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  1. johnedoe

    Patch Gold

    It is the action that usually causes an item to be lost... For example on the beach or at swimming holes at a lake or river the cool water causes the fingers to shrink a bit as well as the mild lubricating qualities of the water causes rings to be lost. In a tot lot I always check the swing area... pushing the child causes a slight flipping action of the hand that will dislodge a ring. I also found a nice mens ring in a baseball field.... What do you think caused that ...? Anyway just some thoughts to help stimulate your imagination....
  2. johnedoe

    A Couple Pounds

    WOW.... Nice digs.
  3. I agree Norm... The V is really over the top when it comes to adjustability. Every aspect of the machine can be adjusted, which also includes non hunt essential features. I have pretty well settled into what I want and need for my hunting so not a lot of messing needed now other than minor fine tuning. The 800 I have to admit is gonna be a game changer for the industry .... powerful, and pretty straight forward as to adjusting .... I would go as far as saying it is a pretty good turn on and go machine.. I was impressed with what I saw while hunting with Gary. I doubt I will buy one but .... you just never know what the future holds....
  4. Kinda what I was thinking too.......
  5. Got together with GaryC today for a couple hours at a local park. We did some testing today of his E-800 and my V3i. we found a few coins and a little trash ... checked several targets with each machine and both reacted about the same on all checked targets. There was one small weird piece of trash that I had some difficulty hitting but that was about it. Todays tests were farer conclusive as to each machines abilities but it did give us indications to each machines performance. I have no doubt that for prospecting the 800 will outpace the V but for coin and jewelry I think they are pretty close... But like I said todays tests are far from conclusive..... Had a great time and was a pleasure to meet Gary. Also met another fellow today that is from a little town just south of us .... He was running a White's DFX 300 with one of the SEF coils. He had to leave early.... And the way he kinda got out of there makes me think he found something good... ... Gonna have to talk to him a little later.... On a side note........ We both experienced some pretty bad intermittent EMI which normally hasn't been a problem for me but today it got both of us... Now an interesting observation was that the EMI seemed to start when The Coast Guard helicopter was near... EMI was gone when the chopper was gone, returned again when the chopper returned.... The only thing I can figure is they either had some radio gear operating or it was a result from the discharge from the rotor tips.... Just some food for thought and I am open to others ideas. Anyway here is what I dug today.........
  6. johnedoe

    Gold & Silver Melt Value Phone App

    Your welcome Mike... Have a good weekend...
  7. johnedoe

    The Karat Question

    This is the app I use.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coinflation-gold-silver/id535653219?mt=8 Here is there website.... http://www.coinflation.com The phone app has melt values for junk gold and silver.
  8. I haven't seen any vids yet. I do agree the 800 is far simpler to operate, and the newer processor is definetly faster. But the V is very tunable and it will be interesting to see if anyone can get a good honest comparison test between the two. So many vids are so unprofessional / unscientific. ML absolutely has a winner here though.
  9. johnedoe

    Another Pacific Northwest Newbie

    Great job on the ring recovery.....
  10. johnedoe

    Just Joined Your Forum

    Welcome Don... Lots of good people here and tons info..... Also if you find something you want to share from another forum or a video that is relavent , you can...... Unlike some other forums that are so anal you can't even post a link to a video that might have an ad in it for other equipment...... No doubt about it this is the best forum out there.... And of course the kudos go to Steve for putting this all together for us. Also kudos to the great members that help make this forum what it is.
  11. johnedoe

    Another Pacific Northwest Newbie

    I have never hunted the south jetty but I have hit all the pull outs on the way to the jetty.... Finds in those were very scarce. hit the trails from the parking to the top of the dune. I have hunted the north jetty and found a few odds -n- ends... some change , keys , and an ear ring. Went to Miller park for about an hour this afternoon after the sun came out. Found a couple clad dimes and 7 or 8 zincolns.... My wife found a couple nickels and zincolns... not much but it was nice to get out into the sun and move around a bit. There are those that drive out there... otherwise it is almost a 1/3 of a mile walk from the parking to the beach..
  12. johnedoe

    Golden Nuggets Of A Different Kind

    Huge congrats to the finder.... What a fantastic find.......
  13. Yup , there is no doubt the 800 is more user friendly having less adjustable features but that is not a bad thing. I think that is where people have had the biggest issues with the V3i. Also there is no doubt that the 800 appears to have a much quicker recovery time.... But as has been covered in previous posts that can be a good thing or a bad thing and With that said the V has a highly tunable recovery. I don't do this because I think one is particularly better than the other I do this from a point of curiosity and to see if the V can mimic the 800 which with all of it's adjustments should be interesting to see. ML has really hit the ball out of the park with this new machine but I doubt I will be buying one. Happy hunting ......
  14. johnedoe

    New To Forum

    Welcome Gary.... PM sent. We will have to get together and see how the V3i and Nox compare.... I have been very curious.
  15. johnedoe

    Another Pacific Northwest Newbie

    Welcome FlySAR I am in Florence Oregon as well .... Have you made it to cape Disappointment yet? You need to get yourself a beach setup so you can get some of that good beach gold they pull from Long Beach and Benson beach. not much for detecting but the fine gold is there. If you have any questions on that feel free to get in touch and I will give you as much info as I have on the subject..... Happy diggin........