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  1. So you can take your gold with you when your time is up (or is that down)
  2. I still have a White's Spectrum XLT It was great in junky areas and had a wide range of target selections. I don't know if it is heavy (have not used it for a while) but I told I'm getting ....old.... I meant gold with ML and they are heavy.
  3. With gold price of Au$1650 @ the moment with Ebay 10% of final sold price, you would have to sell at Au$1833 just to cover their commission only of Au$183 for your 2 nuggets of approx. 1 ounce with no mailing included. Best bet is sell nice bit at gold fields caravan parks as most hobbyist will pay gold price plus.
  4. Yanks Do It Right In Oz

    "I think the other 48 Aussies who were there could definitely learn a few things" My be they found none........but they need to fill in their hole. You must do a report at the end of the 3 months and send a copy to both the leaseholder and the DMP, with the amount and EXACT location (GPS points) of any minerals recovered, even if you don't find anything you must do a Nil report. Failure to do so could result in a fine up to $5000, and/or the DMP can Bar you from further 40Es for 3 years. even if its only 1 bit and 0.0002 grams, as your one bit might not be much but if the other 120 people who had a 40E over the same bit of ground also only found a couple of small bits and report it when the leaseholder puts it all on a chart plot they may find that one particular area has a high concentration of gold and therefore worth further investigation
  5. I have seen 10 post being overcome before, if members that have been member for a time period (a week) and made a number of post would give us (or you) chance of judging their intensions. Rules are pain but some are needed..
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    By the looks of those PICKS your foot attacked the picks not the other way round.
  7. Old 2008 Article On Gold Price

    In Feb 1966 the Australian dollar(changed from Pound Shilling and pence) was effectively pegged to the British pound at an equivalent value of approximately 1 gram of gold. The highest valuation of the Australian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar was during the period of the peg to the U.S. dollar. On 9 September 1973, the peg was adjusted to USA $1.4875 It is now Floating or is that Sinking at US$1.4875 it is now USA $0.7647 and got below USA $0.61 in Aug 1986. As an Aussy a match between Gold Price and Currency has to be balanced to get the right return for our gold. Below are some key Gold events In August 1971, USA took the dollar off the gold standard.= one Troy ounce of gold at $35. In August 1972, USA devalued dollar to $38 per ounce of gold. In March 1973, Most of the major countries adopted a floating exchange rate system. Then in May 1973, the USA devalued dollar again, to $42.22 per ounce. January 1980. Gold hits record high at $850 per ounce. High inflation, strong oil prices, Afghanistan caused investors to move into the metal. In August 1999, gold fell to $251.70 central banks reducing gold bullion reserves In October 1999, gold reached a two-year high at $338 after 15 European central banks to limit the gold sales. Then in December 2003 to January 2004, gold broke above $400, due to conflict with Iraq. In November 2005, the spot gold rises hit $502.97 . April 2006 and gold prices 600 US dollars an ounce, the highest since December 1980 May 2006, gold prices peak at 730 US dollars an ounce This was due to firm oil prices and political tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions. June 2006 gold falls 26 percent to $543 from its 26-year peak after investors and speculators went on a flurry of profit taking. Nov 2007 spot gold peaks at a 28-year high of $845.40 an ounce. Jan 2008, gold has breached 900 dollars an ounce and looks set to reach the magical 1000 US dollars per ounce. July 2017(today) Gold is AUD $1594 or USD $1219 .
  8. What Happened to the Gold Price in 1980? "In January 1980 gold hit a record 850 US dollars an ounce. After reaching those dizzy heights it then plummeted down and remained steady in the 300-400 dollar range for some years before starting to climb again to new levels. Now gold has broken through the 900 dollars an ounce gold barrier and some investors and analysts are wondering, is this going to be a repeat of the 1980 gold spike? In fact, there are many differences between the 1980 spike in the gold price and the current rise in gold value, not the least of which is the longer term trend currently occurring. In 1980 gold basically shot up like a bullet out of a gun and then, like a bullet, slowed down and returned to earth." Read the rest of the article at gold price.org
  9. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Did you guy tell Paul the Nurse the catch and release policy here in Oz The GOLD I meant not the FISH
  10. Bonhams Gold Auction Catalog

    If you are a seller you would have to mark it up over 33% to break even, with there 25% commission fee. eg. 1 Oz = $1270 x 1.333 = $ 1693 Break even min bid = $ 1693 minus 25% commission = $ 1269 for seller. It seem like a good way to make $$$$$$$ for the Auctioneer.
  11. Gold Discoveries Across Australia

    For those that like to use Google or OziExplorer here is a link of my work on Aussy historical gold mines location. Historical gold mines (AUST)
  12. Don't set the target low, go metric 1 Kg (31+ ounces) GO FOR IT MATE.
  13. Boot Alert

    Red backs (one of the worst Aus spider) are great boots the main thing that suit me is that they come in half sizes that is an 8.5 is the same length as a 8 and a width of a 9.