Best bet in my opinion is to always "Calibrate" the detector with the Ferrite, use in Semi-Auto mode and check the Ferrite periodically, especially if Ambient temps fluctuate a lot. Hope this helps JP
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    Uh oh...there go all my readers.... Lol
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    I have been mostly keeping my mouth shut about Multi-IQ and gold because I am operating more from a gut feeling than any direct comparative testing. Yet my use of the Equinox for nugget hunting and the tests I have done so far has me thinking that Multi-IQ is going to prove markedly superior to most VLF gold detectors currently on the market, and that it might possibly prove out to be the next best thing to a PI for larger gold at depth. It certainly has the hots for smaller gold. The old rule about single frequency packing more punch on gold than multifrequency may be something that Minelab really has made obsolete. Gold prospectors however have been inundated the last few years with quite a few machines all promising new edges in technology, etc. That being the case I decided to specifically lay low on that particular aspect of Equinox since it is clearly being marketed primarily to coin, relic, and jewelry hunters. It’s certainly not because I don’t think the capability is not there however - just the opposite. I think we will be seeing lots more posts like yours and Mitchels fairly soon Lunk. Thanks for posting!
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    So after my debacle with Cabela's, I finally got to give my Knox a run. A nickle shy of 5 bucks the first time out. Penny, nickle, dime, quarter, half dollar is what I found. I started the day following the advise of one of the members. A very good post about touch nothing, except sensitivity, ground balance, noise cancellation. I also dug all targets to start understanding the tones, Park 1 has 5 tones (plus I don't want Steve to ban me for breaking golden rule 1). This went on for awhile, unsure the exact time frame. But after a time I made a few tweaks nothing major. I turned on 50 tone towards the end of the run. Did this to see what was what. It is different I can say that. Not sure I need that many tones but I will give it time. After awhile I started to skip over trash that I knew was trash after digging it repeatedly and monitoring the display. This went on for awhile till I was sure I had a handle on things. The Nox target id is superb. Then I broke the don't touch anything rule. I did this by pushing up the reject number to ten. I went back to swinging for a little longer. Then I figured in stead of mentally ignoring 14 and 15, which was always cans and the like. I notched them out to see how the Nox would handle it. Excellently is the answer. I know there are valuables that peg that range, but not in this park. Plus it was about "can this unit cherry pick". Boy can it!!! I forgot to mention one of the first things I did was back down the sensitivity to 10. That was after digging foot deep holes in a park. Not my cup of tea. I save that for my nugget hunting. Even at setting 10, I was still picking things up 8 inches down regularly. So yep even at less than half power the Nox KO's targets. The last thing I changed was target ID speed, I moved it to 7. That is the only thing I noticed with the Nox. I hit a few pockets of coins. The Nox registered the higher Target but not the other targets. Only after removing the higher Target AKA quarter did the dimes register. This might just be a learning thing. Now to what matters most. I can say without reservation 95% of the time I dug a Target I knew where it was and what it was, before I removed it. That is what makes a GREAT DETECTOR. All detectors find stuff, that is not what makes a detector good to me. What truly matters is that you can pickup a detector and in a reasonable time frame understand it and be one with it. This is why I like Makro stuff. It is intuitive, simple, effective and right price point. Minelab makes great stuff not saying they don't. But what I am saying is they have been king of the hill for so long that they can and do, produce a detector the way they want and force the customer to adapt to that methodology. This makes it hard to change brands. Minelab's can be hard to run. I picked up a monster to see what it was all about. ( Steve pre warned me, I already had a great unit and that they where about the same) but I had to see. The short of it is, I didn' like the monster or trust it. I never knew what I was digging. I never once had the eureka moment with that unit. How does this apply to the Nox. Simple, each coin I hit was "cash register sound going of in my mind". I dug far less trash today then I do with my Racer 2. I punched too deep, at times lol. After only a few hours I am confident with this machine. I have used the 30/30, etrac. This unit is far better, for the price, ease of use and ability to pocket the targets you want to pocket. It is the best minelab I have used hands down. Not to say the others are bad, they are not. But I have done alot of hunting with the same people using those machines. The Nox is intuitive, quick to learn, excellent price point, there's more power then you need. I will take this unit to the gold fields and Tahoe soon, just to see if it holds up against a Makro gold racer or a 30/30 in their respective niches. I truley believe the little Nox can. silver coins and gold nuggets are bucket loads of smiles and I can't wait to start smiling. I couldn't sleep last night for the excitement of running The Nox. I kept waking up too early. Like going to Disney World as a kid. Hopefully this post will help the next person that is on the fence, landing them on the Nox buying side. Sidenote, go big. Don't get the 600, the 800 is worth twice what they are selling it for. You don't get a little more, you get buckets more. Those fine tuning abilities make all the diffrences. Better yet don't get a Nox, I love having an advantage on the other guy swinging.
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    First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
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    Fred, despite my unfortunate reputation as a bit of a stirrer and even troublemaker, I have enormous respect for Steve for the way he runs this as one of the few serious remaining gold and prospecting forums.
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    My thoughts exactly, Steve. And since, at the Minelab Americas Annual Partners Conference this past winter, Minelab CEO and President Peter Charlesworth announced that they now consider single frequency VLF technology to be obsolete and will only be designing multi-frequency VLF machines from now on, I fully expect Minelabs’ next dedicated VLF gold machine to be multi frequency. And seeing how the Equinox performs on gold, I can’t wait for that one!
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    Hi there RR, All this gadget is doing is mechanically classifying material into a gold pan. Nothing you couldn't do with a manual classifier over your gold pan which you could possibly get away with. I know with my sluice boxing I made & use a bucket classifier than can process a lot of material pretty quickly to feed down the box. Clean up time Good luck out there JW
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    What does the place of manufacture have to do with this thread? As far as your question about the ferrite ring and “why” it happened the way it did in the order it did, my response at least is “I don’t know”. We can talk about the ferrite and whether its use is of any benefit of not, but “why” Minelab does things is again not really the subject here. Reg, you obviously have a bone to pick with Minelab. If you want to start a new thread with all your “why” questions it might get it all off your chest, but I really don’t expect Minelab corporate officers or engineers to step in here and explain why they do what they do.
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    The Equinox is fine the way it is. I adjusted the shaft length and the cuff and no issues at all. I have seen guys say the Equinox is lighter than the At Pro and less tiring.. Who is going to notice .04 pounds when most likely they carry a lesche and a pointer and probably a pouch.. You want a detector that will wear you out try the Etrac.. Even after 4 days with the Etrac I was used to it and not sore... Most people that complain are loyal to other brands but bought an Equinox because if the didn't they would be missing out and they would be missing out if they didn't buy an Equinox. I have seen guys spend over $100 on modifications only to go back to the standard shaft and cuff. I have seen counter weights near the cuff.. I am 73 yrs old and have arthritis and move like an old man. I can hunt for two hours everyday and dropping to the ground to dig a target as much as 50 times but swinging the detector don't wear me out it's digging targets that does. All around feature for feature and dollar for dollar there is no better detector on the market.
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    I totally agree Reg that when people spend money they want things right, and the more money, the more they want it to be right. I too know many Minelab horror stories I could tell, especially on the business side of things and especially here in the United States. Aussie business practices are notoriously unforgiving and the company does many things I think are totally counterproductive. I have my own laundry list at the moment, but rather than air it on forums I am writing up a letter to the CEO. Will it change anything? Doubtful, but if people really do care about such things then the more letters like that the better. Long story short if around a campfire you might be surprised at what would come out of my mouth. I probably agree far more than you know with your thoughts on the subject. Sadly I also know that the other manufacturers are not immune from all this nonsense. Most of these companies are far smaller than people think and run more like small family businesses than corporate enterprises. You simply have seen more of it from Minelab because that's where your exposure has been. First Texas units more often than not undergo numerous revisions. The Garrett AT series needed a complete makeover after being released. If you did not hear about White's MX Sport mess, well, it was a real mess. Having sold ATVs, generators, outboards, heaters, water pumps, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, etc. etc. from names like Bombardier, Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha, Johnson, Husqvarna, Polaris, etc. I can also promise you I have seen far worse with far, far more expensive products. I have been screamed at to my face in our service department by upset owners on new, failed product. I have been sued because of manufacturer mistakes. All new product made by anyone can fail, and companies as a rule choose denial as a first response before ever admitting errors. Minelab is far from alone in all this, and far from the worst. Anyway Reg, I am sorry your friends had problems. Thank you for a reasoned response - you kind of made my day.
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    Steve, I have no bone to pick with Minelab, as a matter of fact I have a Minelab detector, and purchased a 7000 when they first came out. I was one of the lucky ones who got a good machine which found me a lot of gold including a 27oz bit. A couple of mates were not so lucky and had constant problems with their detectors. These detectors were sent to Minelab for remedial work, but were no better upon return. My friends were told that there was nothing wrong with the machines, and it was suggested that they just didn't know how to operate them. These guys were not novices and had been successful prospectors for years. With the introduction of the ring one of the detectors improved and became usable, however the other showed no improvement even after the software update. I never noticed any difference in my 7000 after using the ring or the software update. It performed quite well. I mentioned the fact that Minelab manufacture in Asia as I believe that quality control would possibly be better if the detectors were built in Australia, not to mention the employment situation. I know full well that my friends problem is not an isolated case. The 7000 is a very expensive machine and the last thing a buyer expects is to have purchased a less than perfect detector.
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    I agree with everyone here. My nickels are generally 13, deeper (older ones) are 12-13 bounces, in many cases. I've had a VERY occasional bounce down to 11, or up to 14, but mostly 12/13. I did dig one Jefferson that was a 12 in the ground, and a perfect 12 even in an air test, but those are usually solid 13. Deeper/older ones, I expect some 12s mixed in. But, like others have said, for me it's location dependent, and also depth dependent, as to what I dig. In an old location (especially a home site) with old coins, I'll reach for a slightly larger range around that "13" number when trying to dig nickels...but in a trashy park, an 11 or 12 is usually a beaver tail, and a 14, or even a 13/14 bouncer, is usually a rectangular tab. For what it's worth, I personally have yet to dig a nickel where I have seen a "10" show up, even once, or a "15." All have been within the 11-14 range, and ALL of them with plenty of either 12 or 13 numbers -- usually both (on a deep one). Steve
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    Tis indeed a homemade solid skid plate, Simon, and quite simple to make. $5 plastic tote, trace coil pattern onto it, cut it out, apply sticky-back velcro to it and bottom of coil, slap them together and voilà - job done.🙂
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    Got to give the ring to the mother of the person, today. She will send it off shortly. She said her son was not expecting to ever see it again and the fact that it was found completely blew him away. Fun to return it and see his mom's face.
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    Gold Prospecting with a VLF Metal Detector by Dave Johnson Chief Designer, First Texas Products & Fisher Research Labs March 2010 Edition This book explains how to use a VLF metal detector for finding gold. The author has nearly 30 years’ experience in the metal detector industry working for several different companies, and designed several of the most popular “gold machines” on the market. These include the Tesoro Lobo, White's GMT and MXT, and of course the Fisher Gold Bug and Gold Bug 2. Although the product emphasis is on the machines currently “Made in El Paso”, the features of competitors’ machines are also discussed. This booklet is useful no matter what brand of metal detector you use. pdf download 29 pages http://www.fisherlab.com/Hobby/davejohnson/DavesGoldbook-reders.pdf ready to print booklet version http://www.fisherlab.com/Hobby/davejohnson/DavesGoldbook-printer.pdf You can find this and many more useful free books on this website at the Metal Detecting & Prospecting Library
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    air test of the Equimox 800 programs for fine gold and silver..fine gold chain1, medium gold chain2,small silver coin parvus 3,gold heart4,gold earings 5.....Test in Sens18...and recovery speed 4...
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    Actually, I really enjoy Phrunt's posts. I don't feel anyone is "dominating" this forum, and it is certainly more informative, entertaining, and instructional than other forums like TN and Friendly. Steve H has created what I think is the ultimate forum, with few rules, and great personalities regularly posting. Just my $.02. (Probably more in Oz! LOL!). I've only been to Australia once, and that was while I was a Defense Contract Helo Pilot for the US Navy. We arrived in Gadsden on a Navy Supply ship to support a major joint military exercise. After hanging out in Gadsden for a few days, I became convinced that the toothbrush was invented there. I came to this conclusion in a few pubs after realizing that if the toothbrush had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a "Teethbrush"! heh heh.
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    Dude, what a sick hunt today! Visited the construction site on the beach again and found some old stuff: I "think" the earring and that superchunky bracelett are silver. I'll check that. Found my first silver coin, which is pretty rare here in germany, especially on the beach: And old coin from belgium: A gold-plated german WW2 navi button: And the oldest coin I've found so far from 1886! : It's just crazy what those construction sites bring up! Gotta love 'em 😍