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  1. I've felt the pain. My first (only found two) 14k herringbone chain got jacked up (almost severed) from all the luck of stabbing right into a free end 3 inches from a clasp on the first plunge. Never again! The dainty chains are the worst to extract from grass roots.
  2. I know you guys are above my pay grade in experience, but do you really probe for jewelry? I understand probing for coins and it is fast saving time, but jewelry (ring, necklace, earring) no way. I've broke rings (thin ladies bands) skewering them through the hole (thought I missed) and balled chains broke in half. If I know it's not a coin I won't probe and pop.
  3. That's a pretty large target! How fast at 10" on a US nickle or dime?
  4. Here is unit designed, IMO, by a right handed person. There are others but this came to mind first.
  5. Ya know, I feel a kind of kindred detectorists vibe with you too. A learn tons from using different machines on the same beat-to-death site, like you. I can so relate spending 12 hours straight at the amusement park grounds only to go home with .22 cases, slag, and iron. So many days my attitude was that I felt like I was only a grounds cleaner...but I'm stubborn and persistent and always kept coming back. Now that place is also my proving grounds and I don't go there to hunt as often unless I'm testing program tweaks or learning a new unit. I've read posts of yours around the web in the past and always considered you worth paying attention too for insight. It does help reading how others hunt and set up their machines but not to blindly copy and use, but to test and learn/verify. You pump out a lot of detailed information based upon your observations. That's not hurting anyone in the least except for those who dismiss the experiences of others when it's incongruent with their own. I've learned only fools do that. I like bold statements as it shows confidence. Confidence in this game only comes from knowledge and experience. Even outside our little hobby most lack confidence, and it's sad because those few who are bold take a lot of flak from the timid masses for being so. Anyway, I'm on the fence with the V4.2 Deus so I'm paying attention to your reports to come. Keep up doing your own thing, Sir!
  6. Thanks. I was asking primarily for jewelry hunting but also for coin shooting in the nastiest patch of ground in the county, possibly the state. I was a noob that cut my teeth at an abandoned amusement park that also was the second zoological park in the nation (so I read and witnessed photos) prior to that. This spot has seen heavy public human (and activity since 1880's. Multiple floods and fires, tons of coke from the hand built coal fired mini-steam engine train ride that operated for decades, an ass ton of lead and the .22 casings from the shooting range operating there for decades, +30# hunks of iron at every depth, tons of slag from welding and demo, and the least of my concerns - nails of every size and shape overlayed and co-mingled with modern trash and a healthy dusting of iron oxide and 3 close sources of EMI. This place will light up the full mineral bar on the Deus if the EMI doesn't kill it that day. No joke. The V3i will overload on "clean ground" anything above Rx4 no matter the coil, no matter the settings -RX4 is the limit and overloads very easily. I've yet to punch deeper than 4inches at best on a coin here...AT, Deus, Sov, and V3i...nothing but iron signals beyond 4 even when it is not iron down there. This is where I spent my first two years alone quietly and slowly unlocking metal detecting It was trial by fire I assure you. And I did it with the V3i. The area that eventually became the on-ground parking lot was stripped of asphalt about 5 months into my first season... time capsule ending in the late 60's, and being a noob I never found anything but iron and clad or trash there until well into my second year. I wanted to get it all before other detectorists more experienced found out. Once I figured out how to unlock the site and the clouds parted... it was virgin ground! And then wherever else I've been coinshooting it's like shooting fish in a barrel so to speak...and so I moved on to targeting gold in the turf. I love difficult challenges and I don't know if it gets more challenging than that sometimes. I've seen many machines enter that parking lot area that has the worst mineralization, Etrac, Fishers, Tesoros - nobody hangs out there long but me. I sometimes just watch to see....nope not one dig attempt, lol. I'll dig out some melted coins - half-dozen mercs and wheats (from what one can see) fused together and half melted into slag with iron attached...evidence of the dance hall burning down. This is the place where I spank the Deus with a small coil BTW...but I'm trying to get the Deus up there so your posts interest me for that reason also. Sorry to ramble So I guess I wanted to make the point I know how you coin shooters roll. I just grew tired of the low reward for effort (thats just my opinion for what I grew to like, not meant to offend) I do keep my eyes open wider than jewelry... but jewelry is my love. I keep the light on. Again, thanks for your detailed reports. They are valuable to me and many others.
  7. Thank you. A point of clarification please. Are you saying the modulation was better in the 3.2 flavor? What audio response setting again? (Sorry if I overlooked that. Yep, 5?) Thank you again. I appreciate your observations.
  8. But the average person has two arms, so make detectors that are functional for either. I hear you on the custom armorer. There are some assault weapons I can't aim and shoot unless I want a face full of hot brass. And once you have a lefty-specific item like a rifle, it's sometimes very difficult to resell! We mostly make due or entire lives in my estimation.
  9. I'm mostly ambidextrous, kinda like you. Write best with my left, throw best with my left, shoot from the left Eat with my right, dig with my right, bat from the right, golf from the right Then things like painting, hammering, fishing, disc golf and it makes no difference what hand I use. Feels comfortable both ways. I think it's because lefties are forced out of their comfort zones by a right hand dominated population.
  10. I used to think I only needed a screwdriver as jewelry doesn't settle down too deep... I've since altered my view on that based on a few rings that were isolated slamming signals in soccer fields (shhhhhh!) and I could not resist looking to see what they could be... I tried the first time, I really did. Was an awakening my third time at 7/8 inches. Shallow jewelry is both true and false....IMExperience. The truth is no one or two techniques cover all situations, and a good well rounded public-area detectorist should learn all of them, even combining them, and adapt to the ground conditions for each signal. Getting wordy, sorry. TRX set to max holds the key for me 90% of the time for targeting most jewelry. It's a jewelry hunters pinpointer for sure. If it's not beeping I'm not peeking. And trace it with the TRX - don't pop chains with that screwdriver! They're hard enough to find intact, so don't risk it. Keep the incision as close to the target as one dares and raise the sod up only enough to recover the item from the side of the now exposed soil. I use these and order of preference is as follows: Popcorn (screwdriver popping). Straight slice/lift/popcorn. J slice/lift. Pie slice or modified V/lift. C or U slice/lift. Flap Plug. I doubt any of the very intelligent people here need a hand-holding description, but I can clarify if needed. I carry 3 different tools. Screwdriver, soil knife, Predator Raptor. Some recoveries I end up using all 3. I see it as the art of recovery. After lots of park hunting I like to get out in a farmfield and dig like a sloppy honeybadger for practice.
  11. Well, yeah, all the time in this backwards right-handed world! One learns to adapt or seek out smart designs. I've been interested in certain units, read all the specs, then start imagining actual use when I finally realize the unit of interest was designed by a right-handed person - no thanks! If I need to use finger gymnastics, or engage a second hand to access a common function - that's a design fail in my book. The unit had better have a longstanding god-like reputation among seasoned detectorists or I won't ever bite. There is no reason a metal detector should not be ambidextrous.
  12. How timely! It's been very dry here the last week for late winter/early spring. Yesterday I took my family to a nice older park in a local suburb so the kids could play. I sometimes come here to hunt by myself too. Eventually when I got my detector out and was doing my thing around the water feature/ spray-ground, I came across a zinc penny signal. When I went to pop the very shallow coin (practically on the surface) through the thatch with my screwdriver I popped out an entire 6 inch wide irregular shaped shallow plug. I was surprised! Calling it a plug is generous, it was simply destruction of sod. I went on to recover can slaw and bottlecaps again and again from every single f-ing dig that some jack-off left all around this sprayground area. You can't hardly see them now because the grass is all dormant, but come spring....those plugs are gone- cut right off at the roots just below the surface. I tamped them down hoping they will stay but come mower season it's going to be ugly. At least I took all the trash from the holes I found so perhaps there will be no association made. I literally want to strangle someone after I beat them down with their machine. Then I will simply cover the body with shallow cut sod. Pisses me off greatly! Man, I'm now getting upset
  13. The irony is that the whole shebang was delayed due to a bug and what did we get now six months later upon official release... a buggy software V4.0. IMO, after much hype if a product is delayed for as long as they did with the excuse of wanting to release something flawless the first shot (and why? To display technical prowess?) - it better not fail! I'm not making the move anytime soon.
  14. The buggy version 4.0 has been fixed. Download the fixed version 4.0 to correct any bugs. WTF? The French are hilarious. To hell with best standard pratices - we must save face! I feel vindicated for making any negative videos about XP.