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  1. Usb Camera Again

    too bad it doesn't run on a Mac......
  2. Archives Closed - New Forums

    Was wondering what happened there....... Nice mod, I like it.... Thank's Steve.
  3. Your killing me......... An ounce in 17 hours? Nice production...... Thank's for sharing you work...
  4. ... a good bit of it is... The course stuff is about 100 mesh......
  5. I love what you call fine stuff......LOL this is the fine stuff I have to deal with .....
  6. A lifetime of lifting wrong..... You are supposed to bend your knees and make the lift as straight as possible... But when we were young and invisible we all just bent over and gave a heave.... As to the weight thing in water it's all about specific gravity and buoyancy. The weight of the object is displaced by the weight of the volume of water it displaces .... In other words if an object(rock) weighs 10 lbs. and it displaces 3 lbs. of water the effect of buoyancy will make the rock weight 7 lbs. in effect. Or if you feel like getting some sleep you can read this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buoyancy
  7. Sweet....... Nice gold.
  8. Quest For Silver

    My thoughts on this.............
  9. Target Masking

    Hadn't really given this a lot of thought .... I have always run my gains anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 ..... Just seemed natural I guess... Also I am in western Oregon where the soil is pretty highly mineralized. I am of the school that More is not always better.
  10. Amazon #1 Bestseller In Metal Detectors

    My first detector was a White's Alaskan TR chest mount... It came with 2 coils... I forget what I paid for it .. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/gm_alaskan_disc._instruction_manual.pdf?lang=us
  11. Amazon #1 Bestseller In Metal Detectors

    Now if the people who buy that detector had some Proper training in regards to detector and target recovery etiquette .......
  12. For your next board you might consider applying one of the protective sealant coatings that are made for electronics. Just a thought..... There used to be some stuff on the market that you would spray coat your PC board with and it was great... They demonstrated it buy submerging the electronic in a fish tank while it was turned on... it just kept playing... https://www.amazon.com/conformal-coating/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aconformal coating
  13. Scouting For A New Patch

    Great post deft.... Your a lot more systematic than I am.... I look things over and get a kind of gut feeling for the area and go from there...
  14. Target Masking

    This whole discussion on masking reminds me of a silver quarter I found in an old school playground a few years back. I was running my V3i in the area of the swing sets and off to one side I get a banging quarter hit... Nice high VDI and a good solid signal... so I dug the target and out pops a flattened bent up aluminum soft drink can... And a silver quarter in the plug as well... Now which did I detect? I really didn't care because I found the silver, but that bent up aluminum can read very similar to the quarter... Did the V unmask the quarter? I doubt it.... I was just fortunate enough they both came out of the hole at the same time... When I am in a new area that I deem has potential I dig a lot and ALWAYS recheck my holes so my unmasking is more technique than electronic. Just my thoughts and experiences in the matter.
  15. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Nice vid Tom..... Thank's for sharing.