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  1. Would be nice to know how to tune the box to the coil myself...... must just be a "tuning screw" somewhere.
  2. I was not aware of that Steve...... never sent anything to be repaired before. Just ordered parts and put them in myself. So, if tuned to a small coil, it may not be tuned for the larger coil?
  3. Sure hope it comes back better than ever as it is a "super hot" detector. Runs circles around the other three we have. It's a 5 digit serial number 90's style. Maybe that has something to do with it being so sensitive ?
  4. It's going in for repair Tuesday but I thought I'd see if anyone else ever experienced this problem.... A couple years ago something happened and I had to use headphones to hear my GB2. About 6 months ago something happened again and I could only get audio without headphones. A week ago I could get both! I thought everything was fine. Then yesterday, after using it for about 3 hours with headphones, it faded out. I could just barely hear it. Nothing at all if I unplugged the headphones. Turn it off and then on again, ok for about 10-15 seconds and fades out. New batteries didn't help. Detector was functioning properly except for audio......
  5. Avoid Getting Lost

    With Avenza, you can create kmz files and import them to Google Earth and see your placemarks.
  6. Avoid Getting Lost

    For one, I would say search "AVENZA MAPS". Install the free app on your smart phone. Works off the satellites and drop pins, notes, pictures.... Download topo maps, current and historical. There are free ones and ones you can purchase cheap. That is what I use. There are others I believe.
  7. My thought is that you are not going to have very good luck unless you can get close to bedrock or a layer of hardpan. Shoveling it into a gold pan is a waste of time. Maybe look up the bottom of small side draws that aren't running water(or much water) if you think the glacial gold is still eroding into the stream.
  8. I plumb forgot to mention the water, Bob... Thanks.
  9. Bigger is not better. When you remove the black sands, you also pick up some gold. I use a smaller, black one (I'll try to find a picture) First get last concentrates to one side of pan. Then pick up some black sand and drop it on the other(clean) side of the pan. Pick it up again(you'll see fine gold left) Shake the gold back to the first side and drop the bland sand you are still holding on the magnet back on the clean side of the pan. Pick it up again and shake any gold back to the first side. Do this until you don't see any gold being picked up in the process. Discard that black sand. Now pick up some new black sand and repeat the process. Might be hard to understand but I'm cleaning the black sand in my pan.
  10. Cant Wait To Use My Detector

    If you're going to start detecting, don't let a little weather stop you.... Small pill bottle for those pickers..
  11. Some Silver From Recent Weeks

    Nice Steve.... Where you are at, you should turn up a Carson silver dollar soon. (research that race track I told you about several years ago..)
  12. Nice pieces..... Nothing wrong with the machine you were using to find those.... why change?
  13. 1854 Dime

    Nice coin! Nice finding those out in the goldfields where you don't expect them. Found one once(a dime) under a house. Don't remember the date except it was in the 1850's. Gave it to the property owner for letting me on the property.
  14. I take it back... I wouldn't glue that on with Marine Goop. I would use the Gorilla glue. Reason is that tonight I tried to take apart some Gold Hog matting I had glued together. One section I had used the Gorilla glue to attach the two pieces.... It came apart. The other sections I used Marine Goop..... No way were they coming apart. Had to cut them apart. If you ever wanted to replace that tip, you wouldn't want to grind it off. You have a good "tip" though.
  15. Looks like that tip would last forever! If I want to seal or protect something, I use Marine Goop. Dries hard and wears well. Even put a little on the bottom of my coils. If I had to glue that tip on, I would have used it.