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  1. Jeez, Mitchel ... once I got past the California flake idea, I thought you were talking small gold. But that gold is big compared to what I have been digging up lately. My last 8x finds didn't add up to that weight! Nice work!! Andy
  2. Yeah those pics really rock. I love the one with the old truck half in the ground. Looks like a painting you'd see hung up on a wall.
  3. Wow, I can't decide which group I like most!! Very interesting how different the reef gold is from the other hillside sources. I would like to learn more about how that happens.
  4. Very cool story, JW. Thank you for sharing. I have always been fascinated with the process of tracking down the source (pocket gold) through the use of loaming. As the story describes, it would take a lot of work!
  5. Thank you all who participated in listing out your wish for future ZED upgrades. Top scores summary: 6x people wanted ability to save settings so they could be switched back and forth 6x people want a clock to show on the front screen 5x people wanted a smaller coil option (elliptical would be a plus) 4x wanted password protection 4x wanted more depth 3x wanted a large wrist strap so you didn't have to wear a t-shirt while detecting 3x wanted better working for Salt and there were many other good suggestions... I'm curious to see in the long run, what direction engineering & marketing will take to improve their most expensive gold detector.
  6. Madhatter, I think everyone has given great advice. I also prefer the ferrite and the figure 8ish pattern. My advice on the small gold, which is mostly what I am likely to get here in the states (Arizona) is: 1) go very slow. (maybe 4 seconds minimum for each direction of swing) With small gold, especially, it is not a race. It takes a lot of time to cover ground, but you'll happy you took your time 2) try not to use Difficult Ground type if at all possible. This will greatly decrease depth. Normal will be best. Slow movement will assist with this. 3) Experiment using a sample piece of gold to determine what settings YOU like. For example, I have a buddy that runs the machine silent (threshold = 6). This will narrow down the signal to almost a pinpointing mode. And it will let you run higher sensitivities. Me, I prefer to hear the threshold but I will turn down the sensitivity (down to 3) so my threshold is silky smooth. Any ripple or deviation is likely a nugget. We both get small gold at least down to .03g. Good luck!!
  7. I have done the same in a few really hot spots. Specifically, red hot schist crossing a wash .. right under a tree root. I came back and hiked in a hand saw so I could get in and under that single root... only to dig down 2 feet without an increase in signal strength. Truth is I came back three times to dig deeper because I knew there had to be something there. But there wasn't. Also, out here in Arizona, I find barrel cactus love to grow in the iron deposits and give very strong false signals. But they don't get louder when you dig in a foot. Seems the cactus absorb those minerals. So I dig a mote around the roots until I can convince myself of this and then grudgingly fill it back in. But then there was that tree root.... maybe I should go back and dig just a liiiiiittle bit farther ....(4rth time is a charm).. LOL
  8. Nice one Klunker. That one gets my goat all the time.
  9. Overall, the GPZ is an awesome tool and I have been extremely happy with it since I purchased one about 6 months ago. But I thought I would gather what things people wish would be included as a future option/improvement such as software upgrades/gps options ... etc. Maybe I will forward the link to their marketing department (since I hear engineers are so difficult to work with ;p) Please list only your top 3 wishes for improvement/options/upgrades in order of priority ... if they are the same as others then that is fine. It shows we want similar things. My wish list: 1) smaller coil option - anywhere from 8-11" 2) software update allowing storage of a secondary settings (similar to GPX5000) 3) maybe a clock on the front screen
  10. Well I was kind of hoping this thread would be about suggestions for Minelab improvements. Instead I get to hear what people really think about engineers.. ha..ha.. I myself am a mechanical engineer and yes I have to look myself in the mirror each day. LOL. Much of what has been said is true, unfortunately. Engineers have an insatiable appetite for learning but in general, are very poor at communicating on the most basic level. But I can still laugh at myself about it and hope that I am outside of the standard histogram ... errrr... (see I just can't hold back)... But it is my engineering background which drew me into metal detecting and studying geology in hopes of finding more gold. Like engineering, there is always more to learn. For me, this hobby is perfect for working off a little steam, making me put down my calculator and getting me out of the cubicle as much as possible. And in the process I get to speak with a lot of bright people on this forum and make some pretty good friendships in the process. Priceless. (well at least until they find out i am an engineer) ;)
  11. You'll just just have to face the sunlight Mitchel and turn your head 90 degrees (for the sunglasses). Everyone will be like... what the heck is that crazy man looking so cock-eyed at? LOL
  12. I agree with Fred. Got mine slightly used in this price range.
  13. Zed and GB2 make a great pair. So do you carry them both wherever you go.... or have the luxury of driving up to all your patches? Ha..ha...
  14. Bunk still makes them. I just upgraded a couple months ago since I donated my last pick to the Vulture mtns someplace. (Blessing in disguise) Mark - nice work following YouTube. I laugh wondering how I learned new things without it :)
  15. Looks good, Mark. Everyone seems to have different requirement for their pick. I don't have much rock picking to do where I am at but more dirt removal requirements. Therefore, I have recently upgraded to Calvin Bunk's Hermit Pick. But if I were in a rocky area, I would go for a design similar to yours.