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  1. So they didn't change any of the internal electronics? Perhaps boosting it to the power level of the TDI-PRO would have been a good idea. Everything they are offering, was pretty much already available. Sure, I guess the straight shaft is something, and the paint job will make the box cooler to the touch. I'm a little underwhelmed. Sorry. At least they could have upgraded to Li-ion batteries. I did it to my SPP. All they'd have to do is modify the existing battery holder like I did. I just don't understand the baby steps. When I noticed this topic I momentarily got excited. Then I read through it twice to make sure I wasn't missing anything. But I guess I'm still missing something. The day when White's rises to the occasion. Sorry for the negativity. Luke
  2. Little Speci

    That's a very nice find in my book. 2 grams is not small in my 'neighborhood'. Congratulations !!
  3. Hey Everyone, I have a good friend and he's selling his Gold Bug 2. Many of you may already know TomH, but he hasn't been a member of this particular forum long enough to post a classifieds ad. So I offered to post a message here and put the link to his ad on another forum. http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31724-fs-gold-bug-2-10-coil/ Hopefully this isn't against the rules, but if it is, go ahead and delete it Steve. I can definitely vouch for Tom, he's a straight shooter, and $450 for a GB2 seems like a pretty good deal to me. Thanks Luke
  4. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    $40 for one, $65 for two. Shipping included in the US.
  5. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    I guess I should elaborate..... I've been making this coil cover/ knuckle protector for myself, going on a year now. This is the third one. The first one needed to be revised. The second one wore out after dozens of trips out to the exposed schist bedrock places I detect. The one pictured still has quite a bit of life left in it. I made the cover so a nylon zip-tie could be fastened around the knuckle but it's not necessary since the cover fits well and snaps on the coil. After I'm done detecting for the day I just carefully bend back the knuckle protector and out falls any debris that accumulated. The cover is also fairly easy to remove for additional cleaning. I was suggesting that if there was an interest I would be willing to make a few more. Luke
  6. All I know is that I placed my pre-order a month or so back. I trust and support 'my dealer' and if money up front secures my spot in line then that's what I'm going to do. I'm #9 on his list. There's a good chance I'll get my 800 in the second round of shipments, possibly the third. Which means I'll have a new toy in a couple more weeks. No worries.
  7. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Would anyone be interested in this? PM me and we might be able to work something out. Luke
  8. I hear ya.... If it had been in better shape, I might have already bought it.
  9. This has been on EBAY for a couple weeks now.... I'm not affiliated with the seller. https://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Nugget-Finder-Metal-Detector-Coil-for-Minelab-Gold-Detector-Mono/273019511761?hash=item3f913b23d1:g:xRYAAOSwaC9aVlNX Luke
  10. I have a friend who might want to sell his TDI Pro. At least he did last time we spoke. His detector has the 'noise reduction' modification too. If you're still looking, PM me and let me know what your customer was looking to pay and I'll relay the info to him. Thanks, Luke
  11. Fake Minelab GPX ?

    I was wondering about that.... I didn't notice where you lived until after I posted the link. Good Luck finding what you're looking for.
  12. Fake Minelab GPX ?

    Take a look at this... http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31628-4500/ GPX4500 for $1500. That's the best legit deal I've seen so far for a GPX.
  13. First Gold Of 2018

    Here's what I got so far.... Hoping to get out and do some exploring this year so I can get on some chunkier gold. Happy Hunting Everyone !! Luke
  14. Without reiterating remarks already made... I'll just add, that anyone who goes into this 'hobby' with the intent of recouping funds is most likely going to be disappointed. Sure, some have done well. But most are doing it for all the other aspects as well, and the possibility of gold is just the 'cherry on top'. Good Luck !! There is still gold out there to be found. Luke
  15. Yeah.... I would also say you should look for a used 4500 or even 5000 if you get lucky. I see used 4500's go for less than $2k from time to time. If you can find one with a warranty, even better. I can't comment much on the TDI or the ATX. Other than, you'll have more people to help you if you get a GPX. Good Luck !! Luke