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    Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Pick and shovel. Manual wash plant and sluice.

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  1. Brilliant bucket classifier JW. Gonna have to make my own now. Thanks 🙂
  2. Bryce

    Todd Hoffman.. Pure Gold

    How many here have seen Yukon Gold show? I'm curious to how far it's been aired worldwide. I could watch that show for hours, staged obviously but closer to real than Gold Rush. Ive even met a few of the miners on the show in real life day to day situations and they are nice people. Parker however... needs to improve his attitude.
  3. Bryce

    1st Detected Noogie....!!!!!

    Congratulations! Sweet Nugg!
  4. Thanks :) Loved the Q&A throughout the video. Best part was when he fired the guys and hired women. There is some proof that females are better machinery operators because they are less Rammy.
  5. Bryce

    Anderson Shaft / Rod For Minelab Gold Monster

    Is this a one piece shaft?
  6. Brian, does AMDS carry the dredge riffle replacement for the A52?
  7. Bryce

    A Slight Delay Before I Go Detecting

    Sick setup! :) Love the chain saw mount!
  8. Johndoe, I'm panning to prospect. The setup works well for my survey of the claim. Production is sluiced. Then yes, finer classification most definitely helps with recovery from the cons.
  9. I am classifiying my material through a roughly 1/4" classifier, however I'm panning glaciated ground with alot of persistant heavies. My technique is down pat, but a good pan with less aggressive riffles makes it fast. The turbo pan however is a gimic. Thankfully it was free. Now it's a depository for black sands sitting on the shelf.
  10. I like the Estwing pan, but I am as much trying to pan very fine gold dust. https://www.estwing.com/products/plastic-gold-pans Garret's gravity trap riffles clog up on me. Very interested in trying Minelabs pan. Good colour, curious to how well their riffles will work.
  11. Thanks to those who keyed me in to using CLR for removong rust from rocks/specimens. This rock wasn't found with my detector. Got it quite a few years ago from the Mactung tungstein exploration camp on the Yukon/North West Territories border near the portal. It's heft made me interested and thankfully the chief geo at site let me keep it. Years it sat in my collection, but once I got my GM1000 I tested the more interesting rocks in my collection. This rock detected constantly in the non ferrous and strong. It sure cleaned up well, and the blue dotted pic is the Scheelite fluoresceing under short wave UV light (Calcium Tungstate, CaWO4) Cheers! Bryce
  12. Another problem with Knelson concentrators is the company is rather snobbish towards individual sales. I once called them inquiring on their smallest lab scale concentrator and they were far from helpful. http://www.flsmidth.com/en-US/About+FLSmidth/Our+History/Our+Product+Brands/Knelson Has anyone here tried a Miller/Water table for sub 100?
  13. Bryce

    Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    The Mavic Pro looks good. Not in my budget though. Impressive for sure!
  14. Bryce

    Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    Norvic, that Boeing drone would be sweet to mount a LIDAR under it, and build ultra detailed relief map of prospective ground. Google maps images of my area of interest just aren't good enough to identify paleo channels.