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  1. I found a few very small ones, but not much considering all the years I dredged there.
  2. Thread edited to reflect another price drop, this time from $365 to $337! Gotta be pissing some dealers off.
  3. The SDC 2300 was not designed as an underwater detector. It was designed to be waterproof which is not the same thing. Being accidentally dropped in the water and floating or being floated across a stream is probably a feature considering the housing was designed for land mine detection. My guess is the waterproof headphones were not available at the time the video shot. They were in short supply initially. Converting the headphones you have would probably work but how they match up for ohms etc. is another matter. They may or may not be loud enough.
  4. "For some time now I have been keen to get my hands on one of Minelab’s CTX 06 six-inch coils for my CTX 3030. Recently, I finally bought one and couldn’t wait to get out and try it on some trashy sites that I have had success on in the past." Nice blog entry by Mike Gerlach at
  5. Tom is good at providing his own answers, but it appears he is at Diggin In Virginia (DIV) right now and so too busy to answer as quickly as he normally does. I could comment more but Tom does well enough speaking for himself. I do appreciate his presence on the forum and hope he is making some great finds at DIV.
  6. I just use an old large samsonite suitcase that does not look like anything valuable is in it, and pack all my gear to check through. I usually pack a backup detector and have it all in a second suitcase, hoping that if one gets lost I still have the other. Lots of years of flying though I have never had a bag truly lost, just delayed a couple times. I like the idea of taking a photo of bags and bag contents. Really good idea.
  7. Sadly each time one of the old timers like Smokey passes a lifetime of accumulated knowledge is lost. Some stuff gets passed on to others, but much gets held close as secret knowledge for use in a day that may never come. Hopefully I have some notice before my time is up, and if/when that happens you all will see all my nugget maps posted with notes before I go.
  8. Well, it depend just where in Australia you are and which U.S. Time zone you pick. Victoria AU is GMT +11 and Reno NV is GMT -7 so in general you blokes in Australia are 3/4 of a day ahead of us. When I post late Sunday afternoon it is around Monday noon in Australia.
  9. "A giant gold coin bearing the Queen's image, and worth $4m (£3.2m), has been stolen from a museum in Germany. The Canadian coin, nicknamed the "big maple leaf", has a face value of $1m - but because it is 100kg (220lb) of pure 24-carat gold, its value is much higher at today's price for gold bullion. It was taken during the night from the Bode Museum in Berlin." Read the full story here
  10. Heiner, L.E., Wolff, E.N., and Grybeck, D.G., 1971, Copper mineral occurrences in the Wrangell Mountains-Prince William Sound area, Alaska: University of Alaska Mineral Industry Research Laboratory Report No. 27, 179 p., 15 sheets There are prospect and mine reports starting page 36. Look for the words "native copper" and "copper nuggets". Also UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Bulletin 947-F COPPER DEPOSITS OF THE NIZINA DISTRICT, ALASKA BY DON J. MILLER page 119.... "Nuggets of native copper derived from the greenstone are found in the placer gravel on Dan Creek and some of its tributaries. A copper nugget estimated to weigh about 3 tons was found in Dan Creek in 1939." Copper nuggets have been found in Lynx Creek on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage
  11. I have found a number of copper nuggets in Alaska while detecting for gold. They are very common in some areas. I have intended to go detecting specifically for copper nuggets but somehow the quest for gold always takes precedence.
  12. This thread is fine Moses. Just the duplicates on other threads were deleted. I hope it all works out for you. I will be doing more with the ATX coils but it will be more like in a month, not the next couple weeks.
  13. Hello Shanan, welcome to the forum, The short answer is it really is too soon to say for sure. I have an XP DEUS and the Nokta Impact but due to weather and other commitments have been short on time this spring. I simply have not had the time yet to get the hours on the machines, and this has been compounded by my waiting for XP to get the new high frequency coils onto the market. Having one on hand will save me time in not having to do extra field trips late to find out what I can accomplish all at once with the new HF coil in hand. I can offer you a personal impression however. In my opinion I can do well with any top end VLF detector. The tech is pretty well sorted out and max depth was attained a long time ago, although discrimination and the ability to pull good targets out of dense trash continues to improve. That being the case, for me it is mostly about how the detector "feels". Weight and balance, audio, layout of display and control options, etc. It is not strictly about weight. The F75 at 3.5 lbs has the best feel on my arm of any detector I have used. The balance makes a big difference, and the DEUS although lighter feels nose heavy by comparison. Weight does matter though and the Impact at 4.26 lbs with batteries on my postal scales is almost twice as heavy as the DEUS at 2.15 lbs (9" coil, control box affixed to rod). Both the DEUS and Impact have wireless headphone options. The DEUS coil and controls both must be charged to use. The Impact should also be used with rechargeable batteries but uses four drop in AA batteries. This gives the Impact a slight edge in my opinion because if the batteries go dead, you can just drop in a backup set and get on with business. The DEUS coil can be run in a pinch from a USB style portable power pack but it is just not as simple as the Impact in this regard. A big factor in my opinion is about whether you like accessory coils or not. With the DEUS each coil is an actual metal detector, and so they cost about $500 each and XP is likely to be the sole supplier. I am not a fan of overpriced accessory coils, and no number of people pointing out Minelab also has lots of overpriced coils will make me change my mind about that. I think standard and smaller size coils should be under $200 and with only large VLF coils should the price sneak above $200. Even Minelab makes X-Terra coils that fit that rule. Bottom line is the Impact out the starting gate already has four coil options at excellent prices, both smaller and larger than what you can get for the DEUS. Other Nokta and Impact models have seen superb support from NEL and other aftermarket suppliers and I will be surprised if this does not prove to be the case with the Impact. For some people I think it simply boils down to the DEUS being the lighter, more compact detector and very well proven. The Impact offers more value, especially once you take accessory coils into account, but it is a very new design with thin dealer support. I don't really think you can go wrong with either detector, but honestly they are kind of night and day physically when you set them side by side. That's about all I can offer on the subject at the moment. For me personally a lot of it will come down to that new elliptical HF coil option and how the DEUS sorts out as a possible prospecting detector option. If you take the high frequency option out of the picture I would have to say I personally lean a bit more to the Impact way of doing things. The DEUS is a marvel but I guess I am just old fashioned. Drop in batteries and dumb inexpensive coils work fine for me. That's just me though and only a fool would not recognize how popular the DEUS is and how well it works for a whole lot of people.
  14. Also try Promack Treasure Hunting as they carry the GRG scoop, which was associated with the Trinity gold pan. The have the panning kit on sale and possibly have the scoops still as a separate item. They do appear to be out of manufacture.
  15. Since my original response above Minelab has announced the Gold Monster 1000 I would encourage anyone currently shopping for a prospecting VLF detector to hold off right now unless absolutely necessary. The GM1000 was designed specifically for the Africa market as an easy to operate yet powerful prospecting VLF. It will have applications elsewhere also. The Gold Monster 1000 should be available in April, just a few weeks away. If you can afford it I would second Moses suggestion of the SDC 2300 as a machine that has performance similar to a high performance VLF but ignores the hot rocks and ground mineralization that plague hot VLF detectors.