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  1. Welcome to the wonderfully world of the zed. I love the depth and hate to dig. I'm always surprised at the tiny ones I find with mine. The smallest one in this pic is 2 grain. I dug it in wet soil at a depth of 12.5 inches about 317 mm. I couldn't find it for a time but when I did I just wanted to rest.
  2. I would have to say if you have an area you might want to sample pan down hill to ether side. I have personally not found a great deal of fine in the same area. I have found lower areas down hill and more so to one side than the other. Depending on. The slope angle and type of soil and rocks. It's a puzzle made from nature. It's our past time and hobby to try and solve it. Cheers John
  3. Using 14" and I was soaked. The ground was even running water on the hillsides. Super wet but I had fun. John
  4. Yes it was Steve. I could hear the lightning coming about an hour before it got to the area. I was becoming uneasy toward the end.
  5. Hating the lightning! I couldn't hear signals any longer. I had to leave after a great day in the rain diggin. I dug all the .22 slugs from three counties and a half ton of canslaw. Finally a bit luck. The J shape is 12.2 DWT and a total of 16.1 DWT. I'm happy for the day.
  6. Good onya that's really nice looking gold. Love the quartz piece. Thank you for posting and welcome. Those pieces remind me of my first year detecting. Thank you for bringing back my memories. Cheers John
  7. My prayers and hopes are with Jim. Sad times. Got to hunt a few times with Jim. Learned a bit from him. John
  8. Is there a release date? What is the definite price tag? Like the 19" there were a few different things posted about them. It's hard when there is a release of a new product when so many see and perceive things differently. I like to know facts and get things in order so I may make the right and educated purchase of said product. I thank Steve for being forthright and bringing facts to us. All the other garbage I've read in this machine makes me a bit confused. Thank you Steve for your work.
  9. Klunker, I have been out almost twenty times even in the freezing rain and sleet. I did how not learn that a quad should have good tires and be in good repair. I took two sunny days to put on new tires and do a full tune up. I've only been forgetting things for almost two years. It's also how long I've been detecting. Maybe we should get together and go bowling! John
  10. Oh geez I forgot to thank you Hawkeye for not leaving those nails. Great finds!👍
  11. I'm so happy I have a board blacksmith friend he collects all type of little metal stuff. I think he should help us all out and go detecting. That way we all will be happier.
  12. Finally everyone can go home! As of 1:30 this afternoon. Seems as though they now only have a warning level alert, not an evacuation.
  13. Nice read Scott. I love the history reports from times passed. I think that history is the best key the the future. John
  14. I found this while out hunting I a nugget infested area. I think it's the same type of coin. Mine is a little more beat up but I think it is the same.