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  1. My First Impressions And Relic Hunting Potential

    Your report sounds familiar to me.lol Good report. Gotta luv the Nox.
  2. Anytime I go coin hunting and can find at least one silver coin or any coin in the 1800s- I rate a good hunt. IH dated 1899. Meter read 21 one way, 23 the other, good signal.
  3. Pinpoint Audio Observation.

    I have witnessed a few times. (Over 50 hours of testing/use) Right at first when going to pinpoint. Not sure though if it is the detector or the wireless. Need to experiment with external speaker. Yesterday most of my hunting done with external speaker use (rain), don't think I ever saw happen. Did use wireless a bit yesterday and noticed a time or two.
  4. Reputable Dealer In My Area

    Here is link showing Ky Minelab dealers. Depending on where you live exactly in KY, you might want to to search using this site for adjacent state dealers. https://www.minelab.com/usa/consumer/where-to-buy?search=dealer&geozone=918&country=215&state=25&postcode=&name=
  5. Kennedy Half Near Mint

    Naw, I thought the tablet looking thingy was the new tablet form of kaopectate, you know to help you from having an accident after finding that big coin.
  6. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    Park 1/Field 1= 34 Park 2/Field 2= 47 Area I hunted today Park 2 = 54
  7. 1835 $5 Gold Coin!

    I missed too. Exceptional find. Thanks for sharing. Congrats.
  8. Equinox 800 Catch Of The Day 2-22-2018

    I thought about that. Lol No seriously I posted everything I dug for a reason. Lots of folks post pics of finds, with the good stuff, they don't show the bad stuff. Since Equinox is in infant stage, I thought my pic might give them a good idea of how good or bad, or will the detector maybe satisfy their detecting needs. Site hunted crawling with pull rings and tabs, I could hear them.
  9. This is everything I dug today. Mixed history site. Hunting for about 4 hours in the rain the whole,time. Screw caps sound warbly vs coins. There is a button in the pic, it was deep like garret propointer length deep plus 1.5" Gotta hear the Nox on deep undisturbed target. Button is real thin with design I have never seen before, I hit with shovel too. Used park 2 sens 23 speed 6, 0 iron bias. I like this detector. Almost all of these coins detected on edge. Did take a shot at a few nickel signals, did mange to find just one. Tab and ring on edge in the ground gave a rock solid 13 ID. Little closer look at the button and silver. Button has design only on edges loop missing.
  10. 2-21-2018 Alright checked my 800 model on clad dime. Depth at least 9" deep, may be as deep as. 9.25" deep. Park 2 sens 24. Iron bias 0 speed 5 or 6 gives best signal. Speed 4 dodgy sounding, iron tone with blip when coil comes off dime when swept. I get ID too with faster sweeps.23 and 25 coming in meter. Slower sweep gets signal but ID is low like 13-14. Now, I have talked about deep nickel likes speed 4 for best signal. But nickel is bigger and low conductor. This soil where this dime is, is barely 4 bars Fisher F75. I am basing this on how many coil pumps it takes to get to 4 bars. For gee whiz, I grabbed my Deus with 9" LF coil on it. This clad dime 9"-9.25" deep. Deus won't touch. Hot program and deep program freqs 8, 12 and 18khz tx power 2. Txpower 3 has never ever helped me with depth with Deus around here. Maybe on a half dollar or bigger target. Can hit in pinpoint,, gold field reactivity 2,, if I dial threshold up I might be able to hear this dime in gold field using reactivity 2.5. Dead on GB. Did not try GB manipulation. I'd it will quit raining for a few minutes I'll take 11" coil and Deus and check. Alright checked dime above with Deus wearing 11" DD coil. Hot program no cigar. The only signal,Imget is in deep program. A signal I rate as , the only reason I say I'm getting a signal is because I know the dime is down there. Would have to be real,lucky to find in the wild using disc mode. Went back and checked Equnox again. I get just about equivalent signals using field,2 and park 2. Speed at 5. Good tone, go to flush pretty good though sweeping. If after detection I speed sweep a bit get pretty good ID running at 23-25. Checked beach 2 mode again with iron bias at 0, but tried different speed settings. Seemed 6 was the best but signal not quite as good as field 2 and park 2. I used a 23 sens setting last time out with Nox. Btw, another gee whiz Guess how many 9" deep dimes around here I have found with Deus (Using LF coils)? Two But there is a catch, I detected 2 in the same hole once. That's it and I've been running Deus for a while now around here. Have dug some deep nickels though like 10" deep. Multiple times. Imo the way Equinox behave with sweep on deep coins, etc, this is a key I think to being successful,with the detector, at recovering deeper whatever. Watch that meter and see if it tries to go into the 20s region on sweeps. Then dig. How coil position sensitive Equinox is too to get meter to jump. Think of meter jump like cursor on Etrac. Now the reason I say this, I have not seen Equinox meter jump on a mid/lower conductor when sweeping into the 20s region. A deeper lower conductor likely not take as much sweep speed to get max reading on meter for target's conductivity. If say you get a real deep nickel like 11" deep, meter might read 2.3 or 4. But remember you'll likely know it's deep due to coil position sensitive as far as detection. Remember, what are the odds of a target with ID or 2,3 or 4 being able to be detected at 9-12" deep? Usually a target that low conductive real small. Equinox detects nickels deeper than Etrac/CTX does in my area. Another nice thing about Equinox, the small things it strikes that reads say 3,4 and 5 on the meter, it will give pretty loud tone...deep nickel will have less robust tone Folks looking for the deepest fringe detectable with Equinox, better watch using notch or too much disc. 2-22-2018 Back to my 9-9.25" dime I talked about above. I have had substantial rain over night. So I went back and checked Dime again with Equinox and Deus 11" LF coil. Deus- no signal period all disc modes loads of settings tried. And swept from every conceivable angle too. Equinox again giving tone park 2 and field 2. This morning park 2 is doing slightly better the field 2. Gold mode 1 hits but is dodgy. Gold mode 2 hits good. I will be trying and will be watching. In old hunted out sites like deep turf, especially in medium mineralized soil and higher, gold mode 2 might just get you over a deeper coin, etc. Then user can check using other detect modes (settings). Even say a dime out of fbs territory depth wise. If I had a target stronger in gold mode 2 but weaker tone sounding using park 2 and or field 2-- with positive ID, I would dig. Gold mode 2 on deeper target small seems to give stronger hit tone wise but shorter overall vs park 2 and field 2. Seems gold mode 2 a little less swing speed sensitive and not as finicky with speed setting either. Now I can't speak here for milder ground. Could the same thing be happening but with even deeper targets? If anything different between yesterday evening vs this morning after all the rainfall---ID not quite as good with a faster sweep. Btw, I listened to dime in AM too using park 2, field 2 and gold mode. Didn't like what I heard. Seems to me better to run with AM off. Tone sounds funny, not as alerting when trying to find the deeper stuff (nonferrous). Also food for thought here. In my soil I can tell about depth by adjusting speed setting. Another way to try and discern depth of target. If I go to 7 speed wise and lose target- expect coin size deeper safely than 8.5" higher conductor. If I can dial speed up,or down a couple numbers and still get good hit-- tells me likely lower conductor. (Assuming I am not seeing an ID in meter for higher conductor). I can go form park 2 to park 1 and get depth Intel on target. What I am saying here, the menu and modes and settings give a user ways to get info. Person just needs to know strengths and weaknesses of what changes in fact generally do/affect. Minelab deserves great credit for the menu layout on Equinox. Just think cherry picking like a park. Wonder if I get a signal using speed 7, but check target using speed 5 and target gets crippled badly or disappears. What does that tell me. That is an odds on favorite nonferrous whatever that likely has never been heard before by folks using other detectors, especially fbs types.
  11. I know a gent who just recently found one of those. It brought big bucks too. Same gent found Adams inaugural button in about the same week.
  12. Todays Finds Of Interest

    Nice ones George.
  13. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    It is weak 4 bars F75 detector actually, but might not be smart to try and equate meter reading GB wise with actual soil mineralization numbers. Maybe if we took say F75 detector around the country side looked at Equinox meter when auto balancing we could draw some conclusions. But right now I certainly can't. Hey got a fridge magnet. Balance your detector to one and see what meter reads.
  14. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    Park 2 in my area auto GB I get 44-47 in the window.
  15. The Nox does well in polluted sites. Even with 11" coil. Small 20-25 minute hunt.