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  1. A Peek Inside Nox Control Head -video

    Those damn russians !!!
  2. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    i had one and sold it , found it wouldnt pick up small foil and some people couldnt understand why i wanted to find small foil ? to eliminate from my search of course !!!
  3. i am assuing that the these two setting have some sort of correlation as do the silencer and reactivity speed on the deus , yet on the deus the reactivity setting takes precedence over the silencer and when you change the reactivity setting this automatically sets the appropiate silencer value. This apparantley is to avoid the silencer being set where it could reduce the effectiveness of the reactivity setting. I have now seen a few personal settings springing up on social media and forums but none seem to have any consistency regarding these two settings.
  4. Maybe Today Is The Day

    from the uk dealer
  5. Equinox Recovery ( Detect Speed ) Settings

    i think this link may be of some interest to you : http://www.minelabowners.com/forum/showthread.php?32232-Will-you-be-holding-on-to-your-CTX-or-trading-it