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  1. phrunt. I didn't mean to hijack your thread here .. just thought I would throw in a little info on how I deal with working black sands. I hope you can figure a way around the regs so you can get some of that fine gold.
  2. A picture would be helpful. Also you can go to You Tube and in the search bar ..."How to use a Gold Wheel" ... There are a lot of videos for that... Some good some not so good.
  3. Beach Mining

    I had to make a trip north for business and unfortunately I did not take any equipment along..... We have had some good storms the last few weeks and it has really turned over some of the beaches. Yup.... That is black sand and about a 4 inch layer. Most of the time this layer is anywhere from a few inches to several feet down. There have been reports of a couple grams per 20 five gallon buckets..... occasionally better and sometime less.
  4. Actually I use a gold cube to further concentrate the concentrates. But that is a nice little cleanup unit if you don't have gallons of cons. Then I quick pan the cons from each tray which is only abut a tablespoon of material. I save all the cons and eventually rerun them when there is enough. Here is a vid of a preliminary cleanup of about 2 1/2 gallons of cons.
  5. Here is a shot of the ground sluice setup....
  6. We can't use any motors on the Oregon beaches either.... We have to setup a ground sluice in a creek or if there is running water from higher up we can set up a catch and pipe it to the sluice....
  7. Big Win For Southern California Miners!!

    Typical bureaucratic management..............
  8. WOW... I would forget the metal detector and be setting up a "fine gold" sluice high banker there to run that material through.
  9. You want more fun...... Check out some Canadian coins. If you are in doubt get a good magnet... it will help clarify things for you.
  10. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    Now there ya go...... Some actual hunt videos with the recovery will I think show more with less distraction. Didn't mean to ruffle yer feathers, it's just I didn't/couldn't really get anything out of your vid. I look forward to your hunt vids though. Good luck and happy hunting.
  11. Does this configuration still have the blind spot to certain size gold that I have heard about?
  12. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    I think I will wait a couple more years before I order anything new.....
  13. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    I am glad you are happy with your purchase... In the end that is all that counts and congrats on the gold ring find. I was just stating that I was unable to discern anything from your video.... Good luck and happy hunting.
  14. Multi Iq Spectrum Test

    Very cool..... Also nice to see the V3i is indeed what they said it is.... 3 true frequencies simultaneously. Yup the V is still ahead of it's time in many ways.