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  1. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Glad they arrived and that you like them.
  2. Not sure, I’ve never used the AT Pro. I did fine some gold with it the second time out with it. I thinks it’s on par with the Gold Bug Pro for gold. I think the Gold Bug Pro has a operating frequency of 19 kHz and the ATGold is at 18 khz. I hate to sell it but I bought an Equinox 800 and I have several other gold machines so one of them had to go.
  3. Equinox 600/800 Full Instruction Manual

    My Equinox showed up yesterday. Nice solid machine. Love the magnetic connections. Just finished printing out this manual. Now it’s off to Staples for more ink cartridges. Hopefully I can get out this weekend.
  4. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    They do last a while, a lot longer than I will. Plus they have snug fit which limits them moving and causing that quick intermittent disconnect some complained about with the C-cells.
  5. The Consequence Of Equinox

    Spot on. I’ve had a AT Gold for sale for a month now. Not a nibble but I refuse to give it away. Usually when you sell a used machine you have to pile on so many extra coils and other accessories that they become more valuable than the detector. Probably will just start keeping my older detectors and hope I can develop an interest toward detecting with my grand daughters as they get older.
  6. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    WesD Sounds like your going to be busy too. I’ve started making some of the adapters for the SDC to use the lithium 26650 batteries.
  7. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Wes if you make a few for Matt make a couple for me and I buy em from you.
  8. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Ok, I guess I haven’t used my SDC enough. Exactly what happens to the knuckle?
  9. It Better Be Good

    I do the same thing. I’ve had a home based auto repair business for 30 plus years that I have used to pay for everything the house repairs have called for along with my toys for my hobbies. Nothing has come out of the family checking account. I’ve been lucky as my wife of 39 years has never complained about me buying detectors because I have always found enough to Gold to pay for them. I did put a limit to it when the 5000 came out at almost 6 or 7 grand. I just could keep up.
  10. After reading over the past months all these opinions on this detector I’m glad I have one on order. Makes me wonder how a machine like the Gold Monster would excel if it had multi frequency using the higher frequencies.
  11. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    I’m getting one because I feel it will fill some of the needs I have in the gold field along with coastal beaches which I don’t have a detector for that. With my Wife recently retired we see ourselves RVing to the coast a lot more where this detector will do better than anything I currently have.
  12. Goldmonster Gold

    Why to go Matt. Glad your son has shown an interest in it. Found some gold and he’s probably hooked now. Wish my kids would have but neither had the patience for it.
  13. Detector Mods

    I think a forum user that goes by Shep has had his 4500 modified and he seems to love it.
  14. Detector Mods

    If you are looking at Link Technologies prices on mods remember that is in Australia dollars not US. The best thing is to send a contact email to Peter Woodland, Woody, to get the cost in US dollars. I have had two detectors modified by him, an SD 2100 and a GP 3500 and I notice definite performance advantages in the quietness of the threshold, emi interference and the ability to find smaller gold. I had used both of these detectors before having the mods done and am sold on his mods. A friend of mine had his GPX5000 modded by him and he claims almost the same results as the GPZ 7000 on small gold at depth. You just have to use it and get to know the best setting to be in for a particular ground condition and gold type. Personally I can’t afford a 7000 so the cost to modify my 5000 would be worth it, which I plan on doing.
  15. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    That sounds great Dave. I’m buried with auto repair jobs this week but I’ll try and get a couple machines out this weekend. I’ll let you know. Paypal will be fine.