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  1. I'm pretty sure that Detector is for the African market only . A basic detector in a price range to suit the locals . Cheers goldrat
  2. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Thanks Steve for all your careful statements with restrictions on you , you just have a way to describe to the savvy technical members and people like me . I might get your hat problem ( a previous thread ) soon and change sizes up to control the swelling from my extra knowledge . I still can't say I have seen the exact multi frequencies in gold mode , I'm assuming the full spectrum 5kHz to 40 kHz . Well I'm going outside to practise some more with my make believe Equinox in this heat wave . Cheers goldrat
  3. My First Equinox Gold Nuggets

    So much to read and take in !! I seem to be grasping the majority of the technical talk , but I can't be sure about the new gold mode Is it multi frequency in the 5 frequencies or just 20 kHz & 40 kHz . Thanks and Cheers goldrat
  4. First Gold Of 2018

    Thanks Lunk , will do that when gold is out . Thanks also for motivating me to join in forum with pics from you starting this thread Cheer mate goldrat
  5. First Gold Of 2018

    I have never posted a picture of any of my gold finds and today I will . Had been corresponding with Nenad and mentioned I was going to detect a reef near Tarnagulla in Victoria . I have found reefy nuggets at one level and higher up the slope any nuggets I have found have been totally wrapped in their host (ironstone) but some are having just a peep at the Aussie sun when removed from the ground . Any how I told Nenad I'd try and send a pic . Wow , after an hour of trial and error I got them through to him on email . My first success at extra technology for a 70 + year old . Now I'm taking the distance further to the USA and attempting to post to our forum . I just hope my second attempt in time isn't relative to the distance of travel ( lol ) !!!!! These nuggets are now in the Ali Brite sauna . Not sure if you can purchase this in USA . Details are . 1 litre container . Principal ingredients are 9.8 grams per litre of hydrofluoric acid and 46 grams per litre of sulphuric acid . Cheers goldrat
  6. I don't think this is a Minelab marketing ploy , they are smarter enough to know they are going to get the majority of the VLF market just from the response on prospecting forums and pre orders. Steve is spot on with his assessment Minelab must get it right from the first release , so take your time Minelab and get it right . I have never witnessed so many adults with the impatient waiting for Father Xmas attitude . I'll just keep finding gold with my SDC until my Equinox arrives . And then look out for the box tick for a gold sovereign . " wonder if I can beat Steve to that box " !!!!!!!!!! Cheers goldrat
  7. 2018 - Year Of The Equinox!

    Welcome to the forum Chase Goldman , your spot on a great forum to participate on . I detect in Australia in the Golden Triangle for gold with a SDC2300 . I am purchasing a Equinox specifically to hunt down a gold sovereign . I hadn't given much thought to using the 40kz in the trashy camps , but I will have to experiment with it . I was going to use the 40kz chasing small gold where the SDC has been successful . Interested in Steve's response to your thoughts . All the best for 2018 . Cheers goldrat
  8. 2018 - Year Of The Equinox!

    Thanks for a great report Steve , Iv'e taken all the info in that your forum has released preparing for the opportunity to have a crack in the Golden Triangle in AUS . This may sound silly but I haven't been impatient for the release and I'm not fussed when it happens . In the mean time I take note of all the old miners camps I come across when detecting with my SDC . I'm always dreaming of a gold coin find in our historic goldfields . Maybe in 2018 I will tick that most wanted box . I love finding gold with the SDC but with a coin your mind drifts into thoughts of who had it , how and what circumstances was it lost . That's enough for me , wishing all members a safe, healthy New Year and lot's of great finds in 2018 . Cheers goldrat
  9. Minelab News

    Good read and satisfying to see the imprisonment terms were a start for determent , although the fines were pitiful . I thought theses manufacturers must have been protected . Looks like this is the start of more arrests and investigations . Cheers goldrat
  10. New Members

    Welcome TheHunterGT , Good to have you on board the forum , looking forward to your posts . This is a great forum and I hope you enjoy your time here . First Texas Mmm , waiting patiently for their next model , hopefully it is new technology !!!!! Are you more a relic and coin hunter , your choice or less gold in your area . Cheers goldrat
  11. New Members

    Hi Rivers rat , Great name , when I spent most of my recreation time fishing my mates called me river rat . Have read some of your post's , must be physically a tough sport fossicking in the Thames mud . Cheers goldrat
  12. New Members

    Hi Northeast , You are spot on a sticky would be good , similar to 4 umer and PA . Send me a PM when you come over and i'll shout you a cuppa at the bakery . Cheers goldrat
  13. New Members

    Thanks Chuck for your response , I have been a member for 18 months and a lurker before that . Love this forum and the members are very caring and the best . I own a SDC and a CTX ( never used it , 1 lesson and too complicated for me ) ( just put it on market in AUS ) I have recently bought a Desert Fox goldwheel and a Gold Cube / Trommel hoping to get my Grandsons interested . They are not ready for detecting at this stage . Did the Grandpa trick last week and let them put a bucket of classified through it salted with a couple of pickers and nugglets ( found with the SDC ) You should have seen their eyes as they wormed up the wheel . I hope two more cases of gold fever coming up . To your question I used to relic and coin hunt regularly 30 years ago in South Australia , then we retired 3 years ago and moved to the Golden Triangle in Victoria ( this is prospecting heaven ) Have found over 250 nuggets with the SDC . Sounds a lot but very small ranging from .005grams to .760 grams with most averaging between .01g to .17 g . I love prospecting and just enjoy being in the bush , it's the thrill of the chase . Google Dunolly Victoria / Australia and with a bit of searching you'll get to see our main street , still 80% as it was in the early days after they removed the tents and shanty's . Thanks for your interest and hope to catch up with you again down the track . Cheers goldrat ( Peter )
  14. New Members

    Hi Steve and fellow members , Just noticed you will be away for a week Steve , but I have been pondering this topic for some time. Because of your schedule please don't feel obliged to reply until you are home safe and sound . In the meantime I'd love to hear opinions from forum members . Every new member tends to join and go straight into a topic or question , some mention they are a new member , some don't . We know nothing about them nor have we had a prior chance to welcome them and encourage them to participate and tell us about themselves , all their hobbies , most importantly their prospecting love and what type of equipment they use . You may have already tried this and not found it successful , if so I apologise for not picking up on all threads past tense or maybe it is too time consuming . Maybe a header " NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE FORUM " with a smaller sub heading " Tell us about yourself and your hobbies and activities " Just a thought I have introduced myself on several forums over the years and member replies and welcoming have made me feel immediately part of a new big family Cheers goldrat
  15. phoenix , thanks for info on that resizing site . For other members info at this stage it is not compatible with safari . Statement mentions they are working on it . Cheers goldrat