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  1. Hey Principedeleon, I would hold off until early next week, most major Minelab dealers will have them in stock. Just a FYI, that company is not allowed to ship into the US market, nor are we allowed to ship into the South American market.
  2. Hey Auwander, I can tell you that I have been in business for over 17 years now and have shipped thousands of packages. Some people have questioned me over the years why I might charge a few dollars more on shipping than others. Well the main reason is just this - damage control. For a few extra bucks I can guarantee the package is fully insured. I'm still fighting with Fedex on a GPZ 7000 I shipped earlier this year. If you seen the package, looks like something tore the entirepackage in half. Luckily, I insured for $8000.00, but Fedex is trying to play games and not pay for it. Funny, they will take the money you spent on insurance all day, but it's now been 3 months and I have yet to see them replace or send me the value of the package.
  3. Hey Condor, Great to hear you got some gold with the new HF 9" inch round. I haven't found any time to escape with it, so was hoping a few guys like yourself would report back. The HF coils from XP are selling well and have increased sales on the XP Deus. The Deus is pretty slick, extremely light, wireless and now very sensitive to small gold. I have a few very trashy areas I'm excited to give it a whirl at. Thanks for the "Shout out," and a bit Shout Out for Steve and the great forum!
  4. Hey Steve, Bootyhunter and all, The cover is pretty nice and will be a good asset to many in areas where there is a not of rain or snow. Steve might remember, but years ago at either Moore's Creek or Gane's, it rained all day. It was miserable to be honest and extremely cold. It it wasn't for finding some nice gold, most probably would have been back at camp where it was warm. I remember one guy, not sure if it was Glenn, but it was so cold their Minelab shut down several times. One the unit warmed up, it powered back up. Curious if a cover like this would hold some of the heat in.
  5. Hey Guys, Not a bad set up at all. Surprises me it took Minelab 10 years to develop, when this could have been released with the GPX 4000 in all honestly. They allowed Coiltek to make a fortune on the older Coiltek Pocket Rocket Li-Ion System and within the last 5 years Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack System. Minelab leaves a lot of money on the table for other manufactures to develop products, but maybe this is their goal. I have sold either a Pocket Rocket or Goldscreamer Power Pack for approx. 95% of all the detectors I sold, let alone the ones I sell to other customers that purchased elsewhere. I would only guess that is hundreds of thousands of dollars just on the battery system and pouch alone. Now when you think about all the aftermarket coils, signal enhancers, headphones, coil covers, battery systems, covers and such, you're probably in the ballpark of several million dollars. Either way, the customer will benefit as someone will make it.
  6. Hey Steve and All, They are available now, we have a limited amount of them. You can only get the Combo right now, not just the battery alone. $162.00 plus shipping is the MAP price. $147.00 for the battery alone when they are available. The small battery lasts around 3 hours and is 46% lighter than the GPX stock battery. 7.4v 18.6Wh. Keep in mind, you will need the small cord if you don't want to use the stock, longer curly cord. Minelab talked about having a small cord made and packed with the battery combo, but looks like they don't yet. We have a handful of the small 16" Coiltek GPX 5 pin cords, but I see them going really quickly! Hope this helps a bit,
  7. Hey Jen, We just got them in, only a few to start with. Here is our online store link - Just a FYI. I know you mentioned you might want one.
  8. Hey Moses, Sorry to hear about the issues. I have sold a lot of Garrett ATX's, never hear much about the coils from at least the customers I dealt with here in the US. Many have upgraded at some point to a Minelab GPX series or GPZ 7000. I can't comment on why Garrett re-done the coils on the ATX, maybe there was some issues. I know some did complain about the open design always handing up on brush and such on the ground while swinging side-to-side. I have yet to see a Counterfeit Garrett ATX, but I'm not saying they are not out there. I have seen about a dozen Counterfeit Minelab GPX series (4500 & 5000) in person. Most of them where purchased in Africa and a couple off of Ebay to the American market. Whatever you decide, search for a local, Authorized metal detector dealer. I would also see if one would provide any type of instructions if you purchase from them in the future. Good luck on whatever you decide. Rob Allison - Rob's Detector Sales
  9. Hey Chuck, Funny you mentioned the Tesoro Mojave. A guy called me about 2 months ago looking for one of these units. He said he uses it for gold prospecting in Western Australia of all places. He said the Tesoro brand is very difficult to get over there and he went through several of these units, looking for another one. Why he was using this unit for nugget shooting is another questions, but sounded like he was finding gold and was happy with it. On another note about Tesoro, I sure wish they had they a good Tesoro that would run against at least the entry level PI's on the market today. I honestly believe Tesoro has some of the best customer service in the World. They also have a lifetime warranty on all their metal detectors. I remember in the late 90's I had an original Tesoro Lobo go down. I called Tesoro and they said bring it up today. The guy said if I drove it up, he would look at it and repair while I waited. During this visit to the Prescott facility I had the unit worked on, fixed and tuned up in just a few hours and during that time they toured me around the office and warehouse. Some of the most friendliest people I have ever met. I could only wish some of the other manufactures were in the same boat. Jack Gifford was the owner and head engineer at Tesoro Metal Detectors in Prescott, AZ. He also worked for Bounty Hunter & Fisher. Just my two cents, Rob Allison Rob's Detector Sales
  10. Hey Steve, I learned the hard way also, some time back when a customer called and said his coil cover wouldn't work. He said the original white 6.5-inch elliptical coil cover I shipped him wouldn't fit his new Goldbug2. I was puzzled, but quickly realized they changed the small coil and I never got any notification of it. Now I have to ask customer on all orders when they order the 6.5-inch coil to make sure if they have the new or old version.
  11. Hey Guys, Anyone having issues on my forums, please email me at - with your username and I can set up a temp. password for you. Email me and let me know your username and email address, then I will send you the details. We updated the forums to the latest software and some older members could of got effected.
  12. Thanks for verifying for us Steve. Great that the URL is working good.
  13. Hey Steve, I set it up where the old URL re-directs you to the new URL. I just tried it, it worked fine. Hopefully others it will do the same. If you would, click on the old URL from the top of this post, it should take you to the new forums with the new robsdetectors URL automatically.
  14. Hey Steve, Ya, its sad to hear when someone calls and tells you they picked up a new GPX 5000 (back when they were $5795.00) for like $3000. I would tell them there is no possible way anyone could sell one that cheap. I always knew where this was going for the customer, but they wouldn't listen despite all the honest advice I would give. I even had a smaller group of these customer call me back and ask he what I could do for them ....... Always seek out your "local" Authorized Minelab Dealer. They are easy to find, find them or Minelab's website under the Find a Dealer section. When in doubt, you could always post something on the forums if you're searching for one, or call Minelab Customer Care Number directly to verify a dealer if in doubt. Anytime you see prices under the MAP (minimum advertised Price), I would question the sale if you don't know the dealer personally. Also, be extremely careful on Amazon and other Marketplaces. I have even seen some Fake ones on Ebay, but dealing with Paypal in my opinion has been the safest payment option over the last 15 years. Many fraudulent sellers are popping up on Amazon, please use extreme caution on there!!!
  15. Hey Steve, Thanks for the update on my forum. I want to get all my sites under my business name, Robs Detectors. We will be doing some other updates soon on the forum and more on the online store. Missed seeing you at the 2017 International Minelab Partners Conference.