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  1. My only suggestion,,,whatever detector you decide on,,,needs to have a ground balance capability. Some don't btw.
  2. Nice little haul. I'd like to find one of those,,even fuller,,,even a different
  3. I enjoy running my Deus units in full tones while hunting,,especially relic hunting. But is full tones necessarily the best to run in all cases??? Can a nonferrous target be missed,,,even a worthy coin??? The answer to the second question above,,,YES. Deus users I recommend you do the following experiment and similar experiements for understanding. Take a look at the pic below. The ruler is in pic to show nail size. Two nails are pictured,,,but only one was used at a time,,,in the position associated with IH penny. Deus users using full tones (no disc or very low) sweeping down the barrel of this nail,,(I used 9" coil btw),,do you think you would dig the coin??? Would I?? IMO I even with as much Deus experience I have,,,,I would give a less than 40 percent chance of digging. What are the symptoms here with this coin and nail configuration?? You won't get much tone nuance,,little if any to identify,,,,you do get elongated low roar(so near iron grunt) it ain't funny. Meter reading will amp to and try to read in the mid20s to 30s,,,but the meter reading don't match the sound provided in the least. Btw I have seen some relic iron (solo buried) do the very same thing here. So what to do,,,to maybe not miss a find maybe laying in this configuration in an old site??? IMO,,,users would be serving themselves here well,,,if they have an adjacent program setup,,using regular 2 tone or 3 tones setup,,with disc at level between 6-7,,,I used 7 when testing coin with bigger nail,,,nail procided no tone,,dead quiet,,,,but put the coins,,,IH,,zincoln,,or clad dime as shown in pic,,and a good tone to stop you in your tracks. When in the field using full tones,,you hear a longer signal,,dull sounding,,meter reading in 20s or 30s,,toggle to your adjacent 2 or 3 tone program and sweep and listen.
  4. Some more info and thoughts about this detector. Hunted today and done a few test with this detector,,,while wearing this 6x10" Mars coil. I experimented with the setting called ST duration,,,based on my testing,,,looks like for separation,,and audio clarity,,you put 2 marks in where you set this. The MM mode does help the detector separate better,,but can be run too fast and may cause double beeps on some nonferrous targets. But if nonferrous targets are mostly on the small size,,,a person can run it full out speed wise. The MM mode does seem to be more subjected to EMI,,,a person does have a setting available to mitigate,,,don't overdo here,,as it will start talking some of your depth away. I did play with the tones today,,adjusting. This detector (Sorex I think is the same) can with tone adjustments,,,be made to sound the closet to the famed original Minelab explorers,,,,where they had the more flutey sound. Just turn up your numbers in zone 5,, and 4 if you want in the ST-P tones adjustment menu. A user has to have ST-P selected to even get a menu for adjusting the tones (sound wise). I did adjust the tones labeled ST tones,,this does give the higher conductors a little more spunk tone wise if a user desires. A few more test,,checking some things I usually do,,to find strengths and weaknesses moreso. Take a look at this pic below. The ruler is in pic just to show size of nails,,,and I have 2 nails pictured,,,I used one nail at a time in the configuration you see with nail near IH coin. I checked this same scenario using clad dime and zincoln penny as well. Why am I posting this pic here?? To show what a Signum,,and maybe sorex user may actually see while hunting,,and just maybe they won't let a great find get away. Sweeping down the barrel using configuration shown in pic,,,Signum in MM mode will sound off,,and very well on the coin. It will even hit the coin in normal mode,,but the coil is almost in the next county here before it tones The ID on the coins used as noted above,,,all seem to come in at between -10 thru -2 ID wise. So if a Signum user disc this section out,,,you might lose,,,also if a Signum user sees a similar ID here with tone,,,might want to investigate. Nails and iron usually read substantially lower,,,nowhere near this range. And don't forget,,,you do have ability to adjust tone for this ID range,,should you choose. Is this IH in the pic considered a challenged target by the big nail??? Swing down the barrel of nail?? I'll let folks decide for themselves. I can say this,,,IMO if a Deus user is hunting in front of Signum operator,, and sweeps down the barrel of nail in pic,,using full tones,,,Deus op liables to miss,,and Signum runner liables to cash in here. (If they are using the coil I have). I haven't tested with stock coil,,so can't say.
  5. See this link page 17. What will happen usually,,you get over a bottle cap,,,press the S button,,then sweep again,,,hodograph display,,will have a loop that turns sharply backwards to the left,,denoting some ferrous content of target. I probably should check a few of my buttons with ferrous content,,to see what happens to them,,,but I have used in the field,,,this here does work. This video might help,,gent in video is a new user of detector though.
  6. Steve,,,believe me I've been perusing threads here related to nugget hunting. Plus I need to get this GPX out hopefully next week,,,maybe between the Impact and GPX,,I will learn something. I have been checking a few deeper targets in my coin test garden,,it seemed freq was affecting signal I was getting. But these items might not be deep enough to get what I classify as empirical data. Thanks for your response here. It kills me when I read these nugget seeking folks,,,digging based on a super slight threshold change. If I try that around here,,,,it won't be gold I'm afraid,,maybe a nail
  7. One thing I have never heard talked about I don't think. Is does what we see as far as reaction to differing targets' conductivity (and size) wise using discrimination with Vlf metal detector,,when using different frequencies,,,does this carry over to the All Metal side of the house??? In terms of separation and depth,,,with all other things being equal. Solo sitting nonferrous targets,,deeper,,,does frequency make a difference? Is it as critical as when using discrimination side of detector?? Just maybe the reason,,this has not been addressed is because there aren't that many detectors that can toggle to different frequencies while wearing the the same coil. I plan to be running AM next week weather permitting,,,and could use any and all worthy info maybe to help me. I have used all metal,,not a whole lot,,,certainly not with Xp Deus,,,I can't keep it tuned. Would like to hear some folks weigh in here,,,and besides this new Impact detector is right around the corner for some. They may could use some worthy info too like me.
  8. I thought I would take a few minutes here and talk about the Signum MFT detector. My unit seems to have (looking at screen at turn on) the original version software. I have used the detector with the stock supplied coil,,it measures approx 11.5" in diameter. This coil is deep,,7khz freq, but due to size it can be cumbersome to use in places. Using the stock coil,,,bumping it will cause some falsing at times,,,running gain at 6,, sensitivity at 11. It in my soil is for a metered Vlf detector,,just maybe be my deepest on a clad US dime. The ground balance while using this detector,,very critical to get good to serious depth. Not hard to ground balance as long as you have some clean ground-- this can be a pain btw sometimes. It seems in my ground here,,,using turbo is really not effective,,,like a lot of other units with boost. But even saying this,,this detector features an economy power transmit setting as well as economy off setting. This economy off setting here combined with a sensitivy level of around 11,, gets down in the ground. This detector IMO,,sweep speed wise not overly forgiving,,at least with stock coil. This detector does possess a feature where the recovery speed can be increased,,called mm mode. Since I have been putting in most of my time with the Nokta Impact detector,,I do need more time with this detector. I happened to see a gent who was selling a smaller the stock coil (6x10") Mars coil,,so I bought. In case some folks here don't know,,,the coils used on AKA Sorex detector are interchangeable here with Signum detectors. Well today I took this new to me coil to a site,,to try. I was very impressed with this coil,,,as long as I was in mm mode. It seemed if I was running in normal mode,,,the detector couldn't keep up with the ground,,and even some of the iron and targets. I need to operate some more,,,I could be jumping the gun here by criticizing it. This detector and coil combo(my new to me coil) feels real nice,,balance and weight. This coil being 14khz,,,it nails higher conductors big time,,,some coins rather deep using this coil,,a user might think they were only a couple inches deep. The audio this detector possesses,,,is second to none in my book. One detector with such great audio,,,a user will not be overwhelmed even when running all metal in a super duper bad site with iron and nails. I did even today try and dig a few lower conductors,,that had a straight line on the holograph display. Even some of the lower conductors that had just a tinge of a loop in their graph reading. And sure enough these kinds of targets were low conductors but not worthy at all,,,edges irregular, inconsistent thickness, etc. I certainly would recommend the detector to a person,,,but with a 10" coil or smaller. Not a hard detector to operate either,,,sets up a lot like a White's V3i as far as the all metal side,,and the disc side of the houses (sensitivity wise). The pinpoint on this detector,,and I have owned a Sorex as well,,,both have the hottest pinpoint functions I have ever seen. Luckily they are adjustable so it can be turned down sensitivity wise. Similar ID screens are used I think with Xp Deus (secret screen, version 3.2) and White's Vx3 and V3i models. The Signum will give high tone on iron false,,,a user if they will watch screen will start to see a pattern to recognize iron falses. The tones are adjustable,,I haven't adjusted mine. This detector also has a way to check for bottlecaps,,has helped me. I even used this same feature today to weed out a bigger piece of cast iron. If a person here gets a chance to be around either a Sorex or one of the Signum models,,at least try to listen to the audio they possess. I am posting this info here as strictly a user of detector.
  9. Some folks may be wondering if this detector works or not. It does. This site,,I had hunted 5years ago,,using another detector and a stock sized coil. Only used the smallest coil on Impact here today. Rough site too with nails and junk. Limited my digging to just the higher conductors, or at least tried to. Btw,safety pin was an incidental dig found with coin.
  10. I have an AKA Signum MFT with version 1 software. Used this detector today wearing a 6x10" Mars coil. This detector,,,don't underestimate it. Ground balance,,,you have it set right,,it will punch down in the ground. It did well today in a site. AKA has updated software,,,on the MFT models,,,they now have a MFD model,,supposed to tweaked for overall better performance vs MFT model. The aka detectors have been starting to show up in the USA,,the one dealer who sold,,has recently stopped though. cheers
  11. Clearing inventory or creating a spot price wise to sell their new release?? I hope they have one,,a good one. Other manufacturers too.
  12. I realize this is water under the bridge now. But it seems to me,,,folks should have publicly had access to the master reset option from the get go. Why was even the calibration option here even allowed to be seen by folks on the same page,,,for folks to even have access to. Just food for thought Tom,,,on White's future models,,if applicable.
  13. Steve, If you are referring to Craig,,I think he is using a beta version update just for testing and demo purposes.
  14. Bottom line,,,I don't think you'll find a secret weapon "detector" that is pure,,,that someone posting on different forums,,don't know about. Someone is always trying to slip one of these " secret weapons" in on folks. If it sounds too good to be true,,,it probably ain't!!
  15. Good info Steve,,pics too.