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  1. Thanks Norvic, hang onto your hat bro it's pretty fast paced
  2. Nice specie there Dave, well done mate
  3. Hi Steve and members, if this is not in the right section please move. Well my new novel Bush Redemption is now getting very close to print. The front and rear cover have been done, interior layout finalized, editing finished, just waiting on the first print copy to arrive before going into full print. It will also be a Ebook on the internet. Here is the front and rear cover, cheers Dave.
  4. Looking forward to one for my son, and of course keen to have a play myself to see what it's got.
  5. Nice mate yeah on species the 7000 excels over the 5k hands down.
  6. Hey JW, sorry for the late reply buddy, been abit busy that find , well yeah knew there had to be more , haven't even started to grid the joint yet. Tremain looks to have lost the mobility of 1 finger, but other than that all good
  7. Thanks mate my comment about not being a big one is not from a ego trip or bragging in the least for the members that don't know me, as I am new on this forum. It is just a fact, that we find a hell of a lot more nuggets larger than that one. I'm just a average prospector, and we learn something new regularly about gold deposits we find. The new novel, yeah mate, hang onto to your hat there is not a dull moment Cheers Dave.
  8. Very nice mate, has to be more,now the job begins.
  9. Nice gold Bear, well done mate.
  10. Hi mn, I spose it all depends where and which part of the country you swing a detector. Don't get me wrong mate, I am happy with a double digit nugget for the first of the season
  11. Lol yeah mate, there is only one thing that fixes that itch. Gold followed by more gold.
  12. Thanks Jen, are you guys over in the west yet? hey Mike thanks mate
  13. Unusual and Nice find Phoenix.
  14. Hi mate, yeah it's a 21 grammer. p.s photo's is not my strong suit, will take a better pic after it has a bath.
  15. Hi Enio, thanks mate, yes we have alot on our to do list this season.