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  1. Is there a way to search land records/claims by owner's name? I have a friend who is looking for where his grandfather's claim was many years ago. I know it's somewhere on the Kenai Peninsula, but that's about all we know. Thanks!
  2. Northlander #2 Claim

    So yesterday I spoke with BLM, US Forestry, and several other agencies. Got a pretty good rundown on RS2477 and other things. Everyone was really nice and willing to help. I finally found out that the owner of the gated fence on the south side of the creek is owned by a local AK electric company. (They have a sub station a few hundred feet off of the highway.) Called them up, got transferred around, and finally got a call back a few hours later. I proved to them that I have the legal right to mine at those claims (With my GPAA membership) and they're slapping a new lock on the gate and giving me a key to it! Woo! Victory is mine! Now I just have to wait for the snow to melt to go out there again.
  3. Northlander #2 Claim

    Yeah, I went up the dirt road under the power lines. I was just curious about the gated road because satellite and Topo maps show it going directly through the Ken and Brian claims. Im speaking to the owner of Northlander #2 right now actually. Will have some better information here shortly. I sent him a report of how it was, I'll copy and paste here in a little bit. (It's my anniversary with the wife. I think she'll get mad if I'm ignoring her at our anniversary dinner. =P =P )
  4. Northlander #2 Claim

    I got an email back from the GPAA just now. They said that they've been working on getting it unclocked. They're not sure on the status so they said to check with Joe Demarre, the head of the AK GPAA. I'm currently tying to find his contact info. Thanks for the help!
  5. Northlander #2 Claim

    It's in Alaska up by Summit Lake. Directly across the street from the lodge. Once I get to work, I'll check the land status. I can't remember off the top of my head.
  6. Northlander #2 Claim

    So I went out there today. Just as I thought, there was a gate with a lock. The dirt trail led to the creek, but got pretty dicey after while. I did some more research, and ther is an RS2477 route that goes up to the Ken and Brian claim. How in the world do I find out who has the key to that gate? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Northlander #2 Claim

    I've posted there as well. These forums are just more active.
  8. Northlander #2 Claim

    Hello! I'm thinking of going out to Northlander #2 on Sunday, and I'm looking at google maps and have a few questions for anyone who may have been there before. I'm looking at google street view and seeing that there are two options to get to the claim...one is a dirt kind of pull off thing and another one is a gate. Which one is the actual entrance? If it is the gated entrance, is there a way to get in? Is it unlocked for GPAA members? (I am one) or do you have to contact someone? Thanks so much!