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  1. The Cabelas site says the 600 is in stock, just as you say. That sure contradicts all that I read.
  2. End Of Year Summary Report

    That is meticulous record keeping. I am always impressed with some folks organization. My tax preparer would love me if I could do that. Will you continue this on to 2018 ?
  3. I went out to the Chocolate mountains today to prospect a bit. The Chocolates have small gold, that and my lack of prospecting skills yielded zero nuggets. I was in a good size wash detecting the cracks in the exposed bedrock with no luck so I moved up to the first bench above the bottom. Got a big signal that ID'ed steady from all directions. This little all metal toy car was down about 6 inches in small gravel. It was lost intact, as you can see the front axle has rusted apart but it is complete. I am guessing the car is pre 60's but I am no toy expert. It has been years since we have had enough rain to flow water that high in that wash. Ha...got some yellow afterall.
  4. 11 Gold Coins Found + More

    Saw that on another forum. That is an amazing find.
  5. I recently bought a new T2 classic and have been trying to use it a couple of hours every day. Today I got a weak nickel signal, fairly consistent 54-55 at an indicated 7 inches. 2 inches down was this chain in a tightly wound together mass. It is marked 14k and broken in 2 pieces as you can see (have not done acid test). Untangled the mess and loosely dropped it on the ground to get a reading, a weak and fluctuating 35 and lower......YIKES. In all truth I would not have thought twice about that weak 35, going to have to reset my thinking. Liking the T2 but I can see it will take lots of hours to be as comfortable with it as I am with my Gold Bug
  6. Thanks for the answers, confirms what I have read and thought. My detecting experience is limited to my Gold Bug and a TrackerIV before that. The soil in my urban area has A LOT of alkali so I know that has a negative effect on coin hunting. I ordered a T2 today so I am hoping I will find the silver coins that have been just out of reach with the Bug......I'll find out soon enough.
  7. I am curious how much more depth I will get on coins with a T2 Classic vs. Gold Bug non manual gb on coins . I love my Gold Bug but I am only getting 4-4 1/2 inches reliable depth. The Bug works fine on sports fields where I use low power settings but I also like hunting curb strips, empty lots (with permission) old home sites and such. Mostly coins at these places. I am trying not to get caught up in the grass is greener new detector will fix all train of thought. I thought I needed a Tesoro clean sweep coil for hunting sports fields but my Bug works just fine. Would a T2 truly get better depth on coins then my current Bug? This of course is all things being equal.
  8. Thinking About Buying A Tesoro

    I have been doing my due dilligence on Tesoros. I want the coil but am not excited about the detectors. The only machines that would do what I THINK I want are the DeLeon and Cortes, everything else seems to be single tone machines. With my Fisher I am going after good signals in the 46-58 range and everything above 82. This is where my good finds have been so it is my only point of reference. It looks as though the 2 display detectors are my only choice. I would love to have this type of coil available for my Fisher.
  9. Thinking About Buying A Tesoro

    Thanks for the answer on the target ID question. No Tesoro yet, reading about the various models.
  10. Thinking About Buying A Tesoro

    Both of these 925 pieces were less than 2 inches deep. I am enjoying this method and am no longer bringing a digging tool when I go, only the screwdriver. Now a question only a noob would ask. Because I am intentionally shallow hunting I have dialed back the power/gain to 35-40. I do not care about the depth but am wondering if the lower power affects the machines ability to ID the target accurately ?
  11. After reading on the topic of shallow sports field hunting/screwdriver popping , I decided to give it a try. With some practice it is doable, it will open up acres of park area I would have passed on if I would have had to dig a plug. I am a little over a year into detecting and have been using a non manual gb Gold Bug, it serves me very well but after doing this shallow hunting I am thinking about getting a Tesoro. It is not a particular machine I want, it is that Clean Sweep coil. It really looks as though you can cover some ground. I am not looking for depth beyond what my Carrot will signal. I know there is no magic bullet, am I reading too much into this ?
  12. I am interested in hearing if anyone has had any luck detecting the Chocolates. West of 78/Ogilby. I am aware of both the mine and the bombing range, there are areas that are open. I have never seen or heard of a detected nugget, small gold that can be drywashed but has anyone here had any detecting success?
  13. Need Advice On Nugt Etf?

    That one is a day traders etf. I have watched it for a while but it is way to hot for me. Why not shares in abx ? http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/042315/how-gold-miners-bull-3x-nugt-etf-works.asp
  14. Thanks for the responses guys. I guess these are questions that are asked repeatedly but have no firm answer. I'll keep digging!