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  1. Aussie Gold Monster Appraisal

    Hi Orhirboy Great review mate! And although these machines haven't been out all that long there are some people finding some nice gold with it! Just have to be patient I guess, And the thing that we also need to remember is that not everyone posts there finds for obvious reasons. But as you also stated it's got to be used for what it was intended for ! A Lamborghini is a beautiful car very expensive with some very high tech parts but if you take it out on bush tracks through the scrub looking for gold I can guarantee you it's not going to get you where you need to go!! As yes it's not made for going off road!. Everything has a particular purpose. I've been speaking to a guy using his Monster on some old areas that some older Pi machines were used over, it's some chunky quartz s and slate crevices and using the small coil to squeeze in and around the big bits that a larger coil just can't get in between and he has done very well indeed with well over half an OZ been found in the past three weeks on a nice patch he found, some nice specimens there that his shown me. So it's certainly a great little machine that punches well above its weight, and as we know you can't find anything unless you put your coil over it! There's plenty of dirt out there and not much gold in comparison, so it dose come down to luck a majority of the time, but the more your out swinging the detector the better your chances are of getting lucky!
  2. Whites TDI SL

    Nice Finds indeed! and fantastic to see the TDI still going strong, it's also great to see some finds from the guys running these machines and I'm really looking forward to any videos of the machine running and also your finds!!. Please keep us posted!
  3. Oh ok was hoping you were going to say Australia , good luck should sell easy
  4. Thanks Steve Always great to hear information from such an experienced and informed detectorist as yourself!. Perhaps I should wait and see what the new minelab is going to offer? But as you said it makes a huge difference if your out swinging what you have multiple times a week and I'm sure the new VLF will take a bit of getting use to anyway so then your back to square one again, and if I'm not getting out much I'm going to struggle regardless of how good it is I guess. Thanks again Mate appreciate your time and help!
  5. Hi Jimmy Just wondering where about's you are? Cheers
  6. I've got the Mxt All Pro but originally bought it so I could do both park, beach and gold prospecting but Now that I've got the GM1000 and sdc for gold I'm not so sure that the Mxt is the best machine out there for coin hunting that's also an easy to use machine? What are your thoughts or suggestions for a great coin detector?. Thanks again mate
  7. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Hi Steve Hi mate have you got a photo by any chance of how you've got it setup? I'm guessing it starts off straight then and coils around towards the top half?. And how have you been going with it mate been having any luck? It's certainly a great lightweight machine good on the back and upper body that's for sure.
  8. Northeast And The GM 1000

    Hi Northeast Mmm very nice bit and there indeed mate!! You've gotta be wrapped with that mate. I haven't used the bigger coil yet either only due to the majority of gold found around the Northeast Victoria region either being flour gold or very small nuggets and most being sub gram from what I've been able to find researching, but still having trouble finding places to detect around this area , but I'm not very savvy on the computer/ technology side of things unfortunately. Anyway mate nice to see some nice gold being found with the GM1000 it's certainly a sweet little machine, I've been talking to another guy around bendigo finding plenty with it some beautiful little bits of gold! Just a matter of finding where it is and putting the coil over it. Regards Hoggy
  9. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    This can be a "touchy" subject , and I'm certainly not "knocking" minelab in anyway at all!. In fact there great there made in Aussie mate!. I see there now finding gold up in the gum tree's yes in the gum leaves. I'm still "tapping" into the gold side of detecting and just love being "cable" to swing a "coil" and find something every now and then with these very "sensitivitie" machine, hopefully one day we'll all find some "Monster Gold" or even just "1000" little bit would be great. Thank's Everyone for your advice and tips. Hopefully I'll get the hang of my detector one day! Perhaps then more gold will come my way! And hopefully before I'm old and gray!. And may all your gold be in the bottom of your hole. Copyright : Bhogg Sent From : Bat Phone
  10. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Hi Northeast and Norvic It's very hard for minelab to foresee an issue that they or testers didn't have, let's face it minelab are the detector most of the serious gold detectorist are going to or are using without a doubt ! and there's obviously a reason behind that. I'm certainly not unhappy with the detector that's for sure, and I know lots either on this forum or others have said either people are not securing them to the shaft correctly or similar things to why people think it's giving false sounds or signals. But at the end of the day there is a issue in the first place if people have to do this to there detector to stop this issue I personally believe, as I don't believe any detector is made to make sounds or signals if bumped on the coil or coil cable surly True or false? And this was my only issue. And the only reason I usually strap the coil cable to the shaft of any detector I've owned is to stop the cable getting caught up on twigs and other objects. The first GM1000 detector sounded off with the slightest tap or touch on either the coil or coil cable strapped to the shaft or not strapped to it and I tried it strapped a few different ways, and the bit of hose I've got over the cable where it joins the coil was the help keep it stiff to help it to not move around as much to help it stop falsing as much and it has helped a bit for sure!
  11. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Hi Ridge Runner It'll be interesting to see the outcome and how they fix the falsing issue. They replaced mine last week but unfortunately the new one straight out of the box has the same issue I was really hoping it was just perhaps a small run issue eg the person who did the coil had a hangover on the Monday or was in a hurry to leave on the Friday!!. Lol But unfortunately this wasn't the case ! But I'm sure minelab will resolve the issue as quickly as possible! as let's face it no one likes an issue to slip through the process or making a mistake somehow I know I sure as hell don't ! But no one's perfect and I'm sure they'll be straight onto it, as they'll know how any bad publicity isn't any good for business or future sales. I'll be sending another email off tomorrow and another phone call after the email is sent. This was how I'd had mine secured but at the end of the day it's not a permanent fix and it still falsed when the hose touches or tap anything.
  12. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Another Email sent last night and another one first thing this morning without response, so I contacted them by phone 3 times today and got a response this arvo not exactly the response I was after as it's not an actual fix to the issue but just replacing the entire machine. So I guess we'll see what happens with the new machine.
  13. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    I played around with the settings to see if anything made a difference but in all reality we shouldn't have to do this regardless, And after I played around with everything I did find a setting where it didn't false at all but unfortunately this was when it was turned off! So not much use to me lol. But let's face it minelab makes great detectors and the best gold machines around! and nobody's perfect we all make mistakes from time to time, and yes if it was just the very odd machine that had a problem it's wouldn't be a huge issue , but I believe this is a bit more wide spread then that but I'm sure minelab will find a way to rectify this issue and keep there loyal customers happy. Anyway like Bill I'm eagerly awaiting a reply back from minelab!, I just hope anyone else with this issue also contacts minelab so we can get it quickly addressed and sorted out so I can use my machine again very soon!. Cheers Hoggy
  14. SDC 2300 Limits

    Hi Nenad That's very interesting mate I'm only Very new on the SDC and I'm guessing because I'm so use to VLF machines I expect the noise to only be directly under coil and from what I'm understanding your saying is the target will continue to give noise either side of the actual target?. If this is the case is it possible to demonstrate this in one of your YouTube videos to help newbies like myself understand what where actually hearing please mate. Just so use to only hearing the target directly under the coil. cheers Bhogg
  15. Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    Hi All Yes a brand new detector and the same issue if you bump the coil or coil cable it sounds off!! Its beyond Frustrating! obviously if your detecting on nice flat ground with no obstacles or bumps I'm sure it's fine, but let's face it how often would anyone be using the 5 inch coil for detecting on flat open ground! This size coil is made for getting in those hard to get to places that bigger coils can't get into. Is there any solution for this coil ? eg a recall ?? Exspecily since it's not an isolated issue!! Cheers