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  1. I would like to test some of those machines that aren't on the market yet..... My wife has taken over my MXT..... lol But that's OK cause she will let me use it once in a while if I'm really nice to her....
  2. I think it's gonna take some do'in to top the V3i.... Yes it isn't perfect but It is close enough for me....... For now.
  3. I am never alone...... My good friend Mr. Ruger is a good and close companion. He is very polite and never injects himself into a conversation unless he finds a reason to. Why you would never even know he was around.
  4. Got out his weekend and spent a couple days moving sand.... a very disapointing return.... even for my low expectations.....
  5. While every miner uses a gold pan, miners aren't all that common.....
  6. Saw that... Yeah it will work, gold is actually pretty easy to catch. BUT I ain't spending 50 bucks on a novelty pan......
  7. I like........
  8. Whatever happened to "Responsible Journalism"? Seems they are all a subsidiary of the enquirer.............
  9. I have a friend coming to visit this weekend and rain or shine he wants to hit the beach..... So hopefully I will have some new stuff for ya. Here's a little from my last cleanup.... all 3.8 grains of it..... All the magnetics have been pulled and the dark material that is left in it is non magnetic. Not entirely sue what it is but one thought is that it is platinum since we do have it here on our beaches... time will tell and maybe someone with more knowledge will be able to identify it... All I know is it is very heavy and does not want to separate from the gold in a pan.
  10. They be beauties all right...
  11. I have a V3i and it has been a good one... I would love to see White's expand on that platform.
  12. Thank you for the kind words. Oregon beach rules prohibit the use of ANY power equipment on the beach for mining. They also have maximum limits on the amount of material you can move. If you would like more info or you are in the area sometime let me know and perhaps we can set up a time and you can get a better Idea of what is involved as well as all the rules, which aren't really that many........
  13. Like Steve I tend to do my detecting during off hours and in out of the way places and inclement weather... I rarely come across other detectorists and when I do we have an amicable conversation regarding edicate. When i come across holes or trash I repair the situation and wish I could cross paths with the lazy SOB........ I'll let your imagination go from there.
  14. I'm not to big on trendy styling... Give me functional over trendy design any time.