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  1. First Eq Silver!

    Very nice...........
  2. 3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Awesome finds, silver and gold, you must have a very good site.
  3. New First Texas PI Under Development

    But when might be the question. New developments can take years to engineer and test.
  4. Equinox - The Eagle Has Landed!

    Fantastic I've never found an eagle, wow you've got a great place to hunt. Thanks for sharing your story.....
  5. What Are They?

    Thanks for the information, I'm asking for the landowner whom gave me permission to hunt his property. Have to keep relations good for all.
  6. What Are They?

    Are they worth anything?
  7. A Couple Firsts

    100% agree on all points. I truly enjoy detecting with this machine. I love hearing all these success stories. Everyone needs to keep in mind the good finds don't come every time out, regardless of what machine you use. But the Equinox does give you an added edge.
  8. What Are They?

    Thanks so much for the information.
  9. What Are They?

    Got permission to hunt and old home site this afternoon. The owner was very willing to show me two rocks of some sort he found in his yard. What might they be? Thanks in advance.
  10. I can’t add to this excellent report but I can submit an actual occurrence I had some 15 years ago. At the time I was using the very best VLF machine that a particular company sold. I had been using the machine for about 2 years so I was in no way a novice and can say I’d found some very nice items. I was hunting an old school yard where many silver and copper coins had been found in years past. I was hunting around a huge oak tree when I came across a very faint, repeatable signal. Thinking, “This must be a super deep target.” I dug a nice plug about 12” across and 7” deep (the large plug actually causes less damage) and proceeded to check the hole, nothing. Knowing from past experiences a detector can have problems seeing a deeper target once the plug is removed I carefully extracting another 3-4” of dirt, I check the hole and nothing. By now I was completely confused and somewhat frustrated so I filled in the hole and returned the plug just to hear the same faint, repeatable signal. To be honest at this point I was determined to find this target regardless of what it took. So I removed the plug and started to scrap off inch by inch of dirt from the bottom up and then at less than 3” from the grass layer was a silver Roosevelt dime. Now this was before I knew about terms like masking and partial masking. So my conclusion was the machine must be out of calibration. A few days later I boxed up the detector and shipped it back to the factory for a tune up. Two weeks later the machine returns with a note in the box “calibration and testing indicated there were no problems with the detector”.
  11. Which Frequency Is Running In Each Mode?

    Awesome reply.
  12. Very Satisfied

    Doesn't look to impressive does it? Only one wheat penny! Several old memorials, is that all you might say. One old copper ring and a two piece button with gold gilt still showing. You might be thinking, why Mark would post such a picture, well there is a story behind yesterdays very enjoyable hunt. It all started over 10 years ago for this particular site. An old school where they've burn coal for heat and discarded the coal waste in and around the entire school property. This waste ranges from nickel to BB size and most will attract to a common magnet. The material has always played havoc (reduced depth and continuous ground chatter) on all the regular VLF machines that have hunted this property, and I might add, the most expensive machines on the market at that. Now what I'm pleased about is finding these items in what I would consider a hunted out site. Wanting to hear everything I started with park 1, ground balanced, then set to tracking, opened up the discrimination, set the tones to 50 and did a noise cancel. During the hunt I also tried park 2 and both the field programs, all of which performed very well for me. While hunting I listened closely to the audio response of the ground and all the iron signals I was hearing. After a few minutes and no success I started noticing mixed high tone bleeps and stopped to sweep the coil over each and before long discovered these coins either mixed in or around some of the iron audio responses I was getting. Carefully rotating around some of these signals I noted, if the audio cleared up and gave a repeatable tone it was a coin or similar non-ferrous target. If the audio stayed a more iron audio it was always a nail of some sort. Even though no silver was found, I counted the hunt extremely successful and enjoyable at that. Already looking forward to next time!
  13. Some Coins And A Ring

    Awesome, I'll have to try that next time. Thanks