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  1. The New Coils For The 2300

    Aftermarket coil options for both detectors are surprisingly lacking. patent rights and legal BS might be the reason. I feel that the bottom line is what Minelab is looking at the closest. If a larger coil was available for the 2300 that wold offset the sales of the GPZ Therefore if a smaller coil was available for the GPZ less 2300's would sell. a updated version of the 2300 would make more $$$$ than a simple accessory. kinda like the pentium chip. do you believe they could only develop it in small steps.... Continued years of sales is what they developed. This consumer bleeding has become a standard in many markets. DZ
  2. I have had my GM1K out several times and found gold a few nuggets. My opionion is that in really hot ground this GM should take the day off. the GB2 is more flexible with its adjustment to accomplish the task there. But in more favorable ground I will be waiting for my wife to set the GM1K down so I can use it. it will pick up targets deeper and louder than the GB2. obviously has its areas where it shines and struggles. so far no falsing issue just major ground noise in hot ground.
  3. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    Sounds like the leader in detecting technology is trying to curve the competitions sales. I hope they deliver a new product and not just the same machine in a waterproof design.
  4. That's a great day wind or not. Good to hear some threshold as I've not been out recently. Thanks DZ
  5. Wish I could just do it like you can. Great Weather. Good luck !
  6. I bought a GB2 on eBay and was shocked when it arrived such a small box. turned out to be the 3 piece unit. I kinda liked the rugged design of the resin filled coil, does anyone have feedback on the new coils performance? And why didn't they move the cable location or angle it somehow?
  7. New Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    Looks like a good design to monsterize the SDC into. And hopefully a better battery design. I would call it the monster 3300
  8. The Sound Of Gold

    Some of those targets sound like just like real trash I have dug up before. makes one reconsider their own thought process.
  9. Found this on accident but would like to see how tough it really is to accomplish. you can fast forward to the good part if you like.
  10. Metal Detector Hmi

    for me is multi tone , null , target ID, illuminated screen, wireless, and modern design. touch screen is probably the next step as auto ground balance is now leading so knobs are left for the old school tools like the GMT and GB2. buttons are probably more durable than the touch screen so it's to be experimented with. How about attaching your phone as the control pad? Or having the option of downloading / programming your own choice of tones in the tones app.
  11. Marking Nuggets

    This is not a bad idea. I ones put a stick in the hole in the sierras when I had to leave home after I found a last minute nugget. When I returned the following year everything looked so dofferent from what I rembered but I found my stick and was able to continue from where I left off.
  12. Some Old And Some New

    The pointy finger one is pretty cool. my 3 year old thinks they are chicken nuggets. finding a new patch is a great feeling. congratulations! DZ