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  1. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi Mitchel, I carn't assume what Paul will or will not do, but what I can fathom from talk in the camp at night he is keen to apply what he as absorbed with his short time with us back home. I wish him all the best in implying some of that back in the USA.. Cheers Dave.
  2. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi mate, have just got in from bush and was catching up on some work emails ect before a camp. Paul is doing well, think he has about 12 days or something to go. He has settled into our way of life like a duck to water and has got our North Queensland cussing nearly down to a fine art Reckon he might have a few yarns to tell when he hits town.
  3. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi everybody, had to come in for a short stint for fish unloads, just thought I would drop in and and let you all know that Paul is A OK Having a great time with us blokes. I won't elaborate further than that, as this will be his story to tell. Reckon we might need a crowbar to pry him out of North Queensland though
  4. Nurse Paul In Oz

    This is VANursePaul on Dave's computer---- Well the day has arrived!!!! After a last shower and a quick brekkie... we finish loading out Looks like a 5 hour drive out to the area we are going.... bush track the last part...... We will get to see how tough the Subaru is today. It is an understatement to say I am excited... From the moment I set foot in AU I have been overwhelmed by the hospitality of all who have helped make this trip possible.. Wonderland?????----- Yeah mate, I'm soaking in it HH to all of you.... paul
  5. Bush Redemption

    Yeah mate are about 15 pages into his book, funny didn't see that bloke at the trial at all..Or putting up his hand to go out and search for Bruce. Regardless, I wish him the best on his book weather he lived it or not. Cheers Dave.
  6. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Lol, yeah righto Vic, should be fun.
  7. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Well done mate, by the above post your fitness and endurance levels have increased since arriving in the North.So are you ready for next week?
  8. Bush Redemption

    Hi all, just thought I would share this article in todays Cairns post from another author that has written on the Palmerville murder. For those who have read my first book "Blood Gold Revenge "will be able to relate. Cheers Dave.
  9. Jackpot!

    Nice find MT, ya got to be happy with that.Well done mate.
  10. Monster Mash

    Yeah mate some times ya just don't know when it is going to raise it's ugly head over that hill or the next, got to keep looking looking hey, that's prospecting
  11. Monster Mash

    Hi JW, both 80 plus grammers were found in the same day at a reasonable depth of about 2 feet or more . Nurse Paul missed the trip by a missed call from Dale while fishing for our elusive Barramundi. Anyway he will catch up with all us guys out bush shortly, yep it's deep ground he is working so now the 19 will come into play.The question I ask is will Paul ever get back home
  12. Monster Mash

    sorry don't know how to put all the pic's on the 1 post, please bear with me.
  13. Monster Mash

    The one above 81 grammer, the one below 82 grammer.