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  1. Looking good IBD! After using the dredge, I agree the two pressure feed hoses are a pain. I'm planning on hard piping mine as well. What are the extra Cam-Locks for? Brian, using the Urethane to glue the fittings to the pump worked excellent! ooooooops
  2. Never used Keene's wheel but I have used a Desert Fox and I own a Gold Screw wheel. The Desert Fox was pathetic! Hard to set up, small wheel and not good at gold recovery! The Gold Screw is a far better wheel, it has a large diameter wheel and steep undercut riffles as well a bump jig feature. It will recover 200 mesh all day long, and when I say all day long I mean it takes that long to process a few buckets of fines. LOL. Now I use a Gold Cube with a Trammel on Top. Pretty happy with that as I can run a bunch of unclassified cons in short order and the recover is good enough for me. I guess if all I had was 100 mesh and smaller to work, I would be looking for the best recovery method but I'd also probably not be prospecting then. I think a lot of folks put Mercury in the panning wheels? But there again, when is the return not worth the effort?
  3. You know, looking at the gold in your post. I wouldn't hesitate to use my 4 inch sub surface dredge there. I bet my subbie only weights about 100 LBS and it will keep up with any standard four inch dredge. Adding air to any dredge will give you added ability. But its still a two inch and moving overburden is tedious. Something to think about. As far as getting sick from the water, that's never happened but I have had the swim ear thing, I use a 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to keep that at bay. Lastly gold is where you find it. My claim has been worked off and on for the last 100 years or so, a lot of the experienced prospectors tell me where they think I should dig, a lot of times that is the obvious spots like low pressure zones (inside bends and behind boulders) so I try to look for the spots that wouldn't be first on the list of most people. Seems to be working fine. Have fun and be safe.
  4. Gold Detecting A Hundred Years From Now

    Next week I'm teaching fifth grade kids to pan for gold (gotta get my dredge cons processed some how;-). I'll bet in a hundred years their kids will still be using a pan to find gold.
  5. Looks like nice chunky gold to me! Really, I don't see any small gold there look like its all 20 mesh plus. If you can figure out getting down to that fractured bedrock that is where you will do good. That fractured rock is Mother Natures sluice box. Your two inch dredge will be painfully slow to remove a couple feet of overburden but should be a crevis cleaning machine. Before I moved to a larger dredge I would use a three gallon bucket to scoop away the overburden then clean the bedrock with my dredge. Its surprising how fast the bucket is compared to the two inch dredge. Good post Tom - Love the Indiana gold!
  6. Couple Rocks

    Really cool Bob! I guess there is more out there than gold, Thanks for sharing.
  7. Tom, I'd like to see some pictures of gold from Indiana. If you can narrate it a bit for us that would be great👍
  8. Cold Weather Detecting

    If your cold try some buffalo wool gloves. They will keep you warm and still give good dexterity. https://thebuffalowoolco.com/collections/bison-apparel/gloves
  9. Keene Mini Max

    I have the trammel on mine. Good for running lots of material fast but have to wait to see the gold. Really interesting to see all the gold stuck in the first trough.
  10. I like light weight but really depends on how much weight you are moving. Check this link out.https://www.lewiswinch.com/choosing-the-right-chainsaw
  11. Keene Mini Max

    I bet the recovery is the same, just a new toy to spend money on. I find my best recovery happens when I classify my cons before I run them. Even at that I still can get a little more if I run a second or third time. My six produces a lot of cons I have buckets all over the place with gold in it. Kinda lazy when the gold gets really small.
  12. Saturday Dredging

    Thanks Brian, Living the dream ! Just read your classified post. You are done with commercial mining? Looks like I'm gonna have to push the dredge back to my side of the line
  13. Good to hear your back! Still a bit busy at work but I'll swing in soon. Steve's rite AMDS will benefit greatly having an energetic and experienced guy at the mining department.
  14. Tom, have you tried one of those back braces? Stretching and Yoga exercises might sound silly but I think limbering up before and after strenuous work is a good idea. Finding gold is fun but overdoing it can certainly ruin the next week at work. LOL. Did you have any luck last weekend sluicing?