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  1. Sale Pending White's Trx Pinpointer

    Hey Steve.... I bought your 6x10 a few months ago. I'll take your TRX will have a check in the mail monday. PM me your mailing address again please. Thank's, William
  2. Bigfoot Coils On Ebay

    I have an Eagle Spectrum with 6", 9", 12" hothead and a Bigfoot coil. I have been thinking about selling it. It is a great machine and I don't think the DFX or MXT have any advantages over it when using the bigfoot. Not sure yet though if I really want to sell........ Anything is possible though. I have been wondering if I set the V3i on 7.5 if I could use the bigfoot at that freq...... Guess I could call White's about it unless anybody here knows.
  3. The Loss Of My Forums

    Hi Jim. Is there any way you could transfer everything to new platform? I have always found the current platform kinda clunky and not the most user friendly. But I gotta say there is SO much useful info on your forum it would be a terrible loss if it ever goes away.
  4. Using The GMT To Find Black Sand Paystreaks

    The V3i has a black sand tracking feature as well but I haven't tried it either...I just don't live close enough to nugget country to get it out to test.
  5. Those blue pans just don't work for me..... I just can't see the fine gold in them like I can in a green or black pan.....
  6. Video - Hunting Parks & Beaches For Gold

    If you don't dig pull tabs your gonna miss gold...... Just sayin.. There hasn't been a machine made yet that can tell the difference between tabs and gold.
  7. I am not sure what "mustard" gold is but I use a Gold cube for my cleanups from beach mining. The gold we get of the Oregon beaches is depending on which beach you goto anywhere from 80 Mesh down to -200 mesh. I have a 5 stack Gold cube and I usually rerun the tails from it at least one more time. and still pull a little extra out of them.... It is very fast and if you finish 1 tray at a time the super cons are minimal... Also it doesn't hurt to classify them through screens as well since keeping the cons and the gold as close to the same size makes the final cleanup much easier.... Remember the golden rule ............... If everything in the pan is the same size.... Gold rules. The other cleanup tool you might think about is Goldhog's Multi sluice... it is pretty effective at small gold recovery as well and also fast. You can take a quick look at this thread... Beach mining.
  8. A Site For Overlaying Maps

    Good stuff here..... Thank's.. I can think of several useful areas for this tool.
  9. Beach Mining

    I picked up some Gold Hog UR mat and am going to put together another beach sluice That is 12" wide and will be able to interface with my Gold Cube.... Should be interesting..... I will post the progress and results as they happen, which won't be a quickly as I would like but it will all come together before too long.
  10. Kinda how I feel about beach mining.....LOL So I do work and play when I can.
  11. Living the dream...... Enviable, I will have to work till they throw dirt on my face. Because I retired when I was young .... worked a little played a lot. Granted I only have to work 4 days and about 4 hours a day but it still gets in the way of getting out and doing some detecting or beach mining.
  12. Jerry Keene Passes Away

    I spoke with Jerry a couple times, He was a great and helpful guy. He will be missed. Rest in peace Jerry.
  13. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    An expert detectorist with a crappy machine will still outdo a crappy detectorist with a cutting edge machine..... Just sayin....
  14. Minelab's Sensational New Metal Detector

    Ya know....... I think I'll just keep my V3i and MXT. No bait and switch for me thank's.
  15. Not bad for stock settings I guess.... Would be interesting to see what setting was needed to improve the performance though. I will have to give that a try with my MXT and V3i with the different coils I have and of course the settings possible with the V.