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  1. Rye Patch ?

    Be ready for 2" of powder dust on the way in. Can also get pretty windy.
  2. Another Tool In The Tesoro Tool Box

    Either a PI or water machine?
  3. If you can't find one and if it helps I do have this. Would trade straight up for Nox 800. (Koss UR 30 headphones not shown but included.)
  4. There you go with that logic and intelligence thing again. There's no place for such things on detector loyalty threads.
  5. Convert Equinox To S Shaft?

    Well one thing is for sure.......from the very first nobody ever tried to hide the fact that the Eq shaft is straight.
  6. LOL. Unfortunately that includes bullets. I certainly did my share of making Arizona lead free by detecting them.
  7. Once in a while you have to let the smoke out or it clogs things up.
  8. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    It's the same answer that has applied to 95% of Eq comments since last Sept. "We'll just have to wait and see."
  9. What Kind Of Videos Do You Want To See?

    Direct comparisons with another machine on the same undug targets. Include settings.
  10. The Advantage Of No Tester Videos

    2 or 3 threads here make me think that Minelab must have hired some new marketing folks over the last year. They seem much more aggressive. Maybe I'm thinking that just because of all the accompanying hype by potential owners tho.
  11. New Minelab Tagline - Performance Is Everything

    Yeah, that's what she said. Nice video though.
  12. Kennedy Half Near Mint

    GUYS !!!.......it's a joke........a run of the mill Kennedy Half near to a breath MINT. (But your nice comments are appreciated) (And I think maybe you all need a vacation.......LOL).