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  1. a bag of quarters is 500.00 here. had 104 silver qtrs, this time. It was actually the grandma that ran them through, this time. I had a sad false alarm one trip. The teller said, HEY, I been waitin for you. I have 1100 silver dollars I have to get rid of.....then showed me. They were Eisenhowers....oh well.
  2. I know, this doesnt fit a topic here...find a bank near you that still has a coin counter...inquire as to when they empty their half dollar bags. Some banks empty them each month. Some empty them only when full, which is fairly rare. The coin counters don't reject halves for weight, which means the 40% and 90% silvers will be mixed with regulars. MOST banks will also not mind selling the full bag to a customer, since it costs the bank nothing to do so, and costs them to send the bags to a coin servicer. If you get a bag of halves with silver, buy the other bags emptied at that time. A few weeks back I got pretty lucky on the halves, so bought a quarters and a dimes bag...expensive, but this time worked out nicely. Ground here is frozen solid...have to do something !! HH
  3. thanks guys for the words and help. It does amaze me sometimes...the house these buttons were in burned down probably at least 140 years ago due to it disappearing from an 1875 or so map, but being present in an 1840s map. That those things are still even identifiable is incredible, in an actively farmed field for that long. I have a small box of multiple un-identified items from that field that are so intriguing... thx again. I enjoy this site.
  4. A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    every Barber is a good one !!
  5. Hello Everyone

    Steelheader...welcome. your "traditional archery" made me laugh just now. Mom called me to say a rabbit is eating the last of her garden's veggies...and my father just shot it with a rubber tipped bird arrow from his something like 60 year old longbow...first shot...wonders never cease.
  6. New Member

    welcome BeachHunter. Nice place to hang, here.
  7. Was out in a regular field spot with the F75 again...this week, got a couple interesting buttons. I am curious if anyone can identify the button I enlarged. I do not have a good button book yet. I blew up the center silver plated eagle button. It is 19mm give or take, and says Armitage PHIL on it so should be pre-civil war. I do not see any letter in the center of the shield, and really don't want to damage it to clean it up at the moment. Sorry for the fuzzy pics...phone camera not impressing me so far. Also, if anyone has an inkling as to the top right piece... Thanks.
  8. Cold Weather Detecting

    you could always just short out a 9v battery for a minute in your hand for a quick warm up....did that once by accident in my pant pocket...never again will make that mistake.
  9. When To Walk Away....

    one other thing you might consider is coil choice. If you are using larger coils for better ground coverage, force yourself to use a smaller coil for a bit. You may find that the faint or inconsistent tones are adjacent targets that arent even under your coil but are affecting it. Lowering sensitivity helps sometimes, as mentioned, but other times...getting more of just one target at a time by using the smaller coil will help a LOT.
  10. MontAmmie, you SOOOOO make me wish I lived near a beach...
  11. The way to counter hock rocks (at least most of them in my area) is to run in all metal. in all metal, you get a defined "boing" in the tone on a hotrock. in disc mode, they sound great.
  12. MontAmmie, You could take it to a coin/jewelry shop that has an XRF analyzer, to see if it is 90%, sterling, etc. That would narrow it down quite a bit for foreign or US, then a good diameter measurement would help further. With that much metal gone, weight is obviously out the window for ID.
  13. My New Commute - Sigh

    its not that I didnt know they were there....they are everywhere here. Its just that now that I drive past them 2x a day, I am studying them...seeing which ones don't look landscaped, which might have original front porches, etc....a lot of potential, is all.