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  1. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    I am actually surprised NokMak did not tackle the Bigfoot or at least a Cleansweep knockoff. I figured if anyone would it would be them, but despite some lobbying on my part no hint of it being in the works. Too bad because I would get a Racer 2 with a Bigfoot type coil in a heartbeat. As it is the Bigfoot is giving me a reason to keep one of the few VLFs that stayed put once Equinox arrived on my doorstep. Right now it has a shiny new V3i hooked up to it, but I don't have about an hour on the machine since Equinox takes every available minute I have and then some.
  2. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    I hear you FollowTheBeep. The good news is I would think that a metal detector is like the ultimate non-essential item in most people's lives. Almost nobody "needs" a metal detector and there should be no hurry or pressure to buy one.
  3. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Hi goldrat, Too hot for me! As an old Alaskan I was worried how I would handle the heat, but I found I am good up to 100F with care. Anything above that and I am hugging the air conditioner! All the modes have a multifrequency (MF) option now, and it is my understanding that all the modes on both the Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 are employing all the frequencies. It is what is done with the data after it is received and how it is processed that makes all the difference in the world. This is the "weighting" Minelab refers to. In other words, certain frequencies are emphasized and other less so depending on the task at hand. Maybe a certain frequency gets ignored entirely in post processing. I expect Minelab will reveal a little more about all this but at the end of the day nobody should ever expect much more than some generalities. I am sure the exact processing methodology is one of the closest kept secrets at Minelab. All I know is that multifrequency is where the real power resides in Equinox. The signal frequency modes all act like a lesser subset of the full power of Multi-IQ. That is not a bad thing as sometimes less is more when dealing with certain pesky ground conditions or electrical interference. For instance, it may be that Gold Mode in MF mode is too powerful for a certain patch of mineralized ground and hot rocks. 20 khz is a milder subset that may very well give smoother operation on that ground. Or perhaps there is salt/alkali ground to deal with. Gold Mode may not be the ticket there. Park Mode may work better or in extreme cases Beach Mode. The base mode chosen has an underlying set of parameters locked in that you start from, but then you have frequency options, sensitivity, and even recovery speed all acting in conjunction to modify each mode. What you end up with is a detector that is deceptively simple out of the box for those who just want to get going fast, yet has so much detail to explore in setting combinations that somebody like me is in detector heaven. Those that are fearless and willing to take the time to learn all the options of Equinox inside and out are going to be in for a fun ride! Thanks for the thanks!
  4. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    Excellent and thoughtful post Gerry - thanks! Like many people I used to hold off on new detectors. It is the Minelab PI detectors that changed that for me. From the SD2200D on I realized the waiting game was hurting me more than helping me. A pattern developed where each new Minelab was met by either skepticism or outright hostility. Then, one year after they hit the streets, the hostility subsided and the new model would be recognized as a new standard for performance. A similar pattern played out with BBS and FBS machines. I realized waiting a year would not only cost me time with what history has proven are pretty safe bets, but get me closer also to the next introduction. I have seen people wait a year and a half to buy what is no longer a new model, only to get bent out of shape when a new improved version shows up 6 months later. The longer you wait, the better your chances of being caught in this situation. Long story short I just started jumping on each new Minelab the moment it was released. I have not regretted that yet. What we are observing is not new however. It is normal in all sales channels that there will be early adopters, and those that wait for various reasons. Being an early adopter is not without risks, and waiting is not unwise for those with concerns. It really is more a personality type thing as people are sensitive to different levels of risk. There is a thread on the forum that discusses it, New Detectors & Early Adopters, that is an interesting read.
  5. CTX Prospector - Published on Jan 16, 2018 Here I show you how to replace the batteries inside the Minelab CTX-3030's battery pack with new cells from Japan purchased on eBay for $15 bucks! Takes about an hour to carefully remove and replace the 4 cells. Works like the original $150 battery pack! Minelab CTX-3030 Battery Pack Part No. 3011-0299 Panasonic CGR18650CG 2250mAh Lithium-Ion Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Cells Perform at your own RISK! Happy Hunting! - Jason CTX Prospector
  6. It just is what it is and many people have been very happy with the 5.3 or whatever you want to call it over the years. While we all have things we think can be done better the fact is often we have to make do with limited choices. In the case of a machine like the MX Sport and MX 7 which to date have no small concentric, at least White’s is doing something as opposed to nothing. Concentrics have fallen out of favor and are largely ignored these days, so any concentric at all is a good thing. Rather than get in White’s case over it I thank them for paying attention to a coil some companies would ignore entirely.
  7. Gold Monster On The Beach

    This guy in Hawaii is a very experienced beach hunter and is doing just fine with his Gold Monster. It will get the foil but the gold also.
  8. Reno Earthquakes

    Can’t say as I noticed any of them. Hopefully Reno never gets a real bad shake. Lots of brick construction here that would not fare well in a real earthquake.
  9. My CTX 3030 I could get the control box an inch or two underwater and the wireless would start to cut out. I have not verified this with Equinox but it is a safe bet to be similar. The normal option would be to use the waterproof headphones. Deus gets me thinking however. They use an antenna extension wire to run the wireless coil signal above water. I wonder if a wire wrapped around the pod and run up arm and shoulder would be enough to carry the wireless signal above water? Don’t know but it might work.
  10. Even in the desert dust and grime gets everywhere and so this protective plug is a good idea. I suspect most people are going to be using wireless and so for people who don't actually get underwater this plug may stay in place permanently.
  11. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Gold Mode. Correct.
  12. There is a plug that is attached to the coil connection to help prevent loss. The audio jack is actually sealed internally so if you submerge Equinox and get water in the jack opening it can't get into the detector. However, moisture could corrode the metal contacts causing the headphone jack itself to fail eventually. Therefore a plug to keep water and sand out when not in use. This plug has been visible in various videos for some time. Since I use the wireless this plug will always be in place unless I have waterproof phones attached.
  13. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Welcome to the forum hawk. I am doing the best I can under various constraints to try and fill in information gaps as I see them and are allowed to discuss them. I have taken some heat in various quarters over it so I do appreciate a comment now and then from people like you that it has been worth the effort. Thanks!!
  14. What's The Biggest Golden Sun Baker You've Ever Found?

    Wow, that's going to be a beauty when cleaned up! Congratulations to your brother, and thanks for posting Gerry.
  15. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    You are one of the people I was curious about on what you would think Tom. I am quite aware that people are really tuned into certain detector responses and ways of doing things. Equinox does some things in familiar ways, and others things are not so familiar. The bottom line is the sheer horsepower is there for sure, and the trick in coming months will be for people to best figure out how to access that horsepower for their given situation. The audio in Gold Mode can be varied by base pitch and the Detect Speed either elongates the signal or sharpens and accentuates it. Personally for me it works best on deep targets or small targets - weak audio signals. It took me a bit to figure out what was different about the audio than what I am used to and it is the fast ramp to peak with trailing drop off that makes it different on larger targets. I would almost kill to get a 4" x 7" elliptical on the Equinox as some of what it is obviously capable of will be limited by coils initially. I don't think I have ever found sub-grain gold with a coil that large before (the Equinox stock 11" round DD coil) though some of that is a self-fulfilling issue in that most machines I would use to chase sub-grain gold usually have a 6" x 10" coil or smaller on them. The 6" coil is going to be a hottie, but despite whining and holding my breath until I turn blue I have yet to lay hands on one. In open terrain the 11" coil is going to cover ground better and punch deeper on larger items and given how hot it is on tiny stuff may still be the best overall choice. The 6" for me will be more for moving at a snail's pace kind of work. You can't see it in the video but this is one of those times where the User Profile button is handy. The User Profile button is Equinox 800 only. It allows an exact copy of any one of the other modes to be stored separately for direct access at the push of a button. Normally it would take 6 button presses to cycle from Park 1 to Gold 1. In this case I set up Gold Mode 1 the way I wanted, then "long pressed" to User Profile button to store it. Then I went to Park 1 and got it set up. When shooting the video I show Park 1, then press the User Profile button and cut straight to Gold 1. You can hear the beep in the audio when I do it. Then a press of the Mode button takes me straight back to the starting point, in this case Park 1. Great for comparative work in two modes or quick access to a favorite group of settings.