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  1. If you made a cast of that copper nugget with pure gold it would need 510 gm of gold. !6.4 troy oz. It would look like a nice water washed Au Nugget.
  2. I think two factors come into play. In very dry ground salt is not a problem but as the moister rises , salt starts to add to the noise. I think that the signal from the salt in damp ground might counteract against the ferrous signal in the ground being worked. Under certain condition this make the ground quieter. ........... Well it seems like it with my 40 odd years with VLF and PI in gold prospecting coin hunting and Beach detecting, but it is like the HALO effect some go for it but others don't.
  3. Contest For Small Power Inverter

    The prize was incidental, the playing of the game was the fun. Thanks a lot Ridge Runner.
  4. Gpx 5000 Question

    Just remember that you need more than 300 nuglets ( 0.1 grams Slightly larger than a turdlet and much larger than a trinket, the nuglet is the average piece of fecal matter ejected by the erupting anus. Greatly known for most of the "aromatic" fragrance while shatting, the nuglet is a colorful and sensual component of the dumping process. Watch out though, don't mistake it for smudglet, ...)To make only one Ounce
  5. Video - Google Earth For Prospecting

    A lot can be done using GIS programs these day. It is the way to go. Back in the 1980/81 we used to check aerial photo in the golden triangle for puddling dams and surfacing areas (striped of trees). This was one way of finding spots that others might not of found. I then used the mines department record and databases. This lead me to get all the pre 1950 gold mines and put them in my own database (google .......historical-gold-mines-in-google-earth) which I made available for Ozi gold prospector. As a hobby it has made my gold chasing well worth while. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t2273-historical-gold-mines-in-google-earth
  6. My third detector and the wife second guess about late 1980's
  7. Contest For Small Power Inverter

    Seeing I was the only IDIOT that used a number that was used, can I have another go if yes I select 56 1 2 5 8 10 12 14 15 18 20 22 26 27 30 31 32 33 35 37 42 44 45 48 49 50 51 52 THE WINNER ....... Dig it 55 56 If allowed 57 58 So far .....The correct answer is 19 + 35 = 54 52 (Dig it) is closest below 54.
  8. Getting A GPX 4500?

    JW has done it now all us ozi will be crossing the ditch to get all that yellow stuff during our hot season.
  9. Contest For Small Power Inverter

    So far these have been used. 27,12,48,14,37,20,42,35,10,33,51,52,32,57,26,22,45,30,31,44,5,8,1,58 Only one person (Idiot) picked one that was taken. So come on guys and pick a number that not in the list above......
  10. Animated Gold Nuggets. Lets See What You Got!!!

    A billy goat head and shoulder but others say a dog.
  11. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    MarbeBar Area one of the hottest spot in Oz.The small one is mine and i'm leading the way to the GOLD.
  12. Contest For Small Power Inverter

    It has to be 48. My lucky number, married 48 years so far, born in 1948, have 4 fingers on one hand and 8 all together And it has not been a long time ha ha. Were is my winnings
  13. I like a post handle. Before Carbon Fibre I made a wooden hip mount rod. I had a custom groove under the handle so I could rest my grip on my little finger. It was the best setup I ever used. A few years ago some one in Oz made custom rifle grip handles for ML detectors
  14. All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    The best Four wheel oops meant leg transport for gold hunting
  15. I remember exploring some mines about 55 years ago (with no experience, a teenager) around Walhalla. Later in life I went down a hand dug shaft (150 ft ) and went to the end of the tunnel where the owners was lying down digging along the bed rock.At that stage it was only about 2½ ft high and he was getting good gold for a 3 man operation, $300 per Ounce. Here is a link to some Videos of mine exploration that reminded me of my younger day, NB I have no connection with this group hope you enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheVictorianHistoricalMineChasers/videos/