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  1. Silencer settng The more milder the ground the more forgiving the setting for depth. (Can be set higher). A lot of folks in the ne part of USA run a level 0 setting, this ground milder. In my area, better setting is -1. Why in the world why Xp with version 4 update, didn't delink reactvity settings changes to auto silencer change is beyond me. Also should note, working heavier iron, running a lower silencer like 0 or -1 will generally make Deus a little more sparky, while at the same time let some heavily targets sneak through. I leave my silencer at -1 all the time. If a Deus user will find a deeper target in medium mineralized ground using a -1 silencer setting, then start raising silencer, what you'll likely notice is the target's tone will eventually become more cramped at reporting (less forgiving) and if you go high enough with the setting, it will disappear altogether.
  2. Gold pick you are so kind here. Thanks a bunch. I see now after reading your post,,page 27 this link explains. manual/DEUS_V4_MANUAL_UK.pdf
  3. Some real good info shared here. Some thing I have noticed. Slightly lower reactvity than ideal, with more controlled sweep speed can yield a little coil above ground distance advantage vs running more ideal reactivity setting. This was a strategy I found useful while using 3.2 version. This is in effect (partly) what the new 4.0 version gives with the new offering of 2.5 reactvity setting.
  4. More info. I have been trying to actually disrupt the pairing using button on pointer when used as a Deus lite setup. So far I can't seem to break the pairing, which is good IMO. Still not 100% sure it can't be done accidentally or purposely. Also, should,remind folks if you do decide to go down this route here, trying to use Deus lite with actual interface (pairing) with unit with no remote. It could awkward for the following reason. You will not have any visual info to tell you one way or the other if the pinpointer is switched on or off, but you do get a beep when turning on pointer in headphones, and you get a beep when you turn pointer off. I also notice, another clue that pointer is turned on using deus lite setup,,,the notorious Deus chirpiness goes quiet.
  5. Received my MI-6 pinpointer today. A few comments. I have tested and used a little bit. Nice addition I feel to anyone operating a Deus unit. Will benefit both Deus lite package users as well as packages containing the remote unit. The pinpointer if a person has the remote, will have no problem knowing if the pinpointer is switched on or off just by glancing at the remote, not so with Deus lite package ( looking at headphone module). Unit easily pairs to actual Deus unit. Notice I said Deus Lite package above (no remote). This brings up a good question for dealers here, and I will be posting this actual thread on another forum where actual dealers sponsor. For good reason too. Folks who opt to purchase Deus lite package, if I am correct there, if a dealer will use an "in house" remote and pair the pinpointer for Deus lite purchaser,,the pinpointer can in fact be used in an actual interface fashion. And with drop shipping, yes this could be a problem. But I think if a person looks around, maybe they can find a dealer with items in stock at dealership. I do have a question for Craig (detecting Mo). If the pointer is paired using the remote of course for say a person who has Deus Lite unit, later on after this has transpired,,can the Deus lite owner operator,, can they actually unpair the pinpointer intentionally or accidentally, making pairing void, hence since the person wouldn't have a remote to re pair,,they would be SOL. Am I right here Craig with my thinking. I like the belt clip and how it rotates. I have played with the non interfaced option of using, still not ready to comment on it just yet. Will say for folks buying pinpointer,,and if a person is thinking of later upgrading or buying a Deus unit,, you might want to go the MI-6 route,, and yes it can be used it seems at least to the satisfactory level with any Vlf detector. More to come maybe.
  6. I have emailed Dilek the following. It would be nice if Impact was updated giving the user the choice of which frequency to be used to normalize the Vdi of targets. For hunting sites with loads of modern trash, it would be nice to be able to run 20khz, yet have the ID geared to 5khZ. This just one example. Much like the Rutus Alter 71 does.
  7. Richardo, I read your post. Based on my use of Deus and what I have read about Xp Deus as it relates to the new offered HF coil.. Based on your budget,,if you could find a used Deus priced right,,then buy the HF coil to go with it,,you would be set nicely to do what you are wanting to do. I have seen complete Deus units come up for sale in the $850-$900 range. HF coil had new for around $400-$425. You would have to decide though if for your used setup,,would you want the 9" coil or the 11" coil. Impact at 20khz,,likely not quite high enough frequency wise for good nugget hunting. I have zero experience at nugget hunting,,do read quite a bit about it though. Do have an Impact detector too. I am sure someone else here will comment.
  8. Nice gold, the last thing you found, not so nice.
  9. Back out today with Rutus. Went to a site,,trash galore, aluminum, pull tabs, you name it. Rutus Alter performance today in this site,,,best I have seen for any detector wearing an 11" coil. This detector is smoking good for such a big coil in these type of sites. Ran reactive setting at 4. When I turned detector on, it was noisy, changing frequency I arrived at 15.4 khz,,then let the Rutus Rock and roll and it did just that. Super swing speed forgiving too. Was watching for nickels too, I.d wise,,nabbed one. Rutus even by by way of hodograph,,,a user can bet many times which targets are zincolns and which are aluminum screw tops. For the $$$ this detector does some great things. If and when they make a smaller DD coil like around 8-9",,I will be getting one.
  10. Nice recovery. Congrats
  11. I watched the video above. So basically a process of trial and error for emi mitigation. And how do you know when good enough is good enough? I had one of these units,,and didn't like how long it took in some of my sites to get running quiet. Pick up Etrac or Minelab CTX push a button wait a few seconds and start hunting. The V3i platform/screen,,with some work, could I think be made to be easier to use, and overall performance improved. Some things here to consider adding, a noise cancel feature, get the brains in a plastic fixture, have screen prompts for when ground balance is needed due to settings change, USB port for updates, and loading programs for hunting, an actual meter to monitor judge soil mineral levels when bobbing coil, an adjustable TX boost feature allowing various levels of boost- not just one setting here, have detector based on coil size attached where the internal programming gives recommended settings to work off of- example recovery delay setting, allow maybe even a black and white screen option- to conserve battery power, consider having multiple screen layouts for users where shift on the fly options are located- having a large actual signal area not always necessary. I can definitely see the platform being improved, and could be unquestionably in the future to be a more desirable unit for folks to purchase. The goal should be,,try and see how many great things can be rolled into just one detector,,to hunt coins, relics, and jewelry. And make these things relate to the practicalities of actual in use in the field by folks.
  12. Am I seeing the newly designed coil correctly here? Has the coil mounting been shifted forward a bit?? If so,,good news.
  13. I have never met the host here. I think it would be nice though, by what I see here. Anyone here notice. Steve doesn't climb on his high horse flaunting his experience, while at the same time insulting folks by what they post. He does provide clarification if he disagrees, but not to drive anyone away here. Notice, he pointed out your limited experience Tom, and took a stance to tell folks here. We are all smarter together here, Steve knows this. Seems more like a team here vs some other places. I don't see any of this shut up and color mentality here, or folks being put off by asking what some may consider basic easy questions as they relate to detecting. Just last Friday I encouraged one person I hunted with some distance from me to come here and read, and yes participate. I know some of what I post doesn't interest some of the folks here, but they don't post rude commentary/replies either. Folks come here I think and have a good mutual respect for each other, and IMO this is a reflection of the culture established here by the host. I wish I knew more about prospecting so I could partake more in discussions here, but since I don't I just read and take it all in that I can. Difficult to do though, with absolutely no first hand experience.
  14. Is Minelab the only one that uses electronic noise cancel feature?? Do they have patents associate with this feature? Would like to see other manufacturers use some thing similar on their detectors. Or a manufacturer should provide actual visual indication of emi levels depending on frequency used to include offsetting. Not have the user have to use their ears to decide or even try comparing on buried targets. Should not be trial and error. And maybe even a system were the operator is warned,,say if emi changes and the current selected frequency is possibly not operating at optimum. I do realize with a coil being swept over the ground, this could be difficult to do.
  15. Back out with Deus V4 today for a couple hours. Still haven't heard any of those murmured tones presented on highly challenged targets like V3.2 and 2.0 can provide. Any what I call Deus criss crossers here? What am I talking about? Does anyone run full tones and low disc here get a signal that sounds like iron false sorta and turn on the target and get solid iron tone(grunts)? Hence walk thinking iron. Today in an already hard hunted site (with Deus btw) I got a signal short and had iron twang (slight), turning 90 degrees, big time iron grunt tones. Signal was somewhat abrupt on the sides(edges), I was thinking iron too, and yes I did turn and sweep and listen. Signal was 100% repeatable and its overall signature remained intact with all controlled sweeps. I dug, flipped the plug, nothing but iron grunt, stepped on the plug,and then a beautiful signal was present. An old button. My next move was to stick the pinpointer in the squashed plug to find the masker. I found it alright, good old nail. Gotta trust the Deus when it rings, even if not exactly perfect. This button dished in back, not the typical flat button like I have found in this site. This button may be from the mid to late 1700s era. Site history supports this as a possibility. I am not too relic smart as far as dating things.