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  1. Let's talk tracking ground balance V4. I experimented some using it. My goal was to see how the tracking would hold when the coil comes over iron and nails. From the looks of my 3 different experiments,,,tracking GB using V4 is improved over earlier versions,,,but hunting in iron ridden places my advice use manual GB. What did I witness?? Using tracking the balance seems to hold longer while in coil was over nail and iron ridden areas,,,,but did eventually drop into the mid60s with detectors getting quite noisy. Also,,and I never ever seen this with earlier versions,,,V4 actually the ground balance dropped out entirely going to level 90. It would after a lot of sweeping track back to ground phase if over cleaner ground. Bobbing coil would accelerate this process time wise. Here is I think a glitch with V4,,, using Xy screen ground phase reading seems for the most part nonexistent. Remember this number when shown I think shows actual detector ground phase detection. A dash will appear here when sweeping,,but I can bob coil and the window then a phase reading will appear. I not sure of the usefulness here,,the way this is currently working I wished Xp would have used this spot to give a delta reading,,either positive or minus showing difference to user of difference of actual ground phase detected vs what the user has dialed in.
  2. Landmarks are good to be aware of,,,the actual picture of the horizon,,from different places you are at. Depending solely on a GPS,,cell phone not a good idea. They can have problems,,,even dead batteries. Knowing generally which direction you are heading from your departure point is good to know also. Never panic,,,when lost try and work backwards using all the puzzle pieces you have. Respect sundown,,,don't press your luck,,try and get to a known place well ahead of sundown. Always tell a relative or friend where you are going generally if you are going into strange countryside to yourself. When lost,,try to start leaving some personal affects along your trail while trying to get back to civilization. Might be a good idea to take some thing along like even a roll of toilet paper or a roll of ribbon tape (orange or pink in color) you can use this to mark your trial,,remember you can use this too to backtrack at least. If things get really bad, these personal affects might be seen both those looking for you and help make finding you easier. A person needs to take IMO some flame source like a lighter or good matches,,and one of those little led lights that puts out a bright light. I even have one that emits a SOS signal. Can be seen from the air at significant distances,,,,in flatter land a long distance too. Better after sunset,,not to push yourself into a worse position,,if you are not sure of your whereabouts,,,rather stand fast,,and wait. Hopefully you have enough garments to keep yourself warm,,,and just maybe can use your flame source to build a fire in a safe place. Always keep a calm perspective,,, your mind will have a better chance to give you the better answers for survival. Weather forecast-- always be mindful of them,,,if a storm is coming don't dare be going into unfamiliar territory. Recipe for disaster.. Cheers.
  3. Well Deft Tones we have something in common. I actually did some thing very similar,,as a wet behind the ears detectorist,,I was lucky enough to have this real old site. I hunted it,,hunted it,,and hunted it,,and still hunt today. I have spent countless hours in this site and maybe find one find. I have deemed this site now as my detector proving grounds. I is a site most folks will run from,,I have seen this happen a few times. They spend 20 minutes and say this ain't for me,,and get into truck and take off. I by spending time in this site,,have learned a great deal,,and with using a lot of detectors. This site WILL flush out a detector's weakness(es) as far as hunting in iron and nails. Some folks think I am guilty of posting bold statements or are exaggerating. I take what I write on forums seriously,,,and are based on some I think worthy data I have accumulated when doing tests in certain sites I have access to. I keep telling folks,,going to new sites,,even virgin sites,,,with all the eye candy signals everywhere very little learning will take place. Hunting behind ones self will sure tell you a lot if you keep doing. Sounds exactly what you did. I wished I could read more stories like yours. Reading stories like this,,I feel right at home,,can relate and glad you shared this here.
  4. Folks who haven't update with V4 and have full Deus unit setups along with Deus lite setups,,or folks who have multiple headphone modules.... Heed,,,disregard when updating when asked if you have another headphone module,,,update only one here. Then if you wish,,using your other remote or even the same remote,,after turning off the first headphone module you updated,,,,proceed to do another update on your remote with V4 and update your other headphone module,,,and if you have another headphone module,,,,again repeat this process.. Failing to follow these instructions may lead to big problems with at least some of your headphone modules. I bear no responsibility here one way or the other just passing this info along as help to folks. This problem likely associated with no prompt when downloading telling the person to turn off the headset module that was first updated when choosing a user has another module for update. This problem may not be even V4 specific,,but since folks may be updating to V4 or actually going back to V3.2 or 2.0,,, this info might be helpful to some. Seems Mr Savisch gives this info to folks in his Deus bootcamps warning,,,but Xp has failed to place instruction in the programming process,,and I don't think they have placed a warning in the operator's manual either. They should do both., as it is very possible for users to indeed have 2 or more headphone remotes needing update(s). See this thread.,2356009
  5. A good question. I didn't check V4 Deus in all audio report settings. There was a consensus while using V3.2 audio report level 5 or higher seemed to do way for the most part with modulation. Even using level 5 audio report using V3.2.. Some real faint whispers could be heard and probably missed too. And even with this consensus here,,,based on tone strength(audio) deeper targets got lower in volume. I don't use modulation,,,so what I'm saying you dial level 5 audio report in using V4., get ready to really not be able tonally to telll, based on my test to tell if you have a 8-9" dime under your coil,,,a very strong signal. Horseshoe seems to show deep target,,,by showing only a sliver or no shading at all depending on which reactvity setting a person's uses. I don't think I ever dug many targets using V3.2 where no horseshoe shading was provided. Folks with V4 Deus has better get ready to,,it is going to happen and on a regular basis too. Now can audio report be lowered using V4 and try and imitate V3.2 even with a level 5 setting or lower,,,I can't say for sure. Modulation--- using it in my area will get you in trouble. Might be alright looking for recent jewelry drops in a park,,or setting where many folks have gathered recently. Remember my testing is with 4-5 ticks in mineral index window. A little additional info,,Uaing 11" coil,,I can hear 9" dime pretty good at audio report level 2. On a 10" deep dime,,Audio report level 3 sounds like the 9" dime does at audio report level 2. On the 10" deep dime,,I can make the horseshoe give a tad of shading if I go reactvity level 1. I can hear a satisfactory signal using 11" coil using reactvity levels 2 and 2.5 as well,,actually diggable signal (no horseshoe shading at all),, reactvity level 3 I can hear a weak signal but I classify as unsatisfactory signal here. As you move up audio report level wise sweeping both these dimes level 5.. Super signal,,,yes level 6 and 7 are louder even too.
  6. With V4 Deus,,,it seems it provides much louder/stronger singals on targets vs V3.2. I did a few checks today,,watching horseshoe meter on some deeper coins...seems horseshoe meter as far as depth goes pretty much unchanged vs V3.2. Even using 9" coil,,you can get very good signal on deeper coin,,and even see no horseshoe sliver period,,,adjusting reactivity down,,and maintaining a -1 silencer can depending on the depth of targets,,,start allowing the horseshoe shading to start increasing a bit. I compared going from reactivity 2.5 down to 2 down to level 1 doing these test,,maintaining silencer -1 setting. So Deus V4 users still to have the horseshoe data to weigh while studying their targets,,good thing,,so much harder to gauge depth based solely on tone vs V3.2
  7. Take your trx pointer and turn to highest sensitivity or maybe a notch below highest setting. Base depth of your find on its detection, If trx detects,,use a screwdriver,,if it don't use your digger. Just remember damage to jewelry can happen when using a screwdriver vs a digger morse. Coins too. Check out this tool. I have also seen some others that look similar to this,,but has more of a bend that exist about 1.5" from the end.|204476253
  8. I am hearing vibrations of a true version 4.1 on the horizon. Any way,,was playing around today doing a few tests. I can't remember if version 3.2 was this way or not,,and I a, not about to download and try to find out. Anyway..Deus V4 users using,,,be conscious of your ground balance setting. If a user does a ground balance using 4khz,,,doing so doesn't set up the ground balance for,,if you toggle to use other frequencies. Also,,if you choose one of the following freq,,8,12, or 18khz and perform a GB,,,this will work for these 3 freqs,,but if you toggle to 4khz,,your same ground balance setting will not be present. Also,,when using Xy screen,,,top right window,,may or may not show actual ground phase,,,can have a dash in it at items.
  9. Nice bunch of finds. I would be in hog heaven in that site. Thanks for sharing. A stray IH coin,,what a journey it has made.
  10. Your choice. Just don't let me get around you in a site loaded with nails and iron and you using 3.2 version,,,be prepared for jaw dropping!! I am not one to exaggerate,,trust me.
  11. Alright,,more data Deus V4. Six hour hunt,,,exactly the same site previously talked about here above. No problems noted with V4 using 2 different complete detector setups,,even coils seem to be linking up well. This ground balance is different on V4 vs V3. I was able to do a successful pumping ground balance using all reactivity settings levels using both a 11" and 9" coil,,using version 3.2,, I could never get a successful pumping ground balance using reactivity 3 or higher. Deus lite users,,,or Deus full package users whose remote battery may die or they maybe forget their remote when they go detect. Some useful info here for ground balancing manually,,which a Deus lite user must do. I experimented with this,,,here are my recommendations based on what I witnessed. Set disc to -2.5,, select your frequency you want to use,,bob coil over clean ground,,lower GB setting until you start getting feedback,,then increase a couple points. Doing this will get you so close to what if you had a remote and could do a tracking or pumping Gb would achieve. Couple things here,,you likely will get no feedback as you raise your coil,,no matter how negative or positive you are with your GB setting,,,only feedback as you lower coil to ground. If you choose to use disc setting lower than what I have stated above,,especially a -6.4 setting,,you will get tremendous feedback,,,even if GB is set right,, meaning you have no way of knowing when you achieve proper GB using your ear/feedback from ground as a guide. I ran both the 9" and 11" coils today,,,moreso the 9" coil. Deus V4 is more stable on my ground (with proper GB,,either spot on or a bit higher phase wise) vs V3.2. This to me really shows itself moreso with the use of 11" coil using V4. I did run with even lower disc than -2.5 today,,even -6.4,, I didn't sneak any extra finds out by using either. I still think disc setting of -2.5 is about right to run either the 9" or 11" coil. Using the 11",,,,if you choose to run lower disc than -2.5., expect to hear some ground feedback as you sweep,,now to be fair milder ground may not be as bad here. Using 9" coil,,running lower disc than -2.5 seems not to provide ground feedback vs 11" coil,,and is IMO useable in my ground . Uaing 11" coil in this site,,remember it is loaded with iron and nails,,and I ran both 2.5 and 3 reactivity setting,,silencer -1,,Use of the 11" coil here is what I heard. Uaing 11" coil in this ferrous mess,,it does work,,but for whatever reason,,some nails and or iron,,have a hard time being transitioned with tone,,,user likely to dig more iron due to vs using 9" coil. When the 11" coil is tonally trying to roll up on nail or iron,,in the very middle of the transition,,an elongated ( still short) high tone,,suspicious sounding when compared to use of 9" coil,,,but this is happening over ferrous not a nonferrous target,,like the 9" coil does when it performs. Deus V4,, reporting of nonferrous targets is changed vs V3.2. Nonferrous tone is sharper,,more narrow,,,not the gradual rise up and fall like using V3.2,, not as overly smooth using V4 vs V3.2,,, but from an alert stanpoint,,V4 is better here IMO. Users of V4 will definitely be able to dig more nonferrous out of a ferrous laden site vs V3.2 if they will learn version. User of V4,, I think will find more nonferrous,,,but will also IMO find more iron,,but in the end IMO it is the nonferrous overall numbers that count. I still haven't heard the first target using V4,,that gives that lower murmur tone like I am accustomed to hearing using V3.2. I did get one target today,,that is the closet I've seen,,a nice old button,,but this signal still not as low sounding vs V3.2. Also dug another sizeavle nonferrous target,,,and I know I had swept before with versions 3.2 and 2.0,, right beside where I recovered 2 CW buttons previously. Why do I think I found this sizable target today using V4,, and not the others,? This target today,,acted different,,,using version 3.2 and 2.0,, this target had signature morseso of relic iron hit,,I've dug enough relic iron with both of those versions,,when you sweep,,meter gets hung like in the 30s or so,,steady buzzing tone,,actually a more monster sounding target. Today the target again sounded monster sized,,,but based on tone,,more intelligent to a slight degree,,like this target using V4 was winning out with its conductivity moreso vs the surround iron,,when compared to 3.2 and 2.0. .Unless some thing happens I'm unaware of I am threw with V3.2. Deus with V4 is one hot detector on lower conductors now. The pic below,,the 2 finds upper right,,ferrous,,the rest nonferrous. To sum up here,,Using Deus V4 in this one site for roughly 14-15 hours,,,I found more nonferrous finds than the previous approximately 200 hours combined using some other detectors including Deus V2.0 and 3.2 using both 9 and 11" coils. Other detectors too. And remember I am still rookie status with V4 on Deus. Say any thing here you think???
  12. XP makes another announcement, Seems the problems are fixed.,2355413
  13. I have seen no update from Xp as far as fixing,,but it is approx 8:30 am CDST 18 Mar, here,,I downloaded from euro site. Updated both my units and all coils,,using,,,seems the problems I saw,,and those being reported by others are fixed with whatever I downloaded. Download did take a while though. Cheers
  14. This seen on facebook,2355400
  15. I am seeing folks report problems with V4. I have recently downloaded and updated both my units. If I try to go to disc,,and hit expert keys,,screen freeze. The same with notch selected,,,hit expert screen freeze. Also no freq shift allowed,,screen freeze. Have to power down to get out of screens. Some folks are not having this problem,,but many are. Seems going back to 3.2 version solves all these problems. Stay tuned.