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  1. Bigfoot Coils On Ebay

    Jim Karbowski, does he sell custom coils?
  2. Garrett AT Max Owners Manual Download

    Very interesting machine
  3. Recent Discovery

    A guy found this detector in a wood pile at a local factory. Looked like it had been there for years, weathered badly, shaft was broken and coil was busted. As a challenge they gave it to me. Two days later I installed batteries and low and behold it came on. Couldn't find a manual so I went into experimental mode and can say I was impressed with the air test (for a China product). To start with I thought it was a single tone machine, dime and nickel gave a high tone, but adjusting the ground balance and the discrimination revealed attributes that reminded me of the TDI. Now a nickel gives a low tone and a dime remained a high tone. Next I took the machine to my test garden of over 10 years and was shocked to hear a repeatable response of my deepest targets. Please note, I’m not promoting China products, only indicating what I found. There is one adjustment on the side that I’m wondering about not sure what it might be. Would also like information about this machine, the internet really doesn’t indicate when they were manufactured or much detail.
  4. Which Metal Detector Is Best For Coins

    You're right on Monte...............
  5. New Day, New Site, New Lessons Learned

    Awesome story and interesting information. Always love silver.......
  6. Jackpot!

    Congratulations. Be careful, the fever causes man to do strange things. Awesome.
  7. What Would You Choose? (poll)

    For my bad ground hunting sites I don't need more depth, but a good discriminator on my TDI.
  8. The Law Of Averages

    I must add one more bit of information, all the gold rings I've dug gave an ID of nickel or below. Only two rings have read pull tab and up. Interesting is the fact that most of the gold rings in the world belong to women and most are thinner and will read from the upper end of tinfoil to around nickel.
  9. The Law Of Averages

    Several years ago I counted the pull tabs dug compared to the gold rings and the number was around 100 to 1.
  10. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    You are 100% correct on the TDI's capabilities. I've manipulated the GB/delay many times to hunt a location. A lot to be learned from a TDI. Looking forward to when 1st Texas releases their PI.
  11. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    Thanks Steve, very enjoyable reading.
  12. Costume Jewelry Find...." Sterling Shank "

    Wow, that is an awesome ring. The F75 is hard to beat.
  13. Garrett Infinium- First Impressions

    I wonder how it compares to the TDI in iron..........
  14. Thought I Might Share

    Me and another hunter found two barber dimes several years ago that were very close to AU condition. They were almost like they were just lost and less than 4" deep. Now on the other hand, copper coins corrode very quickly in my dirt. I must add, for sure I've dug hundreds of nails to get these coins. That is why I'd love to have a PI with true iron discrimination.
  15. Thought I Might Share

    I've tried all, but there's just to much to listen to.