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  1. Yeah Mike I have similar, I have also done that nail test and I get the coin every time, and I put my Etrac up against my MXT and the Etrac lost out big time, At the time I blamed the machine but the truth is it was the ground conditions being full of junk like 50 or 60 targets per sweep of the coil, What I worked out was there are no bad machines, Just the wrong machines, Knowing each machines strong and weak points is the key to success, Where these issues do the most damage is when someone who can only afford One detector and they buy the wrong one for what they are trying to do, A single frequency machine will do 99% of a persons needs but if that person whats to detect the beaches then a BBS or FBS is by far the best choice, Having bought the wrong machine many years ago and spending all night cussing, And getting a few words of wisdom from The Mrs to tame it down a bit, I soon learned to match my detectors to the task at hand, I no longer buy detectors based on other peoples reviews, As nice as these new machines are I know I am not missing much with what I got, With these new machines they are more of a blend of all the good bits from the machines from the past and that is a good thing but while they are focussed on that line of thinking they are not giving us the ground handling and power we crave, which is what makes the GPZ such a beast with a totally new way of thinking Now if only they can achieve the same results in a VLF format,
  2. I agree but it is not really an air test because the items are on the ground so the machine would take that in to account, It is more of a surface test "ground enabled " I know of quite a few machines that will pick out the targets doing that test, The real problems start when the targets get past a certain depth.
  3. Yep, like I said it's a great machine but they all have their weak points and vice versa. Good video, thanks for posting.
  4. It has been pointed out many times that the word obsolete is nothing more that a marketing ploy and so many people keep spouting it as if it is something special, It is Not !. Any of the top of the range single frequency machines from the last 10 or 15 year can do just as much as the newer models and in fact some of them have a head start due to the amount of accessory coils that are available, And when it comes to beach detecting nothing on the market to date is going to compete with BBS and FBS machines unless a person uses a PI machine at the cost of discrimination, The VLF market is being flooded with many different flavours and all the hype about EQ being the all seeing eye has fallen short, The fact is It is a damn good detector but the depth abilities are very much the norm, Where the EQ does excel is it gets the novice up and running as soon as he/she opens the box, We will not see any major improvements in the VLF world until someone makes a VLF version of the GPZ-7000, regardless of what VLF's come out we are just treading water until that VLF-7000 becomes a reality.
  5. Mate we are all in this together and if it is good for the hobby then it is good for us and the standard of machines coming out lately is only going to enhance our success, I have waited since 2010 for ML to bring back machines like this and it's only gonna get better.
  6. I still have a weakness for the GPX even though I don't like using PI's, The thing I find refreshing about this new direction is that ML have now gone back to making machines with a single frequency or the option of multi frequency, The musketeer Advantage was the most fun machine and they stopped making it and I had BBS and FBS but I missed that lightning speed the Musky had, I am glad ML have gone back to their roots with this new tech so to speak.
  7. The GM has been the most productive Gold getting VLF these past months/year whats not to like, but I don't think there is a machine in history including the ones I have that didn't need a tweak or two. It does not make them any less effective, In fact and I would go as far as to say the GM is my favourite out of all the machines that have come out in the past 3 years, apart from the rerelease of the 4500.
  8. I don't think any thing that was said was an attack on ML, All I said was that a person should not have to modify a new machine to be able to use larger coils, and I have always said what great machines the GM and the EQ are and I still believe that. Go and read all my past posts if in doubt. If you are pleased with your result that's great that's all that matters, JW and Chris have had outstanding results with the GM and I do think it is the future of Gold Machines. but I do think you took what I said the wrong way.
  9. Shortening the shaft only helps so much and you should not have to modify a new machine with after market battery packs so you can use larger coils.
  10. That 12x15 coil is going to be a wrist breaker without a counter balance, Where as the CTX lends it's self very well to such coils,
  11. It's easy to forget that this hobby is about the finds and good company and Awesome views, nothing else matters least of all the companies, give me a great bunch of blokes/Gals sharing the fun any day.
  12. Now all the hype has all died down the equinox appears to be another very useable machine, the terminology "Obsolete" in many peoples mind paints a picture of ( The End ) or no longer needed when this is truly not the case, And I think that the use of such a word was directed to annoy other companies and users alike in order to get them to buy one just to see if it was true. There are some nice machines out there but I would prefer a single frequency version of the CTX without the R2D2 sounds and with a normal 2 digit readout more like a high tech version of the musketeer, but using the CTX design/body allows for using larger coils, As nice as all these new machines are there is not one brand that I would buy, apart from one of Detech's models which has the layout of a GPX. I don't buy in to the weight argument because the same people who discuss light weight vlfs are the same people who swing 7 lb detectors with 3 lb coils, Just because a machine is a VLF I don't see why it has to have a weight limit. Back On Track,, Like the GM I believe the EQ is a great asset to detecting, it's too early to judge the machine but just like the GM before it the EQ is going to put the fun back in to detecting.
  13. Most high gain VLF's can and will see much smaller nuggets than .4 and .3g. In VLF terms that is quite a large nugget. As good as all multi frequency machines they do most things very well where as dedicated machines have one main objective that is their strong point, The ML GPX and the SDC are first class examples of this along with the GBII and the GMT and the GM1000 and the Gold Racers, The down side to multi frequency machines is that they excel at a certain frequencies but not so well at others, The Eureka Gold was one such a machine as was the model it replaced and the one before that etc and I am sure that other brands suffered the same problem, This I think ? might be caused by the tuning of the coils and as to which frequency the coil is tuned to, IE a 7khz won't work on a 14khz but on a multi frequency machine the machine it's self compensates for that some how allowing it to use such a coil, companies like ML and XP have done amazing things in order to make them work, But in certain areas like prospecting Single frequency machines still have the edge.
  14. It has not made anything obsolete, My machines have not stopped working just because a company uses false claims in order to market a new machine, As nice or lightweight as it may be, It is just another VLF/LF, to the point that someone else here did a little test of a few machines where the GBP which is not known for it's depth managed to hang in there to the end, And I still say the GBP is highly underrated and it does have a few tricks up it's sleeve which not many folks know about, That "obsolete" quote is more about getting people spending the money or to change brands, It has been said a thousand times that the VLF market has not made any progress since 1998/99 and the fact still remains, There are a few videos about showing this and one in particular where the Garrett AT Pro when fitted with a similar coil displayed a big improvement over other detectors young and old including the equinox which displayed just average abilities as did the other machines, So I know the "obsolete" hype is just that. Buying a detector is a very personal thing and it has to be right for you where it ticks the most boxes, Others may hate it others may love it, but what ever you buy it has to be about you and how it's set up works to your way of thinking, Location can have a big effect on what detector works where ?. Sometimes a person might find them selves buying a brand/model that really does not appeal to them for a simple reason it works better where they detect, There is no right or wrong machine, there are just some work better where you detect than others but if you take it 20 or 30 miles away it could become your worst nightmare, Obsolete NO, Useful Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHjfPMSqFjk