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  1. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    What frequency Beach hunter?
  2. Equinox Stand Will It Keep It Upright ?

    All you have to do is keep the coil tension set to a point where it's not floppy but can be shoved flat when you set the machine down. You can do it while still holding the handle and not touching the coil itself. That will keep the machine upright even on a slope. Then when you stand up you can also shove the handle and set the coil to the right angle. Really a non issue.
  3. Terminology

    The first question I saw posted about the new Makro was about what their term "multi-frequency" meant exactly. What you say is certainly true but, due to the Eqx buzz, I don't see near as much interest in auto ground balance or all metal mode. For the moment anyway.
  4. I think maybe it's time for some additional terminology. We now have more and more machines with one single freq, some with with multiple single freqs, and some with multiple simultaneous freqs. There seems to be some confusion when using the term "multi-frequency" as to whether it means "more than one" or "several at the same time". Even machines with one-at-a-time multi-frequencies are sometimes referred to as being single frequency. Saying "simultaneous-multi-frequency" is more than a little cumbersome I think. "Multi IQ is proprietary and soon there will surely be more machines coming out from other companies with simultaneous-multi-frequencies. I have tried but so far I can only come up with silly suggestions like "1F", "MF", and "SMF". If you agree that there is this problem with confusing terminology then I'll bet many of you can come up with much better, compact, catchy terms.
  5. Why The V3i?

    Mine will hit a dime, in my mild soil, at 10". It won't ID that dime, but you will know it's a good target once you know what to listen for (like any machine).
  6. Why So Many People Not Sure Of The Equinox?

    The only results that mean anything are side by side comparisons of two or more machines on the same target BEFORE it is dug. Any machine can follow any other machine after the fact and find things the first one missed due to differences in path taken, approach angle, soil moisture content, even the users attitude at the time. AND the most important variable - how well the user understands or "clicks" with the machine. So it usually takes a good deal of time to filter out the better machine. I have witnessed newer machines beat by BFO machines when the operator of the older machine really understood how to run and listen to it. But, like most of you, I have an 800 on order and I can't hardly wait. !!! I just hope I can settle down and make intelligent comparisons.
  7. I just copied all these instructions to a word document and printed it out.......21 pages !!! And well worth it.
  8. "Iron Bias" What Is It?

    I think it's probably similar to the silencer adjustment on a Deus. Sensitivity to iron independent of disc setting. Would also be related to reactivity and maybe swing speed. If I'm right then overall detecting depth would be adversely affected by too high a setting. Or not.
  9. Minelab Equinox Display And Control Functions

    You replied 2 months ago and I can't even find an Equinox yet let alone all that other stuff.
  10. A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    Bullet hole for sure.
  11. Value Of Used GPX 4000?

    I'm not sure about that but it could be.
  12. What is a GPX 4000 in good shape with 3 coils and other extras worth (no warrantee)?
  13. Minelab Equinox Display And Control Functions

    Wow.....that thing has everything !!!