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  1. Yikes - Big Change To Forum!

    Well the "reactions" are different...threw me for a loop at first. And glad I missed the baby llama drama. Looks like there are still adults that have forgotten about the basics even my 6yr old has no problem remembering - the first lesson, courtesy.
  2. The Law Of Averages

    Nice ring! Congratulations.
  3. New Rule - Number Of Posts Before Being Allowed To Use Classifieds

    Perhaps the requirement should be that a new user must create two thread topics in other forums before access to the classifieds is granted....to get to know them better and prevent an easy spam. Makes it a bit more difficult and public when they can't get away with two posts that consist of, "Nice find!", "Good hunt!", etc. I am ok with whatever. It's not a problem until it is.
  4. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    My wife is a teacher also - elementary. My father-in-law retired from teaching/wrestling coach/dean of students as well - middle school. I've always appreciated and respected teachers. I just can't do it as well as I would like. I become critical and impatient too quickly. It's not so easy as it would seem if one's temperment is not suited for it. Adults are hard enough but kids.... um, forget about it. I wouldn't last a week. Major respect!
  5. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    LOL! Perhaps that's why nobody posts about it...they use the eyeballs! I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience. You explain things like a good teacher and that itself is something I can't do but deeply respect.
  6. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    Steve, have you played with the prospecting scan mode on the V3i? If so, what did you conclude it's best used for? (I know, prospecting, duh! ) Simply tracking changes in the ground seeking high concentrations of minerals, black sand or something else? There is almost no information out there about its uses in the field by real prospectors and I'd be interested in learning more about how they use it, if at all.
  7. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    That's how I understood it too. You have a great way of explaining things, Steve. Outstanding! One more question please, so where does a GB2 get it's ground balance base setting from? A preset? I realize we're splitting hairs for an average detectorist, but the V3i has a reputation of being difficult to ground balance, and as you said, performance is hinged on a good ground balance, so it's something I regularly do and keep on top of by habit. I thought I taught myself wrong for a bit, so I'm willing to be corrected. Thank you.
  8. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    Thank you both. I understand now seeing the image on the GB2. I understood that locking a track or ground grabbing (what I thought to be a manual ground balance) takes a "photograph" or snapshot of the area directly under the coil, and I understand the tracking on is more like a motion picture, a series of continuious snapshots. So, as Steve also mentioned, the offset settings on the V3i, is that offset the equal to or similar to the GB2's ground reject knob? I do keep mine on the live control toolbar and it's pretty easy to change on the fly. Thanks again, gentlemen.
  9. White's Dfx Versus V3i On Gold

    Huh? I'm confused. I set mine to lock, pull the trigger and hold while pumping the coil until balanced before releasing the trigger. It remains locked at that GB point. Is that not a manual GB? Pretty sure there are 3 ways to GB on the V3i. Auto track, auto track to lock, and what I do and thought was manual.
  10. I've no experience with HF machines but from what I've read about them when researching a unit something didn't seem right with his coil. I very much look forward to your review!
  11. Seems he may have a bad coil. Another 5x9 owner has posted his results and it's much better.
  12. Does 5" air test on a wheat cent at 14khz sound normal for a 5"x9" DD coil? I assume that must be acceptable. The 4x6 sharpshooter paired with my V3i hits coins, but just barely, out to six inches air testing 3 frequency, but I have never dug a coin that deep in the field that I can recall. I would expect at least the same from the new coil air testing at 14khz, or whatever the lowest frequency is.
  13. Costume Jewelry Find...." Sterling Shank "

    That's a nice ring. Silver is treasure no matter how it's sliced. Do you think the stone is glass? Genuine sapphire maybe? Congratulations.
  14. Guy on Tnet says the new coil won't do better than 5" on a wheat cent with any setting. Anyone else own one to provide insight, verify his experience? http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/deus/546676-first-thoughts-review-new-xp-deus-elliptical-coil-2.html#post5461297