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  1. Toned-down Marketing

    It's certainly interesting where Minelab are putting the Equinox in their line up. I thought it may have been just below the CTX.
  2. Best Gold Detector Under $1000.00

    Hi Bill. Have a look here http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-guides/steve-guide-gold-nugget-detectors.htm Excellent reviews from Steve. Also, not sure what the Minelab Equinox is going to cost in the States but I would be waiting for it to come out and see a few reviews on it before buying anything - looks to be a real game changer. Have a look here for LOTS of info about the Equinox http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/forum/53-minelab-equinox-fan-club/ Good luck with your choice
  3. Northeast And The GM 1000

    That is a strange one egixe. I assume the breast plate was brought back by one of our diggers from WW1 or maybe even the Boer war - either with harness intact or as is. Interesting bit of reading GB. Had no idea the swastika was around before the Nazis
  4. Northeast And The GM 1000

    Thanks Phoenix. It is a bit spesh, eh? Not something you think would turn up in a paddock in northeast Vic!
  5. Northeast And The GM 1000

    A mate who lives nearby plowed one of his paddocks last week - first time since he was a kid. He knew that somewhere on that paddock had been an old house site and sure enough a few bits of porcelain plate, etc, poked its head up. He asked if I would swing the detector over and I obliged for about an hour this morning - thought we might get some coins or something. Took the Gold Monster as I thought I would just have it in non ferrous mode - digging every bit of iron crap didn’t enthuse me much. Found the general bits of lead, bits of metal, a blade off an old butter knife, a spoon handle, etc. Then something special popped up. Thought it was just junk jewelry at first but it had 2 rivets on the back and remnants of leather. Off a saddle?? I went to work, mate took it home to clean and sent me this pic. Turns out it is an English Cavalry Military Breast Plate. Similar to this one but a different pattern. My first genuine, WOW factor relic.
  6. Early Minelab Gpz 7000 Issues?

    There absolutely is Ryan. Be careful. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=10890 http://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11931 This is off the Minelab website re: checking gear before purchasing, how to spot counterfeits, etc. https://www.minelab.com/customer-care/stop-counterfeits
  7. New Members

    Goldrat, I do agree with you. It is nice to post up a bit of a "hello, this is me and this is what I enjoy" sort of a greeting. Maybe all kept under the one thread that is 'stickied' to the start of each forum - "New members please introduce yourself here". Just so that we don't have masses of short greeting threads starting. Not sure if that is possible. I'm sure Steve will give us his thoughts when he's back on deck. In Dunolly eh? Might hit you up for a cup of tea and a chin wag next time I'm over that way
  8. Getting Large Gold With The GPZ

    Thanks too Norvic - just read your comment that popped up while I was writing. Normal and a sensitivity of 20 - you're a lucky fella. I struggle to get mine to run in Normal down here at anytime without 172 hot rocks per day
  9. Getting Large Gold With The GPZ

    Thanks JP. I have watched that vid before but had forgot that you had tried Normal and the response was no better. I have seen for myself on an 11 gram piece that General/Difficult was way better than General/High Yield. G/HY simply didn't hear it at all. It suprises me that Normal ground mode was actually detrimental to hearing your signal. I was always of the belief that Normal would make every signal better (regardless of size, density, etc). But the increased ground response with Normal is masking the signal?? I know it is only a guess, but what do you think your particular piece would have done in Difficult/Extra Deep? Improved signal, same or gone? I've read that Extra Deep was going to be more useful when the 19 came out - has that been the case? I only have the 14" - is extra deep worthwhile at all for the 14"? Thanks for the response and the vid link. Always pick up something on a second watching.
  10. Maybe a new thread if you have the time JP. "How to target large, deep gold with the GPZ?" Is it your conservative settings or something different again? How does the audio differ, etc? There are bits and pieces (linked below) that maybe all add up to an answer but if there are any other secrets you want to add JP, I'll listen
  11. Questions For Reg Wilson

    You mentioned in your original post about Reg being lucky. I suppose there is some luck in anything we do but after seeing how Reg approaches things, his mapping system and the hours he puts into research I would actually say that luck has only played a minor part in Reg's success. Time, research, time, good equipment, time, knowledge, time, a positive attitude, time 😄😄 10% of anglers catch 90% of the fish - same applies to gold I guess 👍🏻
  12. Questions For Reg Wilson

    DD - I'm really not sure if that is the same nugget but I'm guessing not as I was told it was over 100 ounces and I don't think it was shown in public. There is certainly public ground that hasn't had a detector over it. A coil is small and the area is immense. And the old saying of "an inch may as well be a mile in detecting" - a big nugget only needs to be missed by a centimeter, regarded as trash, it got too dark and they had found nothing for the day so they never went back - a thousand scenarios why gold can still be in the ground. And of course - as Reg showed the other day - there is simply patches on private and public land that have not been found yet. Lots of research, hopefully new patches and potentially long periods without gold are ahead for me - hopefully with an outcome of some bigger gold and less rubbish dug
  13. Questions For Reg Wilson

    DD - lots of questions. I know they are for Reg but I'll give my opinion if I can. I'm certain there are more 20 ounce + nuggets left. They pop up in the media every now and then and there are many more that never make it to the papers/internet. I know of a local person here who was detecting with a friend over near Bendigo in the last month and apparently the friend found a 100 ounce + nugget. I haven't seen photos but the story is from a reliable source. Not in the media so not made up for the sake of their '15 minutes of fame'. I was going to put this in it's own thread to thank Reg but it might as well go in here. Elusive (from this forum) and myself spent Saturday morning with Reg as part of his "Digger Downunder" business http://www.diggerdownunder.com.au/ I can only encourage you to do the same if you have the time/money to do so. I had not met Reg before and found the information presented was an amazing insight into how Reg has hunted the big nuggets for nearly the past 40 years. He was very free with the information provided, very welcoming and above all, just a good bloke to have a yarn with. I won't go into it too much but I believe it was a low cost for the 'light bulb' that has been turned on for me and the time spent with reg was 'gold' in itself. Good luck with your gold hunting. And thanks Reg
  14. Ground Balancing The 7000

    Davsgold - thanks, I will try that. I'd only ever tried it from the main screens and because it didn't work I never set up my user page but maybe that is the secret. Andyy - I have a very good memory for very random things - but not for the things that are probably important 😄 JP - also thank you. I did assume semi auto would make that taping thing completely redundant. At the risk of getting off topic - but sort of still relevant. There was a bit off a discussion here a few months back about ferrite balancing and I don't think we got your thoughts as you were burning the candle at both ends. It was around why do we want the Z ferrite balanced to the supplied ferrite and not to the ferrite in the ground that we are detecting? It seems to make sense that we would want it tuned to the local ferrite but this is obviously not the case - do you know why? Some of the previous postulations (especially from Steve H) can be seen here
  15. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    Nice piece AU. Surprised it's only 1.47 grams - looks to be a little heavier. Well done