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  1. Reg Wilson

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    Holy crap, did I read that right? I distill liqueur at about 90% discarding the first 150 mils that first comes off as 'heads' and then dilute it by half with filtered spring water . I can make it that strong, but you need to know what you are dealing with. "Danger, danger".
  2. Reg Wilson

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Fred, despite my unfortunate reputation as a bit of a stirrer and even troublemaker, I have enormous respect for Steve for the way he runs this as one of the few serious remaining gold and prospecting forums.
  3. Reg Wilson

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    beatup, nice mate, nothing wrong with that. I'd be happy pulling gold as pretty as that. Lovely color.
  4. Reg Wilson

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Any idea of purity? American gold can vary quite a bit in this regard. Looks good .
  5. Reg Wilson

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    geof, that beer is half strength. Girly beer. Suitable for Halfarse.
  6. Reg Wilson

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Steve, I have no bone to pick with Minelab, as a matter of fact I have a Minelab detector, and purchased a 7000 when they first came out. I was one of the lucky ones who got a good machine which found me a lot of gold including a 27oz bit. A couple of mates were not so lucky and had constant problems with their detectors. These detectors were sent to Minelab for remedial work, but were no better upon return. My friends were told that there was nothing wrong with the machines, and it was suggested that they just didn't know how to operate them. These guys were not novices and had been successful prospectors for years. With the introduction of the ring one of the detectors improved and became usable, however the other showed no improvement even after the software update. I never noticed any difference in my 7000 after using the ring or the software update. It performed quite well. I mentioned the fact that Minelab manufacture in Asia as I believe that quality control would possibly be better if the detectors were built in Australia, not to mention the employment situation. I know full well that my friends problem is not an isolated case. The 7000 is a very expensive machine and the last thing a buyer expects is to have purchased a less than perfect detector.
  7. Reg Wilson

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Yeah, thanks Norvic, but the question remains unanswered, and our Aussie company manufactures in Asia. Do Whites and Garret manufacture in Mexico?
  8. Reg Wilson

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Thanks Geof. That better? Would still like to know why the ring came on the scene some time after the 7000 was introduced, and then treated like it was always a part of the plan. Was this a 'patch up' tactic to rectify some initial shortcoming?
  9. Reg Wilson

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Dolan Dave, good question mate, I'd like an answer to that one as well. Why was the ferrite ring produced as an afterthought?
  10. Reg Wilson

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Since the QED does not come with headphones I have been experimenting with audio systems. Some headphones seem to lack volume while certain cordless systems suffer from problems such as signal lag and interference. Early Bluetooth cordless suffered from lag, but the newer ones seem to have overcome this problem. Some cause interference with the electronics, and some have a background cycling noise, causing rising and falling in the threshold. Experimentation has eliminated a number of products that are just not good enough to be useful on a detector. Rather than list the failures, I shall give a report on those that get the 'thumbs up'. The Seinheisser R-160 Kleer TX and headphones are great, with volume control on both the transmitter and phones with clean sound and volume. Rechargeable and replaceable batteries in TX and phones. Garret Z-Link TX and RX (volume control) paired with Bose noise cancelling ear buds. (expensive combination but great) This setup is better for the hot weather as a wide brimmed hat can be worn. This combo is dirt cheap, but surprisingly good. Generic (tiny) Chinese Bluetooth TX (unit can be TX or RX) paired to Bauhn (Aldi) Bluetooth headphones (with volume control). The TX needs to be mounted on the shaft as interference does occur if mounted on control box. This combo is crisp, clear, and has no cycling or background hum. Great value as this setup cost less than aus$60. Thats around us$40. Will be experimenting shortly with noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, and Bluetooth speakers.
  11. Jin, I have puzzled over the position of large pieces for years and have come to the conclusion that there is no rule. I have found large pieces both close to a reef and some where no proven reef existed in the area. Gold that is traveling from a reef from where it was expected to have shed is known as colluvial gold. It can be shown that gold can reach a point of rest (gully, creek, river) only to be moved again and again. A large nugget that I found many years ago had three different ages of cement or conglomerate locked in the hollows. This suggested that at least three times this nugget had reached a point of rest, become conglomerated, and by erosion had been moved on. Over how many millions of years this had taken place is beyond speculation. Just how far this nugget had traveled is just as big a mystery. Locked in a boulder of conglomerate one could speculate that it could have moved a great distance down a stream before the conglomerate broke down, leaving that slug some way from other gold. In many cases the reef that produced big gold has been depleted and eroded away, and there are no visible signs of its existence. It once may have shed gold from a position several hundred (or more) feet above where you stand, scratching your head over a geological puzzle. The amount of erosion that has taken place is hard to get your mind around, especially in an old and worn down continent like Australia.
  12. Reg Wilson

    Need Help Guys Asap

    Donnie, buy a gold pan if you want small gold. It's a lot cheaper.
  13. Reg Wilson

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Matt, totally agree. My prototype balances much higher than my production model, but rarely can I balance my production model much lower than 100. 89 also seems a bit low to me.
  14. Reg Wilson

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Whitbey, the outlet for QED in Australia is Detech Australia. Your search engine will soon turn that up for you, and the price in Australian dollars is $1,850. The exchange rate at the moment I think is probably around one Australian dollar equals 75 US cents, so that would mean a QED would cost less than US$1,400. You will find Pete at Detech a very helpful guy who knows his stuff. If I can be of any further help please let me know.