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  1. I wonder the same thing. We have some mines in my area that prior to the war were gold but then switched to Chromite as they were on a Serpentine/Slate contact. Not a bad deal, the waste rock was now worth money and kept the mine running.
  2. Good times for sure! I was in New Zealand when I was 14 and still have fond memories of the pristine blue skies and mountains. You guys may want to look into getting minelabs sdc2300 for creek hunting. It kills the small gold at depth, and no hotrocks or ground noise to listen to. Just that sweet weewooo
  3. GPZ Headphones: Yes Or No?

    Like Steve said, only if its windy or other background noise. I clip the speaker on my backpack strap, or detector arm cuff. Speaker is much easier on my nerves and hearing when hunting noisy ground and trashy areas like all of California
  4. Be prepared for some nasty groaning ground noise until that alkali soil dries. Locate patch setting can help a little to cut some of the groan.
  5. Ga-10 Guide Arm Question

    I use mine 75% of the time. Sure makes swinging the beast a lot easier using both your arms, especially if you have some grass to saw through.
  6. Mitchel, I'm sure there were small discoveries in California before James Marshals, but this certainly was not the spark that started the 49ers rush and mass migration of travelers, as this article tries to imply. Ive read many journals from the early 49ers and never a mention of any Lopez or Placrita canyon.
  7. Brazilian Gold

    Now that's a get er done pick! I like it.
  8. Phone Property Ap

    If they could overlay claims down to the quarter section, like lr2000 lists, that would be sweet!
  9. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Ok guys I just ordered some sheet plastic. I'll post when I have some done. Wes those batteries must last a looong time. I got to running the smaller 18650s, and the run time is incredible. Nice job on the adapters.
  10. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    I saw those clip ons, and they don't fix the problem of the rotating coil. It only keeps the knuckle end from wearing, but doesn' lock your coil in place. I hate to constantly adjust the coil back into proper position, so I came up with this design.
  11. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Wes, The knuckle wears and the coil tends to rotate out of position. The cap helps to minimize that. Matt, I don' have any right now, but hope to make some more. I used up all the extras I had.
  12. Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    I might make some more in the near future if I get the extra time. I'll post here if I do. Thanks
  13. Id say probably you will be happier if you stick to sluicing/panning, in rivers. You will end up aggravating yourself unless you are on bare bedrock. Even then, rivers tend to be trash dumps and not the most enjoyable places to detect. Most guys that successfully nugget detect are in the dry diggings, small creeks, below pocket mines, and within reach of bedrock. There are exceptions though, and sometimes the gold is in the float or false bedrock.
  14. Battery Alternative For SDC 2300

    Looks good Wes, I just made a sleeve for the 18650 type, but havent been out with it yet.