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  1. unfortunately all the girls in my fantasies at night will now be sporting your lovely elegant hands.
  2. bugger the acid Dave... smack the crap out of it and pan it off! curious to see the results.. Well done!
  3. Usually find them as a pair living in hollow logs. Unfortunately normally find them after you've put the log on your camp fire no matter how much you check to make sure your fire wood's not hiding any critters.
  4. Be more than happy...will be bloody ecstatic if I have to dig a big deep hole!
  5. Yep. He had it advertised at $900 and was willing to take gold instead of cash which suited me fine. So 18 grams @ $50 per gram makes Steve a happy little tuna
  6. That's one of the AFL following species going by the markings. Also possibly a juvenile as the adult ones usual have grey hair or no hair and are marked with something like "Fred & Mavis UHF18" on the back of their shell.
  7. Well another one did turn up, meeting the bloke about an hour and a half away tomorrow to swap 18 grams of gold for his near new 19" coil
  8. There's actually a good wildlife show on telly at the moments about Gekko's
  9. What other wild life Rowdy? If' it's here and I see one I'll try and get a pic.
  10. Not as strange looking as the West Australian Mulga Deer
  11. Gwardar and yep very deadly. Usually a death or two per year here. Rule of thumb here is if it has no legs it could most likely kill you.
  12. The Indigenous folk are allowed to hunt them. Occasionally I'll do a trade for some other type of food.
  13. Yeah Ash, for the last few nights, Mondays was better. Thunderstorms predicted all this week. Love your pics also. Those Bush Turkeys are excellent eating.