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  1. New Teknetics Tek-Point Pinpointer

    I get 1 7/8" with a nickel on my Garrett Pro Pointer. Looks like this new pinpointer is a must. Just imagine how much more quickly a recovery can take place.
  2. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Wow that sounds awesome, my Garrett Pro Pointer gets 1 7/8" on a US nickel. Thanks Carl.
  3. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Steve, please keep us posted when you get yours. Be nice to do air test between the Garrett and the Fisher.
  4. Fisher F75+ Announced

    Steve do you have any updates on the F75+? Is it as you stated?
  5. What Is It For?

    I also found several pieces of Lead or pewter, not sure. One chunk was the size of a softball. Extremely heavy.
  6. What Is It For?

    This is made of lead and has threads
  7. Fisher F75+ Announced

    I'd like to add one thing, but it will take several facts. Since the first inception of the original F75 I had one Found a lot of good finds, but was always looking for something better Sold the F75 and bought something I thought might be better, didn't work out Bought another F75, hunted a good while longer until I found another machine, then sold to buy a different machine. Hunted a while and knew the F75 was what I need, so bought another F75. On and on for some 5+ more years. I can say I've owned at least 5 different F75's including the F75 LTD. That's about $5k, need to say more....... It's not a do all machine, but............
  8. Fisher F75+ Announced

    Still waiting?
  9. Recent Encounter

    Had a couple hours yesterday so I thought I'd hit a county playground where I'd found some gold jewelry in the past. Headed out with my PI and a recently borrowed 5 x 9 folded mono coil to see what might come up. You know, I never realized there could possibly be so many bobbie pins in the world. This machine has no difficulty locating these small metal objects. But with careful listening, the audio gives just enough hints so I became very close to 100% sure of what these targets were before digging. Well anyway, on with the story. I'd been hunting about an hour when a young man carrying a back pack comes to where I was hunting and proceeds to ask if I'd found anything good. Reaching into my pouch I pulled out my very meager finds and a small silver pendant. Not much but I was enjoying the day none the less. The young man proceeded to open his back pack and removed several containers of silver, copper coins along with many old relics including some nice buttons and buckles. Some of these coins dated back to the 1800's. Looked like his entire treasure was in his back pack and in fact it was, he explained, when I leave the house I take them with me, fearing someone might break in and steal them. I had to ask how he had acquired so many coins and relics and he stated he too was a hunter and uses the Mine lab Etrac. Had to ask again and this time he answered mostly old home sites. I continued to ask where and his answer was I knock on doors and ask to detect and this is where most of his finds have come from. Amazing what this young man has found in the same counties where I have hunted for some 20 years. He seems to have done everything right to acquire that many old silver and copper coins and on top of that many gold rings to boot. Well we continued to talk and I had to ask if he belonged to any of the treasure forums on the internet and his answer was no. But he said I have a private Facebook group and invited me to join. The conversation continued for some 30 minutes or so exchanging hunting experiences and finds. The whole time thinking just how smart this guy was and what I stand to learn from him even though I had more than a decade of addition experience. The park was starting to get crowded so we decided to leave. What a chance meeting to talk to a fellow hunter in my area. That afternoon I checked my email and sure enough Shane had subscribed to my you tube site. So I requested to join his treasure hunting site on Facebook and he accepted and the journey begins.
  10. Fisher F75+ Announced

    It will need to be something to excite all those guys and gals that have already pre-ordered the Equinox and also the F users from crossing over. Everyone, I mean all of my hunting buddies have made up their mind to buy the 800 model. It's hard for me to believe so many of my hunting friends will completely abandon their tried and tested machines. Now I must admit, the thought is happening to me too. I've used 1st Texas machines for some 15 years and this craze is hitting me also. Why would a person spend $1000-1500 or more for any machine if a $899 could do the same thing?
  11. Oh, Oh, I Did It Now!

    At times the truth can be very painful.
  12. Looking For Jewelry With The Super Pulse

    Did a few test runs with the 12" OZ and the miner John mono 5 x 9 coils today. Amazing how these two coils acted compared to my 12 and 7 1/2 dual field coils. First off the 12" OZ coil compared to the 12" dual field coil. The OZ allowed a gain setting of max where the dual field usually required gain at 7 to be stable OZ coil threshold hum is more steady even at gain of max. Actual air test were identical on a US nickel. Love the way I can pinpoint off the front with the OZ coil. Dual field pinpoint is definitely more difficult and requires a larger hole. The OZ coil is lighter and easier to swing longer periods of time. Now for my favorite, the Miner John 5 x 9" mono coil. Far superior in the trash. Seems to have a little more depth over the 7 1/2" dual field, but this could be due to higher gain settings. The miner coil can also be pinpointed off the front edge, holes are a lot smaller and recovery time is quicker than other coils. Case in point, I have several coins buried in my test garden of over 10 years. These coins range up to 8" deep. This might not seem super deep, but the red clay dirt of Virginia presents a whole set of issues for detectors to conquer. I've not found a single VLF machine (White's V3i, XP Deus and CTX 3030 among many other machines loaned to me over the years) that can accurately ID the 8" nickel. But the TDI armed with either the 12" dual field or OZ and the miner john coil have no problem giving a very loud, repeatable audio on this 8" nickel. The 7 1/2" struggles to give an audio every other sweep. Thanks again Charles...
  13. Silver

    You might be thinking, what is the big deal, but... This dime came from a hunted out site using the TDI and the OZ 12" coil. The coil was loaned to me by GB_Amateur aka Steve. I have been hunting this small area, maybe 50' x 100' for over 2 years. This site has given up many silver and copper coins. The site has also been hunted by two of my hunting buddies using the CTX 3030, Whites DFX, Fisher F75 and of course the TDI. The OZ coil is super deep in this area and extremely stable. I also dug over 10 nice large nails prior to finding this dime. I must admit I had been purposely looking for only the deeper sounding targets and ignoring the shallow one. I might add one more thing, all the nails sounded about the same, but I dug anyway. On the other hand the dime sounded strange compared to the nails. Can't explain the actual sound, but hope to soon, hear it again. If possible I might try to record the actual audio and post for all to hear. May be a few days before getting to hunt again, weather will turn much colder this weekend. Thanks again Steve.
  14. New Minelab Equinox Fan Club

    I too have gained a tremendous amount of interest in this machine. I also agree with all points Steve. It might possibly over throw all single frequency machines including the Deus, which I really liked. If it actually lives up to its claims then many die hard users might switch from their present brand preference.