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  1. Back out with Euinox this morning in my detector proving grounds site. This site luckily is pasture vs hay field so no fertilizer applied. I can say right now, on top of the ground or elevated scenarios testing and comparing Nox to other detects don't reflect just how good the Nox is at finding nonferrous targets. I ran Park 2 mode initially for just a few minutes, and then switched to Feild 2 detect mode. I could tell right away even running both modes at speed 7 iron bias 0, field 2 mode was separating and tonally reporting the ferrous smother, not as cramped vs park 2. Did make a few finds too, and only compared one of the finds located with Nox with Deus and 9" HF coil. The Deus would see the target. But freqs of 28.8khz and 54 kHz mandatory. I even did a little experimenting. I only checked the target using reactivty 3 silencer -1 as fas as these settings go. So I checked this target, using 0 disc full tones in 28.8 kHz, IMO would be a hard target by listening to make a dig deciosn on. Raising disc to 6 and listening using full tones a slightly improved signal. I would dig it if I heard. Leaving disc at 6 going to pitch tones and dialing pitch of tone to maximum. I could hear in 28.8khz, so Imstarted raising disc to see if target signal would become compromised. At a 9 disc setting a person had better be in their game to hear this target, level 10 disc signal gone altogether. I checked using 54 kHz doing the above as far as raising disc. At a 10 setting disc wise I could indeed still hear the target. Now with me saying all this above as far as Deus and round HF coil and the disc settings. There is one problem. User can be fooled very easy and dig some iron. There is no fine line really on decision making based on tone like using disc 6 and pitch tones. Sure a person can dig the no-brainers but by only doing you are leaving finds in the ground in polluted sites (ferrous). And full tones and 0 disc and even low positive disc don't answer the calling here either, meaning user can still be fooled.. Pinpoint size on targets can't be used either to make dig or no dig decisions, although strength of pinpoint is a good method to use. Now, enter the Nox. It on the find above gave the best intelligent signal (objective comparison here) as far as my opinion on actual locating and after locating, Nox signal best. By listening to Nox signal I would have rated this signal > 85 percent of being nonferrous. Using Deus and listening and based on behavior of tone I would rate > 50 percent chance of being nonferrous. And the reason is the signal was jut so short, like a blip sound. Nails can do this sometimes. Field 2 using Nox is for real, I have had good luck locating finds. A user just needs to build themselves a regiment of things to study when the Nox sounds off. It can sound off on iron. Hint here. Using single freq especially 20 and 40 kHz can indeed help a person. The target above 40khz single freqwould bump, 20khz no cigar (speed7). There were 3 other finds made. Two of these finds would yield nothing tonally using single freq ops (speed 7). Both buttons too. And not overly deep. The Nox seems is able to eek out nonferrous fighting the mineral affects with the multi frequency the unit possesses and with the tech. To be able to make even 4 finds in this site with Nox with a 11" DD coil is extraordinary. This site is that bad. And I have busted it hard many, many times. So for anyone who thinks Nox is a mediocre relic unit-Better Think Again. Or if the Nox is mediocre indeed, then the Deus is too. I don't think either are actually. I'll post a pic. And plan on going back this after noon late. This field is ultra short right now with all this cooler than usual temps. It is just one of those sites, one that shows how a detecfor works and one never knows what might pop out. Strength of pinpoint not size also can help a Nox user when making dig or no dog decisions. But a user of Nox will need to have some run time to get the hang of what is a stronger pinpoint vs. weaker. I like hunting as far as locating with AM off. Occasionally I will sweep some with it engaged though. But IMO when on it makes it harder to depict which targets are more suspect though. Also I am becoming overly suspicious that Nox is besting Deus on thinner finds on edge. Can't prove yet, but do suspect. Nos has the uncanny ability it seems to give tone too on these types of finds as coil passes. Not when coil is over the center it seems. Just a theory I have right now. More time may prove. Now this particular site has about every size of iron know. Lol The pic below shows what a Deus user can dig using disc 6 or 7 (what I used), these babies sounded pretty good. Pitch tones used. Now full tones will smoke some of these out. And user won't dig, but user can by doing miss other good stuff. I sure didn't dig any of these with Nox. And I am not dogging Deus here, just showing what a position a person may find themselves in sometimes depending on a site. In regular nails and bits, Deus does a better job. Nickel in pic for scale to show iron size.
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    Nice start with Nox. I have experienced what you have in pounded sites, others too, find a shallower nice find and wonder how is that still there. Not bucket loads of finds but still finds.
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    It may be here where you seen.
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    Seems is calibrated to big coin.
  6. Let's add this test here. I think it shows something very worthy. First a pic. Imagine your find of a lifetime laying where the dime is, in respect to the nail buried. In the same configuration. Could you ever detect it? Well, I have compared some detectors, and thought I would share with you the results. First let me say the top of the nail is towering approx 2" above dime's plane where it is sitting in pic. First up Nokta Impact and 4x7" coil. No cigar, it will not give me nothing tonally to investigate to tell me a nonferrous target is possibly lurking. Deus round HF coil. Using a disc of 6 and pitch tones reactivty 3 gives a real signal all the down to the coil barely clearing nail and with decent coil height as well,,but freqs 28.8 kHz and 54khz or let's say the middle and lower bands mandatory to get the results I said above. Using 14.4khz some doil height above nail must be had before any tone is gotten. Basically here the middle and highest frequency band kick booty vs lowest band. Deus and 11" DD coil. It behaves as I stated above as far as using round HF coil and lowest bacon selected 14.4khz, but using this particle coil 18khz mandatory. Deus and elliptical HF coil. I have to amend here somewhat as far as this particular coil. Running disc 6 and pitch tones does give tone. One problem a user would normally have a hard time running disc this low in a site with nails and iron. A setting of 7 disc wise is generally IMO where a person would wind up as far as using in anything besides full tones, tone selection wise. At disc of 7, lowest and mid band freqs gives no tone on the dime, using 74 kHz does give some indication of a possible nonferrous lurking. Equinox with stock 11" DD coil. Using both field 2 and park 2, stock disc speed 7, it behaves a lot like the Deus wearing 11" LF coil dialed to 18khz. You must have some coil height above nail to get a signal. There is a span of detection height wise is what I am saying here. Etrac with stock coil. No cigar. User is SOL!! Can the example (scenario) in the pic exist in the field in the wild?? You better believe it!!!!
  7. Saw this listing. The prices for all Equinox coils was set at zero until recently but seems now a price is reflected on the smaller coil. Don't know how much stock to put in this here, but thought I would share. https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-06-double-d-smart-coil https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-wm-08-wireless-audio-module https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-bluetooth-headphones
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    I agree. That coin shouldn't have been cleaned, except by a professional.
  9. Nice one. Another Nox success story.
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  11. http://www.bcscta.ca/resources/hebden/chem/Coin Compositions.pdf
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    I can't say. A new unit received can be checked for having latest update version installed. If it doesn't then you could update. This link reflects the updates with changes. http://www.makrodetector.com/update-kruzer-metal-detector.html
  13. Nice start with Nox. Thanks for sharing.