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  1. Samsung Power Usb Fast?

    Can't see why not. The chargers full capacity is 2 amps. The load / battery and charging circuit determines the charging rate and is regulated. The charger cannot force more current than what the load determines.
  2. Equinox Vs Wive's

    I like the fact that I can switch my detector off when it gets annoying!
  3. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Glad to see the E800 in action. I like the target sound and tone but I'm not in any rush to get one. At least until it gets warmer and I can see more evidence of greatness for my particular needs.
  4. There is only one correct answer to all questions. "I don't know".
  5. The Consequence Of Equinox

    Been down there a few times to scope out the area. I love the people and the laws or lack of! Made a few friends and can't wait to retire there. Ate at Pals it's great! Prob not what the Dr. ordered though. But he's not eatin it!
  6. The Consequence Of Equinox

    Well I can come to you. I'll be retired anyway. I went to see Richard down at Backwoods Metal detectors. Nice fella and good deals.
  7. Last Two Hunts

    I think that mystery object is off the top of a lamp that holds the lampshade on. Maybe....
  8. The Consequence Of Equinox

    I wish I heard that once in awhile!
  9. The Consequence Of Equinox

    It had 6" of rust around it!
  10. The Consequence Of Equinox

    Hey there, I'll be moving down there soon. Johnson City area and maybe you can show me a few tricks someday. John
  11. The Consequence Of Equinox

    "The Consequence of Equinox". A term to be used to describe how something new devalues and virtually obsoletes anything that does not have the latest technology and performance. What I am seeing is an ALMOST complete halt to metal detector sales in the 650.00 on up range. Used machines even high end detectors have dropped in value and sit on forums and for sale sights with hardly any interest. The testers that have had their hands on the Equinox and dumped their machines were lucky, they had the "insider trading" advantage. Minelab makes fantastic machines and whomever does their marketing is an absolute genius. Not only have they come up with a new and supposedly show stopper machine, they have dealt a crushing blow to other manufactures that have machines with less features in that price range and above. How about a Deus for 1500.00 with less features? A V3i heavy and not waterproof? A CTX heavy and more than twice the cost. An MX Sport single frequency at the same price. AT Pro, nah single frequency. I know that I would have loved to have sold off a a couple machines and not took a beating. But hey the old machines are like junk in the closet now to be taken out for nostalgic reasons. Hey remember the radio shack machine you found that 1/4-20 washer with? I can't sell that! LOL. Well folks hopefully we are into a new era of latest and greatest. I really don't know how many detectorists are out there that will spend the money to support companies that can afford to have the brain trust to develop cutting edge technology. Well that's my rant and my personal opinion on this. Now to check on my E800 order. I still have a fondness for my deus though and will keep the batteries charged. Dig we must!
  12. White's Shovel Offering

    As a lifetime Whites fan, If Whites don't come up with something new and exciting they are gonna be using that shovel to bury themselves.
  13. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    Well I just spent 1500.00 on a Deus WS5 and another 400.00 on a high frequency coil in June . So why not piss away another 800.00. I mean you can't take it with you anyway. And it gives my wife more to Bi*ch at me about.