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  1. LipCa

    Rye Patch Claim Jumpers?

    Some people want it handed to them on a platter.... grin
  2. They vary depending what a person wants to use. Short ribs, tall ribs, miners moss and screen or a combination as shown above...
  3. My misunderstanding..... I thought that being so small (3.5"), you were classifying your concentrates. "This will take trowels full of dirt, and separate black sand and gold from the rest of the larger and lighter materials." This is assuming that someone installs the correct recovery system. My thought is that you should design the recovery system(s) also. Seems incomplete without it. "Classifying only takes a few seconds, so it's not really a burden". That would be assuming that you have a classifier(and sprayer if material is wet) attached to the sluice to spoon feed one scoop at a time. Classifying is time consuming and a burden. I've classified many cubic yards of material to "scoop feed" a Gold Cube.
  4. My thought that 1/4" thick plastic is heavier and, maybe more expensive than aluminum? Have you compared weight and cost? Aluminum is a lot thinner. Once you have classified your material, you can pan it down in just a few minutes. A pan is a lot lighter than a recirculating sluice.... You still have to pan it after it goes through your setup. Have you considered that? Sorry if my comments seem towards the negative side. But, you need to think about all aspects.
  5. Not really a folding sluice.... more like a "recirculating sluice" setup with two sluices. 3 1/2" wide is really tiny. Why so small? Since there will be no recovery riffle/mats/screens, how do you propose a person hold their recovery setup to the bottom of the box? Keep at it........get it right.
  6. LipCa

    Garrett ATX And Recon Coil Options

    There a bunch of threads on coils down in the "Garrett metal detectors" section (where your question will probably be moved to) Too many to list.
  7. LipCa

    Osceola---the Beginnings

    Sounds like a great place to detect.... but, there are probably a ton of active claims there??
  8. LipCa

    Great $8 Digger Shovel At Aldi

    Nice buy for $8 Not sure why they put a "D" handle on a long handle though........ No leverage.
  9. LipCa

    Time To Be Careful

    I've got so many places to go and they all have cartel grows.....
  10. Out for a couple mile hunt today. Didn't find any gold but did walk into a cartel grow being setup. Moving supplies in. Backed out quietly........
  11. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4873-make-garrett-carrot-last-longer/
  12. Unfortunately, you can't scoop up much dirt out of a small hole with a pointed trowel.... That blue one will do better. But, I haven't found anything that that does better than your hand in a small hole. Most holes I dig in parks are 3"-4" inches in diameter at most. Out in the woods.... no limit!