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  1. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Well from all I have read the 19khz machines are pretty hot so it should see it, Where higher kHz machines come in to their own is when you have to reduce the gain due to ground conditions the higher kHz gives them the edge, although lower kHz machines handle the ground better in hot ground if you lower the gain too much they won't see things like that chain or tiny nuggets and the only way to win back some of that sensitivity is to use a small concentric coil because they are a bit hotter than a DD of equal size as a rule
  2. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    That's a shame it is not on the Gold version because quite a few people have hearing issues from slight to more serious levels so the Vibration mode would be a major bonus for those who need it.
  3. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    I am surprized the 19 kHz does not see it, my MXT see's real fine gold chains, That was one of the tests that someone showed me that made me buy it in the first place,
  4. Differences Between MXT Models?

    Not really, Between MXT E-series Tracker and the MXT-300 the only difference was that the 300 model got a matt black paint job and a 12".300mm concentric coil and the First model which is the MXT E-Series Tracker came with the Gloss Paint and the 950 (9,5") Concentric Coil, The MXT Pro came with the matt black paint job and the 12/300mm concentric coil with the Ground Grab button and a back light and 7 Tone ID. And The MXT All Pro came with the 10" 2D (DD) coil and the same features as the MXT Pro, The performance levels are the same although Whites told me that they have continued to fine tune the line up and with the addition of better after market coils the MXT seems to have the power to keep up with any PI under the right conditions, Hope that helps, John.
  5. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    It has the nicest Pod/Screen ever put on a detector, If it's sharp looks are anything to go by Id say it's a winner.
  6. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Oh well it was just an Idea.
  7. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    With the vibration mode switched on you would not need headphones under water, J.
  8. Vaquero Bests Deus And Explorer Se Pro

    Congrats nice finds. I am not surprized, Tesoro have a habit of pulling things out where all others fail, Over here Tesoro have found more hammered coins than any other brand yet people want the latest and greatest, I have more respect for Tesoro over here than any other brand when it comes to finding hammered coins, XP is the only other one that comes close, How does the Vaq compare to the Tejon ? J.
  9. Differences Between MXT Models?

    Well take your time with what ever machine you buy, and if Gold becomes your main focus once you get really in to it add one of the 2 PI's mention because then you will have 99.9% of all bases covered,
  10. Differences Between MXT Models?

    Being new to detecting I would suggest that you take your time in build up your detector arsenal and as your finds rate grows so can your kit or desired machines, For Gold remember there are more tiny nuggets than there are whoppers so I would go with the 5.3 (6") concentric and the 6x10 but if the MXT comes with the 10" round DD I would forget the 6x10 because it looses about 2 to 3 inches depth compared to the factory 10"DD but they both have the same sensitivity, My everyday deep coil is the 14x10 Detech Excellerator EQ2 because it has the power of the Whites 12"/300mm concentric but it deals with the ground a bit better being a DD and it can see bits as small as 0.02 grams on the surface and you can get them from ebay for about $150.00 AUD, and if you can run the MXT flat out it is a very powerful coil and whoops my TDI SL, For Coin hunting I prefer the Whites concentric 950/9.5 coil and the 12"/300 for the extra depth because running the gain at about 3/4s it can and will find coins within the 12 to 13" mark, and in trashy sites the 5.3 works well and can rival the 6x10 for depth,. What ever machine you buy approach your detecting from a "Lets" see what is there kind of attitude, don't expect to be finding Gold and Silver all the time although I have always gone home with something and never got skunked that day will come for sure, and if you do buy an MXT Trust the Machine, because it will do the deed and the only time I had troubles was when I wanted it to do things my way and I had my worst days detecting ever, it is easy to use for Wives, Kids etc even Me, lol. hope that helps. J.
  11. Differences Between MXT Models?

    Stah, There is something that people need to realise and that is Yes Australia does have some very bad ground that will cause VLF's to whinge and moan but rest assured there is also places that PI machines suffer too and on coming storms within 200k's can make a PI unusable and at one time VLF's are all we had and the biggest "Detected" nugget in history was found with a VLF at about a foot deep, (Fact) In answer to your question "Yes" the MXT will work there, and Goldsearch Australia field tested it there and were quite successful, Only having to reduce the Gain by about 20% from the maximum, It is a simple machine to operate but don't let that fool you it can punch well above it's weight, See here, http://www.goldsearchaustralia.com/index.php/mxt_stories many people here and the Aussie forums find Gold with VLF's such the GMT, GB 2, and the Racers etc, and yes hot rocks will sound off on a VLF and with some VLFs you will have to work at a reduced Gain, but if you give 10 top detectorists who have used VLF's in the past they will find Gold in the GT with a VLF, The MXT has found hundreds of Kilo's of Gold from the US to Australia,, Is it the best VLF out there ? I don't know but a few companies seem to be borrowing some of its features and renaming them and those machines work quite well in Oz too So there is always room for a good VLF in the arsenal, With my MXT I have about 10+ coils so I can tailor my MXT for any task at hand, Take the MXT in shallow bedrock areas and you will run rings around a PI sniffing out all the tiny Gold, so what's the point of having a machine that goes 3 feet deep when you only have 6 to 8" of soil, Searching old mining camps and tailing piles are other good places to use a VLF, Whites make no wild claims with the MXT it is what it is and it is still the best detector Whites have ever made, turn it on set it up and detect, Due to the lack of bells and whistles newer detectorists are unimpressed with the MXT, but bells and whistles won't find Gold and the battery life is in excess of 60 hours, My perfect detector arsenal would be the MXT as the main machine and an SDC and then a 45/5k and maybe the EQ/GM because all 3 of those machines have a proven history, Lastly a couple of things to bare in mind, keep it fun, Don't over invest money in to this hobby that you can't afford because when your success rate dips so will your enthusiasm, and all of the above will effect a persons home life and I have seen that happen to a few good friends so keep it in check. There is no perfect detector and these three machines will always make you smile when used correctly. hope that helps,
  12. Differences Between MXT Models?

    I have owned the last 3 versions of the MXT, the first one I bought was the MXT 300 which came with the Racing Matt Black paint job and the 12"/300 coil and I used that big coil where others were using small coils because of the junk but I got the deep Gold and Silver in the first week of owning it, That started the fire and I have owned every model since, There are many great machines out there but once you have used an MXT and you pick one up again a while down the track you get that "Oh Yeah" feeling and you know all is right with the World, It is just a nice machine to use that finds it all if it is within it's reach, There is no best machine but the MXT will put a smile on the oldest of faces and it will cover 99% of a persons needs. J.
  13. Thanks Tom, I will put it on my must have list, It is such a hot coil for tiny bits, nothing comes close,
  14. I asked Whites how big the coil is and where it was positioned within the shell and I was told that it is as big as the top and the deep part is to house all the electronics. I think it could loose that wart on the bottom as to get the coil closer to the ground then it would be perfect. But saying that the 5.3 (6") is the hottest coil in the Whites range when it comes to tiny targets, and on coins etc it can match the 6x10 (5x9) Lol, for depth in most soils. I really like the 5.3. But that bump on the bottom does help it skim over the ground because it does not have the surface area to slide easily like a larger coil does. EDIT:- another thought that comes to mind is that Whites might have to desensitise the 5.3 because they have hyped up the MX Sports gain system where in most cases people have to use less gain in a lot of places, So that coil might cause people to use even less gain due to how hot it is.
  15. Another Tale

    double post sorry