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  1. Thanks Tnsharpshooter , Sitting back in Aus with a back that's preventing me from detecting . Appreciate the time you have spared all of us to give us a sneak preview . I'm driving 700k's to pick mine up from Nenad Lonic in South Australia next week , can't wait . Cheers and have safe travelling and successful detecting on your UK trip. goldrat
  2. Gary Drayton - Equinox For Beach & Water Hunting

    Buying my Equinox specifically for coins in our Golden Triangle Goldfields . This gives me a little hope if the Miners Camps are just off the goldfields we may be able to overcome some of the mineralization . Sounds great for beach hunters . Cheers goldrat
  3. Kco Only Received Six

    Deliveries commence Thursday 15th in Australia . I believe all Australian dealers are on rations like your USA Dealers . Cheers goldrat
  4. Equinox Vs CTX Video

    So did I. lol Cheers goldrat
  5. My favourite headphones for years has been SunRay Gold Pros . Without mentioning brand names I've tried several high profile sets , but to my hearing the SunRays always pick up whisper sound and slight variations in the threshold better than the others I've bought and tried . My question is , I would like to hear feedback on the "Bushmasters" built for the Relic Hunters site . To me they could be just about be describing the SunRays (imo) Thanks and Cheers goldrat
  6. geof_junk had a quick look at a couple videos , you have given me some pleasure for tonight , thanks . Cheers goldrat
  7. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Hey Guys , I'm sure I pay AUS$20 locally , No problem for me to purchase 1 to ? nuckles and post over . Get together and pick a number required and a shipping address and I'll get you a quote ( knuckles and Shipping ) Iv'e had mine 2 years and just clips on , no ties required . Cheers goldrat
  8. White"s TDI SL Coils ????

    Thanks guys for your replies and suggestions , will read all threads given today . Cheers goldrat
  9. Have been given a TDI SL and I'm not that keen on the 11' spider mono coil attached . ( mainly the sticks and debris that get caught up ) Detecting in heavily mineralised ground in the Golden Triangle Australia and it was suggested that I purchase a used 12"/14" Coiltek Goldstalker mono round . Any thought on that please.!!!!! I run a SDC2300 and soooon a Equinox ????? . The TDI will just give me a little extra depth to go wandering away from the diggings . Thanks in advance for any suggestions . Cheers goldrat
  10. I'm pretty sure that Detector is for the African market only . A basic detector in a price range to suit the locals . Cheers goldrat
  11. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Thanks Steve for all your careful statements with restrictions on you , you just have a way to describe to the savvy technical members and people like me . I might get your hat problem ( a previous thread ) soon and change sizes up to control the swelling from my extra knowledge . I still can't say I have seen the exact multi frequencies in gold mode , I'm assuming the full spectrum 5kHz to 40 kHz . Well I'm going outside to practise some more with my make believe Equinox in this heat wave . Cheers goldrat
  12. My First Equinox Gold Nuggets

    So much to read and take in !! I seem to be grasping the majority of the technical talk , but I can't be sure about the new gold mode Is it multi frequency in the 5 frequencies or just 20 kHz & 40 kHz . Thanks and Cheers goldrat
  13. First Gold Of 2018

    Thanks Lunk , will do that when gold is out . Thanks also for motivating me to join in forum with pics from you starting this thread Cheer mate goldrat
  14. First Gold Of 2018

    I have never posted a picture of any of my gold finds and today I will . Had been corresponding with Nenad and mentioned I was going to detect a reef near Tarnagulla in Victoria . I have found reefy nuggets at one level and higher up the slope any nuggets I have found have been totally wrapped in their host (ironstone) but some are having just a peep at the Aussie sun when removed from the ground . Any how I told Nenad I'd try and send a pic . Wow , after an hour of trial and error I got them through to him on email . My first success at extra technology for a 70 + year old . Now I'm taking the distance further to the USA and attempting to post to our forum . I just hope my second attempt in time isn't relative to the distance of travel ( lol ) !!!!! These nuggets are now in the Ali Brite sauna . Not sure if you can purchase this in USA . Details are . 1 litre container . Principal ingredients are 9.8 grams per litre of hydrofluoric acid and 46 grams per litre of sulphuric acid . Cheers goldrat
  15. I don't think this is a Minelab marketing ploy , they are smarter enough to know they are going to get the majority of the VLF market just from the response on prospecting forums and pre orders. Steve is spot on with his assessment Minelab must get it right from the first release , so take your time Minelab and get it right . I have never witnessed so many adults with the impatient waiting for Father Xmas attitude . I'll just keep finding gold with my SDC until my Equinox arrives . And then look out for the box tick for a gold sovereign . " wonder if I can beat Steve to that box " !!!!!!!!!! Cheers goldrat