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  1. Bhogg

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    Hi Trent The Monster will certainly pick up tiny tiny bits in rock!, if your on Facebook check out the Minelab Gold Monster groups there’s to guys in particular that post a lot and are absolutely smashing it and one of the guys mostly hunts quarts. His YouTube channel is LDC Gold Check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about plenty of videos just on the Monster. Cheers
  2. So do you find any benefits from using headphones with the Monster?, I only ask as the speaker seems to do a pretty good job. Cheers
  3. Hi just wondering what size the nugget was as it looked a decent size I’m guessing 1+ grams? Cheers
  4. I’ve currently got the Back Beat Fit but I’m having trouble getting them to connect. I’ll keep trying I guess, the detector itself doesn’t have to be on only the Bluetooth module and headphones/ Bluetooth earbuds correct? Cheers
  5. Hi Dukester So do I just go through the exact same process to pair them as the Minelab one’s? As I have a good quality set to use but I wasn’t sure if the pairing process was the same. Cheers
  6. Bhogg

    Free Target ID Cards

    Tsunamiscott What a fantastic idea mate and a very generous gesture!. Wish The were in the Australian Clad but not to worry. Best of luck swinging and hope you find something great!!
  7. Hi All I was just wondering if there’s a way to use other Wireless Bluetooth headphones/ Earbuds instead of the one’s that came with the detector?. Just asking as my ears can get quite sweaty with the over ear headphones on during summer months and it’d be great if I could use another option. As I’m sure many others I’m guessing would be in the same vote as myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Bhogg

    Deepest VLF On Small Gold?

    Hi JW Some nice small gold there mate I’m guessing by how small it is the GM and GB2 got the majority of that! So did the Equinox get any at all or was the Equinox just there for good looks lol. With the 6 inch coil on the Equinox it should find some smaller gold I’m guessing and will be very interesting to see the difference between the GM and the Equinox. Anyway nice hunting look forward to your future posts and finds. Cheers
  9. Hi All I’m in an area that’s got some pretty sandy ground and some of the coins especially the copper coins are pretty much unrecognisable and even the slivers are very badly stained with a blackish look to them. So I’m just wondering what seems to work the best to bring them back to life so they resemble what they should look like?, I don’t expect them to look fantastic due to how bad there condition is in now but it’d be great to at least be able to recognise what they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. Bhogg

    GM1000 Falsing

    Hi Dusty It depends if your talking about User Error or an actual issue with the detector itself? which I’m guessing your talking about. Nothing in life is perfect and sometimes things are not as they sound be, and Minelab haven’t had a recall on the machine for this issue, so it obviously not an issue that the majority or a lot of user’s have had. I unfortunately did have one that had this problem and it was sent back they throughly checked it out and tested it and confirmed there was a problem so they sent me another one, and I have recommended them to others as they are a great detector on tiny gold and obviously bigger stuff. As mentioned above if you run it’s sensitivity to high as any high frequency VLF machine it’ll false, but if ran correctly for the conditions it’ll be fine and you’ll do well with it. Hope this helps in some way. Cheers
  11. Hi All Just wondering if there are any Australian Equinox user’s that’d be Kind enough to share there VDI numbers that they’ve figured out so far to help new user’s in there learning curve of particular numbers to keep an eye out for. Cheers
  12. Bhogg

    Goldmonster Gold

    Hi Matt If your on Facebook there’s 2 great groups just type in Gold Monster 1000 and you should find then there’s 2 guys in particular that go out pretty much everyday and show there finds so there Very knowledgeably on the detector and very very helpful guys. I’d suggest checking it out. Lovely finds bythe way and quite big as the monster can find unbelievably small stuff. Cheers Mate
  13. Bhogg

    GM 1000 Question

    Hi Jesse There’s a great Facebook group “”Gold Monster 1000l””. its definitely worth a look there’s a few guys that go out everyday and are killing it with this detector and post daily!. But the best bit is if you ever need any help or advice these guys in particular will point you in the right direction and if they can’t help you out it’s most probably not worth knowing. Good luck
  14. Bhogg

    Northeast's GPZ Gold Album

    Hi Northeast Wow mate that’s some Absolutely Beautiful gold and big for around here!. I haven’t been out for quite awhile now, still waiting for the Monster to come back from Minelab. And I’ll have to look into Nenad headphone adaptor plug so I can get a signal booster for the SDC as I’m struggling to be able to hear the Target noises through all the other noise the machine makes. Your obviously onto a nice area where you are to find them! hopefully there’ll be plenty more to come!! Look forward to some more nice size colour!.
  15. Bhogg

    Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    Hi Stev Cheers Mate yes contacted them yesterday being the first day of the New Year that they are open here. The settings I’m running at the moment due to not being able to use it long enough yet to get use to it, so at the moment I’ve just been running it on Auto normal and on shallow. I’ve got others that I know that just run there’s on manual and flat out with Great success pulling out lots of tiny tiny bits yes they run quite noisy on that setting but there use to it and know the difference between noise and a Target noise , but there not having the same issue I’m having even running there’s on the settings they are. I’ve given them mine to use and I’ve also used there’s and there’s have ran fantastic! It’s been great to have other GM’S available to compare mine against and to also give me the faith that it’s not every detector that’s affected and that I’ve just been very unlucky so far!. I’ve also got a SDC so I’m lucky enough to have something to keep me swinging, But the advantage of the GM 1000 is that it finds even smaller stuff then SDC dose. And yes as I’ve said before I know it’s not every machine or the majority of them, And I’m certainly not saying or suggested that it’s a majority of then as I’ve seen and used other GM’S without this issue and there fantastic machine’s!!, But if I hadn’t had used or known other’s with this detector or had been on these forums, the changes are after having 2 machine’s that have had the exact same issue I’m sure I would’ve either lost faith in them or have used it as a tree guard!. I’m not sure if you use Facebook or not but there are some great GM1000 groups on there and there’s a few guys especially Ricky and Locky on them that are really killing it with them and getting great amounts of tiny bits of gold each day and know how to get the absolute best out of this detector due to them using it every day without fail. So I know that they can be a great detector and in no way am I putting them down and really looking forward to being able to get back out there with it. Cheers