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  1. Recently my wife and daughter gave me a drone for my birthday. Being a bit of a technical dinosaur, I am still getting the hang of it. These things seem to be rapidly advancing, and it occurred to me that it may provide a way of seeing what is over the next hill without all the footwork. Seeing how America seems to be leading the way with this technology, this seemed to be the ideal place to pose this Question. Any ideas?
  2. Google Chrome And Xchange2

    The whole X Change thing was a pain in the backside, and outmoded before it began. Just a time waster and 'technology for technologies sake'. I soon gave up on it.
  3. Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Walker, another 2000 of them and you'll have your detector paid for. (well, nearly)
  4. This 25" coil is an early version. The later one has 3 spokes and is lighter.
  5. Big Coils -- Do You Still Use Them?

    The three spoke 25" Nuggetfinder is very light, and very stable.
  6. Headphone Amplifiers

    Wouldn't you think that by now Minelab would have built their own headphones, as the ones they provide with their very expensive detectors are cheap rubbish.
  7. Well Khaled, where to start? Firstly, deciding to post your questions here was probably a good decision, as some of the most experienced prospectors in the business post here. ( I do not include myself however ) Steve, J Porter, and a number of others have extensive experience in prospecting and the use of detectors. I shall attempt to answer your questions in order, and hopefully others may add. 1 Boyle's book on gold and genesis of deposits is a great way to understand how and where gold was deposited, and covers African fields. 2 If you are using a GPX4500, then you are arguably using the best technology you can get. 3 You are using a gold detecting pulse induction detector, so the basic rule is to dig everything that gives a signal. Only time and experience will tell you what is worth digging and what is not. Until then, obey the rule. 'When in doubt, dig it out'. 4 Geological maps should be your guide here, plus any maps that note gold mining areas. You need to learn the importance of granite and the metamorphic zones in your hunt for auriferous country. Research, and more research. 5 This question in covered mostly in no 4. 6 Yes, they are fakes. Don't waste your time. Long range prospecting is a different thing, and can be accomplished with computer mapping systems. 7 Your GPX4500 will only fail to find gold if it is out of range or is badly out of tune, or the gold is too fine to register a signal. 8 The Nile? Sorry Khaled, but that question is way beyond my field of experience. Hope someone else can be of help. A very exciting area of the world to be prospecting, and I wish you luck, and please be careful. Keep your finds secret.
  8. Avoid Getting Lost

    Getting lost could cost your life, especially in places like the Aussie outback. Never leave camp without way-pointing it, and most important. Make sure you take with you a spare set of batteries for your GPS.
  9. Big Nugget Found With GPZ 7000

    Nice color. Chunky.
  10. Northeast, sorry but that I do not know.
  11. When using an auto ground tracking detector such as the GPX or GPZ just sweeping back and forth continually in auto over the target noise will cause the suspected target signal to deteriorate noticeably if it is only a ground noise. The GPZ requires quite a few more sweeps than the GPX. It seems the GPZ is slower to ground balance, but the effect is still the same. Some people maintain that this action will actually tune out gold, but I have not found this to be so, but 'when in doubt, dig it out'. A most useful feature of the QED PI detector is that it has a numerical ground balance readout. When a suspect sound is heard, one simply checks and adjusts the ground balance in the vicinity, and then takes note of the GB reading . Example. GB reading 125 take GB up to 130 and note any difference in target response. Now lower GB to 120 and again note target response. If there is a noticeable difference in the readings, walk away. If there appears to be no noticeable difference you will most likely have a real target under your coil and not just a ground noise. I have put this to the test numerous times, and so far it has always been right. Other manufacturers should consider this feature, as it is a great time saver.
  12. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    Thanks BB glad to know it has possibilities. I live in the central Victorian gold fields on 50 acres and have found gold on my property and nearby, so I have plenty of area to practice. Cheers and good hunting.
  13. Chrisco, all I can say at this stage is that there are people working on an 'unfair advantage'. I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully I may be 'first cab off the rank'.
  14. Well, what can I say? Nothing really. Jonathan and Steve have summed it up nicely. All I can add is that I believe that coil technology still has a way to go, and stand by for some new developments on the horizon.
  15. Gold Is Not Where You Find It!

    This is some of the best advise I have read anywhere, on any forum. Tips from a man who obviously knows how to prospect, and not just fossick. Well done.
  16. Having the right contacts is, and always has been the key to getting a good price. My gold used to go to America, but now it is the Chinese market that dominates. I rarely sell for below bullion price, and recently got well above spot price for a 27 ounce piece from a Chinese buyer.
  17. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    The 18'' Elte is a great coil, and performs well on both my GPX and QED.No doubt that it punches deeper.
  18. Back in 1990 when when we were testing the Protos, Bruce Candy brought just such a cable setup to where we were living out of Maryborough. Unfortunately the system was full of bugs, and did not perform. I don't know if Bruce ever perservered with it.
  19. Questions For Reg Wilson

    David, a sensible post, and I thank you for it. More than happy to spend some time to show you how you and the QED can be a successfull and harmonious team. Look me up and I would be more than happy to give you a few pointers for no charge.
  20. I've probably stated this before, but the prototype PI seemed to have the most 'boogy' of any detector I've used.
  21. Well jin, no takers on this subject. I have a few clues, but not sure I should post them, as it could stir up a hornets nest.
  22. Questions For Reg Wilson

    DDs how do you know that 1000s of square miles are not gold bearing? There are easily 1000s of square miles of Ordovician country that has not proven to be auriferous, or non auriferous. Just reading geo maps of Victoria reveals possibilities everywhere. Earlier this year JR Beatty and myself proved up over a thousand acres of previously unproven, virgin ground. Quite a bit of very nice gold that your SD 2000 would have no trouble picking up, and we are a long way from finding the extent of that run. I find it a bit presumptive on your part to state percentages of gold found to gold that is as yet unfound, and I am mystified as to where you have accrued such knowledge. I could give you a few tips on how to improve the performance of your 2000, but you probably know already.
  23. Newest Big Nugget Found..........

    Clay Diggins, I feel there must be some mistake regarding a 300 oz nugget at Kingower on that date. Captain John G. Meschock, who also discovered the Maldon goldfield was awarded the sum of 1000 pounds for the discovery of the Kingower field in August 1853. 1801 was way too early for a discovery of that size at Kingower. The earliest reward of 476 pounds and 4 shillings, for a major gold discovery was made to William Campell in March 1850 for the finding of the Clunes goldfield. Whether a nugget (over 20 ozs) was found there is not recorded, but in 1851 the Ballarat and Castlemaine (Mt. Alexander and Forrest Creek) gold fields were discovered, and yielded huge nuggets. My guess would be that the first nuggets of any size would have come from Ballarat. Maybe Canadian Gully or Black Hill. Small finds of gold were reported before 1850 in many places, but the major rushes took place after that date.
  24. Questions For Reg Wilson

    DDs, you ask me if there is anywhere on public land that has not had a coil on it. For goodness sake , there are thousands of square miles here in Victoria that have never seen a detector. You need to learn how to prospect and not just fossick. Hovering over ground that some self proclaimed expert has produced a map of is not necessarily a recipe for success. On a number of occasions I have detected gold within ten minutes drive of where I live, and some pretty impressive gold at that. But it is not on old diggings, and is not on any map. Research. Learn how to read geo maps and understand them. Learn how to prospect.
  25. QED Review

    goldenoldie, since Howard increased the mode range, there are few nasty ground situations that the QED cannot handle, and very little in sensitivity has been sacrificed to achieve that. Howard thought it best that I should have the latest production model, so that anyone wanting to try the QED should have the available one to test rather than my old prototype. My prototype looks perhaps a little rough the way I have set it up, but I like it that way, and I guess I am used to it, and have become fond of it the way it is.