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  1. Great stuff mate, might make a Queenslander out of you yet before you return home.
  2. Well done Dave, yeah mate I agree, no use going low and slow till you find something worth slowing down for on virgin ground. good luck in the area mate.
  3. Oh well mate, ya get that from time to time. Hey when you look at it you have had a pretty good run on the gold for a long while. Cheers Dave.
  4. Lol, hi Norvic, glad you liked the read mate. "Twisted up totally on the final page,"Yeah that was my aim, hate storys that you can work out the ending half way through. Cheers Dave.
  5. Just to add, for members in OZ JP from The Outback Prospector will have copies towards the end of next week. Cheers Dave.
  6. Hi all, just a few that have started stocking my new book. Cool Waters Holiday park NQ, Coilteck VIC, Gold Search VIC, Mareeba News NQ, Mutchilba cash store NQ, Amazon, Ebay, Booktopia, Book Depository. More to come, Cheers Dave. Hi all this is the first professional overseas review, another 4 stars. Bush Redemption is the sequel to Blood Gold Revenge by Dave Wright, which I reviewed back in January 2016. I enjoyed the first book, so when the author contacted me about the second book, I was eager to read it. After the Hatchet River Station massacre cleaned out one of Australia’s biggest drug labs, retribution is high on the agenda for some of the survivors. It takes a while before we find out who has survived, and what they have in store for their victims. The book jumps between several characters – Grace, C, Tim, Meg, and overall, it does feature a lot of characters to keep track of. Since it’s been a while since I read the first book, I had trouble remembering who was who and what their connections where to each other. The large cast of characters added a lot of depth to the story. I particularly liked Tim’s storyline, who has found a gold reef that several parties are trying to stake their claim on, which leads to unforeseen consequences, murder and betrayal. I also liked seeing the characters interact with one another. This is an intriguing thriller featuring multiple, complex characters, and a solid storyline.
  7. Yeah I know mate, it's just the way the cards have been dealt out. The book should have been out over a month ago,
  8. Hi Jen,yep has more twists than a cork screw. LOL. Hey do you still have contact with Burnie? I have lost his postal address for the copy he won of Bush Redemption at the bash auction last year. Just slip me a pm if you have it, Cheers Dave.
  9. LOL, nice try Bada Bing, no gold over here bro. vanursepaul is here for site seeing purposes only
  10. Thanks Vic, yeah picture perfect weather now, about time. The Gold monster turned up yesterday, my young blokes biting at the bit to go for a swing. One or 2 more days of getting this book all sorted and yeah hope to get some bulldust up the nostrils myself.
  11. Hi everybody, for those that are interested my new novel has now been uploaded to Amazon in Ebook format for those that like reading that way printed copies should be available next week. I am currently contacting suppliers of my first novel to see if they are interested in doing the same again for Bush Redemption, will keep everybody updated. Cheers Dave.
  12. Great part of the North mate, should pick up a few muddies for sure and a Barra or 2 Just watch out for the salties, no doubt Norvic will be a great guide in the outback and along the coastline.
  13. Yep, for sure mate it is paradise this part of the country. We will catch up before then for sure.
  14. Yeah bro, make the most of it, being one of the largest east coast seafood distributors in Queensland i could make that Happen.
  15. Hi Paul, yeah mate Tremain is a legend. Hope to catch up mate.