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  1. Tow Coils / Detector Sleds

    January - hot. February - hot. March - getting better. WA, NT, SA and Queensland would be pretty unbearable during Jan, Feb (I think). Victoria has its moments. Last summer was reasonably mild but still plenty of days mid 30's and a few in the 40's (Celsius obviously). Reg is in Victoria. 6 weeks in the famous Golden Triangle, a week in South Australia to drop in on minelab and Nenad and then 5 weeks in WA as the weather cools a little You'd get to cross the Nullabor Plain and the longest dead straight section of road in Australia - 150 kms or thereabouts. Most people find the drive to WA boring. I've done it 3 times now - heaps to see if you go looking. Whatever you do, if you end up in Victoria it would be good to catch up and have a beer
  2. Northeast And The GM 1000

    Had an outing to Reef Hills State Park near Benalla in northeast Victoria today. My first time there and also met up with prospectingaustralia forum member XIV for the first time. He was interested in learning a bit about the GPZ. He swung the Z and I swung the GM. Lots of lead and rubbish and only 1 bit of yellow - scored by the GM Not great GM ground as it is very mineralized with 4 buzzilion hot rocks. But lowered the sensitivity to 4, all metal mode and it was purring along OK. Not massive but yellow!!
  3. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Very nice indeed. When did the saying "low and slow" get invented? Must have not been until the late '90's?? Hard to argue with the results though!
  4. Yanks Do It Right In Oz

    Credit where it is due Trent - nice work
  5. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    That Little Red Streak, Patchy Flat picture is so reminiscent of the Vic GT goldfields. The thin forest, the type trees, quartz everywhere, trees bringing up the quartz at the base. I'm assuming old mate that runs sheep in the paddock next to the forest got a knock on his door??
  6. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Ridge Runner and Cabin Fever - thankyou!! A project for the weekend
  7. Black Box Gold Detector

    Whiz bang flash divining rod???
  8. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Great album JR, keep 'em coming. Someone once said "an inch may as well be a mile" in the detecting game. Might have even been someone on here 🤔
  9. And re: the shaft. A cheap broomstick can be cut to your exact length requirements. Those little broomstick attachments work a treat. I'm 6' 3" and the provided shaft was even too long for me. Broomstick is a winner
  10. My 7000 Has Died

    Hopefully it's sorted quickly Phoenix. I would sort of feel a little bit confident that even if it was out of warranty by a few months Minelab might still fix this for you gratus. They seem pretty accomodating and reasonable - in Oz anyway. I did initially have the sound go out a few times when changing the ground or gold modes but it hasn't happened for a very long time now. Strange that it would be an issue and then right itself but happy that it has. Hope it's back soon.
  11. Safari on an iPhone - no issue. Safari on an iPad - no issue. Firefox on a PC - no issue. Stay logged in usually although did have to re-log in to something the other day and never saw any warnings. Save your cash I reckon
  12. Gold Found With QED

    Jrbeatty - interested in providing some paid geology sessions?? I'm sure most of what you said is English but I didn't understand much Serious about the education though as I know a few blokes who would be keen.
  13. GPZ 7000 Wish List

    Mitchel and others having trouble seeing the screen. I thought the screen was a piece of /).& until I took the Minelab protector off - then it is very clear. Sunlight readable display so it is actually clearer with direct sunlight on it. Did chop a mobile phone protector up and put this on there and it is still easy to read. Polaroid glasses tends to effect a lot of different displays, tinted windows, etc so this is probably unfortunate but not unexpected.
  14. CTX 3030 Gold Codes

    http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/files/ It is in in the downloads section at the top of the forum. Hope someone can help you.
  15. CTX 3030 Gold Codes

    In a post way back gold hound put up a link or file to some ctx gold programs he developed. I can't help you with getting them to run but I'll try and find the link so others can help 👍🏻