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  1. Changing The Shaft?

    it looks easy. i saw some pictures the other day and all that had to be done is take four screws out of the handle and it comes apart. Should be able to be put on any shaft very easily. If you do it, let us know.
  2. George. you were great on the podcast. Interesting stories and you know your detectors that's for sure. Seems as if you had a few good ones. If you have kept records it would be VERY interesting to know of all of your finds. Thanks for all the tips too.
  3. Is Park 2 The Magic Mode??

    Steve you said "Park 2 and Field 2 are “hotter” on small items and low conductors. " so if I get this right are P2 and F2 multi biased toward higher frequency thus being more sensitive to mid conductors and P1 and F1 biased toward lower frequency thus being more sensitive to high conductor targets?
  4. i want to find a Nox in my hand...lol... STILL not one for me :-( other than that a gold coin would be nice.
  5. Accessory Page Down?

    and who knows how long that will be...lol...
  6. Is Handle Adjustable?

    thanks Tn and Steve. it looks like the handle COULD be moved. a new positioning pin hole could be drilled. some have that it is nose heavy so i thought if we could move the handle more forward it could help with that.
  7. does anyone know if the handle can be loosened up and slid to make adjustments for ergonomics? or is it fastened securely where it is? thanks.
  8. What Kind Of Videos Do You Want To See?

    i want to see video with me using a 800.
  9. here is gary blackwell explaining ground sens in v4.1
  10. Detecting Exercise Page 18 Of Manual

    good advice Mark. after getting used to that then start burying a coin and a trash item in the hole together to see how the Nox handles mixed targets. will it average the TID's? will it hone in one or the other? that's when we will see how this baby performs because we all know that a lot of our detecting is in mixed company.
  11. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    i thought it sounded more like an eTrac than a CTX. though i have not used either one very much. what do those of you that use either one a lot think?
  12. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Just MHO on plug size and shovel size. I use a predator type shovel even in parks for a few reasons. Digging straight down cuts less grass roots thereby killing less roots. Also digging deeper makes for more mass in the plug so when it is put back in it is heavier and won't get pulled out when the mower goes over it. Shallow plugs can get sucked out leaving holes that really cause us to be vilified. Reinserting the plug exactly as it came out leaves very little evidence that it ever came out especially when i use a piece plastic square to put plug and dirt on so it all goes back in the hole leaving no dirt evidence of ever being dug and of course stomping the plug back in helps a lot too. I have had park rangers watch me for some time and then come and see where I have dug with little ability to know where the hole was and then came and commented to me how good my digs were. Time and care count more then plug size again in MHO.
  13. Unboxing And Airtest Video Nox 800

    i forgot about tone breaks as I'm used to "full tones" but even if in full tones or tone breaks why would tone and TID lower at depth? Tnsharpshooter said:Remember tone breaks were established (default park setting). The reason why tone changed. if lower tone break assigned, tone would have sound the same longer as depth was increased. Granted tone would likely change eventually. Look at video again, note reported ID, how it meshes with tone reported.
  14. Shipping Confirmation

    i wonder if Cabelas will do the 15% veterans discount?
  15. Unboxing And Airtest Video Nox 800

    thanks Dan. interesting how the tone changes as the coin gets deeper. that might make things interesting.