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  1. He received his detector from a company to test it. But something i noticed is the box in which he received wasnt other people recieving a Sdc2300 box. The company he received it from seems to sell them . Is in the description box.
  2. Could a deus xp serve both purpose of a vlf machine while having a very good discrimination ? Or gmt or gb2 and gbp be a better choice ?
  3. Hey.. i want to clear somethings that is not mentioned here. When dealing with suction is not all JUST engine HP is more about the GPM. Meaning two 6hp pumps will produce 700 and something GMP with a higher PSI. While a 16hp engine will be around the 500 gpm with a slightly less psi. One larger engine will produce suction but not as much as a two engine combo using even a regular power jet. And like steve explain is a depth thing as soon need to lift 5" rocks 8-10 feet out of the water it takes away a whole lot of the suction to justify.
  4. Thanks for explaining things Steve.
  5. I would like to see how better the ATX does with his new coils. I was interested in buying a atx after seeing bearkat videos but i also saw what a GPX could do with a NF 17x13 coil. It as sensitive as the ATX while pulling out 1g nuggets at depth deeper than the atx would see a 2g nugget. This to me takes away all good things you normally hear good about the ATX like good overall performance in just one setting and working close as good as GPX.
  6. Steve have tested the newer mono coil. It suppose to be shockproof and more well balanced. But out of the two newer coils the 11x13 DD would be the best coil for the atx. Since its naturally more resistance to high mineralization and the iron check mode only works with dd coils. We are waiting on steve to actually do some more testing with the two coils to tell the real difference.
  7. Im looking into buying a atx myself since it have been able to find gold in and out the water in different places; be gold nuggets, jewery or coins. Have anyone already tried the newer 11x13 coil for the atx . It just hit the market but maybe someone already test the coil with great results.