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  1. Tomorrow Is The Day!!

    A metal detector depth meter is nothing more than a signal strength indicator calibrated to a particular coin. That being the case there is nothing a meter can tell you that your ears can’t tell you as well or better. All depth meters are inaccurate on any item other than the coin they are calibrated for. Further, most (not all) detectors are only a accurate when using the stock coil. For all these reasons I have never paid much attention to depth meters. Between the initial target sound and the sounds when engaging the pinpoint function I learn all I need to know about target depth. The main “problem” with Equinox is targets are delivering full signal strength for quite a few inches. With most detectors signal strength drops off immediately. That makes it easy for those detectors to gauge depth. So do we want to “make” the Equinox more prone to losing signal strength faster just to get a better idea of depth? The more people use Equinox, the more I think most people will find that the depth meter will fade as being a major issue. Best wishes for early results with the new machine!
  2. Gold Bug Pro Coil Issues

    Still am! The base $499 Gold Bug (here in U.S.) is still my pick for an entry level nugget detector. However, other than testing I never used the 5” coil and so can’t help much with this one. Bad coils may, above a certain sensitivity setting, overload, causing a continuous blaring noise. This happens even if the detector is completely stationary. You seem to be saying however that your machine just starts getting false signals above a certain setting. That sounds more like electrical interference to me.
  3. Africa. And gold machines, not coin detectors. You guys have it all backwards. The high price of the WM08 just makes it easier for all us 800 owners who have one and never use it to sell it to 600 owners for a decent price, yet save them money. I don’t see anyone being put off the 600 because it would cost big bucks to add something they did not want in the first place. But if they do want one, I bet plenty of 800 owners would be happy to give theirs up for $159, a solid $100 savings for whoever buys it. Though you would have to give up your spare charger cable also so they have a way to charge it.
  4. TDI SL Battery Pack Up Grade

    If there were such a beast I would expect it would be in the newly released TDI SL Special Edition. That unit appears however to ship with the same NiMH battery pack as the prior TDI SL so my guess is that it has not happened. Or not happened yet at least. Hopefully Tom will chime in to help you with your decision.
  5. GPZ 7000 Vs GPX 5000

    The easiest way to determine going values for used stuff are the eBay Sold Listings
  6. In Search Of Forrest Fenn's Treasure

    I have a friend who is always trying to get me interested in treasure hunts but it was never my thing. I love metal detecting and prospecting, and the whole using research to look for gold nuggets thing appeals to me. So many treasure tales however are just that, tales, and sorting what’s real from what’s not.... well, just never got into that. Figuring out geology and where Mother Nature hid her treasures appeals to me more. That said I do understand the fascination people have for such things though. I am a bit surprised in this day and age of the “reality show” that a new Treasure Island show has not been created where contestants do the Fenn thing on a much smaller scale. Each season could be a new treasure.
  7. In Search Of Forrest Fenn's Treasure

    New clue... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/millionaire-forrest-fenn-hid-treasure-in-the-rockies-and-left-a-clue.html
  8. Equinox 600 On Small Gold Jewelry

    Translator at work... I think the “he” being referred to is the Equinox 600. The 600 is a perfectly capable machine for hunting small gold. Park 2 and Field 2 are hot on small gold. If using Field 2 be sure to use the horseshoe (all metal) or change the target id 1 and target id 2 back to non-ferrous accept responses - see below. Gold prospectors in bad ground will want to be open minded about possible responses in the 0 and -1 areas also. Instruction manual pages 23-24 (emphasis added): Park 2: Fine Jewellery (Fine in this context means small) Park 2 is better suited for smaller targets and greater trash densities. It will detect a wider range of targets including low conductors (or higher frequency) targets, e.g. fine jewellery. All non-ferrous targets are accepted by default. Recovery Speed is also increased to clearly identify good targets masked by iron trash. Target Tone is set to 50 to allow greater audible target identification rather than relying more heavily on the visual Target IDs. Park 2 Multi-IQ processes a higher frequency weighted multi-frequency signal while ground balancing for soil. Field 2: Fine Coins / Artefacts (Fine in this context means small) Field 2 suits locations with high target and trash densities. It will better detect small hammered coins on their edge or at greater depth. The default discrimination pattern is set to reject Target IDs 1 and 2 (most coke signals). Target Tone is set to 50 tones to enhance audio identification and Recovery Speed is faster. The first Tone Break has been set so that Target IDs 1 and 2 produce the same low tone as ferrous targets. Field 2 Multi-IQ processes a higher frequency weighted multifrequency signal while ground balancing for soil. Also see the side box Difficult Areas - Coke.... “Generally coke has a Target ID of 1 or 2. For this reason it is rejected by default in Field Mode. Note, this could result in some small non-ferrous targets being missed.”
  9. Too Bad Minelab Doesn't Port Xchange 2 To Mac Osx

    I believe they are working on it. This note from page 67 of the Equinox Instruction Manual.... “Software Updates - EQUINOX Series detector have the ability to accept software updates via USB and XChange 2 (Windows or Mac OS compatible).” Personally I am using Bootcamp at this time so my Mac has been polluted!
  10. Mike And Steve All Metal Mode Podcast

    I will be with Mike again on the All Metal Mode podcast Monday April 23rd at 8pm Eastern Time. The subject this time - metal detecting for gold nuggets!! All Metal Mode Episode Listing
  11. Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    All I mean is detectors that are running at such high gain settings that knock or bump sensitivity is even an issue. Most detectors have been designed for "safe driving" in the past. Now in the arms race for more power, companies are pushing gain as high as it can go and then some. This results in more detectors now that overload or have coil sensitivity issues at the highest gain settings. Nok/Mak detectors are all prone to overload due to having very high gain levels. My Makro Gold Racer and Minelab Gold Monster both have coil knock issues at the higher sensitivity levels, as does Equinox. I like detectors that can be "overdriven" or redlined, but it raises issues with people who on one hand have problems at the highest sensitivity levels, but at the same time do not want to lower the sensitivity to eliminate those problems because it results in less sensitivity to desired items. A Catch-22 type issue.
  12. Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Anyway, the problem with the Golden Mask rod is that the way it collapses so short is that the rods all slide up into the upper rod all the way to the end. That means that not only is the upper rod a larger diameter than normal but that drilling holes in the upper shaft for lock pins or mounting pins is a no go. You have to figure out a way to mount externally as Steve has done.
  13. Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Well, no experimentation needed to confirm. I happen to know for a fact that the ground balance setting on any detector that is riding the ragged edge will have an impact on coil knock/bump sensitivity.
  14. Smart coils have chips that communicate with the control box to properly match the coil size with the operating parameters of the detectors. This started with Minelab in the X-Terra series but is also done by other companies. The Nokta/Makro coils are sensed by the detector, for instance. The conspiracy theory is this is for no reason other to control coil sales. That may be a side benefit for the manufacturers but the main intent is for the detector to know what coil is attached so that the machine can tune itself for the coil. For instance, depth gauge readings are calibrated to stock coils on detectors. If you run "dumb coil" then going to a larger or smaller coil causes the depth gauge to be inaccurate. On my White's V3i I can manually enter the coil type to compensate. Smart coils go to the next step and do it automatically. Here is how Minelab explains it for the X-Terra. They are single frequency only but you can bet Minelab has taken what they have learned since and applied it to Equinox. World’s First All-Digital Metal Detectors VFLEX transforms conventional single frequency metal detection technology by including two microcontrollers (miniature computers), one inside the control box and one inside the coil. Every time the detector starts up, the microcontrollers establish communication via a digital data link. The coil microcontroller communicates the coil’s configuration, size and exact frequency, so the control box can generate a perfectly matched transmit signal. This significantly reduces distortion and increases Target ID accuracy. Perfect Sine Wave Transmission VFLEX technology generates and transmits a perfect high quality sine wave, using the same technology that is found in high quality digital audio players, and is produced without distortion. The removal of distortion maximises power transmitted from the coil, therefore increasing detection depth and sensitivity. This also results in enhanced Target ID accuracy and greater immunity to both ground and environmental noise. In-Coil Signal Booster Weak target signals are amplified inside the coil, before the receive signal is sent up the coil cable where interference and signal loss can occur. This technique improves immunity to electrical noise by reducing false signals and increasing target signal strength, therefore improving detection depth and sensitivity. Source: https://www.minelab.com/knowledge-base/key-technologies#259047