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  1. Gold Monster Finds Hammered Silver In England

    Either way without the history lesson there is still a heck of a lot of junk in the ground and it was around 800 BC.
  2. Gold Monster Finds Hammered Silver In England

    Anyone who uses a GM over here is due south of crazy, the old iron particles in the ground from the last 4 or 5000 years would drive you nuts, But good on them for being brave, That's a great result from the GM, J.
  3. Target Masking

    Well GB what proved the high Gain issue to me, was me and a Mate were both using MXT's with the 12" coils, I was running mine just on the edge of the 10+ area remembering that the MXT's dial goes up to 10+3 and he was running his in the 6.5 to 6.7 yet he was digging them large English Penny's at over 13"and a half inches where all my finds were between 5 to 10" range and I put that down to the fact that I was Blasting ALL targets good and bad where he was just feeling his way through to each of the good targets, Another thing to remember is running 2 high powered identical machines with big coils don't play well together because we could hear each others machine approaching from a long way away when the Gain is up around the 10+ area because they will cross talk from well over 2 to 300 feet away starting with a soft pulsing sound and then ending up sounding like a V8 with a couple of plug leads off, So there is a lot to be said for running lower gain settings, hope this helps, John.
  4. Target Masking

    I think you did well to find those bits, So many people just have to run their machines flat out, Dropping the Gain down like that allowed the machine to see what is in the ground, Under a lot of conditions using high gain can be likened to driving in the Fog using high beam which in effect Blinds the detector, Lowering the gain might not provide maximum depth but it will unmask targets giving the detector a chance to see, Knowing when and where to do that is a Skill that many detectorists lack, So well done, thanks for posting. John.
  5. New Garrett AT Max

    I agree with what someone said earlier about it not quite being sensitive enough for small gold, because quite a few machines will see your bare hand at 4 to 6 inches yet you are only getting 2 or 3 inches on the nuggets with no signal from your hand, Where it is really impressive is how it compares to the AT Pro, It is still a very worthy machine and Garretts have always been solid performers. John.
  6. New Garrett AT Max

    It seems much better than the AT pro but it equal to most other brands on some targets.
  7. Target Masking

    EDIT, reply not needed, removed by me.
  8. Target Masking

    Ok that's fine, I am not asking anyone to believe it, It only maters to those who were there, Here is a video of how DD's create target masking using a mid priced detector compared to a Childs $100 dollar Toy detector, that shows Iron nails above a coin, but you need to watch it all. J.
  9. Target Masking

    If Tom's way works for you then that's all that matters, quite frankly I think that taking a PI in to a junk filled site first is crazy because a person could be stuck cleaning a 20 x 20 area for days on end while others are zipping around you making finds by the dozen. The Goldbug Pro is another very clever machine and what it lacks in depth it makes up for in other things. J.
  10. Target Masking

    And I think it was either The Tesoro Silver Sabre or the Silver Umax, But it was called the Silver something and it rang clear as a bell J.
  11. Target Masking

    I posted a video here about a month or two back where one cheap machine was unmasking targets that were on different plains, Tom is a very skilled detectorist, But as detectorists we all tend to copy the Norm and what others say, That is not what makes finds, In junk filled sites the norm is to use a small coil and a fast machine, and then we here people saying that sites have dried up, If I had done what everyone else does I would have never of found the Gold and all the Coins that everyone had missed since 1967 in an area that had seen every detector made since that date due to the Area being a Test site and has been victim to hundreds of rallies ever since, A good single frequency machine will clear out all the good stuff from a junk filled site when you use both large and small coils, once the targets are beyond the depth of a VLF then that is the time to use a PI, If you do what you and Tom say then you will have 10x more targets to dig and using a PI is hard work even in a clean site, But by using the machines in the right order will remove many targets allowing you to hear the much fainter targets and ignoring the loud over loaded signals because the VLF would have already told you that they were junk. Doing what other do will just give you the same results as they got, But if you want to make good finds nower days you need to think out of the box and Do what others are Not Doing. As for unmasking we already have technology that can do that, It is just that not enough people know it or know how to do it, This is more about the skill and knowledge of the user and picking the right machine, where some folks get suckered in to buying a certain machine by mate and companies they automatically insist they have the best machine just because they pay top dollar for it, J.
  12. Target Masking

    Well there are a lot of fast machines out there but I think the F-75 is about as fast as you need, Speed has it's place and the F-75 in Deep is a good combo to, I think that anything faster than the F-75 is just not needed. J.
  13. Target Masking

    Or you could use a single frequency machine with a fast recovery and get 99% of the finds and the use a PI like the TDI's and only dig either low or high conductive targets. J.
  14. Target Masking

    That's a great video, thanks for posting it, Another reason I sold my E-trac was that it would give you multiple ID numbers where I could get up to 7 or 8 sets of numbers and it would do the same in air tests too so there was no way could I get a baseline of what those target ID's should be, I took it and my other machine that was fitted with a 12" concentric, the ETrac ID'd 3 coins correctly and it ID'd 7 or 8 coins as junk, my other machine only got 2 or 3 targets wrong, Then came the Fine Gold chain test and it just could see them regardless of what coil was fitted, This new 800 appears to be a breath of fresh air in that respect, I would be happy even if it just had one frequency as long as it was fast and did not let me walk over targets, J.
  15. I like how he starts showing off the size of his arms and the next thing he does is complain about the weight of the TDI Pro, LOL.