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  1. Another issue with the constant bombardment of EMI is regarding the health risks associated with it. We live in a society that is awash in EMI some benign and some potentially hazardous. As to the level of risk and exactly what levels produce these risks I don't know but it is something to think about. Or not...... We're all gonna end up worm food at some point. Remember the old saying..... Eat right, stay fit.... Die anyway. Have a great day
  2. Hey Steve. You even have a contribution in The Book of Jack. You were talking about normalized vs. non-normalized VDI numbers and how they apply. Good stuff there.
  3. I have to admit, I would not have reported the find......
  4. Here is a collection called the "Book of Jack" It's been around for a while but has some gems in it. Book of Jack.pdf
  5. I already have a super detector .... I just need to be able to get out more to use it..... My V3i...... Just few of my finds.....
  6. The V3i can set an individual tone to each VDI # or to blocks of numbers. I open the discrimination and accept everything on the V3i. I use the tones to set my discrimination, in other words I give the range I want to discriminate a 0 tone. I can do the same with the visual discrimination as well. There are advantages to this in that the machine doesn't have to do as much recalculating a target when it simply accepts it compared to the algos of discriminating it out. Here is a post by Rob on findmall ... Zero tones for discrimination.
  7. Aw.... Now your just showing off.......... That's a beauty.... congrats.
  8. You could also go around mumbling about "My Precious" in your best golum impression.....
  9. I love my MXT... even though I seldom get to use it anymore.... The wife has pretty well taken it over... So I just use my V3i..... love it too by the way.
  10. Maybe things are looking up.... Just a slow start to the new year..
  11. I like that.... They buy the cheap detectors and get soon discouraged.... However the only problem I see is this.... These rank amateurs are lacking the digging ethics we have adopted and are probably leaveing unfilled holes.....
  12. Was the ST Chris gold? I found one a couple years ago that was 14k and weighed 7.5 dwt.
  13. The wife and I got out for a little detecting today..... Pretty bleak. She found a dime and a quarter, both clad and I got skunked. So I console myself in that I did my good deed for the day in helping to clean up the little park we detected.....
  14. We had a pretty good start for the year as far as finds quantity but no jewelry or silver coinage. Found a pendant that had me going there for a minute but turned out to be junk. Of course where I live isn't exactly a beach hot spot buy any means and the parks and schools are pretty much what I got.