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  1. Thanks JW - very nice to see it in action. I can't believe you can run the two units right beside each other. Is VLF different to PI in that respect? Couldn't get the SDC or 2 GPZ within 20 metres of each other. Hope you make some more
  2. Phoenix, I'm not sure if that parameter can be variable but I agree 100% with you and I think I've seen others make the same comment - sometimes Normal is too much accelerator and difficult is too much brake - something in between would be nice.
  3. Hehe, it's OK Chris - I'm just pulling your chain. Take your time, be happy with your finished product and I'm sure we will be thankful for the effort you are putting in. Looking forward to seeing it
  4. JW, Have sold my SDC as it simply never got used. This was a third of the price that I got for the SDC so it gives me discrimination and makes my wife happy(ish) It is going to be auto everything for my first foray into the VLF world. JP's advanced workflow off his Treasure Talk will be used no doubt. Have spent the last few days looking through Steve's, Lunk's, JP's and your posts just trying to get all the tidbits of info. Steve - your tags on the threads are very helpful. Thanks again. Congrats on the cup race wins so far. Is it best of 18 races or something? And hope you found some shiny stuff today in the NZ wilds
  5. Teeny tiny stuff JW but it's all yellow and it all adds up. Hoping my GM is here by Tuesday with a day off on Wednesday to play. You're giving me confidence even though my local ground will be noisier than yours. Those yachts are amazing! Ben Lexen was only playing in the minor leagues compared to these latest advancements. So is tomorrow a skiing day, a detecting day or a beer and watching yacht racing day?
  6. Reno Chris - I believe there are a few detector companies interested in hiring you for their marketing departments. You're doing a brilliant job of giving us a little teaser and then leaving us on the edge of our seat waiting for the next release date Thanks for the first vid - but really looking forward to seeing the next ones with the Monster in action
  7. Great read JW. Gold Monster is doing the biz!! Just ordered mine. Excited
  8. I think this report just put me over the line. Thanks californiagold. JP, when will you have them in stock again????
  9. Aussieau. Coral trout. Blue bone. They are pretty good. Personally my favorite fish to catch and eat are Spanish Mackerel. Awesome to fish for, fight and great table fish with heaps of tucker off one fish. I miss the NT Barra are reasonably good tasting and are also great fun to catch.
  10. What are you missing?
  11. Bit of a read but well worth it. And a little bit more knowledge tucked away
  12. Another celebrity into the mix!! Congrats JW - you really do produce an interesting and informative read. Look forward to more
  13. Will they deliver to Australia when I win??
  14. Shame that I can't speak the language but showed many of the things that I wanted to see. Thanks for putting it up Strick.