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  1. Shame that I can't speak the language but showed many of the things that I wanted to see. Thanks for putting it up Strick.
  2. Quality video JW. Excellent representation of the quality machines GER manufacture. Mobile, adaptable and highly accurate devices. Wish I'd seen this before buying the Z... Does anyone know if the company provide finance???
  3. 1) Automatic sensitivity option like the GM 1000. 2) 3 different user configurations. E.g. Option 1 is High Yield/Normal with low sensitivity, smoothing off, etc, etc.. Option 2 is General/Difficult, high sensitivity, etc, etc. You could program each option to the different combinations you frequently use and swapping between them would be a press of a button and not a selection of 6 different buttons. Probably make the thumb pad last longer too as the up/down buttons would be pressed much less when changing sensitivity, etc. 3) Dave's comment about the password is a good one.
  4. Mr Herschbach, psychic extraordinaire A good write up from JP. And I know where you are coming from with the vid thing. I sometimes think about it and then naaah, just want to dig the hole and find the nail, can, button
  5. Lunk, JP, Steve - during testing did any of you take any video of the GM in action on undug targets, speccies, etc? One thing I've noticed since May 8 is that there have been no new vids posted to YouTube or ML website from testers or from ML. Obviously not going to see any from average Joe of course. Have seen the introductory vid from ML and the 2 vids on this forum with the African lads/lasses swiping a few small pieces. Has anyone seen some that I have missed?
  6. MT - better than beef? Is it similar to anything? Lamb? Buffalo? Pork? Eaten lots of different stuff but never camel or horse.
  7. One might even hope that the rumoured not too far away GPZ software update may include this feature. Might be handy
  8. If you've got enough to buy a beer please don't waste it on a VB Fred Carlton draft, from a pub, served in a handle (insert a video here of Homer Simpson drooling and making that sound ).
  9. Great write-up Lunk. After my experience today I know now I 'need' one of these. Very rich old mine with masses of football sized quartz chunks lying everywhere and great shallow gravels all around and targets, targets, targets, targets...and after the first 7 being junk I said ?$&( this and went somewhere else. I'm positive there is gold there but I don't have 10 years to get through the crap
  10. Nice work Norvic. I'm heading to Bendigo for 3 days this weekend - if I come home with some decent yellow I'll have some more leverage with the old girl I did see on the other forum I frequent that a person who placed a GM order has received an email to advise that the GM isn't actually available yet and might not be until the end of May/start of June - anyone else been advised of this?
  11. Very nice JW. Fantastic pic of the southern lights. It looks bloody cold where you are
  12. Hey Fred, I went back to look at the pics of the lizard again and I also noticed something in your gold picture - an Australian 1 dollar coin. I had to have a quick check and confirm to myself that you are actually based in the USA What is a comparable size USA coin? Dime, nickle, dollar?
  13. Your forum only review is even better than your Minelab review!! Definitely waiting for a few months to hear reviews from Oz but you are making it harder to say no. I suppose if anyone really wanted wireless they can add the pro-sonic to the package. Thanks again Steve
  14. Very nice review Steve. Norvic, can you let me know if the "Steve said I should buy it" line works with the treasurer? I want one, I'm not sure if I need one and I'm almost positive I will be in all sorts of trouble if I buy one
  15. Thanks for the links Steve. I did wonder if I was barking up the wrong tree. The old 'go low and slow' that I use for gold detecting is certainly different to their style on the vid - but considering their finds I'm happy that they know what they are up to They really have found some amazing stuff!!