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  1. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    Default GB 0 does in fact give good depth. In my test garden it can detect my 8" nickel and 7" rivet. Now I must admit the audio is not as loud as when ground balancing is done, but to me it is sufficient when I can't get a solid GB. Hope this helps. I did try something new this evening using the park 1 choice. I did a manual GB then I switched to tracking. I made a note of the GB # and a few minutes later I checked the ground balance and it had in fact changed a couple numbers, so the function seems to be working correctly. Tip: After ground balancing and invoking auto track, just push the settings button and that will show you the actual BG # being tracked at that moment. Real neat how that works.
  2. Day 2 Hunt

    I no longer believe, but know...........
  3. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    I've got to hunt three old home sites and was not able to find a clean spot within 50' of the home. So decided to reset the park1 program and hunt as is and found it did very well. It's amazing just how much iron can be at an old home site. I will add one thing, my other machine (which I won't mention the name) chatters a lot at these site, but will not give a solid audio like the Equinox.
  4. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    I totally agree with what you are saying. I actually had to rethink the manual and make adjustments according to my hunting situation and style. But I do prefer park1 for where I hunt.
  5. Hats Off To Minelab

    Please note my judgement on the Equinox is based on the red/orange clay where I live. In my area a target past 5-6 always gives an iron signal. Case in point, yesterday I spent several hours hunting the same kind of dirt. These sites have completely dried up several years ago but I started finding coins at depths of 5-8". Not only did the Equinox give a solid audio, but the target ID was accurate. I'm still awe struck.
  6. Hats Off To Minelab

    By my actual observations and hunting trips Minelab has not only met but surpassed what 1st Texas was hoping for. The Equinox does it all and more. From June 2015 http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1006-fisher-czx-metal-detector-ground-breaking-technology/: “The following information is from an apparent leak from a First Texas distributor meeting? The link is posted at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/555-new-fisher-pulse-induction-multi-frequency-detectors/?p=10571 as part of the thread about upcoming Fisher products that have been circulating for a couple years. These leaks seem to jive with previous statements by Tom Mallory of First Texas. The main one of interest to the people on this forum would be a new CZX model aimed at gold prospecting. Here is the text from the posted screen shot: CZX - Fisher and Teknetics This machine is ground breaking technology Turn on and go 2 frequency - 9:1 ratio No need to ground balance or adjust the detector to the environment It automatically senses the ground and makes changes accordingly. First detector birthed from this platform is a gold unit priced around $1000, but deeper than current VLF, this detector will also see through red dirt, and highly mineralized soil. From this platform other machines will develop. We intend to develop the CZX and MOSCA platforms to offer more machines in the $1000 to $2000 range than have ever been available. Target release 2016 We have senior engineer Dave Johnson on this project The "Mosca" platform referred to is further described and apparently is aimed more at being a general purpose non-prospecting detector (coins, jewelry, relics). Again, here is the text from the posted screen shot: "Mosca" Fisher and Teknetics Waterproof up to 10' (3 meters) Wireless headphones - Waterproof loop and connectors for headphones 2 frequency - 7:1 ratio Hobby/Treasure Market - Great for Saltwater, Relic, Coin Auto Ground Tracking Single Pod Design LCD Pad, control buttons, 2 AA batteries Arm Pad in rear Retail target - $1200 - $2000 Target release 2016 We have dedicated engineers on this project OK, so a gold unit around $1000 that goes deeper than current VLF designs. I also have high hopes that knowing the proclivities of the engineer, Dave Johnson, that it will be relatively light and ergonomic. Dave also prefers simple and the design statements reflect that. We seriously need something that brings gold detector weights and prices back to earth and so hopefully this will be it. I have stated over and over again I would be very happy with ATX equivalent performance in a less expensive lightweight package. Garrett so far seems disinclined to make that unit but they have a year at least before it may be a moot point. The CZX would have to obsolete the White's TDI as it is aimed squarely at or below the same price point and unless it beats TDI performance would be dead on arrival. We will not have long to wait - 2016 is coming fast!”
  7. Equinox Too Noisy?

    Since the chatter is only noticeable while the coils is in motion I'd suspect the area is highly mineralized (might be man made). I have a few old schools where they have burnt coal as a heat source (and discarded the waste on the property) for decades and when the ground is saturated I get a lot of ground chatter. But when it dries out the chatter is all but gone, very quiet. To prove this to yourself adjust the threshold so just audible in discrimination and see if the audio blanks out while the coil is in motion. I'd almost bet it does and that will give you a clue as to the ground chatter. For me the solution was to turn the sensitivity down to about 15, this reduced the false signals a great deal. Might add, try the same area when the ground dries up a bit.
  8. Equinox Too Noisy?

    Is there more noise with the coil still or while you are sweeping?
  9. What Do You Do When You Get Your Equinox 800?

    Well I'll answer my own question: I unpaired my WM08's and paired the wireless head phones and can say there's not much lag time noticeable. More convenient than the wired WM08 version. I think I like them better. Very satisfied........
  10. Our Goal Is To Fulfill All Backorders By End Of March

    I know a lot of die hard 1st Texas fans that have one on order. That should speak for itself..................
  11. He is a very good author, many years experience and has written many books.
  12. What Do You Do When You Get Your Equinox 800?

    Steve have you noticed any lag time with the Bluetooth verses the WM08?
  13. Oz Nox

    That is fantastic, you're going to really enjoy that machine. My confidence is extremely high when it comes to this machine.
  14. Copper / Brass Belt Buckle

    I honestly can't find anything different except the face plate. Do you know the difference? It seems to be more stable that my last F75LTD.
  15. First Hunt

    Had a great opportunity to hunt with the local historical society manager today. The spot was a 1700's home site, the down side was grading had been done and no doubt many good targets have been moved from their original locations. The Equinox performed as expected in the heavy iron and I actually pulled a few good targets from amongst the iron. The ring is stamped sterling and the buckle appears to be made of brass. Puzzled about the round lid, it has glass in the middle. I hunted a solid two hours using the stock park 1 program. Very pleasant machine to hunt with.