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  1. Northeast

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    Has that always been there?
  2. Northeast

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    Nice Mitchel. You might have a bit more in there than you think. Hope so
  3. Northeast

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    More ferrite related comments here.
  4. Northeast

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    JP's post in the bottom of the first page in this thread is helpful.
  5. Northeast

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Hi Dave. Obviously JP is the best bloke to tell you in his own words but what I have gleaned off him over the past 18 months is... The GPZ in AUTO should be ground balanced to the local ground and also to the supplied ferrite ring. In AUTO , as you use the GPZ, it will slowly become set to the local ferrite and will need to be re-ferrite balanced often during a detecting session. The GPZ works best when ferrite balanced to the ferrite ring rather than the ground ferrite. Now that SEMI AUTO is available JP has suggested that SEMI AUTO is the better option as it locks the ferrite and it will take much longer for the detector to slowly work its way from an optimum ferrite ring balance whilst continuing to automatically ground balance to the local ground conditions. Please correct things if I'm wrong JP. Dave, it's worth going back through all of JPs posts about the Z and cutting/pasting them into your own little extra special manual. It doesn't take too long and you can shift things into sections like noise cancel, ground balance, gold modes, etc, etc.. This is what I've done and it gets referred to every few months just as a reminder. There's a lot in my manual that isn't in the Minelab manual Cheers.
  6. Phrunt - you may have just fixed the reason why the previous owner sold the 4500 in the first place...?
  7. Northeast

    Upcoming New Gold Nugget Detectors

    There's a lot of fancy words in there Dave, makes my head hurt 🤕 How technology works is amazing. The people who think this stuff up are even more amazinger!! Bruce must be a fair dinkum, you beaut, ridgy didge genious. 2 thumbs up for you Bruce 👍👍
  8. Northeast

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    I wondered if you had arrived in Oz - something seemed a little different 🤣 40 shirts and 4 pairs of boots 😲 They been teaching you some strange ways in North Queensland!! Seriously though, welcome to Oz, enjoy your stay, hope it's fruitful and great to see that all of your gear is here 👍
  9. Enjoy reading your thoughts Reg. It makes my brain whirr a little faster 😉 Jin - am I right in thinking your tally was up around the 27 gms for the 2 days detecting? Nice work if I'm adding correctly. Good to hear you are 'back' into the detecting 👍
  10. Nice write up Lanny. Nice spot by the sounds. And a very nice gesture to get the newbie on the right track. Although you may have done a terrible thing - I'd say the poor bloke is addicted now Does the write up belong to the pics on the previous page?
  11. Northeast

    Need Help Guys Asap

    Welcome to the forum Which country are you in Donnie? Probably makes a bit of difference to what to get. And I think your tests were air tests? Put your 0.05 piece of lead 50mm under mineralized ground, hey presto, it may disappear The SDCs are great. The Gold Monster is also great for even smaller gold. But the SDC wins for dealing with mineralized ground. And Reg's comment is probably not too far off the mark either
  12. Northeast

    Deep Lead Mullock Heaps

    Clay and ironstone sounds ok. Granite not so much but maybe. Any quartz? Although if there are mullock heaps there must have been gold so forget the particulars of what rocks are there and just go beep on them . You'll never never know if you never never go. Welcome to the forum and we'd love to see pictures if you find some yellow stuff!!
  13. Northeast

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    Very impressive Lunk, very impressive indeed
  14. Great question Jin. And nice to see you drop by, haven't seen you here for a bit. Maybe you've been lurking And you too JR and geof - haven't seen any other posts for awhile. Interested to hear others answers too. Keep 'em coming.
  15. Northeast

    Latest News On The QED ?

    https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=25517 Used one here. Mentions about posting in Australia. Doesn't say he won't post internationally. Would still have a years worth of warranty I think. I have never even seen a GPX but I've seen Reg's QED. Very light and from what I read it is fairly competitive against the GPXs. If you are sending it back to Oz for updates it is only the control unit so not expensive to post. The low price point for a brand new QED almost had me convinced to sell the Z and have 6k left over. But knowing that money would then just be spent on carpet for our house I quickly slapped myself Each to their own but if I was just entering the PI market I'd seriously look at the QED.