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  1. Yep, there is good and bad from both types of tech, I just wish my VLF had the Raw grunt that my older machine has, Although my newer machine is very powerful now I have the coils sorted compared to all others, That old timer has a heap of power and a Velvet Threshold that is rock solid even when flat out, and the use of the GB and the Disc to deal with the ground is dearly missed on modern machines. J.
  2. Yep but mainly it relates to PI machines, In short ground noise = Mineralization or mineralized hot spots, with VLF's it presents much larger issues, With new machines we have fast auto-track etc which deals with the changes but not with the feedback from the ground, It can be dealt with in a number of ways IE Whites V-SAT systems or/and running at a much lower gain but with the Older machines they were far better at dealing with such conditions, Where you could ground balance to help cancel out the ground like you can with newer machines but on the older models you could also adjust the DISC to cancel out any ground noise completely, and also they had a lot more power to the point of what a modern day machine can achieve using a 15" Concentric Coil the older machines can/could do using a 9.5" Coil. When I spoke to a Whites engineer earlier this year he told me that a lot of power was lost when Detectors switched from Analogue to Digital, Because It was the Analogue components that created the Power, where as now it is all done via digital software, Until a person can run side by side tests as I have done comparing the two technologies only then will you see the differences between them, and to be honest it is a Bitter pill to swallow. John.
  3. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    The 705 is a great machine but the GMT and the GB2 are about 10x hotter and even at reduced gain settings they will see much smaller targets, but the 705 will work a bit better on larger Gold in hotter mineralization, J.
  4. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    You need a machine with a fast recovery, and to be able to lower the Iron volume or run it in One tone so the junk gets nulled. John.
  5. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Great thread, Using a VLF/LF for prospecting puts the fun back in to Gold detecting, The fact that anyone can take part on a limited budget is one of the best traits of this hobby, It is not wise to take this hobby too seriously, spending big bucks does pile on the pressure even more so when you spend more than you should, The 70/705 are great machines and don't get the credit they deserve. keep up the good work. J.
  6. Getting Large Gold With The GPZ

    Spot On JP, great post, people often comment when talking small coils how sharp the signal is but seem to forget about that effect when going larger and they appear to be a bit down hearted when the signals don't boom out, They seem to confuse sharpness and depth increase and because the larger coil is not as sharp they seem to think that the depth is not as described. John.
  7. Most VLF's see very little effects in using coils bigger than 15", At one time large coils could be used but at the cost of sensitivity to small items, Alas now this is not the case, My 15" Concentric is as sensitive as my 6x10 (5x9) and the only coil I have for my VLF that is hotter than the rest is my 5.3 (6") Concentric and it can go down to 0.006 grams with surface targets, where all my other coils only go down to 0.03 to 0.02 grams.
  8. Welsh Gold

    Ok, thanks for that, can you just delete this thread, I never saw the other thread, Thanks again.
  9. Welsh Gold

    A good prospecting colleague posted this elsewhere, Where some very rare welsh Gold sold for a very high price breaking the record of past sales, John. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/prince-harry-gold-nuggets-auction-13968136
  10. I bought a few of their coils back about 12 years ago and was not overly impressed with them but this last 5 or 10 years their coils are about as good as it get, Right when I had all but given up on my quest for more depth I was doing the Ebay Tango and saw the one coil I was told not to buy back in the day so last year I bought it, Not only is it a delight to swing but it has added 2 or 3 inches on coins and close to 12"+ on larger items, So I ordered a second one just in case, It can see bits weighing 0.03gm within an inch or so and it has the power ta boot. I have come to a point where I now believe that the extra horsepower now lies within coil technology because my detech has really opened up my machine and the other 8+ coils have become more like accessories and I am more than happy with depth on a daily bases, to the point where although my machine is getting on in years by design although it is only 2 years old I just don't want another machine and I think that this is bought on by my choice of coil/s. I truly believe that the future lies in coil selection and design because my VLF now whoops my SL by a fair margin. John.
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble but (Almost) any modern machine with an "All Metal" threshold will signal on a large coin at that depth, No ID but you will know it is there. depending on the current EMI. One thing I'd like to point out is that detecting in dry/power sand is comparable to doing an Air Test and as such has no real world benefits/Value
  12. MX Sport ... Problems ?

    Why not give James a call at Whites UK in Scotland, He should be able to answer any of the things Steve highlighted, You can get him on 01463 223456. hope that helps, John.
  13. I love the 4500, I guess these many soil timing are to fill in the holes where certain types of nuggets fall through the net, I kind of hope ML bring out a 5500/6000 because the GPX series have been hugely successful and it would be a shame to phase them out in the end, J.
  14. Jin, you will see many people post that nobody gets it all and that is very true, I have gone over areas that have been used for rallies that have been hammered to death for over 40 years and I still find stuff, With your 4500 it is just a matter of getting the settings right and the right coil and with the right ground conditions you could find what others left behind, If you are unsure of your skills, carry a note pad and write down your settings and ground condition etc then you will have something to go back too, even after all these years I still log the important things, But don't be afraid to try something new, like settings etc, just because someone gives you their hot settings does not mean they will work for you or where you detect. Knowledge is a major part of it but being able to adapt to the current conditions is a big part of a good prospectors arsenal. J.
  15. Posting Dictates The Popularity Of A Detector

    I hate FB and twitter with a passion, nothing but waffle to Air dirty laundry in public, I prefer to talk to users via the forums, This popularity thing is a double edged sword, It can happen because a machine is good and it can also happen because of issues, The forums have a bigger impact than the 2 sites above, the forums can make or break a machine but at leased they keep it honest and a fair playing field. J.