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  1. Blisstool Metal Detector

    I have some time with V6 model Blisstool. A not so easy detector to run. Can produce though. Does have some discrimination too through use of disc switch. A person when using likely to never dig an aluminum can. Can be deep too. Works on 8khz in normal and 7.4khz using boost. I found in my ground (medium minerlized) I couldn't use boost. But even not using boost a person still gets good depth. In milder ground using boost and higher gain detector will go deep. A person will have to learn the detector's tendencies. I would not recommend V3 or V5 model. V6 model also has capability to speed up recovery rate by adjusting fine ground balance knob. This can be done on the fly too, if your site you feel is getting cluttered moreso with iron and nails. There are no gauges/meters period. You fly solo with these detectors. Iron does behave in a certain way most of the time. But a person will still dig some iron with detector. Coils I have first hand experience with stock 11" dd coil and the smaller 7x9" dd coil. I have no experience with the bigger coil offering. Now the detector IMO is/was designed with the stock coil in mind, meaning if you opt to get the smaller coil, disc setting will need to be upped somewhat otherwise some nails/iron will ring in sounding moreso like good target. I coin hunted and relic hunted with mine. In sites I had already run other model detectors and had a good understanding of quantities of ferrous and junk nonferrous items. Not my first choice most of the time. In higher minerlized ground the detector can give good tone on nonferrous targets a lot of other detector will yield no signal or iron tone. I have also seen the V5 in action on what I deem severe ground mineral wise. And done a few tests using CW relics buried. Liked what I saw. Ergonomics. Not bad but not excellent either. Feels better with smaller coil attached IMO. V6 model I had, I sold btw just to narrow my arsenal, I thought when hunting taller grass and stubble I rate as mediocre at best for falsing. Now gain setting can affect this, but IMO still with lower gain still I rate as mediocre at best for falsing. The battery system is rechargeable and my experience were, I rate as top notch for run time. A persons needs patience to learn. Persons with XP Deus experience I feel will pick up on faster(cut learning time). I never experienced any problems and know 2 other gents who used and had good luck from an in service standpoint. Hope this helps you. If you have any specific questions I can help you with fire away. I don't rate myself as proficient with Blisstool vs Deus, but had quite a bit of run time on V6. From a hunting in iron perspective,,I rate as above average (V6 model with smaller coil), with correct settings. This detector although can be used to coin hunt, I don't recommend for coin hunting. This detector works best when a person is operating in a dig all nonferrous mission IMO. I don't recommend this detector to a beginner detectorist. When I got my V6 model I had around 5 plus years detecting experience with quite a few models. If not for my experimence with the other detectors, I could see where a beginner would be pulling their hair out. There are better detector models IMO to get the basics to coin hunting down faster/better than the Blisstool Line.
  2. A Good Month

    I live is Tn USA. Some interesting finds you made. I don't know much about foreign currency. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Video - XP DEUS Elliptical HF Coil

    Sorry to hear.
  4. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=320105 02 Oct 2017 KellyCo Authorized Service Center Closure Minelab and KellyCo would like to announce changes with our Authorized Service Center Program. Effective immediately, KellyCo will no longer service Minelab Metal Detectors. Minelab would like to thank KellyCo for over 6 years of dedicated service and customer care afforded to Minelab and its customers. Although, no longer a service center, KellyCo remains a dedicated and premier Authorized Dealer. Moving forward, Minelab will be the central contact for all Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs, with two Authorized Service Centers, ASC West and newly added Detector Central . Please contact Minelab directly for all service issues (in and out of warranty) as well as Technical Support. The Americas (North & South) Minelab Americas Inc Sales, Support & Service 123 Ambassador Drive, Suite 123 Naperville, IL 60540, USA Customer Care: 1-877-SOS-MLAB (1-877-767-6522) Toll Free: 1-888-949-6522 T: 1-630-401-8150 F: 1-630-401-8180 E: service@minelabamericas.com for Service E: info@minelabamericas.com for Consumer products
  5. 15 Pieces For The Zed

    A very nice blow by blow description of your hunt here. I don't nugget hunt, no gold close to me. Congtrats on your gold. I really enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Used round HF coil today for 1.5 hours. The MI-6 performed flawless when using with detector. No hang ups with audio, coil linking, or stuck screen or any what I call unacceptable delays as far as transition when powering on or off the pinpointer. Nice performance.
  7. Deus HF Elliptical Coil Strikes Again ( Half Dime )

    Will keep irritating. Thanks
  8. Deus HF Elliptical Coil Strikes Again ( Half Dime )

    I think you will enjoy the HF coil. For targets of unusual shapes, much better at hitting than Deus and LF coils. Will be interesting to see how many thinner on edge finds you make too. I was just talking long distance to a friend about this coil. I told him a person probably would never get tired of swinging Deus and elliptical HF coil, but they might get tired of digging.
  9. Deus HF Elliptical Coil Strikes Again ( Half Dime )

    I probably should have removed that part before posting here. I have had problems with a few on another forum. My posts seems irritates them. I don't see a lot of half dimes being reported found. I was tickled to find though. Glad the host Steve here sold me his coil. Helped me in not waiting for one, hence my learning to use started earlier.
  10. I have not used my MI-6 pinpointer very much at all since receiving. I am so accustomed to my Garret Propointer it is hard for me to try and get used to a new pinpointer and a new detector coil (HF elliptical) at the same time. Anyway today I used the MI-6 this morning on a 1.5 hour hunt. Tonally I like the pointer, and I like the pulse option tone wise and love how the pointer ratchets tone as the points nears metal. Now the bad. This pointer has problems when used with elliptical HF coil. I witnessed many times coil loss when turning pointer off, would have long delay to get coil linked. I even had the screen freeze up on remote when turning pinpointer off a few times, but with time (way to long IMO) the detect screen would finally appear. I had after turning pointer off, the detect screen as well as the coil linking (coil freq) shown in screen and didn't get a no coil warning,, but the detector had no audio whatsoever,,even sweeping my shovel 0 disc full tones,,,again though after long delay the audio would start being provided. Xp needs to get this fixed with update. A real pain. And if a person isn't careful, it is possible to after turning pointer off,,to sweep right over a find and get nothing tonally. I have read where some users of pointer say the pointer works as advertised using LF coils. I can't say, maybe with some time, I will get out all of my Deus coils and do some testing.
  11. I know this is probably getting old for folks. A 1.5 hour hunt late this morning. But again in the same site as the Spanish bit, around 30 ft away, and depth of half dime a mere 4" deep. Agan used 28.8 kHz,,signal barely heard but better IMO than the signal on the Spanish bit I found a few days ago. Extremely hard hunted site by myself previously using other detectors and coils. Folks I see a trend with this coil. I think. Either I have become a better detectorist in the last couple months or this coil is doing something for me. I let you guess which one I think. And to think maybe a lot of folks where thinking high frequency is for lower conductors only. Well, I don't see it this way. Gotta love this coil. My rabbits foot maybe. I did use the MI-6 pin pointer this morning too. Will write some thing up about it as far as using with elliptical HF coil-- not all good either. Hard for me to lay my war horse Garrett Propointer down. Pinpointers do have their personalities too,,hard to change and feel real comfortable.
  12. Brandon Neice ( Dr. Tones ) Detectival / Equinox Report

    I might as well weigh in here. Back in 1980 when I was 18 years old,,,if Inwould have been into detecting and retired so I could hunt more, a detector manufacturer could have made a detector that IDs coins at 8-10" deep that weighed what a cinder block weighs--I and many other people would have bought. Fast forward, a lot of folks are week end warrior detectorists, they can't keep their arms built up with limited detecting working full time jobs to effectively manage boat anchor weight detectors, plus folks are living longer. Lot more older folks detecting these days. Next Deus has been released a while now. So thus far for a metered detector, Equinox looks like jus from a weight perspective the first real challenge to XP and their Deus. The question is why has it took so long to answer the Deus here? (Weight wise) Bottom line IMO,,any manufacturer looking to make a hot selling detector in the future, DON'T make the detector weight 4 plus pounds!!! (Vlf detector) The Deus and now the Equinox are only the beginning of more lighter models to come from XP and Minelab and other manfuactuers.
  13. Coil Cables - Internally Routed Or Externally Wrapped?

    Doesn't matter to me one way or the other. Having cable going down the interior of rod,, can add weight, can cause for more raw materials to be used, hence more costs. This design also makes modding a pain in the you know what too. Now, the mighty Deus and LF coils,,,I truly think XP got ahead of themselves. They should have made the LF coils battery wise just like they did the HF coils. I think this would have allowed Deus sales to have even been bigger world wide.
  14. My elliptical HF coil saga. First I recommend folks to stay out of deep program,,instead use hot program. Hunting with the elliptical in an already hard hunted site,,no brainer use 28.8khz. Try to stick with either or and Reactivty levels 2.5 and 3. Open field 2 or 2.5 reactivity settings. Disc -1, or 0. Sens 90-93. audio response level 5. I like my ws4 vol on 6. Full tones. Manual GB running with the ground. Now when open field hunting,,you hear any tone, even iron,,get your coil centered over the supposed iron. Listen, by centering the target may tone in as nonferrous. Speaking of tone,,,in areas say where Deus and LF 9" coil has been crawling around,,,,expect a lot of signals acquired using HF elliptical to be challenged tone wise. Things to listen for. No grunt, yet low sounding signal even down to iron level,,,,could be nonferrous. Forget about meter,,use ears only. Learn how to distinguish iron warp signals,,not easy using HF elliptical. Running audio response level 5 I consider very important. The HF coil runs so quiet, and and all tones (noise) produced needs careful study. Very little falsing if any uaing this coil. If it squeaks high chance of something made of metal down below. Don't depend on getting 4 way signals. Many can be 2 way signals. With the settings above, this coil in my soil,,capable of striking 10" targets, dime sized. Make no mistake. Deeper targets will tend to try to go iron tone direction,,but listen carefully, and rememberwhat I said above about no Grunt-key. Done't sweep too fast even in cleaner ground. Coil will strike deep with slower movements. Raspy sounding targets can be nonferrous, the 2 bigger flat buttons provided raspy tone in opening post in this thread. Bottom line with using this coil. In a site that has produced previously good finds,,,if a target is not determined to be ferrous by tonal signature,,I mean 100% to like 98%,,, better dig it out. Now, one thing here to mention. This coil will fool a person sometimes when a nail is standing up in the ground. Don't ask me why, it just does it. And a person will when digging miss this nail too, will be off to the side. Now, one way to help with IDing iron wrap,,,a good signal when sweeping across, but pivot and sweep and hear iron tone. If you don't get the iron tone when pivoting, dig out the suspect target. Lots of signals will never ring their true matching tone (conductive wise). Can be caused by ground minerals,,rotted down iron,,depth, target's shape and associated orientation in the ground,,and iron masking(nails still intact for example). This elliptical coil is a dangerous coil in sites with iron, clean ground too,,,because it is so quiet. Little to no chatter even at 93 sens. If anyone thinks for one minute they have gotten all the goods out of a site with 9" LF coil using Deus,,,better think again. Now using 14.4khz may serve a purpose for actual hunting,,but not me,,other than if I were in a modern site and wanted to see of ID would fall on higher meter reading targets. Using 28.8khz puts a lot more distance between a Deus LF9" coil when run at 18khz in a site. I don't recommend relic hunters starting out or struggling to use elliptical HF coil to venture using 74khz band. Best advice to learn this coil,,,go to site you personally know has produced with even moderate to heavy iron. And a person who is even proficient with 9" LF coil,,if they are not careful when starting out with HF elliptical dcoil,,they will dismiss targets (tones) too quickly as ferrous,,,but the targets are indeed nonferrous, Last thing here. And this is a Biggie. This HF coil for whatever reason,,,you disturb the dirt, even an intact plug on top of the ground. If you identify what you think is a nonferrous target tonally, be careful when recovering. Many, many times, when you sweep your plug you'll get iron tone( and your nonferrous target is in plug),,Deus is actually signaling on your nonferrous as ferrous. The same thing can happen when you take dirt out of hole too, not as prevalent as above mentioned. Also, a lot of times when you get a nonferrous hit (might sound muted, or lower sounding(no grunt),, when you take just a few inches of dirt off the top, you nonferrous target may come alive with more textbook sounding tone. Using Deus elliptical coil,,,the hardest coil I have ever used to make actual recoveries after locating target tonally. But make no mistake,,it WORKS. One of the reasons I think my learning curve was accelerate using elliptical HF coil, was I intentionally took my coil to a site that has zinc washers buried( been buried for approx 25 years). When I heard tonally what was going on with them undisturbed,,,light bulb came on faster. And when I recovered a few, sweeping as I dug,,,again light bulb flashed. This site with washers was showing me elliptical HF coil tendencies as they relate to depth and ground minerals. I am not sure how many folks have 25 year old test gardens. I found me one though. Will use again with Equinox when I get too.
  15. Alright will write something,,might help other HF elliptical coil users.