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  1. TDI Super Pulse 350 Coil On Sale

    Butting in on Fred's thread , I have been given I believe an older re built beat up TDI . I run a SDC in Aus and was hoping to search a with a little more depth . It has been suggested by the repairer / rebuilder that it will be very useful with a commander 17 x 13 mono . My question is what about this super pulse 350 any comments on using it for gold in the G T .( heavy mineralised soil ) Cheers goldrat
  2. Italian Detectors

    Thanks Mike and Steve for your info . Cheers goldrat
  3. Have been reading about the Italian Company CEIA , supplier of many styles of detection , ground , food etc . Their more basic models : i.e. MIL D1 and CMD are obviously for mine detection . My question is how would they perform as civilian detectors on coins and relics and gold nuggets . Most probably a complete nieve question , that just hi lights my limited knowledge . Cheers goldrat
  4. Is this an indication that they are off-loading these discounted detectors in readiness for maybe a new Fisher release ???? Cheers goldrat
  5. 2.2 Lbs Of Gold Found In Man's Butt

    What a bummer for getting caught !!!!!!! Cheers goldrat
  6. My sorrow and condolences to the Keene family . As far away as Australia they have had an impact on our prospecting . I own a Dry Washer and a Gold Wheel and have had many email contacts with Patrick over the years . Always happy and willing to share their knowledge . goldrat
  7. Aftermarket Coils For GPZ 7000?

    Interesting post , a coil manufacturer in Australia is developing a coil for the Z . Last I heard was getting closer to succeeding . Cheers goldrat
  8. First Day Out With A Gold Monster

    Congratulations principedeleon on your great find 1gram + . I run an SDC and have found over 200 nugglets all under 1 gram can't tick that 1gram box yet . Going out Saturday with a friend and his Minelab Monster maybe there's a 1 grammar waiting for me . Hope you enjoy detecting and find plenty of gold . Cheers goldrat
  9. Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Hi Forum Members , Been following this post with interest and yesterday I emailed Bunk regarding shipping to Australia . He responded within 18 hours with the answer he does ship to Australia . I'm about to order the pick head only . Thanks for your reports on the pick and rapped with Bunk's super fast response . Cheers goldrat
  10. The garrett ATX is pretty close to the weight of the Z , what's it like in swinging for say 6 hours in comparison to the Z . My interest is detecting in likely gold ground not mined by the old timers looking for a patch . Is the ATX suitable for this , walking at a reasonable pace to cover extra ground . Cheers gold rat
  11. Latest XP DEUS V4 Videos

    Great thread Steve , Thanks for your effort . Owning a SDC and not committed to a GPX or Z for my walk detector to maybe find a patch , the Deus is well in my sites as is the Minelab 1000 . I have also thought hard about the ATX but too heavy for this old bloke , maybe the new Garrett suits what I am after . At my age one still believes in Father Christmas , never thought it would last this many years . Cheers goldrat
  12. What Was Your 1st Detector?

    My first detector was a Garrett Deepseeker about 1979 / 1981 . I also have my Mother's Garrett Groundhog in original box and never used . Cheers goldrat
  13. Noticed on a comment by Steve H on FindMall November 2012 he may be interested in a Diablo Umax in good condition . Well theirs one for sale in Australia better than that it is unused . If Steve or any member wishes to view , follow the instructions below , save scrolling through useless info . Forum : Prospecting Australia . Under "For Sale or Swap" Title "Auction " by Outback Page 2 of thread and auction and details start on approx post 16 of page 2 . Cheers goldrat
  14. Interesting thread for me being on the search for a VLF for my wife . I started with a Garrett Deepseeker in I think late 70's and with no help had a terrible time handling it in the Golden Triangle . I think I'm still paranoid , particularly now that we live in the heart of the Golden Triangle surrounded by variable mineralised ground . Firstly Steve thanks for putting up a click on to Argyle's great thread on Minelab VLF's . I am not all that technical but it was interesting to read that with the Eureka he recommended maximum sensitivity . He went on to discuss getting maximum depth with this setting . Not sure with my "PI" SDC I was taught to lower the sensitivity . I have been detecting with this prospecting friend for a couple of years and he has immense respect in the community for his detecting knowledge and ability . He states that lowering the sensitivity does not lose depth . To back this up a little since I changed my settings from 5 sensitivity and 6 threshold (depending on ground) to 1 sensitivity and 4 threshold , I am bringing home about 30% more gold . He also states depth is always controlled by the size of the coil . Going on to JP's reply , I didn't quite connect with your comment " It's taken 22 years for someone to take it's crown here in Australia " What detector were you referring to as a better performer now . Love the forum . Cheers goldrat