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  1. I just reread again, and I don't even own a GM1000, yet. In the near future I will get one to back up my GPZ, especially for use in the bedrock gullies. Many thanks for taking the time to put down such a detailed review.
  2. 9 Bits Of Zed Gold

    That is some beautiful gold country. It's really cool the Hobbits left some gold!
  3. I've seen the GB2 in action many times. You cannot go wrong.
  4. 15 Pieces For The Zed

    Way to go JW. I like how you switch to different tools to get the job done.
  5. Yeah, nugget shooting is not for the faint of heart. Your friend is NOT going to be on the same page as you and is very likely to ruin your gold trip. You will end up wanting to check out some gold fields and he/she is just going to get bored and want a nice cozy bed in the nearest hotel. Heck, you may too after finding how hard it is. I would only take someone already bitten by the gold bug. Just my humble opinion. As for the original question, that's easy for me to answer anyways. I wish I would have started with either the GB2, Gold Monster, or SDC2300. Much more likely to find small gold. And there is more small gold out there than big gold. Also note, big gold can definitely be found with small coils. My largest piece was found with my 8x6 Sadie coil. Good luck to you. Hope I wasn't a big downer in my first comment. Finding a partner is hard even when they *are* on the same page as you. Andyy
  6. My 7000 Has Died

    I think there is a bug there that Minelab is not aware of. It is always when switching between ground modes multiple times that the sound goes out. The majority of the time, I don't need to switch that often, but if I want to get a check whether it is more likely than not, ground noise, then I will switch back and forth. Do this too often in a short time span and you will lose volume. At least for my machine.
  7. My 7000 Has Died

    Wow. Now you have me worried. Every once in a while I will be fiddling back and forth with my settings a lot and the sound will go out on mine. I will then have to do a power restart. Not too often thankfully. Crossing my fingers mine doesn't get worse. Glad yours was under warranty!!
  8. Bit Of Zed Gold

    When I first got my ZED, I started down two washes I previously pounded with the GPX 5000. I went very low and slow down both washes and did not get a thing (in HOT settings). So then I backed off on the sensitivity and ran it at about 5. Moving down the washes in the reverse direction I almost immediately hit a gold signal ... then another... then another... then another. It was eye opening for me for that area. This area had highly red mineralized schist where the gold was dug out at 12-14". I am guessing that the reason the HOT settings did not work for me was because it amplified the ground signal to a point where the soft sounds could not be heard. But I wouldn't be surprised if my results would have been much different had I been in a much less mineralized area. I think I might have to revisit the HOT settings in my quieter ground areas.
  9. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    JW - you will really like that 19". Especially since you just detect around your truck Hike that baby around a bit and you will be the popeye of New Zealand. I do think a small coil will be awesome. I am already getting to 1/2 grain wit the 14" ZED. Could you image getting smaller stuff deeper. Hope it doesn't go off on gold sand! But for the Arizona area, there are so many gold fields littered with tertiary basalt and it brought a ton of gold with it. Only feasible way of getting at it is to dry wash it or get an ATX. And I need more detecting tools like I need a hole int he head. (except that smaller coil ... yeah ... I may make an exception)
  10. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    ok, rebooting this thread to modify my biggest wish for GPZ improvements. Minelab is great at finding ways around salt. My new #1 wish is for the GPZ to balance out those Tertiary Basalts that make up some great gold areas of the western US. Kills me that I paid so much for a detector and my friends ATX can still detect these areas and I can't without playing rock soccer all day long. Come on Minelab!!! :)
  11. Gpz 7000 Starting Out Video

    I pretty much use the center of the sticker :)
  12. Gpz 7000 Starting Out Video

    Well since I have switched from GPX to GPZ, I feel like an expert on small targets. I know I have left a few but since then I have found that the really tough signals (disappearing ones that Michel mentioned) are better to narrow down maybe once in the scoop and then spread around the top of the coil. That's just what works for me when I get in the 1 grain size region. Anything louder and I stick with the scoop all the way. I tried to use the garrett carrot pin pointer but it is not sensitive enough to the small stuff that I am now finding. As for videos ... I almost think you are better just reading this forum and taking out some tiny gold samples out to test. This will tell you far more and will give you much confidence for your conditions. Knowing you've detected gold before with your test nugglets will give you confidence that is priceless.
  13. Another Gold Basin Post

    DAAAANG - as the others said. Well done!!
  14. Dang, Mitchel ... .08g with a 19" coil? Who'd have thunk it! Nice work.
  15. I hated the external wrap system on the GPX. Removing the velcro wraps was a pain. I tried clips and they just got lost. It made it a real pain to switch coils. I love the GPZ internal coil method.