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    Nokta Impact Going Crazy

    If it's doing what it's doing in all 3 freqs, I would seem to think you have something wrong with your detector.
  2. Last time I checked, gent has since traded.
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    Some Equinox Finds From Last Weekend

    Some nice finds. Thanks for sharing.
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    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    Relic and nugget hunters would buy that coil in a heartbeat- me included. Closed design would make the coil defintily more user friendly overall. Minelab should make pronto. A no-brainer. Besides I think the Equinox platform is not getting a fair shake by some- due to coil sizes offered.
  5. A friendly reminder here for those who posess Equinox units or those who plan on getting. Pay particular attention when transporting your units. What I am referring to here is the magnetic charging port on detector as well as the magnetic port on wi stream headphone module. These both can pick up metal things when exposed. Hence there could be a possibility of you shorting out either or your detector's battery or the battery in the wireless module. My headphone module picked up a nail today when I laid it down briefly. Just thought I would share.
  6. Tnsharpshooter

    Rock-n-roll Yard Hunt

    Some nice finds.
  7. The following is a compilation from my Rutus testing and useage. Very long, but anyone wanting some info, this here may help folks. Btw to my knowledge currently no dealers for this detector line in USA. They can be purchased from abroad. The Rutus Alter 71 may not be very well known, but make no mistake a very good detector for what they cost. There is some comparison info too with other detector models. Enjoy Overall weight and feel of unit is IMO nice,,not heavy feeling. Both coils. Btw. Concentric measures 8.125" outside to outside diameter. Supposed 11" dd measures 11". I even with little time I have run this unit,,this unit designed to be a Deus killer for the $$$. Question is, is it?? Using concentric coil user likely not to dig steel bottle caps, hodograph paints a good pic of junk target,,a backwards C in the meter. Haven't tried DD coil yet to see what happens here. Depth is dependent on mask setting,,meaning for fringe depth the lower the better. Interesting how they gave a user options here to have their targets ID in the meter. Three choices real-- ID is directly reflective of frequency run and conductivity of target. Then 2 other options,,you can select either 6khz or 12khz for target ID normalization. So with saying all this here is some data using each of the above selections for target ID. I should say the Rutus uses a different scale when comparing to most other detectors-- 0-120. Some data Real ID option selected and frequency selected on detector at max 18.4khz Nickel....79 Clad dime..110 Zincoln penny..103 Copper penny..110 Clad quarter..114 Normalized setting of 6khz selected,,detector still set to 18.4khz Nickel..52 Clad dime..94 Zincoln penny..80 Copper penny..94 Clad quarter..105 Normalized setting of 12kh selected,,detector still set to 18.4khz Nickel..66 Clad dime..105 Zincoln penny..95 Copper penny..105 Clad quarter..112 Frequency changed on detector to 7khz,,real ID option selected Nickel..55 Clad dime..99 Zincoln penny..86 Copper penny..99 Clad quarter..107 Frequency still at 7khz,,6khz normalization selected Nickle..54 Clad dime..98 zincoln penny..85 Copper penny..98 Clad quarter..107 Frequency still at 7khz,,12 khz normalization selected Nickel..68 Clad dime..108 zincoln penny..99 Copper penny..107 Clad quarter..112 Preliminary test using 3D test with coin and nails,,detector seems above average with what I see,,,Deus like results,,,not giving either detector yet no advantage,,with time maybe. Audio,,,Rutus audio not as smooth as Xp Deus,,not as blendy sounding,,leans more toward what I call beeps. This is not meant to say Rutus audio is terrible or anything. I am still trying to nail down how I want my tones set up using the user programs,,,not there yet. Does take time though,,user must select each number TID wise and singularly adjust,,,no blocking of groups of tones to adjust. I do reserve the right here to correct anything I say about this detector in the future. From what I can tell right now,,Rutus will retain settings when turned off. Turn back on,,user will need to ground balance though. Also what ever you have selected,,this is where the cursor will be when you go back in and open menu-- not sure if this happens if you turn detector off though. Now,,here is where other manufacturers like White's should be paying attention,,Xp as well. I have read countless Internet forum threads and post associated with just when does the White's V3i and even the Vx3 model need to be ground balanced. Rutus depending on what you change setting wise will give you ground balance prompt. This is exactly what White's should have done on the 2 models I mention here. Xp Deus,,you change freqs,,ground balance doesn't carry over,,should be a prompt.. Now detector companies,,if they do this for future models,,,they could offer a way to override the prompt,,so it doesn't appear in screen. This might be more handy for someone say who is more experience with the detector in question. Emi,,this detector ranks right up there as being one of the quietest I have run for Vlf,,,even runs as quiet IMO as CTX and etrac,,and DST Fisher units. Now this from judging in 2 different places with loads of light wires,,and a few transformers. I should also say,,this concentric coil I received with Rutus is the very first one I have ever owned,,I did run a gents White's XLT with concentric some 6 years ago for around 15 minutes. Navigating around using Rutus is different,,but not hard,,just gotta get used to it. Unit seems to ground balance nicely here in my soil. More to come.
  8. Tnsharpshooter

    New XP Mi4 Pinpointer

    I have seen the pointer listed on one dealer's site for $129.
  9. Tnsharpshooter

    Be Conscious When Transporting Your Nox

    Correct. Something real small could get in there. And when a person plugs up to charger, on the detector it would be possible to short the charger or possibly send power where it shouldn't go going. Like on the update pins on detector port. The small module, folks may put in bag with other things too. Its magnetic port might latch onto some thing. Something real thin and small, a person just might attach charging plug and turn on charger and poof. There goes your charger. We all here are just looking out for each other. What a fan club does I think.
  10. I am going to put some videos done by different purchasers here for folks to watch. Just be mindful of the model being shown in videos. Good Equinox assembly video
  11. http://md-hunter.com/opening-the-makro-multi-kruzer-pictorial-review-to-make-repairs/
  12. Tnsharpshooter

    Beach Hunt #5 With The 800

    Nice hunt. Thanks for sharing. Can you comment on your battery power use age for the hunt above.
  13. Tnsharpshooter

    Person From Down Under Doing Well With Nox

  14. This is not the first success this person has had with Nox on the beach. http://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=258408
  15. Tnsharpshooter

    Equinox 800 - My Take, Commentary, And Testing

    No. I just paired my wireless mL 80s back to detector.
  16. Tnsharpshooter

    Be Conscious When Transporting Your Nox

    I don't know if any damage could/would be done. I am not going to short mine out to find out. I do know car keys, nails, paper clips, etc can cling to these areas easily when exposed.
  17. Tnsharpshooter

    Weak Spot In Ml80 Headphones?

    Checked mine, no defects noted.
  18. Tnsharpshooter

    Equinox 800 - My Take, Commentary, And Testing

    An update here on my Equinox 800 use. 154 hours field time, 48 hours testing. First I'll share a pic here. You can see how many hours I have used the Nox. You can also see the stains on the control face. I have cleaned already a few times with alcohol pad too. You can also see hopefully the scratches in the protective screen shield. Likely caused mosty by the zipper on my jacket hitting the screen especially when detecting in higher wind conditions. Bottom line put the protective shield on your screens, right out the gate. I think the use of the keypad if not protected, the ongoing abrasions cause by one's fingers will in time put a great deal of wear on the membranes. I plan to apply a clear shield over mine after I give it a good cleaning. When freshwater beach hunting, the sand on ones fingers definitely could accelerate wear here. Another pic. Today was the first day I used the wi stream wireless headphone model one gets with the 800 model package. Hunted in the rain today, so picked the ear buds up for $5 at the dollar store and put the model in my zippered jacket pocket and hunted away. Figured the worst I could do is trash a 5 buck pair of earbuds by getting wet. Folks may laugh here when Insay this. Remember several hours using wireless headphones, today using the module I could tell a difference with the detector reporting. I was in a very polluted site too. Didn't do any comparisons to the wireless headphones. Just seemed to me a little different (better) using the headphone module. Those earbuds will come in handy in hotter weather too. Today I spent 4 hours in what I call my detector proving grounds site. And I did use prospecting 1 detect mode 0 iron bias a great deal. Now this place is pounded to high heavens namely but me. Every single target was compared using both field 2 detect mode (50 tones) as well as prospecting 1 mode. The targets turned out to be located initially about even percentage wise between the 2 detect modes. Every single nonferous target located using prospecting 1 mode, field 2 would,give good signal on. (Same speed settings) used to compare (each mode). No nonferrous target deeper than 8". Most actually between 5-7" deep. One a mere 2" deep. So what about prospecting mode. I could hunt the site, but many times resweeps of spots of interest based on initial tone provided had to be done. Primary reason why, is because the way this mode works when sweeping ferrous, a time span for tonal transition will give users clue so they can spot the ferrous. So if you sweep a bit too fast you might not get a good listen to this time span for tonal transition. Sorta like Minelab GPX unit here for those familiar. Real short time span on tonal transition good indicator of iron. Using this mode and be real busy, it was for me today. But I have deus experience running full tones 0 disc- this helps. Now don't get me wrong field 2 in this same site ain't no cake walk just prospecting mode 0 iron bias busier. Both modes seems can lie to you though on some iron. I witnessed this today. One target listening to field 2 just a hint of stutter in audio whereas prospecting 1 mode more stutter. If I would have have applied my regiment I usually use using field 2 I would have walked. But field 2 based on my past experiences, it was a dig me signal - not 100% sure it was nonferrous more like > 75 % chance. Modulation using prospecting mode is actually better IMO on the shallower bigger iron vs field 2. But as far as actual nonferous buried good luck. I like the signal provided using field 2 better vs prospecting one tone provided. Field 2 use does at times provide high torn flash at the end of sweeping ferrous. You don't get this with prospecting mode. Now, IMO the site today I was at using prospecting 1 detect mode more friendly to use vs my own yard. My yard is holy terror using. I do think a user of Equinox can learn prospecting mode by locating some targets using say field 2 and comparing. Now, here's what I don't know yet. What does a super high fringe masked detectable sound like using prospecting 1 mode. I do know what one of these using field 2 sound like. So it may take me some more time detecting before I can figure out. I did check one target discovered today using park 2. Not near as good a signal. And I checked with field 1 too. And even worse signal vs park 2. Kept speed the same in all modes comparing with iron bias at 0. Field 1 mode no way in the world on my best day would I have located the nonferrous. Park 2 it would have been possible on my best day I think. Field 2 easy money. The Equinox purred like a kitten today and Sens was at 23 and 24 all the time. Pinpoint strength is still one of the best clues to elimate some bigger iron. A medium strength or lighter sounding pinpoint pretty good give away for odds of nonferous. Trying to use pinpoint for sizing, a waste of time really in polluted site. Equinox, does good in iron for coil size. Every single target today after plug removal and replacement, immediate area check using AM, all had iron, actually seemed all had multiple ferrous spread out. Wish I had the time, to do a full area of target study just to see how much ferrous is there. So Imdon't confuse folks with what Insaid about the earbuds with module sounding better. Tonally as far as sound they sounded identical to the wireless. I just thought based on my hand eye, ears, and brain coordination with coil sweeping using the module did better. Nox has some tools aboard to use, I encourage folks to use them. Besides you paid for them. Before I post a pic of the finds, I should say these couple things. I did check 2 of the target dug undisturbed status using 15, 20 and 40 kHz using field 2. One of the targets yielded nothing tonally using the 3 freqs, and the other yield a very extremely small bump of tone in 40khz only. Now a pic of the finds. All nonferrous except for the 3 on the right, Vertical standing square nail seems fools the Nox some times.