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  1. Dang.... I've got a buddy who's looking to sell his TDI-Pro. I'm sure he'd be happy to get $1000 for it. Any takers? PM me and I'd be happy to set it up. Luke
  2. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    You did all the 'work'..... I just collected the money and shipped the coil. Congratulations on a great find. Hopefully there are a few more like that out there waiting for you. Luke
  3. These Nuggets Were Not Bashful

    Nice going Mitchel. Those 3 nugget days sure are fun.... Luke
  4. Hey all.... I was out last weekend in an area I had been a few times before. After spending some time hunting the 'trashy' side of the gully. I made my way over to a spot where I picked up a couple right on the surface a few months earlier. The day I found the 'first two' I spent the rest of the day scouring the immediate area for any other 'easy' nuggets. Ended the day with just the two... So anyways, I kept looking at that spot and thinking there is no way I got the last two nuggets from this little 'patch'. My 5000 was running real smooth with the 11" Commander mono and I was running sensitive extra, gain 13, stabilizer 10, motion slow. I was just creeping along, investigating anything that made a peep. After 45 minutes or so, I picked up on an intermittent signal. It was there about half the time. I discovered that I couldn't swing directly over it because there was a large, buried quartz rock that the coil would bump if I kept it on the ground. If I lifted the coil off just a bit, the signal wasn't there anymore. I was able to get the target signal consistently if I swung the coil in a crescent motion hugging the side of the quartz 'boulder'. So I started to dig. Got down a couple inches and there's a dark grey/black rock and I'm thinking, 'oh, great...Hot rock'. It was about the size of a grapefruit when I got it out of the hole. Not a hot rock, and target still there and definitely a target now. Two more grapefruit sized 'wannabe hot rocks' and now it's screaming. I'm down about 10 inches and starting to scrape crumbly bedrock. Another inch or two, and out pops this beautiful 1 gram nugget. Luke
  5. 19" Big Boy And The 5" Monster

    Nice finds Paul. "A Whopper with bacon....." Congrats. Luke
  6. I have a 18" Coiltek Elite... I've used it a couple times. Still have the box it came in. It's just too big for the type of ground I normally hunt. If you're interested, send me a PM.
  7. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I'd be lying if I said I hadn't wondered about what happened there, but now I know and it's much less drama than I figured. The House makes the rules. Simple as that. You run a great forum Steve, and I'm happy that it exists. Thanks, Luke
  8. I bought a 2300 used with just over a year and a half of warranty left. I used it for a year and was starting to have problems with the knuckle being loose. I couldn't tighten it much more without feeling like something was going to break. I called up Minelab and they said send it in. Cost me $50 with insurance. A week later I got a brand new 2300. No complaints about having to pay the shipping back to them. Thank you Minelab!! I've also had a couple coils now, one from White's and one from Makro. Both with cable issues and each less than a year old. Both replaced with new ones. The White's I had to pay to send it in which I didn't mind since I bought it used. The Makro, which I also bought used... I just contacted them and was able to prove what the problem was and I got another about a week later. The one with the problem still works as long as I don't flex the cable in a certain spot, so it's a 'back-up' in case something happens with the new one. Thank you White's and Makro!! Thank you Steve Herschbach for providing a great classifieds forum where I have saved a lot of money buying from reputable members. Luke
  9. The New Coils For The 2300

    Hi JW, I wanted to try to clarify a few things and I wanted to say beforehand that I know, that you know, what you are doing when it comes to detecting for gold, so please don't take my inquiry the wrong way. I have spent at least a couple hundred hours listening to the 'music' of the SDC. I can find things with that detector that other people just can't (or didn't). When I started out, I was finding a fair amount of targets, some were gold. After awhile, several of the spots I was visiting were 'hammered' by myself, and 'originally' by others in the past. But then, over time I began to hear "beyond the threshold" and sometimes it almost seems like I'm 'willing' a target to be there, and as it turns out, often times it is. I now find nuggets (.1g and smaller) at the very edge of detection of that 8" coil, things that a Sadie or any other coil or timing on a GPX just can not hear. So with that being said, I'm very familiar with the SDC and it's capabilities. My question arises when you say that the 4500 and the Sadie left the SDC for dead. I know I must try to take the mild ground in your area into account. The ground in my 'areas' vary from mild to fairly mineralized. We both know that nuggets vary in shape and size and other conditions can also make a nugget easier or more difficult to detect. One thing that is fairly common is shotgun pellets. The ones I'm referring to are still perfectly round and the very smallest of the lead shot, the birdshot. The ones that VLF detectors hear quite easily and the SDC can detect them as well. Can your 4500 and the Sadie detect those birdshot too? Once again, I'm talking about the smallest ones and they have to be lead, not steel or iron. If they are deformed in any way, they become easier to detect, so those are not what I'm asking about. The reason I ask the question is that I'm wondering if maybe you didn't spend enough time with the SDC, and since I've heard people talk about their dislike for the 'warbley' threshold of the SDC compared to the silky smooth threshold of the GPX. I know that my 5000 and the Sadie will not (so far) find those smallest lead pellets, at least at the settings that I have to run on 'my' ground. I almost always run the SDC at '4'. When I run at '5' it's just too noisy for me and when I switch back to '4' the magic starts to happen. When I get tired of digging those tiny bits of birdshot, I swing the GPX and go for bigger stuff. If I find gold with the GPX, I return and find more with the SDC or Goldmaster. The Goldmaster is for particular areas that are shallow, or where I get too much EMI to run the Minelabs effectively. At this point, I consider using the SDC to be 'cheating' and I like to use it to break the skunk that happens more often with the GPX. I would say that perhaps one difference and quite possibly a major factor, is your mild ground and that you can run your 4500 'flat out'. Maybe that's why the Sadie was able to perform better for you. There is no '6' on the SDC.... I know this may have gotten a bit off subject, but things are said all the time here and there, without clarification. I just wanted to specify and be more clear so that we all can understand a bit better. Hopefully I didn't ramble too much since it's late here and I should have been sleeping an hour ago. Thanks, Luke
  10. The New Coils For The 2300

    I hear people all the time talking about how they'd like a bigger coil for the SDC or a smaller coil for the GPZ. Which is pretty much what this thread is about.... I think either would defeat the main purpose of these particular detectors. I also believe the GPX series covers all the 'ground' between these 'extremes'. I don't think there is going to be a smaller coil for the GPZ and here's why. The GPZ utilizes a 'DOD' type coil. There are two 'ears' placed on either side of the transmit coil. In order for a smaller coil to have the same basic properties that the Zed needs to have, it would require 'roughly' the same resistance and inductance and possibly similar capacitance. Which means that the same amount (lengths) of wire would need to be coiled into smaller bundles. Then the three coils would need to be 'tuned' and placed properly in relation to each other for the coil to function correctly. Things get pretty 'tight' at that point and might not be possible. If a smaller coil were to see the light of day, I'd guess an 11" coil would be the smallest. Just my opinion. Perhaps Minelab will prove me wrong. I think that if making a smaller coil for the 7000 was a 'no brainer', that would have been the coil that came out instead of the 19". As far as I have seen, most people who own a GPZ7000 wanted a smaller, lighter coil. Not a bigger, heavier one. Which is one reason for my thoughts here. As far as the SDC is concerned. I believe a coil much bigger than the 8" will not be able to handle the short pulse delay that allows the SDC to find things that a GPX equipped with Sadie are unable to see. If a larger coil came available for the SDC I think it would lose it's edge and then find itself in the GPX range and then what would be the point of that? The SDC has an edge because of it's 'special' technology in a specifically tuned package. A smaller coil could be possible, but how much smaller do you want your 'nuggets' to be? I take my Goldmaster to spots when I can't get anything else with the 2300. My Goldmaster only cost me $250. Reno Chris makes a good point too. Luke
  11. The New Coils For The 2300

    The 2300 IS the smaller coil for the Zed....
  12. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Not me. Never been to Rye Patch. I find my own nuggets. Thanks.
  13. Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    I'm not sure how it would be illegal to take a picture of someone's license plate. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, it's the law enforcement officials that 'run the plates'. I'm pretty sure they do so when a crime, like mineral trespass has been committed. The pictures of the license plates and the pictures of the illegal mining are used as evidence in charging criminals with a crime.
  14. SDC 2300 10000amh Batteries

    I looked and there are some 10000mAh C batteries for sale on Ebay for $10. Not sure if that's what you're referring to... I'm a bit skeptical about the claims. Especially for such a low price. There is only so much power capacity for a particular type and size of battery. If they were Li-ion, well then maybe.... Personally, I would stick with a 'brand name' even if they have less overall mAh and cost more. Mostly for the possibility that those 'cheap' batteries could 'melt down' inside your SDC and then what ??? I use Tenergy Premium 5000 mAh C batteries. They are like $16 for four cells and last around 6 hours on a charge. I have three sets and have not had any issues. I have also heard of a Li-ion upgrade available for the SDC that uses two Li-ion cells and supposedly has a greater run time and is a little lighter on the arm. I haven't used them and can't say much more about it. Luke