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  1. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    It's the same answer that has applied to 95% of Eq comments since last Sept. "We'll just have to wait and see."
  2. What Kind Of Videos Do You Want To See?

    Direct comparisons with another machine on the same undug targets. Include settings.
  3. The Advantage Of No Tester Videos

    2 or 3 threads here make me think that Minelab must have hired some new marketing folks over the last year. They seem much more aggressive. Maybe I'm thinking that just because of all the accompanying hype by potential owners tho.
  4. New Minelab Tagline - Performance Is Everything

    Yeah, that's what she said. Nice video though.
  5. Kennedy Half Near Mint

    GUYS !!!.......it's a joke........a run of the mill Kennedy Half near to a breath MINT. (But your nice comments are appreciated) (And I think maybe you all need a vacation.......LOL).
  6. Give it your best shot. We're big boys and girls, we'll decide if it's for us. Your caution is appreciated however.
  7. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    I ain't never seen a U-Haul behind a hearse.
  8. Quick Program Switch Button

    So the eight factory plus your profile one then. That's what I thought the last line of the last paragraph on page 33 was saying. Pity I couldn't ask about it intelligently.
  9. Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos

    I'd be interested in how deep those pickers were. Very interested.
  10. Quick Program Switch Button

    SO, with an 800, no matter what you do you get no more than 8 programs, whether customized, user profiled, or not, right? That was my question the other day, I just couldn't spit it out right.
  11. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    Reasoning? I don't need no stinking reasoning! Oh, and the Multi IQ. I need all the IQ I can get.
  12. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    I'm sure some think I deserve the bullet and would have gladly delivered it, but your comments help, thank you.
  13. The manual is not crystal clear, to me at least......you have 8 factory programs and you can save a custom program for each one, and leave the factory programs untouched by your changes. That gives you 16 intact programs, right?
  14. Right now the only thing I can't do with it is USE IT !!! But I'm pretty sure I will survive until it gets here. If Steve is excited about it then I'm nearly apoplectic.
  15. Auto Tracking - Why Only In Gold Mode?

    That will definitely make a big difference for all of us. Big - really big - as in....... big.
  16. Auto Tracking - Why Only In Gold Mode?

    I think normally a time delay is built-in to gb tracking so that targets are not immediately taken as ground changes and blanked out. If it reacted immediately you might never hear a target. With the Deus I believe the delay is about 7 seconds if I remember right.
  17. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    Yeah, it's pretty strange, thanks to my brain flatulence.
  18. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    I just thought I saw something in the last line of the paragraph I referred to that conflicted with other custom program info in the manual. If you don't see it then I'm satisfied that I'm just seeing something that isn't there. Thank you for your concern and responses.
  19. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    That's an answer. Thank you.
  20. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    Read the last paragraph on page 33, as I have so no need to repeat, and tell me if that modifies your opinion.
  21. Equinox Product Release Info Update

    Well if it takes a little longer at least it will save me from frostbite.
  22. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    I know my CTX is considerably deeper with no disc at all. Proven to myself many times.
  23. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    Guess I've been spoiled by the CTX and the Deus. But if the Eq is as good as advertised I'll bet I'll get over it.
  24. Programs - Just To Be Sure

    Dang ! There you go with that logic stuff again. You just about have to be right. So that gives you eight custom programs if you want. And then you can restore and you lose the custom settings. Guess that's part of why it sells for $900 instead of $1500.