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    Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Pick and shovel. Manual wash plant and sluice.
  1. Another problem with Knelson concentrators is the company is rather snobbish towards individual sales. I once called them inquiring on their smallest lab scale concentrator and they were far from helpful. http://www.flsmidth.com/en-US/About+FLSmidth/Our+History/Our+Product+Brands/Knelson Has anyone here tried a Miller/Water table for sub 100?
  2. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    The Mavic Pro looks good. Not in my budget though. Impressive for sure!
  3. Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    Norvic, that Boeing drone would be sweet to mount a LIDAR under it, and build ultra detailed relief map of prospective ground. Google maps images of my area of interest just aren't good enough to identify paleo channels.
  4. Yukon Gold Mining

    Funny you should post this JW, I just watched it two days ago. I'm very lucky to live in this beautiful territory. Hopefully this summer I will get up to Dawson City a few times to swing the GM1000. It's a 6 hour drive from Whitehorse to there. Already have permission from a few placer miners to visit their operations. JW, are you talking about Dredge #4 having a NZ influence?
  5. Fantastic setup! That would be a blast to use in the Yukon... too bad dredging is discouraged here.
  6. Northeast And The GM 1000

    The Nazis ruined what was considered a symbol for good luck and success. Thankfully luck at the end of the day wasn't on their side. This was a Canadian hockey club from around 1905. Windsor Ontario. Now let's get back to seeing the Gold :)
  7. Holy moly Kiwijw, that is one heck of a dredge! Puts Dredge #4 in Dawson City to shame. Hoping next year to get up there more often and take the Gold Monster up and down it's stacks that aren't claimed or claimed by Parks Canada, or where I can get permission. The dredges up here kicked out to the stacker everything above 3/4".
  8. Wow that is quite the fail of the pit wall. Severed the haul road too. Image from Wikipedia.
  9. Cold Weather Detecting

    Dress for success ;) Insulated Carharts and a Canada Goose Parka, oh and Baffin -100 Drillers boots. But the boots have steel toes and yeah...
  10. Cold Weather Detecting

    Winter has arrived already in the Yukon. I tried the other day detecting some now exposed gravel bars on the Yukon river running through Whitehorse but the surface has already frozen up. All that was recoverable was a Canadian quarter and a five of diamonds fishing lure sitting on the surface lol Auminesweeper, the Snow Mantra is great eh! I've worked down to -45'c in mine, love it. But too hot above -15 for me. Was working for an airline in Yellowknife and we got an insane discount. Paid $150 off a paycheck back in 2000. Still a working jacket, it's built tough.
  11. AMDS stickers! When I bought my Keene A52 there, there weren't any stickers on hand. Instead I did get a free 100 year anniversary Evinrude hat. Steve, were you the salesman? Lol Maybe small reflective stickers too, for hardhats and tool boxes?
  12. Jennifer, how easy is it to get a Honda Foreman quad in the US? And replacement parts? They are tough units.
  13. Usb Camera Again

    Bob(AK), works a helluvalot easier than taking a picture through the Geological Survey's microscope lol