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  1. Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

    bugga! only have povo tv here and can't get yootoobs. Ted and Lecky Mahoney should be good for the show..nice people and Lecky is a sweety.
  2. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    only 48ks? fair dinkum..I feel like Dorothy here! just saw a camel fly passed my window
  3. What To Do When The Weather Sucks?

    Yep.. wind here would rip your mum clean off the dunny! just finished the next one, not quite as good but not complaining
  4. crush a fist size lump of rock and pan it off of cause
  5. A Couple Of Trips

    Bugga!! only sent you there cause I thought it was barren Glad you had a good time mate.
  6. Very well done Duck! love the flatties. Glad the 19" is playing the game well.
  7. Thanks for the info guys! and the youtubes, much appreciated. Yep I have a retort
  8. Hi Folks, say you hypothetically had a fair amount of crushed ore to process, and due to the amount of mustard gold in quantities worth recovering, what would you recommend and why? Water can be a problem so recirculating would be good, portability is a big want, will be using mercury and a retort due to the mustard gold. Open to suggestions. Many thanks, Steve
  9. Jackpot!

    Still going and will for a while yet me thinks. I haven't posted much because of some of the ridiculous comments on another forum. Seems people want you to do a write up and show some finds, yet when you do they tell you not to? Even some sound and sensible advice like I should sell some to fly some guy I've never met over to help me dig it out and process it cause he's a good guy and good with a pan? Yep like that will happen. Anyway, still picking up what has shed and will be for a while yet, that's not including the hole which I've hardly touched. That I've just dug out all signals to down passed detector depth and filled back in and made it look like natural ground which was a job and a half on its own. 21grs from 4 hours work yesterday
  10. Elistoun Station (west Aust)update

    Yep Miss Jen, no charge. Just to add to what Trent said, as most crown land is covered by some sort of lease, on some leases you will need permission off the lease holder or a 40E permit which costs about $25 but lasts for I think 3 months.
  11. Erlistoun Station has a new phone number 9031 3954. If no one is there to answer please leave a message. The new managers name is Butch Shaw. Also as of the coming Tuesday Aug 1st, an aerial muster will be taking place also utilizing ground crews in 4x4's quads, bikes and numerous other mad max look alike vehicles. Please, if on the station it is imperative for your safety and ours that we know where you are. These are not tame cows from a petting zoo, they are wild scrub cattle that will kill you. Also be aware GSDU are active on this and the surrounding station checking miners rights, permits and compliance. Two men, residents from NSW and Tas faced Leonora court today for illegal mining (on an EL without a section 40E permit) Cheers, Steve
  12. No More Tag-along Tours From...

    Spot on! Even though I have photographic evidence and all the proof in the world, I could still be dragged through a civil court costing me a small fortune.
  13. No More Tag-along Tours From...

    No mate, a Vic based operator that hits the west each year
  14. No More Tag-along Tours From...

    A shame. He has a very good reputation. Unfortunately, there is a rogue tour operator over here making it harder for everyone and bringing the tour industry into disrepute. Not implying that this is the reason he is ending his tag alongs.
  15. Finally A Hanger

    that's a lovely piece just begging for a chain. Congrats!