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  1. My first detector was a Garrett Deepseeker about 1979 / 1981 . I also have my Mother's Garrett Groundhog in original box and never used . Cheers goldrat
  2. Noticed on a comment by Steve H on FindMall November 2012 he may be interested in a Diablo Umax in good condition . Well theirs one for sale in Australia better than that it is unused . If Steve or any member wishes to view , follow the instructions below , save scrolling through useless info . Forum : Prospecting Australia . Under "For Sale or Swap" Title "Auction " by Outback Page 2 of thread and auction and details start on approx post 16 of page 2 . Cheers goldrat
  3. Interesting thread for me being on the search for a VLF for my wife . I started with a Garrett Deepseeker in I think late 70's and with no help had a terrible time handling it in the Golden Triangle . I think I'm still paranoid , particularly now that we live in the heart of the Golden Triangle surrounded by variable mineralised ground . Firstly Steve thanks for putting up a click on to Argyle's great thread on Minelab VLF's . I am not all that technical but it was interesting to read that with the Eureka he recommended maximum sensitivity . He went on to discuss getting maximum depth with this setting . Not sure with my "PI" SDC I was taught to lower the sensitivity . I have been detecting with this prospecting friend for a couple of years and he has immense respect in the community for his detecting knowledge and ability . He states that lowering the sensitivity does not lose depth . To back this up a little since I changed my settings from 5 sensitivity and 6 threshold (depending on ground) to 1 sensitivity and 4 threshold , I am bringing home about 30% more gold . He also states depth is always controlled by the size of the coil . Going on to JP's reply , I didn't quite connect with your comment " It's taken 22 years for someone to take it's crown here in Australia " What detector were you referring to as a better performer now . Love the forum . Cheers goldrat
  4. FYI taking orders in Australia for May release . Retail will be Aus $ 1099.00 Cheers goldrat
  5. I agree with you phoenix , I have diarised every excursion keeping all gold found in containers in there different gullies or diggings . This in itself is interesting to see the different characters of gold , maybe like a fingerprint . I have also kept every pellet in a bulk jar . Very depressing when you look at the number of pellet digs you've had . I agree with your wish list for the Minelab Monster . I want to purchase a detector for my wife and I am waiting for reports and experiences . I'm also waiting for reports on the Deus and Nokta Impact with their gold coils and maybe wait for the new Fisher , if their ever is a release !!!!!! Cheers goldrat
  6. Google Ultimate Outdoor Workers Cool Hat Several choices of purchase in Aus . Recommended by Australian Cancer Council . Cheers goldrat
  7. USA has two April Fools Days in one month hey !!!!!!!! Sorry to hear that , been confirmed here we can line up next week in Aus . That's because we are a day earlier and get first bite of the cherry . Maybe leave a few for USA . Cheers Chuck Goldrat
  8. Nordic ditto for me , I agree not fair . Chuck said the one truth was he had a wife well !!!!! I ran into bedroom and said " hey Jenny just got 1st review on Monster ) It was 6am , not sure if I have a wife tonight . I went SDC detecting all day for 1 button and 5 nuglets weighing 0.285 grams . Suppose I will have to come out the shed it's dark now . Always remembering Chuck , Nordic and I may plan something . Cheers goldrat
  9. vanursepaul , Just google supersede pick and several detector shops in Australia have them for sale . With replaceable parts available and pop riveted , how strong are they . Cheers goldrat
  10. Thanks Steve , Have emailed Dan @ Promack Treasure Hunting awaiting a reply in the future . Noticed you were on web 1 hour ago , for my knowledge what day and time is it over there now . I am sending this on Monday 8.46 pm . Cheers Peter
  11. Thanks GoldEn , will contact them and see if they have any in stock . The reason I like this scoop it is easy to put small amounts of dirt in when you are finding 0.01 to 0.015 gram nugglets . Too much dirt sometimes and you don't get a reading and you are back in the hole starting again . A lot of prospectors laugh at me wasting my time , but at the smallest 0.01 grams every month they all add to the weight with the bigger bits . I set myself a target of 5 grams per month for approx 6 outings @ 5 hours . I love the SDC . Cheers gold rat
  12. Thanks for your suggestion Nugglorious that was close until Lunk hit the jackpot .Thanks Lunk that's the one . You're not a bad detective considering my description . Now all I have to do is go through all the metal detector shops and hope someone has a spare or advertise for a second hand one . Cheers gold rat
  13. Six months ago my scoop detached unnoticed from my belt on thick bushes whilst detecting . Every time I go passed these particular diggings I drop in for a quick search with no luck . Now your thinking so what !!!! plenty of scoops out there , but no this was a special one that I loved . It was made in USA and I bought it online . I know it was made privately and was issued to stores until stock ran out . Description as follows . It had 3 initials in upper case on handle . (can't remember) The handle was flat to the scoop area which prevented pellets rolling into the usual small gap jamming pellets . Sides slightly angled not round and it had 4 riffles at toe of scoop . Nothing in Australia like this . Pretty sure this chap stopped making , hoping someone else has commenced . Any clues or comments would be appreciated . Very trivial request but just bugging me and my SDC misses it . Cheers goldrat
  14. Thanks Steve , I worded my electronic query poorly . With an SDC connector I understand 1/4 inch plug is the norm and smaller plug will connect with an adapter . I just was concerned that tvanwho stated the transmitter plugged into the wall (in Aus 240volt) I was thinking maybe not suitable for a detector . I have tried to look at the transmitter pics close up and I couldn't distinguish a wall plug or a jack system . I was also interested in the dimensions to confirm it could fit comfortably inside the SDC protective cover . In case this purchase is not suitable for SDC , my other thought was to purchase the recently released Minelab pro sonic which may be compatible with the minelab monster 1000 also (if purchased) Unless I haven't picked up on the specs , they only mention that the system takes a headphone with a 1/4 inch jack , no mention of using cordless headphones . To me it seems an expensive system for cord phones only , not sure what benefit the pro sonic would have over all the other wireless systems available . Cheers goldrat
  15. Hi GolDen , Nice to see all the crumbs , I have just under 20 grams and love getting it with the SDC . I rarely skunk out maybe one in twenty detects , there's so much small gold on the ground as you obviously know . I get the majority of my gold all within 10 k's of my home , which is Dunolly . Waiting patiently to see the Minelab Monster 1000 . Hopefully a few good reports eventuate and I'll buy one for my wife . All the best mate and take care . Cheers goldrat