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  1. WELL it was confusing me even though I have been detecting since 2009 I did not even realize that modern day coins would register on the non ferrous side probably would have never realized it had I not had the GM 1000 and was running some testing of what different coins and other metal items sounded like on the GM 1000 was just trying to get accustomed to what different items sounded like on it and I still would have never known had I not been watching the iron and gold chance meter on the GM 1000 while running coins in my plastic scoop past the coil learned something new for me anyways guess it just goes to show you are never to old or to smart to learn something new I knew lead,brass,aluminum.and gold would read on the non ferrous side just not clad coins
  2. Was doing some testing on targets with my GM 1000 the targets were clad coins,lead bits,aluminum foil and a couple of gold rings I was trying to get a feel for how each sounds different on the GM 1000 what I need an explanation on is this when I would pass a clad coin pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters under the coil they would all give pretty much the same sound but where I need the explanation is on the iron and gold chance meter on the GM 1000 they all also read on the non ferrous side of the meter why is this nails and things like that would read on the iron side but all clad coins hit on the gold chance side should the meter be reading clad coins like that I understand the nails and things like that but why the pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters the clad coins also would give of a sound on the speaker and hit on the gold chance side of the meter while in deep all metal or discrimination modes it did not matter.
  3. Question On Whites TDI

    I agree with you Ridge Runner I have to live with myself and for me if I were to take advantage of someone that I consider my friend I could not look at myself in the mirror every morning I do not know the full story yet on why he is actually selling the detector yet but I will come Monday thats why i am trying to find out what others think the value would be but myself I would only be interested if its a working detector because I have always wanted a PI machine I want to give my friend an honest answer as to the worth of it either way whether its a case he has to sell or just has no interest in detecting no longer him and I have always been the types though that when we give each other a price on something no matter what the other offers we stick to the price that was given as far as each other is concerned Honestly I am surprised he didn't say you can have it because thats the way we have always been with each other if one of us had something we were not using any longer we would just give it thats really whats concerning me and I hope its not a desperation case for him
  4. Question On Whites TDI

    if he was a total stranger I would do that but like I stated he is a old friend which I could never take advantage of someone I consider a friend even though we lost touch with each other for a bit I still consider him to be a vary good friend guess I just look at it differently from most people these days
  5. Question On Whites TDI

    Wow like I said I do not know anything about whites guess I will not question his price and just pay it if I do get it and do not like it guess it would be an easy sell whats the most anyone would pay for it used working or not working cant imagine it not working as he stated he had only used it a few times and then set it in a closet and its been collecting dust just hope he did not leave the batteries in it,that would not be good Its been since about 2007 that I had seen this friend as I moved to a different state in 2009 for a few years and then came back to AZ in 2013 but we had talked on the phone up until a couple years ago then we lost touch and I just happened to run into him by chance he looked like he was in some struggles since the last time I had seen him so I think I will find out whats been going on for him if hes selling it out of desperation or what and if he is I will probably give him a little more then what he said but I will find out the story first i am hoping it is not the case of a desperation sell off because I have been there and done that sold things I did not want to just because I had to , we were pretty good friends though so that might not be the case I didn't even know he had gotten into metal detecting when him and I were running together we were into drinking and riding our bikes I will find out whats up though
  6. ran into an old friend yesterday he asked what I had been up to told him I do a lot of metal detecting and he said he has a whites TDI that he says he has used vary little he ask me if I would be interested in purchasing it from him because he says it just sits there collecting dust I asked him how much he wanted site unseen and he told me he would let me have it for $150 he says he has had it since 2010 said he purchased it new,I do not know anything about whites to know if thats a good price for a used one or not. is there different versions of that particular detector that I should be aware of when I go look at his or is there only one version are there any potential issues the TDI had from that year that I should be aware of also i am supposed to go look at it on Monday so thats why I am asking don't want to waist my time if its not worth it,its a long drive so just trying to decide whether to take the drive or not Thanks for reading
  7. Thanks again fred as usual you are johnny on the spot and I do not mean that in a bad way just you are always one of the first to answer peoples post with useful and helpful info again thanks
  8. Thanks Fred have looked at the Minelab kit which comes with a 1/2 inch classifying pan would you recommend also purchasing a smaller size classifier for the kit also like say a 3/8 or 1/4 just want to get everything I need at one time
  9. OK I am new to gold panning but I want to purchase one so I can do some sampling around my property have searched the web for what would be best for a beginner there are so many different types on the internet that for a beginner gold panner it is pretty confusing what does everyone suggest for a beginner at panning I know panning is not easy at first and there is a technique to it its a learning process as everything is thats new to someone just looking for suggestions I figure a gold pan would be the easiest way to sample and see if there is gold here and the cheapest to start
  10. Gold Monster Headphone Issues

    Gerry will be contacting you when I get ready to purchase a new pair of headphones
  11. Gold Monster Headphone Issues

    will contact them tomorrow thanks again
  12. Gold Monster Headphone Issues

    I have not used them much but the past few days the wind has been blowing pretty hard making it difficult to hear so I started using them have only used them maybe three days and then they started doing this and you are rite they are junk but better than nothing when its windy just want to get them replaced so if I ever decide to sell the GM 1000 I have everything that came with it luckily the ear buds I tried worked pretty good though they were from a cell phone.