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  1. Well both of them really because the lower the frequency the better they run in hotter ground, If your impact is noisy in 20khz then try and work the next frequency down, But there are limits to what they can do, and if that don't work then try a smaller coil, If your ground is low mineralized then a small concentric might be just what you need to find the tiny stuff,
  2. Last year I bought a very old machine and a couple of things that stood out is the signal of trash / good targets was a bit on the slow side, In it's favour the depth/power is unrivalled but one of the best features is that I can ground balance it and then use the Disc to either fine tune the GB or wipe out hot rocks where modern machines use S.A.T. smooth out the ground the hot rocks still remain and this feature of using the disc is new to me but it is missing on all newer machine and sadly so is the raw power, Having two GB pots (stacked) is a bonus being fine and coarse with addition of the Disc allows the machine to work in all but the worst conditions, Large Iron does not seem to worry it either, I can't help feeling that over the last 2 or 3 decades although the newer machines have some great features that they have somehow let the important ones fall by the wayside. John.
  3. Mike I can understand where you are coming from but I think either you bought the machine with your heart or someone was less than honest with you at the time of purchase, A higher KHz machine will suffer more than a normal VLF in such conditions because they are so sensitive, where the Relic or the Fors Core etc might be the better option, Although LF machines are hot on tiny Gold they also have an adverse side to them as well. I can make my VLF work in most soil conditions because of the amount of coils I have but if I added the cost of the 8 coils to the price of the machine then it would most likely equal the cost of a GPX/SDC but because my detecting covers many facets a GPX would not suit my needs at present. I use another brand but the Nokta's are great machines and it will serve you well, you also need to remember that not all of Australian soil is like the hotspots in the GT and your machines and the GM will work fine and produce good quality nuggets, The biggest nugget ever found with a detector was found with an old Garrett ADS and PI's and ML were still in limbo back then. You need to remember that some of the people here have been doing this man and boy and although their comments might seem a little harsh at times, Their list of demands differ from the person who only goes out once every 3 or 4 months if that, But saying that there is nothing stopping you from putting your coil over a retirement nugget and end up being rich enough to buy 30 GPX's, That's down to fate and the Nugget does not care what brand or detector found it. I think you are worrying too much about peoples views about certain machines than what your results have proven, You have found Gold with yours so you already know it is good, what more proof do you need, sounds to me like you already have a winner. hope that helps. John.
  4. I still don't see why all the fuss about a machine that is "not" designed for extreme conditions, I can understand people taking there to see how it does but there is no point in complaining about it when it behaves just as they thought it would all along, when a lower KHz machine might be the better option with a hotter Coil If a VLF has to be used, I can understand taking it along as and when it is needed if the ground is full of junk but in hot soil conditions I would be more concerned about how the GPX or SDC would run. A VLF/LF will run there but at a reduced Gain setting so depth will be lost and sensitivity to small gold will be out the window and the only way to regain some of those losses is to use a very small concentric or DD coil , This is detecting 101 and the type of stuff people learn in their first year of the hobby, Seasoned prospectors should not be making such a mistake. John.
  5. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    Thanks GB, Yep those Energizer Ultra Lithium batteries are very powerful and 8 of them will run the TDI SL for well over12 to 14 hours but they are not cheap. They are the only battery that will not leak, and they are the only battery that are supplied/Guaranteed with some of my high tech gear, and they have a 10 year shelf life, with those fitted in the MXT you should get about 80 to 120+ Hours out of a set of them, with the TDI SL they will triple the run time of the factory 2200 mah battery pack, thanks for posting it. John.
  6. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    Cool Jim, and good to see you, you handsome devil. Jim, to be honest I only knew of the hi power version that fits the TDI SL, which is why I was a bit concerned, I can't count the times I've wished that I had left well enough alone, Me and Murphy's Law have some explaining to do and we don't see eye to eye, lol. I will check out the other packs when I get time so thanks for that. John.
  7. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    Rick I don't see anything wrong with the RNB packs because I think they are great, But I have just got my A/P doing / behaving as I knew it could and knowing my luck it would not end well, If I want more power then I just change Coils. I don't post about the power of the Coils but they can see from grains of sand sized items to huge things way down deep, And that 14x10 will have a person digging way deeper than they want only to find a Beer Can, so heaven forbid what a large paint or Gerry can would come up at, I have already dug a small toy soldier at 17" using 10"DD on my old Sov GT and the 14x10 can be Brutal when it comes to depth. The RNB as far as the TDI SL is concerned is a must have Item because the hardware is built in to the SL in order to run the RNB packs but as yet I have not managed to get my hands on one for the SL, But as soon as the truck is sorted I will get my hands on one. John.
  8. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    Yeah Rick, they a great battery packs but I would not use them In any of the E-Series machines because they can put out well over 14 volts which is a bit risky because there is very little known about what the limits are in the E-Series machines, Where as Duracells and Energizers can put out 12,6 to 13.0 volts +/- and Energizer Ultra lithium's can put out 1.84/1.87 volts per cell which is 14.72 volts to 14.96 volts which is a 25% increase in power on the input side of things, These machines were made with the current Battery tech in mind back in the 90's /00's and these newer batteries are tempting fate, "Yes" they will work but for how long ? that is the question, The V3i and the TDI SL are battery hog's and the SL has a bit more wiggle room when it comes to Voltage but the older E-Series are voltage controlled and have much tighter tolerances so over powering them is not a risk I would be taking. Unlike the SL the E-Series does not benefit from the higher voltage, I was playing with an LED Lantern and I saw it had a charging point/plug socket, being fed up with cranking the handle I pluged it in to a power adapter and it was charging good, and after a few minutes it started to get warm and every thing was fine but after about 30 minutes it melted the solder and the wire to the charging circuit became un-attached,, The thing I am pointing out is that if you go putting to much power in to the MXT/DFX you stand a good chance of melting the solder joints where the battery Tabs on the circuit board are soldered to the board, I repaired the Lantern and now I use a solar charger hooked up and it is always ready for action and no more worries, personally I would I would not use the RNB in anything but the TDI SL because it is adding about 33% more voltage and where there is voltage there is Heat and although you can't feel it buried within that big metal box does not mean it is not there, so just be careful, Ok. John.
  9. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    A while ago I weighed the MXT and it proved to weigh a lot more than the factory claimed weight, Which is not an Issue for me because If I like it I will use it, But you can lighten the MXT by quite a large amount just by Coil and Battery selection alone without voiding your warranty, Assuming that you can get away with using the 9.5 or the (Better/Lighter) older 950 Coil, We already know that the 950 weighs 4.7oz/134.40 grams lighter than the 10"DD, Well battery selection can also reduce the overall weight, using and off the shelf generic Alkali Battery brand weighing as little as 23.916 grams/0.843602oz X 8 = 191.328g or 6.748oz Now using NiMh batteries, 1x AA = 30.031g/1.0593oz X 8 = 8.4744988oz / 248.24g. Add the weight of the 10"DD the difference between the two types of batteries Is, 48.92g / 1.7264944oz. Now add that weight to the weight difference of the Coil So 48.92g +134.40g = 183.32 or 6.466 Ounces Lighter. Now Get it wrong and you will see a massive weight difference, As much as 191.302g / 6.748oz which is the same as removing the standard battery pack when fitted with the 10"DD,, REMEMBERING how many Ounces there are to a pound Although Air Tests don't mean much these days But the 10"DD Coil breaks the rules in that it Air Tests as good as the 950 Concentric So again unless you have fairly hot ground then you are loosing nothing by switching to the 950 coil or the 10"DD. but you are saving a lot of weight along with using less disc, less EMI, better Iron ID etc. Think about batteries for a second,, if you use NiMh batteries and charge them up, The MXT uses such a small amount of power that unless you are detecting 24/7 then the next time you use the machine there is a good chance that they will be flat, and then you have to waste another day charging them back up, But by using Duracells or Energizer's you will get over 60 hours out of a set, One thing we see a lot of is when people are posting how their brand of machine runs for 20 or 30 hours using 4 AA's and yes that is good But the MXT will run for over 60 hours using 8 AA's so it is six of one and half a dozen of another, Running Duracell/Energizer's will hold their charge just make sure you don't leave them in the machine or bad things can happen, Using NiMh batteries in machines like the MXT is a very Grey area due to the power consumption and their weight and to be honest I only ever use them when testing or for the TDI SL. So if your MXT is over weight just take another look at the Coil and batteries you are using. food for thought, Aye ? John.
  10. Concentric Versus DD Coils On White's MXT

    Sorry Mate I just wrote a report and my computer just eat it, £%$& it, So I will try again, 10"DD Vs 9.5/950. the claimed figures for the 10"DD 17.9oz/507.45g actual figures = 23.670oz/671.10 grams =5.77oz heavier/163.65grams the claimed figures for the 9.5 (Con) 18.4oz/521.63g actual figures = 20.617oz/593.0 grams = 2.217oz/71.73grams figures for the older 950 coil 18.931oz/536.70grams = 4.7 ounces/134.40 grams lighter than the 10"DD, If I am going to use a DD then I prefer the Detech 14x10 because not only does it cover more ground but it has much better balance than the 10"DD and I bought 2 of them because one weighs about 5 or 10 grams lighter than the 10"DD and one weighs the same But the bonus is that it gives quite a few inches more depth. and again the balance is great, where as the 10"DD makes the machine feel nose heavy. As for the 4x6, One would think that for a small coil that it would be able to see smaller things, well it "can't", It is no more sensitive than the 6x10DD. Now as for the depth 4x6 = 4"+6"=10" / 2 =5" so 5 maybe 6 inches is the most depth that you can expect from a DD of that size on Coin sized targets,, It's a well known fact that a Concentric can and will achieve up to 1.5 times it's size In Depth , Some claim as much as 2X the size. I prefer to error on the side of caution and say that 1.3x the size is more realistic, so with the 5.3 (6") Coil the 6" X 1.3 = 7.8" but 8 to 9" depth is not unheard of on coin sized targets when using the 5.3 Coil. The 4x6 has been the go to coil for Snipping etc but when you compare it's sensitivity to that of the 5.3 it is blind as a Bat. Where the 4x6 will struggle to see bits any smaller than 0.03 to 0.02 grams on the surface, The 5.3 will see bits down to 0.006/0.003 grams "or" 0.0002oz and 0.0001oz which is close to the size of two Sugar grains., So the 5.3 has at leased 2 or 3 inches more depth on coin sized targets but on tiny nugget type targets it is also 3x hotter than the 4x6, because what the 4x6 see's at 1 inch the 5.3 will see at 2.5 to 3 inches. and because it is so small mineralization does not seem to worry the machine as much as the larger concentric's. So what are the benefits 1) weight is a major factor with the MXT/DFX/V3i where coil choice can add almost Half a pound in weight to the machine not including the 12"/300mm Coil and as a side note as these coils have been released the above machines have got heavier and heavier which gets stated more and more these days. 2) the depth can be up to as much as 1.5x deeper than it's size. 3) the sensitivity of the smaller Coils really come in to their own, hence why the GB II is still the King of the specks. and 4) EMI does not seem to bother the machine as bad when running the machine up at Max levels. Don't get me wrong DD's are great coils but picking the right time to deploy them is one of the most misused or misunderstood things about coils. Like I said before if your GND meter is reading from the mid 70's IE 75 to 78ish then that is the time you might start thinking about using a DD, But anything below that you are loosing depth because DD's only come in to their own when ground really hots up, you only have to watch GPX users to see that, because most of the time they want the depth and sensitivity that Mono Coils offer, And a Concentric Coil is a VLF's version of a Mono. hope that helps. John.
  11. The Gm-1000 Explained

    Thanks JW, great info, this little machine has been well thought out, J.
  12. Driving Off The Beaten Track

    RDD you can never have enough recovery gear in the bush, a lot of what I bought is through trial and error, Driving down an old logging/PMG track I once ended up with two wheels in the Air one on the front and one of the rears, Not having locking Diffs I ended up with each wheel about 2 feet off the ground and I had to hand winch it back about 30 feet to get my truck back on its wheels, A Hi-Lift would have saved the day if I had one on board, I jumped out the truck and the seat base was level with my head. I have the 9500lbs electric winch and a Tirfor hand winch and a small hand winch for minor jobs, It is faster to deploy and easier on the body than humping that Tirfor up and down the track, those Exhaust jacks/Bags are great in sand and mud, I have 2 of them one is a 3 ton one and the other is the bigger/taller 4 ton version, Touch wood I have not had to use them yet. Because you own a Troopy, a 60" Hi-Lift would be a bonus, even more so with the off road base or a 2" X a foot square of turpentine,, I have used them to level my truck if I have been camping on a bit of a slope, I know I go on about them a bit but I keep finding a new use for them when all else fails. Here is a useful little fridge/cooler, now I tested mine and this thing uses very little power, but this fridge/cooler is really handy because not only does it keep things cool but at the flick of a switch it can heat things up or keep hot food warm, It goes down to normal fridge Temps but it also goes up to around 65*c or 149*f and it gets warm pretty quick too, On the cold setting it uses 1.36 Amps and on the Hot setting it uses 1.14 Amps, so if you put food in there when you set off by the time you want to take a break its ready eat in an hour or two, or if the food is hot when you put it in there then it is ready when you are, The last one I bought lasted me about 6 years and they only cost about 30 or 40 bucks,, I use to lay 9 cans of coke in there so I had a cool drink on my way home from work, I also have a 29 litre version that runs on 230v and 12v which I am going to test out it's power usage because there are many stories where people claim that they use 4 or 5 Amps per hour but so far from what I have seen that must only apply to the huge ones because so far I like what I am seeing with these fridge/coolers, John,
  13. Driving Off The Beaten Track

    JW, thanks for your kind words life has been eye opener that's for sure, Here ya go this is how to use a Hi-Lift jack correctly, any other way is asking for trouble, after this video there are many more showing how to use it for other tasks, take care. John. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrfbR4REV-s
  14. Driving Off The Beaten Track

    By time I have finished it won't be no Chelsea Tractor, lol. I think these will do
  15. Driving Off The Beaten Track

    No mate, The truck is here and I won't bother taking it to OZ, the cost of shipping would be a bit OTT, I would go there and buy a Troopy or a Cruiser Ute. J.