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  1. Mercury Dime Teaser

    I agree, the coal waste in my area are from salt size up to BB size. Each will easily attract to an average magnet. Even my PI will struggle until I increase the delay slightly. I'm still amazed at what I've found behind some of the best VLF machines in the world. But what I'm looking for from the Equinox is a more stable target ID deeper than 6" in the red, iron bearing clay of Virginia.
  2. Equinox And Monty's Nail Board

    You are exact right. The Deus is an extremely fast machine and will be the top contender for the lead spot. I have personally used the Deus for 2 years and have observed many of it's strong and weak hunting points.
  3. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    Exactly and totally how I believe. You only live once, when it's over it's gone for ever. Enjoy every moment as if it was your last. I truly love this hobby and even my wife knows my passion for the sport.
  4. Equinox Plays In The Surf - Videos

    It appears he has passion for the sport like me. I've hunted some harsh conditions over the past 20 years, but not like this. Awesome
  5. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    I have desired and conveyed a particular want in a motion all machine for years. It is simply an audio option of at least two different tones. One for iron, the other for non ferrous targets in a VLF machine. Is that to much to have asked for? I had one of the guys at 1st Texas reply with a similar statement, "it's easier said than done"
  6. "Iron Bias" What Is It?

    I agree 100%, it's actually quite fun to learn on my own. Sometimes you discover a first........
  7. On level 1 sensitivity it about matches my Garrett Pro Pointer. At level 3 it surpasses my Pro Pointer by at least an inch. Impressive. But will be great for bad ground.
  8. Three Ring Day Again!

    Awesome rings. I'm sure excitement filled your heart.
  9. Mercury Dime Teaser

    There is a lot of extremely important information in these two paragraphs. Even though I don't live remotely close to the area mention above I can inform all that this kind or very similar ground can and does, all but shutdown all VLF machines. I have many old school sites that will easily fall in the above category. I can take any VLF machine to these sites and you would think the entire area was nothing but a carpet of nails. The Fe04 meter on my F75 is also 6 of 7 bars. The material also attracts to a magnet with ease. These sites will be the first visited with the Equinox F
  10. X-Terra 70............. X-Terra 705

    I've found it nearly impossible to ever like a machine after I have the ones that are better. Does that make sense? I would not be happy with a slower than F75 machine.
  11. Why Would You Want The Equinox?

    Amazing view points as to why different hunters want this machine. But there seems to be a lot in common among each.
  12. Amazing website. Very interesting.
  13. I agree, the processing of signals are starting to remind me of my PI. Interesting concept.
  14. http://www.cabelas.com/product/MINELAB-EQUINOX-MTL-DETE/2671943.uts?slotId=0
  15. Steve's Minelab Blog