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  1. The biggest problem this time was just the overload of sand flowing through the sluice form the freshet... I need to be able to lift the sluice just off the ground so it only gets the fresh water... Got to make some legs and wing dams but that is actually going to be an easy fix....... The actual amount I was able to run was about 1 1/2 5gal bucket. Had I carted material to the bigger creek 100 yards away I think I could have easily run about 20 buckets worth... That would have been a possible potential of over 1 gram instead of the 1.46 grain return for a couple hours digging. Live and learn.......
  2. Got to the beach for a couple hours today, was a very nice day. Water was a little slow compared to other days but managed to move a little sand anyway.. Will do the cleanup probably tomorrow... or may just decide to hold the cons till I have made a few more runs.... Also thinking about doing another run again tomorrow but the weather is supposed to turn ugly again....
  3. Have you seen this one? Lightweight and very portable. A friend of mine has one ordered, be interesting to hear what he has to say about it after he has used it for a while. I'll let you all know once I hear from him. The Whippet Dry Washer.
  4. Beach gold is extremely fine.... virtually all of the beach gold I recover is -100 mesh and much smaller to the point of not being visible to the naked eye. Here is a link to cleangold's site with photo micrographs to give you an idea of what this beach gold is like.... Yes there is a special form of masochism required in this endeavor called beach mining..... I use a Cleangold sluice for my recovery equipment.
  5. Went to look at a couple more sites for potential. Historically they have produced but there was little evidence this trip. The black sands weren't readily apparent and running water was less than perfect. The first three pics are from Whiskey Run. The last three pics are form Seven Devils beach witch is just north of Whiskey Run about 1 3/4 mile. The pics are just to the north of Seven Devils creek. A stratified sandstone out cropping, a weep with a blue clay layer, and a small freshet with fair showing of black sand.
  6. I did.... I had to....
  7. Makes me dizzy trying to watch it.....
  8. My concern would be that I would hope the new distributor is not selling counterfeit knockoffs..........
  9. I realize this thread is about a year old but I'm gonna add my 2dwt. anyway. If black sand is an issue I would change out the riffles for gold hog mats. Check their site for suggestions
  10. I have thought about that and I contacted the head of the southern Oregon coast region ... He seemed to think it was OK since it is hand powered. Problem is I need about 1100 GPH minimum to run the material through the sluice efficiently. I guess I could have a reservoir but that seems a little impractical due to the size and mounting required to make it work.
  11. Do I understand this correctly... The Impact will operate on 3 frequencies but only 1 frequency at a time unlike the V3i which will operate all 3 simultaneously.
  12. After last Friday today was a bit of a let down with only 1 grain.... The sand looked good but the freshet just wasn't up to it and ground sluicing is not the most efficient method to work.. But it's what we got in oregon since we can't run any power on the beach.... Not even an electric bilge pump recirculator unless we are above the grass line aka mean high tide line.and that just isn't practical o this beach. I would have been better off to have hauled the sand in my gorilla cart and setup the sluice in the creek 100 yards away.
  13. Thank's Steve. It will never replace my day job but at least it gets me out and moving about and I usually at least make gas money...
  14. We got nearly 7" of rain last night here on the Oregon coast.......... So guess what? I will be heading back to my little beach tomorrow and setting up in that freshet again, it should be running strong and the weather tomorrow is supposed to be halfway decent to boot. I will actually try to get some good pics and maybe even some video. So we shall see what tomorrow brings.
  15. Beautiful specimens. Those should bring you much better than spot.... Way to go...