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  1. Sorry Tvan, yep WA Australia, I post it here as this forum is frequented by a lot of Aussies, many who visit WA. Ashley, two really good wet seasons in a row has allowed them to breed up. The big wets have also reduced the effectiveness of the baits, couple that with some rather slack or next to non existent baiting programs and you have a problem. Two attacks on people last year in my area and one was a pretty severe mauling. So far this year two close call incidents at the mines reported, plus I had a couple of run in this year also.
  2. Received an email from Regis Resources tonight concerning an increase in sightings of wild dogs and two close call incidents over the last few weeks. As of tomorrow an intensive baiting and track 'em and whack 'em program will start between King of Creation mine and Garden well mine on the Erlistoun / Bandya boundary. Also, due to some numpty flapping his gums in the Laverton van park "if my dog takes a bait I'll shoot the station owner" the new station owners are exercising their right and from now on no dogs are permitted on Erlistoun station without prior written consent. Sorry folks, not my doing blame it one idiot and his big mouth.
  3. I'd rather it than beef myself. Very similar though. Horse I've only had in a curry so far and loved it. Will experiment a bit more though. Yep unfortunately, too many of them and then cause havoc when they hit, destroy everything from tanks to mills, polly pipe and fences.
  4. Hi Fred, is the group, no Orlando. Yep hard to get the indigenous to eat camel or horse unfortunately. Camel in my opinion taste better than beef. Cheers, Steve
  5. Popped a stack of camels the other day and stole a back strap off a young cow. Normally I hang them for a week or two to age but I went and caught up with a tour group that day and we knocked off the whole back strap that night. No washing up that night, all plates were licked clean
  6. Smash 'em! You know you want to!
  7. Love your landscape! Also my google finger wishes to know what type of lizard that is.
  8. HA! No instinct involved Miss Jen, I just wanted find them to give them an earful for camping too close to water. When I saw where their tracks were heading I had a fair idea how I'd find them. It does become a pain after a while when the fuzz ring asking you to go look for someone or to tow someone out and you have no idea where because they haven't even let you know they are here. Very disappointed in their lack of gratitude, not saying I want my feet washed and be showered with gifts and have them name their baby after me, but it cost me a tin of tuna, a cup of two minute noodles, a carton of beer, a waste of a day and a half and a crappy nights sleep. Bastards!
  9. Thanks folks. I will take a few photos of the damage next time I head up that way and post them, we are going to try and get some sort of compensation out of them for track repairs but I'm afraid we might be pushing the proverbial up a hill. And Kiwi, no, I gave the beers to the mining crew, the two billygoats didn't give squat or even offer. No wonder mining companies and pastoralists are trying to shut down prospecting over here (and they will) some of the units floating around the bush just make you shake your head. Caught an ex plod (who should know better) the other day who goes where he pleases and never lets us know he's on the station. Was talking about rubbish and he says " yep, can't understand it, you burn what burns and what doesn't burn you bag up. The next time you're passing and old shaft you drop the bag down the shaft". I did my lolly at him. Told him under no circumstances to drop his rubbish down a shaft. It ends up in the water table plus it's illegal and town has a free tip. Found a cow shot the other day too, had half a back leg carved out.
  10. Title chosen because I'd be banned if I wrote what I really wanted. Spotted a camper parked in the scrub not far from a well, so went to see who and introduce myself. No one was there so I followed the tracks as they were heading to the well. They went passed the well and towards the next one which isn't in a known gold area but is in an area that holds a lot of water especially after the rain we've had. Bugger me if the track didn't keep going and into a no go area. I knew I would either come across them heading back out or bogged. Sure enough, 4klms in and there's a Hilux duel cab bogged up to its eyeballs with a very relieved to see me NSW couple in their 70's. They had been there all day with nothing but a now empty thermos of coffee, no comms, no recovery gear, no food or water. And of cause I get bogged trying to get them out. As it was 4.30pm no option but to stay put for the night. I gave them what food I had as they had not eaten all day, plus plenty of water. They slept in their ute and I slept in mine plus in front of a fire when it got too cold. They next morning I hiked 17klms out to the road with the intent of getting a lift the 60klms into town and then a lift back out to the homestead to pick up my other ute and come get the couple and drop them at their van. I'd let them worry about retrieving their ute themselves. As luck would have it for them and me, a mining company offered to get us both out which they did with the aid of my 5 chains and two snatch straps plus a hell of a lot of shovel work. A very embarrassed but pretty shallow thankyou from the couple and a carton of beer and about 20 very greatful and heartfelt thankyous from me. And now the track is stuffed for about 100 yards. Unfortunately, the laws in Australia are written in such a way that makes it illegal for me to head butt them.
  11. unfortunately all the girls in my fantasies at night will now be sporting your lovely elegant hands.
  12. bugger the acid Dave... smack the crap out of it and pan it off! curious to see the results.. Well done!
  13. Usually find them as a pair living in hollow logs. Unfortunately normally find them after you've put the log on your camp fire no matter how much you check to make sure your fire wood's not hiding any critters.