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  1. Here's the 1858S.... quick pics with phone so not very good. Yours is a much better looking coin.
  2. Take some time and read(search) some of the previous post.... much discussion on the subject
  3. I'll post a pic when gmail starts working again... Incase you haven't seen this site... https://www.pcgs.com/prices/
  4. Nice coin! I'm sure there are more there. You will find them next season! Not to take away from your great find but I did dig one of those 1858S half eagles that you referenced. I know how you felt when that came out..... Congrats again on your great find! do we all do this or what??
  5. You didn't say what state you were in. If you are in Calif. forget the dredge.
  6. A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    Nice find... I'm wondering if it wasn't drilled out somehow for a ring and broken while pounding on the outside? Doesn't seem very deformed for a bullet that large?? I hope it was shot out.... just wondering. https://www.google.com/search?q=coins+with+bullet+holes&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:Cagn50rd1uEZIjjifI7X2udRqWfk-kaDebCU3M1bo_1ORfubOfXyriYgoGUhRqKmDGav6qSC5DzUdZcZeJJT-f5Dx4ioSCeJ8jtfa51GpEaFLAqgGrGikKhIJZ-T6RoN5sJQR5CdCjbGOwRQqEgnczVuj85F-5hFvp8PXVBqA4SoSCc59fKuJiCgZEXz8VIwMU8VAKhIJSFGoqYMZq_1oRsqnsKN3xj3sqEgmpILkPNR1lxhEQRR0ywKwrzyoSCV4klP5_1kPHiER-AEDITyJSX&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjJ0cmcpeTXAhXHhVQKHcceB9AQ9C8IHA&biw=1372&bih=915&dpr=1
  7. Area I'm Detecting

    Don't get discouraged yet... Many people have gone months and even years before finding their first gold. Keep at it and remember that if you don't get it under your coil, you'll never hear it. I suggest going to areas where there is evidence of mining. They didn't get it all. Good place to find your first piece.
  8. New Detectors And Early Adopters

    Under the graph it says "Bryce Ryan & Neal Gross (1943)" What does that mean? Are you saying the graph is 2016 or just the thread?
  9. New Detectors And Early Adopters

    I see the graph is from 1943 ....... almost 75 years ago. It would be interesting to see a modern day graph.. I think it would be heavier on the front end now.
  10. What Is It For?

    possibly pewter and not lead?
  11. A Short Hunt, Snagged 1

    well, I'd be hitting that stretch slow and hard. nice
  12. Advice On Using The Makro Gold Racer

    Right Steve. I misunderstood that.
  13. Advice On Using The Makro Gold Racer

    "I'll also follow the consensus here and dig anything else that doesn't lock on ID 20/21" If you were waiting for it to lock on 20/21 to dig, I guarantee you went over gold.
  14. Advice On Using The Makro Gold Racer

    The best advice I can give you is that if you detected almost every day this summer in or close to old pocket mines and didn't find a single piece of gold, would be to dig all those "iffy" signals. Sometimes gold doesn't always sound or display like gold. You probably went over a piece or two......