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  1. Silencer filter kills depth. It also causes loss of subtle tone variations when in full tones mode. I always keep it off unless I forget while making changes on the fly. And yes, it is super annoying XP couldn't divorce the reactivity settings from the silencer filters.
  2. 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat always worked for me. Yours is a bit heavier to carry but looks more stable. I see a new product to market, The Prospector Potty.
  3. And if passive agressiveness doesn't work turn it up a notch with direct threats. "I'm not above disassembling you and parting you out. I'll do it!" Nice score!
  4. Lovely silver! I feel you on the gold drought. Keep swingin and it'll show up. Good hunting!
  5. To me it seems the deleted post, that was your answer. If that's what you get for laughing at the Hitler/Deus video.... I probably get no more warranty!
  6. I happened to see that thread and your post. GaryB posted 24 hours earlier in the same thread. When I went back to see what reply you'd gotten I couldn't find the thread - the French have a reputation of thin skin for some reason. In school I studied marketing with an eye towards advertising graphic design, and I never have seen a marketing cluster-fugggh like I've seen out of XP with this 4.0/Hardware fiasco. For students it would make a great study in what not to do from a marketing perspective. Trickle down information heard through the grapevine... Speaking of, this is great marketing :
  7. Look how 7.5kHz and 6.592kHz are the standard with both companies. Looks like a sweet spot at 7kHz.
  8. No photo on this one but... The 8x6 SEF weighs 390 grams with scuff cover. Amazing that the 4x6 sharpshooter is only 35 grams lighter and the 6" 5.3 concentric is 27 grams heavier.
  9. Pretty cool tests. I find it odd there was no mention of sound card performance and testing. I would think results would vary based upon the make and model sound card/drivers installed because that's what we're plugging our headphones into. Pretty key link in the chain, IMO.
  10. Yes. I use bridges as a good plot point as they generally stay the same over time while many creeks/rivers change course badly in my they were some of the first practical improvements as people settled westward. We pretty much do it the same way with historicaerials checking changes in features.
  11. Speaking of old topo's... I've been using this android app since last year and it works great. For locating cellar holes from old topo maps it's a dream. Basically you overlay your topo on a google map, plot some reference points, and the topo is rectified to a modern map with GPS ability. The more reference plots you create the more accurate the rectification. Works with hand drawn maps too. I've ran it at four different sites and it's really very good. IMO, it's the best thing out there to simplify our searches. Do yourself a favor and try it.
  12. All I can offer is the 8x6 Detech SEF gives up a bit of coverage, but has great depth and is very light. It is my favorite coil in moderate to high trash when conditions allow for an open coil design. If I'm poking around, in and through bushes and scrub, or otherwise can't swing laterally... I choose the 6" concentric Eclipse. (That cork could use a makeover too, but keep it closed, please!) That said, I'm looking forward to whatever coils come to market for the V3i.
  13. No, sorry, I don't own that coil. I have 5 coils. 10" D2 5.3 eclipse 4x6 sharpshooter 8x6 Detech 15x12 Detech
  14. Good read. I could have been there with you on that adventure from the descriptions. Congratulations on the fish and gold. Sleeping on a boat. Does it get any better?
  15. Sorry about the first. Still 566 grams.