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  1. New BLM Lr2000

    This new LR2000 is really starting to get on my nerves. Still can't find a darn thing with it. Last two nights it seems to have been useless.
  2. Hey Mitchel, how about you whoop me up some of those maps for Arizona. LOL. That is some good info you put together, there. Andy
  3. A Small Coil For The 7000

    I brought this up to the Minelab rep. that was at the Nugget Shooter outing in Arizona. Her answer to me was that a small coil was definitely a possibility but also noted (as Steve mentioned) that they have been very busy with the Equinox and Gold Monster. My bet is that once things simmer down, we may start to hear about more development on this. My concern is if they will actually make it small enough. 11" rounds are still big. If an elliptical can be made, this would be more applicable to more environments.
  4. Proud Of This One

    Great find, Luke!
  5. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    I started with the 705 and did not like it at all. I had a lot of difficulty on many types of ground in Arizona. Much of the shallow ground I have gone over with the 705, I later found gold with the GPX 5000. I definitely was not an expert on the 705 machine but I studied everything I could on it. But take my opinion with a grain of salt. It was the first machine I ever used. But it misses A LOT of shallow gold.
  6. Yep, I try to use manual maxed out as often as possible. One thing I read recently (can't remember where) is that in quiet ground, the auto sensitivity can actually go higher (more sensitive) than the manual settings. I don't really have ground that this would work on but I was curious if you've tested this in your milder ground areas? I *have* seen videos of people stumbling across this as well. Interesting I would say.
  7. Well, it is worth a shot. I think page 2 of your link explains a lot. It also tells how to use a mono to remedy the situation with alternate headphones. I am going to try this using a 1/4" socket mono to 1/8" male stereo adapter. This should get the sleeve connection that I am missing. I will follow up on the result.
  8. Ground Balancing The 7000

    Reg - admittedly there is a little more ground balancing to start with on the ZED when compared with the GPX. But I only find any of that necessary when in a very new area. (and many times not even then) Most times I will just turn it on and go with just the usual GPX pump (and no button push). With the improvement I have had in moving from the GPX to the GPZ, putting a ferrite down once in a great while is well worth it.
  9. Amazing you were able to get that small of gold with the larger GM coil, even if it was just for recovery. Nice work.
  10. Yep. That is what I've heard. Stereo cord alone will not do it.
  11. Ground Balancing The 7000

    Northeast, now that you mention it, I do remember someone who used to tape their ferrite in the way you mentioned. If I recall correctly, it cut down on EMI. I never tried it myself. I thought it was mentioned on Rob's forum a while back.
  12. My apologies if this has been covered. I did some searches and did not find answers to the question. I have a GPZ with headphones (Sun Ray Pros) and would like to use these on my new Gold Monster 1000. I have tried the typical stereo conversion cable and it still did not work. By not work, I mean the sound stays on speaker. It did not work for Sun Rays or Black Widows headphones. But of course, the original GM1000 headphones *do* work. But we all know how cheesy those are. So far, the only solution I have heard involves opening up the headphones and making permanent modifications. Has anyone else been successful at this? (see my attempted conversion cable below..)
  13. Ground Balancing The 7000

    The ground balance is always averaging (unless you have it set to manual GB mode). If I set it next to my pick for a while or on one patch of hotter ground, it will add this data into the averaging. Remember, if you run the GPZ for 2 hrs, it is not going to keep all of that data. It will record a certain time period or algorithm and scrap the rest. Your goal is to ensure it has the best data in that loop. That is why I put my detector in manual mode when I set it off to the side. But if your ground mineralization does not vary much, you will likely not notice a difference by setting it off to the side and keeping it in automatic GB mode. You can read a lot about the ground balance procedure by doing some searches on here. There is much to read. Some of the information was moved to another link, however. I only use the button when I am in areas with different mineralization (for example if the new area has more black sand or red rock ..etc.) Hope that helps. There are many who will have explained this far better than me in past threads.
  14. Ground Balancing The 7000

    I've never done that. If I am going to set it down, I do a quick flip over to manual. I do not want it to keep averaging and removing old data.
  15. Gold Monster Training At Nuggetshooter Outing

    Not part of the thread, but I did talk to Debbie about a small coil for the GPZ. Her comment is that the smaller coil is definitely not ruled out. But with the 19" coil release and the GM1000 release, Equinox... etc., Minelab has been busy. Also, she restated that it will take some clever engineering as you still have to fit a lot of wire into the small coil. But she's saying "we have a chance". :p