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  1. Hey Steve, I learned the hard way also, some time back when a customer called and said his coil cover wouldn't work. He said the original white 6.5-inch elliptical coil cover I shipped him wouldn't fit his new Goldbug2. I was puzzled, but quickly realized they changed the small coil and I never got any notification of it. Now I have to ask customer on all orders when they order the 6.5-inch coil to make sure if they have the new or old version.
  2. Hey Guys, Anyone having issues on my forums, please email me at - with your username and I can set up a temp. password for you. Email me and let me know your username and email address, then I will send you the details. We updated the forums to the latest software and some older members could of got effected.
  3. Thanks for verifying for us Steve. Great that the URL is working good.
  4. Hey Steve, I set it up where the old URL re-directs you to the new URL. I just tried it, it worked fine. Hopefully others it will do the same. If you would, click on the old URL from the top of this post, it should take you to the new forums with the new robsdetectors URL automatically.
  5. Hey Steve, Ya, its sad to hear when someone calls and tells you they picked up a new GPX 5000 (back when they were $5795.00) for like $3000. I would tell them there is no possible way anyone could sell one that cheap. I always knew where this was going for the customer, but they wouldn't listen despite all the honest advice I would give. I even had a smaller group of these customer call me back and ask he what I could do for them ....... Always seek out your "local" Authorized Minelab Dealer. They are easy to find, find them or Minelab's website under the Find a Dealer section. When in doubt, you could always post something on the forums if you're searching for one, or call Minelab Customer Care Number directly to verify a dealer if in doubt. Anytime you see prices under the MAP (minimum advertised Price), I would question the sale if you don't know the dealer personally. Also, be extremely careful on Amazon and other Marketplaces. I have even seen some Fake ones on Ebay, but dealing with Paypal in my opinion has been the safest payment option over the last 15 years. Many fraudulent sellers are popping up on Amazon, please use extreme caution on there!!!
  6. Hey Steve, Thanks for the update on my forum. I want to get all my sites under my business name, Robs Detectors. We will be doing some other updates soon on the forum and more on the online store. Missed seeing you at the 2017 International Minelab Partners Conference.
  7. Hey Kennedy, I have been a Minelab dealer here in the US since the early 90's. I hate to say it, but that is a counterfeit control box at a minimum. I would contact the seller ASAP if possible to get your money back. I would also report the buyer to Minelab Americas so others don't purchase counterfeit Minelab GPX's. This has been a huge problem over the last 5-6 years starting with the Sudan Gold Rush. Here are a few links that might help you out - Hope this helps a bit, Rob Allison
  8. Hey Steve and All, Just to clarify, the guy that shared the picture with me is close friends with the finder. They are finding some very nice gold in that area, but it's all private. I also stated it was found in the lower desert region, which is was. I never stated the US, but guys on my forum wanted to play the guessing game. I'm not the finder nor owner, so I was asked to not share the picture anywhere else in request of the finder. He obviously wanted to share it with Minelab, or someone he knew shared it with them. The majority of nugget shooters are not going to tell the location of a great find, so I respected his request and I didn't post any specifics. Hope this clarifies somewhat.
  9. Hey Chuck, Most are gone, but still have a few. I'm not selling mine though .... LOL
  10. Hey Chris, I agree with you on the training. If someone is a seasoned prospector with experience with prior PI's, they normally can get away with a day or so of training. The new customers that are jumping into a PI or GPZ are so green at detecting, terminology, techniques, that normally these guys/gals will need much more fine tuning along the way. One reason I always honor unlimited support beyond the sale. This allows customers to always email, call or visit our forums if they have questions or issues beyond the field instructions. Some people's learning curve is also much greater than others. I've had some jump right in and take off like they have done it for 20 years, while others really struggle. Today there is so much research material such as the Internet, books, publications, geologic maps, Google Earth and much more. Chris Ralph's Book, Fist Full of Gold is a must have in my opinion as it covers pretty much everything you can think about and more.
  11. Hey Steve and all, Ya, Geology training would be great, but let me just toss one thing out there. When I was in college, my passion was in Economic Geology. I have hundreds of books on mining, ore deposits, mineralogy and much more. I focused my studies more on gold, but there is nothing real specific to just gold. That being said, I was doing the electronic prospecting pretty heavy at this time. In my opinion, I found less gold nuggets knowing too much about Geology. I know this sounds a bit whacked, but I chased too much "Textbook" knowledge about vein/ore deposits that I overlooked smaller areas that had better potential for gold nuggets. The old saying is, "Gold is where you find it." I learned his the hard way, chasing too much textbook info and less field work information. If you want to be the best prospector, have an open mind. I walked over a lot of gold as I had too many "textbook blinders" on. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. Learning about geology and ore deposits are great, but don't allow that to take over your thought process when you're on the ground. Gold nuggets normally (in my opinion) are from much smaller seams/veins, which the geology on this don't always follow the same as the larger, more distinctive ore deposits/veins. That being said, some dealers like myself spent an entire day training. We are more than willing to train customers on whatever they need to know beyond the detector use. I always recommending buying from someone that is willing to train and cater to your personal detecting needs. Some great dealers here in the US that are more than willing to help get anyone up and running! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Rob Allison
  12. Hey Scott, Got solid confirmation they are shipping today (Friday) and the remainder Monday per Minelab America's. My best guess, any dealer that had a pre-order in a long time ago will at least have some coils allocated off this shipment. I will have yours for sure! Take care, Rob Allison Rob's Detector Sales
  13. Hey Idahogold, Yes, there are tons of knowledgeable guys here on Steve's forum. Thanks for the purchase of the units. You will love those detectors!
  14. Hey Guys, Hear some rumors on a GPZ sale, but nothing has been announced that I have heard of. The GPX 5000 Pro Package that used to be at $5995.00 is now reduced down to $4000.00. You can still use the 15% Military Discount on top of this to reduce that price down to $3400.00. I can't believe the GPZ on that site is down to $7400.00 Take care, Rob Allison
  15. Hey Jim, The GPX 4500 Metal Detector + SDC 2300 bundle is current until Dec. 31st for $3,999.00. You can also purchase a GPX 4500 Universal package (includes the 15x12 Mono) for $2699.00, or the GPX 4800 Metal Detector for $2649.00 (now discontinued unless dealers still have in stock). Just some words of advice, the GPX 4800's are discontinued now. There was a promo back in Oct. where you could get a FREE Eureka Gold with the purchase of the GPX 4800. That being said, the panel was in spanish, but English software. Some individuals "were not telling" their customers this, as I have already got some feedback about this. I sold a bunch of these bundles, but told everyone right up front that the panel(s) were in Spanish, but the the menu screen was in English. It's not that big of deal, but always best to let people know what they are getting. I think some dealers might have been bundling the 4800 or 4500 with the SDC 2300 for $3999.00. If you have any questions, I would be more than willing to help, but the deadline is Dec. 31st. I also don't want to interfere with anyone's purchase through another dealer. Just trying to pass some information on about the current and past promo's from Minelab.