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  1. Treasure Finds On The Rise In The U.K.

    Soon comes the regulations and restrictions ..... unfortunately.
  2. Newest Big Nugget Found..........

    The article wasn't exactly full of details but still a very nice nugget.
  3. Well this is a sweet deal.... Read it and weep..... http://www.geologypage.com/2017/05/giant-gold-nugget-found-california.html
  4. What Is It For?

    I think you may have it on that guess.....
  5. What Is It For?

    My first guess would be that it is just a decretive end cap from some kind of small table or furniture..... Definitely old though .......
  6. That is a fast pan....and that was fun to watch.
  7. Ummmm. What video? As to panning and the time it takes there are a number of techniques and pans that will let you do short work of a good amount of material. There is no reason to take more than a couple minutes per pan ... and depending on a few factors you should be able to do a pan in about 30 seconds. Production panning can be done in an area where water is not adequate to run a sluice. Basically you will load the classifier and classify the shovel load of material into your pan, then with aggressive action you will reduce that pan full of material down to about 1/4 to 1/8 .... That's as far as you take that. You can either load the pan again with more classified material and pan that down and repeat or you can just empty that into a bucket and then reduce that again later... when you are done you should only have about a quart or less of concentrates from 25 gallons of raw material..... Here is a short vid of a pan that I like ... It takes the gu longer to show you what he is doing that the actual process which really took him less than a minute to finish down further than what I described above. Then it should only take you a couple minutes to concentrate that quart or less down to a couple tablespoons... Final cleanup ,, where you really get the gold out of the other heavy minerals should not take but a few minutes as well. Good luck and have fun. Oh... and don't forget classifiers and snuffer bottles are your friends.....
  8. Best VLF For Deep, Big Nuggets Only?

    Naw.... That ain't tiny gold................... THIS is tiny gold.....
  9. I really doubt the gold wheel will capture gold this fine or this fast........ I could be wrong but I doubt it.
  10. A Little 18k Eye Candy

    Sweet find.......
  11. Can't get rid of it soon enough eh?.........
  12. I still recommend a Multi Sluice.....
  13. I would recommend Gold Hog's Multi-Sluice. Far more bang for your buck ....... Gold Hog Multi Sluice
  14. Cold Weather Detecting

    I spent a couple years in Nome...... Got to experience -65...... That'll make yer sphincter pucker.
  15. Cold Weather Detecting

    Good stuff there John.....