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  1. Two From The One Hole

    2fers are the bomb, Dave. Bet ya did a 2fer dance around that hole. I know it gets me all excited when I get a freebee. Nice pieces.
  2. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Thanks for starting this thread, Fred. I just broke mine last weekend when it slipped out of my pocket and onto a tailing pile. Now I have a few ideas to try
  3. Eating GPZ Crow

    I knew it, Jen!! The Zed isn't going to want to stay in the back seat forever. She likes competition so she'll be giving it to the 5000. Just a side note for pinpointing, I have noticed the Bogenes setup makes for a much tighter pinpointing as well. There's been a few threads reviewing it. I know you'll get the coil over plenty of signals. You can also do what Bill Southern does when you find those feint signals ... switch different settings for a minute and see if there are any improvements you can make. This helped me a lot to figure out what worked for me. Anyways, great to see the ZED gold!!
  4. Four Tiddlers

    Thanks for taking us along, JW. Funny, a lot of places I take the ZED to, I only get a bunch of those small bits. No skunk but as you said, I'm keeping my day job. As for losing the target, I've done that a few times where you will get a good signal but it becomes extremely difficult to pinpoint. I don't have a GB2 so many times I just know it is smaller than say .03g and leave it. Of course not after trying for a very long time to find it. It seems that sometimes the ZED will sense extremely small gold on the surface but then you try to beep it in the scoop and either their is too much dirt in the scoop (in which case you can do the vlf shake to get it to the bottom) or once you bend down near the ZED, some of that metal on you makes it reaaaally hard to find hear that little tiddler, anymore. Just my experience.
  5. Funny. I've seen that done with the GB2 a few times. Good luck to you.
  6. Pocket Gold!!

    Wow... GB2 strikes again with the small coil. I would have thought that you'd miss the good size pieces wit that but you proved me wrong.
  7. Pocket Gold!!

    Dang ... that's HOT!! I agree, it would be good to get a little more of the story so some of us newer prospectors could learn a thing or two. For example .. I would like to know the method used to track down the pocket ... etc. Thanks.
  8. Old 2008 Article On Gold Price

    Well I think it was in the 17th century that tulips were traded in the Netherlands. Of course that was a bubble that didn't last either. Still blows my mind that those people didn't know the value of silver. Of course I invested all of my hard earned allowance as a kid, picking up dog crap in the neighborhood only to buy silver at $6/oz. Not one of my better investments. LOL.
  9. 7000 Software Update Hunt

    For bugs, just use a green or red light. I prefer green. It is invisible to the bugs.
  10. 7000 Software Update Hunt

    Yes, very good and detailed report, Mitchel. The way Locate Patch gets rid of some of the ironstones, is interesting. The question I come up with is whether Locate Patch is better to rid of these ironstones or if it is better to go into Difficult. My experience previously, is that Difficult usually doesn't help too much with the ironstones, more with the ground noise. I guess I'll have to build upon your tests and others with my own. Just another reason to get out into the full moon weekend.
  11. Bigger Than A Bullet

    Wow, Aussie. Even the 705 should be able to find that size gold . My opinion is as others have stated. You already have detectors that cover the majority of gold types and depths. I WOULD NOT buy another detector until you can semi regularly find gold with your others. Make that your goal and you can later reward yourself with the latest and greatest detector once you know you have good spots. My largest gold has still been found with my GPX5000. The GPZ has since got me dozens of flake gold pieces. But I did not miss much with the 5000. And if you ask me, I tend to like the 4500 more for it's sensitivity to small gold. I believe the 5000 was tuned for larger ... deeper gold. But just my opinion from what I've seen. (I would leave the 705 home :) Good luck to you!
  12. x2 on the Hot Rock issue. Where I am at we have a real nasty grey basalt (that overlays very good gold areas) that you cannot tune out by any method. I almost feel like shipping Bruce Candy a bunch of these rocks with a note saying "What about these?" LOL
  13. Jackpot!

    Sweet find Mr. Oppor-Tuna. Very cool to hear about those types of finds. The details/clues are very interesting to some of us who have not been prospecting very long. Thank you for sharing!
  14. Marty - I provided some constructive feedback to Minelab in the attached "Wish List" survey. It was interesting to hear what people were looking for. I can only hope they use some of these suggestions for future upgrades. I know many times engineering's hands are tied as to what can be done to a product. Typically, marketing pulls all the strings. But the GPZ is young enough that they are not going to just stop doing improvements. For example, I know they will eventually get to the smaller coil. If I recall correctly, this was documented to be in the 11" range. But with the Gold Monster out there, they are probably spacing out their releases so that they are not competing with themselves.
  15. No Skunky Monkey At Rye Patch

    And still no ZED? I read of the issues you were having, elsewhere. If you were closer to Phoenix, I'd meet so you could test your ZED with mine or just let you borrow mine. In all seriousness, Jen. I wouldn't give up on it. You're someone who I know will really appreciate it when you get an actual working unit.