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  1. I dug a nice, large men's wedding band and it have a solid zinc audio and ID number. I was really surprised. If I'd been rejecting zinc pennies that day I'd never recovered that one.
  2. Very informative and impressive report.
  3. I agree totally Mike, that frequency seems to be plagued by EMI regardless of the maker.
  4. Amazing what man will do for gold. I guess that's why they call it gold fever.
  5. Good video, worked fine.
  6. Still a very nice piece of jewelry.
  7. Now since you mentioned "exposed bedrock" makes me think! There are areas that look just like the pictures shown. Not sure if there is much gold in my area. The GPAA book states gold has been found through this region.
  8. Still that is some nice gold. Keep us posted on your diggings.
  9. Yes, I have dug bobby pins with my PI, in the Virginia red dirt at 8". That is a chore for sure.
  10. I knew it didn't have a VDI per say, but was hoping it might have some sort of programming that would distinguish between, maybe a beer tab and a lower " low conductor. So it's either ferrous or non-ferrous. Thanks I'll stay with my TDI until 1st Texas releases their pulse breed.
  11. Does the 1000 ID all low conductors as possible gold? For example a beer pull tab and a nickel? Women's and men's gold rings? Is so what is the breaking point where it will not indicate a possible gold target?
  12. Never saw one that good of shape dug up.
  13. Congratulations on some nice gold. Keep up the pictures.
  14. I'm extremely interested in this. I know and use the TDI and in some areas it will well excel all VLF machines on the market, or rather all I've tried. The one thing that I've always wanted in the discrimination abilities added to the machine. The GB can be adjusted to help to some degree, but it fails on the nails buried for decades. I've found some really nice silver coins and my must expensive gold finds have been in areas that shut down VLF machines like the F75, F19, V3i, DFX, Etrac, and CTX 3030 just to name a few. If the (futuristic) machine performs like the one posted earlier this year on the sited, I'd have to sell all my detectors and acquire one. Since Carl made that statement, I'm sure, at least part of the rumors we've heard will come to pass.
  15. I have a D2 and a white SEF 10 x 12" coil for a V3, V3i and looking to trade for a Nel sharpshooter or a 8x6" sef coil for a V3i.