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  1. I was at an Outing this last weekend and was able to buy a Profind 35 pinpointer....I like it very much , seems to be real sensitive . It was a big help when using the GM1000 at finding the little bird shot that was the same color as the dirt in my scoop. It also found other lead targets and brass shells. I have not had it out coin hunting yet , but I do think it will be great.
  2. Got To See An Equinox This Weekend

    How very true Steve, I had made up my mind that I did not want one , then I saw the demo....I want one now.... Sorry about the Wheatie, I misread the question , thanks for answering for me Steve. All I can say is it held nice ,seemed to be a pleasure to swing and seemed to be pretty easy to run thru the menu... Can't wait until they are released.
  3. Went to and Outing in Morristown AZ, there was a Minelab rep there and she did a demo on the Equinox....Let me say, I had made up my mine that I did not need one....change of plans. I saw it detect a wheatie placed on the door hinge of a Jeep , I saw it detect coins under a big iron bolt . I can not remember all the Great things that this machine did , but I just know I WANT ONE.....Guess it was cool due to the fact that there are only 13 working prototypes out right now and Debbie for Minelab Demoed this one for us at the outing, She also addressed the Gold Monster too.
  4. Boots, Boots, Boots!

    I agree with Steve, this does not effect my Gold Monster or my MXT or the Eureka Gold . Just my GPX 4500 but only if I take a big step and that is with an 11inch coil.
  5. Boots, Boots, Boots!

    Mickey D , I have a GPX 4500 and when I take a long step it will pick up my boot , makes me stop and look , until I figure out why it sounded off.
  6. Awesome video, never been there yet . will be at Bill's outing.
  7. Thanks Steve , this was very informative and I now have a good idea how to re-start my GM1000 hunting .
  8. Gold Bug Or Gold Monster?

    I have a Gold Bug ,digital only 4 months old and I have a GM1000....my Gold Bug is for sale. The GM is more sensitive in my opinion.
  9. I live in Golden Valley AZ and I drive my truck to within 100 yards of the place I want to hunt . I also camp out on the GPAA claims and hunt from there. I do use a UTV to get to where I want to hunt here in AZ after I set up camp.