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  1. Creswick Produces Again

    Hi Rockett. The Z in Normal near gum tree roots is very frustrating. 99% of your targets will just be the roots. Try Difficult/High Yield with the size of the nuggets you are showing. Worth going over your patches in Difficult/General because it will pick up bigger bits that High Yield won't see (providing there are bigger bits there ) I think I read on PA forum that Nenad suggested Normal ground mode can be helped a bit by turning on the Locate Patch Ground Smoothing function from the new update. I have tried this but it hasn't made any discernible difference where I am. Different location may show different results of course. Also, what sensitivity setting are you using? If you are only running 5 or thereabouts and you are finding those small pieces you can try ramping it up to 15-20 in HighYield/Difficult and you might ge pleasantly surprised with a few more bits. Hard to continue with these settings for too long in bad ground or bad EMI but worth it for a bit. Sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs
  2. Video On Eq800 In Australia On Gold

    SDC 2300 Phrunty - good small gold, hot ground, easy to pack PI
  3. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    Feel free to start a pictorial thread goldenone That's OK isn't it Steve?
  4. I LOL'd a lot then. Thanks for the laugh Mitchell. Best of luck going forward
  5. Equinox Too Noisy?

    Not necessarily a question for you Mike but anyone wishing to answer. I thought if a detector was noisy when still it was EMI and if noisy when being moved it was ground noise. Is the Equinox (or VLFs with a threshold) different in this regard or is the fact that Mike is describing his Equinox as silent when still suggestive that EMI is not the problem? The only VLF I have is the Gold Monster and it has no threshold at all. Even when turned on in the house it doesn't make a noise until put near something metal - so I don't really have something to compare to.
  6. I've never seen anything like that Phrunt, that black stuff is cool to see. Thanks for the pics. Funny that the GM was showing non-ferrous yet the black sands are magnetic - weird. Looks like a great spot. Maybe the perfect location for an SDC - small gold and heavy mineralization.
  7. Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    Nice to hear they have replaced your machine. Just curious, does your 3 year warranty start again due to a whole new machine? That specie is particularly awesome!! Congrats
  8. I can't believe soooooo many people lose their valuable rings??? IF I end up getting a Nox I would be happy to find some coins and possibly some jewelry. I know many, many people locally that live on very old home sites and they have never been detected and their owners are keener to have me detect than I am to actually go and do it It is hard to look for coins and relics when there is gold 5 minutes from home!!
  9. Kesybz. I think I know what you are getting at but I think you might be getting mixed up. The 600 has 3 single frequencies that you can choose to use on their own. And then it has multi which accesses all 5 frequencies that the 800 can. The 800 has the 5 individually selectable frequencies plus multi. Is that what you were eluding to or am I not getting your point? Cheers, Northeast.
  10. Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    Ringmoney. Refers to this bit in the manual. Hasn't cut and paste very well but from page 23. Thanks for your answer Difficult Areas - Aluminium Foil Reject Target IDs 1 and 2 in the discrimination pattern for Park Mode Search Profiles. Modern parks typically contain a high amount of aluminium shards from discarded trash (e.g. drink cans, pull tabs, ring pulls, etc.) As aluminium is a non-ferrous very low conductive target, its Target ID falls within the same range as fine jewellery. Park 1 is a good option in highly contaminated parks. Rejecting Target IDs 1 and 2 (or higher if the unwanted aluminium is larger in size) may also help with digging less trash
  11. Equinox 800 Video - Gold Chain In Salt Water

    Really interesting video TN. The flag was a bit special. Thanks for going to the effort. Can you expand on that a bit please Ringmoney? I'm a newbie to VLF's with VDI. Would the chain be showing a low VDI due to saltwater mode? Or does that particular chain have an abnormally low VDI so the Equinox is able to pick it up? As you can see I am really guessing Cheers.
  12. Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    It's well worth celebrating Walker! Even a newbie with a Go-Find can hear a big nugget just under the surface. But it takes skill and time at the wheel to hear the subtlety of the tiniest pieces of yellow with a 14 inch coil. The Z's are amazing but kudos to you also
  13. When Will There Be An Overstock Of The 800?

    Purely a guess but I would have thought there would be nothing sitting on a shelf somewhere until at least April. AND, if the general users getting them now find them as amazing as the testers, and there are no technical/coil issues and the 'haters' have very little to hate about then you may find that date pushed waaaaay back. I can only imagine that there are more people sitting back and waiting for a greater number of positive reviews than there are people who have put their cash on the table already. Personally I am in the waiting group only because I don't have the cash to lay down now. Being a glass half full kind of person it just means that I'll be able to watch all the great reviews and have more bargaining power with the "old ball and chain" when I do open the wallet.
  14. Equinox Vs Wive's

    Nuke 'Em, did the tv show Detectorists help or hinder your image in the local community? Art and Garfunkel certainly wouldn't have helped Either way, very funny series. Looking forward to being able to watch series 3.
  15. Have just woken up here in Oz and read the next 2.5 pages of this thread since my last post. I do apologize to people that thought I was stating fact re: the 5% thing. Completely made up and I thought that would be apparent. I was just hoping the guessing would stop. It didn't Steve's algorithm has more substance to it anyway, mine was too simple