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  1. Two From The One Hole

    Good on ya Dave. Hope they keep coming for you 👍🏻. Is that WA red dirt you are digging in?
  2. Not Too Bad A Weekend

    Very nice JW. Great to get back into the plus grammer game again 👍🏻
  3. Hi Robbie and welcome to the forum. Big coil for deeper/larger targets and small coil for smaller/shallower targets. I've been using mine quite a bit lately when I can get out for an hour or two. Mostly trying to hit trash infested spots and utilize the discrimination which is essentially why I bought this machine. Are you expecting too much from it? Well, my answer is that the HM will find small gold and it will also find larger, deeper gold IF IT IS THERE. And I think that is the key - the gold has to be there first. I have dug about 30cm for a really large bullet projectile (unsure of caliber) and about 50 centimeters for a large bit of pipe (showing as non-ferrous). So I don't think you are expecting too much of the GM but maybe too much of the goldfields - the yellow stuff is pretty sparse. Is it the bees knees for beginners? Well, it is easy to use, there aren't many settings but there are still some things you can tweek for the location you are detecting. Also, considering you are in quite mineralized ground (Australia) a VLF may be a bit trickier to use than in the US, NZ, Africa, etc. Personally, I think the bees knees for a beginner is the SDC. It is very, very forgiving in hot ground, extremely sensitive, basic to use, waterproof, has reasonable depth, lightish, good battery life, compact, etc, etc, etc. You mentioned the GPX. The GPZ, SDC and GM I have or do own, a GPX I have not so it is a bit hard to comment and someone can correct me if I am wrong. The one thing that I am told constantly is that the GPX series has a mirriad of setting combinations and has a really long, steep learning curve. And then add in the tens of coils that you can utilize and the choice just gets mind boggling. To my mind it is not a beginners machine unless you have the time, understanding and patience to really get the best out of it. For those that can do this the GPX series is super versatile. I hope that helps and doesn't confuse you more Edit: and what minesweeper and orphirboy said above
  4. I broke that flexible link too Dave. I think it gets brittle and I knocked it the wrong way with my knee - crack! The replacement 'kit' isn't cheap either when I only wanted the plastic flexi bit.
  5. Mine is still there RDD - 16 months and still going strong!! 💪
  6. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Hey Jin. Tuesday looks the worst but you'll be right. Best of luck to you. Hopefully we'll get to see another yellow haul like the last lot you put up
  7. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Haven't had an issue with it and have almost only used the 5" coil. Can actually scrape the coil on the ground and amongst stuff without much issue. I have taped the cable up the shaft a little bit with electrical tape. I do get some noises but only when I'm putting the coil under ledges, bushes, etc and the actual cable gets knocked. Just lucky I guess
  8. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    2.5 years in the NT Norvic and about 8 months in Broome/Derby in the west. Reasonable schooling and a couple of family members are the only things keeping us in Vic. We nomad'd with the kids for a year. We all loved it but no stable friends was an issue for the kids. My wife and I would live on the road if we had the chance. I haven't had a chance to catch up on reading any of the stuff you've put up SH but it looks like it'll keep me entertained for a bit. Thanks (edit: read it now. That ground balancing in difficult conditions was good. I don't think I'd seen that one before. Thanks again).
  9. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    "she's funny but at times, in a dead bunny scary sort of way..hahaha...." A bunny boiler. They the scary ones, hey Jen? And what happened to your avatar?? Who's this bloke? Bucky Bill? Ginger Gerry?
  10. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    I had to Google it but just a bit East south east of where they are - cool. Yeah, they are seasoned travelers so they'll be holed up somewhere. I must say, when looking at that area on Google maps/satellite view it is really just many different shades of brown. Our good old wide brown land
  11. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Mmmmmm, that's what I'm starting to wonder. And if in a new location and I do quick track maybe the walk-and-sweep method might be more betterer...
  12. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Where are you Jen (roughly)? My parents in law are in the shire of Sandstone slowly making their way back to Vic - wonder if they are getting the same? They don't seem to have any phone/net coverage though.
  13. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Thanks Steve. A few of us were postulating this question over on PA. Do you mind if I paste the link on there for this thread? I'm almost more confused now though In auto mode: - my Australian ground has naturally occurring ferrite (I assume) - but I ferrite balance with the ring. - during the session the Z slowly auto balances to the ground ferrite. - I am diligent and check X balance every hour or so, and if out, I X balance with the ring and a Quick Track again. Why wouldn't I just let the Z utilize the ferrite in the soil? Wouldn't that actually give a more specific X balance to that particular spot than a broad spectrum ferrite ring?
  14. Broke My Ferrite Ring

    Off topic but sort of on topic as to where the thread is going If you use semi-auto now do you need to re ferrite balance during a session considering the Z holds 100% of that info? What exactly is the benefit of semi-auto over fully auto?