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  1. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Grips and rods are just one of those things that will never please everyone. Personally I never had a problem with the White’s “Lazy S” grip so go figure.
  2. Testing / Comparing Round HF Coil And 9" Lf Coil

    It may not seem like it, these forums being new and relatively quiet, but your posts are always appreciated here. Thank you David! I hope more Deus purchasing options become available soon. I don’t know why, with the modular nature of the thing, why you can’t just “build your own package” when ordering one.
  3. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    I will not only second that but I want to commend everyone who has participated in this thread. I watched as stuff like this can head off on a wrong tangent easily, with accusations, etc. The goal always on this forum is to educate and this thread has turned into a great example of how to go about doing just that. Thank you everyone!
  4. Minelab X-Terra 705 Now Only $499

    This new lower price is so aggressive that there really is no competition if you are looking for a VLF gold prospecting machine loaded with extra features for a bargain price. It is so aggressive it shook up my latest Nugget Detector Guide and replaced the basic 19 kHz Gold Bug at $499 as a Steve's Pick. The Gold Bug is a great little detector, but it comes nowhere close to having the features of the X-Terra 705 at the exact same price. The most obvious difference is a Gold Bug comes with a 5" round DD coil for $499 whereas the 705 offers a choice of 9" round concentric or 5.5" x 10" DD coil. You also only get Ground Grab with the Gold Bug, whereas the X-Terra 705 offers Ground Grab, Manual Ground Balance, and even Automatic Ground Tracking with Tracking Offset. That just scratches the surface of what the X-Terra 705 offers at $499 and so it is now my pick for general purpose VLF good for gold prospecting.
  5. The New Coils For The 2300

    Everything is just speculation at this point. If it is Nugget Finder building the coils then Minelab may approve of it. If not and warranties are made void that would certainly hurt sales. I do not think you have to mess with the waterproof integrity of the main control box to do a coil swap. It is also not trivial so this will be an open question until real information is available. I would prefer feuds fostered on other forums be left on those forums. They have no place here.
  6. Minelab X-Terra 705 Now Only $499

    Coil Selection Guides - click for larger versions.
  7. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Here is a screen capture from the video below....
  8. It was just this spring that I noted the price for the Minelab X-Terra 705 had dropped to $600. I thought that was good, but somewhere along the way the price dropped again to $499. As of today I find these internet prices... X-Terra 305 $259 X-Terra 505 $349 X-Terra 705 $499 This makes sense with the new Equinox 600 coming in at $649 and Equinox 800 at $899. The X-Terra 705 can be had standard with a 7.5 kHz 9" round concentric coil for $499 or you can also get it standard with a 18.75 kHz 5.5" x 10" elliptical DD coil for $499. The higher frequency elliptical coil variant is known as the X-Terra 705 Gold. Note that the X-Terra can change frequencies by changing coils so owners of either version can have the other by buying the appropriate coil. I don’t think there is another detector out there that matches the X-Terra 705 for features at $499 and it has an excellent threshold based all metal VLF Prospecting Mode. In particular the X-Terra 705 has every ground balance option possible - Ground Grab, Manual Ground Balance, and Ground Tracking with Tracking Offset. It also has a special Beach Mode that allows it to properly ground balance to wet salt sand conditions. The $500 segment is really heating up! Understanding Your X-Terra by Randy Horton is a free 95 page color booklet on how to get the most out of your Minelab X-Terra but with information that owners of any metal detector will find valuable. Minelab X-Terra 705 Field Guide Minelab X-Terra 705 Owner's Manual / Instruction Guide
  9. Hopefully Mike/Rob finds the affirmation he is looking for. The Impact is a great general purpose detector that can run with the best VLFs out there. Makro / Nokta have said for some time a waterproof detector is in the works, but that is all that is known about it. That and the Equinox prospecting mode would probably be better subjects for new threads though so will leave it at that.
  10. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Looks like the new model has the 950 concentric as the stock coil based on Chuck’s photo above. Here is the old MX5.... and the TreasurePro....
  11. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Chuck, I believe you now and I believed you then!!
  12. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Magazine ads have to be placed way ahead, and it is not unusual for a mismatch to occur between when a magazine reaches customer hands and when the manufacturer thought the magazine would reach customer hands. Not really surprising when we are just halfway through October and you are holding a December issue of a magazine in your hands. Do you own a time machine Chuck? So we had the MX5 and then the MX Sport and now the MX7. At $599 it has to be a mid-range offering and with the MX5 now discontinued and previously selling for $599 this looks to be the replacement for the MX5. White's had also discontinued the $599 M6 model but then recently resurrected it. I wonder if it will go away now or stick around? Is it actually orange? I figured that was just the prototype to make it easy to identify as a prototype.
  13. I'm Calling It Spanish Silver.... Maybe

    You have a photo account here - just load them up when you post!
  14. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    If this quote from Minelab can be trusted then it sounds like you will get your wish.... ”Multi-IQ achieves a high level of target ID accuracy at depth much better than any single frequency detector can achieve” Since 2014 I have been on a quest to find my perfect all around detector. So far without success, but the Equinox 800 comes closer than anything yet. The next few months are going to be interesting!
  15. Minelab Statistics

    From the Minelab Facebook page