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    Metal Detecting for anything hunting,fishing trying to figure out how to live off grid comfortably
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    Xterra 705 and GM 1000 (Gold Monster)
  1. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Made one a little different from ridge runner that works pretty good also except I took a 1/2 inch standard PVC fitting and opened up the center hole with a 7/8 forsner bit which for those that do not know what a forsner bit is it allows you to cut perfect circular holes through just about anything wood or plastic, I wanted to be able to remove this easily by opening up the center hole on the fitting to 7/8 with the forsner bit it will slip rite onto the end of the shaft of the GM 1000 and is a good snug fit for the rest of it I used 4- 1/2 inch 45% fittings and four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC did not have to glue any of them and it makes a great stand vary stable no more tipping over Thanks Ridge Runner for the inspiration one thing for those that decide to make one like I have described make sure you put the fitting in a vise or something you can hold the fitting with because you do not want that forsner bit getting into your hand or you will be spending the day in a ER getting some pretty serious repairs done to the injury
  2. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    If you do not mind measurements would be great My brother in law has some 1/2 inch PVC fittings and they will almost fit the shaft of the GM gonna open up one of the fittings he has with a 7/8 forsner bit or a step bit and see if I can get a snug fit on the shaft of the GM
  3. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    I have my GM with me I will go to home depot and get one of each and try will let you know
  4. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Ridge Runner do you know if the shaft from for the GM will fit inside a 3/4 or 1/2 inch PVC fitting if so I have an idea similar to yours I have about a 2 inch section of the shaft on mine sticking past the arm cuff going to try one of those cross fittings
  5. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    It did thank you will try something similar when I get back to my place
  6. thanks everyone for all the info trying to get a clear enough pic of some of them with my phone which is not the best gonna try to find someone with a good camera have taken photos about 10 times with my phone of them and every time they look really blurry couldn't make heads nor tails out of the photos
  7. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    ridge Runner looks pretty good how did you attach it to the GM 1000 the stand is my only complaint with the GM at this point and I have been racking my brain as to how I can improve that part
  8. let me try and take a few pics don't know about posting these on a forum classified section though not going to rush into anything until I know the value for myself I hate parting with them but family comes first every time, these were found under a house I owned and lived in while in Ohio in a huge crawl space the house and the year it was built is what got me into metal detecting the best finds I have ever made and in my mind would be hard to ever top it, they were found in a box buried in the crawl space abut 6 inches below the dirt floor back in one corner the box was full of coins I still have all including the box which was not in vary good condition as it was pretty damp in the crawl space,I have never said anything about this find to anyone other then family members that I trust, the house itself was built in the 1800s and like I said is what got me into metal detecting but you do what you have to just to help family so thus the reason for the sale
  9. I am down in the valley of AZ rite now for a family emergency what I need suggestions on is I have several 2.5 dollar gold pieces from the 1800s that I found while detecting a property I owned in Ohio I need to sell these gold coins so I can help my family out with this emergency can someone please tell me where to take these in AZ to sell them so I don't get ripped off as I do not know much about coins Thanks in advance for any and all suggestion
  10. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    When I first got my GM 1000 i tried both coils and experienced the knock issues with the small coil an a little with the larger coil i took zip ties and zip tied the cable to the lower shaft approximately the first 4 inches of the cable just above the coil where the cable comes out to where the cable is real tight and can not move at all and I have had no issues since it is a pain in the butt to have to do this every time you switch coils and i just carry a supply of zip ties with me when I detect as I usually zip tie the cable all the way up the first two shafts
  11. Mr H I have read through this whole post and as a newer member here I just want to say I for one value every review you take the time to post up the two people you banned to me were so far out of line you were justified in the banning me being a new to gold detecting person appreciate anyone and all members that take the time to give informative post and I just wanted to thank all that do post and teach those of us that are here to learn and better our selves at this hobby of detecting for anything and thank you Mr H for the forum
  12. Don't know if this will help others with the coil knock issue or not but I took a plastic zip tie and zip tied the coil cable to the shaft just above the coil and the coil knock issue seemed to go away for me I can now run in 9 or 10 sens in all metal and the coil knock is not an issue like I said I do not know if this will help on all the GM 1000s out there but on mine it did seem to
  13. Chris thanks for posting up the video vary informative and confirms to me I have been using it rite again thanks for posting up and looking forward to the next one
  14. Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Well I received my hermit pick and i have to say it is a beast at digging holes, as big as it is you would think it would be really heavy but it is not,Bunk shipped it out on the 17th and it was sitting in my post office that Monday but I could not pick it up till the following Monday as I had to go to the valley of AZ for an emergency and was down there a week boy was it hot,the only thing I really do not care for on the hermit pick is the handle is pretty large diameter for my hands and I have large hands but that can be adjusted to the way I like it with a little red neck ingenuity over all though it seems to be a well built pick have already dug a couple of hole with it and it makes really quick work of the job.
  15. Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Spoke to Bunk on the phone this morning talked for a bit told him about this tread and the interest in his picks he said he is going to sign up on DP also ordered one of his Hermit picks last night so looking forward to getting it and using it the reason I called him was to confirm he received my order as I was not sure if my order had actually went through after completing it he confirmed he did receive my order and was on his way to ship it to me he seems like a really laid back person vary pleasant to talk to on the phone.