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  1. Get your product integrated into the game called Minecraft. Develop a virtual reality detecting simulation game Boom! Next generation hook, line and sinker. The hobby end just isn't glamorous. Without getting pornographic there is little appeal to rooting around in the dirt. Only a certain type of person is anything more than curious. It's very much a niche hobby that, as noted already, for the hobbiest has diminishing returns as time passes. There are very few replenishing resources for detectorists at any level. Eating our own tails. I imagine any expansion on the hobby end without breakthrough technology down the road involves the classic selling of half-truth. Nobody would purchase on a light truth in advertising, "You too can find treasures...if you can find them, and depending how you define treasure." [insert picture of crusty half-button, bits of iron, one crusty Indian Head cent] If were a manufacturer of metal detectors, the future is security and industrial tech... the hobby just isn't sport. There is an art to it, but it isn't art. IMHO.
  2. When I play XboxOne with my kids, or I sometimes play Call of Duty I actually turn the haptic feedback off for better control, better precision, and it makes a big difference in gameplay. All professional gamers (yes they exist) do the exact same thing. This is my experience and preference only. Trying to imagine translating that to useful detecting performance... I struggle accepting it could help me. But for others - whatever they like is good for them. We do agree that helping the handicapped is always a good cause.
  3. That's about what I had in mind. 3 lights red, yellow, green. Red rejected, yellow bouncy or on edge of disc, green accepted. Putting the light on the coil is a brilliant idea. XP could have done this easier than most with the Deus. The last issue with vibrate is that it consumes too much power in comparison to LED lighting. Imagine also hunting trashy areas, vibration takes more time to indicate information than light does. How crazy would a trashy park drive someone in vibrate? You'd end up watching the screen anyway, so why vibrate? I'd get annoyed, lol. IMO spend the resources elsewhere on truly useful features.
  4. Both but audio as the primary. Instead of vibrate why not a few colored led lights to convey more information. I hate vibration on my phone. Sometimes calls are missed when set to vibration. I don't see it having any advantage over a lighting system except for stealth. Would every signal vibrate the same? If yes, then what's the point? IMO vibration is better suited for the blind, not deaf. Having several deaf family members whom use TTY machines for phone calls, their phone is integrated into the houselights so they flash when the phone rings. They don't have vibrating anything except when stomping the floors to gain your attention. Flashing visual indicators for the deaf, vibrating indicators for the blind deaf.
  5. I admit it's somewhat tempting to buy a bigfoot coil (after Steve's excellent post I'd jump all over a V-rated bigfoot at a grand if someone would make it. Take my fools gold! ) but my better judgement says just get a Tesoro unit with the widescan 3x18. That's where I'd put the money these days. Seems to me a smarter move for the money. If I already owned a DFX I'd own a bigfoot too. Question: Like other coils, do bigfoot coil properties change or "age" with the passing of time?
  6. Nice hunting you did. Yeah, I'm liking the ring, but your old square coin...that's really cool! Thanks for posting another image what it is. I'd have had no idea it was a coin otherwise. Get some more.
  7. LOL! I'm going to try that one sung as a chantey in a pirates accent. That ought to keep the wierdos away! "Look at the crazy man, Mommy"!
  8. I'm with Steve, but If I found it there would be nothing I could find but tank parts. I swear, who finds gold bars in a tank of a tank and then reports them to the police? Couldn't trust one another? I do hope they get a slice of the pie for being honest, at least. Found this: at the link below. Seems no images of the actual find yet.
  9. Gold is truly where you find
  10. Great read. Lovely images. Good hunting! Thank you.
  11. I like to think of my trash cleaning efforts perhaps a bit unusually. I tend to treat the park as a living, breathing organism that I'll talk to as I clean. As I do this there is hope the karma kicks in and the park coughs up some gold jewelry. Even at the end of a session, having been skunked, I'll take one last look back and think, "I've left you better than I found you with no reward. Remember me next time." I don't know if it helps, but I feel better about the time spent.
  12. Sometimes I wonder how heavy the hunting pressure is around my area. This hunt was unusual with 4 rings and a silver coin, so not typical for me. If I were fishing I'd have ran into a school of rings! Normally I expect to catch at least one gold item per month. This year I've been hitting too many gold plated crap - the tide will change! Hows it normally goes is several months drought without gold, then a few back to back gold finds followed by another drought filled with silver jewelry and lots of cheap kids stuff. I'm due for some real gold. Only two gold this year and it's the 4th month. If I don't get something soon I'll start discriminating everything above zinc - come on already! On a side note, my kids are huge into Minecraft and they think I'm mining for gold to smelt into gold ingots. LOL. They're kinda right though.
  13. Took my two boys (they make the perfect cover) to an elementary school playground today, Sunday. I had found a silver ring here a few weeks back. Decided to run Deus 4.0 around the place. More or less walked random wavey patterns in the courtyard between the building and the playground when not tending to the needs of the youngest. Just sitting ducks for any detectorist. Almost every target was an isolated signal surface to 8". Took the 62' quarter at 8" - which was an unexpected coin. Only one good ring. The gold plate ring is a Lord Of The Rings copy. I've barely made a dent in the courtyard. Still a practice field, BB courts, another original playground, and the loading zones. Hopefully there is some teacher/parent gold lurking around there. Keep on swingin!
  14. Well, when I am forcing my way through dense scrub using a machine with a screen, I generally want to protect the screen, like relic hunting with my V3i, the back of the screen housing is all scrached up from sticks, twigs and grasses. So in that situation my choice is do I protect the screen, or the battery and cable? I don't like the choice. Just an observation and my reasoning for not liking it. It does look like it could protect the hand similar to a sword.
  15. That's right. Targeting and finding any jewelry ; I may not catch a trophy today but at least I'm catching fish.