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  1. For Sale: Brand new in the box NEL Sharpshooter (9.5 x 5.5 inch) Coil for Makro Racer / Racer 2. Includes coil cover and hardware. $95 Shipped, PayPal F&F or +4%.
  2. For Sale: New without box, Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Headphones. These are built like a tank and block ambient noise like a vault! These are the phones that Koss recommends for metal detecting. $32 Shipped PayPal F&F or +4%.
  3. New To Me VX3

    These machines can seem a bit overwhelming at first, with all the menus and sub-menus. However, very few adjustments are actually needed after you find the right settings for stable operation in your ground. There is a learning curve so try to give it some time.
  4. New To Me VX3

    Buzzard, I have many hours on both the V3i and VX3. Here are some basic suggestions to help smooth out the machine: Put the 950 concentric coil on and start out with the standard Coin and Jewelry mode. I've found most false signals to be closely related to the Discrimination Sensitivity... Yours is likely preset at 75, try lowering it to 45. Also, your Recovery Delay is preset at 80, try lowering it to 28. Finally, do a thorough ground balance: Squeeze trigger, press and hold Enter and pump coil over clean ground (15-20 pumps). Your V should run much quieter and smoother with those settings.
  5. New To Me VX3

    The V's have incredible visual discrimination capabilities. They can do just about everything short of taking an actual picture of the target in the ground... Even that's close when fully utilizing the SignaGraph, Sweep Analysis, Vector Analysis and simultaneous multi-frequency pinpointing display information.
  6. Bigfoot For Tdi??

    Looks like a Chinese knockoff. There was a "real" Bigfoot for the TDI... It was the Dan Geyer designed T-Foot.
  7. Hey, White's Hq; TDI Pro Still Has A Market?

    I think White's still has an opportunity to evolve and leverage the technology they already possess. V3 series were first to market with true simultaneous multi-frequency and a full color display. Also, the TDI series, having the ability to toggle conductivity and ground balance, are excellent beach machines... They are also competent coin hunters when set up correctly. Cut some weight and drop the circuit boards into a waterproof package... Redesign/modernize the old coil housings... Maybe even add a new Bigfoot coil. That strategy would breathe new life into both the V3 and TDI platforms at a fraction of the cost of developing all-new technology.
  8. V3 , V3i , VX3

    Buzzard, congrats on the VX3! I second Tnsharpshooter's suggestion of an RnB battery... They are pricey, at $150, but well worth it in the long run. Between my V3i and TDI SL I quickly blew through several bricks of name brand alkaline batteries... That got expensive fast. I also tried rechargeable NiMH batteries, but they were under 12 volts fresh off the charger... So both machines were constantly running at reduced capacity. The RnB will run day after day, at a full 12 volts, without recharging. Keep an eye out for a used RnB, they sell quickly on the forums in the $80-$100 range.
  9. For Sale: Heavy Duty Finds Pouch on 2" Belt (Brand New), Kevlar Pinpointer Lanyard (Brand New), RTG Ultralight Aluminum Scoop (Used Twice). $65 Shipped or best offer for all 3 accessories.
  10. V3 , V3i , VX3

    I own a V3i, an MXT Pro and an F75. Although I've never used any of them in AZ, I can give you an honest opinion (and this is only my opinion)... I really like the F75, it's light, balanced and has great sensitivity. Unfortunately, it does not have a ground tracking system (only ground grab) and is not my choice in mineralized soil. The V3i does have decent ground tracking and does better with mineralization... The color screen is great and provides excellent visual discrimination capabilities. However, the MXT has one of the finest ground tracking systems ever devised. It was developed by Dave Johnson and is the same as the tracking system used in the GMT... It's lightening fast in adapting to ground mineralization changes. Therefore, if the ground you hunt in AZ is highly mineralized, I would suggest taking a look at a new MXT Pro.
  11. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    Thanks, I'll be ordering the HF elliptical for my Deus.
  12. L'equinox En France

    Forum members, if you've used the Deus then you already speak French 😄
  13. Deus Elliptical And Round HF Coil Feedback

    Tnsharpshooter... I already own the 11" and 9" LF coils. Would you recommend adding the Elliptical HF or selling the 9" LF and replacing with a 9" HF coil?
  14. L'equinox En France

    Thank you for the kind words Whitbey. I wish I could have lived in France... Great people, country, culture and food! However, I have only been able to visit. I'm also a huge Tour de France fan. Are you of French heritage?
  15. L'equinox En France

    Apologies in advance, my French may be a bit rusty... Bienvenue sur le forum! Steve est parti assister aux affaires. Cependant, nous sommes tous trĂšs excitĂ©s par la sortie de Minelab Equinox. Oui, XP est gĂ©nial, je possĂšde un Deus, mais la multi-frĂ©quence simultanĂ©e devrait amener les choses Ă  un tout autre niveau. En outre, vous devriez ĂȘtre en mesure de tĂ©lĂ©charger des photos sur le forum en utilisant le lien "Cliquez pour choisir les fichiers" en bas Ă  gauche de votre Ă©cran. Meilleurs voeux!