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  1. Deeptech Vista Gold Gain 30khz Model

    Thanks Steve!! I thought maybe some here would find a 30Khz detector interesting.. Its 30Khz and is sensitive to small targets Yet it has ability to still Punch the soil quite well on coin sizes...Unique in the Freq range..Yet still handles Iron very well.. The Deeptech units have a unique way of taking a analog feel from the past but giving us modern ways of reporting in terms of EXACT tone break..Iron Volume..Blazing recovery speeds..High freq..Tight DD's...Blending audio.. I'll get some more Videos up on this Gain model... I want to do a Hunt Video...and I'm anxiously awaiting the small coil for SITE work..Yet the small coil is not too far out.. The DeepTechs are every bit a world class iron site unlocker...as good as it gets..the 30Khz is a new EDGE...Yet DeepTech by Design that being the deep down DNA of the unit knows how to extract targets from soil with enough audio intelligence that the deeepies can break through and talk to you where otherwise MOST Vlfs would just cancel out the signal from heavy filtering to quieten the soil...the way the audio blends and the filters bleed it allows for targets to Peek through with a DIG me report...Set the Ground balance right and the background Soil noise will become sort of a DIN audio report..(Like background radiation)..then the things that would become hidden if that radiation report was silenced by being filtered too aggressively and not allow for the legitimate targets to break above and would be unnoticed.. The Deeptechs to me are the Perfect blending of Analog and Digital world for extracting ferrous from non ferrous.Very talkative AUDIO.. Rick... Very kind! and yes the thrill is in the hunt is it not.??The satisfaction of Knowing your equipment and PROVING your skillset honing over the decades has not been in vain..I've always looked at detecting like Golf..just you and the soil..It play's out between your ears so to speak... And the proving of history by finds is the driving quest for Honing of the skillset.One desire feeds the other desire.. I hope everyone has a Great Christmas!! Keith
  2. Thought maybe some of you gold guys might be interested in a 30khz model unit. I received my unit and have done a couple quick preliminary videos for it. Its very sensitive yet also very deep....Id be happy to answer any questions if I can? I've ran all the deeptechs Vista models and this one is the highest freq unit they have is actually the flagship. They just disc up through foil but have great old school feel audio and analog controls yet offer new way thinking in terms of tone breask and iron volume etc. Very talkative units..can paint a sonic picture of targets in your mind. The videos will give you an idea Keith
  3. Silver In The Hole!... Wait... What?... Silver!

    Nice Quarter.. Kudos for experimenting.. When you get the time run your MXT in relic mode and set disc at 1.9..it will give the machine some hyper boost and also have you dig everything but nails...It will reallys show you what your site is made of so to speak.. keep tracking off and set gain as high as you can and still intelligently hear a legitimate target from noise IF theres is any.. Opt for smaller than stock coil if the sites trashy too.. My favorite for 90 percent of hunting on MXT is the 6x8 SEF.. Thanks for the story Hope you find many more goodies!! Keith
  4. The Stories This Could Tell!

    Excellent piece Sir!! Good research!! Keith
  5. 2016 Year Review

    Nice digs ..Congrats on the goal met and surpassed!! Really nice injuns you have there too!! Keith
  6. Nel 5" Coil On Goldbug

    I put a NEL 5 on my F19 and the memory quit working..??? Took it off started working again...about a year ago,,factory was aware of it ??Wonder if they ever ironed it out yet?? Keith
  7. Heres a Lobo St Video I did a few years back maybe it will be of some help ? Good luck Keith
  8. Barber, Chinese, Prostitute Boot

    Very Nice Heel plate for sure... See how small it is...Womans shoe.... Now I dont know for sure but I have read that women of the night would wear those on there shoes so when they walked down the old unpaved streets they left a calling card of sorts behind .. It would date 1860s..not past about 1870s I wouldn't think..we dig them pon Civil ware period sites here only.. Keith
  9. Hi Keith,

    I find your detector reviews and tests on YouTube really helpful. I was especially interested in the modded Tesoro Lobo Supertraq. Are you able to tell me which pot you tweaked? I've the chance to pick one up for a couple of hundred bucks virtually unused so I'd be interested to do the mod if I purchase it.

    Many thanks

    John (from Eastbourne, UK)

  10. Nokta New Relic Detector

    The FG+ and The FR and are very Similar.. And that was one of the things during testing that we were concerned about.. its a FG+ and at first did not have a lot of Identity ...BUT after some tweaks..I honestly feel the FR can stand alone as a unit with its own Identity..A relic identity..and believe me it is hard to outdo the FG+ in my eyes..But Alper worked off the challenge...Yes he more or less was Challenged in an email to Keep the whole FG+ DNA but push it harder...and low and behold He did it.. What I see from my Proto is More power across the Board conductivity wise over the FG+ ..((There's a reason it's hotter on High conductors than a FG+ but that's another story)).. We also have the Variable tone Break and it does offer better unmasking.. And I want to say something and I hate to mention it because I wanted to see other's maybe notice it but I think maybe it should be mentioned...the actual Iron Volume is more than just Volume.. its also a Audio processor of sorts especially below 3 it clips and compresses and turns the iron tone into a Tick.and I dare say it unmask better..the Non ferrous tone is still full gusto but the iron tone is Tick sounding..I love it...Couple with a small coil and compare side by side with anything on the market and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised using low iron volume and exact tone break ... I truly feel Alper is the magic behind the units we are appreciating as of late....he's doing things inside the programming that truly is noticeable....not just moving settings around like on a DEUS like more reactivity and such but actual Parameters throughout the unit is adjusted for the outcome to be More unmasking...He knows when he changes something here he has to go change something somewhere else..Hes a 3 year employee and I feel if he stays with detector design we may see a true revolution taking place.. There's nothing wrong with the FG+ especially for the Gold Guys/Relic hunters BUT as Much as I love the FG+ I REQUIRE a FR as of now.. I see enough Deep inside the programming to make me REQUIRE it for my needs.. Good astute questioning Steve! Keith
  11. Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

    I am Very Excited as well about the MX Sport.. MXT being my all time favorite Whites unit..And I might add never had a Failure with one since release.. I cant say that about too many units Ive owned.. I too would like to know how the tone break works in Relic Mode especially...I like the MXT's ability to break on a nail by user defined setting.. I hope its not segmented.. BUT I may ADD... As of late the things I have needed in a detector such as 19+Khz Freq and precise variable tone break have came from a few machines that dont allow that and also the machine were on a lower than 19Khz freq. Those being the CoRe and Racer...14 and 15Khz units with factory set tone break for iron. Another being the MX5 from whites....14Khz unit and factory set tone break. Those units as example I could not set the tone break any better on my own...Yet their break is well above the nail setting..YET they unmask unbelievably well in iron for seeing non ferrous targtes intermingled with Ferrous targets.....Plus the Core and Racer are of such high gain they are as or more sensitive than a 19Khz unit. The MX5 was not of high gain ...or should I say Hyper gain feel. I hope the MX Sports DNA is of the Hyper feel of the MXT in relic mode. So while I would like a user defined tone break...if its indeed using the MX5 Disc DNA ..We may very well have us another turn on and go iron site unlocker .. Thast seems to be the Beauty of the latest offerings...WORLD CLASS performance in iron infested sites with no more than switching on and Ground grabbing... It I feel through PURE processing power...Bleedy filters blendy audios and such coupled with extremely fast algorithm's that a analog unit can not accomplish or for that fact a unit of a few years old cant accomplish... Never thought I would see the day when I could basically turn on a unit and just hunt without tweaking my settings for the first few minutes to get dialed into a site... I could feel it in the MX5 yet all the goodies were not in place..almost like a feeler unit to get on the market to try some ideas.. I have a Gut feeling the MX Sport will not let us down..Will not disappoint.. I hope its a True Whites in longevity also like the units it follows Rugged,Reliable,Dependable. Exciting Times!! Keith
  12. Saw this Today Steve from Minelab thought Yall might like to look at it here http://www.minelab.com/usa/accessories-1/pro-alloy I saw one Today at a dealer..nice piece of equipment..Sort of pricey.. Keith
  13. XP Metal Detectors Go Detect App For Smartphones

    Steve me being a relic Hunter Ive been enamored with the DEUS from day one... and yes they are going places.. If Alain puts his mind to it as Im sure he has you may Just see one heck of a Gold prospector..I hope you do anyways!! And I love a good Gold prospector with a disc circuit for my relic endeavors.. Heck we may both be happy next year about this time!! Keith
  14. My Video Rundown Of The FORS Gold Plus

    Sounds Good Steve.. A few thoughts from about 20 hours now.. On the Fors Gold plus the one of the most exciting things that will really grab your attention is just how deep it is in less than 60 Magnetic dirt that will allow you to run the Boost mode... I mean this Mode really Really Lights up the dirt.. 19Khz hyper gain is already super sensitive and hits on small items .. But as you Know like say on a Gold Bug or F19 or G2 and such it can seem lifeless at times on depth in term of its just seems too Quiet ... But at the same time you can run say a Lower freq unit acoss the same ground and hear the deep iron and such... well take the Fors Gold Plus and run it across the ground in Boost and the ground will just come alive... Now it will take a tuned ear to get the most out of the EXTREME Light up you will experience but once you get it down its a relic hunters delight...Alot of my sites are plowed in and surfaced hunted to death with no new plowing for the last 40 years.. this Boost mode lights up a different conductance layer that we have never been used to.. especially in soil thast less than 60 percent magnetic mineral.. Experienced relic hunters and Gold prospectors are going to love the Excitability of the unit..it wont be for everyone but its the kind of thing if you stick wiht it you will see results..its very much a Feedback system in the truest sense ...If you've ran the DEEEEP seekers of old you will love this new twist on a Higher freq...dont exptect it to jump on larger items at depth.. but the old units already did that anyways... What it will do is jump on the smaller Items at depth... really a great intelligent Noise feedback unit to hunt with and will have you chasing targets you would never know was there Good and bad.. that may sound negative but far from it.. it's the type unit thats lights up a site Knowing how to put it to use will be the trick.. A seasoned detectorist will see the benefit of this in a worked out camp..That's the best way to describe what you'll encounter.. some will not like the boost some will be in AWE! Now fast Mode is just that FAST.. and its very very sleuthy...No need to worry it will Unlock targets... Keith More to come
  15. Good and Accurate Run down on the attributes Steve!! Keith