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  1. Excellent. Will take a look at the link. Thanks Steve and Swegin
  2. Hi Steve, I was going to inbox you this question but I thought others might be interested in the answer too. When we post pics on here are they automatically stripped of the gps info? I think I have read on another forum that they are but have tried to search the answer for here and nothing is coming up. Thanks, Northeast.
  3. "The iron hat sits atop the golden head." And "dig everything". I think I've seen that one about 762 times since I started looking at these forums
  4. JW - good thread to make others aware of what JP has to put up with. JP - keep up the good work. Your information has been invaluable to me - and obviously heaps of others Steve - only a newbie-ish to detecting and the forum but it's addictive. You run a very informative and welcoming ship. Thanks. mn90403 - "I am hopelessly immersed in Minelab jargon from JP and others and hope to continue for many years". Love it!! Very well put Bed time here in Oz. Goodnight Cya, Northeast.
  5. It's a fella off one of the Oz forums. Been detecting for about 13 years from memory. A fair few of the forum members have met him. He has held a few days to help people read old diggings, hot rocks, ground balance, etc. Members say that he is a thorough gentleman. Not sure why he uses the auto reader voice. Only joined the forum in Oct last year I think. Handy bit of video if you've got a GPX.
  6. Fred - unfortunately your question is too technical for me - I'm a bit lacking in the technical electrical field - nurses aren't required to know such things I do know that near my house I have the standard, run-of-the-mill power lines. The ones I am detecting near are as tall as a 4 story building and have cable as thick as your arm. Your "super-dooper high voltage transmission lines" is probably correct. But no idea what voltage they actually are. Our power point in the wall at home is 240 volt if that helps?? And a bit of an update to this thread. Tried auto noise cancel in the other modes (general and e/deep) as it was picking up too much EMI on my first run there. After noise cancel they worked a treat. Just didn't think of it first day there as HY was fine. But still found no gold
  7. Yep Rege-PA, The fact that they are cooler than head phones and that I could wear a broad brimmed hat were the 2 main reasons I got them. The open audio thing was a bonus I didn't realise I was getting until I tried them. Good luck out there.
  8. Norvic. Cut and pasted this from the Better understanding ZVT thread. From one of JP's posts. " Volume needs to be carefully adjusted, it increases threshold jitteryness when raised above 8, look into your method of listening to the detector, the WM 12 speaker is rudimentary at best and requires too much Volume inclusion to assist when chasing deep targets (This is why I use a B&Z booster with twin speakers). Is that what you are also referring to or answer your question? I'm sure I also read on one of JP's posts that increasing the volume by 1 was akin to increasing the sensitivity by 2. Or the other way around. I can't find that post to clarify it. Maybe JP can confirm that he actually wrote that and I'm not making it up Northeast.
  9. Hi Rege-PA. I'm not sure about the booster on the pro-sonic - I would also suggest to wait and get it and see what the volume is like first. But on the earphones side of things I can only suggest what I use on the GPZ which works well. Philips ear phones that have an ear hook, they are very comfortable, do not move/slip/fall out at all and have an open audio design that lets in ambient sound - for when the Pumas are creeping up behind you . They also come with 3 different types of ear fittings to suit your preference. One thing they don't have is a volume control on them but if you have the pro sonic volume control then that may suffice. They work perfectly on the GPZ with the WM12. Link here Hope that helps. Northeast.
  10. JW. I am mostly running HY and normal, sometimes flicking into difficult and the Z ran great close to the lines. It was was only in general and e/deep that the problem developed. Now if I noise cancelled in these modes would it have made a detrimental difference when I flicked back to HY? I don't know. Will find out next time I'm there - hopefully in the next few days. Myself and the family are heading to NZ in March for 3 weeks. I won't ask for your gold spots JW but I may inbox you about some good tourist and fishing locations near you if that's ok Local knowledge is important
  11. Thinking about this some more, I didn't try to noise cancel in general or extra deep which may have helped. Will do next time.
  12. Sourdough - I've been out this morning and learnt a few things which may help. (The helpful bits about the Z are at the bottom. The rest is only helpful if you have a wife ) I hit this spot nice and early before it got too hot. Detected from about 0530-1000 hrs. GPZ was running great and only about 40 metres from the EPT lines - high yield, normal, sens 2. Anything higher on the sens and it started to waver a fair bit. Kept switching between normal and difficult as there were a fair few hot rocks and a bit of red clay - but mostly normal. Dug quite a bit of crap early. Dug one very deep hole, right next to a tree, just next to the line of a long cut out section the old timers had dug and got down to some very hard sandstone, clay, rocky mixture. Very confident at this point I was onto something decent. Approx 2 feet deep and onto bedrock - nice!! Couldn't dig any more at this point with my little pick and was positive I have cleaned the hole out best as I could. So I called the wife . It was 0700 hrs. I woke her up. Please bring crow bar, axe (tree root in the way) and the SDC to try and pinpoint a bit. Last time I did this it did not end well - a big steel bolt at about 1.2 metres!! Wife and 2 of the kids arrive. Eldest son gets rid of the root. Turn on SDC. Target in hole. Getting rid of the root put some dirt back in the hole. Scrape, scrape with the little pick. SDC in - target now out . Wife sits on chair (who brings a chair??) A lovely piece of flat steel about the size of a matchbox and maybe 4mm thick. Must have been stuck near the end of the root and that's why I couldn't pinpoint it better. Son must have dislodged it. Unrepeatable words from wife... Moral of the story - take all gear that may possibly be required and let sleeping dogs lie. BUT, the thing I learnt about the Z. Before I really dug much out of the big hole I switched from normal to difficult to see if maybe it was just ground noise or a root - the signal was only weak at the start. Still made noise in difficult so was confident of a target. Then tried to go to general and extra deep ground modes with the thinking that if extra deep could still hear it then it would definitely be a target and it was also going to require a fair hole. But they simply would not work! HY/normal, HY/difficult worked a dream - any combination that included general or extra deep ground modes went crazy with EMI even with sens of 1. Why this is I have no idea but to be honest I minimal understanding of how detectors even work so I'll leave that for others to surmise. Sourdough, not sure what modes you hunt in but maybe when you've tried near the power lines you may have been in general or e/deep? Also, I think my theory is right about that spot not having been detected before considering the huge amount of small steel, lead shot, wire, nails and tin that I found in about 4 hrs all within a 10 X 15 metre area. I'm assuming due to the power lines being there. But no yellow...yet.
  13. Nice Randy. A new 'best present' leader I would think. Best wishes to the family
  14. Thanks for the replies. Think I will hit this a few times and see if I can come up with some yellow. First signs are that I've some trash to dig up as well but them's the breaks. Won't be camping there though - don't need to be closer to those transmission lines longer than I have to be. With the buzzing sound they make you can almost feel the brain cells mutating