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  1. Steve, one thing I haven't seen addressed yet is how many "slots" are available to save custom programs?
  2. Hunting In Coal Waste

    Very nice going and super detective work. Great finds. thanks for sharing.
  3. What is the very latest Impact firmware as of 6-23-17? Mine should be here sometime next week and before I get started I will download and install the latest firmware but I'd like to be sure which one it actually is as I have seen that there have been many updates of late ( which is a good thing) but I don't want to start to get used to one way and find out that I'm not up to date. Thanks. gene
  4. Silencer Setting On Deus?

    has anyone played around with silencer much? Whenever I switch reactivity you know that the silencer changes with it and I usually then adjust silencer to 0 but I SHOULD try silencer where the reactivity says to... but I don't. Has anyone played around with it much to see what effects it has? thanks for all the great posts. gene