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    Metal Detecting for anything hunting,fishing trying to figure out how to live off grid comfortably
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    Xterra 705 and GM 1000 (Gold Monster)
  1. AT Pro For Gold Detecting???

    Had one didn't like it me and it just never clicked all I can really say about it.I feel it is one of the most over rated detectors on the market but there are a lot of people that love it I am just not one of them for the money you can purchase a new X Terra 705 rite now I think that would be a way better machine for you for what you are looking to do I have been using a 705 since 08 or 09 and and have never felt the need to up grade a new in box X TERRA 705 can be had rite now for just under $500 the only advantage the AT PRO has over the X TERRA 705 is it can be submerged under water up to 10 feet the X TERRA 705 can not
  2. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    That is the other thing I do is I use the 2 tone or 4 tone simply because if my brain was to try and process what the 705 is telling me with 99 tones set I would be more nuts then I am now I also feel that with 99 tones set for the detector to process it looses some sensitivity so I am usually set in two tone or four tone,but I have experimented with the 99 tones set and usually only last about and hour tops with it set that way,like I said in an earlier post the best way to get a feel for the 705 is to play with all the settings it is vary easy to go back to the factory settings if you do not like what you have set up but to me that is truly the only way to find out just what the 705 is capable of play with everything that is in it.
  3. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    I really could not tell anyone just what TID numbers associate with any coin because I hunt pretty much exclusively in prospecting mode whether detecting for coins or gold when in prospecting mode there are no TIDs back when I first purchased the 705 I used the coin mode to start out but that was eons ago so I have forgotten all the TID numbers and what TIDs at what like I said earlier I use prospecting mode pretty much exclusively,which with the prospecting mode I dig by sound if it sounds good I dig that could be another reason I get along with the GM 1000 so well also because while in prospecting mode the X TERRA 705 is a lot like the GM 1000 to me while in all metal or deep mode with the GM, I had even stated that in a post about the GM 1000 when I first got it and started using it that it reminded me a lot of the X TERRA 705 in prospecting mode
  4. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    Trust me Haal I am not that tech savvy neither but the one thing I do with the 705 is play with settings in it if I set something up in it that just doesn't seem to work then I do a factory reset and start over thats the way I have learned it, for me it seems I always end up back at the factory settings which always seems to work best for me the other thing I have done is learned to trust what the 705 is telling me and usually the 705 is rite as far as what it is telling me its really hard to explain to someone until the bell goes off in your head and realize to trust what the 705 is saying and believe me it took about 2 -2 1/2 years for that bell to go off in my head but once it did I started having a love affair with the 705 LOL.
  5. X-Terra 70 & X-Terra 705 As Nugget Detectors?

    I have been using the X Terra 705 since 08 or 09 but for me what I have found while using the 705 on hot ground or mild ground that less gain equals more with the 705 and maybe that is why I have gotten along with the GM1000 so well when i am running the X TERRA 705 if I get into an area that has lots of hot rocks or it becomes unstable from the ground I start lowering my sensitivity and it usually quiets down,I run in prospecting mode almost exclusively with tracking activated the thing with the 705 you have to learn to trust that the GB tracking is working which I do trust I have seen GB numbers as high as the mid to high 40s and as low as single digit numbers within a 10 to 20 foot area, with the X Terra 705 the lower the GB numbers the hotter or more mineralized the ground is but even though I run with the GB tracking activated I still will occasionally stop and re ground balance and check the GB numbers just to see what the GB numbers are. I found the best find for me back in 09 with the 705 while I was living in Ohio the house I owned was built in 1889 and its pretty much what got me into detecting the only info that I could ever find out about the house in my research of it was there was two bank robbers had been arrested in it , it was on about 3/4 of an acre and for the first 3-6 months I did nothing except detect the front and back yards found several mercs some of which were down to 10 or 11 inches deep and other silvers and good things but the best find I ever found and still to this day have not beat for me was under the house which had a basement with an attached crawl space the crawl space had a dirt floor and was big enough that once you were inside of it you could stand up and swing a detector while detecting the crawl space in the furthest back corner I got a hit with numbers that were jumping all over the place I dug up a box that someone had buried it contained all kinds of coins in the box lots of silvers and other coins but the best coins in it was 12- 2.5 dollar gold pieces I don't know at this point what would ever top that find for me maybe that 2 pound gold nugget but for me i will always remember that find I have always felt the the X TERRA 705 was and still is one of the most under rated detectors on the market,still to this day even though I have been using the 705 for as long as I have been I still learn new things about it that amazes me if you have one and do not like it you haven't given it enough of a chance and learned all of its great features the X TERRA 705 is the one detector that will always be with me until either I or it dies thats how much I love the 705 I have used other detectors but none of the others I took to like I did the 705 me and them just did not click so I ended up getting rid of them but the 705 still lives with me for those thinking about getting the 705 download Randy Horton's E Book on the Minelab site and read it several times its a great free book with lots of great info
  6. if you cant wait and need to purchase one ASAP I would look at the Mine Lab X TERRA 705 which rite now can be had new in box for under $500 I have been using one since 08 or 09 and have never felt the need to up grade to something better it has a great prospecting mode and a good coin mode found my best find ever with one back in 09 and I have always felt it is one of the most under rated detectors on the market I have dug mercs while I was living in Ohio down to around 10 or 11 inches with the 705 if I were to ever up grade rite now I would have to get the Equinox but as I stated earlier in this post I have never felt the need to upgrade my best find ever was under the house I owned in Ohio in the crawl space under the house I detected a box in one corner down about 6 inches under the dirt floor that was full of all kinds of coins included in these coins was 12- 2.5 dollar gold pieces i cant really say enough about the X TERRA 705 but I will tell you the 705 is the one detector that will be with me till I die or it dies if you want a detector dedicated to just gold then I would look at the GM 1000 which I also own, some users have reported bump issues with the coils mainly the small coil but I have not experienced any of those issues reported by others.
  7. First Winter Storm

    Last year at this time here in AZ where I live we had snow on the ground at this time last year this time it the complete opposite in the 70s and nothing freezing last year I remember having to put one of those small buddy heaters in with my pressure pump that feeds water from my storage tank just to keep my water lines from freezing this year so far is beautiful so far
  8. GM 1000 12v Battery Charger

    Thanks Mr H i also have several but the ends that plug into what ever is all different from the one that plugs into the GM rechargeable battery pack
  9. GM 1000 12v Battery Charger

    Can you purchase the charger by itself or do you have to purchase a CTX or GPZ 7000 to get the charger which I hope is not the case would be one expensive 12 volt charger if that were the case
  10. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I have to agree with what others are saying myself being new to detecting for gold like the fact that this forum stays on the topic as to what it was designed for detecting for gold and general detecting there are plenty of other detecting forums that one can join if they want to talk about general bull,politics or what ever else you want to talk about but vary few that sticks to just what we are all here for but as others have said it is your forum Mr Herschbach
  11. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    you still have to use a forsner bit to open up the tee that snaps to the GM shaft before cutting though otherwise it will not snap on to the shaft
  12. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Nope it does not get in the way when swinging the detector but I have since changed my design a little to be more like the one cabin fever posted up left the design the same as my original except I added another tee to it and used a dremil tool with cutting blade and cut half of the tee off so it would snap onto the shaft of the GM 1000 then I took the original tee which slid onto the end of the shaft and attached it to the tee which I cut by doing this it allows you to swing the hole stand out of the way and then there is no issues at all will take photo and post so all can see what was done
  13. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    Made one a little different from ridge runner that works pretty good also except I took a 1/2 inch standard PVC fitting and opened up the center hole with a 7/8 forsner bit which for those that do not know what a forsner bit is it allows you to cut perfect circular holes through just about anything wood or plastic, I wanted to be able to remove this easily by opening up the center hole on the fitting to 7/8 with the forsner bit it will slip rite onto the end of the shaft of the GM 1000 and is a good snug fit for the rest of it I used 4- 1/2 inch 45% fittings and four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC did not have to glue any of them and it makes a great stand vary stable no more tipping over Thanks Ridge Runner for the inspiration one thing for those that decide to make one like I have described make sure you put the fitting in a vise or something you can hold the fitting with because you do not want that forsner bit getting into your hand or you will be spending the day in a ER getting some pretty serious repairs done to the injury
  14. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    If you do not mind measurements would be great My brother in law has some 1/2 inch PVC fittings and they will almost fit the shaft of the GM gonna open up one of the fittings he has with a 7/8 forsner bit or a step bit and see if I can get a snug fit on the shaft of the GM
  15. Stand For Gold Monster 1000

    I have my GM with me I will go to home depot and get one of each and try will let you know