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  1. Big Nugget Found With GPZ 7000

    Hey Gerry, I like that picture and Thank You very much. It was interesting how it was found. I have to Thank the Great Lord above, as I really think it was found at a perfect time with a great friend with me. Yes, beating a 1 Pound solid nugget will be hard in the US, as I have been searching for over 20 years for this piece. I would love to beat it, as anyone would, but my goal is really accomplished. I know you have found some great whoppers also and you deserve it. I think there is a reason why some find them and others don't. I believe it has to do with a lot of hard work, research, boots on the ground and even a bit of Karma could help! I'm a firm believer, if you go around helping others to the best of your ability, things always seem to come back your way at some point, maybe not so much in material things. Thanks for all the comments. Continue to search, its out there! P.S. Lunk - We need to get another trip scheduled at some point. It was fun the last time we hunted together with the SDC's. Steve - Thanks for the comments!
  2. Hey Guys, I have a couple of like new, demo Minelab SDC 2300 Detectors I would like to move before the end of the year. One was a recent trade-in, other was a unit I personally owned and was used for training and shows. Both are in great condition and come with all stock accessories. I'm willing to ship anywhere in the US for $2900.00 each. This is almost $1000 less than new. I will also offer a lifetime of support and they still have 2+ years of warranty on them. This is a great bargain for an SDC 2300, as they are super deadly on small gold and are a Pulse Induction, which have excellent mineral immunity. These units are also 100% waterproof. Call us right away at - 623-362-1459 if you're interested. I'm going to toss them on Facebook and Ebay within a day or so if they don't sell. Rob's Detector Sales 623-362-1459 office line www.robsdetectors.com
  3. Hey Doc, No reason to send a check, maybe the Truth Hurts! I remember getting the calls about you going out of business. Heck, I wasn't sure if it was true or not. I guess we would be lying if we didn't believe some would want us to go out of business for one reason or another. I doubt I will ever more to a warehouse, I'm still pushing a long in a small office and garage. That being said, I think we both live by the same business ethics. Take care, Rob Allison Rob's Detector Sales
  4. Hey Doc, I wish you would stop bragging all the time! Haha .... I'm proud to be one of your close friends. You have always treated me like a damn Son when it comes to being a dealer. You're the best US Distributor anyone could ask for. Your Honestly, Integrity, Trust and Work ethics have placed you on top of the Metal Detecting Industry! Your bud, Rob Allison
  5. Black Friday / Holiday Sales

    Hey Chuck, Just happen to see your post here. Thanks for the plug on the business. We are running a 10% special up until Cyber Monday, so you can use the discount code that Chuck mentioned or give us a call. Minelab is also running a Christmas Giveaway up until Jan. 31st on these metal detectors - Minelab GPX 5000 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab GPX 4500 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab SDC 2300 - FREE Pro Sonic Wireless System Minelab CTX 3030 - FREE 17" Searchcoil Minelab Safari Pro Pack - FREE Car Charger Minelab Go-Find 20 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat Minelab Go-Find 40 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat Minelab Go-Find 60 - FREE Carry Bag and Minelab Hat We are still including our Christmas Bundle with the Minelab item as an extra. 15% Military Discount also can be applied to Minelab metal detectors, but can't be bundled with any other discount codes, such as the 10%. If you would like to join our mailing list, you can do it here - http://eepurl.com/daIPhP Rob @ Rob's Detector Sales Thanks!
  6. Some Nevada Gold Nuggets

    Hey Steve, Congrats on the recent success hunting new ground. This is something that is difficult for many, they want to continue to pound old, known fields. Trust me, it's difficult for me also, as I know I can almost always pull a few small ones from old patches if I'm willing to spent the time hunting slowly. What I tell many of my customers about finding new patches is this. It's very hard to re-program yourself to explore new ground as the chance of getting skunked (recovering no gold) is very high. However, if you would happen to find a new location, there is no telling what the potential could be (grams, ounces or pounds). I recommend if possible this 50/50 method. We all like to bring home a nugget or two if possible, so I will hunt either some gold ground in the morning and hopefully eliminate the skunked by getting a dink or so. I then concentrate the second part of the day searching new ground. This method sometimes allows you to get a piece of gold, eliminate the skunk and explore new ground all on the same day. Each time in the field, you are at least making an attempt to find new locations. It's all a process of elimination in my book, you hunt the best you can on that ground and then you don't have to hunt it again. I recommend having a "Plan of Attack" prior to the hunt. Know where you're going to hunt some old patches or ground, then have a plan to attack some new country on the outskirts of known gold locations. If you do this enough, I would almost guarantee some new gold and hopefully some decent patches to your poke! Just some suggestions that have worked for me in the past.
  7. Hey Steve and members, That is correct, the XP 9-inch elliptical HF coils have shipped. I will have my first batch mid-week if all turns out well. I have another order right behind it, as I think they will sell quickly as everyone has been waiting for them. I have them now listed on my site - https://www.robsdetectors.com/xp-deus-9-5-elliptical-waterproof-dd-high-frequency-search-coil/ Just a FYI.
  8. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Begins Delivery

    Hey Principedeleon, I would hold off until early next week, most major Minelab dealers will have them in stock. Just a FYI, that company is not allowed to ship into the US market, nor are we allowed to ship into the South American market.
  9. Expensive Lesson Learned.... Insure !!

    Hey Auwander, I can tell you that I have been in business for over 17 years now and have shipped thousands of packages. Some people have questioned me over the years why I might charge a few dollars more on shipping than others. Well the main reason is just this - damage control. For a few extra bucks I can guarantee the package is fully insured. I'm still fighting with Fedex on a GPZ 7000 I shipped earlier this year. If you seen the package, looks like something tore the entirepackage in half. Luckily, I insured for $8000.00, but Fedex is trying to play games and not pay for it. Funny, they will take the money you spent on insurance all day, but it's now been 3 months and I have yet to see them replace or send me the value of the package.
  10. XP Deus HF 2nd Outing

    Hey Condor, Great to hear you got some gold with the new HF 9" inch round. I haven't found any time to escape with it, so was hoping a few guys like yourself would report back. The HF coils from XP are selling well and have increased sales on the XP Deus. The Deus is pretty slick, extremely light, wireless and now very sensitive to small gold. I have a few very trashy areas I'm excited to give it a whirl at. Thanks for the "Shout out," and a bit Shout Out for Steve and the great forum!
  11. Weather Resistant System For Minelab GPX

    Hey Steve, Bootyhunter and all, The cover is pretty nice and will be a good asset to many in areas where there is a not of rain or snow. Steve might remember, but years ago at either Moore's Creek or Gane's, it rained all day. It was miserable to be honest and extremely cold. It it wasn't for finding some nice gold, most probably would have been back at camp where it was warm. I remember one guy, not sure if it was Glenn, but it was so cold their Minelab shut down several times. One the unit warmed up, it powered back up. Curious if a cover like this would hold some of the heat in.
  12. Minelab GPX Small Lightweight Battery

    Hey Guys, Not a bad set up at all. Surprises me it took Minelab 10 years to develop, when this could have been released with the GPX 4000 in all honestly. They allowed Coiltek to make a fortune on the older Coiltek Pocket Rocket Li-Ion System and within the last 5 years Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack System. Minelab leaves a lot of money on the table for other manufactures to develop products, but maybe this is their goal. I have sold either a Pocket Rocket or Goldscreamer Power Pack for approx. 95% of all the detectors I sold, let alone the ones I sell to other customers that purchased elsewhere. I would only guess that is hundreds of thousands of dollars just on the battery system and pouch alone. Now when you think about all the aftermarket coils, signal enhancers, headphones, coil covers, battery systems, covers and such, you're probably in the ballpark of several million dollars. Either way, the customer will benefit as someone will make it.
  13. Minelab GPX Small Lightweight Battery

    Hey Steve and All, They are available now, we have a limited amount of them. You can only get the Combo right now, not just the battery alone. https://www.robsdetectors.com/minelab-gpx-small-battery-control-box-cover-pouch/ $162.00 plus shipping is the MAP price. $147.00 for the battery alone when they are available. The small battery lasts around 3 hours and is 46% lighter than the GPX stock battery. 7.4v 18.6Wh. Keep in mind, you will need the small cord if you don't want to use the stock, longer curly cord. Minelab talked about having a small cord made and packed with the battery combo, but looks like they don't yet. We have a handful of the small 16" Coiltek GPX 5 pin cords, but I see them going really quickly! Hope this helps a bit,
  14. Nugget Finder 19″ Round Evolution Searchcoil

    Hey Jen, We just got them in, only a few to start with. Here is our online store link - https://www.robsdetectors.com/nugget-finder-19-evolution-19-round-mono-searchcoil/ Just a FYI. I know you mentioned you might want one.