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  1. I see the CTX waterproof headphones going for $149 US. If the Equinox headphones are the same but with a different connector it would seem they would be priced similar. Rich
  2. The Equinox Your Pride And Joy A Case For It

    I keep my most used detectors in 'detector' cases to ease in handling and prevent incidental damage when they are stored. I like the heavy duty look and protection of the gun cases, but would be leery of using one for the reasons mentioned above. I find it helpful to keep an old blanket in the car to cover items so they are out of sight. The blanket has no high dollar brand logos or other advertisement that might attract the interest of somebody walking by. Rich (Utah)
  3. No Owner's Manual In Box?

    I like having a hard copy of these things. But I'm older than this upcoming generation that likes doing everything electronically if they can. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Minelab issue an Electronic Copy of the Equinox manual RATHER than a Paper Copy. An Electronic Copy can be updated immediately if there is a change or an error. An Electronic Copy costs very little compared to a printed Hard Copy. An Electronic Copy, in the appropriate language, can be retrieved by anybody around the world in moments. An Electronic Copy doesn't add to the shipping weight of a package. I can download an electronic copy for detectors I don't even own and have a look through them. I have PDF copies of almost all of my detectors on my cell phone. It is handy to have the manuals with me, in PDF form, when I am out in the field. It makes for an easy reference if I have a question. I also have copies of Andy Sabisch's detector guides for a number of detectors, some of which I don't even own. The format and size of his newer books are conducive for me to make notes, highlight information I find important, and to put reference tabs on various sections of the book, almost like I was in detectorist school. They do not accompany me into the field though. Too big and too heavy to take with me and I'm afraid the rough handling and elements would eventually get the better of them. Rich (Utah)
  4. Equinox & The Bottle Cap

    Thanks Steve, I'm interested to see if the multi-IQ is able to find something unique about bottle caps that would help in identifying them. When I am hunting old parks or yards, I'm still that guy that digs too many iffy signals knowing they may be junk or a deep rusty nail, BUT, they may also be a keeper right next to the junk. This is where the speed and improved TID of the equinox may be a boost to my yard and park hunting. Rich -
  5. Steve, One of my favorite things about my first explorer xs back in 2000 was that with the 2D screen, I could easily identify bottle caps and not dig them. Over the years, whenever I've stepped away from my FBS detector and the 2D screen to use another conventional VLF detector, I'm always surprised when I start digging up bottle caps. In the few weeks before the freeze up that you were out enjoying your coin shooting with the equinox, I"m sure you had the opportunity to come across bottle caps. How does the equinox do? Rich (Utah)
  6. Why Do You Want An Equinox?

    Easy question for me. The Equinox checked the boxes for me of what I was already looking for plus; Water Resistant in the Rain and shallow water Light weight. Wireless headphones Claims improved Target Separation Claims Improved Target ID at depth User Adjustable Target ID tones and volumes Multi-frequency and Selectable frequency Search modes A Prospecting mode Very reasonable price Rich (Utah)
  7. Dueling Makros

    CG, I'm impressed how well you did with the racer 2 running alongside the Gold Racer. How are you setting up your Racer 2 when you go nugget hunting? Modes, etc. Thanks, Rich -
  8. I think a waterproof extension going from the connector at the back of the pod to perhaps under the arm cuff would work. Zip tie it in place. Would just require a male and female connector with some wire in between and a few zip ties. Just a thought. Rich -
  9. Steve, are you sayin' that everything I read on the internet ISN"T TRUE? ?? Rich (Utah)
  10. Question On Equinox 800 Gold Mode

    Thanks for the reply Steve. Looking forward to getting to know this new detector. Rich
  11. Question On Equinox 800 Gold Mode

    Steve, I thought you'd be THE guy for Minelab to engage in the US for some feedback on the Prospecting / Gold Mode. Does your Demo Unit have the prospecting mode? Have you had opportunity to spend time in the gold fields with the equinox and begin to get a feel for it's nose for gold? I would assume the 6" coil would be an important part of nugget hunting with the Equinox. Do you have one? Obviously, the equinox is not in the class of a GPZ 7000. Assuming you've been working the Equinox in the gold fields, does it approach the abilities of a dedicated VLF gold detector? I've been looking forward to adding the equinox to my little band of detectors since it was first announced. It checked all of the boxes to fill my all weather detector gap. The prospecting mode is a bonus for me and something I've wanted to try for a long time. (Rye patch is a straight shot West your direction on I-80) So I'm crossing my fingers that the Equinox can do some moonlighting out there. Rich (Utah)