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  1. Educate me please members. In Australia one of my goals is to detect a nuggie in every State. There are seven states in Australia. I have three States to go. How many States in the US is it possible to find nuggets in???. Have many of you managed to find nuggets from more then a few states over there? My first trip to the state of Queensland yielded gold....and my first taste of beautiful paper thin leaf gold. Some of the thin sheets have crystal faces that look like "sergeant stripes " on the gold. (the flat nugget at top right only weighs 3 grams....yeah they are thin....but give good signals. Cheers RDD
  2. Have to agree with tucannon and Gambler. In Australian I can confidently say that the most used detecting boots are the Redbacks. They are comfortable, have no metal and are suitable for all situations except for long mountainous walks. The model above with the soft translucent sole is the one you black or brown. I have used them for years...I waterproof them and occasionally have had to sew up a few stitches on the sides of the odd pair because I boot scrap the targets too much. In OZ they cost about $US75. Must be some good deals with cheap postage to US on ebay I am guessing. cheers RDD
  3. Excellent finds DD. Its good to have one of them great days. We have a lot of lizards where I detect (and lots of legless reptiles too.) Some of the slower ones , blue tongues and shingle backs, I pick up and pull the ticks out of their ears and armpits....I hate ticks.
  4. Yes I am, but for the places where the gold is only a foot or so down the 14 is the best coil for being able to discriminate out all shallow and double blip trash targets. Ps Nails and flat wire give the 4 blip signal and can be ignored also. curley wire and other weird bent metal often give a turkey warble signal and I do dig them in case.....because of the nice specimens I have found that give the turkey warble signal
  5. Hi Steve, I always seem to get signals from bird shot and tiny rubbish no matter what settings i have on the Zed. If anyone has setting to eliminate tiny rubbish without losing depth on big slugs I would like to hear them. I think I am getting better at avoiding rubbish by using the signal responses the Zed gives. The Zed signals seem to give my brain much more info on the target and its depth compared to the 4500/5000 I detect a lot of farm paddocks that were not worked by the rush miners and where the surface is full of bullets, wire etc. Nearly all the gold is at least 6 inches down. By ignoring all double blip signals, and surface clangers and listening only for the deeper signals I can find gold amongst a lot of surface trash. While you could miss the odd shallow nugget, you will cover a lot of ground and not waste 3/4 of you detecting session digging trash. I find the Zed signal response/pitch/broadness is very good at giving you an accurate read on the depth of a target. Sometimes I ignore all shallow signals and only dig the deep signals that are invariably 1.5 to 2 feet deep...if in a spot where deep gold has been found. This obviously only works with the Zed, on undug ground where the gold is at depth, on mullock heaps I dig every target. RDD
  6. I buy two cheap ($5) straw hats when I go on a long prospecting trip and I am using speakers. They are very good at keeping the sun off and fly nets do fit over them. I ceremoniously burn one on the camp fire when its buggered and on the last day of the trip I burn the other, usually along with my main detecting trousers which are also usually had it by then.
  7. Great instructional video. Thanks JP. I am impressed with my 19 coil and its depth capability but have yet to come to grips with the best settings for certain locations. I need to put the 19 on the stick and leave it on for a the grass has been chewed down to a workable level in the places I detect. RDD
  8. If you do not own a dedicated GPS unit I can recommend a GPS phone app that is simple and accurate. To be honest for most detecting situations I only use my nav skills and my iPhone for a back to camp GPS...and also for offline map navigation. (if detecting in thick scrub or very rugged hilly areas etc...get a dedicated GPS) The phone is in an Otter box and I carry a spare battery. I have utmost confidence in the reliable nature of my phone/ long long battery life with all networks etc switched off. The free app I use is called "Locatier". Its a simple GPS and direction pointer back to home program using your phones GPS.(no mobile reception needed) I like the simplicity, the last waypoint marked and named is always on the top of the list. And when you look at the list it gives you your distance and direction from all waypoints on your list. Handy for checking out places where you may have marked gold finds spread out in one area yo are doing big walks in.. I have used it for a couple years and it is very accurate and reliable. PS I carry a Personal locater beacon, satt phone and detect in very remote areas with a friend nearby.
  9. Hi Ig, sometimes when my settings are dialled in enhance on a 4500 say on gain 10 you will get a fast chatter noise from some noisy ground types. I will then often try out Sens Extra and put the gain down to 6-9. You need to swing slower then you normally would but the setting has surprised me. You can still get broad groaning ground noise, but any targets will scream. It does not work well where there are lots of hot rocks...they scream too Next time you get a faint deep target, switch to sens extra and see what it does to the signal even if you dial the gain down to say 4.
  10. Scott, Bug repellant is also a must pack where I detect in summer....and for night detecting with a headlamp you need to pack a head net to keep all the flying bugs from hitting you in the face. I look at the Feather river posts/videos with envy....some of my best detecting days and picking up sunbaker days have been on rivers immediately after massive floods. RDD
  11. GOLD LAYING AROUND WAITING TO BE PICKED UP!!!! Reports of the fabulous gold finds in California have spread through the gold camps over here in WA. I'm quitting my poormans goldfield over here in Australia, packing up camp, kissing the wife and 6 kids goodbye and buying a ticket on the next ship to California.....I'm gunna be rich.
  12. Main goal is to find world biggest nugget, anything bigger then 3123 Toz (214 pound) gold content, it doesn't have to be a solid, it can have some added quartz. Secondary goal...find a patch over 1000 oz's. Third goal, like Fed Mason... find a really really big fresh Pallasite Meteorite with big glassy peridot crystals that can be sliced to look like a lead light window. RDD
  13. I use the program "locatier" as the back to base and coordinate recorder on my iPhone. The app always puts the last coordinate entered on the top of the list and it has never failed me. Very accurate using just satt signals. I like the quick text in a location name and go. It shows you how far you are away and what direction from all your recorded points as you scroll down the list. My IPhone is in an Otterbox and I carry my phone anyway as reception improves in remote areas. I also carry a PLB (locater beacon) and have a 2nd car/buddy somewhere near by. Must admit I have not used the detector GPS beyond a play around. RDD
  14. Thanks for sharing Lunk. 150 nuggets +, + your mums. Well done. It was the dozens of ounces my mum was finding a year that got me obsessed with detecting cheers RDD
  15. Thanks Ash. When you are corralled off the side of the road with all the others cars, waiting for some wide component loads to move past on the highway you can usually meet other prospectors.... that's when you know how many people are prospecting in WA now. RDD