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  1. Hey Duke.... Have you ever been to Centerville Beach? It is west out of Ferndale and a fellow I know saw and talked to some guys that were using a gold cube... said they were doing pretty well too. I haven't had a chance to get down there and likely won't until we find some kind of camper or motorhome. Just too far to drive and I don't really like motels all that much. Heres a google earth shot of Centerville beach... That is a beach I would really like to hit... I can't get any solid info on beach mining is cali. though. Do you have any info on that subject?
  2. The winter is the best time to beach mine... the winter storms clean the blond sands of the beach. Summertime is when the blond sands start stacking up and the overburden just becomes too much. Whales head beach has a good amount of black sands and there is another creek about one hundred yards south of the main creek that can be pretty good as well. Port Orford has a couple of areas that produce also.... In fact Hubbard creek is a historic beach mine. and Gold Run has a bit in it as well. Seven devils has some history but you have to watch the tides and is just north of Whiskey Run which has a lot of history, last time I was there it wasn't too impressive but that can change with a tide. Don't know much about Nesika, the times I have stopped there I haven't seen much concentrations of black sands. and there isn't much water to use. Arizona beach has some history and there seems to be good water supply as well as Humbug creek. All in all you can find gold almost anywhere on the coast. I would like to make a trip up to the northern tip of Oregon and check out the beach an the Cloumbia.... Benson beach over on the Washington side has some real good gold and you can use power on the beach in Washington. A couple pics from Benson beach and the gold below. I generally go to a little beach a few miles north of me, it isn't a big producer but it is close to home and I have pulled a couple grams off of it.
  3. I do have a UV light, Not sure what the wavelength is offhand though, will have to check..... That just might be an interesting experiment.
  4. Been a bit since I posted but been a little busy at the office. Anyway I did get out a bit Friday with a gent I met a couple weeks ago... He was kind enough to invite me to dig with him and we did some tests then some cleanups. The tests were to check for losses in his system. There were some but no more than expected to happen. He was using Gold Hog Low turbulence scrubber mat. The UR mat and moss at the end of the sluice. Anyway he had a couple weeks worth of cons that he hadn't cleaned up yet so we ran them through the Gold Cube. There really is gold on the beaches but ya gotta work for it. Here's what showed in the first tray. As expected the second tray had some but the cube caught most of it in the first tray.
  5. I'm gonna hit the beach tomorrow and it hopefully will prove to be more lucrative than where I have been. Got some mods made to the beach sluice and will see what we come up with...... Made one changes in the mat araiangment with some indicator matting at the foot of the slick plate... This should allow a little preview of whats getting caught in the main sluice. I should have a few pics to load after this weekend outing though it will only be for one day maybe 2 if conditions permit. I have some better attachments for the legs for the beach.. the was just a test setup to check the configuration.
  6. Worked for me as well and not logged into fakebook......
  7. Steve..... You are absolutely right about that .... I get a little dyslexic sometimes.. or is that just a little absent minded which comes with my advancing years....
  8. Yup.... As a rule the lower freq. do go deeper and are better suited for relic hunting. They are less affected by ground mineralization also. also the lower freq. gets better battery life. The trade off is the lower freq. is less sensitive to gold and small items.
  9. Here's a great page for tracking the eclipse. Here's their main page for the rest of you star gazers.
  10. Fantastic..... ... It doesn't get much better than that.
  11. .... Yup.. nothing like a little threat to job security to straighten up an old employee....
  12. OK got it cleaned and dried....... drum roll please.. 1.36 grain.... nope won't be quitting the day job...... There is a tiny bit of magnetics left so it actually comes in at about that 1 grain I estimated.
  13. I got out a little this last weekend and the beaches are about done for the rest of the year. The north winds are prevailing now and moving the blond sands in. So unless I find some sheltered little cove that has been protected I am pretty much done till late fall or winter when the winds start coming out of the south and washing the blond sands off the beach. I might have scraped out 1 grains worth of fine gold, I haven't finished cleaning and drying it yet but I would bet my guess is pretty close.
  14. Great find......... Hope there is more for ya still hiding there.
  15. Just get one of those velcro wraps.. coil the cord and put th wrap around it and there ya go... excess cord wrapped up and out of the way.