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  1. Welcome to 'Steve's Eutopia' Wombat. I have only been here for a few months and have learnt soooo much. I only frequent 1 other forum, have no idea what's gone on in the 'Oz forum from hell' and don't wish to. Many very pleasant and informative people here and it's greatly appreciated by myself. Thanks keeping us drama free Steve
  2. Hi JW, We have 3 kids in tow so there will be some expensive adventure activities I suppose, a but of fishing hopefully and plenty of sight seeing of lakes and mountains, etc. Glow worm caves maybe, jet boat probably although we've been on one here in Oz. Hobbiton is apparently high on the list unfortunately. Cant see the kids being too interested in old mining towns and no gold detecting is allowed - I've already been warned of that Will certainly let you know when we are getting closer and would be nice to catch up for a coffee if it suits your schedule
  3. Evening JW. Queenstown is certainly on the list. Any particular things that you reckon are 'unmissable' in your part of the world I would be happy to hear them. Local knowledge can very handy sometimes As far as the heat goes, I am usually out at day break and home by about 10 on a Saturday morning. Kids are ready to do something by then and the lady wakes up to a hot coffee . And I'm in Victoria so we (usually) don't get the humidity that the north gets. Lived in the NT for 2 years though - we all loved the wet season. Cheers, N.E.
  4. Please don't talk about an early winter JW. We are heading to NZ for 3 weeks late March. The old girl is crapping herself that it's going to be a little chilly for her. The rest of us don't care
  5. Fantastic start - congratulations
  6. Do like your vids araratgold - keep 'em coming .
  7. Evening all. JP, that is the second mention you have made about turning off the GPS on the Z. I think the other was turning it off to reduce the EMI...if I remember rightly?? Are you able to expand a bit more about the issues associated with using the GPS please? Obviously there are some benefits to using it but not if it is limiting the full capacity of the machine. Thanks in advance (and hopeful ). Northeast.
  8. Have noticed it on mine from day 1 andyy. Sometimes it takes several presses of a button to get it to select too. I thought it would get worse as time went on but if anything it has improved - or maybe I just don't notice it anymore. Certainly not an issue as far as performance, just a bit annoying. Northeast.
  9. Excellent. Will take a look at the link. Thanks Steve and Swegin
  10. Hi Steve, I was going to inbox you this question but I thought others might be interested in the answer too. When we post pics on here are they automatically stripped of the gps info? I think I have read on another forum that they are but have tried to search the answer for here and nothing is coming up. Thanks, Northeast.
  11. "The iron hat sits atop the golden head." And "dig everything". I think I've seen that one about 762 times since I started looking at these forums
  12. JW - good thread to make others aware of what JP has to put up with. JP - keep up the good work. Your information has been invaluable to me - and obviously heaps of others Steve - only a newbie-ish to detecting and the forum but it's addictive. You run a very informative and welcoming ship. Thanks. mn90403 - "I am hopelessly immersed in Minelab jargon from JP and others and hope to continue for many years". Love it!! Very well put Bed time here in Oz. Goodnight Cya, Northeast.
  13. It's a fella off one of the Oz forums. Been detecting for about 13 years from memory. A fair few of the forum members have met him. He has held a few days to help people read old diggings, hot rocks, ground balance, etc. Members say that he is a thorough gentleman. Not sure why he uses the auto reader voice. Only joined the forum in Oct last year I think. Handy bit of video if you've got a GPX.
  14. Fred - unfortunately your question is too technical for me - I'm a bit lacking in the technical electrical field - nurses aren't required to know such things I do know that near my house I have the standard, run-of-the-mill power lines. The ones I am detecting near are as tall as a 4 story building and have cable as thick as your arm. Your "super-dooper high voltage transmission lines" is probably correct. But no idea what voltage they actually are. Our power point in the wall at home is 240 volt if that helps?? And a bit of an update to this thread. Tried auto noise cancel in the other modes (general and e/deep) as it was picking up too much EMI on my first run there. After noise cancel they worked a treat. Just didn't think of it first day there as HY was fine. But still found no gold