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  1. Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    The shocking part for me was, right before total eclipse how fast it got dark. And once the sun came out behind slightly how fast it got bright. Like a rheostat on a room light being adjusted quickly.
  2. Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    Looks like light out here at my house for 2 min 13 seconds starting at 1:30 CDST. First contact looks to be high noon.
  3. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    Here are some things to consider. Where will the unit be priced? As far as their current lineup. If cheaper than a CTX, then would it be deeper than CTX? That wouldn't make any sense. So CTX price could be lowered and fit this new model over the top of CTX. Etrac, it's future looks like could be on its last legs. But it is based on history of Minelab, Etrac time wise has about run its course. Will be interesting to see the wireless headphones with this newer unit. Hope it has some. Remember Minelab flubbed before. They didn't technically have wireless with CTX model. Will this new model be USB compatible and be truly updatable. Again CTX was a sham here in this dept. IMO. I do expect a color screen. So we'll wait and see.
  4. Cracking The Code Deus V4

    Here is partly the reason for my finding what I did above when posting. Can the IH in pic be missed with Deus and 9" coil,sweeping down the barrel of old square nail? Here is what I did. I loaded every factory land program up (not beach programs or iron field) with all the same settings. The setting were GB dialed to 84 no dots showing. 18khz Reactvity 3 Silencer -1 Audio report 5 Sens 90 Tx power 2 Disc 6.0-- no signal on nail in any of the programs with this disc and IH coin removed. No notch Checked using pitch and two tones Iron vol 0 Now could a person see the program named deep and think slower recovery,,for deeper targets and not be thinking about unmasking/separation? Every single one of the factory land programs except as noted above,,IH coin is invisible,,no tone at all. Deep program hits the IH in the pic. Now if I move the IH over some, and get it more in the middle of nail,,even deep program with above settings fails to detect.
  5. Garrett Carrot Quit Working

    Well, I have the Garrett propointer, White's TRX, Xp MI-6, Makro pointer. The TRX I like, but volume needs to be higher. Using with Deus and backphones works, but full headphones not so good. My workhorse is the Garrett Propointer. My first pointer I ever had too. It is still a kicking. I ride this horse until it keels over. The rest are backups right now. Just a tad experience with the carrot -- belonged to a bud.
  6. Not ready yet. Info https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?p=2817409#post2817409 Actual site http://parts.minelab.com
  7. Enjoy http://www.findmall.com/read.php?83,2385963
  8. Garrett AT Max Demo Video And Air Test Data

    Video Depth testing and comparing At Max to the At Pro and Gold
  9. Garrett AT Max Demo Video And Air Test Data

    Video of some air testing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xycqela2Q9c&feature=youtu.be
  10. Check this out. http://www.findmall.com/read.php?100,2383839
  11. Garrett AT Max Demo Video And Air Test Data

    More At Max data. https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=250314
  12. This post here for folks interested in Xp Deus, new users of detector and anyone else desiring more information. Goal here is to make this more of a one stop shop for folks looking for information concerning Xp Deus. I highly encourage all to read the version 4.0 manual. It can be found online. A lot of Deus units received by folks may indeed have 3.x manuals provided with their units. After you use your new unit, go back reread portions of the manual. And again repeat this. It will take more than a few times to comprehend all. And some in field use and testing will go a long ways in understanding some of what is stated in manual. Deus is not a dead quiet running unit!!!! It will chirp, if used to detect. Don't be trying to get it not to chirp. Deus, the way it IDs targets is a break away from tradition here when compared to most other Vlf detectors. A person air testing their units, this air testing (as it relates to ID) don't paint true pic of how Deus actually works in the field. A lot of what Deus can do, how it will sound, how it will react,,,these tendencies can be mimicked a great deal with on top of the ground tests using nonferrous objects and item made of ferrous commonly found while detecting. Navigation of unit needs to be mastered. The only way to do this is to navigate, and peek around. Especially under the expert tabs. Mineralization meter. New users should heed the data this meter provides to user. It can and will affect some settings as far as performance. Ground balance User has options. KISS priinciple should be applied here. A pumping GB over clean ground to start off with. Understand the icons for pairing of devices as depicted on remote (if applicable) Understand the 2 boxes where ground phase data is supplied. Be mindful of silencer setting, this setting can be changed on its own, depending on selected reactvity setting chosen. Understand some audio volume while over deeper targets can be had with audio report levels 5 and higher. Deus disc layout is not your typical disc layout. If offers disc settings expressed in tenths with some settings. New users IMO should steer away from all metal modes of detector excluding the use of pinpoint function. Users should study the factory program settings depicted toward the rear of manual. Users should learn what the term Vdi normalization means, and by turning this feature off,,,know how both means affect detector readings, and find out any advantages by using one setting or the other. Understand Deus doesn't have a depth meter per SE,,,but does offer other means to judge depth (generally on coin sized objects). Understand the notch feature. It's use and affects is not exactly what a person would think, due to the way Deus IDs targets in the field. When asking others for Deus advice,,,you should provide you soil mineral levels generally found in your sites. Like refer to mineralization index meter readings as low scale, mid scale or 3/4 scale. Deus will behave differently here depending on what the index meter says. Users should learn how to marry their components themselves. Very good chance your deus detector will arrive with all components married to one another. Pay very close attention to proper charging instructions as far as how the charging clip is connected. I think this information above. Will get a person on their way. Here is link with summary of what version 4 brings. http://www.xpmetaldetectorsamericas.com/xp-deus-version-4-features Here is link with actual Deus V4 users manual. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/telechargement/Instruction manual/DEUS_V4_MANUAL_UK.pdf Now these links, when read and studied may cause some folks to asked some questions. By all means ask. With the talent of folks that visits and or post on this forum, you'll likely get an answer. Folks will notice the Deus Lite package. This is package without remote. Here is some info shedding light on the Deus Lite package. You may see this referred to as Starter Pack. Here is what you have access to via wireless headphone module. Factory program number selection Remember some of the slots will be blank--- due to no upload Disc Sensitivity Ground balance-- only manual-- no tracking or pumping like you would have with remote Frequency Number of tones,, to include pitch and full tones Sound volume Coil selection-- in case you have more than one coil So you can see from above,,,you won't have access to the following,, remote purchase allows the following settings changes Notch Tone break setting Tone freq setting Reactivity Silencer Ground notch Iron vol adjustment Auto ground tracking Pumping GB option Vdi normalization option Xy screen option Update version option,, or downgrade version option Tx power setting Freq shift Overload setting Pinpoint function All metal mode(s) selection I think this is most of what you miss with wireless headphone module use ONLY. Additional comments here. A person purchasing a Deus package without remote. They can use another person's remote and infact update their headphone module and coil. They can by using someone's remote, actually program their setup with programs that entail making changes to the settings outlined above. (Remote only viewable/adjustable settings) If a user does this, they will not have a way to actually view (or change) these settings, but the settings will be felt by user when detecting. So a person would need to write down their settings per slot number on remote to remember which settings apply. Here's a link with multiple videos talking about Deus. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/metal-detector/category/videos-xp/deus/ MI-6 pinpointer users manual http://www.xpmetaldetectorsamericas.com/local/Xpmda/Frontend/assets/docs/MI-6_Manual.pdf Xp classroom and skills center videos. http://www.xp-detectors.co.uk To conclude here. Deus with latest released High Frequency coils looks to have made the Deus a better gold nugget finder. So even though this post is in the coin and relic section, gold nugget hunters may find this info useful too.
  13. Garrett AT Max Demo Video And Air Test Data

    Some additional information on the At Max. https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?p=2811198#post2811198
  14. Which Metal Detector Is Best For Coins

    Metal detectors for coins? They usually have a meter. They usually have multiple tone capability. They usually have notch capability so certain targets can be rejected. They can have depth meters. Some offer bottlecaps rejection. Most seem to run between 6khz and 14khz. Some are better at IDing coins deeper. Some are even better at IDing coins per coin denomination. Most will have a pinpoint feature. As far as models available, you have lots to choose from. Prices will vary, based on features, and performance. Some older used units (discontinued) are still good coin detectors too. I have used some but not all models.