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  1. Perfect Hunting Season

    Rick, great story on the combination of the two different hunts. I can’t count how many times when I use to go deer and Elk hunting and 4 wheeling not paying attention to Gold prospecting. Now I’m trying to retrace my excursions looking for gold areas I didn’t pay attention to before. With the gold your finding and the gold a friend of mine is finding with his GPZ I am almost convinced to sell my 5000 and take the plunge. My SDC is perfect for the creeks I’ve started to hunt as I like the fact it’s waterproof.
  2. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    I made my adapters and used two 26650 lithium ion batteries in my SDC 2300 this past week and it worked great. Does anyone know what the voltage regulated voltage for SDC is set at?Heres a pic of my adapters.
  3. A Small Coil For The 7000

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall at Minelab and hear what’s on the horizon for the next couple of years.
  4. A Small Coil For The 7000

    Steve I am also left wondering, nothing new, that the coil design of the GPZ7000 is more of a major reason for the level of performance of the 7000 than the detector electronics are. I wonder if a coil of the same design could work with the other model lines. You were posting as I was typing this. Kinda answers my question. Wow that’s a lot of copper. No wonder there as heavy as they are. I wonder if more wire in the coils for the GPX, GP and SD’s would increase depth and sensitivity.
  5. A Small Coil For The 7000

    I agree with your synopsis Steve. I am a bit surprised the aftermarket hasn’t jumped on the market already for a series of different size coils. I like the size coil you mentioned. That size would be just about perfect for my areas.
  6. I have been painfully considering a purchase of a 7000. Seeing the gold a friends 7000 is getting that seems to be out of reach of a 5000 is giving me reason for this consideration. However with the areas I used to have access to that facilitates the use of the large coils are being lost due to development and I would have little or no areas to go that there would be a benefit to the large coils. If Minelab would make a small coil like the 11 inch diameter that is stock with all the other models up to the 7000 it would justify a purchased. I wonder if it’s the technology in the electronics that will not work with a small coil.
  7. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    I read these posts a few days ago and decided to give these batteries a try. I ordered up a stick of 3/8 inch diameter x 4ft brass rod and a1inch diameter x4 ft stick of plastic rod. Went out to my shop and turned down some pieces on the lathe to make adapters to use with the 26650 batteries. They work great. 8.2 volts with the lithium’s and 5.2 with the c-cells. The 26650 fit nice so there is no rattling around causing the disconnect that’s talked about. Thanks for this tip.
  8. SDC 2300 - Is It Dead?

    My sdc2300 isn’t dead. I bought mine specifically for hunting in creeks where I don’t have to worry about a $5000.00 non waterproof detector going for a swim. In fact I’m waiting on material and will be converting the batteries over to Lithium ion. Just have to machine the adapters.
  9. I’d buy his video on the 7000. I don’t even own a 7000, I just enjoy his videos and there is always something to learn.
  10. Not that I would ever be able to afford a 7000 or newer model the one thing I would like to have seen with the 7000 was the availability of a larger selection of available coils. Like WesD said a small coil for creek beds would be nice. Depth advantage with a large coil is lost if you have to keep it up 6 to 8 inches to clear rocks.
  11. Rye Patch - The Struggle

    Nice assortment of nuggets Rick. you always seem to do well out there. I've got to drag my trailer out there one of these days and put some time in. haven't been in years.
  12. A Legend Passes

    Met Smokey once at the coffee shop at Sturgis motel during a detecting trip, great person. Heard a lot of great stories about him. Certainly lost a great prospector. Seem to be losing a lot of them in the past few years.
  13. Matt that is great that you have your son interested in detecting. My boys never developed an interest in it. Wes.
  14. And Izzy Martin is worried about the mercury disturbance and turbidity of my little dredge. Spring and summer will be good for dredging.