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  1. Will that thing pinpoint the gold through satalite then call and let you know where to dig? That's the problem I have is getting the call.
  2. I learned to use the stars and the sun. My father was a sailor and insisted I learned how to get home. I encourage others to learn also. The first sailors used star charts and those haven't changed is thousands of years. Know the stars and change yours. Cheers John
  3. I have a cinch strap that works well. John
  4. Great thanks to all. The land owner is a great friend and yes I show all I find. Even the boot tacks and lead balls. We had no idea his ground had this kind of potential. It was an eye opener for sure. Being up front with the land owners helps me get other places to go. Cheers John
  5. I to prefer to hunt alone. I do hunt with a friend most of the time and we wonder out own ways. I like solitude even knowing that humans are supposed to be social by nature. Being alone is the best way to find peace. I also think that alone I find not only peace but pieces to. Yes, I find more when I'm alone. I am in tune much better than when hunt with someone else.
  6. I do think have GPS usage on the zed it's off and I don't carry one ether. I do have a good memory sometimes. That's how I find them good places.
  7. Just relax. Put the detector down! Nobody needs to get hurt!
  8. Woke up grabbed the 7000 and left for the day. It's what I love to do on my birthday. I called an old friend to ask if I could swing a coil of his land. Of course you can he replied. I haven't ever been there with a detector so what the heck. After my half hour drive a stepped out grabbed my gear got suited up and headed out. I stepped about sixty feet from my pickup and was mired in a patch. Four hours I was up and down like mad. Every swing yielded a nugget. I got tired after 3.3 ounces. Had to head home for a pint. Here's some pics VID_20170320_120017175.mp4
  9. I've only been detecting for a little more than a year. I've been prospecting for almost 20. I've detected with some who are very good and have done it almost 40 years. I can only say one thing. And it's the same with any business. Location Location Location
  10. Scott Seems some of us CRS. I know for sure I do. I know I forgot both my picks in me pickup and ride mine away. I got rigged up ready to go and stayed swinging. Found a great signal went for the pick and damn I don't even have one. I left my detector there as a friend was detecting not far off. I rode back and forth and dug a really great 69 caliber lead ball. After that day I won't forget my pick. And my pack has one MRE and two gallons of water and spare batteries and pinpointer and nope no pick.
  11. Maybe those of us north of the equator might want to figure out how to make the water go the other way in the drain. Seems he has himself a gold producing machine. Very nice invention. Wish I did it. Cheers John
  12. So Idahogold isn't just an other clever name? Gee I was thinking you were from Texas this whole time. I never made the connection. John
  14. I love it Chris. That's a great idea! I won't be out filming.
  15. The area seems to be getting richer! I've lived four miles from the dam my whole life and prospected every nook around. The one thing I know is there are about 300% more idiots around than there was six months ago. I think they all want to think they know what their talking about. Reality is none of them have really so much as panned for simple flakes. I do love the moron isms of the masses. This reminds me of the simple solution to other peoples actions. Smile and wave boys! Just smile and wave! Doing this we get to keep our knowledge and remember in the back of our minds we have a better spot to detect and the lemmings gather in well works areas. Love to watch from afar John