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  1. I agree 100% percent Steve. I have been saying this for a couple or more years. No detector manufacturer can stand still or take anything or anyone for granted. If they do,,,some other manufacturer will bite them. We have seen this in the auto industry,,even the firearm industry here in the USA. Loads of talent out there,,not just the same old engineers we have been reading about over the years. I do feel some of the detector manufacturers have accepted and used the digital world of Internet and email better than others for communications,,for getting Intel,and communicating with customers and perhaps testers. I do feel,,and it won't be much longer,,another manufacturer is liables to take root here in the USA with some good detector models having some good to great performance. In the end,,I think whichever manufacturer truly works the hardest and smartest,,it will be shown in their products with time. I congratulate Nokta and Makro. Dilek,,,is IMO a dream come true. And I think she may have by herself likely to have changed the way detector development is done in the future. I fully expect to see more great products from the Makro/Nokta folks. Too much common sense approach going on with them for this NOT to happen.
  2. A sensational thread.
  3. Nice finds. Thanks for sharing. I wished I had been into detecting when I lived in UK back in 2001-2003. I sure missed out.
  4. Can't speak for all detectors,,,White's V3i will let you assign I think a tone for each Vdi number. Now most folks use the same tone assigned here for blocks of VDi numbers,,,since the detector may not give a spot on ID on target when swept. Need some leeway here. See this link page 49.
  5. Hard to top that for American coin find in USA. Big congrats. Super duper bucket lister,,or depending on how you look at it,,,a big monkey off one's back.
  6. Sure can happen. One liables not to take for granted a new detector vs an older. I try to not fall into this trap. I have to see trends before I draw conclusions. And just exactly what type site(s) I see some finds coming out of pounded sites. Fine line too,,just an inkling of additional audio over said target can make the difference between walking and digging. Detection of a nonferrous target,,,is done on a sliding scale,,depending on the detection scenario. Lots of variables here all intertwined. Thanks for sharing this piece.
  7. One of the things I like about this site. You don't see what I call these posts by folks,,that are what I call attack posts,,,where the person post then cuts and runs. These same folks usually don't post detailed info,,,as to their reasons or thoughts for THESE negative posts. This forum is managed superbly in my book.
  8. Latest shipping info.,124756
  9. Glad to see this.
  10. I don't mind writing long post to explain my thoughts. Folks do have to be careful though,,,detecting forums don't always paint the true pic. Detecting forums tend to be a place for the more inquisitive to be present,,I may could even make a case even for folks who have more money to spend on detectors/detecting equipment. Weekend warrior detectorists,,,,wonder how many percentage wise even bother with detecting forums? And don't forget the adage,,never kiss and tell. Some folks don't and never will want to participate in discussions or post anything really,,for fear of revealing secrets or even maybe where they hunt. Some detectorists,,,may also actually fear detecting forums,,it could in their mind maybe make them start second guessing their equipment.
  11. Multi freq tech has not dominated for years. What do you base this on?? Dectector sales??? Now you might read more info and info associated with hunts with multi freq units,,but this doesn't give true blue perspective on the detecting community as a whole. A lot of At Pros, Bounty hunters out there,,Deus too,,,even White's unit, even First Texas units single freq units. Not all detectorists post on forums,,I have been talking to one person who helps host hunts. You'd be surprised at how many of the older White's units are still being run,,,especially for the older detectorists. I don't think you would ever see any certain tech (metal detector wise) dominate any market when it has top billing for cost. Just like autos,,boats, even homes. Would be interesting to see just how many detectorists percentage wise use or have a $1200 plus dollar detector in their arsenals.
  12. Thank you for responding Steve. A professional response from a professional. One of the reasons I ask these questions here on your forum,,,there seems to be some animosity had by some folks toward testers,,not here by elsewhere,,,just maybe some of them will get to read here.
  13. I am going to bring this up for you to maybe shed light on. Since you have been it seems testing and using detectors for a while. First up,,,has any manufacturer who you are testing a detector for,,,have they ask you if you are currently testing any other manufacturer's model detectors (prerelease)?? Next since you likely signed non disclosure agreements,,,and they are pretty straightforward,,,like you can't discuss or talk until you are given ok to do. I consider you a very ethical person btw,,,this next question is not to insinuate anything,,,I just want to hear your thoughts here. What about if you are testing a unit,,,and let's say the testing phase is more or less concluded,,,but this specific detector model isn't quite released yet,,,and you happen to be testing another unit from a different manufacturer. Is it proper to use this detector you have already tested (not released yet) and do head to heads with another test unit,,,and this other unit let's just say is still further from official release than this other unit. So in keeping all this head to head under wraps,,,but when the first unit you tested is released,,,obviously the non disclosure agreement is null and void on this unit,,,,so with maybe some previous head to head testing done before this first detector release,,,so then a tester could actually maybe provide comparison data (done before first detector release) to the second detector's manufacturer when the first one releases. I hope this makes sense. Remember I'm not insinuating anything,,,you are far more expert in this dept than I. And obviously comparing a detector under formal testing to an already publically released detector is a different animal,,I see no problems doing this. Steve do you think a person should be testing 2 or more detectors (pre release) simultaneously from different manufacturers??
  14. I am sure the gears are turning at the different manuafacturers' hubs. PI depth doesn't even have to be attained,,just deep with good ID, not even best here. Digging PI deep holes in parks,,,this will put a quick stop to detecting in them. A deeper hole also means a wider hole,,and will cause more visible damage,,vs what is happening now. In my area,,depth is not the culprit for finding the goodies,,unmasking and seapartion capabilities seem more important. Which leads to,,,will a future deeper mystery detector be capable of separation/unmasking similar to Deus and Impact detector?? Mulit freq detectors ,,,has there even been one that was a grand separator/unmasker?? Higher mineral dirt- has First Texas ever made a detector in the past that was above average or grand in this department?? Has the FBS technology,,has it reached its peak for performance?? A manufacturer that does break the mode here with depth, with Vlf tech,,especially in higher mineral dirt,,a higher price detector would sell,,manufacturer has to watch how high they price,,,cause one never knows when another manufacturer may slide in under with some thing similar performing. Does make me wonder,,why the price decrease suddenly on First Texas flagship after public release of MSRP of Impact. Coincidence?? Oh and while I am here. Where are the videos showing Deus V4 in action. Folks reading here,,most will know whom I'm referring to. Something is going on with Deus V4 in my ground,,it ain't mild,,so let's see Deus V4 in that test garden with video. Surprising how quiet SOME have been with Deus V4. Makes me wonder.
  15. I use mine,,not water hunting though. Old home sites mainly.