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  1. Got An MX Sport

    after dealing with personal issues I got out with the MXS....Took it to a wel hammered spot full of trash , I have found coins there before but thought I got them all. Well the mxs did not let me down , found 2 zinks in a place that I know I have been over before with other machines (even an MXT) I am well pleased, there is a small learning curve but practice will cure that.
  2. Nice find and save. I got a rule...I found it , it's mine and I'm gonna keep it...everything goes on the Hmmmm bucket until ID
  3. Got An MX Sport

    After trying an MX3 I decided I did not like it so I got rid of it and got an MX Sport...so far trying it in my yard and test garden....I am one happy camper (detectorist). Now to really learn this machine.
  4. Great video , thanks for sharing.
  5. Fall Relic Hunt Video

    great video , Thanks Steve
  6. New To Me VX3

    Good info...if mine was a v3i then I would be all over it....Thanks
  7. New To Me VX3

    This is a VX3 ,,,,not the V3i
  8. New To Me VX3

    Too steep of a learning curve for my simple mind, I have an MXT and would like something close...... I like all the info on the MX7 and MX sport....would like one of them I think.
  9. New To Me VX3

    The only reason I chose the MX Sport was the DD coil...........I will sell the VX3 or trade if the deal is good. Lots of goodies with it , 2 coils , 950 and 10x6 , wireless head phones (whites) , 2 recharge batteries plus AA batt case. and carry case keeping the 4x6 for my MXT
  10. New To Me VX3

    Thanks, it did help....seems too complicated for my simple mind
  11. New To Me VX3

    Took the VX3 out in the real world today , not happy with the machine, too jumpy too many hits but not repeatable . Wish I had got an MX 7 or MX Sport...I think I would trade if I had the chance.
  12. New To Me VX3

    The weather got nice here so I did a little testing in my yard , I took all my coils , compared them as to strength of hit, ease of use and best signal..... Seems n my soil the D2 won. Now to try it in the fields.
  13. New To Me VX3

    Working on understanding Mixed Mode.....and waiting for it to warm a little so I can go test it at a location that I have found coins before....found them with an Explorer XS , then found more with MXT , now want to try the VX3 with the 13 " ultimate coil
  14. New To Me VX3

    As soon as my weather gets right .
  15. New To Me VX3

    Been detecting a long time , first detector was a Relco. I want to hunt coins, I have an MXT , eireka gold , and a gold bug plus a gold monster. I got several coils for the VX3....4x6...6x10...950...and 13 ultimate. Also have 2 recharge batts. and wireless headphones plus a case to put it in. Lots of info to digest for this machine....I got a test garden....works great there.