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  1. Equinox Performance

    Mark, About 40 years ago I was at a silver mine in southern Virginia. I think some where near Fancy Gap. There were wooden planks covering the opening to the mine. The problem was the shaft was straight down. Don' remember how to get there, just remembering being there.
  2. Nice video from Minelab's. Full article at Minelab website
  3. Oh, Oh, I Did It Now!

    Steve, you did the right thing. You told it like it is! Has any other manufacturer listened? In an earlier post, I mentioned exactly what I wanted in a new detector. I don't know if Minelab was listening, but the got it correct and you said it for all of us. Thanks again Steve.
  4. Unprecedented Anticipation?

    I seen excitement for many detectors but, nothing like the Equinox. Did not know how to tell the wife I was going to get a new detector. After remodeling the house and laying over 2000 sq ft of hardwood flooring. She wanted to go to the beach for a vacation. While there she said I should have taken my metal detector. I tole her it was old and heavy. She quickly responded with you need to get a new one. So I have been cleared by the boss! Look forward to getting my hands on the Equinox 800. I may not need the high frequencies right away. However they say there is gold in North Carolina. Who knows, my wife may say lets go on vacation in Nevada. Then I would have to drop by and say hello to Steve. Then beg for him to take me gold hunting. LOL! Then the Equinox 800 would come in handy.
  5. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I am very pleased the way things are here. Would not change a thing. Steve, you have more than a forum. You have caused many of us to become friends.
  6. Quest For Silver

    You could go to google earth pro and look at historical images. This might give you a better representative where to look. I am not sure if the regular google earth has this feature.
  7. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Tom, the way you present your videos makes me want to be there! Beautiful!
  8. Italian Detectors

  9. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    Or, maybe not so fine tuned to extend the life of the E-Track and CTX. Just a thought.
  10. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    What I was thinking about was more that if the Equinox has the superior technology. How would Minelab justify in selling the Safari for $999, E-Track for $1549 and the CTX for $2499. All the marketing hype for the Equinox sounds good. I just feel I am missing something. Theoretically, you pay more money for a superior machine. With the Multi-IQ, marketing makes it sound like the Safari, E-Track and CTX are old technology.
  11. Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    I was just wondering how the Equinox will stack up with the Safari, E-Track and CTX? I guess time will tell.
  12. Jeff Williams Video

    I have never been prospecting. So I watched the video for learning about prospecting. I think he just wants to be comical.
  13. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Good video Tom. Looking for the next one!
  14. Brandon Neice ( Dr. Tones ) Detectival / Equinox Report

    I also am hoping the EQ is a silver bullet. About 2 years ago I was thinking of getting a new detector to replace my White’s 6000Di. I looked at all the USA manufacturers and was surprised. I saw nothing new. Had a few conversations with Steve because I was puzzled. Garrett and White’s had the same old detectors. Even thought of building my own detector. I seen White’s come out with some new low end detectors and thought they looked good. Then I heard about a new detector from White’s would be releasing. I heard it was the greatest thing sense sliced bread. Then I found This forum. Best thing ever happened. Good people and a great forum administrator. I waited for the MS Sport to be released and almost ordered it. That is before is started reading specification. I was so excited and then realized it was missing some of my requirements. Lipo battery, USB for up dates just to name a few. Then every one is sending their MX Sport back for repair and software updates. Now Garrett releases the AT Max. Again I was excited and hoped they would fill my desires. They were close. No USB for updates. My bubble was pooped again. Then I started looking at Minelab and other manufactures outside the USA. They were interesting. Technology I thought about was being manufactured. Then I here Minelab is going to sell a revolutionary new detector. I was some what excited again. First thought was no way I could justify the high cost that Minelab asked. The show date came. I was amazed that Minelab hit every requirement that I wanted. Even in my price range. I am looking at the EQ very seriously. Now I here White’s has a new detector coming out. Here I am excited again. Just one caveat. I am going to try to wait on White’s new detector and hopefully it will have every thing I want.
  15. Using Firefox and stay logged in all the time.